Can I find a treasure demon at the entrance of the second palace?

  1. I've secured my route to the treasure room of the second palace, and had unlocked the ability to find treasure demons. I'd like to capture one before leaving the palace however the only collectible loot available at the moment is found at the entrance to the palace. After unlocking them, is it possible to find them in this location, even though the loot appears prior to the area they're unlocked from? I don't want to spend a hefty amount of time grinding for one if they're just not going to appear.

    User Info: wingchangwow

    wingchangwow - 2 months ago

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  1. If you are looking for the treasure demon's, I don't think they will appear in the areas before the scripted time they first show up. If you miss one from any of the dungeons, you can find them again in Mementos after clearing the act you'll find them in.

    There are 8 treasure demons in total, and 2 of them can only be found in Mementos in the very late game. Unless you are going for 100% persona list, you can miss them, no big deal. they really don't do anything besides giving good money or skills for merging.

    User Info: nodipman

    nodipman - 1 month ago 4   1


  1. I think that first one you come across is found by picking up a piece of treasure in that palace. I just remember going up some stairs and grabbing some trash/treasure and it appeared.

    User Info: Bokey407

    Bokey407 - 1 month ago 0   2

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