Shibuya Buffet Location?

  1. Saw another thread about this but the guy resolved it himself and I didn't find my answer. Like that thread, I'm following a guide that tells you to spend time with Ann at a "Shibuya Buffet" on 6/6. I've beaten the game once and am doing a second run to get all the Confidants maxed out, and not once during my first playthrough did I ever even see a buffet in the game other than the one your teammates visit in a scripted event. I'm certain it doesn't mean the Diner because you can't invite people there, and I can't even find Ann to ask her to go somewhere. I have run through the subway system looking there, all through Shibuya, and checked my mini-map the whole time to make sure I wasn't passing something to interact with and still nothing. I even checked the hub map to see if maybe there was a Shibuya Diner listed separately from Shibuya just on the off chance, but no dice. Any help would be much appreciated.

    User Info: idontlikeithere

    idontlikeithere - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm in a similar situation.

    I must ask two things:

    Did you give Ryuji the good answer in the maid scene?

    And did you give Ann a gift the last time you hung out?

    I did both of these, and my primary theory is that the buffet event will only be available if you aren't going to rank up with Ann the next time you spend time. If you give her a gift, then you'll be ready for the next rank, and therefor the buffet event isn't there.

    Second theory is that because you answered the good Ryuji answer in the maid event, you are somehoe forced to spend time with him instead of Ann the buffet day, because you are able to rank up with him.

    I recommend just ignoring this part of the schedule. It's ineffective on a new game + run anyways, however loosely sticking to it is a nice way to guarentee max confidant. You don't need to be strict when you start of with good social stats though.

    User Info: Msatk342s

    Msatk342s - 2 years ago 0   1

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