What are the BLACK transmutation items for?

  1. I have the Black Kogatana, Model Gun, Black Robe and Black Rock equipables but I have no idea what they're for or how to use them. Obviously I know how to equip them but that doesn't seem to do anything special. I'm on my third playthrough now and I still can't figure them out.

    User Info: Engem

    Engem - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In the electric chair area of the velvet room, you can turn certain personas into armor or weapons if you have the right black transmutation item in your inventory.

    User Info: shadowgendo

    shadowgendo (Expert) - 3 years ago 4   3

Top Voted Answer

  1. You use some of them to transmute into better items. From what I've seen, most people save them up and transmute them to ultimate weapons / armor towards end of game. (Some of the FAQs give a detailed method of which items to transmute; however, that may just be preference for who you use in your party.)

    Blank Cards are used to write spells on, to give an ability to a Persona.

    User Info: DCGoth

    DCGoth - 3 years ago 4   3

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