Build for the Best Personas?

  1. I am just curious on how I can build the best personas. I am interested in building a persona for:
    -Buffing and debuffing
    -Physical (It would be helpful if there are suggestions other than Yositsune as I can't fuse him yet)
    -Only Almighty

    This is my first run through, currently at Shido's palace, level 84. Please include the Stats manipulated as well as the passives!

    User Info: Despair41

    Despair41 - 1 year ago
  2. Ah, one more thing is that I don't understand why would players put skills such as Auto-Maraku, Masuku, and Mataru in a persona. I mean it could only last for three turns, so what good does it do?


    User Info: Despair41

    Despair41 - 1 year ago
  3. Apology if the question is being misunderstood, but what I am asking is: How to build personas that are only used for:
    -Buff/Debuff (E.g. Trumpter, Rangda...)
    -Physical (E.g. Baal, Youshini...)
    -Magical (E.g. Alice...)
    -Almighty (E.g. Arsene, Alice...)

    Your suggestions will greatly be appreciated!

    User Info: Despair41

    Despair41 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Before I answer, you need to consider whether you want your personas to have maximum efficiency or survivability. I will provide options for you and give the basic run down of how most personas will play out based on the roles you want to give them. (A lot of these skill set ups are my own that I use for personas of these types, yours may differ)
    Buffer: Debuffer: Physical: Magical:
    Heat Riser Debilitate (Any colossal tier single target skill) (Any Heavy tier single target skill)
    Matarukaja Matarunda Swift Strike, OR Gigantomachia (Any Heavy tier AoE skill)
    Masukukaja Masukunda Charge "X Element" boost, OR Victory Cry
    Marakukaja Marakunda Apt Pupil "X Element" Amp
    Spell Master Spell Master Arms Master Spell Master
    Dekunda Dekaja Firm Stance Concentrate
    Invigorate 3 Invigorate 3 Absorb "X element" Invigorate 3
    Enduring Soul Enduring Soul Rebellion, OR Victory Cry Absorb "X Element"

    I included Enduring soul or some form of survivability in most of the builds because you will die at some point to something stupid if you ever decide to do higher difficulties, so it never hurts to have a free revive.I did not include the most powerful spell tiers of magic because I felt that they were not worth using because of their abhorrent SP costs. For Bless and curse dmg, you will follow formula there UNLESS you decide to include the "Hama" and "Mudo" skills. (In which case, you will either be forced to swap out your boosts and amps for the appropriate skills and passives to make them usable. This all ties once again into efficiency vs survivability). I hope this helps clear some things up for you. Good Luck with whatever you do in persona 5.

    User Info: Skailess

    Skailess (Expert) - 1 year ago 0   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. Keep in mind that a Persona filling ALL of that criteria is a pretty hefty order, and will require a lot of fusions, and money for strengthening to make work(and keep its stats in a way where all would be effective) it's smarter to have a small hand of personas that use each. If you aren't using it already, use the Persona 5 fusion calculator online(Cant link due to answer rules...but its the first thing if you google it)

    As for your second question, ALL buffs and debuffs only last 3 turns, no matter what(unless a skill forcefully nullifies it in which its even shorter) and even if you spam it, all it does is reset the 3 turn counter. You need to keep in mind this is actually very standard and helpful for SMT and Persona standards, and the 3 turns is actually a great help and a long enough time. More often than not, use the skill again if you need to, as the cost really isnt that high when compared to more powerful offensive skills.

    User Info: HanbeiKliesen

    HanbeiKliesen (Expert) - 1 year ago 2   1

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