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by RagingTasmanian

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FAQ/Walkthrough by RagingTasmanian

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/07/15


Hello, and welcome to my Until Dawn FAQ/Walkthrough! My name is RagingTasmanian, and this is my 3rd walkthrough here on GameFAQS. I really liked Until Dawn and it made an impression on me. It was the first horror game I've ever played without resorting to spoilers or a walkthrough to learn. My play time through it, and my plans to create a Let's Play for this game inspired me to write my own walkthrough to help others and do something productive with the games I buy.

Version History

1.0 (9/29/2015): I like to get into the habit of completing my walkthroughs as much as I can before I publish them, which is why there is a gap between the game release, when I bought it and the upload date. There's still much to improve, but this is a complete walkthrough, and I will make improvements later. I want to add a lot more information that I think would be useful, but I wanted to upload something now before I got caught in "guide limbo".

1.1 (7/10/2015): I'm updating the format, adding some new information and making the guide a lot easier to read. The information should be more accurate after the patches and should be a bit more precise. There is still more I want to do, so there will be a lot of additions and updates in the near future!


This walkthrough is filled with spoilers. There are two reasons for this.

One, because I like making comments on things that have happened. I like to believe I am funny and make insightful comments that get you laughing and entertained.

Two, given the nature of Until Dawn, something can happen in the story that does affect your choices in the future. This would be a pretty bad walkthrough if I just said “Pick one of two choices, don't worry about it”, because the game doesn't work like that.

For example, you have to choose between going through Door A or Door B as a character. You can choose either option, and I will tell you the results of going through either door.

However, you also need to know why going through Door A influences what it does. It's useless if I tell you going through Door A does something, that's not helpful.

Also, that's assuming the character in question is able to reach Door A and Door B (characters can die in horror games).

Your choices matter in this game, and while I will tell you about each one, I have to spoil parts of the story in order for you to understand WHY the choices matter. I won't spoil the whole story; that is something you have to play to understand.

I also discuss the jump scares and when they will happen for the players who are NOT as comfortable with horror games. Yes, I realize this takes the fun out of it, but if you're going to get a heart attack because you are too scared, I'd rather have you prepared and healthy. Besides, even if you know when a scary moment is coming, that doesn't mean it isn't scary.

I won't tell you WHAT the scares are though. That's something you have to find out for yourself.

This walkthrough is also written to try and keep everyone alive. If you're going for specific outcomes, I discuss that too, but keep in mind I made it out with everyone alive with the walkthrough.

In case you're wondering, I didn't have everyone survive the first time I played, but not everyone died either.


What would a game be without its main cast?

The character you play as frequently switches around, but the story references the following people:

Sam: Sam is perhaps the most neutral character in the game. Her relationships with everyone start out quite evenly, and she's never really aggressive or hostile to anyone for whatever reason. She's not in a relationship with or has a crush on anyone, which makes her perhaps the most emotionally controlled person in the game.

Chris: Chris is someone you can come to relate to if you're single. He has a crush on Ashley (which is reciprocated but he doesn't know that) and the game focuses on his relationship with her. He is Josh's best friend and he cares about him a lot.

Jessica: Jessica is someone who doesn't feel like doing things that involve a lot of work, but behind her tough and attractive exterior is someone who truly shows their feelings and is secretly worried about how people view her. She is Mike's current girlfriend.

Mike: Mike comes off as a jerk and someone who fools around a lot, but he quickly grows to be somewhat of a leader for the group along with Sam. He cares for his friends more than he appears to. He was once Emily's boyfriend, but is now Jessica's boyfriend.

Matt: Matt may not express his opinions all that much, but he still does care about Emily, his current girlfriend and the other friends. His relationship with Emily is a driving force behind his actions in the game.

Emily: Emily seems like an obnoxious and dislikable woman, but she is smarter than she looks and grows to meet the situations around her. She was once dating Mike, but is now dating Matt. She was once good friends with Jessica, but relations have since soured.

Ashley: Ashley, like Chris, is someone you can relate to if you're single. She has a crush on Chris (which is reciprocated but she doesn't know that) and most of her time in the game is spent on her relationship with Chris.

Josh: Josh is Chris's best friend and the brother of twins Beth and Hannah. Â His invite to the lodge is the main reason the friends are gathering. He's been through a lot with the disappearance of his sisters, and just wants everyone back to show people that despite everything, they can still be great friends.

Beth: Beth is Josh and Hannah's sister, and the younger twin. She seems more responsible than Hannah and a bit more level headed. Ran out to find Hannah after a prank but never came back. It's been a year since she was last seen.

Hannah: Hannah is Josh and Beth's sister, and the older twin. She is hopelessly in love with Mike and cannot wait to spend time with him. The victim of a prank, she took it very badly and ran out into the woods. Despite Beth going after her, she went missing and has not been seen since.


What would a horror game be without events? There are several types of events in Until Dawn, all of which can determine the events of the game.

Simple Choice

Simple Choice events are events where a character gets to choose a response or a particular action. For example, Chris can choose to pick up a cup or not pick it up. Chris can also choose to confess to Sam or confess to Ashley.

In these moments you use the Right Stick to choose your response. Some of them are timed, and if you choose not to make a decision, the game will have you default to one of the options. There are certain events, however, where not choosing an option is a “third” option.

Quick Time

Quick Time Events (or QTEs) are events where you need to quickly react to a situation by pressing a button. There are only three buttons to press: Square, Circle and Triangle (not X, so don't think it will come up). They rarely come individually, and are always timed.

The buttons to press also do not follow a particular order. You may encounter a series of Quick Time Events that require you to press [Square, Triangle, Circle], and then another event with [Square, Circle, Square].

Often Quick Time Events show up if you're taking a risk. Failure to hit the correct button will result in a character failing to move on to the next area or react in time.

Thankfully each Quick Time Event gives you enough time to calm down and identify which button you're pressing, which I have found to be about 2 seconds.


Aiming events require you to move the Right Stick towards a target shown and press R2 to hit the target. Aiming events are like Quick Time Events; they are all timed and failure to hit the target could have dire consequences.

The difference with Aiming events is that the game won't let you fire unless you are on the target. All events also have enough time for you to move the Right Stick towards the target, so there is no target in the game you cannot successfully shoot. However, unlike Quick Time Events, you may have multiple targets to shoot, and not all of them are the correct target.

Don't Move

Don't Move events require you to not move the PS4 controller. You can tell when you encounter such an event when a “Don't Move” sign appears at the bottom of your screen, with a white border and your blue PS4 controller light inside the border.

As the game states, you need to keep the controller as still as possible so the blue light never goes outside the white border. If it does, it's considered a movement and a negative consequence will occur.

Some Don't Move events can be short and some can be long. I recommend a flat surface to place your controller for these events, because slight hand movements are enough to send your controller light flying.

Thankfully you can pause the game when Don't Move events occur, put the controller on a stable, flat surface and start the game again with absolutely no negative consequences.


  • ALWAYS press L1 whenever you are moving a character. It's not like L1 is a massive speed boost, but the default walking pace is quite slow to begin with.
  • Quick Time Event buttons are always the same, so if you mess up a particular section and reload it, the same buttons will appear.
  • Totem visions show you what CAN happen, not what WILL happen. Not every totem vision can and will come true in the game, so don't think just because you found a bunch of Death Totems that people will start dying left and right.
  • Guidance Totem visions show you important Butterfly Effect decision moments. Pay attention to them, because they can affect who lives and dies.
  • Death Totems show the character who found them dying. Loss Totems show a different character dying, not the one picking up the totem.
  • Danger Totems show places where a character CAN die, but they may not die depending on what you do.
  • The character relationships and qualities honestly do not matter in the course of the game. Don't be too bothered if qualities go up or down, or if relationships turn sour. These choices do not influence whether characters live or die.
  • Butterfly Effects influence a lot of things throughout the game, but some more than others. Not every Butterfly Effect has a drastic consequence, but on that note drastic consequences do not always show themselves immediately, so keep that in mind.
  • Try not to fail Quick Time Events, because they often result in negative consequences and negative results, even if you've done everything right so far.
  • If you hear a ticking noise during an event, it's a timed event. Not reacting fast enough can lead to a default action, no action, or a failed action which can get someone killed.
  • Doing absolutely nothing is, and I say this seriously, sometimes the best course of action. You don't have to react just because you have two choices and you're pressured to make one.
  • Not every item is obvious. Search areas carefully.
  • Not every glint will be something significant. But there's no harm in checking them out. In fact, it's sometimes recommended to get a better feel for the world of Until Dawn.
  • The game says finding clues can increase your chances of survival, but that's not always true.
  • Don't get too hung up if you missed clues, because some chapters let you obtain clues you may have missed the first time.
  • Searching an area with the Right Stick shining a light on things (literally) is sometimes the only way a collectible item will show itself.
  • Some clues require you to FLIP THE PAGES before they are registered as clues, so if you pick up a clue and nothing's happening, you probably haven't seen everything.
  • Flat surfaces are recommended for “Don't Move” events. The game is really sensitive to even the slightest controller movement, so relying on your hands is not always smart.
  • Keep the controller and flat surface in reach, because not every “Don't Move” event ends with nothing happening. You might need to do a Quick Time Event afterwards.
  • Increase the brightness in the game and your TV if you can't see very well. I realize horror games need a dark atmosphere, but there's a difference between a game being dark and creepy for the sake of horror and you not able to find anything or see where you are going.
  • Until Dawn is quite a linear game, so it is very difficult to get lost. If one direction isn't leading anywhere, try another one.


A note before I start: Until Dawn is a very linear game. While you will have areas to explore, most of the time you will have path to follow with only one direction. I'm not being lazy by telling you this, it's the truth. So when I say “follow the path” just keep walking in the only direction available. Most of the game is just scenery anyway.


The prologue starts out with a bunch of young adults in a cabin, and a group of them are trying to prank one unsuspecting young adult. Clearly nothing is going to happen.


You'll take control of Beth here. The prologue serves as a tutorial, so get used to the controls and moving things around. Have Beth pick up the note on the table and then head up the stairs.

Before you do though, get used to moving Beth around the room

After prank, Beth sees Hannah outside. Beth can try to wake up Josh or run to friends, it does not matter what you choose.

As Beth chases after Hannah, you will start to learn about Quick Time Events (QTEs) and choice selection. No matter which path you take, you'll end up in the same location, but it's helpful to get a feel for what you will be experiencing from this point on.

You will also get to use the touchpad on the PS4 controller (which is fun) and get used to that too, because it is important in this game.

After the Quick Time Events, you can find Brown Totem #1 on the ground on the left side shortly after Beth turns on her phone. It will glint when you see it but pay attention to the ground. It shows Beth falling to her death.

After you find Hannah, Beth and Hannah start running. Beth's phone falls here, remember that.

Eventually Beth and Hannah are at the cliff. You can either let Hannah go and save Beth or let go and fall off the cliff together.

I'm just kidding, Beth falls too either way.

You then find yourself in the psychiatrist's office. He will ask you a few questions about a picture. It's important to know however that this only affects what you see in the game, not the story itself.

Chapter 1


You will take control of Sam after the scene. Head up the path, and apparently someone's watching Sam. When you reach the gate, you will find out it's broken and Sam will have to climb the wall.

This is the first of the Simple Choice events that let you choose how you want to climb up the wall, and how fast you want it to be.

After Sam climbs over, proceed forward and you will run into your first Don't Move event. It's a squirrel! Earn its trust and let Sam feed it or scare it away.

Up ahead is a sign explaining the significance of the Totems, more specifically their color and what each one means.

Black (Death) is someone seeing their own death

Brown (Loss) is the death of someone else

Red (Danger) is a sign of danger to come (a quick time event that is either influenced by actions or held items)

Yellow (Guidance) is the choice that leads to a good outcome

White (Fortune) is good news

There is also a Yellow Totem at the bottom, followed with the last tutorial about totems. Yellow Totem #1, shows a bird flying away while someone is behind a tree.

Now have Sam continue to the cable car station, and she will run into Chris' bag, which he has conveniently left unguarded. His phone receives a message.

Butterfly Effect - Any Of Your Business

Sam can choose to peek at the message or close up his bag.

Chris will arrive and you won't get to see the message regardless of the options. But his attitude will change depending on whether you peeked or not.

Chris will have something he wants to show Sam, so follow him around the back of the cable car station.

On the back wall of the cable car station will be a glint. Inspect it to find Mystery Man Clue #1. This will be the first clue you can find, and you will get a nice tutorial explaining how finding clues can make a difference in this game.

Chris will take Sam behind the station to find a shooting range. Chris takes the gun and you are introduced to the Aiming sequences. Take your time to shoot the cans, sack and bottle, but midway through a squirrel jumps onto one of the barrels.

Butterfly Effect - Rats With Bushy Tails

Chris now has the option to shoot the squirrel, or he can choose to shoot a sack in the back.

If you shoot the squirrel, Sam gets attacked by a bird afterwards and gets slightly injured. She keeps this injury throughout the game.

If you don't shoot the squirrel, nothing happens (Chris just makes a joke).


Regardless of your choice, the cable car will start to arrive, so Chris will unlock the door. You will wait for the cable car to arrive and you control Chris now. You can search around or do nothing, the cable car won't speed up either way. But when it comes, Sam will mention it, and it's time to go.

Chris and Sam will be talking on the cable car and the scene switches.


Now you play as Jessica.

She will hear a cable car coming and go to receive people. The door happens to be locked though, as Sam and Chris point out. After letting them out, Chris grabs a letter he sees in Jessica's hand.

Butterfly Effect Result - Any Of Your Business

If Sam chose to peek at Chris' phone, he tells her off here when she tells him not to invade her privacy. Otherwise, Chris is still relatively happy about everything.

After that, Chris and Sam head up, with Jessica staying behind.


Now we switch to Matt and Emily.

Keep going forward and you will be scared in the woods by Mike. Matt can choose to threaten Mike or just tell him that everyone's here for a good time.

Mike will leave, and Emily wants to go back and meet Sam. Matt can approve or disapprove, but Emily goes back regardless of your choice.


Now you take control of Ashley. She sees Mike and Emily together through a viewing stand, and is then scared by Matt. Matt saw her peeking through the stand and wants to take a look.

Butterfly Effect - The Soul Of Discretion

You can decide to let Matt see. If you discourage you have to do it again to prevent him from looking. If you encourage at either moment, he looks through and gets upset with Emily (understandably of course). If you successfully discourage him from looking, he never sees and never gets annoyed at Emily.

Now you go back to Jessica. She can read or pick up her phone (but the choice should be obvious).

Mike then appears and engages Jessica in a snowball fight. This is practice for the Quick Time Events, specifically for dealing with more than one.

The tutorial for “doing nothing” also appears here as well. This is the Guidance totem you found with Sam. You have to wait for the bird to pass before you can hit Mike. If you hit the bird, you miss and Mike hits you. Thankfully, it's quite harmless.

Afterwards you get the choice to kiss Mike or throw a snowball at him. It doesn't matter either way.

Another visit to the psychiatrist, this time to check out what you might be afraid of.

Chapter 2


Take control of Chris, and BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE go to the bottom of the screen near Matt to find Yellow Totem #2. It's a vision of someone's hand getting caught in a bear trap…which hurts quite a bit.

You can gossip to Josh about Matt and Emily or ask if he's ok. He'll feel hurt if you ask if he's ok, but that's about all that's important.

Then you talk to Ashley. You can act confident or unsettled in front of her.

As you follow the path, you can talk to Josh about Ashley. Again, none of it really matters.

Once you get to the side of the house, you can see the axe holder glint, search it for Mystery Man Clue #4.

Now move to the shelf and push the right stick to the left to push it. This will then lead to Chris going inside to find a way to melt the lock. Since the light bulb broke, you will be using a lighter as a light source. Josh talks about deodorant being the way, so you have to look for it in the bathroom.

You're in what looks like a supply shed.

Move forward and move the light down to find Brown Totem #1. It shows Emily getting burned and dying, which may or may not be a good thing. After you find the totem, proceed forth and you will have to choose between going left and right. Going left means you get to go into a room with a newspaper scrap that happens to be Mystery Man Clue #2.

Going right takes you out of the shed and into the house. Continue down the hallway, but stop at the family portrait (hard to miss) to get Twins Clue #4. Open the door at the end of the hallway to go into the room with the frozen doorknob. You can interact with the door for a funny exchange between the girls and Chris.

Now exit the room through the door on the left and enter the living room (but I call it the main hall because it's a lodge). Once you're in, I'll have you walk straight down to the brown doors and take a left. Keep going until you see an entrance (it's easily missed). Walk near the cupboard on the left to shine a light on Mystery Man Clue #3.

Walk back to the brown doors and move forward. You can try open the doors but it is locked. You will shine another light on a clue to your left, and on the cupboard is Twins Clue #3. Keep heading down until you see a staircase that goes down. Go down the staircase and walk forward until you reach two brown doors (of a lighter color). Move slightly to the left and you'll uncover Twins Clue #2.

There's nothing else here, so go back up the stairs and up the next flight of stairs to get to the second floor. You can go left or right. Go left and turn left from there, keep going until you find another glint which reveals Twins Clue #1. Now head back and go inside the first entrance you see after finding the clue. Follow the path and open the door to get to the bathroom. Open the cabinet door to get your deodorant and a cute but surprising moment.

You'll automatically unfreeze the lock and let everyone in!

Now if Matt saw Emily and Mike earlier, he'll confront him about it now.

Butterfly Effect Result - The Soul Of Discretion / Butterfly Effect - Whose Side Are You On?

You can either fight or talk it over. If you warn him or distrust him, you fight, but pick the other options and you will just let it slide.

If Matt didn't fight Mike, Emily and Jessica will start fighting instead. You can side with Jessica or Emily, but you have to side with Emily both times for the game to recognize you sided with her. Jessica needs only one of her options selected for the game to think you sided with her.


Now Mike and Jessica will leave and Matt and Emily will leave too. You'll take control of Mike after they leave. Head down the stairs and continue along the path. Before you reach the gate, you'll have the chance to talk to Jessica about her fight with Emily if they were fighting. When you reach the gate, head to the right as you need to start the generator in order to get past the gate. The generator is in the shed, and right outside the shed is Red Totem #1, which shows Ashley getting punched by some guy in a mask. Creepy.

Start the generator and leave, knowing you're being watched. If you didn't pick up the totem before, now's the time to do it. Go through the gate and follow the path. Along the path, Jessica will stop in front of police tape. You can ask her about what happened or be respectful.

Along the way you'll find the path blocked and go another way. Jessica will fall and you have the option of being cautious or heroic. Pick one and continue. A run away mine cart will come in fast, and you have to react (the Triangle button) or get hurt. After the cart stops, head straight ahead (not left) and you'll find White Totem #1, which is Jessica rising up from somewhere. Now head left and go up the stairs, stopping once you get there. Now turn right to find Mystery Man Clue #5 and #6. Nice.

A beam will fall the moment you get back on the path. Slightly ahead of the beam is a table on your right that has the first of the 1952 clues, 1952 Clue #1. Follow the rest of the path.

Once you're out, you should head right, but what most people don't think of is that you can also head left, which leads to Brown Totem #2, which appears to show someone falling from a height and dying. Now head back and continue right. At the end of the path, Jessica will find a telescope and look through it. Mike can take a look himself for a little jump scare. Now go left of the telescope (you can read the animal sign if you want and open the gate. Continue along and Mike will be surprised by birds, pick your options here too depending on what you want to show Jessica. Continue along and Jessica will climb over a ledge and disappear.


Now you will take control of Sam back at the lodge getting the bath ready. There's no hot water so you have to find Josh to get some flowing. If you missed any of the clues with Chris, you can now find them with Sam, but she has some newer ones to find.

When you leave the bathroom, head left to get on the path to Josh, but to find more clues we will head right and into the first open door. Up the short stairway and to the left, you will find Mystery Man Clue #8 on the bedside table. Opposite the bed will be another shining object, which is Twins Clue #5. From the clue, head all the way to the back of the room, and then turn left into the gap. At the end of the gap (which is a closet), you will find Twins Clue #6 on the ground.

Now leave the room and go back to the main hall through the path left of the bathroom. Follow Josh to the basement, it's a long path but you will get there. Once Josh opens the boiler and you gain control of Sam, inspect the baseball bat in the boiler.

Butterfly Effect - Something For Later

You can be serious or humorous about it, but the baseball bat gets put down outside of the boiler and not shut back in. You have to inspect it for the bat to be put to the side, otherwise it gets locked back in the boiler.

Shortly after the choice with the bat, you will have a Don't Move situation. Don't worry if you fail, you get to try again, but I highly recommend using this opportunity to find a stable flat surface, since even without giving you any spoilers, you probably realize getting good at these Don't Move situations is going to be REALLY important later on.

Now get the boiler working. It might be tricky since you might be holding R2, but you just need to press it once, twist the knob and then press it again when the light turns red. You will then press Triangle to high five Josh. When the noises continue, investigate and you'll be forced to run away. Press Circle when climbing up the stairs to avoid tripping.

Turns out that it's just Chris being Chris. That's a relief.

After all that, you're back at the psychiatrist's office.

Chapter 3

You'll be doing an Oujia board thing with Josh, Ashley and Chris. There aren't any right or wrong answers, but the answers to ask that are plot relevant are:

Clarify: Who needs help

Beth: …is that you?

Probe: What happened to you?

Probe: Who killed Hannah?


After the scene, you'll take control of Mike. Keep going forward until you reach a vehicle (I think a truck?) on the left. Go to the left of the truck to go down a path, this leads to Red Totem #2, which shows a bunch of deer. Interesting.

If you choose to investigate the truck you'll get a jump scare. That's about all that's there.

Get back on the path and you'll get another jump scare, this time caused by Jessica! Immediately after the scene you'll take control of Mike again. Before you either go left or right, go directly to the middle of the two paths to find Yellow Totem #3 (it's right by the tree). This shows someone in red climbing up a cliff. Okay. This would be helpful if we had someone in red.

By the way, we haven't missed Yellow Totem #2, but as you might have noticed with the clues, none of them are found in order.

You could head left, but interestingly that leads you back to the same place as if you went back the way you came, so just head right.

As you continue, Mike will think someone's there and an Aiming sequence will take place. By now you should know how to aim, so you should hit, but you can also not throw (remember the bird sequence?) and see what happens.

Following the path, you will come across a cabin. Go inside to inspect, but you'll find 1952 Clue #2 inside, which is a mask. You can actually choose to scare Jessica or not scare her, I'll let you decide which one you choose to do.

Get back on the path, and be prepared for a little jump scare as a deer pops out from the woods. Keep walking and you will see a badly injured deer that's about to die. You can kill it or comfort it, but either way there will be a chase sequence.

The button to press is Square, then you can risk a shortcut or go the safe path. The shortcut buttons are Circle, Triangle and then you can choose to save Jessica or get the cabin door open. Either way, both Mike and Jessica will get inside the cabin.

Your objective is to get the fire going, but before you do, there are two things to inspect. The northeast corner of the room has Mystery Man Clue #7, which is a book. Now go around the couch and down the hallway to find Twins Clue #7 in the form of a photo. You can investigate the bathroom for a jump scare, but this one is kind of silly because Mike causes it himself.

When you're ready, go back to the room with Jessica, go to the table, grab the matches, go to the fireplace and light the fire. Also turn on the lamp next to the fireplace.

Butterfly Effect/Result - Be Her Hero

Now here's the interesting thing, depending on your choices before, Jessica will either resist or embrace Mike's advances. This is one of the first few times you can see the Butterfly Effect taking place and having an effect.

If you jumped down immediately and helped Jessica push the mine cart (Heroic), didn't inspect anything in the cabin and lit the fireplace immediately, Jessica will be nearly undressed. If you did push the mine cart but looked around the cabin (for clues), Jessica will stay relatively clothed. If you chose not to push the cart (Cautious) and scared her with the mask, Jessica stays fully clothed.

I have been informed however that if your relationship with Jessica is as high as it can go, you can search for all the clues and make the right choices and Jessica will still be nearly naked.

Not a major thing but it's something. Most likely if you inspected the clues you never see Jessica without clothes, but clues are more important than desires, am I right?

Anyway, something will happen and Mike will have to check it out. Eventually, what follows is a scene where Jessica is grabbed.


Now you will gain control of Ashley. Before you follow Chris down the stairs, and this is really hard to know, head the other way and go down the hall. You will see a shining object on the table, and that's Twins Clue #9.

As you proceed down the stairs, follow Chris until you get into the library. Head left and you will see a small glint on the ground, that's Mystery Many Clue #10. It will be a grate just so you know it's the clue.

Head to the left entrance (the right door is locked) and there will be a small jump scare involving books flying off the shelves. Push the button revealed and inspect the clues inside the room. Ashley is scared so you will take control of Chris for this part. These are Twins Clue #8 and Mystery Man Clue #9. These clues are mandatory in order to continue with the story so you can't miss them. Afterwards Ashley will ask you about what you found in there, you can either tell her or not.

Exit the room and the previously locked door on the right will unlock itself. If you haven't grabbed Twins Clue #9 yet, now might be the time to do so. Now go through the door and down the hallway. Once you reach the door, don't open it just yet, instead turn left and you will find a letter, flip it over to get Mystery Man Clue #11. If you haven't been seeing some of the clues, an important part of this game is FLIPPING THINGS OVER. I'm not saying this to point out stupidity, but the game won't recognize some clues as clues until you've actually flipped them over.

Open the door and go through. Surprisingly, you're back at the main hall where Sam and Chris were back in Chapter 2. If you saw Mystery Man Clue #1 (which you most likely did), Chris will talk with Ashley about everything he's seen so far. It's also dependent on the clues you have found so far, so if you missed some (you won't know though), Chris won't talk about them.

There will be a disturbance in the kitchen, and Ashley and Chris will be knocked out by some guy in a mask. It's pretty creepy.

Now you will be back for another session at the psychiatrist's office. You might realize by now that your choices are affecting what's in his office, and some of what you see in the game.

Chapter 4


Now you regain control of Mike. You will chase after Jessica.

Butterfly Effect - To The Rescue

You will be choosing to go down safe or risky paths to save Jessica. If you pick ANY of the safe paths (and it sucks), Jessica won't survive. If you pick ALL the risky paths AND pull them off successfully, Jessica will be alive.

For the risky shortcut, the buttons to press are Triangle, Circle, Square.

When jumping down, the buttons to press are Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle.

When jumping across the chasm, the buttons to press are Circle, Triangle.

When you risk sliding down, the buttons to press are Circle and Triangle.

Now I'm not sure how true this is, but you can fail at least once on the risky paths and still have Jessica alive. I know this because I failed once during the sliding down part. If you can fail more than that, I am not sure.

When you regain control of Mike, you cannot control whether she lives or dies, so you can take your time here and calm down a bit. When you have, head south and then down the staircase. When you reach the bottom of the staircase, turn left immediately to find Yellow Totem #4. This shows Mike petting a wolf.

Now head into the mine with the Unsafe sign on top. At the end of the path you will find out if Jessica lived or died.

Butterfly Effect Result - To The Rescue

If she's alive, she will be on the ground. If she's dead, she will fall from the ceiling as one of the totems showed.

So THAT's what that image was. Depending on your Jessica, she may or may not match the image, as the totem image always has her nearly naked.

After Jessica falls, there will be an aiming sequence and Mike will climb. It really doesn't matter how he climbs, but I like my characters taking risks.

You will have to press Triangle quite soon, and then choose how you climb.

If you climb quick, the buttons are Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle.

If you jump again, the buttons are Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square.

After this, there will be another aiming sequence, but the gun has no more bullets so even if you hit, nothing happens.

Now you have to get past sliding doors. The button is Triangle.

Mike will now be back outside and will head towards a building he sees in the distance.


You will regain control of Chris now. After he gets up, head forward and you will see an object on the ground. It's Ashley's. Now head to the door right across and there will be a jump scare from crows. You can inspect the blood on the walls if you want. Continue down and head out the door. Go down the stairs and head straight.

Now this is really significant. You will reach a crossroads where the path splits left and right. Go left, and brace yourself for a jump scare in the form of a pop-up figure. Whatever the figure is depends on the choices you picked in the psychiatrist's office (scarecrow, clown, zombie). But I didn't ask you to go left because of that.

Past the figure is the reason I had you go down the left path, there is Mystery Man Clue #15, and in the same area is Black Totem #4. This shows Chris dying, but I'm not sure how. Now go all the way back and take the right path.

Keep going down the path until you reach the shed. But don't go inside the shed just yet, go to the right of the shed. Past the doors and near the tree, you might have to shine your light on the dark shadows on the ground, but on the floor will be Brown Totem #3, which shows Ashley with no head. That is bad and we want to avoid that. But we will get there when we get there.

Now go into the shed. Keep following the path and you will see Josh and Ashley tied to a board. Someone called the Psycho will tell Chris to save Ashley or Josh, and the other will be cut in half by a saw.

Butterfly Effect - ...And Which One Will Die

Unfortunately, this is not one of those moments where you can do nothing, you have to choose either Ashley or Josh to save, and as you might expect, this is a pivotal point in the game.

You just have to pick who to save, someone gets killed whether you pull the lever or not.

I am going to have to spoil it a little just for the walkthrough to go on. Josh dies no matter what choice you pick, but as you can imagine, whether you choose to save Ashley or Josh does impact Ashley.

Now Chris and Ashley will meet up with Emily and Matt. You can imagine how this will probably go after what happened.

And now you're back in the psychiatrist's office.

Chapter 5


You will take control of Mike again. He's going into the building, which apparently is the sanatorium. You will see a man and two wolves, and what looks like a potential entrance.

Once the cut scene ends, head towards the fountain, and head to the left of the fountain. Head towards the gate and right below the gate you will find White Totem #2 which shows Matt. It took that long for us to get a good news Totem?

Now head back to the fountain and go right. You CAN head through the front door immediately, despite the game showing you the other entrance, but since there is something to gain in the other entrance, go to the left of the door and open up the metal panel at the bottom.

Once you've opened up the panel, you're in the basement. You can head left but you can't go through the door and the only way out is on the platform above you. You can't get it to it from there though, but you can head right and find a way to get up to the platform.

Head all the way right to find a place with a barrel, but if you head to the right of the barrel, the empty space there hides Brown Totem #4 (it's next to a barrel you can't push). This totem shows Matt getting…his face ripped off. Ouch.

Anyway, interact with the barrel to push it towards the platform, then climb up the barrel onto the platform. Walk across the platform to climb out of the hole.

Now you will be inside the sanatorium. Note that you will automatically get here if you went through the front door, but you would have missed the totem and that would have been unfortunate.

Mike will try to go in through a main door that leads to the man he just saw, but it will be locked and he needs a card key. We need to find a card key.

In this chapter, and in any situation involving the sanatorium, there will be lots of 1952 clues to find here. I will go over all of them, and it won't detract too much from the game.

From the door, head ALL the way back to the entrance and head left from the door to find 1952 Clue #3. It will be illuminated by light from the ceiling so you should see it immediately.

You can look around, but the only place you can enter is the Admin Wing, so go through there. As you enter, immediately turn left and open the safe. Inside the safe is 1952 Clue #6. Now leave the safe, continue down but go left and hug the walls until you see a glint on top of a cabinet. This glint will be 1952 Clue #4.

Walk back and head through the door at the end. Keep going straight down (you can turn left later) and enter the room on the left. On the table is 1952 Clue #8.

Head back to the split path and go down the other path. Before you head straight, there will be an open door on your right, duck through it to find 1952 Clue #5.

Now head back on the main path and enter the darkness. It will actually be stairs you have to go down. At the end of the stairs, head forward and into the door on your right. After a cut scene you will gain a machete.

After taking the machete, you can head north or south. Head south and part the curtains. There's no jump scare here thankfully and you will find 1952 Clue #9.

Leave the room and head north. Follow the path until you reach a left and right split. There seems to be a wolf on the left, so let's head right for now. Go right into the room and you will find 1952 Clue #10 on the desk.

Head left now and follow the path. You can see a room on the right, but that only leads to Clue #9, and will shine if you didn't inspect it. You'd have to go all the way back in order to get it if you missed it.

Now head forward and you will see a human hand moving back and forth.

Butterfly Effect - At What Price


If you choose to inspect the hand, Mike's hand will be caught in a bear trap, which was what you saw in a Yellow Totem beforehand. This is part of the Butterfly Effect “At What Price”. You can choose to cut Mike's fingers off (OUCH!!!) to gain the “Scream Too! Trophy” or you can try and free your fingers from the trap. If you free your fingers from the trap, do be advised you have to do this twice, and you will lose your machete at the end of it (but Mike keeps his fingers). You can still keep the machete if you free the first time and cut your fingers off second.

However, this is not mandatory. You can go through without ever cutting off Mike's fingers. If you want the trophy though, this is your only chance to get it, but I'll let you choose.

If you choose not to cut off Mike's fingers, you will still get this effect, but it will just say you have a usable machete.

Whether or not you inspect the trap/cut off Mike's fingers, head into the next room and immediately look to the right. On the shelves somewhere is 1952 Clue #12.

Directly opposite Clue #12 are some morgue chambers. You can open them to find a keycard (if you're squeamish a mouse will exit the body with the keycard) and 1952 Clue #13.

There is another morgue chamber to the right of the chambers you have opened, this one contains 1952 Clue #11. Once you're done, head through the door to the left of the shelves and opposite the morgue chambers. You will need the keycard for this, so you can't proceed without checking the chambers.

Head through the door and up the stairs. After you go up a bit, there will be a bit of a jump scare as one of the wolves jumps at you from the side. After the scene, you will find yourself at the second floor of the sanatorium. Head south and turn right to go down the stairs and jump down the ledge.

Now you're back on the first floor, right where you began your sanatorium trip. If you missed ANY of the 1952 clues covered thus far, you can go down the Admin Wing again to find them, but it's going to be a long trip.

Now head to the locked door and open it now that you have a keycard. Once you open it, you face a jump scare and another wolf.

Butterfly Effect - Man's Best Friend

You have the option to kick it, because it will hurt you otherwise.

Or you can do nothing and the wolf won't actually hurt you, it will think you're friendly! That's nice. If you accidentally kicked it though, there is a chest of bones nearby that you can grab and give to the wolf, which will make it friendly with you. You can also leave the wolf annoyed at you. There's not a big difference, but to get a trophy don't kick the wolf and if you did, give it a bone.

Now you find yourself in the sanatorium chapel, which is big! You can head right to find a coat that Mike puts on immediately, and a handgun. If you move on to the next room on the right, you will find Mystery Man Clue #13.

Head to the center of the room and on top of the barrel, you will find Mystery Man Clue #12. Just north of that clue is the chest of bones I mentioned earlier. If you kicked the wolf, this is your last chance to make up with it by giving it the bone. You can also give it the bone even if you didn't kick it just to continue your streak of nice-ness. No, it's not a real word but yes, I am using it anyway.

Now head through the door the stranger went through, it's the only one glowing. Mike will shoot the lock off with the handgun and you can proceed.

Head through the door and follow the path. You'll see stairs going down, but before you go, go around the stairway to find Black Totem #3 at the very back and to the left (you'll need to walk over it for it to shine). Mike will light himself on fire. Not a fun way to go. To the right you can find 1952 Clue #7 which is also on the ground.

Now go back around and head down the steps. Follow the path, open the lock and let the cut scene play out.


You will now gain control of Matt. As Matt, head down the path and to the cable car station. Go opposite the cable car station and you can find Black Totem #2 near the fence. It's near the tree trunk and south from the park bench. This shows Matt dying from a fall. Ouch.

Head to the cable car station and you will find an axe lodged in the door. This is Mystery Man Clue #16. The door is locked however, and you need to get it open. You can have Emily go through a window or smash the door down.

After the cut scene, inspect the room. To speed things up, inspect the cable car controls.

Butterfly Effect - On The Same Page

Emily will suggest going to a fire tower that you either saw on a map in the room or she will propose it. Matt has the option to agree or disagree.

Matt agreeing or disagreeing will affect if he lives or dies, so remember your choice here, and do not forget.

Whichever option you choose will have you go to the fire tower anyway. Follow Emily to pull a ladder down and shimmy around the station. You will keep going, but get ready to press the Square button, because Emily nearly falls off! After that, just continue shimmying around the ledge.

After that is done, follow Emily, but before you continue into the next area, head left to find a totem on the ground (you can probably see this already). This is Yellow Totem #5. This shows Emily giving Matt a flare gun. Remember this well.

Continue to follow Emily until you cross a wooden bridge. Once you finish crossing the bridge, the path splits left and right. Head left to find a covered bridge. If you remember from the Prologue, Beth dropped her phone here. Check the ground to find Twins Clue #10, which is obviously the phone.

Now head back right (you can't go past the bridge) but before you head all the way right, you might see a small glimmer on the ground at the start of the path. This is White Totem #3, and it's near the trees. This shows Ashley opening the door for Chris. Why that's good news, I am not sure, I figured this was implied (they're friends, right? Friends open doors for each other).

Follow Emily to the edge of the cliff (this looks familiar) and inspect the sign on the ground. Suddenly, you will be surrounded by deer!


Now you switch back to Sam in her bath, where she's having a nice time, but the Psycho is watching her. She thinks something is up and gets out of the bath. You can inspect her clothes pile to notice someone stole her clothes. Not hard to figure out who.

Sam is back inside the lodge, so if you missed ANY of the lodge clues this is your chance to find them.

The only clue you may want to find is Mystery Man Clue #14, which was a clue I referenced earlier. It is near the door Chris had to open with the fire-deodorant combo. Finding this clue as Sam helps because for some reason, finding it as Chris has a graphical error. This doesn't happen because Sam is…well…dressed in a towel so no errors.

(Since a new patch update, Chris can't find Mystery Man Clue #14 anymore, so as Sam you will have to go all the way down to the door that Chris unfroze, and check the table on the left to find it.)

As Sam, head down all the way back to the main hall. Be prepared for a little jump scare in the hallway connecting the bathroom to the main hall. All the doors in the hall are locked, so you have to go down to the basement. Go through the only open door for a cut scene.

Now this is where the game gets really intense. Sam will be chased by the Psycho. You have to choose between running and/or hiding, and you are trying not to get caught.

This is where the Don't Move situation pops up a LOT. I suggest a flat, stable surface like your floor for these moments.

If you hide under the bed, you need to press Triangle. Might be the same if you run. I chose to stay still and kick him to escape. Not sure if a different combination gets you caught, but I ran the first time and still got away.

As you go down the stairs, you need to press Triangle. Then you can choose to run or hide in the boiler room.

When hiding in the boiler room, press Triangle quickly to shut off your flashlight, then Don't Move. If you fail or choose to stay too long, the Psycho finds you. The baseball bat can protect you if you found it in Chapter 2. You have to press Square to use the baseball bat. Otherwise you get gassed.

After you run, you can pull down the wine cellar or force the door open. Either way you open the door and shut it on the Psycho. But you still have to move.

Eventually Sam will get to an area where she can run or hide. If you choose to run here, you get caught, so you have to hide to avoid getting caught. Press Triangle to turn off your light or you will get caught here.

Butterfly Effect - Run Or Hide

Depending on whether Sam gets caught or successfully hides will determine how she starts her investigation into the Psycho. To be successful:

  • Always run away from the Psycho in the bedroom
  • Run in the boiler room (if you hide you need to have found the baseball bat for this to be alright).
  • After Sam falls down, hide.

Butterfly Effect Result - Rats With Bushy Tails

If Chris shot the squirrel way back in Chapter 1, you remember Sam got injured by the crow. Unfortunately through this entire event Sam injures her head again, and with another injury on top that means blood is flowing. This means the Psycho can track Sam if she chooses to hide, meaning she will get caught no matter what she chooses.

Regardless how this ends, you will be back in the psychiatrist's office. Brace yourself for a jump scare.

Chapter 6

For some reason Emily thinks the deer are really intimidating. But Matt thinks smart and says if they don't fight back, they won't. And this works

Butterfly Effect/Result - In Self Defense

Matt has the option to attack the deer or let it pass.

If he attacks the deer, he will be forced off a cliff and will have to do a few Quick Time Events to survive. If he fails one, he falls off the cliff and dies.

If he lets the deer live and not be violent, he and Emily get through with absolutely no problem.


You will gain control of Emily. Keep walking down the path until you reach the tower. You will know when you reach the tower because motion sensor lights will trip, which results in a short cut scene. This is good, because when you regain control of Emily, there will be a totem to the right of a park bench that can only be seen in the light. This is Yellow Totem #6, the last of the Guidance Totems. This shows Chris putting down a gun. Thank goodness it's not him firing it at somebody.

Now climb up the stairs to the radio tower and climb up the ladders. Once you're inside, Emily and Matt will attempt to get the radio working in the tower. But there are quite a few goodies here, and one VERY IMPORTANT one.

Once you regain control of Emily, check the locker to find Twins Clue #11. You can inspect the radio and printer, but there's no power to the room. There's no switch inside the room, but a door leading outside may have the answer. Go outside and you will see a fuse box (the power switch) immediately, but before that, you need to circle around to find a tool that can save both Matt and Emily.

Head right of the entrance (or left, it really doesn't matter) and you will see a red box. Open it to find a flare gun.

Butterfly Effect - On The Same Page/Who Gets The Gun

Emily can keep the flare gun for herself or give it to Matt.

If Emily keeps the flare gun, she keeps this for herself, which she can use later (no spoilers, but that was pretty obvious).

If Emily chooses to give the flare gun to Matt, two things can happen.

If you had Matt refuse to go to the tower, he keeps the gun. If you had Matt accept the idea of going to the tower, he fires it immediately and the gun is unusable.

Remember what happens here, because if you don't, you could end up losing Matt and Emily.

This triggers the “On The Same Page” and “Who Gets The Gun” Butterfly Effects.

Now go back to the front of the tower and open the box to restore power. Before you turn on the radio, go to the printer and use it to get Twins Clue #12.

Now turn on the radio and you manage to contact the park rangers! Respond as you like, and help will be coming! YEAH!

…except help is coming in at dawn at the earliest. This could be really unfortunate. Also, they can't come get you during the storm.

Then something tries to break in. and the same thing cuts the wires to the tower. Matt and Emily fall over, and there's a radio falling. Press Triangle to dodge.