Am I able to still get Max stats and close to Max confidants?

  1. 7/26
    Futabas Palace

    Igor - 6
    Morgana - 6
    Makoto - 2
    Yusuke - 4
    Sojiro - 3
    Ann - 6
    Ryuji - 9
    Akechi - 2
    Wardens - 4
    Takemi - 7
    Kawakami - 6
    Hifumi - 1
    Mishima - 4
    Sun - 2
    Sae - 2

    Guts - 3
    Knowledge - 4
    Charm - 3
    Kindness - 2
    Proficiency- 2

    If I cannot Max confidants any tips on how to Max stats as they are priority

    User Info: Waffles2004

    Waffles2004 - 1 month ago

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  1. It's unlikely, but maybe possible. First off, hit the Big Bang Burger challenge if you haven't already-- it gives a huge all-around social stat boost, the best single boost in the game. You can repeat it when everything (except Kindness, which doesn't figure in) is at 3, and then again when everything is at 4. Other things to keep in mind are that several of the confidants (Hierophant, Devil, and Sun, among others) will boost your stats so that you can get through the gates on other confidants, killing two birds with one stone.

    Also, have you not unlocked the Fortune confidant at all? She should be your absolute top priority, given that she gives you the ability to boost your bond with confidants without spending time blocks to hang out. She should also be one of the ones you try to hit max on this run, along with Kawakami, as they have super-valuable abilities that carry over into New Game +. If you're going to get Sun, also, you need to spend every single Sunday with him-- he even warns you that during the last month before the election, he won't be able to hang out, and you need to max him before the election to finish his arc right (his ability is also useful in NG+).

    User Info: Chimeramanexe

    Chimeramanexe - 1 month ago 2   0
  2. Thank you for the answer! I am going to grab the Fortune confidant after futabas Palace because I did not have the money but is there any activities that boost stats without wasting time?

    User Info: Waffles2004

    Waffles2004 - 1 month ago
  3. I think the only activity that matches that description are the times where Kawakami gives you time to read and make infiltration tools during class. Everything else will eat up part of your day.

    User Info: Dusty128

    Dusty128 - 1 month ago
  4. There is also the Juices you can buy at the subway but those do cost money. They give 1 stat in something pre-determined. Money makes everything easier so I recommend farming some in some dungeon if you have the time to, but otherwise it will be difficult for you to max things out.

    User Info: Lunar_Herald

    Lunar_Herald - 3 weeks ago
  5. Activities that boost stats without wasting times aside of what has being told could be scoring the highest score in any test, giving fertilizer in your plant whenever you are able to and anwer correctly tv questions.

    Fortune arcana also can give you a boost for whatever activity that gives you social points. Also if you go to the movies make sure to buy some magazine in Shinjuku about how to apreciate movies better as you'll get more points next time you go to see a movie again.

    Still, you should not aim to max all confidants in your first playthrough, it requires to follow a estrict guide and answer always as the guide tell you and that takes some of the fun. Just enjoy the game and max all social stats so you get a easy times maxing out all confidants in your second playthrough.

    User Info: MAXMAKI

    MAXMAKI - 3 weeks ago

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