Social stats points guide?

  1. How many points do you need to raise stats levels?

    User Info: benwilton20

    benwilton20 - 4 years ago
  2. I found it online after googling for ages

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    benwilton20 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In case, some of you are still searching:

    Knowledge [Rank 2: 20pts] [Rank 3: 47pts] [Rank 4: 72pts] [Rank 5: 105pts]

    Guts [Rank 2: 6pts] [Rank 3: 16pts] [Rank 4: 31pts] [Rank 5: 64pts]

    Profiency [Rank 2: 8pts] [Rank 3: 21pts] [Rank 4: 38pts] [Rank 5: 55pts]

    Kindness [Rank 2: 9pts] [Rank 3: 28pts] [Rank 4: 56pts] [Rank 5: 82pts]

    Charm [Rank 2: 4pts] [Rank 3: 32pts] [Rank 4: 56pts] [Rank 5: 79pts]


    User Info: RichiePalma

    RichiePalma (Expert) - 4 years ago 80   36

Top Voted Answer

  1. While this is not directly related to your question, I feel it's worth mentioning.
    Chihaya, the Fortune Confidant, has a reading which will increase the amount of points you receive for your choice of social stat for the rest of the day, and does not cause time to pass.
    There are a number of options for increasing each stat, but I've found the following to be helpful:
    The Diner in Shibuya is excellent for Knowledge and a secondary stat as you can go there day or night. Rain also increases the efficacy of any studying. Occasionally, there are quizzes shown on TV. If you answer correctly, your Knowledge will increase without passing time.
    Crafting infiltration tools and using the fishing pond are decent ways to increase Proficiency.
    Spending time with Shinya (once he's unlocked) and working at the Flower Shop help with Kindness. Don't forget to give the plant in your room the most expensive fertilizer you can whenever you have the option, as it will increase Kindness without causing time to pass.
    Increasing Guts was a little difficult, but I found the best way to do so was to take the Big Bang Challenge. Once you've unlocked the third level, it will give the max points per challenge for Guts, regardless of whether or not you complete it.
    Raising Charm can be a little bit tricky. Early on, you may be forced to rely on reading book, listening to Yoshida's speeches, and taking advantage of the medicinal baths on Mondays and Thursdays at the bath house. Later on, once Frui-tea at the Diner and the maid cafe in Akihabara have been unlocked, you can use them.

    User Info: namtap032892

    namtap032892 - 4 years ago 25   4

Other Answers

  1. This differs according to the stats level you're on. Obviously it's way easier to get to a Level 2 skill as opposed to a Level 5 (aka Max) skill, but the only way to properly calculate it would be if you wrote down exactly how many points for a skill you were grinding to get and then tell everyone else. I'm sure someone dedicated enough will eventually figure it out. (Times like this I really miss physical strategy guides)

    User Info: CidVIIChick

    CidVIIChick - 4 years ago 6   4

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