How am I doing far,im not sure?

  1. Im not sure if im playing this game to the best route, So far my stats look like this

    Date: 5/24

    2nd palace:
    my teams lvl 14

    Chariot bond lvl: 3
    Death: 3
    lovers: 1
    magician; 3
    herio: 2
    fool: 3

    Social stats:
    Charm: 2
    Knowledge 2
    Guts: 2
    Kindness: 1
    Proficieny: 2

    I feel like i havent been doing my activies properly

    User Info: Hourglas776

    Hourglas776 - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You're pretty early.

    To do activities 'properly,' just be sure to bring matching Personas when hanging out with non-"fixed" confidants (i.e. Moon, Sun don't need matching Personas, Magician, Fool raise through the story, and Strength just needs the fusion requests completed). Try to only hang out with people if they're ready to rank up, and quickly get to their Mementos requests. Be sure to drink Aojiru every Sunday. Once you get Chihaya/Fortune, max her out quickly. Use her Rank 7 ability to avoid "non-rank up" hangouts with each character, and her Rank 1 ability to boost how many social stats you gain from a certain activity. Try to save up Mementos requests and do a bunch at once (a couple require two trips), and complete palaces in one day.

    User Info: astralmeson

    astralmeson - 1 week ago 1   0
  2. Jesus how do you complete palaces in one day? I barely got through the first half of thr first 1

    User Info: Hourglas776

    Hourglas776 - 1 week ago
  3. First palace is the hardest to do in one day, although there are a lot of useful tips and tricks that can make it easier. The main key is to push as far as you can to the end, skipping fights, then exhaust your SP once you reach the point where you can't progress further. Once you get past the first palace, the second one *requires* multiple days because you're forced to stop at a certain point and make a change in the real world to change the palace. The following ones are just easier because you have more options.

    Getting Death/Takemi up to Rank 7 lets you buy "SP Adhesives" at a discounted price, an accesory which cost sa lot but can restore 7 SP per turn with an SP Adhesive 3. You can let Joker run low on SP, then equip the accessory/a Persona with the "invigorate" skill, then fight the weakest enemies in a palace. Guard every turn and you'll quickly recovering SP. Or when you have more characters, people often keep Morgana out of the party as a permanent "heal bot," only using his SP out of battle to keep everyone else healthy. Money is a non-issue - if on the base version, look up Confusion Mementos farming/check the guides, and in Royal just grind in Mementos using Chihaya's Money boost from All Out Attacks + Jose's reward boosts.

    You don't have a lot of SP restoratives early, but specific vending machines give items that restore 5 SP. Later, you can easily Mystery Stew to restore 30% SP in battle with a negative effect. Coffee/Curry unlock and improve from Hierophant/Sojiro, and they restore SP to one person /the entire party. Empress/Haru let you plant and grow SP-restoring vegetables. Hermit/Futaba has an ability that will occasionally restore 50 SP to the entire party. Use consumables in general - equipment and skill cards carry over to NG+, but consumables don't, and there's little value in holding on to them. A common tip in the original was actually to sell the 'free' DLC Soma you get for 50k yen and use that money on a greater number of weaker healing items - it's a ful partywide heal and SP restore, but for that much money you could get several weaker items that are actually disposable.

    User Info: astralmeson

    astralmeson - 1 week ago
  4. So you think i should reset my game and start again? I dont mind doing that also what should do if i run out of sp early on?

    User Info: Hourglas776

    Hourglas776 - 6 days ago

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