How do I progress in the bank palace?

  1. I am in the 3rd palace (the bank) and reached an area where there is a door blocked off my cameras and an electric horizontal shock barrier. I have literally visited every available room and destroyed all the electric points. But there is still a pair of cameras and lightning barriers blocking the room I need to go in. I have even left the palace and revisited the following day. Does anyone have any ideas? I really hope I don’t have to start again :(

    User Info: Delphi

    Delphi - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I think you're missing one of the switches. This is in the basement when the original mix of the Palace's music is still playing, right? There's at least one air vent you need to go through down there, which will probably take you into the room that you're trying to get into-- check all the walls around the outside of the room that you can reach, and make sure to use the Third Eye mode just in case something's blending in with the beige scenery. I don't think you're bugged, I think you're just missing something. This guy made some maps for the area, if you can point out where exactly you're having problems, I might be able to talk you through it further:

    User Info: Chimeramanexe

    Chimeramanexe (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 6   0

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  1. Okay, try going back to the room on the southwest end of the big central room where you're stymied, where there's a couple small rooms clustered together and you picked up a Black Kogatana in a treasure chest. There's multiple fuse boxes to smash there. Then, go across the big central room on the south end, which should be free of search lights, and check out the eastern side. There shouldn't be anything needed there, but I think you can pass again across the north side of the room from there, on the underside of the still-guarded door. It should allow you to get to any remaining fuseboxes and card key slots. If all else fails, check out this youtube footage of someone going through it, try to recreate their path as best you can, and you should get it: hxxps:// The relevant part starts at 34:30.

    User Info: Chimeramanexe

    Chimeramanexe (Expert) - 3 weeks ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. Hi,

    Thank you soo much for helping with this. I've spent so much time revisiting every single room and nook and cranny but cannot figure this out bi am convinced it's bugged. Less see pictures below



    I can provide other screenshots if needed

    Thanks in advance :)

    User Info: Delphi

    Delphi - 4 weeks ago 0   1
  2. I've found it!!! Was in the same bloody room as the electric barrier. Literally in the corner. Can't believe I missed it.. but massively relieved I don't have to start again :D

    User Info: Delphi

    Delphi - 3 weeks ago 3   4
  3. Great to hear! Make sure to Accept one of my answers so the question is closed out properly. Enjoy the game, and in the next Palace, keep a close eye on all the things leaning against the walls! Many people have gotten stuck there like you did in this Palace.

    User Info: Chimeramanexe

    Chimeramanexe - 3 weeks ago

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