What are the Hawaii date requirements?

  1. Ryugi and makoto are the only ones who invited me , how do i get to invite the others ?

    User Info: katsuko17

    katsuko17 - 4 years ago
  2. How do i get ann and hifumi to invite me?

    User Info: katsuko17

    katsuko17 - 4 years ago
  3. Hifumi invites you if her confidant is high up to the Hawaii trip. Ann invites you if you romanced her.

    User Info: CarsAndGuitarsx

    CarsAndGuitarsx - 11 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. the hawaii date is like a normal date you'd have so if you're in a "special relationship" with somebody then they'd come up as an option to spend time with. You can only spend the time with 1 person rather than all of the friends.

    User Info: LauryW

    LauryW - 4 years ago 19   23

Top Voted Answer

  1. Thought is too late, i saw a lot of wrong or inacurate answers here, so i'll answer.

    It doesn't matter if you are level 10 with a girl if you have friendzoned her, they won't sent you an invitation.

    You need to be datting already Kawakami and Ann to get their invitation. That means you need to be rank 10 with Kawakami and date her. You also need to be dating Ann to get her invitation so it should be least rank 9, but i always go with 10.

    Makoto and Hifumi need to be at least rank 5 to get their invitations, the dates aren't as romantic though.

    User Info: MAXMAKI

    MAXMAKI - 1 year ago 43   23

Other Answers

  1. Depends on your confidant level with each one.

    More than likely you'll already be level 10 with Ann, so she'll invite you
    Makoto invites you as of level 6
    Kawakami will invite you as of level 8 - clear her Mementos mission beforehand
    Hifumi is the same as Kawakami

    Ryuji and Mishima are always going to invite you, and you'll earn points to another female confidant (in my case, it was Futaba, but I've read it can be any other female)

    Your answer the night before, when Ann asks what kind of girl you like, makes no difference

    User Info: KazHasShah

    KazHasShah - 4 years ago 35   31
  2. @KazHasShah
    Weird, I have Ann at 7 and she wasn't there.
    Meanwhile, Makoto and Hifumi called but they're only at 5.
    I wanted Kawakami but she's at 6.

    User Info: deeforshi

    deeforshi - 4 years ago 18   15
  3. Ann and Kawakami need to be Rank 10 in order for them to invite you on a date. Makoto and Hifumi need to be at Rank 5 at the lowest, and Ryuji and Mishima will always send you and invitation no matter what rank their Links are at.

    User Info: TB_Kite

    TB_Kite - 4 years ago 7   21
  4. Hawaii date? Grass skirt for sure. Coconut bra optional but the girls must wear em. And if its a first date it must be at the King Kamehameha club with some good ole Maui Wowie

    User Info: thornphlesh

    thornphlesh - 2 years ago 15   34
  5. Had Hifumi around 6-8 (Before having a special relationship) and she messaged me.
    Kawakami too, but I had her at 10.

    I suppose you just have to get closer to them.
    About ann, the night before she asks about which type of girls do you like, if you answer smart ones makoto will invite you, if you go for "good looking" or something like that Ann will.

    User Info: RichiePalma

    RichiePalma (Expert) - 4 years ago 4   27
  6. Wrong. I answered smart, but Makoto didn't invite me. I never did her confidant either. I dated Ann that time and she invited me.

    User Info: CarsAndGuitarsx

    CarsAndGuitarsx - 11 months ago

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