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by Damthiel

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Damthiel

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 06/13/16

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About this Guide (Please Read)
  3. Controls
    1. Menu Interface
    2. Equipment and Inventory
  4. Game Mechanics
    1. Status Attributes
    2. HUD
    3. Combat Mechanics
  5. Getting Started
  6. Character Creation
  7. Prologue: The Ship
  8. The Shivering Shore
    1. Sanctuary: The Shivering Shore
  9. The Festering Banquet
    1. Boss Fight: The Sodden Knight
  10. Bandit's Pass
    1. Sanctuary: Bandit's Pass
    2. Traveling to the Village of Smiles
  11. The Village of Smiles
    1. Sanctuary: The Village of Smiles
    2. Boss Fight: The Queen of Smiles
    3. Traveling to the Watching Woods
  12. The Watching Woods
    1. Sanctuary: The Watching Woods
    2. Boss Fight: The Mad Alchemist
  13. The Sunken Keep
    1. Sanctuary: Sunken Keep
    2. Boss Fight: The False Jester
    3. The Vertigo Brand
    4. Backtracking: The Black Obelisks - Festering Banquet and Bandit's Pass
  14. The Sunken Keep (Part 2)
    1. Boss Fight: Kraeken Cyclops (Optional Boss)
    2. Bandit's Pass: Traveling to The Castle of Storms
  15. The Castle of Storms
    1. Sanctuary: The Castle of Storms
    2. Boss Fight: Kraekan Wyrm
    3. The Shadowflip Brand
  16. The Red Hall of Cages
    1. Sanctuary: The Red Hall of Cages
    2. Sanctuary: The Red Hall of Cages/Cran's Pass
    3. Boss Fight: The Tree of Men
  17. Hager's Cavern
    1. Sanctuary: Hager's Cavern
    2. Boss Fight: The Disemboweled Husk
    3. Traveling to the Mire of Stench
  18. The Mire of Stench
    1. Sanctuary: The Mire of Stench
    2. Boss Fight: That Stench Most Foul
    3. The Redshift Brand
  19. The-Fort-Beyond-The-Mire
    1. Sanctuary: The-Fort-Beyond-The-Mire
    2. Sanctuary: The Far Beach
    3. Sanctuary: The Ziggurat of Dust
    4. Backtracking: The Village of Smiles
  20. The Dome of the Forgotten
    1. Sanctuary: Dome of the Forgotten
    2. Boss Fight: The Untouched Inquisitor
    3. Dome of the Forgotten (Part 2)
    4. Boss Fight: The Third Lamb
    5. The Hardlight Brand
    6. Backtracking: Hardlight - The Castle of Storms
    7. Traveling (back) to the Ziggurat of Dust
  21. The Ziggurat of Dust
    1. Sancutary: Ziggurat of Dust (Part 2)
    2. Boss Fight: The Dried King
    3. The Dart Brand
    4. The Ziggurat of Dust (Part 2)
    5. Boss Fight: The Bloodless Prince
  22. The Ruined Temple
    1. Sanctuary: The Ruined Temple
    2. Boss Fight: The Coveted
  23. Siam Lake
    1. Sanctuary: Siam Lake
  24. Pitchwoods (Optional Area)
    1. Boss Fight: Carsejaw the Cruel (Optional Boss)
    2. Creed: Keepers of Fire and Sky
    3. Sanctuary: Pitchwoods
  25. Siam Lake (Part Two)
    1. Boss Fight: The Witch of the Lake
    2. Backtracking: The Shivering Shore
    3. Backtracking: Mire of Stench
    4. Backtracking: Cran's Pass
    5. Boss Fight: Ronin Cran (Optional Boss)
    6. Backtracking: The Ruined Temple
    7. Backtracking: Hager's Cavern
  26. Mal's Floating Castle (Optional Area)
    1. Sanctuary: Mal's Floating Castle
    2. Boss Fight: Murdiella Mal (Optional Boss)
  27. Salt Alkymancery
    1. Sanctuary: Salt Alkymancery
    2. Boss Fight: The Architect and The Unskinned
  28. Crypt of Dead Gods
    1. Sanctuary: Crypt of Dead Gods
    2. Boss Fight: The Forgotten Three
    3. Boss Fight: Kraekan Dragon Skourzh
  29. The Still Palace
    1. Boss Fight: The Nameless God
  30. New Game Plus
  31. Trophy Guide
    1. Overview
    2. Trophy Guideline
    3. Trophy List
  32. Creeds
    1. Devotion Rank
    2. Creed: The Three
    3. Creed: Devara's Light (Goddess of Light)
    4. Creed: Mountainsmiths (Iron Ones)
    5. Creed: The Stone Roots
    6. Creed: House of Splendor
    7. Creed: Order of the Betrayer
    8. Creed: Order of Fire and Sky
  33. Sanctuaries
    1. Offerings
    2. Clearing Claimed Sanctuaries
  34. Spells
    1. Spells: Class 1
    2. Spells: Class 2
    3. Spells: Class 3
    4. Spells: Class 4
  35. Incantations
    1. Incantations: Class 1
    2. Incantations: Class 2
    3. Incantations: Class 3
    4. Incantations: Class 4
  36. Prayers
    1. Prayers: Class 1
    2. Prayers: Class 2
    3. Prayers: Class 3
    4. Prayers: Class 4
    5. Prayers: Class 5
  37. Version History and Updates
  38. Legal Information, Copyright, and Contact Information
    1. Contact Information


Hello, and welcome to my guide for Salt and Sanctuary. Since there are currently no guides up for this particular game, I thought I might try to do my first ever full-walkthrough in hopes to harness some of the various information. The game itself doesn't describe much about how a lot of things work, and there are mechanics that may confuse players due to the lack of description and a formal tutorial.

Note: This guide is going to cover the game as of patch version 1.03. (Ver. 1.03.A at the title screen).

I will be starting this guide with that patch, as it is the most current. Changes may or may not be made depending on the patch, as there may be patches while I am writing, as well as patches long after the guide has been completed. All readers should be aware of their current patch, and this guide may not properly reflect future patches.

However, I do not abide by using any particular glitch or exploit in order to complete this game (and I'm not sure if any exist for this particular game). I will never recommend any exploit that may be patched later.