What are the best personas to use during each palace?

  1. As the game progresses, you need to update your personas. What are the most optimal personas to use during each palace? Personal preferences?

    User Info: HellBlazer00

    HellBlazer00 - 3 years ago
  2. For the first few palaces (useful even later on) i suggest using kaguya (picaro) as her shining arrows (4-8 light bless) are very powerful. Also, she does have diarama with a 0.5% buff from a passive skill. She's obtainable from the dlc.
    After grinding with the reaper you can get Yosh*tsune's Hassou Tobi (8 light physical) early in the game and it's overpowered.

    User Info: PaladinPrem

    PaladinPrem - 6 months ago

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  1. Honestly broken down in simple way. Get as many personas with elements and fuse them together. Eventual fusion is going to make a stronger version of one of the elements that you keep around. You keep doing this until you have the basic elements wind, fire, ice, lighting ect. As the game progress more element enemies will appear but so will your new companions have abilities to deal with them. Then it comes down to personal choice. Your teammates may specialize in fire or ice so don't have to have and ice persona. It helps but not mandatory. So you can keep fusing high level persona finding new strong ones that you persona like and if you use persona you leveled up you can keep some of same moves making it pretty strong and to liking.

    I 100% rec having at least one persona or team mate that has rakunda.

    User Info: bobjr

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  1. Is hard to say which personas to use since throught fusion several useful personas can be made i would rather focous in the element skills. Still what i can say that is that you want to have at least a persona with Heat up for any Palace and start all battles with it, at least, it'll be better when you get a invigorate accesory.

    First palace:
    I recomend you here to get as many Personas in order to attack each element. I think that gun, Bufu and zio are commn weakness. That being said, unless you are in a NG+ with invigorate accesories you'll need to be careful about how much use those skills.

    Obariyon is a good Persona to have, thought i don't know what do you need to made it other than be level 8>. Obariyon has Snap which is a medium gun attack.

    Remember to have Pixie or some persona that can heal.Tarunda and some status skill with high chance are also great since the Berith can OSK with cleave pretty easily. Ann can learn Dormina and tarunda so make her use them on Beriths.

    Make sure to spent time trying to get Apt pupil skill card from Andras or get one Andras. If you later make a persona with lucky punch and apt pupil you'll be able to knock down most anoying enemies or in order to negotiate.

    Second Palace:
    Obaryion would be also be needed here and even if you couldn't fuse it before you can get one in mementos by then. You can also get in this palace Kopa Tengu with also have snap and can learn grow 1.

    Persona with Agi, bufu and garu skills are useful.

    Third palace:
    Persona with eiha or maybe mamudo skill like Leanan Sidhe at lv 21. There are some anoying angels that can kill your team with mahama or auto-destruction.

    A persona with bufu and garu skills, specially magaru can be pretty useful.

    Archangel can be useful with Makouha since Orobas are weak to that.

    Shiki-Ouji is a good option since Take-Minakata is end dungeon shadow that is weak to psy skills. If Shiki-ouji lean Psio you'll be fine.

    4th Palace
    You want mostly Nuke, bufu and garu skills, some mazio can be useful in the begining thought.

    Try to make a Shiki-Ouji with Lucky punch and apt pupil since the Anubis shadows don't have any weakness but they can use hamaon and mudoon skills that can easily kill party members that aren't guarding. Plus Anubis drops liquid memory that is a necesary material to make a eternal lockpick, i feel that shadows drops a little more often materials if you make a all out attack at least once..

    Try to get that money like shadow as a persona (forgot the name) since it can learn grow 2.

    5th palace.
    Gun skills are pretty useful so try to make a persona with Triple Down like White raider.If it is posible give it speed master or have to starter persona with it since Triple down has bad acuracy.

    Zio, Agi, garu,psy, nuke, and bless are also needed. Really don't forget bless skill, at least a single target one, the most power the better too since Girimehkala can do lots of damage to your party, it also reflect physical and gun attacks so there is no other way to knock it down.

    6th palace
    You need some bless, Zio, bufu and nuke skills around here. Make sure to use hight level personas, like near/over 50 if possible.

    7th palace. Some bufu,garu, psy and nuke skills are often used. It's good idea to have as many elemental and one physical type personas here, since there is many type of shadows.

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  2. Generally, you can have 2-3 persona that know all the first tier all-target attack spells, once you fuse up the first treasure demon with the right guys. Put them on any guys you want, while making sure to have something with Rakunda and as many of the full-party stat buffs as possible, as well as something that can hit hard single-target for bosses. Due to the amount of control given by selecting spells for inheritance, as well as the sheer variety of good options from treasure demons, you can easily set things up without any "must-have" specific personas.

    User Info: Chimeramanexe

    Chimeramanexe (Expert) - 3 years ago 2   2
  3. Messiah picaro

    That's who I use as my tank and recovery persona and it can be gotten from the dlc. He's a strong ass persona and attack strength so far unsurpassed by my other persona. He's acquired on lvl 80

    User Info: Lycan_Ascesion

    Lycan_Ascesion - 3 years ago 0   6

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