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FAQ by barticle

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/19/16

 Nom Nom Galaxy Guide - Version 1.00 - 19 Feb 2016 - by Barticle at hotmail.com
    o             .    O       *   .          .             .        O      .
   ____ . ___  * _______  . ____  ____  o ____   ___ *  _______.   ____  ____
* |    \ |   |  /       \  |    \/    |  |    \ |   |  /       \  |    \/    |
  |     \|   | |    _    | |          |. |     \|   | |    _    | |          | *
  |          | |   (_)   | |          |  |          |.|   (_)   | |          |
 .|   |\     |.|         | |   |\/|   |  |   |\     | |         | |   |\/|   |
  |___|.\____|  \_______/  |___|  |___| *|___| \____|  \_______/. |___|  |___|.
    __________     . __       ___   .         __  *   ____ .  ____ ____. ___ 
   |    ______| *   /  \   o |   |    |    . /  \     \   \  /   /.\   \/   /
o  |   |.  ___     /    \    |   |   -O-    /    \   . \   \/   /   \      /   .
   |   |  |   |.  /  /\  \  .|   | .  |    /  /\  \     )      ( .   )    / *
  .|   |__|   |  /   __   \  |   |_____   /   __   \   /   /\   \   /    /
   |__________| /___/ .\___\ |_________| /___/ .\___\ /___/ .\___\ /____/ .
 *       .                   *    .                 *                  .
    .            .      O             .      .            *       .          o
|   01 INTRODUCTION      ||   06 CONSTRUCTION       ||    11 PLANETS           |
|   02 BASICS            ||   07 SHOP ITEMS         ||    12 ASTRO PINS        |
|   03 GAME MODES        ||   08 INGREDIENTS        ||    13 TROPHIES          |
|   04 CONTROLS          ||   09 FLAVOURS           ||    14 CONTACT           |
|   05 DISPLAY           ||   10 GALACTIC GUMS      ||    15 THANKS            |
| To jump to any section of this document use your web browser's Find function |
| (with Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac probably) and search for the letter S |
| followed by the exact section number - for example "s05" to find Section 05. |

| Section 01 | INTRODUCTION                                                s01 |

This is a guide to the 2015 video-game 'PixelJunk: Nom Nom Galaxy'. I'm playing
the game on PS4 but most of the information here should also be relevant to the
PC version. I would recommend reading (or at least scanning) Sections 04 to 10
as I've added info and tips throughout the guide.

The PC game was developed by Q-Games (based in Kyoto, Japan) as part of their
popular PixelJunk series and in fact it was originally named 'PixelJunk Inc'.
The new name 'Nom Nom Galaxy' was announced in March 2014 at BitSummit (Japan's
biggest indie-games festival) and at the same time the game launched as a closed
alpha via Steam's early-access scheme. After further development the PC version
released in August 2015. The PS4 port was developed by Double Eleven* (based in
Middlesbrough, UK) and released in Europe and the US in May 2015. It was then
included as one of the "free" games for PS+ subscribers in February 2016.

You can watch the official gameplay trailer from the PS4 launch here:


Nom Nom Galaxy had the honour of being covered by Yahtzee for Zero Punctuation.
You can watch his animated (and typically acerbic) game review here:


You can preview/purchase the game's score by "The Electric Bends" here:


If you found this guide useful you can show your support by using the recommend
function. If you have any feedback (especially suggestions for additions or
improvements) then please feel free to contact me via email or GameFAQs message.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

*You can contact Double Eleven by email at: support@double11.co.uk

| Section 02 | BASICS                                                      s02 |

You are an ASTROWORKER employed by "SOUP CO." to make SOUP. Lots of soup.

As you progress through the game you'll visit a series of PLANETS (levels).

On each planet you'll need to use your BUZZSAW to dig through terrain and gather
MATTER which can then be used to build your FACTORY.

You'll also need to explore to find and collect INGREDIENTS to make your soup.

Ingredients come from harvesting PLANTS or killing CREATURES, although many of
the sources are a bit of both! You can grow your own plants near your factory.

Any two ingredient items (either two different ones or two of the same) can be
combined in a SOUP MACHINE to make a unique FLAVOUR (recipe) of soup.

Once the soup has been made and canned it must be loaded into a SOUP ROCKET for
delivery to your valued customers.

The rocket will return to your factory containing their GOLD payment and it can
then be used for another shipment.

Gold can be used to purchase ROBOTS, TOWERS, WEAPONS and VEHICLES.

You can buy robots and construct CONVEYOR BELTS and ESCALATORS to automate the
process of harvesting ingredients and transferring ingredients or soup cans.

Towers are used to add automated defences to your factory for protection against
attacks from INVADERS sent by rival soup manufacturing companies!

| Section 03 | GAME MODES                                                  s03 |

The game features a campaign with drop in/out online co-op and a challenge mode
which always has four solo challenges and one local co-op challenge.

                               Corporate Conquest
This is the main campaign of the game where you can play through two tutorials
and twenty-six unique planets (see Section 11).

Every level is played over a series of days each lasting about five minutes of
real time. You'll usually want to spend the first day gathering Matter to build
your factory (and ladders) and exploring to find a good source of ingredients.

You'll usually need to do everything yourself initially (unless you find some
robots or you're playing in co-op - see below). As you deliver soup you'll earn
Gold and you can use this to buy robots to start automating parts of your soup
production process, however you should also use or retain some of your Gold to
buy towers to help you defend the factory.

On each planet you compete against one rival company. You earn a percentage of
Market Share from every soup can you successfully deliver and your objective is
always to achieve 100% Market Share and maintain this until the end of the day.

By default every can of soup gets an "Mmm..." response from the customers and is
worth 5% but sometimes a news story will pop up in the bottom-right corner of
the screen explaining why a certain ingredient is now popular or unpopular and
therefore worth a bigger or smaller percentage.

The background colour of a news bulletin indicates the Market Share value of any
soup using the featured ingredient: gold is +10% and blue = +8% (both "Yummy!")
while red is +1% and black is -3% (both "Bad!!!").

It's always best to aim for quantity over quality. If possible you can choose
flavours with higher Gold values (these will help you buy the robots and towers
earlier) but since victory is based solely on Market Share your goal is volume
and you should use whichever ingredients are easiest (unless they're "Bad").

Once you hit 100% you'll want to start stockpiling cans and only send more in
response to rockets from your rival (shown in the top-right corner) which would
reduce your Market Share. Otherwise - if you have a good supply of ingredients -
you can just keep sending as many soup cans as possible.

After completing a level the game shows your total sales (Gold value), "Share
Efficiency" (which is just 100% divided by the number of days taken) and the
overall size of your factory. It also gives your score for the level which is a
combination of those three factors.

Completing levels unlocks new upgrades which include passive buffs (see Section
11), new factory sections (see Section 06) and new shop items (see Section 07).

A yellow diskette icon on the Corporate Conquest level-select menu indicates
that you have a campaign save on that planet. A green disk indicates a save for
S.O.O.P. Sim mode (see below) and a green/yellow disk means you have both.

After selecting a planet and either Conquest or S.O.O.P. Simulator mode you can
press Triangle to reset your progress (delete your save file).

                               S.O.O.P. Simulator
Included as part of Corporate Conquest mode, the S.O.O.P. (Strategic Operations
& Optimization Programme!) Simulator lets you play the same planets from the
campaign but this time without a rival company. This leaves you free to focus on
improving your factory and finding new ingredients/flavours without worrying
about maintaining your output, although you will still get space invaders.

You can choose whether to restart the level from the beginning or to continue
with your "Conquest Factory" from Corporate Conquest mode, although the plants
and creatures reset so you'll need to rebuild your gardens and you'll probably
find your factory full of Stabgrass ingredients (or sometimes a Sausage Bison)!

Since you're not competing for Market Share, there are no news alerts (and it's
therefore not possible to farm the "Yummy!" bonus in the S.O.O.P. Simulator).

Otherwise S.O.O.P. Sim mode works like the standard campaign. It can be played
in online co-op if you want and you can press Triangle after selecting the level
to delete your current S.O.O.P. Sim progress.

                                  Online Co-op
Conquest and S.O.O.P. Sim modes can both be played with online co-op with up to
four players. Each player is assigned a different colour* and the locations of
the other player/s will be indicated with coloured arrow/s during play. You're
free to use the construction/shop menu (see Sections 06 and 07) but you'll be
limited to using the host's available unlocks and you can't use the photo tool.

The fastest way to enter co-op play is to select the "Quick Join" option on the
main menu. This will add you to another player's online play session but you
can't choose the planet or mode.

The other way to join another player's game is to select Corporate Conquest,
press L1 to go online, select "Online Search Options", choose your filters and
press Cross to confirm. The level-select menu will now show the number of games
that are available on each planet and you can pick a level and press Triangle to
see details of each one.

If you want to start your own online session you can press L1 and select "Create
an Online Game", select either Private (only invited friends can join) or Open
(anyone can join), optionally press Cross to send invites to friends and then
choose your planet and mode as normal.

You can also choose to go online for co-op while playing an offline session by
pressing Square on the pause menu.

The game does currently have some issues with buffering and freezing in online
play. If it gets too bad then try quitting out and finding a different session.

*This always reminds me of the "Why am I Mister Pink?" scene from the Quentin
Tarantino movie Reservoir Dogs. :)

                               Galactic Challenges
This mode offers various challenges where you can compete against other players
worldwide via asynchronous multiplayer - basically you play solo (or co-op) and
your goal is to get the best possible score or time on the global leaderboard.

There are always five challenges available: four solo challenges - Combat, Race,
Delivery and Sales (see below) and one local splitscreen co-op challenge (in the
bottom-right corner of the menu) which will be one of those four types.

o Combat

  In a combat challenge you score points by killing ingredient creatures.

  Each challenge will feature a "hit list" of specific types of creatures to
  kill, for example 8 Squidflies, 9 Pinapurana and 3 Sausage Bison. Arrows will
  help you find each species and completing the list gives a big score bonus.

  You also have a score multiplier and it's vital to use this to your advantage
  if you want to get a good score. The multiplier jumps from x1 to x2, then x3,
  x4, x6 and x8 each time you get a kill but then it resets to x1 if you go too
  long without getting a kill so getting quick consecutive kills is the key to
  making the most of your multipliers.

  The bonus points are constantly ticking down so you'll usually want to focus
  on completing the hit list as quickly as possible. Then you can move onto
  farming additional points while taking advantage of the score multiplier - I
  like Buzzsawing swarms of Squidfly at their nests.

o Race

  This is a time-trial challenge where your objective is simply to get from the
  start line to the finish line in the fastest time possible.

  You'll have a marker indicating the direction and distance of the finish line
  but sometimes the route isn't obvious and you'll need to make a few practice
  runs to find the best path to take.

  When you repeat a race (that you've previously completed) the game will show
  your previous performance as a "ghost" so you can see how well you're doing.

  You can hold L2 to sprint - that's useful throughout the game.

  If you have a downhill race with no boost ability use ledges to break your
  fall and avoid taking fall damage.

  If you have a digging race try to take advantage of any natural voids in the
  terrain and avoid any Matter fields as these take longer to excavate.

  If you need to swim through water tap Cross for an occasional speed boost.

o Delivery

  On these challenges you need to collect hot potatoes from around the stage
  and get them to the frying pan at the bottom of the level as fast as possible.

  (Yeah, it's a bit random but I guess it makes a change from all the soup!)

  As you carry a potato it will get hotter and eventually you'll start taking
  damage. You can drop/throw it but that will cost you time; with a bit of luck
  and/or skill though you might be able to throw it into the pan below.

  Some levels are fairly straightforward where you can just boost between some
  islands to get to the potatoes but on others it will play more like as puzzle,
  for example on one you might need to find a shotgun and then use that to shoot
  through a gap to detonate a bomb to remove a rock barrier or on another you
  might need to use a Vacuum Tank to suck a potato out of a narrow channel.

o Sales

  In a Sales challenge you have a pre-built factory with a robot workforce and
  your task is to gather ingredients, make soup and get the biggest score.

  There will be a list of soups shown on the screen and if you complete the
  full list you'll get a big bonus so you should focus on those flavours.

  Sometimes you'll see soup cans used as sign posts where the symbol and colour
  of the can indicates a certain type of ingredient.

  If you have Gold available you can buy more robots and if you have Matter and
  sufficient space you can build additional Soup Rockets.

  If the ingredient sources are far away but you have soft terrain and oxygen
  available at your factory you can collect two ingredients, bring them back to
  base and cultivate them as a local supply.

All five challenges are live for 48 hours. At the end of that period a certain
proportion of players receive elite, gold, silver or bronze medals depending on
how high they placed on the leaderboards. After the 48 hours have expired you
need to go back into the challenges menu to get your medals.

Galactic Gums (see Section 10) are awarded as prizes for medals - an elite medal
gets five, gold gets three, silver gets two and bronze gets one.

When you highlight a challenge on the menu it will show your best score/time and
your current medal rank. This may drop during the duration of the 48-hour period
if other players knock you down the leaderboard!

After selecting a challenge you can press Square to see the current thresholds
for each medal tier and how many players have attempted the challenge so far.
You can also use the left stick to view the global/friends leaderboards.

There are trophies available for getting five, ten and twenty challenge medals,
for earning one medal in each of the four categories and for getting one elite
medal. There's also a medal for earning five co-op challenge medals.

| Section 04 | CONTROLS                                                    s04 |

The PC controls (with either controller or mouse and keyboard) are shown here:


The controls for the PS4 (the version I'm playing) are detailed below.

   left stick = movement

                The left stick is used to move left/right, to ascend or descend
                ladders or vertical corridors and to swim in any direction.

      hold L2 = sprint / slide down ladder

                Remember to use the sprint function in race challenges.

        Cross = jump / double-jump / swim dash

                You can press Cross every couple of seconds to get a little
                boost while swimming. This can improve your time on timed
                challenges and it's also handy for evading Pinapurana attacks!

   hold Cross = big jump / Jet Boots boost

                Once you have the Jet Boots upgrade unlocked you can use them as
                a rocket pack to give you a long or short boost. The short boost
                is always available and is great for preventing fall damage. The
                long burst can be used to fly over gaps or up to high ledges but
                it consumes your oxygen supply during flight.

                You should usually try to use double-jump (and ladders) where
                possible in order to avoid depleting your oxygen unnecessarily.

           L1 = toggle weapon 1 (Buzzsaw/shotgun)

                You always have the Buzzsaw available but you need to either buy
                or find a shotgun.

  right stick = Buzzsaw / aim shotgun

                You can use your Buzzsaw to dig through the softer pale terrain
                - the analogue stick is used to specify both the direction and
                length of your primary cutting tool.

                Mining can be used to clear space for building or farming, to
                unearth resources (Matter and Floppies) and to access new areas.

                If your mining efforts leave a section of terrain unsupported
                it will collapse but you (usually) have time to escape. If you
                see the threat before it happens you can make supporting struts.

                Although it does less damage than other attacks, the Buzzsaw can
                also be used to attack enemies from a distance.

           R3 = toggle Buzzsaw lock

                While using the Buzzsaw you can press R3 to lock the current
                direction and length. This can be handy for making neat tunnels.

           R2 = fire shotgun

                The shotgun can only be fired when aiming with the right stick.

           R1 = toggle weapon 2 (fist/sword)

                You always have the unarmed attack available but you need to
                either buy or find a "Yamamura-Masa 2" sword.

       Square = punch attack / sword attack

                You can use your melee attack against ingredient creatures or
                the space invaders that attack your factory from above, but you
                also harvest most plants by hitting them.

                Several variations can be performed by tapping or holding Square
                and combining it with left stick Up or L2 (sprint). A full list
                is displayed under Options \ Controls \ Astroworker Move List.

                Hold Up while tapping Square to perform an uppercut which does
                double damage and can juggle enemies. If you ever need to punch
                downwards you can hold Down while pressing Square but this only
                does standard damage.

                If you get swarmed by enemies you can tap Square repeatedly to
                breakout and cause damage to the group.

                Whenever you damage an enemy with melee attacks or a weapon you
                see little MMORPG-style damage numbers appearing. These change
                colour as the enemy loses health: green -> orange -> red.

                Additionally you can punch a robot to wake it up, make it drop
                an item (Charlie & Charles), toggle on/off (Jimmy) or cycle
                up/down/off (Freddy/Travis).

       Circle = pick up or throw item / interact

                Your Astroworker can carry ingredients items, a soup can, a
                robot or a Power Crystal for a Power Generator. (When you have
                the Muscleman upgrade you can carry two ingredients at once.)

                You will drop whatever you're carrying if you take damage, e.g.
                from an enemy attack or from falling.

                You can also use Circle to manually load an ingredient item into
                a Soup Machine or a can of soup into a Soup Rocket.

                You can hold Up before pressing Circle to throw upwards (onto a
                girder) or hold Down and press Circle to drop an item (either at
                your feet or vertically downwards off the edge of a cliff).

  hold Circle = pick up terrain block

                You can move blocks of soft terrain to make steps or fill gaps.

                You hold Circle to pick up a block next to you or hold Down +
                Circle to pick up the block directly below you.

   d-pad left = plant ingredient item

                Most plant-like ingredients can be planted to grow a new plant.

                Once a plant is fully grown it will usually drop two or three
                ingredient items when you harvest it. You can choose whether to
                replant all of them to help expand your crop, replant one to
                sustain your farm or take all of them if needed for soup.

  d-pad right = eat ingredient item

                Eating most types of ingredient refills your health bar by a
                certain amount. You'll need to be carrying the ingredient and
                you must be standing (e.g. not swimming).

                Eating a (rare) Oxygrass flower fully replenishes your oxygen
                gauge and a Brineweed ingredient refills about one sixth.

                The Poisonpuff (pink mushroom) and Thornstalk are poisonous and
                will actually reduce your health instead of increasing it!

d-pad up/down = build ladder

                You can navigate open spaces vertically using ladders.

                These build automatically when you press Up/Down (without using
                the construction menu) but each section still costs 20 Matter.

                The ladders are very tough and take no damage from the Buzzsaw
                so it's safe to use it while climbing. You can dig a vertical
                tunnel upwards and build ladders as you go. You can also use it
                for combat when fighting invaders or Squidflies overhead or you
                can make a short ladder and attack enemies on the ground below.

                You might also use long ladders to access high overhead terrain,
                check the air clearance for Soup Rockets or to seek out invaders
                that are lurking at high altitudes.

                You can demolish the ladder you're on by using the maintenance
                menu (hold Triangle and tap d-pad Down). A ladder will also be
                destroyed if you build something over it.

     Triangle = access construction menu

                You can use L1/R1 to cycle through the four tabs of this menu:
                Soup, Infrastructure, Shop and Galactic Gum.

                You use the Soup and Infrastructure options to build sections
                for your factory (see Section 06), the Shop option to buy new
                robots, towers, weapons and vehicles (see Section 07) and the
                Galactic Gum option to activate a buff (see Section 10).

                When building you use the left stick to position the object and
                Cross to confirm. On some sections you can also use L1/R1 to
                rotate it or make it longer/shorter. You can also hold L2 if you
                want to "stamp" several of the same object in succession without
                having to go back into the menu each time.

hold Triangle = access maintenance menu

                You can select a factory section by standing either inside it or
                on top of it, a defence tower by standing on top of it and a
                ladder by climbing onto it.

                (It's possible to stack one tower on top of another but it makes
                it impossible to maintain the bottom one).

                - Press d-pad Up to repair an object damaged by attackers (or by
                  careless application of the Buzzsaw!). A red and yellow bar
                  indicates that an object requires repairs.

                - Press d-pad Down to demolish an object if you're redesigning
                  your facility or discontinuing a flavour. This always gives a
                  partial refund of Matter/Gold too.

                  You should be very careful when demolishing! Make sure you
                  have the correct section selected and always check that it's
                  not going to leave part of the factory unsupported...

                - Press d-pad Left to reload a defence tower's weapon. Reloading
                  costs Gold but it's cheaper than buying new towers.

                  You can also refuel all the vehicles the same way.

     touchpad = check Astro Pins and flavours

                This opens the menu that allows you to check your progress on
                the many and various Astro Pin achievements (see Section 12).

                You can also press Square to view the grid that shows which of
                the 210 different soup flavours you've made so far and the Gold
                value of each one.

      Options = pause menu

                While playing a level the pause screen shows basic stats and
                gives you access to the options menu.

                You can also press Square to take your game online as either
                "Open" (anyone can join) or "Private" (invited friends only).

      L1 + R1 = access photo mode

                Beating a planet in Corporate Conquest mode unlocks the ability
                to use the photo mode (on that level only) when playing in the
                S.O.O.P. Sim mode or replaying the level in campaign mode.

                You can press L1/L2 to zoom out and R1/R2 to zoom in or use the
                left stick to move the frame around your character's position.
                After adjusting the camera view you can then press the Share
                button to save the picture using the PS4's screenshot function.

                This is a nice feature but it's also very useful. While it's not
                possible to view the entire map at once you can use the photo
                tool to scout a large area and help you find ingredients, oxygen
                fields, Power Crystals, hidden loot and even lurking invaders.

| Section 05 | DISPLAY                                                     s05 |

This section of the guide describes the various indicators shown during play
(when you have the On-Screen Display option set to "Full") and several related
aspects of the game's mechanics.

The box in the top-left corner of the screen shows the following info:

1. Matter supply (blue squares)

   Matter is collected by mining and is used to construct factory sections.

   Each block of terrain containing Matter gives you 50 Matter.

2. Gold supply (yellow hexagons)

   Gold is earned primarily by delivering soup and can be spent on shop items,
   repairing factory sections, reloading defence towers and refueling vehicles.

3. Floppies collected (percent)

   Floppies (floppy disks) can be obtained by mining too. 

   Every disk-drive icon you excavate will drop ten Floppy pickups and after
   getting one hundred Floppies on the same level (shown here as 100% for some
   reason) you will receive one Galactic Gum (see Section 10).

You always start each campaign level with 100 Matter, 100 Gold and no Floppies.

In addition to Matter and Floppies you will occasionally see a large yellow
crystal (one block square) buried in the ground. This is a Power Crystal which
can be mined with the Buzzsaw and used as an energy source in a Power Generator.

The two yellow boxes next to your Matter/Gold/Floppies counters indicate which
two weapons you currently have selected.

By default Weapon 1 will be your trusty Buzzsaw. You can use this to dig soft
terrain or attack enemies, controlling its direction and length with the right
stick. If you buy or find a shotgun you can press L1 to toggle between the two.

By default Weapon 2 will be your punch attack on the Square button. If you buy
or find a "Yamamura-Masa 2" sword you can press R1 to toggle between the two.

                                 Health & Oxygen
The red segmented bar shows your health. You can lose health by getting attacked
by invaders or creatures, taking fall damage, running out of oxygen or getting
hit by landslides. You can regain health by eating any of the ingredient items
(see Section 08) apart from Poisonpuff and Thornstalk which are poisonous!

If you lose all your health then you die and you also drop a load of Matter and
Gold. If you know you're about to die (e.g. from lack of oxygen) then it's worth
quickly digging a little downwards tunnel (a grave!) since that makes it easier
to collect the Matter and Gold when you respawn.

The pale blue gauge below the health bar is your oxygen meter. Your Astroworker
needs to use their supply of oxygen for exploring the alien worlds regardless of
whether you're underwater or not. When you have the Jump Jet upgrade the oxygen
gauge will also be depleted by long bursts of your boosters (hold Cross).

You can refill the gauge by standing inside any factory section (that's powered
and not flooded!) or in an oxygen field (a cloud of little bubbles). Eating an
Oxygrass flower completely refills your oxygen supply while eating an ingredient
from a Brineweed plant fills around one sixth. Using Oxy-Breeze gum will give
you a temporary air supply or you can stand in a warpgate portal. Finally your
oxygen supply will not be depleted while riding a vehicle.

If your oxygen meter hits empty you'll take a small chunk of damage every five
seconds until you do one of the above - or die! When you find yourself in an
urgent oxygen emergency you can either use an Oxy-Breeze gum (if you have one)
or buy a warpgate/vehicle (if you have them unlocked and have enough Gold).

                                  Market Share
The pie-chart in the top-right corner of the screen indicates your company's
percentage Market Share - your goal in Corporate Conquest mode is always to
achieve and maintain a Market Share of 100%. (The amount of Gold you make isn't
relevant to victory so you don't need to hoard it but it's sensible to keep a
reserve for factory repairs, tower reloads or other emergencies.)

This display also shows the progress of Soup Rockets from both companies as they
deliver soup cans to the customers. You can identify a flavour of soup by its
label and in Corporate Conquest mode the customers' reaction to it will be shown
below the pie chart. This will always be either "Bad!!!", "Mmm..." or "Yummy!"
so you can see which ingredients are currently popular - or not.

Delivering a standard "Mmm" soup earns you +5% Market Share but a "Yummy!" soup
is worth +8% or +10% (see below) while a "Bad!" soup will be +1% or even -3%!
Your rival company can score the same amounts for delivering their own soups.

In addition to showing Soup Rockets, this display will also indicate the number
and type of space invaders that are coming to attack your beloved factory!

Your boss Robo-Shacho* will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen at
the start of each level to explain any restrictions or other features of the
planet. He'll also tell you about supply crates and hidden resources.

During Corporate Conquest mode a news-flash will often pop up in the same corner
with either a positive or negative story about one of the ingredients. If it's
positive then a soup made with that ingredient will get a "Yummy!" reaction but
if it's a negative story then the ingredient will give a "Bad! soup.

You'll receive a new alert every three game days and this always supersedes (or
soup-ersedes!) the previous news story so the ingredient that was previously
featured goes back to giving the default "Mmm..." reaction worth +5%.

You need to pay attention to the pop-up picture for each news story - not only
does this show an image of the featured ingredient but the background colour
indicates the precise effect on Market Share!

gold = +10% (Yummy!)  blue = +8% (Yummy!)  red = +1% (Bad!)  black = -3% (Bad!)

Always check the pop-ups and try to remember which ingredients are Yummy or Bad.

You will only ever get news stories about ingredients that are available on the
current planet so sometimes you'll learn about the existence of an ingredient
which you haven't yet found on that level!

*"Shachou" (with a long "oh" sound) means "company president" in Japanese.

                                  Daily Cycle
The semi-circular gauge at the bottom of the screen shows the progress of each
working day from morning (sun) to evening (moon).

If you ship a certain volume of soup in one day then Mariachi music* will start
playing - it's "Fever Time"! :D This will temporarily double the speed of your
factory's machines and robots.

At the end of each day ("It's Quittin' Time!") the game displays your stats -
including which soup flavours you've shipped and their standard prices - and it
also pays you a small extra amount of Gold as your salary.

The daily format of the game prevents you from leaving your automated factory
running for a long time while you go AFK, although I supposed you might be able
to get around that with an autofire controller.

You begin the next day by respawning at the same location with full health and
oxygen. If you were carrying ingredient items then you will still be holding
them and any ingredients being carried by C&C robots will also be preserved.

During Corporate Conquest mode the game saves your progress after each working
day so when you quit out and load the level again later you'll resume from the
end of the last full day. In S.O.O.P. Simulator mode it saves when you quit out
so you can resume from the same position.

*It's the traditional music for Jarabe Tapatio a.k.a. "The Mexican Hat Dance".

| Section 06 | CONSTRUCTION                                                s06 |

You can access the construction menu by tapping the Triangle button and then
cycle through the four tabs with L1/R1.

The 'Soup' and 'Infrastructure' tabs list all the currently available sections
you can build for your factory using Matter (see below).

The 'Shop' tab shows all your unlocked defence towers, robots, weapons and
vehicles that are available to buy using Gold (see Section 07).

Finally the 'Galactic Gum' tab shows your supply of gum buffs (see Section 10).

The Office will always be the first part of a factory that you build (except on
levels where you start with a pre-built factory). You'll also always need at
least one Soup Machine (to make soup) and one Soup Rocket (to deliver the soup)
but the rest is up to you...

Every factory section built from the Soup and Infrastructure tabs (apart from
the strut and girder) must be placed so that's it's touching at least one other
part of the factory in order to receive power from the Office (or from a Power
Generator). If a section is not attached - or if the power supply is overloaded
- the section will be unpowered and won't function.

Any powered section including a corridor has a life-support function which will
refill your oxygen meter when you're standing inside it.

Every item on the Soup and Infrastructure tabs is detailed below but remember
than many need to be unlocked by completing a specific planet (see Section 11).

This tab contains the items relating directly to soup production.

o Soup Machine                                               [costs 300 Matter]

  After you load a Soup Machine with two ingredient items (either different or
  identical) it will combine them to make a unique soup flavour and produce one
  can of soup which must then be loaded into a Soup Rocket for delivery.

  The machine can then only be used to make that same flavour so it must be
  loaded with more of the same ingredient/s in order to produce more soup - the
  symbols on the front of the machine show which ingredients are required. If
  you want to make a different soup or use different ingredients then you'll
  need to build a new machine; if you're short on space or power then you might
  choose to demolish an old Soup Machine to make room for a new one.

  (I tend to focus on using one ingredient or maybe two in case one gets hit by
  a negative news story. Say you were working with four ingredients and you had
  one Soup Machine for each combination of ingredients - that's ten machines and
  several will usually be sitting idle unless you can maintain a supply of all
  four ingredients. Compare that to focusing on two ingredients where you could
  have ten machines with five each making AA and BB - or possibly some making
  the AB combination if it has a better Gold value.)

  When you stand at a Soup Machine a green "radar" display will appear and
  indicate the direction of a source for one of its required ingredients.

  Once you've made a new flavour you'll have the option of buying Soup Machines
  which are pre-programmed with that recipe. These cost only 250 Matter instead
  of the usual 300 but (with over two hundred different flavours available) it
  can take a long time to find the one you need and later in the game it'll be
  easier to always just build the standard version!

  The shop entry for a preset machine shows the name of the flavour, icons for
  the two ingredients, the unique soup can label for that flavour and the Gold
  value for selling one can.

o Soup Rocket                                                [costs 300 Matter]

  The rockets are used to deliver soup cans to customers. Each rocket carries
  one can of soup and cannot be used again until the rocket returns to the
  factory (with the Gold payment from the customers).

  Obviously each rocket station needs to have clear skies overhead so it's often
  easiest to have them at the top floor of your factory but you can build them
  anywhere as long as you have a clear vertical path directly above. You can use
  vertical corridor sections to build a "launch tube" above a launcher if you
  want but it's not necessary - you just need to have a channel two blocks wide
  cut through any overhead terrain.

  A launcher must be powered by the factory circuit for both launch and landing.
  Removing a factory section (e.g. when swapping out a Soup Machine) will often
  interrupt the power supply and cause a crash landing!

o Storage Unit                                               [costs 150 Matter]

  Unlocked by completing Oncrocs.

  This can be used to store up to six ingredients and prevent them despawning.

  Press Circle when prompted to store or remove one item.
  | 456 | - Ingredient items are always loaded into a Storage Unit in the order
  | 123 |   1-2-3-4-5-6 and retrieved in the reverse order 6-5-4-3-2-1.
  Some levels contain hidden Storage Units containing rare ingredients. If an
  ingredient cannot be replanted it can at least be used to make a new flavour.
  Since these units will always have an independent power supply, if you only
  want to make flavours it's usually possible to empty and demolish one Storage
  Unit and build Soup Machine/s in its place.

This tab of the construction menu contains all the other sections you can add to
a factory apart from the defence towers (see below).

Everything in this section apart from the girder and escalator will be available
after completing the second tutorial.

(You can also build rudimentary ladders anywhere by simply pressing d-pad Up or
Down. This doesn't use the menu but it still costs 20 Matter per section.)

o Strut                                                  [costs 100-160 Matter]

  Struts are vertical metal beams which can be used as foundations for sections
  of your factory or to support chunks of soft terrain that aren't pinned by
  solid rock and would otherwise collapse (landslide).

  The default strut is four blocks tall but it can be extended (L1/R1) up to a
  maximum of ten blocks at a cost of 10 Matter per unit.

  Struts can be built on top of conveyors or defence towers without preventing
  them from working properly so they're great for expanding your defence network
  vertically (but remember that most towers need to be reloaded manually).

  In addition to building a girder on top of a strut you can also attach one to
  the side of the top block of a strut (which looks like a piece of girder).
  This looks neater and it also allows you to make girder platforms with an odd
  number of blocks.

  Connected factory sections will support each other so it's possible to build
  quite precarious structures without supporting struts - which is fine until a
  section gets destroyed by invaders (or by an accidental demolition!) and a
  whole wing collapses. It's probably a good idea to add a couple of struts for
  the sake of disaster prevention.

o Corridor                                                    [costs 50 Matter]

  The standard square corridor unit is open on two opposite sides and can be
  used to make either horizontal or vertical passages.

  Walls will automatically change into openings when you connect one passage to
  another, for example if you have a vertical corridor and build a horizontal
  corridor onto its side you'll get a T-junction. Similarly it's possible to
  link a vertical corridor to the bottom of a Soup Machine or Soup Rocket which
  saves you having to take up space with a corridor section in a factory floor.

  If a corridor is constructed vertically it will have an anti-gravity field
  which allows you to float up and down it. You can also use a Freddy or Travis
  robot to throw ingredients or cans (respectively) up/down it.

o Short Corridor                                              [costs 35 Matter]

  This is half the width of the standard corridor.

o Narrow Corridor                                             [costs 15 Matter]

  This is half the width of the short corridor.

o "T" Corridor                                                [costs 50 Matter]

  This is the same size as the standard corridor but open on three sides.

  You can use a "T" junction to add a side entrance to a vertical corridor
  without spoiling Freddy's ability to throw ingredients to the top.

o "L" Corridor                                                [costs 50 Matter]

  This is the same size as the standard corridor but open on two adjacent sides.

  You should try to keep corridor systems as simple as possible so you don't
  need so many Charlie & Charles and Freddy/Travis robots to carry goods. For
  example it's better to go up five and left four than to go up three, left one,
  up two and left three.

o "+" Corridor                                                [costs 60 Matter]

  This is the same size as the standard corridor but open on all four sides.

  Ingredients thrown up a vertical corridor will stop at a "+" junction.

o Girder                                                   [costs 10-20 Matter]

  Unlocked by completing Egon.

  A girder is a horizontal beam that's either two or four blocks wide.

  You can build adjacent girder sections to create a floor or use them to make
  a cheap power connection between two parts of your factory. You can also build
  an extra mezzanine floor for growing crops (in a farm or an oxygen field) by
  constructing a girder platform and then putting a layer of soft terrain on it.

  There's no limit to how many connected girders you can build but the first
  piece must always be attached to a structure or some terrain. However if the
  connecting pieces are removed a girder will remain floating in space!

  A girder doesn't need power to function though so you can build them wherever
  you need them, e.g. you can use them to build bridges over large gaps while
  you're away from your factory exploring a planet.

  Girders have an odd localized anti-gravity effect - any ingredient item that
  floats directly underneath one (after being harvested/thrown) will be drawn up
  onto the top of the girder.

o Conveyor Belt                                           [costs 30-100 Matter]

  Conveyors can be used to carry ingredients or soup cans horizontally without
  the need for robots. They can also be used to transport creatures from their
  nest or to move Matter, Gold and Floppy pickups.

  The standard conveyor belt is four blocks long but you can extend it (L1/R1)
  to eight, twelve or sixteen. You can build several short conveyor belts in a
  horizontal row but it costs less Matter to make a single longer one instead
  plus it's easier to switch one conveyor on/off.

  Each conveyor has a control lever in the centre - when you stand next to it
  and press Circle the belt will start moving in the direction you're currently
  facing and when you press it again the belt will stop.

  ====       To transfer items along and downwards you can construct a series of
     ====    conveyors positioned diagonally so that objects fall under gravity
        ==== from one conveyor to the next.

  (If you want to move items along and upwards then you can use an escalator.)

o Power Generator                                            [costs 300 Matter]

  A genny can be used to increase the power supply for your factory if the
  Office supply gets overloaded. You will also need one to power your equipment
  if you choose to build a secondary outpost somewhere else.

  Each Power Generator requires a golden Power Crystal obtained by mining. When
  you build a new generator the game will helpfully show arrows indicating the
  directions of available crystals.

  Once a crystal has been installed it cannot be removed and if the generator is
  destroyed or demolished the crystal is lost.

o Office                                                     [costs 150 Matter]

  The Office is the most important part of your factory. It's always the first
  part of a factory you build because you can't use the construction/shop menu
  until the Office has been constructed. If your Office is destroyed by enemies
  then you instantly fail the level so it's vital to keep it well defended and
  to repair it if it gets damaged.

  It also functions as the initial power supply for your facility. All sections
  of the factory must be connected together in order for them to be powered. The
  Office includes a large power gauge - if the power network gets overloaded as
  you expand your factory you'll need to build a power generator (see above) to
  supplement your power supply.

  It cannot be destroyed and rebuilt so choose your Office location wisely. You
  will normally want to build it near a renewable ingredient source or a place
  where you can grow plants, possibly with an oxygen field. You'll need to have
  (or be able to make) clear airspace for your Soup Rockets and you'll want the
  Office to be protected from attack.

  When standing in the Office you can press Circle to view all your unlocked
  upgrades with a description of each one.

o Escalator                                                   [costs 50 Matter]

  Unlocked by completing Tyrall.

  These are basically diagonal conveyors with a 45-degree slope.

  You can choose to make either left or right-handed versions (L1/R1 to toggle)
  but they always move objects upwards and cannot be switched off.

| Section 07 | SHOP ITEMS                                                  s07 |

The Shop tab of the Construction menu can be used to buy defence towers, robots,
weapons, vehicles and warpgates using Gold. Your Gold supply mainly comes from
successful soup deliveries but you also receive a salary at the end of each day
and you can collect Gold from dead enemies.

Nom Nom Galaxy features an element of tower defence gameplay as your factory
will periodically be attacked by invaders from above in both Corporate Conquest
and S.O.O.P. Sim modes. You can build various defence towers on your factory to
help you deal with the evil attackers. You can fight alongside your towers and
that's usually a good idea so you can check how effective your defence network
is and collect the loot dropped by invaders. Once you're confident that your
towers can repel an attack you're free to leave them on defence while you get
on with farming, building or exploring, although you'll still need to revisit
your towers occasionally to reload and repair them.

The large counter display on a tower indicates its current ammo supply. You can
reload a tower by standing on top of it, holding Triangle and pressing d-pad
Left. It's possible to stack towers vertically if you want but you will not be
able to reload, repair or demolish a tower if you can't stand on top of it.

The simplest way to position towers is to build them directly on top of the
highest sections of your factory. If you have sufficient Gold and power you can
build a row of towers without gaps - this gives you more firepower and it makes
it easier to reload and repair towers (and to collect loot from invaders) since
you can simply walk across the top while holding the Triangle button.

A Soup Machine is wide enough to support two towers or three towers if you allow
them to hang over the sides. An Office has room for three towers or four with
overhang - a solid row of towers on your Office also acts as a physical barrier
to prevent invaders from damaging it. Adjacent Soup Rocket launchers have just
enough space to build single towers between them without blocking the rockets.

     _   _      _   _   _         _   _   _   _         _       _       _
    / \ / \    / \ / \ / \       / \ / \ / \ / \       / \     / \     / \
   |___|___|  |___|___|___|     |___|___|___|___|     |___| _ |___| _ |___|
   |       |    |       |         | _________ |         |  / \  |  / \  |
   |_______|    |_______|       .-|[_________]|-.       | /   \ | /   \ |
   |       |    |       |       | |           | |       | |   | | |   | |

     (a) Soup Machines             (b) Office            (c) Soup Rockets

You can also place towers on the outer walls of your factory to defend the sides
and you can build struts on top of towers and then build girders and towers to
create a first line of defence at a higher altitude, however you must be careful
to not block your Soup Rockets and your towers must always be connected to a
factory to receive the power supply.

Generally having a taller and narrower factory will make it easier to defend by
focusing your defences (and it's also more efficient to have your Soup Machines
and Soup Rockets on separate shorter floors).

If you have invaders entering your factory you can also deploy Arthur robots
(see below) to provide defence indoors.

o Shot Tower                                                   [costs 150 Gold]

  The default tower shoots at invaders within a radius of 8 blocks.

o Missile Tower                                                [costs 350 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Fisuno.

  The missile tower launches homing missiles at targets in a 16-block radius.

  This gives you good coverage over a large area and against moving targets.

o Laser Tower                                                  [costs 250 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Depatina.

  The laser tower fires a straight laser beam with a range of 15 blocks. The
  axis of the beam will always be either vertical or horizontal depending on
  how you rotated the tower when you positioned it.

  This can be used to shoot upwards at invaders, across rooftops, along the
  side walls of your factory or even along the length of a corridor.

o Stun Tower                                                   [costs 150 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Gotsudak.

  The stun tower is effective over a 7-block radius and stuns invaders to give
  you (and the other towers) more time to kill them.

  This is the only tower which doesn't require manually reloading so you can
  stick them at the top of struts without having to worry about easy access.

Robots can be used to automate several aspects of soup production.

You always start each new level with only 100 Gold (and 100 Matter) so unless a
factory already has some robots you will have to operate solo initially. You
can then start adding robots as you earn Gold from soup sales - but you should
also use or retain some money for building defence towers (see above).

Although every type of robot has an individual name (or two!) you can build any
number of each as long as you have enough Gold.

Most robots can function underwater if necessary - for example you can use
Clarence, Ben and Charlie & Charles to farm Brineweed - but Freddy and Travis
won't work if there's even a small layer of water at their feet.

o Charlie & Charles                                            [costs 150 Gold]

  C&C work as a pair - they can carry one ingredient or soup can between them.

  They always travel horizontally and will transport ingredient items to a Soup
  Machine (or to a Freddy) and soup cans to a Soup Rocket (or to a Travis). Any
  ingredient item they are carrying will not disappear at the end of a game day
  so they can be used as a sort of temporary storage too.

  They will usually continue walking in the same direction until they hit a
  barrier (i.e. a wall, a step or a Jimmy robot) even if they pick up something
  that needs to go somewhere in the other direction! For this reason it's best
  to keep factory floors relatively short so they don't waste time wandering. If
  you see a C&C going in the wrong direction though you can turn it by picking
  it up, facing the opposite direction and dropping it.

  When building a factory at ground level you will need to decide whether or not
  to construct the floor of the factory so that it's level with the terrain. If
  there's a continuous floor level then C&C's can walk out to an adjacent garden
  to collect ingredients and then deliver them directly to your Soup Machines
  however it's usually more efficient to have separate levels for each stage of
  production (farming, canning and shipping).

  They'll only ever load ingredients into a Soup Machine that has already been
  programmed with two ingredients. They'll never load a new "blank" machine to
  invent their own flavours!

  Sometimes they'll get stuck carrying an ingredient you don't need. If that
  happens you can press Square to hit them and they'll drop the item. You can
  then collect it and throw it beyond their reach or just eat it!

o Freddy*                                                      [costs 100 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Alteria.

  Freddy can throw ingredient items up or down so you would typically place him
  at the top or bottom of a powered vertical corridor where he can throw items
  up or down the length of the passage using its anti-gravity field. He could
  also throw items up into an open-ended vertical corridor directly above him.

  He can be used with girders too. When positioned on a girder platform he can
  throw items below it (e.g. onto a conveyor belt) and when placed immediately
  below a girder he can throw items up onto it.

  You can switch between up/down/off mode by punching him! (press Square)

  *They should've named him Steve short for "stevedore".

o Travis                                                       [costs 100 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Iddil.

  Travis works like Freddy but he handles cans of soup instead of ingredients.

  (Just remember FFTT - First Freddy, Then Travis!)

  You can also melee Travis to switch between up/down/off.

o Arthur                                                       [costs 200 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Kizto.

  He's designed to look like a knight and his name might remind you of King
  Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

  Arthur patrols horizontally and attacks any hostiles he encounters so he can
  be used to defend factory corridors and to farm creatures from nests (such as
  Tomaties, Cornbugs, etc).

o Jimmy                                                        [costs 150 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Ordsok.

  Jimmy was designed to look like a traffic cop.

  He can be positioned to prevent C&C, Clarence and Ben (but not Arthur) from
  walking past him. (So he functions like that Lemming who stands with his arms
  out to block others.)

  You can melee Jimmy to turn him on/off.

o Jack*                                                        [costs 250 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Kabuuf.

  Jack is a bomb. You can deploy him and then attack him to trigger his fuse.

  Remember to retire to a safe distance!

  He destroys all terrain in a six-block radius including the darker solid rock
  which can't be dug using your Buzzsaw. He will also cause damage to factory
  sections (but not enough to destroy them unless they are already damaged).

  *His name is probably a reference to the 1984 video-game Bombjack.

o Ben                                                          [costs 250 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Begreep.

  Ben the dog-bot buries (plants) any plantable ingredient items he finds.

  He moves horizontally but he's also able to traverse single-block steps.

o Clarence                                                     [costs 300 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Begreep.

  Clarence is a farmer complete with a straw hat!

  He harvests any plant (including Brineweed) when it's fully grown and leaves
  the ingredient items ready to be collected (by you or Charlie & Charles) or
  replanted (by you or Ben). He can also harvest Chickenberries and Tsutavine if
  he can reach them.

  If you have a Clarence operating alone and he harvests a plant early in the
  working day the ingredients will probably have time to replant themselves but
  any ingredients harvested later in the day will probably be lost. You can add
  a Ben to replant ingredients and the two working together can effectively get
  a new farm established as every plant drops two or three ingredients which
  will all get replanted if there's no-one collecting them for soup.

  Clarence can climb any step that's one block tall. If you need to limit his
  movement add a Jimmy robot or build a terrain wall two blocks tall.

A fully automated network could consist of Clarences harvesting crops, with Bens
replanting some and C&C's delivering the others to a Freddy who sends them up to
the factory floor. C&C's there can load the ingredients into the Soup Machines
and then give the soup cans to a Travis who throws them up to the Soup Rockets
which are loaded by another C&C.

If you're farming with several types of robots you'll need to tweak the relative
numbers of Charlie & Charles, Ben and Clarence until you achieve an effective
balance where just enough ingredients are replanted to sustain your crops.

Vehicles are pretty expensive but they allow you to travel around a planet in
style - you can move faster than usual and your oxygen won't be depleted.

Each vehicle has a limited amount of fuel. Open the maintenance menu (hold
Triangle) and press d-pad Left to refuel (costs Gold).

You can use melee/weapons while riding a vehicle but two buttons (Square for
punch/sword and R2 for shotgun) will also activate Vacuum Tank functions.

You can also use pairs or chains of warpgates to teleport around the level so
I've listed them in this section too.

o Vacuum Tank                                                  [costs 500 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Pedicem.

  This is the largest vehicle. It has a giant hoover which can suck up plants
  and ingredients and then carry up to six items.

  Press Square to use the hoover and R2 to eject your cargo. You can also hold
  Cross to boost (about four blocks high) or press Circle to exit the tank.

o HoverBoard 3000                                              [costs 800 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Nozesi.

  The hoverboard is the fastest vehicle but it has a limited jump capability.

o Hopper EX                                                    [costs 600 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Quapel.

  This is some sort of futuristic pogo-stick which can jump around 10 blocks
  high when you press Cross.

  You can press R2 to use the drill. This will only destroy one or two blocks of
  soft terrain per bounce but it also does double damage against enemies.

  There's a trophy for killing a Shroomba (mushroom creature) with the Hopper.

o Warpgate                                                     [costs 500 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Mishuba.

  If you construct two or more warpgate portals of the same colour (either red,
  green or blue) they'll form a network which allows you to teleport between
  them instantly. If you have two matching warpgates you'll always travel from
  one to the other but if you have three or more then you jump between them in
  number order: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, etc.

  Each journey you make will cost you Matter (the blue number at the top of the
  portal shows the amount required) but you can throw ingredient items through
  the portal without using any resources so you can use warpgates to send your
  ingredients from a remote source back to your automated factory.

The game features two more powerful weapons which can be used temporarily to
supplement your standard Buzzsaw and fists. Once unlocked these can be purchased
from the Shop menu tab but you'll also sometimes find them in hidden stashes.

While they are primarily intended for combat, both weapons can also be used to
harvest the standard ingredient from the Thornstalk plant. This has the added
advantage that you can collect the ingredients items to prevent the plant from
replanting itself as it would if you Buzzsawed the ground beneath it.

o Shotgun                                                      [costs 300 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Bukden.

  After buying (or finding) a shotgun it must be picked up by pressing Circle.

  When you have it equipped press L1 to toggle between shotgun and Buzzsaw.

  It can be fired by pressing R2 but only when aiming with the right stick.

  The shotgun gives you a ranged attack but it's only effective at short range
  and it has scatter and damage drop-off effects so it's most powerful when used
  at very short distances.

  The shotgun comes with 45 buckshot shells. When you get low on ammunition you
  can buy another one and press Circle to pick it up, dropping the previous one.

o Yamamura-Masa 2*                                             [costs 300 Gold]

  Unlocked by completing Zokhelm.

  After buying a sword it will automatically be equipped.

  When you have it equipped press R1 to toggle between sword and fists.

  You can press Square repeatedly to perform fast and strong slash attacks.

  It's powered by a battery and each stroke uses one charge even if you don't
  hit anything with it.

  The sword comes with 150 charges. When you get low on battery power you can
  buy another one and press Circle to pick it up, dropping the previous one.

  *This is a reference to the renowned 14th-century Japanese swordsmith Masamune
  and to his descendant Tsunahiro Yamamura who is still making katana using the
  traditional techniques at the Masamune Sword & Blade Workshop in Kanagawa.

| Section 08 | INGREDIENTS                                                 s08 |

The game features a total of twenty different ingredient items which you can
obtain by attacking various plants and creatures. Every soup flavour is made by
combining two ingredient items - either two different ones or two of the same.

Each ingredient has an official name (see below) but this only appears on news
alerts in the corner of your screen. The flavours chart only shows the icon for
each ingredient and you may find it easier to use your own intuitive names for
each one, e.g. "yellow grass", "red fish", "sweetcorn", etc.

Once an ingredient has been harvested it will appear as an icon in a bubble
that sits on the ground (or floats in the water). You can pick up an ingredient
by pressing Circle and after you unlock the Muscleman upgrade you can carry two
at the same time.

You can eat an ingredient by pressing d-pad Right. Most ingredients will restore
your health but the Poisonpuff and Thornstalk are poisonous.

Most of the small plant ingredients can be replanted into standard soft terrain
by pressing d-pad Left so you can grow a new plant. 

To farm plants effectively you need to learn what each plant looks like when it
is fully grown because a mature plant will always drop two ingredient items when
harvested (or three with Sunblossom, Brineweed and Thornstalk). This applies
when attacking plants directly with punches or weapons (including the Buzzsaw)
but if you cause a landslide you will only get one ingredient per plant.

When you get two or three ingredients you can replant all of them to expand your
crop or just replant one to sustain your supply and use the other/s for soup.

You should try not to attack younger plants while harvesting mature ones because
if you plant one ingredient and only get one in return it's a waste of time!
(Look for the RPG-style damage numbers to see which plants you're hitting.)

Plants grow faster in oxygen - you can either start your farm in a natural
oxygen field or go exploring, find an Oxygrass flower, harvest it and bring the
ingredients back to plant in your garden.

If an ingredient item is left uncollected for too long it will eventually fade
away (unless it's inside your factory). If it's a plantable ingredient then it
will automatically plant itself in soft ground but otherwise it will be lost.

Any loose ingredients will disappear at the end of the working day (even if they
are inside a factory corridor). The only ingredients that survive until the next
day are ones that are being carried (either by you or by your Charlie & Charles
robots) or are inside Soup Machines, Storage Units or the Vacuum Tank vehicle.
Try not to drop that precious Oxygrass flower just before Quittin' Time!

Several types of ingredients come from creatures that spawn at "nests", i.e.
Tomaties, Cornbugs, Squidflies, Strawburi and Pinapurana. When you kill these
creatures the nest will continue to spawn replacements so a nest provides a
handy renewable source of ingredients. Eventually though a nest will die so you
can't use it forever. Also on later levels an attacked nest will sometimes spawn
a large creature called a Queen! If you kill the Queen the nest will be lost but
if you leave it until the end of the day the nest will return to normal.

On some planets you'll find big blue mushroom nests which spawn blue bouncing
creatures called Shroombas. Unlike the other creatures these don't reliably drop
one type of ingredient, instead they drop mushrooms at random - usually Bluecaps
and Greenstalks but occasionally the rarer Poisonpuffs.

(Queens from Tomaty/Shroomba nests can be lured into a pit with sheer vertical
sides and then Buzzsawed from above but be warned that Cornbug Queens can climb
vertical cliffs so it's probably best to just use hit & run tactics there.)

On most of my factories I used either a renewable source (a creature nest or a
group of several Chickenberry trees) or a field of plants that grow quickly and
give three ingredients (Sunblossom or Brineweed) or sometimes both.

o Bluecap

  This is a mushroom with a blue cap (hence the name).

  These can usually be found growing underground but they are also a common drop
  from killing a Shroomba.

o Greenstalk

  This is a mushroom with pale stems topped with green bulbs.

  These can usually be found growing underground but they are also a common drop
  from killing a Shroomba.

o Stabgrass

  This is a pale yellow grass.

  It's often found growing on the surface of a planet.

o Brineweed

  This is a red seaweed with flat leaves which grows underwater.

  It makes an effective crop because it grows quickly and when a plant is fully
  grown (seven leaves) it drops three ingredient items.

  Ingredients can be replanted by you or a Ben robot and it will also replant
  itself like the other plants.

  Eating one ingredient refills about one sixth of your oxygen bar.

o Tsutavine*

  This is a yellow hanging vine with curled tips.

  It's possible to replant vine ingredients in the ceiling if you jump/boost (or
  without jumping if you build a girder platform or dig a passage so the ceiling
  is only two blocks above the floor).

  Kabochaser vines (see below) also drop Tsutavine ingredients.

  *In Japanese the word "Tsuta" means "ivy".

o Tomaty Steak

  A Tomaty is a small hopping creature with a red body and black legs.

  You can harvest a Tomaty to get a Tomaty Steak ingredient.

  Their nests look like yellow pods with new Tomaties growing on tendrils.

  Tomaties, Cornbugs and Shroombas can all be farmed effectively by using a
  conveyor belt to draw creatures away from the nest and to deliver ingredients 
  to a collection point. I used a set-up with an overhead horizontal corridor
  where I could use my Buzzsaw to slice 'n' dice the creatures below.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/jVnkhgW

  Once you have Arthur unlocked you can add him at the bottom of the corridor
  to do the slaying. For a more compact automated system you can dig a narrow
  pit with vertical sides next to the nest with a girder floor. Tomaties will
  bounce into the pit where they can be chopped (by Arthur), carried (by C&C)
  and then thrown off the girder (by Freddy) onto a conveyor/escalator below.

  Video: https://youtu.be/ED6Zu18Ra-M?t=10m41s (from ntr-1's Youtube channel)

o Oxygrass

  This is a tall plant with a blue/green dotty flower and a yellow stem.

  An Oxygrass plant generates a field of oxygen around it so they can be useful
  when exploring or you can harvest a plant, bring the ingredients back to your
  farm and plant them to get oxygen to make your crops grow faster.

  Eating one ingredient completely refills your oxygen bar.

  Although Oxygrass can be used as a soup ingredient it grows very slowly so
  it's not a viable option and it's far more valuable as an oxygen source.

o Corn Shell

  A Cornbug is a small sweetcorn creature.

  You can harvest a Cornbug to get a Corn Shell ingredient.

  Their nests look like towers of three green pods.

o Chickenberry

  This is a pale blue cube with a stalk and four dots.

  Chickenberries grow at the top of tall trees.

  You can harvest them from ground level by standing directly below the berries
  and using your Buzzsaw vertically upwards but you should take care to not
  damage the tree's trunk. If there are several fruits close together you can
  save time by buzzing two or three at the same time. You can optionally use a
  conveyor belt or a C&C robot below the tree to collect the berries.

  Building a conveyor across a Chickenberry tree at ground level will cause the
  tree to disappear. :( However if you build a girder first and then put the
  conveyor on top of it that will *usually* be okay.

  A Clarence robot deployed on a girder platform can be used to harvest berries.
  If it's at exactly the correct height (with five blocks between the ground and
  the platform) he'll be able to reach all the fruits. The process can be fully
  automated by adding a C&C to collect the berries and a Freddy to throw them
  down onto a conveyor belt below. The picture below illustrates a completely
  automated self-contained Chickenberry processing plant.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/BHDQPhl

o Bisausage

  Sausage Bison are chunky red cattle with long bodies and short black legs.

  You can harvest a Sausage Bison to get a Bisausage ingredient.

  They're not too smart and will sometimes just sit there while you grind them
  with your Buzzsaw but when finally aggroed they glow red and can damage soft
  terrain by charging into it. Solid rock, girders or ladders can all provide a
  more stable platform for attacking them.

o Strawburi*

  These are red fish that can be found around a yellow underwater nest.

  Strawburi are fairly passive, especially compared to the Pinapurana!

  The ingredient icon for Strawburi looks quite similar to the Tomaty Steak but
  it has a patterned surface and only one green shoot at the top.

  Since you move slowly in water the quickest way to farm fish is to dig a hole
  to drain the water away from the nest where they spawn.

  *The Japanese amberjack fish is known as "Buri" in Japan.

o Sunblossom

  This is a tall plant with an orange/red flower.

  Like the seaweed, Sunblossom grows quite quickly and a fully grown plant gives
  three ingredient items so you can establish a large crop faster than other
  plants and then get more ingredients per plant when you start soup production.

  Like every plant a Sunblossom progresses through several shapes and sizes as
  it grows. The penultimate form is very similar in appearance to the final
  stage but only yields two ingredients so make sure you wait until a plant is
  five blocks tall and slightly straighter before you harvest it.

o Squidfly

  A Squidfly has a blue body, pale wings and several short tentacles.

  Their nests look like pale grey beehives with hexagonal windows and can always
  be found attached to overhead terrain.

  They can be farmed effectively by building a ladder up to their hive, hitting
  them with the Buzzsaw and retreating down the ladder if they get too close. A
  conveyor or C&C robot can be used to collect the ingredients as they fall.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/yDOBQ9c

  Alternatively you can build a girder platform next to the nest and station an
  Arthur robot there to attack them but you'll need to ensure that he's not
  close enough to damage the nest itself. You can add a C&C robot to pick up the
  ingredients and a Freddy to throw them down for collection.

o Pinapurana*

  Pinapurana (pineapple piranhas) are yellow fish with large jaws.

  Apart from the colour they look similar to Strawburi but they're far more
  aggressive - they will chase you and grab you with their mighty jaws!

  The Pinapurana ingredient icon looks exactly like the one for Strawburi except
  it's yellow instead of red.

  The easiest way to farm Pinapurana is to excavate their pool until all the
  water is drained. The nest will still continue to spawn new creatures but they
  can't move around - although they can still attack!

  *In Japanese the word "pineapple" is spelled phonetically as "pai-nap-puru".

o Poisonpuff

  This looks like a Bluecap mushroom but it has a pink cap with white spots.

  These can usually be found growing deep underground but they are also a rare
  drop from killing a Shroomba.

  It's possible to replant a Poisonpuff but I've never been able to get one to
  grow to maturity. The devs say that mushrooms only grow in caves (i.e. with
  terrain overhead) and that Poisonpuffs specifically won't grow in oxygen but
  they have also said previously on the Steam forum that they were looking into
  a bug where Poisonpuff plants were disappearing...

  If you want to use this ingredient you'll need to either keep exploring until
  you find new plants or keep farming kills off Shroombas until you can get a
  Poisonpuff to drop.

  As you might've guessed from the name, Poisonpuff is poisonous to eat. :6

o Kabochunk*

  A Kabochaser is a small orange pumpkin creature with an angry face (like a
  carved Halloween pumpkin).

  You can harvest a Kabochaser to get a Kabochunk ingredient.

  They grow on vines hanging from the ceiling but drop to the floor and chase
  you by rolling along the ground - and even up walls!

  If you want to exterminate (rather than farm) Kabochasers you can remove a
  vine by Buzzsawing the terrain above it. This gives one Tsutavine ingredient.

  *In Japanese the word for "pumpkin" is "Kabocha".

o Thornstalk

  This is a tall thorny plant and it's pretty nasty.

  It causes damage when you walk past it and it cannot be damaged by either
  standard melee attacks or the Buzzsaw. You can temporarily remove a plant by
  Buzzsawing the ground below but it will replant itself and usually multiply!

  If you want to harvest a Thornstalk you'll need to use the shotgun or sword
  (see Section 07). Each plant drops three ingredients and you can either take
  these for soup or just put them somewhere the plant won't grow.

  The ingredient icon looks similar to Sunblossom except it's pale brown.

  Like the Poisonpuff, the Thornstalk ingredient is poisonous to eat.

o Thornbloom

  This is a pale flower that appears sometimes on a fully grown Thornstalk.

  It can be harvested using the Buzzsaw but I've encountered a bug where some
  flowers don't take any damage.

o Masher Yam

  This is a knobbly pale brown tuber usually found growing underground.

  They are surprisingly tough - they are resistant to Buzzsaw damage and take a
  lot of hits to harvest. You can speed up the process by using uppercuts (hold
  Up + Square) to do 5 damage per hit instead of 2. Also if you plant two yams
  close together it's possible to harvest both plants at the same time.

o Mammoth Meat

  A Mossy Mammoth is a large green mammoth (prehistoric elephant).

  You can kill a Mossy Mammoth to get two Mammoth Meat ingredients (although
  the devs have admitted that's not very generous and they might change it).

  Mammoths are immune to Buzzsaw attack but can be killed effectively by using a
  shop weapon (shotgun or sword) or you can just punch them a lot!

  Once the mighty beast has been aggroed it will start charging and it can cause
  considerable damage to local terrain until you kill it.

| Section 09 | FLAVOURS                                                    s09 |

Each combination of two ingredients creates a unique named flavour of soup, for
example in the first tutorial level you combine the Bluecap mushroom and Tomaty
Steak ingredients to make "Tomushroom" soup. Since there are twenty different
ingredients in the game there are a total of 210* different flavours possible.

You can view a grid showing all the ingredient combinations by selecting Astro
Pins & Recipes on the main menu (or pressing the touchpad during play) and then
pressing Square. This shows which flavours you have and haven't made so far.

Whenever you combine two different ingredients you always get the same flavour
regardless of which one you put into the Soup Machine first.

  | A | B | C   A+B is equivalent to B+A so each flavour appears on the grid
 -+---+---+---  twice apart from the ones on the main diagonal that runs from
 A| AA| AB| AC  the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner - these are the
 -+---+---+---  ones made by combining two items of the same ingredient.
 B| AB| BB| BC 
 -+---+---+---  You can see in this example that the top-left 3x3 block of the
 C| AC| BC| CC  table contains six unique flavours instead of nine.

Each flavour has a unique label on its soup can with the colour indicating one
ingredient and the image on the label representing the other.

You need to make a total of eighty different flavours in order to unlock the
third Gravlock which gives access to the final level in the campaign.

PhusionDev made this great reference grid showing the names and Gold values of
all 210 soups. You might like to print this and use it as a checklist.


Phusion also made this handy look-up table which can be used to quickly check
the Gold value of the soup made from combining any two ingredients.


Five trophies are available for making a total of twelve, forty, fifty, eighty
and one hundred different flavours.
*The number of ways of combining 2 different items from 20 is ------------ = 190
                                                              2! x (20-2)!

You then need to add the 20 soups made by using the same ingredient twice.

Alternatively you can simply calculate the total as 20 x 20 / 2 + 20 / 2 = 210.

| Section 10 | GALACTIC GUMS                                               s10 |

There are eleven brands of Galactic Gum and each one gives you a different
temporary buff like damage resistance or longer jumps (see below).

There are four different types for each brand - Lite, Fresh, Extra and Turbo -
and this determines the active duration of the buff.

  Lite = 30 seconds   Fresh = 1 minute   Extra = 3 minutes   Turbo = 5 minutes

You can earn Galactic Gum by various methods...

1. Collecting one hundred Floppies (floppy disks) while mining earns one gum.

   If you find enough Floppies you can do this several times per level.

2. Completing all three requirements of an Astro Pin earns one gum.

   The Astro Pin achievements are listed in Section 12.

3. Winning a medal in a Galactic Challenge earns you gum.

   You can earn up to five gums (Elite medal) for completing a challenge.

4. Replaying a campaign level and completing it earns one gum.

Galactic Gums can be activated from the construction menu (press Triangle).

It's wise to keep some gums until you really need them. For example Boulder Bash
is great for clearing solid rock on a planet where robots (including bombs) are
not permitted and Oxy-Breeze would help on a level without air pockets.

Also there's a trophy for having five gums active at the same time so you might
want to save them up until you have five available in the menu.

o Boulder Bash

  You can destroy solid dark rock by punching it.

  This is arguably the most useful gum since it can be used to clear routes,
  make room for building and access otherwise inaccessible parts of the map.

  Even after you've unlocked the bombs (Jack robots) you might still want to
  use Boulder Bash to remove solid rock with rather more finesse!

o Drop Stop

  You take no fall damage.

  This gun is somewhat redundant after you unlock the Jet Boots upgrade since
  you can always use a short boost just before landing.

o Flat-Out

  Your sprint speed is increased +25%.

  Unfortunately this can't be used during race challenges!

o Gold Rush

  All enemies drop Gold when killed.

  This includes creatures from nests (Tomaties, Shroombas, etc) so you can pop
  a gum and then farm Gold from kills (30 Gold per creature).

o Hang Time

  Your jump height is increased.

  The single jump is 4 blocks and the double-jump is another 4 blocks.

o Invincibubble

  You can resist all forms of damage.

  This would be most useful during combat, for example when defending against a
  large wave of invaders.

o Iron Fist

  You get triple melee damage and double knock-back distance.

  This makes you more effective in melee combat and the increased knock-back
  effect would be useful when fighting a group of enemies.

o Medi-Gum

  You have health regeneration.

  You regain one block of health (10%) every couple of seconds. It's not quite
  as good as "Invincibubble" but it's the next best thing.

o Oxy-Breeze

  Your oxygen gauge fills and doesn't empty.

  This is very handy for exploring worlds and areas without oxygen fields (e.g.
  Kakoi and Oncrocs) and for crossing large bodies of water (e.g. Nozesi).

o Power Surge

  You can carry heavy objects easily and your throw range is doubled.

  While the gum is active you can achieve your standard walking and running
  speeds while carrying a can of soup.

o Triton* Chew

  You have a faster swim speed and you can breathe underwater.

  You could use this when exploring a large underwater area or when building or
  operating a farm using Brineweed or maybe fish ingredients.

  *The Greek god Triton was the messenger of the sea and the son of Poseidon.

| Section 11 | PLANETS                                                     s11 |

This section lists all the planets available in the campaign with details of the
specific challenges they present and the locations of key ingredients and some
hidden resources. It also serves as a record of how I beat each of the levels on
my first playthrough with a description and a screenshot* for every planet.

(Much of the fun and satisfaction in Nom Nom Galaxy comes from exploring each
world, searching for ingredients, devising and implementing a plan to harvest
them, designing and refining your factory and of course ultimately defeating
your rival company. I would therefore suggest that you don't use this section as
a walkthrough but rather just use it for reference if you ever find yourself
needing inspiration on a specific level. The factories I built don't represent
the ideal strategy for each world - they're just what worked for me.)

Every level apart from the first tutorial and the final stage unlocks a new
upgrade - these include factory sections (see Section 06) and robots, vehicles,
defence towers and weapons (see Section 07) which can then be used in later
levels or in any of the earlier levels when you replay them. Some levels also
unlock new planets that were previously hidden on the level-select menu.

Some planets enforce certain restrictions (for example no robots or no towers)
but these limits are not applied when replaying a level in S.O.O.P. Sim mode.

I've listed all the planets in a fairly logical order below. You're free to play
any (non-hidden) level in any region/s you have unlocked - successful completion
of a later level will give you a later unlock but you'll need to beat the level
without access to the upgrades you would've got from the planets you skipped.

All levels are listed here in the format "Planet Name [Mission Name]".

To skip to a specific planet below use Ctrl+F and search for either the mission
name or the planet's name with a letter "Oh" in front (e.g. "o Begreep").

*You can also view all my screenshots as an album: https://imgur.com/a/ENUwR

                                 Soupcon Valley*
This first region of space with six planets is available from the start.

*Although it looks like "soup con" the French word soupçon (meaning "very small
amount") is pronounced more like "soup's on".

o GSA-001 [O.P.P.] (Operation Potage Production)

  This is the first of two G.S.A. (Galactic Soup Association) training levels.

  It teaches you the basics of the game - movement, oxygen, mining with the
  Buzzsaw, collecting Matter, using ladders, landslides, construction, swimming,
  gathering plant/creature ingredients, making soup and defending your factory.

  Simply follow each new instruction as it appears to complete the level.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Tkh4I12

  Unlocks: GSA-002 (tutorial)

o GSA-002 [Industrial Strength]

  In the second tutorial you're given a large factory with robot automation.

  You can visit the markers to learn more about the game including creating new
  flavours, using the maintenance menu to repair/demolish/reload, completing a
  power network, sliding down ladders and punching robots!

  All you really need to do here is collect various ingredients and load them
  into the Soup Machines to help your factory achieve a 100% Market Share.

  You can create new flavours (unique combinations of two ingredients) by using
  the blank slots on some of the Soup Machines.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Ai9eHtn

  Unlocks: Jump Jet perk (allows double-jump)
           Muscleman perk (allows you to carry two ingredient items)
           Egon (planet)
           Alteria (planet)
           Iddil (planet)

  Since you need to make an overall total of eighty flavours to unlock the final
  level (and a hundred for a trophy) you might want to start farming flavours in
  the relative safety of this tutorial.

  You can demolish a corridor or girder to make room for a new Soup Machine or
  just demolish and replace an existing one (after it's finished making a can).

  Using all the ingredients on this level in all possible combinations you can
  make a total of thirty-six different flavours on this level although you will
  need to take measures to avoid winning too soon! (e.g. disabling the green
  Travis robots to prevent them from relaying the soups up to the rocket floor)

  However other progress isn't counted so don't use the tutorials to work on
  Astro Pins (see Section 12) or any trophies (see Section 13) other than the
  ones for making new flavours.

o Egon [Upstart Startup]

  This is your first proper level but there are no major challenges.

  Heading east from the starting location I found a Tomaty nest on the surface
  which I used as my ingredient source (tomato source!). I built a simple
  factory with the Office on the lower ground to the left and (lacking Travis
  robots) the Soup Machines and Soup Rockets together on one floor above.

  This layout gave protection to the Office and put the production floor on the
  same level as the nest. I built a conveyor belt from the Tomaty nest to the
  factory and attacked them as they arrived; if an ingredient landed near the
  nest I'd jump over and throw it quickly onto the conveyor. Once I had enough
  Gold I bought a couple of Charlie & Charles robots to assist and I just built
  a few shot towers for the roof.

  I considered starting a small mushroom farm underground but I was able to beat
  the level quite quickly by farming the Tomaties instead.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/M9fGPZ6

  Unlocks: Girder (factory section)

  Continuing east down a slope you'll come to a second Tomaty nest with a Power
  Crystal just below it - this can be used to fuel a Power Generator if you want
  to make a bigger factory or a second one.

  Underground at the bottom of the level near the centre is a cavern with four
  C&C robots which can be carried back to your factory if you want. There's an
  Oxygrass flower in the south-east corner of the map and several Cornbug nests
  around the level.

o Alteria [Alteria Motives]

  On this level I built a relatively long floor of Soup Machines and Soup
  Rockets at ground level with my Office beneath them again. I collected shrooms
  from deeper underground and replanted them in an untidy network of caves below
  the factory. I also brought back Oxygrass flowers to boost growth rates.

  When Tsutavine started trending I switched to shipping mushroom and vine soup
  - this gave a negligible increase in Gold value but a superior Market Share.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/bpFePBi

  Unlocks: Freddy (robot)

  After beating the level I went exploring in S.O.O.P. Sim mode and found the
  promised Storage Units deep underground in the bottom-right corner of the map
  accessed via a narrow gap in the hard rock. You'll find Masher Yams there that
  can be cultivated and then used to make soups with all the other ingredients.

  There are also Corn Shells and Kabochunks there which can't be planted but can
  be used to make new recipes and one Poisonpuff ingredient which you can plant
  but it grows incredibly slowly so you might as well just make soup with it.

  Also deep underground but farther to the left side I found a subterranean pool
  with Brineweed and a nest of Tomaties.

o Iddil [Pining for New Markets]

  This planet has several giant petrified trees (made from hard rock) so you'll
  need to navigate around those by digging. The developers noted that Iddil is
  probably the biggest level (horizontally) and it provides a decent range of
  ingredients so it's a good choice if you want to build a really big factory.

  Not far to the west of the starting point there are two Chickenberry trees on
  the surface, followed by a large pool with a good supply of Brineweed so I set
  up my factory there.

  I intended to ultimately build a supply chain from the pool using a Freddy but
  I started out by harvesting the Chickenberries and making soup with those to
  get some capital. I set my Office underground and built a basic row of Soup
  Machines and Soup Rockets above that at ground level.

  Whenever the trees were depleted I worked on the second phase of the factory
  which involved draining water out of the pool (by excavating the far side)
  until there was just enough to cover the plants so I wouldn't have to waste
  time swimming through deep water. I then built a simple tunnel down and across
  from the factory and deployed several C&C's there with a Freddy on the corner
  to throw ingredients up to the factory level.

  The Brineweed makes a good crop because it grows fast and a fully-grown plant
  always gives three ingredient items so you can replant one to sustain your
  crop and then take the other two for production. I harvested the seaweed by
  hand and then threw the ingredients to the C&C's in the horizontal corridor.
  (In retrospect I could've used conveyors there instead of the robots.)

  I continued to farm the Chickenberry trees too since pure berry soup makes
  twice as much Gold as pure weed soup. However I didn't really need the money
  and I could've just focused on the Brineweed.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/jKdGB7t

  Unlocks: Travis (robot)
           Tyrall (hidden planet)

  In the north-west corner at ground level is a warpgate which leads to higher
  ground with several Oxygrass plants. There are also several Cornbug nests
  around the level if you want to farm them or make flavours with Corn Shells.

o Tyrall [Swarming the Market]

  This planet has a hard rock surface with only a few gaps. You could either
  build most of your factory underground (protected by the rock layer) and have
  your Soup Rockets on the surface or construct the whole facility underground
  and position the rockets under the gaps.

  You can find Sausage Bison roaming above and below the surface and they're
  quite easy to kill if you only aggro one at a time but if you use them for
  soup and you exhaust the local supply you need to go hunting for more.

  After finding an underground Tomaty nest just to the west of the starting
  point I disposed of a couple of bison on the surface and then built my Office
  in a secure location underground with a vertical corridor leading up to the
  surface (with a four-way junction to give roof access) and down to the nest.

  I set up a very efficient slaughterhouse for the Tomaties. I built a pair of
  long conveyors leading from their nest to the corner piece at the bottom of
  the corridor. Exactly one half corridor section above that corner I added a
  horizontal spur made entirely of T-shaped corridor sections with the open
  sides facing downwards. From there I could shred the Tomaties in safety, using
  my Buzzsaw at full reach and with the benefit of the factory's air supply.

  ..| |   | |..................................................................
  ..| |   | |..................................................................
  ..| |   | |..................................................................
  ..|_|___|_|_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ ..........
  ..| |   |_|_______|_______|_______|_______|_______|_______|_______|..........
  ..| |     |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |..........
  ..| |    _|_     _|_     _|_  |  _|_     _|_     _|_     _|_     _|..........
  ..| |   | |                   |
  ..|_|___|_|                   | <-- Buzzsaw of Doom             ______
  ..| |     |                   |                                /      \
  ..| |     |   <<< conveyor   (_)      <<< conveyor            |  nest  |
  ..| |_____| ______________________  ______________________  ___\______/______

  My first robot purchase was a Charlie & Charles for the factory floor up at
  ground level - I could throw ingredients into the vertical corridor and let
  the anti-gravity effect carry them up to the surface. I later added a Freddy
  and a C&C at the bottom of the corridor to gather the ingredients and a couple
  more C&C's to run the factory.

  I started up a little side-line growing plants adjacent to the main factory
  corridor but it was more profitable just to focus on farming the Tomaties.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/UXB1Ehq

  Unlocks: Escalator (factory section)

  The hidden Storage Units on this level can be found at the bottom edge of the
  map towards the east side in a small compound with rock walls which can be
  accessed from above. These contain twelve Mammoth Meats and six Bisausages.

  There are numerous Power Crystals available around the map. The easiest ones
  to find are in the north-west and south-west corners of the level.

                                  Bol d'Argent*
The second region becomes available after you've made twelve or more unique
soup flavours to open Gravlock A.

You can start playing levels in this region as soon as you've opened up the
Gravlock but I think it's best to at least beat Alteria and Iddil first so you
have Freddy and Travis unlocked.

*Bol d'argent means "silver bowl" in French.

o Begreep [Guarded Garden]

  I headed east across the planet surface through the bison house and found
  three adjacent Chickenberry trees with a Squidfly nest overhead and decided to
  use these as my main renewable ingredient sources, although the level also has
  plenty of Sausage Bison plus Oxygrass to boost farming.

  I built a couple of conveyors spanning the full width below the nest and the
  trees and terminating at the bottom of a vertical corridor with a C&C and a
  Freddy to throw ingredients up to the factory above. If you build a conveyor
  belt at ground level under the trees it kills them so I just built a couple of
  girders on the ground first and then put the conveyors on those.

  I farmed the flies by simply building a long ladder up to their nest, buzzing
  them from the ladder and backing up if they got too close. I built several
  short ladders around the trees so I could buzz the fruits from a stationary
  base so I wouldn't damage the trees by accident.

  In both cases I left the ingredients to fall onto the conveyors below. You
  could also just have a few C&C's instead (and Buzzsaw the berries from the
  ground) but you will just need to make sure the robots are at the same level
  as the Freddy (you can add a layer of girders for this if necessary).

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/FNsF2b7

  Unlocks: Clarence (robot)
           Ben (robot)

  In the attic of that bison house (west of the trees) you'll find one Clarence
  and two Bens plus three supply crates (probably containing more robots). There
  are also several Oxygrass flowers growing on the roof.

  If you dig deep to the south-east you'll discover Strawburi (red fish) in an
  underground pool and there are some Sunblossoms (the tall red flowers) at the
  top of the level - I found some in the north-east corner of the map past
  another bison house and a small pool.

o Depatina [Flavour of the Week]

  You start this planet with a basic factory at ground level including four
  blank Soup Machines and a couple of Arthurs on patrol.

  Having your Office, Soup Machines and Soup Rockets on a single long corridor
  is inefficient so I took the drastic step of demolishing the launchers, the
  ends of the corridors and a couple of the towers and then building a new
  level with Soup Rockets (and new towers) above. I moved a C&C upstairs to load
  the rockets and the first robot I bought was a Travis to sling the cans up to
  them. If you're going to be working manually on building/harvesting a farm
  then it's best to automate the final stage of production first.

  I dug down through the Matter into the chamber immediately below the factory.
  The cave there has lots of oxygen so it's good for growing plants - and for
  breathing! I built a vertical corridor down into the chamber and levelled the
  ground to give a flat surface then harvested Bluecaps and Sunblossom flowers
  from the surface and replanted all the ingredients in the cave. After starting
  soup production (with vines) I bought some robots to assist - first Freddy to
  throw the ingredients up to the factory, then Clarence and Ben to help with
  the crops and finally a C&C to help me with collection.

  I built a simple mezzanine floor using girders so I could harvest (and plant)
  the Tsutavine more easily. I toyed with the idea of adding terrain blocks here
  to make a split-level garden but ultimately this wasn't necessarily.

  This level introduces new invaders that are more mobile and have "kings" that
  use long-range attacks plus they arrive in greater numbers so you'll need to
  be more proactive on defence. My rockets effectively shielded my Office but if
  you stick with a single floor design then you should make sure yours is
  covered, either with a full row of towers or even just corridor sections.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Yrx0vxx

  Unlocks: Strayale (hidden planet)
           Laser Tower (defence tower)

  There are several other ingredients available around the level. Not far below
  the factory you'll find a large underground lake with Pinapurana, Strawburi
  and Brineweed. Other caves contain Tomaty and Cornbug nests and at the very
  bottom of the level there's a Squidfly nest and a couple of Shroomba nests.

  On a raised slope in the top-left corner there are Chickenberry trees with a
  few Thornstalks and on the east side on the surface there are several very
  large "skyscraper" structures - you can't miss 'em. Seriously, they're huge!

o Strayale [Booming Business and Big Waves]

  This posh resort planet has large areas of water with both types of fish. You
  will also find various plants on dry land with a few Oxygrass plants to boost
  growth on a farm. However I was more interested in using the Brineweed again.

  Immediately to the left of your starting position there are some platforms
  just above the water and a large field of seaweed immediately below. I started
  by punching all the plants (so they dropped the maximum ingredients) and then
  levelled out the ground with the Buzzsaw, taking care to maintain at least one
  full row of soft terrain for farming above the rocky stratum below. Finally I
  dug out some terrain on the left side to drain the water level in the farm.

  I headed west and mined enough Matter to build a basic factory on the platform
  above the farm with the Office, Soup Machines and Soup Rockets on separate
  levels. At the end of the platform I built a vertical corridor down to the
  farm and used an inverted "T" section so I could station a Freddy there and
  still have access on both sides. Freddy can't throw ingredients if his feet
  are wet so I had to make sure the floor was just above the water level.

  I extended Freddy's floor across the top of the water using a series of girder
  pieces. This had an unusual effect - whenever you harvest the plants below
  the small anti-gravity field of the girders causes the ingredients to float up
  and sit on top of the girder. This makes collection easier and you can use C&C
  robots to collect ingredients if you want, however you still need to collect
  ingredients manually in order to replant them - if you don't have the girders
  you can use a Ben robot to do the replanting. A Clarence (farmer robot) will
  happily harvest Brineweed either at ground level or from the girders above.

  With the taller factory design I had problems with invaders attaching to the
  sides of the building where my defences couldn't reach them so I built another
  couple of laser towers to cover the side walls and kill any "cling-ons"!

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/iD4W0Ml

  Unlocks: Jet Boots perk (hold Cross to boost; long bursts use oxygen supply)

  Your boss mentions a sunken pirate ship with treasure! I found this just to
  the south-west of my factory location. The ship is made of hard rock and the
  "treasure" is a golden Power Crystal in her hold. You can only see the shape
  of the ship properly once you have the screenshot tool unlocked.

o Ordsok [Stay in your Lanes]

  On this world you're prohibited from building Soup Rockets so you'll need to
  find some. There's one immediately to the right of where you start but if you
  travel a short way to the west you'll find two fairly close together which
  makes that a good place to set up shop.

  I didn't see any underground oxygen caves at the start of the level so I kept
  returning to the oxygen cloud at the starting location while I was farming
  Matter. Obviously once you have your Office built the air's not a problem.

  I then headed west and excavated a space to build my Office underground right
  between the two Soup Rockets. I dug a passage up to the surface and started
  clearing some flat land for farming. I decided to use the Sunblossoms there as
  they grow well on the surface and give a good yield.

  To get established I harvested the flowers there and replanted everything I
  got - Sunblossoms give three ingredient items when fully grown. You should be
  careful when bulldozing the terrain though because any plants caught in the
  landslide only drop one ingredient rather than two or three.

  I continued to harvest fully-grown Sunblossoms and replant all the ingredients
  until the plants filled the space between the two launchers. While the plants
  were growing I built Soup Machines adjacent to the Office and built up the
  vertical passage into a corridor. Remember that you can demolish the pre-built
  corridors attached to the launchers if necessary - just be careful not to
  demolish the rockets by mistake! Always keep them fully repaired.

  After I started shipping pure Sunblossom soup I used the Gold to buy robots
  with a Freddy at the surface and some C&C's and two Travis robots running the
  underground factory. I could've added robots to operate the garden too but
  with only two rockets available I was producing more soup than I could deliver
  and I was able to sustain my supply by replanting ingredients.

  I could've extended the factory to annexe a third Soup Rocket but that would
  have been a lot of work and my set-up using the two adjacent launchers worked
  just fine - I beat the level in six game days.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/WKmdjIy

  Unlocks: Jimmy (robot)

  The underground terrain near the surface is mostly featureless but if you dig
  deeper you'll find some Tomaty nests and below them a few Oxygrass plants.

  If you head east across the planet's surface - past a launcher, a large lake
  and another launcher - you'll come to a skyscraper. Quite near the bottom you
  should see six crates and a warpgate trapped in a room made of solid rock. If
  you go up to the next floor and farther to the right you'll find the matching
  warpgate which you can use to access the crates, although they usually contain
  robots so they'd only really be handy if you'd built a factory nearby.

o Quapel [Slum Spillage]

  This planet has a lot of rocky outcrops which limit your potential to build
  connected factory sections but if you follow the marker towards the east you
  will find several parts of a factory which you can reconnect if you wish.

  (Often the gaps in the rock are just slightly too narrow for a corridor so you
  could make much better use of the old corridors if you use some Boulder Bash
  gum or if you have bombs unlocked.)

  I only used two parts of the factory - the Office and the two Soup Rockets to
  the south-east. I extended the existing Office corridor to the east with three
  standard corridor sections then put a T-junction on the end, open on the right
  and bottom sides. I then built straight down from there to the rocket corridor
  and replaced the corridor sections there with Soup Machines.

  I flattened the terrain adjacent to the T-junction and cultivated Sunblossoms
  again there. That was my main crop but I also grew a few Bluecap mushrooms in
  one of the oxygen-rich caves next to my vertical corridor.

  I demolished the far end of the rocket corridor and built a third Soup Rocket
  although potentially you could remove one of the pre-built launchers and add
  access to the surface where you could construct multiple rockets.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/CPJdWpJ

  Unlocks: Hopper EX (vehicle)

  Farther to the east is a Cornbug nest and past that lies a body of water with
  Strawburi, Pinapurana and Brineweed. Poisonpuffs are plentiful across the map
  and you'll also find a couple of Shroomba and Squidfly nests.

  If you drill down from the starting location you'll see a set of Storage Units
  with a warpgate. To access these you'll need to head south from the factory
  and then go west along the bottom of the map. Build a ladder up when you reach
  the first Squidfly nest and you should find the other warpgate. It's not a
  vital resource but it could let you make a few new flavours.

  After unlocking the Hopper and continuing on this planet in S.O.O.P. Sim mode
  you can get a trophy for using the vehicle to kill a Shroomba.

o Pedicem [Medicinal Purposes]

  On this world your boss tells you to make medicinal soups using the Poisonpuff
  mushroom but in fact you're free to use any ingredients. However you will find
  several pre-built Soup Machines programmed for Poisonpuff flavours and soups
  using that ingredient will earn you a larger chunk of Market Share.

  Once again you can follow the marker to the east to find an abandoned factory
  in several parts. In addition to the Office wing (which lacks defences this
  time) I linked to the corridor to the south-west which has Soup Machines set
  for Murky Marsh (Poisonpuff and Stabgrass) and Creme de Creeper (Poisonpuff
  and Tsutavine) although of course you're free to demolish and replace them.

  I followed my recent trend of farming Sunblossom on the surface adjacent to
  the factory and I replaced a couple of corridor sections with machines making
  pure Sunblossom soup again. This was less viable at first because my opponent
  was making soups with Poisonpuff and earning more Market Share per can.

  To supplement my primary production I built a small room near the Poisonpuff
  machines and planted grass and vines there (if you jump or boost you can plant
  vines in the ceiling), then whenever I was waiting for the Sunblossom plants
  to grow back I set off into the depths of the planet to find the precious
  Poisonpuff ingredient. I made a few cans of soup using these but stored them
  in a side-room until I had several then sent them all off together to win.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/mIKCFv0

  Unlocks: Vacuum Tank (vehicle)

  To the south-east of the factory there's another corridor that leads down to a
  Tomaty nest. There's also a Strawburi pool below the factory and in the south-
  east corner of the map there's a larger lake with Pinapurana.

o Zokhelm [Assets, Assault and Asteroids]

  This planet has weaker gravity so you can do bigger jumps.

  Although I was obviously tempted again by the Sunblossoms (which appear to be
  the dominant plant on this level) I saw a great opportunity to use my model
  for fully automated Chickenberry harvesting here. The level has many floating
  islands suspended in the sky but I didn't need to leave the first one. There
  are three Chickenberry trees there but I only used two of them initially.

  I built the Office, Soup Machines and Soup Rockets next to one of the trees.
  Even near the top of the level it's still vitally important to check that your
  rockets have no overhead obstructions. I used a long ladder to scout out the
  terrain above, positioned the rockets to avoid any hard rock and then climbed
  back up to clear the rest of the airspace with the Buzzsaw.

  For each tree I built a stack of five short girders (this was before I began
  to use vertical struts!) with two longer girders on top forming a platform. I
  stationed a Clarence to harvest the fruits, a C&C to carry them and a Freddy
  to throw them down onto a conveyor belt into the factory.

  The second tree was farther away so I needed to use a series of conveyors and
  escalators to deliver the berries up to the factory. This worked perfectly
  although I learned that you need to add a girder on top of each section (to
  relay the power) when you try to use several escalators in a diagonal row.

  (Continuing in S.O.O.P. Sim mode I added the same arrangement of robots on the
  third tree with the conveyor leading to the bottom of a vertical corridor up
  to the factory served by a Charlie & Charles and a Freddy.)

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/0Oc1mnO

  Unlocks: Yamamura-Masa 2 (weapon)

  I'll probably revisit this planet and see if I can also incorporate some of
  the trees at the bottom of the map using a really long vertical corridor!

  If you travel east across the top of the map you'll pass through a big circle
  full of Sausage Bison and then onto a second big circle. Towards the bottom-
  left of this is a warpgate which transports you to a secret room containing
  a sword. You can then either warp back or hit the Jack bomb in the corner for
  a more dramatic exit.

  tantalor made a really handy map of this big level which shows the relative
  locations of the various ingredients plus the Power Crystals and warpgates.

  Map: http://i.imgur.com/ms3YdTc.png

o Oncrocs [Grey Market Profits]

  After loading up on Matter (and oxygen) I headed north-east from the starting
  point utilising the Jet Boots and using the three small floating islands with
  oxygen fields as stepping stones. One further boost to the east put me onto a
  larger block of terrain (remember this location for later).

  This block is home to three Tomaty nests so I decided to try to farm them
  again, this time undercutting one of the nests until it dropped down so I had
  two nests together. I don't think that really helped my output but it was
  handy at least to have a spare when one of the nests died.

  I constructed the same system as before with a conveyor leading to a vertical
  corridor plus me and my Buzzsaw in a horizontal corridor with openings below.
  I only had space for a tall narrow factory but having shorter separate floors
  for your Soup Machines and Soup Rockets makes your C&C's more productive as
  they have less room to wander.

  I built my Office into the terrain with the rocket launchers directly overhead
  so it had some degree of protection - it was only connected to a corridor on
  one side and on the other side I built a short girder floor with a laser tower
  pointing through the Office as a last line of defence!

  Before starting the build I had to check and clear the airspace for the Soup
  Rockets. I used a long ladder to access the terrain above and then used it as
  a guide for positioning my first rocket.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/ZehgtYk

  Unlocks: Bukden (hidden planet)
           Storage Unit (factory section)

  Your boss will tell you a tale of a secret pirate treasure hoard which can be
  found deep in the depths below. From the starting location head east to those
  little "stepping stone" islands and drop off the third one using your boost
  in short bursts to slow your descent. When you hit ground dig down past the
  skull shape and into a passage, follow this south-west, then dig down again
  when you see another skull. Follow the long rocky crevasse heading south-west,
  dig west when you see an Oxygrass flower and then continue following the
  crevasse until you can finally drop down into a large cavern with the loot.

  The pirate hoard consists of seven crates, a Power Crystal, a sword, a shotgun
  and large fields of Matter and Floppies - and a pile of Gold of course. Yarrr!

  Alternatively there's a quicker route if you have bombs unlocked or a spare
  Boulder Bash gum. Head to the very top of the big island with the Tomaty nests
  (see above) and then take a ladder up to another island that contains a red
  warpgate. You'll need to bust through the outer rock wall and you'll require
  600 Matter for the ride - the warpgate takes you directly to the hoard.

o Bukden [Hostile Takeover]

  This level has another pre-built factory - almost entirely not unconnected
  this time! If you follow the marker to the west (after collecting some Matter)
  you'll see that it's on the other side of a tall formation of solid rock which
  extends about 25 blocks above ground and 40 blocks below.

  Rather than wasting Matter on ladders, you can enter easily enough from below
  by swimming down through the lake and entering the gap in the rock; there's a
  small oxygen pocket there too. As you head west you'll pass two Squidfly nests
  (see below) and eventually you'll come to a vertical section of corridor that
  leads up into the factory. You'll see the pirate hoard here too (see below).

  Although it's a fairly large complex, the factory only has two Soup Machines
  (unprogrammed), one Soup Rocket and no defence towers on the Office. I made
  some fairly brutal modifications to this layout for my design.

  I decided to use the Squidflies as my renewable ingredient source. This isn't
  ideal because without Arthurs you need to kill them yourself, each can of pure
  Squidfly soup is worth only 70 Gold (so it takes longer to get set up) and a
  nest doesn't last forever. However you have a convenient and quick supply of
  ingredients and there are two nests together here so you have a back-up.

  I Buzzsawed up from the nests and mined a new chamber where I built a short
  row of Soup Machines with a vertical corridor down to the nests and another up
  to the bottom floor of the factory. I removed a couple of sections of corridor
  to build two more rockets adjacent to the existing one and then obviously had
  to do some demolition overhead. I also removed another section of corridor and
  a Soup Machine at either end of the rocket floor to prevent my C&C's from
  wandering too far (this saved me from spending Gold on Jimmy robots and I was
  able to remove both sections here without affecting the power supply).

  Down below I built a conveyor out to the nearest nest but I also added a short
  section of girder next to the T-section at the bottom of the corridor so I
  could scrap with the Squidflies without hitting my Freddy and C&C too often!

  The first nest did actually die around the time I got to 80% (when my rival
  sent his usual attack) but by that stage I'd already got a healthy stash of
  soup cans ready to ship and I won the following day just as I was about to
  build a second conveyor and start farming the other nest.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/VDmAiEF

  Unlocks: Shotgun (weapon)

  That big rock wall limits your potential for expansion to the east but I guess
  you could use a long vertical corridor to get ingredients to the top. You can
  also use Boulder Bash gum to knock through the rock or use Jack (bomb) robots
  after you have them unlocked.

  Below the factory there's a fair amount of Tsutavine and Poisonpuff mushrooms
  (but remember combining them in a soup pays only 20 Gold per can!) and another
  couple of Squidfly nests. To the east - beyond the big lake with both types of
  fish - there are several Shroomba and Tomaty nests.

  At the top of a long slope in the north-east corner are three Chickenberry
  trees which would make a nice little self-contained automated factory using a
  system of conveyors to transfer the fruits.

  In the south-east corner is a big skull-shaped formation of hard rock packed
  with Matter which might be useful for building a really big factory but you
  would need to get through that solid rock first.

  The pirate treasure near the bottom-left factory entrance can be accessed via
  a warpgate which is actually quite close to the factory - just head north and
  west from the conveyors on the top floor. You might like to use this handy
  resource when you first arrive - the hoard contains eight crates, a sword, a
  Power Crystal and a supply of Matter and Floppies.

  The area near the warpgate has a little herd of Sausage Bison plus room for a
  small crop of plants. You could make use of the pre-built conveyor belts in
  the factory by taking out the girders overhead and then delivering ingredients
  from above by throwing them down (or getting a Freddy to do it for you).

                                Warhohl's Wastes*
The third region becomes available after you've made forty or more unique soup
flavours to open Gravlock B.

*In the 60's Pop Art movement Andy Warhol was famous for making prints using a
repeated image of a Campbell's soup can.

o Getoi (Path of Thorns)

  Vehicles aren't allowed on this planet but that's not much of a problem.

  The abundance of Thornstalks across the level is a thorny issue though! You'll
  take damage just by walking past them and they take no damage from melee
  attacks or the Buzzsaw. You can remove a plant by Buzzsawing the ground below
  it but it'll always replant itself and often multiply!

  I chose to farm the Tomaty nest to the right and the two Chickenberry trees
  above it with ingredients from both feeding into the factory via the same
  conveyor belt. I wanted to automate the tree harvesting so I started with the
  Tomaties and built a long conveyor belt leading directly into a short row of
  Soup Machines. This wasn't ideal as the critters sometimes got inside the
  factory and hassled the C&C's there but it wasn't much of a problem. I built a
  row of Soup Rockets above that at ground level and used a long ladder up into
  the sky again to check and clear the airspace above them.

  Once I'd got some Gold I started automating and used the trusty combo of C&C,
  Freddy and Clarence on a girder platform to collect the Chickenberries. These
  were thrown down a straight vertical shaft (I didn't bother adding corridor
  sections) onto the conveyor below.

  Given that there were only two trees I built two Soup Machines making pure
  Tomaty soup, one making pure Chickenberry soup and one making Parmesan Potage
  (Chickenberry and Tomaty) which is worth 200 Gold per can.

  The invaders here were all bombers that target your base from high altitude. I
  used several tall ladders on top of my launchers so I could try to find them
  in the skies above and give 'em some Buzzsawing. It's important to remember to
  keep checking all your towers and launchers to see if they've taken damage.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/bbk1Dgh

  Unlocks: Factory Shields perk (+10% durability for all factory sections)

  It's possible to harvest two different ingredients from the Thornstalks. If
  you attack a fully-grown plant with the sword or shotgun (both cost 300 Gold)
  you'll get three Thornstalk ingredients and if you collect them all it won't
  replant itself. Sometimes you'll see one with a white flower which can be
  harvested with the Buzzsaw to give one Thornbloom ingredient.

  There are also several Poisonpuffs (pink mushrooms) in the underground caverns
  so you have the opportunity here to get the trophy for producing the valuable
  flavour Nutrient Nova (Poisonpuff and Thornbloom).

  You can also obtain six Thornblooms from each of the three Storage Units which
  are hidden around the level. One is in the south-west corner of the map close
  to some Masher Yams and a warpgate which takes you up to the dizzy heights of
  the north-west corner where you'll find the second Storage Unit and a herd of
  Sausage Bison. The third one is at the far east of the planet surface.

  Below that in the south-east corner you should find a couple of Kabochaser
  vines. There are also several Shroomba and Tomaty nests and these now have the
  potential to spawn Queens! If you attack a Shroomba or Tomaty nest for long
  enough it will release a big creature - killing it destroys the nest but also
  gives a large amount of Gold and Floppies.

  There's also a trophy for killing a total of five Queens but it's easier and
  less destructuve to get that in any combat challenge where Queens appear.

o Kakoi (Uphill Battle)

  This inhospitable world has no oxygen pockets so you'll be dependent on your
  factory for air although you can also use Oxy-Breeze gum to explore (or just
  accept the occasional death and loss of resources).

  As you'll notice from your arrival scene, this is the tallest level in the
  game - it takes a long time to explore upwards but there's clear airspace for
  rockets around your starting location.

  I decided to try conventional farming on this planet so I levelled the ground
  and started planting Masher Yams and Bluecap mushrooms. The yams take a bit of
  effort to harvest but it's quicker if you use uppercuts (Up + Square). To give
  more surface area I dug two parallel horizontal tunnels under the field.

  To get a bit more value from my crops I built a girder platform so I could
  farm Tsutavines as well. The yams and shrooms both give more valuable soups
  if you combine them with vines. Vines can be replanted by jumping up to the
  ceiling and pressing d-pad Left quickly. I also used my second farm tunnel for
  growing more vines - the low ceiling made it easier to replant them but it was
  harder to tell when a plant was fully grown.

  I built short separate floors for Soup Machines and Soup Rockets with an array
  of defence towers across the top of the launchers and a few ladders to allow
  me to engage invaders with the Buzzsaw.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/bGECaig

  Unlocks: Oxygen Tank perk (+30% oxygen supply duration)

  Digging to the east of the starting location leads to caves with another bunch
  of plants and a Squidfly nest.

  About 18 ladder lengths up from the starting area there's a plateau to the
  east with more plants and there's an Oxygrass flower available there too.

o Fisuno (Supply Lines)

  This planet was the scene of a civil war* so you'll find ruined buildings and
  unexploded mines here. The mines are actually Jacks (bomb robots) so they'll
  explode if you attack them but you can also pick them up so you can plant them
  wherever you need to do some damage - you can use them to destroy solid rock.

  I didn't venture far from the starting point. There's a pool of Brineweed just
  below so I made this into a farm. I levelled the bottom of the pool and sawed
  all the plants (leaving them to replant themselves). I extended the pool to
  lower the water level and built a girder platform over the surface to collect
  harvested ingredients (just like on Strayale). The platform led into the
  factory with the Office, Soup Machines and Soup Rockets on separate floors.

  My design wasn't perfect - the Office was at the same level as the girders so
  my C&C's were walking farther than necessary and I had to add a Jimmy robot
  when I had enough spare Gold. Also the farm relied on me replanting enough of
  the ingredients to sustain the crop but this was my only job besides defence
  so it wasn't a big deal. I built a dirt wall (two blocks high) to the side of
  the field so I could keep a convenient back-up supply of Brineweed just in
  case Clarence harvested everything in sight. Alternatively I could just take
  him out of the water when necessary.

  The weed grows very quickly and a fully grown plant yields three ingredients
  so even a relatively small farm provides an excellent output rate.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/qkZ4IZ4

  Unlocks: Kabuuf (hidden planet)
           Ryoho (hidden planet)
           Missile Tower (defence tower)

  The planet's lakes are also home to Strawburi and Pinapurana. Just below the
  surface on the far west side are two adjacent Squidfly nests and there are a
  few Cornbug nests around too.

  A couple of Mossy Mammoths can be found in underground caves near the centre
  of the map and there are loads of Kabochasers (pumpkins) in the deep caverns
  to the south and south-east.

  *This level is introduced with the headline "Biological vs. bots! A civil war
  erupts, possibly influenced by R.U.R.?" This is a reference to a Czech sci-fi
  stage-play from the 1920's called R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) which had
  the first ever use of the term "robot".

o Kabuuf [An Explosive Situation]

  The restriction on this planet is that you can't use defence towers. Your base
  will be attacked by the type of invaders that drop bombs from long range and
  then jink left and right a lot too so it can be a bit frustrating.

  I started by grabbing the nice field of Matter to the right of the starting
  location and then setting up just to the left where there are two Chickenberry
  trees with a Squidfly nest overheard. I built my Soup Machines in the crater
  from my crash landing, with the Office below and the Soup Rockets above.

  I made a tunnel running left from the Soup Machine corridor, built a long
  conveyor there and then cut out all the terrain overhead west of the trees.
  Next I built the usual arrangement of girders around the trees, although this
  wasn't ideal as one tree is slightly higher than the other so Clarence misses
  a couple of berries. Finally I made a long ladder up to the Squidfly nest.

  Fruit harvested from the trees was collected by a C&C and given to a Freddy
  who dropped it down onto the conveyor belt into the factory. Any Squidflies I
  killed fell either directly onto the conveyor or onto the platform where they
  would be gathered by the robots.

  The invaders can wreak a lot of damage on your factory so you need to take
  care of them as quickly as possible. I suggest spending some of the Gold you
  saved by not building towers on buying shotguns. You can then use a series of
  tall ladders (and maybe even girders?) to get up close and personal.

  The main problem with using this location is that the invaders attack the
  narrow strip of terrain supporting the Squidfly nest. I had to restart after
  that happened and make a ladder specifically for clearing that location.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/gjjzp8V

  Unlocks: Jack (robot)

  There are another set of three Chickenberry trees just to the west. Originally
  I planned to build a long conveyor chain out to them but it wasn't necessary
  as I used the Squidfly nest as my main source. Also there's a narrow gap in
  the solid rock there which would probably need to be removed.

  In the giant "tree" structures overhead there you'll find Squidflies, Tomaties
  and Shroombas and high up in the north-east corner there's a Mossy Mammoth!
  Underground the Kabochasers are widespread and you'll also encounter some
  Thornstalks and Cornbugs.

  Heading east across the planet's surface from the starting location you'll
  pass a Shroomba nest overhead, another Mossy Mammoth, a small pool with
  Pinapurana and Brineweed and lastly another set of three Chickenberry trees.

  Just to the east of that Mossy Mammoth is a small cave with Bluecap mushrooms.
  If you drill directly downwards from there you'll eventually come to the only
  entrance into a massive secret factory complex across the bottom of the map!
  This includes a total of four Power Generators (so you could build out from
  the entrance and use them to power a very large facility) and a vault with a
  Power Crystal, a shotgun, a sword and three crates.

  There are also many robots there including numerous Jacks (some of which can
  be detonated by shooting through a narrow gap), a couple of Jimmies and some
  Arthurs and C&C's on patrol in enclosed passages across the top.

  There's a trophy for having every type of robot in one factory so if you buy
  at least one Freddy, Travis, Ben and Clarence then you might find that the
  trophy pops at some point while you're playing this level.

o Ryoho (Ferric Fellows)

  This level starts you off with a large factory with a total of seven Soup
  Machines (three blank), two Soup Rockets, a Power Generator and seven towers
  including two stun towers. However the design isn't ideal - the corridors are
  too long, the T-junctions on the middle floor aren't optimal (for delivering
  ingredients in and soup cans out) and all six exits have bits of solid rock
  blocking corridor extensions.

  (If you want to use it I'd suggest removing the end sections off the top and
  bottom corridors, replacing other sections on the bottom and top levels with
  more Soup Machines and Soup Rockets (respectively) and maybe replacing the
  existing machines with new ones using other ingredients. Once you have some
  Gold reserves you can buy bombs to blast the rock around the exits.)

  I decided not to use the pre-built factory and instead spent the first day
  gathering Matter and a Power Crystal (see below). I then built a compact
  self-contained factory on the surface to the far west where there's a Tomaty
  nest. I used a short conveyor, two Soup Machines and four Soup Rockets all on
  the same level so the only robots I needed were a few C&C's.

  By necessity I used a short conveyor so sometimes the critters would get into
  my little factory but they were easily dealt with. A (literally) bigger issue
  was that sometimes an angry Queen would emerge from the nest. Whenever this
  happened I just killed any remaining Tomaties and took shelter in the factory
  - if you kill the Queen then the nest dies with her but she disappears at the
  end of the working day and the nest returns to normal.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/mvBNTpB

  Unlocks: Gotsudak (hidden planet)
           Iron Suit perk (+30% armour)

  In addition to widespread Thornstalks and various other plants this planet is
  also home to Tomaties, Shroombas, Cornbugs and many Kabochasers.

  If you head past the Tomaty nest on the western surface you'll find a Power
  Crystal embedded in the cliff behind some Thornstalks. You can find another by
  heading east across the surface and drilling straight down when you see the
  underground Shroomba nest.

  Directly below the chamber where you start is a small pond of Pinapurana and
  under that is a short powered corridor leading down into a room with seven
  crates which will usually contain an assortment of robots.

o Gotsudak [Contents Under Pressure]

  You're free to place your Office again this time so I put it above the under-
  ground Cornbug nest to the west which gave the option of expanding to the two
  Tomaty nests and one Squidfly nest to the left nearby if necessary.

  I built my usual conveyor set-up for harvesting creatures but this time I
  added an Arthur (combat robot) which I found in the tunnels below. I built
  three Soup Machines making pure Corn Shell soup and four Soup Rockets above.

  I included a short girder floor between the conveyor and Freddy. This gave
  Arthur and myself more room to fight but it also meant that C&C took slightly
  longer to collect ingredients and therefore they were more likely to get hit
  and drop the item. The platform also left C&C and Arthur exposed to attack
  from any Queens that appeared from the nest. I moved Arthur to a new corridor
  when that happened because a) I couldn't buy a replacement and b) I didn't
  want him to kill the Queen (and therefore the nest).

  When I hit 100% I started stashing soup cans instead of sending them. I put
  them next to the rocket launchers but down a step which the C&C there couldn't
  traverse. I used this reserve to respond to any cans sent by my rival.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/mpF4Zbm

  Unlocks: Stun Tower (defence tower)

  Above the nests to the north-west there's a Mossy Mammoth and three Sausage
  Bison. Across the bottom of the level there's a Shroomba nest and just past
  that there's a Power Crystal. Continuing east you pass another Shroomba nest
  with a Mossy Mammoth above and another Arthur in a side-chamber.

  There's a pool of Pinapurana in the south-east corner and above that in the
  north-east corner there are more Squidflies, three Oxygrass flowers and a
  Power Crystal. Heading west back to the starting location you'll find a large
  herd of Sausage Bison roaming on the surface.

  NB Whenever I tried to load my campaign factory for this map in S.O.O.P. Sim
  mode the game would crash. YMMV.

o Kizto [Rusted Blade]

  It's illegal to buy robots on this planet - although you can still use any
  you find here. Without your mechanical pals to assist you'll want to build a
  compact and efficient factory.

  Evidently that ban extends to Soup Rockets too... perhaps the rockets have
  robot pilots or something!? There are a few launchers on the planet already
  but their Power Generators are all missing Power Crystals (there are arrows
  pointing to the crystal locations) and the launchers are all encased in solid
  rock so you can't power them via your Office. 

  Speaking of rock, most of the level is covered with a labyrinthine network of
  solid rock which really limits your movement - and of course with the robot
  ban you can't use a Jack bomb to clear a path. However you could use Boulder
  Bash gum to clear rock away if you wish.

  This all sounds kinda tough but I actually beat this level on day 4.

  The starting location has a large area of flat terrain and a Sunblossom to the
  right so I decided to cultivate my favourite crop again. I harvested the plant
  immediately and replanted the ingredients to get my field started.

  There are two Soup Rockets to the left so I built my office directly beneath
  them, with the factory floor at ground level. I constructed a short vertical
  corridor up to the rockets and three Soup Machines at the same level as the
  Office. This layout minimized the distance I had to travel and put the plants,
  machines and rockets in a logical order. I didn't need three Soup Machines
  though so I could've just used two and had more space for crops.

  After harvesting and replanting the Sunblossoms again I ventured up to the
  top-left of the map using ladders and grabbed the Power Crystal and brought it
  back to power the rockets. The only other thing I did was to dig a narrow hole
  in my field down into the small cave there to release its oxygen.

  I tried to operate as efficiently as possible - harvesting each plant as soon
  as it got to full size and ensuring that the Soup Machines and Soup Rockets
  didn't sit idle for too long. It helped that the invaders all got stuck in a
  cave (so I didn't need to buy any towers or weapons) and Sunblossoms started
  trending so I got 8% Market Share per can.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/tkulWAN

  Unlocks: Arthur (robot)

  (If you've completed the planets in this order then you'll now be able to get
  the trophy for having every type of robot in a factory - if it hasn't popped
  already on a previous world containing Arthurs.)

  To the right of the crash site is a single rocket, then four Chickenberry
  trees all at the same level (which would be great for an automated factory!)
  and then another two rocket launchers.

  In the underground maze you'll find Tomaties, Squidflies, Shroomba, Pinapurana
  and Cornbugs. It would be difficult to make these work without robots to form
  a distribution network but in the centre of the map there is a gap in the rock
  ten blocks wide so you could potentially build an entirely underground factory
  with your launchers at the same level.

  On a small floating island in the north-east corner you'll find three Arthurs
  which you can bring back to your factory if you want but I didn't need them.

o Yiju [Electric Sheep* No Longer]

  The purchase of robots is banned on this world too so you'll want to construct
  another small and efficient factory. I built another Sunblossom-based factory
  using the open ground just to the right of the starting location. I harvested
  and replanted the flowers before I began any construction.

  I built my Office underground for protection but the only invaders that came
  were the funny dudes with the hats and once again they completely failed to
  find my facility and I didn't need to spend any Gold on towers. For security
  I actually didn't connect the Office's corridor at all but I realize now that
  would've been inconvenient if I'd needed to respawn there!

  I built two Soup Machines on either side of the existing corridor piece (four
  total) and then extended the corridor up one section to access an upper floor
  for Soup Rockets. On the right side the garden was level with the corridor
  entrance but on the left side I kept the ground one block higher because there
  was a row of Floppies underground and you can't plant ingredients into them.

  On the left side of the map you'll see another tall rocky "skyscraper" this
  time with a robot trapped in each room. You'd need to use either Jack bombs or
  Boulder Bash gum to reach them but there's also a larger penthouse room (at
  the top) - with seven robots and a pretty handy supply of Matter - which can
  be accessed via a warpgate.

  The other warpgate is directly below your starting position but three floors
  down. The easiest way to reach it is to take the long corridor down three
  levels and then mine under the Tomaty nest. After collecting the Matter there
  I grabbed a C&C to operate my rocket floor. I could've gone back for a Travis
  but honestly I didn't really need it as the corridor was right next to the
  Soup Machines and I could throw cans up quite quickly.

  The Sunblossoms grew really fast so there were always plenty of ingredients to
  harvest (and replant) and I kept the Soup Machines pretty busy. It only took
  four days again to complete the level.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/MeGYnhB

  Unlocks: Turbo Servo perk (+20% robot speed and efficiency)

  The level is fairly symmetrical overall. There are skyscrapers with a robot in
  each room on both sides of the map, although only the building on the left
  side has the penthouse with multiple robots and warpgate access.

  Next to those are massive open multi-storey structures, each served by a long
  vertical corridor (lift shaft?) in the centre. The corridors give convenient
  movement up and down the map although their four-way junctions would break
  the flow of any goods.

  In the very middle of the map there's a tall statue with a Power Crystal and
  Floppies in the head and Matter in the limbs. On either side of that are lakes
  with Pinapurana on the west side and Strawburi on the east side. There are
  also Chickenberry trees next to the water on both sides.

  If you want to replenish your Galactic Gum supplies you'll find this level has
  extensive deposits of Floppies. Underground there are also nests of Cornbugs,
  Tomaties, Shroombas and Squidflies and there are many Kabochasers to the east.

  *The 1982 sci-fi movie Blade Runner was based on a book entitled 'Do Androids
  Dream of Electric Sheep' by Philip K Dick. His stories also inspired other
  major films including Total Recall, Minority Report and The Adjustment Bureau.

o Shasango [Expiration Date]

  You start at the top of a very tall level. You'll find solid ground and even
  some lakes far below but in the skies the only available terrain consists of
  numerous small floating islands. The skies are also continually bombarded with
  meteors which can do a lot of damage.

  In choosing a location for your factory you need to decide whether the benefit
  of having clearer skies outweighs the risk posed by those meteors.

  You start on a medium-sized island which actually has a decent supply of
  Matter available so you'll want to strip all of that before you move on. You
  can get just over 3,000 Matter from mining all the deposits there.

  On my first attempt I tried farming the Squidfly nest immediately to the
  south-east. I built a small factory underneath with a conveyor leading to a
  couple of Soup Machines and three Soup Rockets squeezed into a gap that gave
  clear airspace overhead. It was working pretty well for me but sadly the nest
  died before I'd even got to 50% Market Share.

  So I decided to use a more dependable resource - the trusty Sunblossom - but
  I needed a bit of space for a field. I hopped east above the Squidfly nest and
  over some small rocks to a bigger island with a Mossy Mammoth in a cave at its
  core. I climbed across the top and dropped down the far side onto a small
  island, harvested the Sunblossom there, jumped down to the platform below (to
  temporarily replant the precious flower somewhere safe!) and then laddered
  back up to the small island to build my Office.

  I intended to use the mammoth's cave as my farm but that presented one big
  (mammoth) problem! Actually, it's not so tough, even without weapons. If you
  use the uppercut (Up + Square) you can kill one in about 20-25 hits. You might
  die once but it's worth it to secure some primo real-estate!

  With the mammoth out of the picture I levelled the cave floor, collected the
  Sunblossom and started cultivating it in the cave. I built across and up from
  the Office and made two Soup Machines and four Soup Rockets. Even near the top
  of the map you can still find obstructions blocking your rockets so you need
  to take a long ladder up to check. I had to build my rocket launchers one
  block to the right to avoid a chunk of overhead rock but you could always use
  your wages from day 1 to buy a Jack bomb if you want.

  I built some short girders between my rockets instead of towers thinking that
  they'd provide some degree of protection but I don't think I actually got any
  meteor strikes on that side. I didn't get any attacks from invaders until my
  rival staged his usual assault around 80% Market Share. I had plenty of Gold
  by this stage so I finally built a few missile towers.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/3aAcojC

  Unlocks: Ballistic Boost perk (+20% tower firepower)

  It wasn't until I continued playing in S.O.O.P. Sim mode that meteors started
  to do some noticeable damage to my island. One impact left my entire field
  seemingly dangling from a single column of terrain so I quickly constructed
  some struts and girders to provide support from below but ultimately even once
  that column was gone (and I removed the struts as a test!) the terrain was
  still stable because it was attached to a section of corridor. Phew!

  As you move down the level you'll see the transition from small islands to big
  columns (tree trunks) that extend down to the ground. There are several lakes
  with fish here but in the centre there's a corridor network and unusually the
  gaps in the surrounding rock are wide enough to build extensions.

  There are several nests of Tomaties, Cornbugs, Shroombas and Squidflies and
  the main plant species are vines, mushrooms and yams. At the very bottom of
  the level you'll find two Mossy Mammoths and in the south-west corner there's
  another section of powered corridor with the potential for expansion.

o Nozesi [Buzzkill]

  Radiation on this planet prevents your Buzzsaw from functioning so you have to
  excavate manually until a radiation-proof saw can be delivered (after you've
  shipped enough cans of soup). This sounds painful but it's not too bad really.

  Obviously it takes longer to dig using melee attacks but it's necessary for
  collecting Matter to build your factory (and clearing some space for farming).
  You can dig an adjacent block by punching it repeatedly but you can't dig
  downwards, although you can grab a block below you (hold Down + hold Square)
  and then move it somewhere else.

  You'll start with 250 Matter and to build a basic factory with an Office, a
  Soup Machine and two Soup Rockets you'll need a total of 1,050 - or 1,000 if
  you can be bothered to find the preset Soup Machine from a list of dozens!

  There's a surface layer of Matter at the starting location and a couple of
  Bluecap shrooms just to the left so I alternated between harvesting/replanting
  the mushrooms and digging terrain by hand until I had enough Matter. You don't
  need a robot-friendly flat surface - stepped terraces are fine but it does
  take slightly longer to traverse steps.

  I set up a small factory with about eleven or twelve plants, one machine next
  to that making pure Bluecap soup and then two rockets next to the machine. I
  focused on keeping the equipment busy and harvesting mushrooms as soon as they
  hit maturity (then replanting one ingredient and using the other) while taking
  care not to damage the younger plants.

  After you've passed a certain target (I think it might be 50% Market Share?)
  you'll get notification that a supply crate has arrived - it's your shiny new
  radiation-proof Buzzsaw! I actually left it because I didn't need to do any
  further work on the farm. This was probably a good idea because the crate can
  drop in really inconvenient locations - you'll probably need to build a tall
  ladder (see screenshot) to get onto the shelf of terrain to the north-west
  (and of course that'll cost you Matter again).

  Robots wouldn't really have improved the efficiency of my compact factory so I
  didn't buy any and I didn't get any defence towers until the rival company
  launched their big attack (at around 80% Market Share) by which time I had
  plenty of Gold to spend on an intimidating array of missile towers. :D

  Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/9mIViwl.jpg

  Unlocks: HoverBoard 3000 (vehicle)

  Just to the left of the starting location is a Shroomba nest (and they often
  drop Bluecaps) but I didn't need to use them. Past them to the west you'll
  find a Mossy Mammoth. Alternatively if you use a ladder to reach that shelf
  overhead you'll find five Chickenberry trees on a slope and a Power Crystal.

  Continuing west from up there you'll come to a massive body of water which
  actually spans the width of the level underground. There are some fishes there
  but these are easily avoided and the main threat is running out of oxygen. On
  the other side of the water is an island with a large tree-shaped structure
  with some Kabochaser vines and a Power Crystal at the top. Beneath the tree
  you'll see five Oxygrass plants.

  If you head right from the starting point you'll come to a crack in the ground
  and you'll have three options. To the right you'll find a Cornbug nest or if
  you climb straight up onto another shelf and continue east you'll find some
  Tomaties and a total of seven (count 'em!) Chickenberry trees, five Oxygrass
  flowers and a Power Crystal (and if you drop down through the chasm up there
  you'll arrive at a valley with two more Mossy Mammoths).

  Alternatively you can enter the crack and follow it diagonally downwards to
  the left, right, left and right. This takes you to a wide plain with eighteen
  Sausage Bison. If you go to the far west side and drill down you'll find a
  warpgate which takes you to the eastern end and another Power Crystal.

o Pheni [Heavy Industry]

  On this planet I headed east across the full width of the map to find the
  hidden treasure. It's a pretty big map so with a few stops to collect Matter
  it took most of a game day just to get there.
  High in the north-east corner of the map there's an enclosed room (accessed
  from above) which contains exactly 1,000 Gold. However there is a greater
  treasure to be found above the chamber - nine Chickenberry trees!

  I built my Office, Soup Machines and Soup Rockets on the small rocky islands
  just west of the room and constructed a system of conveyor belts to transfer
  the harvested fruits to the factory (with a tall strut and several girders
  added to complete the power network from the Office to the conveyors).

  I made platforms for harvesting berries from the first six trees although it's
  a little awkward as only two adjacent trees are at the same level. I got most
  of the platforms at the optimal level (five blocks above the ground) but one
  was slightly too low so I missed a couple of fruits. Girders built directly on
  top of a conveyor will interfere with its operation but it's okay to construct
  a strut on a conveyor. If necessary you can build a stack of girders and then
  demolish the bottom ones, although it takes a little practice to float down
  from the top slowly enough to select the ones to remove.

  The vertical corridor down into the treasure room can be built onto and has a
  tree on either side at the same level - the perfect height for Chickenberry
  farming. I built one Soup Machine and one Soup Rocket across the top of the
  corridor so they used its power supply instead of the main factory (which was
  close to being overloaded). There wasn't enough space to link these to the
  corridor so they actually blocked it but I'd already got the treasure! I added
  girders on either side with one Clarence and one C&C to operate the facility.

  Using eight of the nine trees gave me a good supply of ingredients although
  the respawn rate for fruit seems to drop off in the long term.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Ra0YLqp

  Unlocks: Mishuba (hidden planet)
           Sawatron Drive perk (+30% Soup Rocket speed)

  This is a good map for hunting big game. In the underground caverns you'll
  find numerous Mossy Mammoths (eight in total I think) and if you venture
  across the planet's surface on day 1 you'll encounter several Queens too.

  There are a few nests underground (I saw Tomaties, Cornbugs and Shroombas) and
  there are plenty of Kabochasers again. There are a couple of underground lakes
  with fish - the easiest to find is in the south-east corner of the map.

o Mishuba [Surprise Inspection]

  The open ground on the surface immediately to the west of the starting point
  offers enough space for farming so I used that, after clearing out the herd of
  Sausage Bison there first of course.

  I Buzzsawed the terrain into a level field and then alternated between making
  the factory and harvesting and replanting fully grown Sunblossoms as usual. I
  built the Soup Machines one level above the ground so my C&C's wouldn't roam
  too far and added a corridor corner with a Freddy to receive ingredients.

  I harvested an Oxygrass flower from the high ground to the right (where you
  make your crash landing) and planted the two ingredients in the field to add
  oxygen there. I also drilled down into an oxygen cave for the same purpose.
  After launching a certain number of Soup Rockets a massive flying saucer will
  appear above your factory. It's at high altitude so you won't see it but you
  will notice a large shadow that falls over your facility. The UFO blocks your
  rockets so you need to deal with it in order to complete the level.

  The game tells you it can be "rocked by employee efficiency or a fairly heavy
  impact". This translates to either continuing to bombard it with Soup Rockets
  until it leaves or planting a bomb on it! (If you choose the latter option you
  will want to go to the edge of the shadow, build a tall ladder, jump on top of
  the flying saucer and then buy a Jack bomb.) Either way the UFO will drop a
  Power Crystal as it departs.

  (Forum poster april_20th confirmed that it is also possible to simply rebuild
  your rocket launchers where the rockets are no longer blocked by the UFO!)

  I supplemented my factory defences by building two tall struts with lasers and
  missile towers to give invaders a warm welcome slightly earlier than usual!

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/nxgcuAf

  Unlocks: Warpgate (teleporter)

  There's a trophy for unlocking all available upgrades and if you've played
  through the levels in the same sequence as me it'll pop after beating Mishuba.

  Mishuba's secret underground treasure room contains two Storage Units (with
  ingredients including Mammoth Meat, Thornbloom and Oxygrass flowers), a sword,
  a shotgun, 1,000 Gold and a grand total of *twelve* Power Crystals! That makes
  it a good planet to pick if you want to build a really big factory.

  There are two ways to reach the hoard. The first is to travel west across the
  surface from the starting location - you'll pass a herd of majestic Sausage
  Bison surrounding a big statue, a big tree made of rock, a Tomaty nest and
  another big statue. You'll then need to use lots of ladders to climb over a
  giant stone spiral/tree thing and then use more ladders to reach the top of a
  massive statue where you'll find a warpgate into the treasure room. There are
  also another four Power Crystals in the statue (encased in rock).

  The direct route involves a lot of digging. You need to dig directly downwards
  from the rocky tree between the Sausage Bison and the Tomaties. That's what
  you *need* to do but you can't actually follow a straight path because of all
  the underground rock formations - you'll need to veer left and right a bit.
  Once you see the hidden chamber you can use a bomb (250 Gold) or Boulder Bash
  gum to breach the wall (which is thinner on the west side).

  The UFO will reappear in S.O.O.P. Sim mode, even when using your old factory.

The final level (in this anonymous region of space) becomes available after
you've made eighty or more unique soup flavours to open Gravlock C.

o The Overload [Galaxy in a Can]

  On the final planet you face-off against Mister Chopsticks from Megasoup Inc
  but the primary enemy for me on this level was the frequent, crippling and
  painful slowdown issue. I can see how the level got its name now - haha!

  I spent most of the level playing in super slow-motion and even though I beat
  it on day 7 it took several hours of real time. For example it was taking me
  over thirty seconds to harvest a Chickenberry with the Buzzsaw and even three
  whole seconds just to open the pause menu. :6

  (Hopefully you'll escape this problem but if not it's worth knowing that you
  can still use the maintenance menu to reload and repair towers. It feels like
  it's broken but you just need to hold Triangle for about five seconds.)

  Anyway, aside from that I found the final level quite easy. There's an expanse
  of surface water across most of the map but there are convenient rows of
  Chickenberry trees on the shores on both sides. I went with the east side.

  There are five trees on a slope there and I built my Office underneath the
  first two. I then built my Soup Machines at the edge of the sea, connected to
  the Office with a short conveyor. I had some minor flooding initially but this
  cleared up after I built a corner at the end of the corridor (which led up to
  the Soup Rockets above).

  It was necessary to remove some overhanging terrain above the factory. Not
  only did this give me clear airspace for my rockets but it also gave me a good
  chunk of Matter and I had the opportunity to remove the vines that were the
  source of the Kabochasers that'd been dropping down and causing mischief.

  While I'd previously used conveyors under Chickenberry trees (either to catch
  fruit harvested manually or as part of a fully automated scheme with robots)
  this time I didn't want to risk having a tree disappear so I just built some
  ladders which I could use to harvest the berries with the Buzzsaw.

  I made a second conveyor belt on the roof of the Soup Machines so that I could
  simply throw ingredients down from the hillside and they'd be carried along
  the belt and then fall under gravity onto the first belt and into the factory.
  This system worked really well although I did need to demolish the second
  conveyor and rebuild it one block to the right after I saw C&C on the rocket
  floor loading a soup can onto the conveyor instead of into a rocket!

  The invaders had a tendency to attack my ladders/trees to the right of the
  factory so I removed some redundant towers on the left side of the factory and
  built a strut, girder and towers on the other side covering the orchard.

  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Yb7oerX

  Unlocks: N/A

  There's a trophy for beating all rival soup companies in the campaign so if
  you did this level last you'll get the trophy by beating Mr Chopsticks here.

  I was still plagued by the slowdown problem in S.O.O.P. Sim mode - clearly the
  outdated PS4 processors can't handle those high-definition textures! At least
  in that mode it saves when you quit and usually the game speed returns to
  normal for a while after you reload. However I also had trouble harvesting
  Thornblooms and the game started randomly crashing to a black screen too... :(

  This final level contains all twenty ingredients so you might find it useful
  if you feel compelled to complete all 210 soup flavours. The game hints that
  something special happens if you use every ingredient on this level for soup
  but I tried it (in S.O.O.P. Sim mode) and didn't notice anything.

  Here are a few pointers for tracking down the various ingredients:

  Stabgrass - on small islands in centre of surface water

  Sunblossom - on small island left of starting location

  Brineweed - common in water

  Squidflies - nest in cave directly below sea at starting location

  Bluecap, Greenstalk, Tsutavine and Kabochasers - common in caves

  Tomaties - nest in cave under western shore

  Chickenberry - on western and eastern shores

  Strawburi - in cave on east side

  Pinapurana - in water on west side and east side

  Oxygrass - in underground caves on west and east sides of map

  Poisonpuff - in underground caves (also Shroomba nest under eastern shore)

  Thornstalk/Thornbloom and Masher Yam - common in deeper caves

  Mossy Mammoth - in caves on west and east sides

  Cornbugs - nest just west of mammoth cave on east side

  Sausage Bison - herds in caves at bottom of map

  It's a big map with some large voids underground so you might want to think
  about using warpgates to get around (and therefore farming Matter too).

  The promised treasure chamber is a ring of solid rock deep underground with
  36 (thirty-six!) Power Crystals embedded inside it. It's directly above the
  mammoth cave in the south-west or at the bottom-left corner of the field of
  circular islands of terrain in the middle of the map.

| Section 12 | ASTRO PINS                                                  s12 |

These form another list of in-game achievements separate from the trophies (see
Section 13). There are seventy-five Astro Pins in total and each one has three
requirements (but there's a lot of overlap - it's not 225 unique requirements).

All of the pins (apart from the last three) come in groups of three with the
same three types of requirement at bronze, silver and gold tiers.

You can check your progress by selecting Astro Pins & Recipes off the main menu
or by pressing the touchpad during campaign play.

The icon for an Astro Pin will change colour when it's complete - a bronze pin
turns red, a silver pin turns white and a gold pin turns yellow.

The game logs every new flavour discovered in the two tutorial levels but no
other progress towards Astro Pins is recorded. Activities during the online
challenges do count towards your Astro Pin achievements however - I got loads of
kills from doing a combat challenge and the trophy for clearing ten Astro Pins
popped while I was swimming in a challenge.

Each completed Astro Pin earns you one Galactic Gum (see Section 10).

You should complete the majority of the requirements simply from playing the
game and then you can pick up the others in S.O.O.P. Simulator mode. After I'd
beaten the final level I just needed to buy a few types of robots and build some
Soup Rockets (which is trivial) and to destroy dozens of nests (which isn't).

There are trophies for completing ten, forty and all (seventy-five) Astro Pins.

  Research for Beginners (bronze)
- Collect 5 Galactic Gums
- Harvest 25 ingredient items
- Kill 50 enemies

  Vital Research (silver)
- Collect 30 Galactic Gums
- Harvest 100 ingredient items
- Kill 100 enemies

  For Science! (gold)
- Collect 50 Galactic Gums
- Harvest 500 ingredient items
- Kill 600 enemies

  You'll get plenty of gums from digging through terrain with Floppies inside.
  You can also get them by medalling challenges and completing Astro Pins.

  To successfully "harvest" an ingredient item for these requirements you need
  to actually load it into a Soup Machine.

  Creatures from nests (e.g. Tomaties) are counted as "enemies" so you should
  meet that requirement easily if you farm them on a few levels.

  Spade (bronze)
- Destroy 1,000 blocks
- Collect 6,000 Matter
- Collect 5 Galactic Gums

  Bulldozer (silver)
- Destroy 10,000 blocks
- Collect 12,000 Matter
- Collect 15 Galactic Gums

  Wrecking Ball (gold)
- Destroy 60,000 blocks
- Collect 35,000 Matter
- Collect 100 Galactic Gums

  Destroying 60k blocks sounds like a grind but I'd already completed this one
  when I checked at the start of the third region in the campaign.

  Wanderer (bronze)
- Walk 5,000 metres
- Swim 1,500 metres
- Eat 10 ingredient items

  Wayfarer (silver)
- Walk 10,000 metres
- Swim 5,000 metres
- Eat 15 ingredient items

  Nomad (gold)
- Walk 30,000 metres
- Swim 20,000 metres
- Eat 100 ingredient items

  Remember you can heal by eating any ingredient items apart from Poisonpuff
  (pink mushroom) and Thornstalk which are harmful - although they probably do
  still count towards your total!

  Soup Production for Beginners (bronze)
- Harvest 25 ingredient items
- Build 10 Soup Machines
- Build 10 Soup Rockets

  Advanced Soup Production (silver)
- Harvest 250 ingredient items
- Build 80 Soup Machines
- Build 80 Soup Rockets

  Soup Production Pro (gold)
- Harvest 1,000 ingredient items
- Build 300 Soup Machines
- Build 300 Soup Rockets

  A Soup Machine must be programmed with a flavour in order to count here so you
  need to either build a machine and load any two ingredients or build one of
  the preset machines using a flavour you've already discovered.

  The Soup Rockets however don't even need to be connected to the power grid of
  a factory so you can just build a load of them anywhere if you want.

  After completing the campaign I'd easily got enough Soup Machines but I still
  needed another 89 rocket launchers.

  Basic Soup (bronze)
- Sell 100 cans of soup
- Earn 500 Gold
- Discover 5 new flavours

  Quality Soup (silver)
- Sell 250 cans of soup
- Earn 1,000 Gold
- Discover 10 new flavours

  Artisan Soup (gold)
- Sell 750 cans of soup
- Earn 10,000 Gold
- Discover 80 new flavours

  You can't complete the game without selling soup (and therefore making money)
  so you don't need to boost those two categories.

  You also can't complete the game without making eighty different flavours
  since you need that many to unlock the final planet.

  Robo-Cooperation (bronze)
- Hire 5 Charlie & Charles robots
- Hire 5 Freddy robots
- Hire 5 Travis robots

  Robo-Unity (silver)
- Hire 25 Charlie & Charles robots
- Hire 10 Freddy robots
- Hire 20 Travis robots

  Robo-Synchronicity (gold)
- Hire 100 Charlie & Charles Robots
- Hire 75 Freddy robots
- Hire 25 Travis robots

  Charlie & Charles are your porters who carry your ingredients and soup cans
  horizontally while Freddy and Travis throw them up/down corridors.

  After beating the campaign I still needed fourteen Freddies and one Travis but
  it's easy enough to load up a factory in S.O.O.P. Sim mode where you have Gold
  available and buy however many robots you need.

  Automation (bronze)
- Hire 25 robots
- Hire 5 Jimmy robots
- Hire 5 Ben robots

  Mechanisation (silver)
- Hire 50 robots
- Hire 20 Jimmy robots
- Hire 15 Ben robots

  Cybernetics (gold)
- Hire 250 robots
- Hire 25 Jimmy robots
- Hire 20 Ben robots

  Jimmy is the cop-bot that can block other robots and Ben is the dog-bot that
  buries plantable ingredient items in the ground.

  After beating the campaign I still needed 20 Jimmies and 15 Bens.

  Yummy (bronze)
- Sell 10 cans of "Yummy!" soup
- Discover 10 new flavours
- Earn 1,000 Gold

  Delectable (silver)
- Sell 30 cans of "Yummy!" soup
- Discover 20 new flavours
- Earn 5,000 Gold

  Heavenly (gold)
- Sell 50 cans of "Yummy!" soup
- Discover 40 new flavours
- Earn 25,000 Gold

  In Corporate Conquest mode you'll sometimes get a random news story appear in
  the bottom-right corner of the screen. If the story gives positive coverage of
  an ingredient (gold or blue background) then any soup made using it will get a
  "Yummy!" reaction from the customers (and increased Market Share percentage).

  I completed that requirement during region 3 of the campaign without making
  any special effort but if your Astro Pin is incomplete after completing the
  campaign then you can replay levels and focus on trending ingredients.

  You can't use S.O.O.P. Sim mode for this because there's no Market Share and
  there are therefore no news alerts.

  Gardening (bronze)
- Harvest 5 Stabgrass
- Harvest 5 Corn Shells
- Harvest 10 Sunblossoms

  Cultivating (silver)
- Harvest 20 Stabgrass
- Harvest 20 Corn Shells
- Harvest 20 Sunblossoms

  Farming (gold)
- Harvest 80 Stabgrass
- Harvest 40 Corn Shells
- Harvest 40 Sunblossoms

  Those are the yellow grass, sweetcorn creatures and tall red flowers.

  Gatherer (bronze)
- Harvest 15 Bluecaps, Greenstalks or Poisonpuffs
- Harvest 5 Tsutavines
- Harvest 5 Tomaty Steaks

  Rummager (silver)
- Harvest 50 Bluecaps, Greenstalks or Poisonpuffs
- Harvest 20 Tsutavines
- Harvest 20 Tomaty Steaks

  Forager (gold)
- Harvest 250 Bluecaps, Greenstalks or Poisonpuffs
- Harvest 40 Tsutavines
- Harvest 80 Tomaty Steaks

  Those are the mushrooms, hanging vines and tomato creatures.

  You can also get the mushrooms by killing Shroombas (blue creatures).

  Thug (bronze)
- Kill 30 enemies with melee combat
- Kill 15 enemies with the sword
- Kill 15 enemies with the shotgun

  Ninja (silver)
- Kill 100 enemies with melee combat
- Kill 30 enemies with the sword
- Kill 50 enemies with the shotgun

  Assassin (gold)
- Kill 200 enemies with melee combat
- Kill 200 enemies with the sword
- Kill 200 enemies with the shotgun

  The weapons need to be bought from the Shop menu (once unlocked) although you
  will also find them hidden on some levels.

  Kills on ingredient creatures count towards these totals so if you need to
  farm kills you can simply reload a level where you have a good supply of Gold
  and just keep buying weapons and killing creatures at nests.

  I made a point of using the weapons during the campaign but I still needed to
  get another twenty-two kills with the sword afterwards.

  Force of Nature (bronze)
- Kill 50 enemies
- Destroy 5,000 blocks
- Destroy 5 nests

  Maximum Carnage (silver)
- Kill 200 enemies
- Destroy 30,000 blocks
- Destroy 10 nests

  Ultimate Destruction (gold)
- Kill 400 enemies
- Destroy 60,000 blocks
- Destroy 25 nests

  Tomaties, Cornbugs, Shroombas, Pinapurana, Strawburi and Squidflies all spawn
  out of "nests". Any of these nests can be destroyed by continually attacking
  it until it turns grey and stops spawning creatures (farming kills off the
  nest's creatures until the nest dies doesn't count).

  The quickest way to do this is probably to buy the sword and keep slashing the
  nest directly until it's destroyed. If you can't afford the Gold for that then
  you can climb a ladder next to a Tomaty/Cornbug/Shroomba nest and Buzzsaw it
  from above but that takes a looong time.

  On later planets attacking a Tomaty, Cornbug or Shroomba nest will cause a
  Queen to appear. Destroying a nest by killing the Queen doesn't count towards
  your total but if you can draw the Queen away it's still possible to attack
  the nest itself and finish it off.

  A good planet to use for this is Yiju as it has loads of nests, although many
  of them are Tomaty/Cornbug/Shroomba nests that will give a Queen.

  (Sometimes a nest turns grey but it isn't counted as being destroyed. If you
  attack a grey nest and it still shows those little damage numbers then you
  need to keep attacking it until it dies a second time.)

  Quit Bugging Me! (bronze)
- Kill 10 Squidflies
- Kill 10 Cornbugs
- Kill 10 Tomaties

  Bug Hunter (silver)
- Kill 50 Squidflies
- Kill 50 Cornbugs
- Kill 30 Tomaties

  Pest Control (gold)
- Kill 100 Squidflies
- Kill 80 Cornbugs
- Kill 100 Tomaties

  Those are the flying creatures, sweetcorn creatures and tomato creatures.

  Air Raid (bronze)
- Kill 100 enemies
- Kill 30 invaders
- Kill 20 enemies with a tower

  Aerial Onslaught (silver)
- Kill 400 enemies
- Kill 50 invaders
- Kill 60 enemies with a tower

  Space Invaders (gold)
- Kill 600 enemies
- Kill 100 invaders
- Kill 150 enemies with a tower

  You'll kill plenty of ingredient creatures and space invaders - and you'll
  want to use defence towers to protect your factories - so you should get these
  ones quite easily.

  Fighting Back! (bronze)
- Build 10 towers
- Kill 10 invaders
- Kill 10 enemies with a tower

  Tower Defence (silver)
- Build 50 towers
- Kill 50 invaders
- Kill 40 enemies with a tower

  Tiki Towers* (gold)
- Build 200 towers
- Kill 80 invaders
- Kill 150 enemies with a tower

  I guess potentially you might not buy enough defence towers as you play the
  campaign but you can just reload a factory in S.O.O.P. Sim mode and buy more.

  *Tiki Towers was a 2008 video-game for the Wii and mobile phone platforms.

  The Frogman (bronze)
- Swim 5,000 metres
- Harvest 5 Brineweed
- Kill 10 aquatic creatures

  The Scuba Diver (silver)
- Swim 10,000 metres
- Harvest 10 Brineweed
- Kill 50 aquatic creatures

  The Submariner (gold)
- Swim 20,000 metres
- Harvest 40 Brineweed
- Kill 100 aquatic creatures

  Brineweed is the red seaweed. It makes a good crop if you can find a location
  where you can grow and harvest it conveniently.

  Strawburi (red fish) are much less aggressive so they're easier to kill than
  Pinapurana and they'll keep respawning from a nest so you can farm kills.

  Home Guard (bronze)
- Build 25 sections of corridor
- Hire 5 Arthur robots
- Build 25 towers

  Walking the Beat (silver)
- Build 50 sections of corridor
- Hire 15 Arthur robots
- Build 50 towers

  Arthurs on Patrol (gold)
- Build 250 sections of corridor
- Hire 25 Arthur robots
- Build 100 towers

  The descriptions say that you need to build 25/50/250 metres of corridors but
  actually it's sections. Standard, short and narrow sections each count as 1.

  Corridor sections must be connected to a factory in order to count here.

  Arthur is the fightin' robot who can be used to defend your factory against
  attacks from invaders or to harvest ingredient creatures.

  Arthur is a late unlock if you play through the planets in order but it's easy
  enough to buy several on any level where you have surplus Gold.

  Platformer (bronze)
- Hire 50 robots
- Collect 2,000 Matter
- Destroy 1,000 blocks

  Transformer (silver)
- Hire 150 robots
- Collect 35,000 Matter
- Destroy 10,000 blocks

  Terraformer (gold)
- Hire 500 robots
- Collect 75,000 Matter
- Destroy 60,000 blocks

  After completing the campaign I still needed another 86 robots.

  You should focus on completing the other Astro Pins which require you to buy
  specific types of robots. After you've done those you should be close to 500.

  Living off the Land (bronze)
- Walk 1,500 metres
- Kill 10 Shroombas
- Kill 1 Mossy Mammoth

  Still Living off the Land (silver)
- Walk 10,000 metres
- Kill 50 Shroombas
- Kill 5 Mossy Mammoths

  Forever Living off the Land (gold)
- Walk 20,000 metres
- Kill 100 Shroombas
- Kill 10 Mossy Mammoths

  Shroombas are the bouncy blue creatures from the big blue mushroom nests.

  The majestic Mossy Mammoth is available on several planets but there will
  usually only be one or two of them hidden away so you might want to make an
  effort to kill them when you see them, especially if you're in a position to
  take the ingredients back to your factory to make new flavours.

  Search on "mammoth" in Section 11 for details of where to find them. Pheni is
  a good choice as you'll find several in the underground caves there.

  Mammoths are most easily killed using a shotgun at close range.

  Mundane Munitions (bronze)
- Kill 5 enemies with Arthur or Jack
- Kill 20 enemies with the Buzzsaw
- Destroy 10 nests

  Average Arms (silver)
- Kill 20 enemies with Arthur or Jack
- Kill 40 enemies with the Buzzsaw
- Destroy 15 nests

  Everyday Weaponry (gold)
- Kill 50 enemies with Arthur or Jack
- Kill 100 enemies with the Buzzsaw
- Destroy 50 nests

  Arthur is the guard robot and Jack is the bomb robot.

  The Buzzsaw can be handy for attacking enemies from a safe distance.

  Destroying fifty nests is easily the biggest grind if you want to complete all
  the Astro Pins. By the end of the campaign I'd destroyed just five nests and
  I only did those because I was testing the Astro Pins requirements!

  (See 'Ultimate Destruction' above for notes on destroying nests.)

  Special Delivery (bronze)
- Build 50 sections of corridor
- Build 30 Soup Rockets
- Sell 20 cans of "Yummy!" soup

  Rocket Science (silver)
- Build 100 sections of corridor
- Build 150 Soup Rockets
- Sell 30 cans of "Yummy!" soup

  Blast Off! (gold)
- Build 500 sections of corridor
- Build 300 Soup Rockets
- Sell 40 cans of "Yummy!" soup

  Again you can build Soup Rockets anywhere but corridor sections must always be
  connected to a factory.

  Age of Revelation (bronze)
- Collect 15 Galactic Gums
- Discover 5 new flavours
- Earn 500 Gold

  Age of Discovery (silver)
- Collect 30 Galactic Gums
- Discover 20 new flavours
- Earn 5,000 Gold

  Age of Wonder (gold)
- Collect 100 Galactic Gums
- Discover 40 new flavours
- Earn 25,000 Gold

  You'll mostly get gums (see Section 10) from mining Floppies while digging
  through the various worlds of the Nom Nom Galaxy but you also get them from
  medalling challenges, killing enemies and completing levels on replays.

  Robo-Splosion (bronze)
- Hire 50 robots
- Hire 10 Freddy robots
- Hire 10 Ben robots

  Robo-Throwbo (silver)
- Hire 150 robots
- Hire 25 Freddy robots
- Hire 15 Ben robots

  Robo-Master (gold)
- Hire 500 robots
- Hire 50 Freddy robots
- Hire 25 Ben robots

  After beating the campaign I still needed to get 20 Bens.

  Robo-Law (bronze)
- Hire 25 robots
- Hire 10 Arthur robots
- Hire 5 Jimmy robots

  Robo-Justice (silver)
- Hire 150 robots
- Hire 15 Arthur robots
- Hire 15 Jimmy robots

  Robo-Authority (gold)
- Hire 250 robots
- Hire 20 Arthur robots
- Hire 25 Jimmy robots

  Arthur is the guard robot and Jimmy is the cop robot.

  After beating the campaign I still needed to get 20 Jimmies and 18 Arthurs.

  Rare Game  (bronze)
- Kill 15 Kabochasers
- Kill 2 Mossy Mammoths
- Kill 5 Sausage Bison

  Unique Spoils (silver)
- Kill 30 Kabochasers
- Kill 5 Mossy Mammoths
- Kill 15 Sausage Bison

  The Kabochasers (pumpkins) and Sausage Bison are plentiful on many levels.

  Mammoths are most easily found on Pheni.

  Pin Collector (gold)
- Collect 25 Pins
- Collect 50 Pins
- Collect 74 Pins

  This final one is effectively the "platinum trophy" of the Astro Pins.

  You need to complete all 74 other pins in order to receive this one.

  After completing the campaign I still needed 18 pins, mostly for buying robots
  and building Soup Rockets - and of course destroying nests.

| Section 13 | TROPHIES                                                    s13 |

The game has thirty-two PSN trophies (or Steam achievements on PC).

Only a single campaign playthrough is required and you can replay levels or use
S.O.O.P. Sim mode to work on specific requirements as necessary.

Delivery Boy (trophy #10) and Yes Chef! (trophy #11) both require you to join
another player's game for online co-op so Playstation Plus is probably needed.

Brigade de Cuisine (trophy #12) requires you to play local co-op challenges so
you'll need a second controller for that.

There are several trophies for earning medals in Galactic Challenges mode. Each
set of challenges here lasts for 48 hours and you'll need to complete several
cycles to get enough medals for the trophies so you might want to start working
on doing challenges as soon as possible.

Apart from the ones for making different flavours, progress towards trophies in
the tutorial levels is not counted.

Several of the trophies are named after the various titles that are used in a
professional kitchen, e.g. Chef de Cuisine, Sous-Chef, Commis Chef, etc.

01 Master Chef [Platinum]


   As usual you get this for completing all the other trophies in the game.

02 Double Eleven* [Bronze]

   "Play the game at 11:11"

   This trophy will pop if you have the game running when your console's system
   time is either 11:11am or 11:11pm. You don't need to be actively playing the
   campaign or a challenge, the game can be sitting on the main menu so you can
   just leave it on while you do something else if you want.

   If you're really keen to get this trophy as quickly as possible then you can
   also manually set your system time to 11:10 and then hop back into the game!

   *The PS4 port of Nom Nom Galaxy was developed by Double Eleven. They also
   included the same trophy in PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4/Vita), Frozen
   Synapse Prime (PS3/Vita) and LittleBigPlanet (Vita) - and maybe it will also
   feature in their forthcoming console port of Prison Architect...? :)

03 Commis Chef [Bronze]

   "Complete the tutorials"

   For this trophy you simply need to complete "GSA-001" and "GSA-002" which are
   the first two levels you play in the Corporate Conquest campaign mode.

   In GSA-001 you just need to follow all the directions and in GSA-002 you help
   with harvesting ingredients until you achieve 100% Market Share.

04 Primordial Soup [Bronze]

   "Blend and ship your first soup"

   You'll get this for creating and launching your first flavour in whichever
   Corporate Conquest campaign level you play after completing the tutorials.

   The trophy pops immediately after the rocket launches.

05 Souperseded [Bronze]

   "Defeat your first rival soup company"

   Again the tutorials don't count for this so you'll get this trophy when you
   complete any other planet in Corporate Conquest by getting 100% Market Share
   and maintaining it until the end of the working day.

06 Dining Al Fresco* [Bronze]

   "Eat 10 different ingredients"

   If you're carrying an ingredient (and standing on terrain) you can press
   d-pad Left to eat it. Most ingredients will restore health** - so you can
   only eat when your health bar isn't full.

   This trophy should come naturally simply from playing the game and eating
   available ingredients to heal, however you might want to keep a list of which
   ones you've eaten otherwise it could take some time to find new ingredients
   which you haven't eaten before.

   If you want to get this trophy more quickly you can intentionally take damage
   by jumping a short distance off a ladder, causing a small landslide overhead
   or allowing a creature to attack you.

   I'm pretty sure the tutorial levels don't count towards this trophy but you
   will have plenty of opportunities to eat during (and after) the campaign.

   *The Italian term "al fresco" is used in English to refer to being outdoors.

   **The Poisonpuff (pink mushroom) lives up to its name - it's poisonous so it
   will actually reduce your health! The Thornstalk ingredient is poisonous too.

07 The Tenderiser [Bronze]

   "Defeat 5 Queens"

   On later planets you can get a larger creature called a Queen to spawn by
   finding a Cornbug, Tomaty or Shroomba (blue mushroom) nest and continually
   killing the creatures or attacking the nest.

   Queens can be killed pretty quickly using the shotgun or sword but you can
   also juggle them with the uppercut (hold Up + Square).

   The planet Pheni is a good place to farm Queen kills as you'll find several
   roaming the surface on day 1. Sometimes a combat challenge will have a Queen
   without a nest that's easily accessible too - as soon as you've killed her
   you can pause and retry to repeat the challenge (your progress is saved).

08 Super Astro Bros!* [Bronze]

   "Use the Hopper EX to kill a Shroomba"

   The Hopper (pogo-stick) vehicle is unlocked by completing the Quapel level.

   Once you have it available you'll need to find a Shroomba best (a big blue
   mushroom), purchase the Hopper for 600 Gold and then bounce on one of the
   Shroomba creatures to kill it.

   It'll take a few bounces to get the kill but you can hold R2 to use the drill
   mode which does double damage.

   *You might expect to receive a 1UP after bouncing on a mushroom man. :)

09 It's Time to Cook Soup and Chew Gum* [Bronze]

   "Chew 5 Galactic Gums at once"

   Each type of Galactic Gum gives you a temporary buff (see Section 10).

   When you collect Floppies (yellow floppy disks) while mining you'll receive
   one gum each time the counter hits 100%. That doesn't mean you've found all
   the Floppies in a level either, it just means you've found enough Floppies
   for one gum so you can continue collecting them.

   You can also earn gums by completing Astro Pins (see Section 12), winning
   medals in challenges (see Section 03), killing enemies and replaying levels
   in the campaign.

   You'll get tons of gums as you play through the campaign and then you simply
   need to use five at the same time to get the trophy.

   *In John Carpenter's cult-classic 1988 sci-fi movie 'They Live' Roddy Piper
   (RIP) famously declared "I have come here to chew bubble-gum and kick ass...
   and I'm all outta bubble-gum." B) This line was later re-used in Duke Nukem.

10 Delivery Boy [Bronze]

   "Complete 5 days in other players' games"

   If a player has their game set to Open or if a friend invites you to their
   Private game you can join them for some online co-op fun.

   To find a match go to Corporate Conquest mode, press L1 to go online, pick
   "Online Search Options", press Cross and then check the level-select menu for
   any planet with a yellow box showing the number of games available. Highlight
   a level, press Triangle to view the Open games and press Cross to join.

   Alternatively you can simply select the Quick Join option on the main menu
   and you'll get matched with a player (but you can't choose the planet).

   You need to play for a total of five game days (not real days!) on other
   players' games and that can be spread over more than one planet - I got the
   trophy after three days on one level and two days on the next one.

   Each game day lasts six minutes of real time so - if you don't suffer from
   too much buffering and freezing - this should take about half an hour.

11 Yes Chef! [Silver]

   "Help ship 100 cans of soup for other players"

   This also requires you to join another player's game (see above).

   The specific requirement for the trophy is that you manually load a total of
   one hundred soup cans into Soup Rockets (in other players' games).

   Obviously this will take a long time so you'll want to focus on loading soup
   cans. Camp around the factory and grab a can whenever possible - don't be
   ashamed to rob a C&C by using your melee attack to make them drop a can! If
   there's no rocket available then build another one if you've got Matter.

   You don't even need to play co-operatively. You can find another part of the
   map with a good supply of ingredients and set up your own small factory (if
   you make a Power Generator you'll get arrows directing you towards locations
   where you can find a Power Crystal). That's usually a much better option than
   competing with other players and having to work around someone else's crazy
   inefficient factory design. :9

12 Brigade de Cuisine [Silver]

   "Earn a medal in 5 co-op challenges"

   The co-op challenge is always the bottom-right option on the challenge menu.

   This will always require local splitscreen "couch" co-op so you'll need two
   controllers for this. Also since each co-op challenge is live for 48 hours
   it'll take at least nine or ten days to complete this trophy.

13 The Kitchen of the Future! [Silver]

   "Create a factory with every type of robot"

   To get this trophy you need to have all of the following robots active in a
   level at the same time.

   - Charlie & Charles (available by default)

   - Freddy (unlocked by completing Alteria)

   - Travis (unlocked by completing Iddil)

   - Arthur (unlocked by completing Kizto)

   - Jimmy (unlocked by completing Ordsok)

   - Jack (unlocked by completing Kabuuf)

   - Ben (unlocked by completing Begreep)

   - Clarence (unlocked by completing Begreep)

   Once you have them all available you can simply buy one of each when you have
   enough Gold. However you can also take advantage of the fact that some levels
   have certain robots on them already, for example Kabuuf has Jacks, Jimmies,
   Arthurs and C&C's so you should be able to get the trophy there by buying
   the other four types - although you might need to find the robots hidden in
   the big basement area first?

14 The Favoured Flavour [Silver]

   "Create and ship the legendary Nutrient Nova soup"

   Nutrient Nova is the most valuable flavour - it's worth 500 Gold per can!

   It's made by combining the Thornbloom and Poisonpuff ingredients.

   The Thornbloom is the flower with white petals which sometimes appears on the
   tall Thornstalk plants on later levels. It can be harvested with the Buzzsaw.

   The Poisonpuff is the pink mushroom. You'll often find them in underground
   caves and they sometimes drop after killing a Shroomba (mushroom creature).

   It's easy to get this trophy on Getoi, the first planet in the third region.
   There are plenty of Thornstalks there (and three hidden Storage Units loaded
   with Thornblooms) and several Poisonpuffs available underground.

   The trophy will pop when your rocket returns with the 500 Gold payment.

15 Variety is the Spice of Life [Silver]

   "Create a factory with 5 machines that don't use any of the same ingredients"

   This is pretty straightforward but it probably won't come naturally since
   you'll usually tend to re-use common ingredients in multiple machines.

   To do this you'll obviously need to find a planet which has at least ten
   different ingredients available and then construct five Soup Machines without
   any duplication of ingredients (i.e. AB, CD, EF, GH and IJ). If you build all
   five machines in a row then it'll be easier to check which ingredients you've
   used already.

   Hidden Storage Units usually contain a selection of less common ingredients
   which would prove very helpful here. The units on Alteria contain seven
   different ingredients and there are at least four others elsewhere on that
   planet. The ones on Quapel have six types and there are eight others on the
   level. Search Section 11 for details of some Storage Unit locations.

   The trophy will pop as soon as you load the final two unique ingredients into
   the fifth Soup Machine.

16 You Can't Put A Price On Taste [Silver]

   "Spend over 100,000 Gold"

   You earn Gold primarily by delivering soup and you can then spend it on shop
   items - robots, defence towers, weapons and vehicles (see Section 07).

   You don't need to make an effort to boost this trophy - I got it after I'd
   completed about a dozen levels in the campaign.

17 Would you Like to Supersize that? [Silver]

   "Create a 100-piece factory in Conquest or S.O.O.P. Sim"

   If you don't get this while playing through the campaign you can simply load
   up a factory in S.O.O.P. Simulator mode and just keep adding sections.

   It would be simplest to just build long corridors using the narrow sections
   as these take up less space and are very cheap to build (15 Matter each).

   If your factory gets low on power you may need to build a Power Generator and
   then seek out a Power Crystal for it.

   The trophy will pop as soon as you build the 100th section so you'll know
   when to stop! There's no need to keep count.

18 Food Science [Silver]

   "Unlock all available upgrades"

   Upgrades are unlocked by completing planets in the first three regions in
   Corporate Conquest mode so for this trophy you need to beat every level (see
   Section 11) apart from the final one ("The Overload").

   In total there are nine passive perks, seven robots, three defence towers,
   two weapons, three vehicles and five factory sections. You can view your
   current upgrades by standing in an Office and pressing Circle.

   However the best way to check your progress is on the campaign mode galaxy
   menu where ticks indicate which planets you've completed so far.

19 Sous-Chef de Cuisine [Silver]

   "Discover 50 different flavours of soup"

20 Chef de Cuisine [Gold]

   "Discover 100 different flavours of soup"

   You'll need to create eighty flavours to open the final Gravlock as you play
   through the campaign so you'll just need another twenty for the trophy.

   It's possible to work on farming flavours in Corporate Conquest mode but you
   would need to maintain just enough soup production to neither win nor lose
   the level! It's a lot simpler to do it in S.O.O.P. Simulator mode where you
   don't have a rival company.

   Thorough exploration of a level will sometimes reveal an ingredient you'd
   missed previously. Most plant ingredients can be replanted and cultivated so
   you can use them for several different flavours.

   Sometimes you'll also find some hidden Storage Units containing a few of the
   more rare ingredients. As I noted above, the units on Alteria and Quapel have
   a good selection.

   Use all the ingredients available to make as many new flavours as possible,
   for example if a planet has four ingredients A, B, C and D you can combine
   them ten ways by making AA, AB, AC, AD, BB, BC, BD, CC, CD and DD.

   Remember you can press touchpad then Square to see which flavours you've
   already made so you don't waste time (or ingredients) on repeats.

   A Soup Machine cannot be wiped or reprogrammed to make a new flavour so you
   will usually want to demolish it and build a new one each time you have new
   ingredients to use but it's safest to wait until after the machine has made
   and canned the previous soup before you demolish it.

   These trophies pop during play as soon as you make your 50th/100th flavour.

   (I found eight ingredients in the second tutorial level (GSA-002) and used
   them to make all 36 possible flavours. This was more than enough to unlock
   Gravlock A so I then picked Begreep at random and found enough ingredients
   there to take my total up to 78 (from twelve ingredients). I wouldn't really
   recommend doing it that way but it shows you can get a lot of flavours from
   playing only two levels if you find and use all the ingredients present in
   all possible combinations.)

21 Mobile Catering [Silver]

   "Earn a medal in all Challenge types"

   In Galactic Challenges mode (see Section 03) the five current challenges will
   always include four types of solo challenge - Delivery, Race, Combat and
   Sales - which all last for the same 48-hour period. You need to set a score
   or time in every type that's good enough for at least a bronze medal.

   (Remember that your medal is not confirmed until the end of the 48 hours -
   other players could come along and knock you down the leaderboard!)

   The fifth challenge on the menu (bottom-right) will always be a local co-op
   challenge but that's not required for this trophy.

   In order to receive your medal (and Galactic Gum reward) you must return to
   the challenge menu after the current 48-hour cycle has ended.

22 Escuelerie [Bronze]

   "Earn a medal in 5 Challenges"

23 Tournant [Silver]

   "Earn a medal in 10 Challenges"

24 Potager [Gold]

   "Earn a medal in 20 Challenges"

   For these trophies you need to earn a total of twenty medals in challenges.

   If you always successfully medal in all five challenges this will require
   four 48-hour cycles to complete or without local co-op it needs five.

   You can save some time once you know the challenge cycle. For example you
   could wait until there's only an hour or two remaining, complete all the
   current challenges and then once the previous 48-hour cycle is complete you
   can jump straight into the new ones.

25 Culinary Perfection [Gold]

   "Achieve an Elite medal in any Challenge"

   The top medal awarded is Elite - it's given to the players at the very top of
   the leaderboard for each challenge. You'll need to set a very good score or
   time so it's best to pick a type of challenge you're good at and then keep
   practising it to improve your performance.

   The title screen for each challenge shows you the score/time required to get
   an Elite/gold/silver/bronze medal currently.

   Nom Nom Galaxy was included as one of the "free" games for PS+ subscribers in
   February 2016 so if you're playing the game in spring 2016 you should be
   aware that there are currently a lot more players than normal! If you find it
   hard to get an Elite medal now you could always try waiting a few months.

26 Basic Hygiene Certificate [Bronze]

   "Unlock 10 Astro Pins"

27 Advanced Cookery Diploma [Silver]

   "Unlock 40 Astro Pins"

28 Culinary Arts Award [Gold]

   "Unlock All Astro Pins"

   The Astro Pins are a list of 75 achievements each with three requirements.

   Press the touchpad during play to view your Astro Pins progress.

   See Section 12 for full details of the Astro Pins.

   You'll complete a lot of them as you progress through the Corporate Conquest
   campaign and then you can play S.O.O.P. Simulator mode to grind the others.

29 Local Takeaway [Bronze]

   "Unlock the first Gravlock"

   Make twelve different soup flavours to open Gravlock A.

30 Country Pub [Silver]

   "Unlock the second Gravlock"

   Make forty different soup flavours to open Gravlock B.

31 A Quaint Little Bistro [Silver]

   "Unlock the third Gravlock"

   Make eighty different soup flavours to open Gravlock C.

   See trophy #20 for notes on making as many flavours as possible.

   These three trophies don't pop until you complete/exit the current mission.

32 The Great Business Soup-Off [Gold]

   "Defeat all rival soup companies in the campaign"

   You compete against a different firm on each planet in Corporate Conquest
   mode so you need to win on every level (see Section 11) to get this trophy.

   This is basically the same as Food Science (trophy #18) except here you also
   need to beat Mister Chopsticks in the final level - The Overload.

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o PhusionDev for the flavour reference charts

o tantalor for the Zokhelm map

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I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
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