If you dont go with Ryuji to the maid place to get kawakami's confidant can you still get it at the school festival?

  1. I really want to know cuz like kawakami best character

    User Info: ePiCgAmE123

    ePiCgAmE123 - 2 weeks ago

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  1. You have to do the thing with Ryuji and Mishima in order to open up her confidant link. There's no skipping around it.

    User Info: Chimeramanexe

    Chimeramanexe (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 1   0


  1. Maid scene is required to even have confidant
    Watch the maid call scene,
    then next school day talk to her by faculty office (same floor as your classroom) then itll say rank 1
    Its available Immediately right after madarame palace is done.
    I dunno if it cuts off that maid scene later but you get plenty of time to max her out i got her to max after the hawaii part myself
    November is a hard cutoff (for a lot of confidants) and dec24th is the end of game

    User Info: RocketZXblue

    RocketZXblue - 2 weeks ago 0   1

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