Special orders really required?

  1. Hi,

    are this Special orders really required? If I don't do them, do I loose a lot of useful stuff? Are there some Story restrictions?

    I think Special orders destroy the ambience of the game. The orders are stupid and boring.

    User Info: Horteo

    Horteo - 5 years ago

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  1. Some of the Eidolons are unlocked through specific S.O.s, but they're mostly just ways to earn items at the end of the missions. You don't really lose anything by ignoring them, and you can avoid the penalty for not completing them, so you might as well just try a few.

    User Info: Voragoras

    Voragoras - 5 years ago 3   1


  1. White SO's - ignore freely. They won't reward you anything worth fussing over, except adding to your tally of SO's completed on that mission to get the fairly generic "completed X SO's" item reward.

    Red SO's - at least check and see what they want you to do. The reward varies, but in a lot of cases it's a weapon or accessory you can't get any other way, there's a handful of magic spells you can only get from specific red SO's, and a couple Eidolons too. PLUS, if you are replaying that mission and have already done a red SO before, doing it again will grant you an Elixir (pretty easy way to rake those in, at no cost, especially for some of the easier SO's).

    Taking an SO can/will often give you or your entire party a specific buff. This is an easy almost-exploit, but you can accept the SO without really trying to do it, just for the buff you get. Then, if it's one of the many timed SO's, if you haven't completed it (or failed it), and can move to a new area, go ahead and do it and the SO itself will cancel. Or if you take an SO and move to the next zone, you get some free "buff" time out of it even though the SO cancels.

    AND, even if you fail an SO, it's possible to (with most characters) avoid the failure-death-zones. Maybe not so much with a slow character like Jack or Cinque, but fairly easily with a fast character like Ace (tele-dodging), or Cater (runs really fast).

    Even if you die, if you are quick, you can swap main characters and throw out a Phoenix Down, or if you have any Phoenix Pinions/Anima Lanterns, use those for the Reraise status on SO's you think you might fail.

    User Info: Fenriradramelk

    Fenriradramelk - 5 years ago 1   1
  2. For the most part, they're completely optional. The white ones will give you basic tasks and buffs while the red ones will give you items/magic/summons (and buffs, of course). One strategy is to accept an SO that you don't plan to complete in order to get the buff, then leave the area (which cancels the SO) before you fail and are killed. I'd recommend checking out Phillnanas' FAQ for help deciding if an SO is worth doing and how to do it (for example, waiting until the right moment to accept it).

    User Info: hawk222

    hawk222 - 5 years ago 0   1
  3. Yes in the final chapter. The rest of the game "prepares" you with optional SOs which can be turned off in Sorcery by talking to man with blue INFO icon over his head or by just not opening/accepting.

    Final chapter not only auto opens the SOs (has a different name than SO in final chapter) but also auto accepts. And completion of SO is required to proceed further into dungeon.

    User Info: corrente

    corrente - 5 years ago 0   1

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