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  1. My ideal build is:

    One-shot kill
    Riot shot
    Arms master
    Victory cry
    Firm stance
    Apt pupil

    Pls post a step-by-step fusion guide if possible or should I use the gallows?

    User Info: Bakirid

    Bakirid - 1 month ago


  1. Fusion isn't a good way to gain a specific set of abilities. It's better to use skill cards or the Strengthen feature for that. Check which personas have the abilities you want, summon them, and sacrifice them until you get the ability you want. Save beforehand to save money by reloading it.

    User Info: michaelrandom27

    michaelrandom27 - 2 weeks ago 1 0
  2. Skill card sacrifices would be less tedious to do, but keep in mind skill card sacrifices only return specific skill cards, like ongyo-ki would be able to return arms master but nothing else. You can also do this through fusion but it would require a lot of back fusing and a fusion calculator (also just so you know, Satanael already learns Riot Gun and Victory Cry)

    someone put up a persona 5 itemization list on reddit a while ago, just search "persona 5 itemization list" and there should be a reddit post about it that breaks it down by arcana; there's also a sublink dated April 10 2017 that leads to a spreadsheet (gamefaqs doesn't let me post links unfortunately)
    hope this helps!

    User Info: LinuxWizzerd

    LinuxWizzerd - 4 hours ago 0 0

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