How do you beat the twins?

  1. Im going for the trophie that you get if you defeat the twins. Ive tried to beat them and have failed more then once. I had my cast at 75 and higher and I still lost - is there any way to beat them

    User Info: KibaNaru-Shika

    KibaNaru-Shika - 2 years ago


  1. The team I used was Noir, Mona and Crow. Crow focused on debilitates, Noir kept using Heat Riser on me and Mona kept healing. I had Yoshitsune (Apt Pupil, Arms Master, Charge/Hassou Tobi) All of us were up near level 90 on a flu day after reaper farming.

    User Info: Wadd1eDoo

    Wadd1eDoo - 2 years ago 2   1
  2. I did it with Makoto, Morgana and Yusuke. I had their Confidant maxed, so they all had evade weakness. Yusuke and Morgana buffed/debuffed evasion, so with this combo it was harder for the twins to hit them with the weaknesses for a 1 more.

    Makoto buffed defense in case the twins' spells hitted, so that the team did not receive to much damage. All of my team had a resist medium/high weakness element to support this even more.

    Morgana was the main healer and Makoto healed too if needed.

    Yoshi-tune combo of
    charge --> heat riser ---> debilate (optional for this fight since you need to use it twice) ---> Hassou Tobi
    made most of the damage, but I kept using Yusuke several phys skills and Morgana & Makoto strong magic.

    You could farm the reaper ( ) and get a Divine Pillar accesory as drop from him. Use this for MC to halve damage receive half the damage (but no evasion possible). You can stack this with Firm Stance passive from a persona that also halves damage and use it with a Persona with the most Resist/null elements possible like Satanael. You can see a really good build for him in this video ( ).

    NOTE: If you still have problems with them, remember that you can lower the difficulty and challenge them after that. Changing the difficulty does not matters in the outcome of the trophy and rewards in case this is the only reason you are trying to beat them.

    Credits to SephiZack and Lettuce Sauce for the videos.

    User Info: RichiePalma

    RichiePalma (Expert) - 2 years ago 1   0
  3. If you just want trophy do in safety

    If you want some fun
    Easiest way is Yoshi + Kaguya + buff
    For example

    I use Ongyo-ki to charge > concentrate > heat riser
    then use Yoshi > Kaguya

    Also you need to have at-least 1 persona that
    1. No weakness can heal
    2. No weakness have single target attack cause some time Yoshi might miss target but you need to kill both twin at same time so this will fix it

    User Info: Hungshu

    Hungshu - 2 years ago 0   0

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