How to take advantage of the Fortune confidant's ability?

  1. I'm on my first play of Persona 5, right now I unlocked the Mementos quest to start the fortune confidant. I read that she has the ability to increase friendliness of other confidants. Please give me some answer so I can optimize my encounters.

    Do I visit her and ask for an increase in friendliness? Will I have to spend the full evening or is it like buying something and I will be free to roam about afterwards?

    Does her ability increase friendless by a lot, enough to rank up another confidant? Or is it like when I have to hangout with a confidant in order to advance his rank during the following encounter?

    User Info: lovelessxmelody

    lovelessxmelody - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It costs $5,000 per visit, you can only do it once per day she is available and no, you won't spend/skip time if you do that, so keep doing it for a better outcome of Confidants.

    You have to talk to her and pick the option to do that since she can also help you out with money and social stats.

    They say it is not much, but it can make a big difference. When a confidant says "I think I won't get any closer for today" or something like that try going with her and see the results. Her skill only gives points to the confident relation ship but it won't automatically increase, you have to visit the confidant to rank it up.

    User Info: RichiePalma

    RichiePalma (Expert) - 2 years ago 2   1

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