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Platinum Trophy
You've unlocked all of the trophies!
Toured the Campus
Completed every level in the Peggle Institute
Completed every trial in the Peggle Institute
Completed every level in Mountain Highs
Higher Ground
Completed every trial in Mountain Highs
Found Frozen Friends
Completed every level in Winter Blunderland
Completed every trial in Winter Blunderland
Found So Many Contraptions
Completed every level in Gnorman's Gneighborhood
Completed every trial in Gnorman's Gneighborhood
Not Too Scary
Completed every level in Gravely Grove
Trials and Some Tribulations
Completed every trial in the Gravely Grove
Peggle Master
Completed every Celestial Realm level
Cryptic Cryptid
Completed every Celestial Realm trial
Completed 30 Optional Objectives
Completed 60 Optional Objectives
Half-Way Yay!
Completed 90 Optional Objectives
Extreme Objectification
Completed 120 Optional Objectives
Ultra Extreme Objectification
Completed 150 Optional Objectives
All the Cheevos!
Completed 180 Optional Objectives
Won a level with at least 12 balls left (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Superior Shot
Earned 3 free balls on one shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Got 75,000 styleshot points in a shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Coolest Clear
Won a level with the cool clear style shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Every Day I'm Pegglin'
Hit 10000 blue pegs
Orange Crusher
Hit 5000 orange pegs
I'd Hit That
Hit 300 green pegs
Beat your first ace score
Ultra Extreme Fever
Cleared all pegs in a level (Singleplayer Only)
I Got a Fever
Cleared all orange pegs in a level (Singleplayer Only)
Windy the Fairy Master Pack Trophies
Fairily Complete
Completed all Hallelujah Hollow levels
Viva the Violet
Complete all Hallelujah Hollow trials
Jimmy Lightning Master Pack Trophies
Multiballular Madness!
Complete all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt levels
Jump That Shark!
Complete all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt trials

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