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by CyricZ

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/18/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. FAQ
    1. Notes on Missable Trophies
  3. The Basics
    1. Basic Controls
    2. Menus
    3. Hints & Tips
  4. Exploring Japan
    1. Common Attractions
    2. Kamurocho, Tokyo
    3. Sotenbori, Osaka
    4. Important Characters
    5. Glossary of Terms
  5. Combat and Abilities
    1. Basic Combat
    2. Mr. Shakedown
    3. Upgrading
    4. Kazuma Kiryu: Brawler Style
    5. Kazuma Kiryu: Rush Style
    6. Kazuma Kiryu: Beast Style
    7. Kazuma Kiryu: Legend Style
    8. Goro Majima: Thug Style
    9. Goro Majima: Slugger Style
    10. Goro Majima: Breaker Style
    11. Goro Majima: Legend Style
  6. Story Walkthrough
    1. Chapter 1: Bound By Oath
    2. Chapter 2: The Real Estate Broker in the Shadows
    3. Chapter 3: A Gilded Cage
    4. Chapter 4: Proof of Resolve
    5. Chapter 5: An Honest Living
    6. Chapter 6: The Yakuza Way
    7. Chapter 7: A Dark Escape
    8. Chapter 8: Tug of War
    9. Chapter 9: Ensnared
    10. Chapter 10: A Man's Worth
    11. Chapter 11: A Murky Riverbed
    12. Chapter 12: Den of Desires
    13. Chapter 13: Crime and Punishment
    14. Chapter 14: Unwavering Bonds
    15. Chapter 15: Scattered Light
    16. Chapter 16: The Proof of Love
    17. Finale: Black and White
  7. Real Estate Royale
    1. Basics of Real Estate
    2. Your Staff
    3. Properties
    4. Challenges of Running a Business
    5. The Five Billionaires
  8. Cabaret Club Czar
    1. Basics of a Cabaret Club
    2. The Hostess Brigade
    3. Grooming your Platinums
    4. Business Partners
    5. Rival Battles with the Five Stars
  9. Substories
    1. Overview
    2. Chapter 2 Substories
    3. Chapter 3 Substories
    4. Chapter 4 Substories
    5. Chapter 5 Substories
    6. Chapter 6 Substories
    7. Chapter 7 Substories
    8. Chapter 8 Substories
    9. Chapter 10 Substories
    10. Finale Substories
  10. Masters
    1. Bacchus
    2. Kamoji
    3. Miss Tatsu
    4. Sometaro Komeki
    5. Fei Hu
    6. Areshi
  11. City Exploration
    1. Telephone Cards
    2. Video Clips
    3. Dream Machines
    4. Coliseum
  12. Minigames
    1. Arcade: Fantasy Zone
    2. Arcade: Out Run
    3. Arcade: Space Harrier
    4. Arcade: Super Hang-On
    5. Arcade: UFO Catcher
    6. Batting Center
    7. Bowling
    8. Casino: General
    9. Casino: Baccarat
    10. Casino: Blackjack
    11. Casino: Poker
    12. Casino: Roulette
    13. Catfights
    14. Darts
    15. Disco
    16. Fishing
    17. Gambling: General
    18. Gambling: Cee-lo
    19. Gambling: Cho-han
    20. Gambling: Koi-koi
    21. Gambling: Oicho-kabu
    22. Karaoke
    23. Mahjong
    24. Pocket Circuit
    25. Pool
    26. Shogi
    27. Telephone Club
  13. Heat Actions
  14. Dragon & Tiger
    1. Destinations
    2. Agents
    3. Recipes
    4. Parts
  15. Items
    1. Recovery
    2. Equipment
    3. Other
    4. Pocket Circuit Components
  16. Completion List
    1. Completion Metrics
    2. Completion Points and the Shrine/Temple
    3. DLC
    4. New Game + and Premium Adventure
    5. Climax Battles
    6. Trophies
  17. Standard Guide Stuff
    1. Legal
    2. E-mail Guidelines
    3. Credits
    4. Version History
    5. The Final Word



I've arranged the equipment first by type, then by the order of attack or defense they provide. This list will only tell you the stats of your items and roughly where you can find them. If that place is Dragon & Tiger, then the specifics of how to craft or find it is detailed in that section under Recipes.


Pipes and Batons
Lumber2112 2000Don Quijote
Sturdy Iron Pipe28Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Iron Pipe48Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Iron Pipe5418 25,000Ebisu Pawn
Superalloy Pipe12620 900,000D&T
Police Baton15616Stun1,800,000D&T
Modified Police Baton21018Stun, Shock8,300,000D&T
Gentleman's Umbrella9615 300,000Don Quijote
Colorful Parasol24022Multiple random effects22,000,000D&T
Antique Oilpaper Umbrella30026Knockback55,000,000D&T
Blackjack4512 18,000D&T
Ballbuster12014Knockback900,000D&T, Dream Machines
Golden Blackjack18016Knockback, +4 Money5,000,000D&T
Dagger10012 320,000D&T
Masterwork Dagger22014 7,700,000D&T
Legendary Shintogo26422 20,000,000D&T
Goemon28518+1 Money60,000,000D&T
Dragon God Short Sword33924 100,000,000D&T
Sturdy Knife25Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Butterfly Knife3010 5,000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Knife45Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Super Spicy Knife12014Burn820,000D&T, Substory #14
Chinese Broadsword16016 1,800,000D&T
Lotus Clan Broadsword25020 20,000,000D&T
General Guan's Broadsword29024 55,000,000D&T
Stun Guns
Old Stun Gun306Shock3000D&T
Stun Gun9015Shock280,000D&T
Hyper Stun Gun18618Shock4,200,000D&T
Sturdy Bat28Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Bat48Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Metal Bat5528 22,000D&T
Spiked Bat10018Stagger240,000D&T, Kamuro Dealer
Patriarch's Bat19522Does not strike walls4,000,000D&T, Batting Center
Superalloy Bat22032Can block bullets8,000,000D&T
Legendary Kinryu Bat31522 50,000,000D&T
Golf Clubs
Wooden Driver278 4000Ebisu Pawn
Metal Iron13014 750,000D&T
Patriarch's Driver28512 7,700,000D&T
Dragon Driver35522 100,000,000D&T
Sturdy Wooden Katana25Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Wooden Katana45Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Wooden Katana5016 20,000D&T
Nameless Katana10512 400,000D&T, Kamuro Dealer
Yoshiyuki13220 950,000D&T
Photon Blade Prototype15024Stun DLC
Sakura Storm16018 2,000,000D&T, Substory #53
Sacred Wooden Katana19824More powerful with low health4,400,000D&T
Sunburst23022Knockdown8,400,000D&T, Substory #2
Morning Tempest26520Knockback24,000,000D&T
Dragon Slayer27020 52,000,000D&T
Celestial Steed28524 55,000,000D&T
Ama no Murakumo36024Shockwave130,000,000D&T
Sturdy Iron Hammer30Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Iron Hammer50Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Big Festival Fan12010Knockback DLC
Iron Hammer1206 30,000D&T
Warning Sign5001Breaks Guard800,000D&T
Fortune Mallet2807 8,200,000D&T
Frozen Tuna39012 18,000,000D&T
Raging Dragon Hammer4509 120,000,000D&T
Yagyu Greatsword21612 4,200,000D&T
Exorcism Greatsword31515More powerful with low health58,000,000D&T
Long Lumber209 2800D&T
Sturdy Pole28Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Pole48Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Six-Fluted Pole13512 800,000D&T
Collapsible Steel Staff19218 4,000,000D&T
Sacred Wooden Staff26424 19,000,000D&T
Thunder God Staff30026Shock50,000,000D&T
Assassin's Spear10512 360,000D&T
L Photon Blade Prototype12015 DLC
Cleaving Pole16818 1,900,000D&T
Great Marlin22220More powerful with low health770,000D&T
Mighty Dragon Spear35026 100,000,000D&T
Slime Gun8016Slip660,000D&T
Zap Gun9018Shock2,400,000D&T
Smoke Gun10020Knockback25,000,000D&T
Golden Shotgun10099+2 Money CP Temple
Broken M198511510 1,300,000D&T
Expulsion S-1215018 8,800,000D&T
MJM56-55 Exorcist25021 155,550,000D&T
Golden Rifle35012 Dream Machines
Brass Knuckles2018 5000D&T
Sturdy Brass Knuckles20Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Brass Knuckles40Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Steel Knuckles9024 360,000D&T
Konpeito22028More powerful against more enemies7,800,000D&T
Dragon Grudge Fists28532 55,000,000D&T
Bagh Naka
Bagh Naka12512Stagger920,000D&T
Assassin's Bagh Naka18516Poison4,500,000D&T
Tiger Bagh Naka30020Stagger98,000,000D&T
Modified Lighter1010Burn18,000D&T
Bottomless Lighter18InfiniteBurn D&T
Modified Bottomless Lighter30InfiniteBurn, Shock D&T
Modified Deluxe Lighter3218Burn, Shock800,000D&T, Kamuro Dealer
Slime Spray1210Slip7000D&T
Venom Spray1212Poison1,000,000D&T
Table Salt126 100Don Quijote
Master Ball9012 DLC
Firecracker30 Dream Machines
Steel Business Card21030 Dream Machines, Coliseum
Marlin Cannon1007 DLC
Cannon2204 2,200,000D&T, Dream Machines
Destroyer of Lands3205 8,200,000D&T
Sturdy Tonfa25Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Wooden Tonfa3015 5000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Tonfa45Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Carbon Tonfa10218 320,000D&T
Steel Tonfa16026 1,700,000D&T
Slashing Tonfa19022Stagger4,500,000D&T
Steel Crowbar24020 DLC
Yinglong Tonfa27028 24,000,000D&T
Dragon Horn36030+0.8 Money110,000,000D&T
Sturdy Nunchaku24Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Wooden Nunchaku3015 5000D&T
Extremely Sturdy Nunchaku44Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Carbon Nunchaku10218 320,000D&T
Frozen Sardines15615 DLC
SPARK 15000V19020Shock4,200,000D&T, Dream Machines
Sickle Nunchaku20018 4,400,000D&T
Daikon Nunchaku21015 7,000,000D&T
Dynamite Nunchaku27022Knockback22,000,000D&T
Dragon Nunchaku30030 52,000,000D&T
Baiken34020 123,000,000D&T
Kali Sticks
Sturdy Kali Sticks23Infinite 12,300,000D&T
Double Slats2712 4200D&T
Extremely Sturdy Kali Sticks43Infinite 88,888,888D&T
Wooden Kali Sticks5418 25,000D&T
Spiked Taiko Sticks13820 850,000D&T
Double Feathered Fans21620Stun7,800,000D&T
Twin Dragon Sticks28524 54,000,000D&T
Musashi's Wooden Katana33032 110,000,000D&T
Dual Swords
Double Chinese Broadswords16218 2,200,000D&T
Guan & Lotus Broadswords36026 120,000,000D&T
Modified Model Gun6010 30,000D&T
Drow-Z 559018Sleep8,550,000D&T
9mm Automatic Pistol10010 500,000D&T, Substory #4, Dream Machines
Antique Gun1056 DLC
Double Action Revolver1606 2,400,000D&T
Mr. Random17525Knockback, Shock, Poison234,567,890D&T
Tiger's Bane30010 70,000,000D&T
Golden Pistol300Infinite CP Shrine


Bloody Binding-5-2-2380,000D&THeat rises steadily
Manga Magazine121200D&T
Binding33220,000D&T, Don Quijote
Fighter's Binding5541,000,000D&TResistance to slashing
Lucky Binding5544,200,000D&T+0.5 Money against Shakedown
Elder's Belly Warmer6662,000,000D&TMore attack power with more enemies
Secret Stash Binding78610,000,000D&TReduces money loss against Shakedown
Fur Belly Warmer9984,500,000D&TReduces Heat loss due to being attacked
Gambler's Binding1010910,000,000D&T+0.8 Money
Fearless Binding11111025,000,000D&TResistance to slashing
Dragon's Binding161513120,000,000D&TReduces Heat loss due to being attacked
Chain Mail57450,000D&TResistance to slashing
Battle Mail8961,200,000D&TReduces Heat loss due to time
Steel Mail1215102,400,000D&T
Antique Chain Mail1417115,000,000D&TResistance to slashing
Chain Shirt18211432,000,000D&TResistance to slashing
Regal Chain Shirt22251875,000,000D&TResistance to stun
Dragon Mail283025150,000,000D&TResistance to bullets, double weapon durability
Quick-Change Clothes111 CP RewardAllows quick switching of styles
Fireproof Shirt1004000D&T, Ebisu PawnResistance to fire
Insulated Shirt20024,000D&T, Ebisu PawnResistance to shock, +0.1 Money Multiplier
Baseball Shirt30027,000D&T, Don QuijoteIncreased thrown weapon damage plus knockback
Tour T-Shirt311300,000D&T, Substory #23When you fall, enemies fall
Avarice Shirt5222,200,000D&T, Random Encounters+0.2 Money against Shakedown
Wild Shirt7339,000,000D&T, Substory #6Damages enemies who damage you
Celestial Garb15101030,000,000D&TResistance to bullets
Dragon Shirt231512120,000,000D&TResistant to many things
Metal Jacket433320,000D&T, Kamuro DealerResistance to fire
Jet Black Jacket6662,000,000D&TResistance to bullets
Military Jacket8884,400,000D&TResistance to bullets, double weapon durability
Yakuza Training Gear1111118,500,000D&TIncreased thrown weapon damage plus knockback
Training Gear14141427,500,000D&TResistance to being grabbed
Makoto Surcoat181818 D&TResistance to slashing and bullets


Secret Wallet010320,000D&T, Substories #3 and #49Reduces money loss against Shakedown, +0.2 Money
Comfy Soles1001500D&T, Don Quijote
Contact Lenses1022000D&T, Don Quijote
Springy Arm Guards11116,000D&TIncreased thrown weapon damage
Alertness Hood210880,000D&TDrunkeness goes away faster
Steel Shin Guards220840,000D&TResistance to foot sweeps
Silent Shoes2221,800,000D&T, Substory #12Encounters will still see you, but cannot hear you run
High-Tech Arm Guards2438,200,000D&TIncreased thrown weapon damage, resistance to slashing
Hercules Gloves24360,000,000D&TEnemies have a hard time escaping being grabbed
Mew Shoes2441,800,000D&TEnemies will spot you faster, +0.2 Money
Headgear3004,000,000D&TResistance to stun
Guantlets311280,000D&TResistance to slashing
Security Wallet3228,000,000D&T, Substories #3 and #78Reduces money loss against Shakedown, +0.5 Money
High-Tech Shin Guards33125,000,000D&TResistance to foot sweeps
Leech Gloves332100,000,000D&T, Coliseum RewardGrab enemies to drain their Heat
Rage Ring123260,000D&TEnemies get angry
Tourmaline Bracelet123950,000D&TStand still during battle to recover health
Debt Collector's Necklace1111,900,000D&T+0.5 Money
Sacrifice Stone0111,600,000D&T, Substory #46, DLCWill survive a mortal blow with 1 HP
Tattered Scarf0003,000,000D&TEnemies will hang back instead of rushing you
Champion's Ring4442,700,000D&TEnemies will attack more frequently
Head Honcho Scarf2228,800,000D&TEncounters will still see you, but not as well, +0.2 Money
Beads of Good Fortune10026,000,000D&TEncounters will not occur, including Mr. Shakedown, +0.5 Money
Payback Ring-15-15-1550,000,000D&TMore attack power with more enemies and lower health
Stone of Enduring000300,000D&TWill survive a mortal blow with 1 HP
Charismatic Photo111 Substory #6, Dream MachinesEnemies will swarm you more in battle
Calming Towel322 Substory #64Your Heat will not increase during battle
Charismatic Autobiography333 Substory #6, Dream MachinesEnemies will swarm you more in battle
Card Watcher000 CP RewardWill sound a tone if you're near a Phone Card
Celebrity Perfume000 CP RewardIncreases spawn rate of Nouveau Riche
Encounter Finder111 Substories #23 and #58Enemies will appear on the minimap and Mr. Shakedown will be visible on the map
Trouble Finder111 Substories #13 and #79Available substories will be visible on the map as exclamation points
Magnetic Necklace111 Substory #9Stand still during battle to recover health
Amon Sunglasses111 Substory #100Increases weapon damage
Thug's Necklace011 D&TIncreases damage in Thug Style
Breaker's Necklace011 D&TIncreases damage in Breaker Style
Slugger's Necklace011 D&TIncreases damage in Slugger Style
Mad Dog Collar222 D&TIncreases damage in Legend Style
Protective Amulet100500D&T, Ebisu Pawn
Bulletproof Glass Amulet107250,000D&TResistance to bullets
Goddess of Children Amulet2211,500,000D&T, Substory #10Enemies will hang back instead of rushing you
Berserker Charm1113,800,000D&THeat will increase when your health is red
Traveler's Amulet2339,000,000D&T, Substory #54 (Majima)Decreases Equipment Search time
Benkei's Amulet35558,000,000D&T, Substory #61Improves Equipment Search results
Brawler Amulet011 D&TIncreases damage in Brawler Style
Rush Amulet011 D&TIncreases damage in Rush Style
Beast Amulet011 D&TIncreases damage in Beast Style
Dragon Amulet222 D&TIncreases damage in Legend Style
Leather Belt11110,000D&T, Ebisu Pawn
Black Belt211260,000D&T, Kamuro DealerMore damage when throwing enemies
Boozer Belt212800,000D&TMore attack power and Heat accumulation while drunk
Immovable Belt2321,800,000D&TYou can escape grabs more easily
Sprite Belt2224,200,000D&T, Substory #52 (Majima)Double weapon durability
Collateral Damage Belt1118,500,000D&TWhen you fall, enemies fall
Magic Belt43358,000,000D&TDecreases Equipment Search time and improves results