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FAQ/Walkthrough by DomZ Ninja

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/19/16

          Winner of the GameFAQs FAQ of the Month for February 2016
                               _,----.__          ,' _ `.
            _                ,'  __     `---.__   \_) \  \
           | `.             /  ,'_ `--._       `-.___,'  /
           |  |            |  |(_ `.    |  |`--._     _,'
           |  |             \ `--' |    |  |     `---'
           |  |              `.__,'     |  |
           |  |                         |  | .-.         |`.
           |  |                 |`.     |  | './         | | _
           |  |  ,--._   ,---.,-| |_    |  | .-. .-.__   | |' )  ,---. .-.__
  / |   _  |  |  \,-. \ / ,-./`-.  _)   |  | | | |  _ `. |  ,'  /  - | |  _ `.
`/- |-./_) |  |   ,-' | '._`.   | |     |  | | | | | | | |  `.  | ,--' | | '-'
 \_,| |\_  |  |  / -  |,-._) |  | |/\   |  | | | | | | | | |. `.\ `._  | |
        _,-'  '._`._,_|`.___/   '._,'   |  | '.| |_| |,' |_| `./ `._/  |_|
      ,'   ___   `--._     ,--.         |  |
      |  ,' _ `--._   `-._(_   \        |  |
      `. `-' )     `-._   `-'  |        |_,'
        `---'          `-.____,' ,-.               ,-.    ,-.
                                /    . |           |     /       |
                                |     -|--       _-|--   |     _ |  _  _  _
                                |    | | \ |    / ||     |    / || / || `(_`
                                '._/ | |  \|    |_/|     '._/ |_/|,|_/|  ._)

                       THE LAST TINKER: CITY OF COLORS

                         Copyright (c)2016 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 03/18/16
 Version: 1.0

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


See that series of numbers to the right of each section? If you want to find 
a specific section in the FAQ, press CTRL + F to open a search box. Type in 
the series of numbers for the desired section that you're trying to find and 
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 [1] VERSION HISTORY.................................................. [0100]
 [2] CONTROLS......................................................... [0200]
 [3] WALKTHROUGH...................................................... [0300]

      Prologue........................................................ [0301]
      Red District.................................................... [0302]
      Green District.................................................. [0303]
      Blue District................................................... [0304]
      Finale.......................................................... [0305]

 [4] ENEMIES.......................................................... [0400]
 [5] FLOATY BRUSHES................................................... [0500]
 [6] DOJO UPGRADES.................................................... [0600]
 [7] UNLOCKABLES...................................................... [0700]
 [8] TROPHIES......................................................... [0800]
 [9] THANKS/CREDITS................................................... [0900]


[1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]


FAQ/Walkthrough #74

 Version 1.0 (02/01/16) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.


[2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]


|  D-Pad                      |  Red/Green/Blue Powers, Call Tap (Down)      |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Look Around, Center Camera (R3)             |
|  Touch Pad                  |  Toggle Weapon Fire Modes, Map (Down)        |
|  Options                    |  Pause Game                                  |
|  Triangle Button            |  Green Punch, Biggs/Bomber Interact          |
|  Square Button              |  Red Punch                                   |
|  Circle Button              |  Blue Punch                                  |
|  X Button                   |  Use, Skip Dialogue                          |
|  L1 Button                  |  Whistle                                     |
|  R1 Button                  |  Dodge, Rail Jump                            |
|  L2 Trigger                 |  Aim Mode                                    |
|  R2 Trigger                 |  Run, Auto Jump                              |


[3] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0300]


 NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Normal difficulty.

 PROLOGUE                                                               [0301]

| Outer District: Morning Routine |

 - 5 Floaty Brushes (5/80 Total) -

 Your journey begins with a village race, but with Koru running behind he must
 first make it to registration. Follow your flying ram friend Tap's
 commands and follow the pathway through the colorful region. By talking to
 the salamander denizen ahead, you learn that the village gate is broken and a
 detour is in order.
 Walk past the Tinker Seed, which acts as a checkpoint, and fall down to the
 ground below. There is no true jumping feature in this game, but by holding
 R2 you can automatically jump over gaps and onto platforms. Try it out by
 jumping onto the boat and to the other side of the river. Do it once more by
 crossing the rocks in the water - the free-running mechanics allow you to
 smoothly move from platform to platform. Hug to the right and scale the
 wooden boards on the spire to find a FLOATY BRUSH [1/5].
 Double back and follow the other pathway to a blue ledge. Hold down R2 and
 run towards the roots to automatically climb them, then walk across the
 tightrope. Continue ahead and talk to the old guy to learn about health and
 If you are hurting, try breaking open the crates with Square for health
 crystals. You may also find regular crystals, which can be used to purchase
 dojo upgrades a bit later in the game.
 Jump onto the rocks towards the large octopus. You can jump on his tentacles,
 but pay attention when they sink underwater so you don't get caught drownin'.
 When they raise above the surface, jump across to the next rock and wait.
 Circle around the octopus and land on the rock leading towards a second
 octopus. Instead of jumping on him, wait and circle around the other side of
 the octopus to find a FLOATY BRUSH [2/5] on a wooden stake.
 Use caution when crossing the second octopus's tentacles and climb up the
 rock wall to dry land. Move forward, then press R1 and use the Left Analog to
 jump down. Cross the tightrope and cross the red bridge for another FLOATY
 BRUSH [3/5]. Turn around and follow the other pathway up the red buildings.
 Smash the crates to get through and step onto the jump pad, pressing X to
 launch yourself away.
 After landing, turn around and walk towards the broken gate. Hang a left and
 follow the walkway to a FLOATY BRUSH [4/5] behind a stack of crates. Return
 to where you landed and walk up to the wacky pseudo wizard; the kook gives
 you 30 crystals and scampers off. Enter the market.
 Stay to the right side of the market and investigate the sign depicting the
 world map. Up ahead is a Tinker Seed checkpoint, and further up is a entrance
 to the race. Before going through the entrance, turn to the right and go
 through the alley up to a balcony overlooking the market. On the side is a
 row of wooden beams you can go across to find the last FLOATY BRUSH [5/5].
 Drop to the ground and pass through the arch to the race entrance. Talk to
 the color hippies up ahead, then the individual in the booth. Unfortunately
 for Koru, the price of admission is quite expensive and you are forced into
 menial task work.
 Follow Tap (press Down on the D-Pad to deploy him and create a navigation
 beacon) to the tavern and talk to the fellas at the table. They have some
 potential ideas for the two of you: help Muddy down at the farm and speak
 with Brik at the training grounds. Follow Tap to the nearby exit.

| Outer District: Working Hard |

 - 3 Floaty Brushes (8/80 Total) -
 Brik greets you at the entrance and promotes his fighting workshop. The
 workshop is closer than the farm, so let's go there first. Follow the red
 path to a cargo rail station and hop on. Sprint onto the station to hop on
 and ride the rail. Rails have been featured in some platformers (Ratchet &
 Clank if I'm not mistaken?) so this is nothing new; it's a fixed mechanic
 that restricts movement and potential death by falling. The only control you
 have is jumping with R1 in order to avoid obstacles (absent on this rail).
 At the end of the cargo rail, break the crates and walk towards Brik. Before
 talking to him, continue around the bend to the right to locate a FLOATY
 BRUSH [1/3] behind a boulder.
 You must complete three training exercises in order to pass the workshop.
 Each of the exercises teach and help you improve basic combat skills.
 The exercise on the left side teaches you about dodging. Simply put: press L1 
 and use the Left Analog to perform a dodge roll. Do it thrice to move on.
 Next up is the dodge punch. While dodging, press Square to pull off a unique
 punch. Hit Square while Koru is in mid-roll to execute a dodge punch; try it
 out three times on the practice dummies to complete the exercise.
 To the right of the dodging exercise is a couple punching bags. This exercise
 is mind numbingly simple, as all you have to do is spam Square to pull off
 combos. The record is 14, so repeatedly hit the punching bag and stay with it
 as it rotates until you break the record.
 Group Combat
 One-on-one fights in this game are rare, and oftentimes you are left fighting
 groups of enemies at a time. Alternating hits between enemies is important
 because it staggers them and gives you some breathers. In this exercise you
 must perform a 5-hit combo, but without hitting the same target twice in a
 row. The combat is free flow (like the Batman: Arkham games), so use the Left
 Analog while pressing Square to slide towards each dummy. Not too tough.

 Talk to Brik for one final test: real combat! Enter the ring to face off
 against the other workshop participants in groups. Use the techniques you
 learned to knock out the competitors and survive the waves. An "!" appears
 over a foe's head when they are about to attack, meaning you should either
 dodge or get a quick interrupting hit in. The participants are all weak and
 go down in two or three hits. Remember, alternate hits between targets!
 For your troubles, Brik gives you 250 crystals and some sweet fighting
 gloves. Exit the training grounds stage right and ride the cargo rail back to
 the starting point. Run forward to reach a fork in the road and go left,
 collecting the FLOATY BRUSH [2/3] behind the stack of crates.
 Now head right and proceed to the large, sentient mushroom being. This guy is
 named Biggs, and he's one of your on-again, off-again travel companion.
 Chase after Biggs, then stop once you reach a red bridge on your right. Cross
 the bridge and jump across the rocky outcroppings to find a hidden FLOATY
 BRUSH [3/3]. Resume following Biggs to find Muddy tending to his crops.
 As an ally, Biggs can help out Koru in times of need, and has special
 abilities required to solve puzzles and collect items. Use L1 to whistle for
 Biggs, and hold the button down to make him follow you. Whistling only works
 when you are relatively close to Biggs, so keep that in mind.
 Biggs can activate mushroom beds, which in turn allow you to spawn Biggs when
 needed. Hold down L1 to make Biggs follow you onto the four mushroom beds;
 they release a cloud of green spores when activated. Talk to Muddy once
 Now that Muddy has gotten rid of the spiky plants, have Biggs follow you over
 to and across the red bridge. Have him step on the three mushroom beds here,
 then press X near the raised bridge to lower one half of it. Leave Biggs
 there and cross the rocks yourself to reach the other side of the raised
 bridge. Hit the switch to lower the second half, then call Biggs over to the
 fourth mushroom bed.
 As you return to Muddy the first bridge collapses, leaving Biggs stranded.
 No worries! You can summon Biggs at any active mushroom bed, so backtrack to
 one of the first beds and use it. Bring Biggs back to Muddy and move on.
 Run after Muddy and talk to him again. Biggs is too big to cross the bridges 
 leading to the final group of mushroom beds, but fortunately Muddy has a
 trick up his sleeve. Place Biggs underneath the large flower (next to Muddy)
 and hit the switch to transform him into Bomber! Bomber is the smaller form
 of Biggs and has some new, explosive skills.
 Just like Biggs, Bomber will follow you and your whistles. Lure him over to
 the arch covering the bridge and leave him be. Go around the arch using the
 rock platforms and call Bomber through once on the other side. Have Bomber
 activate the two mushroom beds, then place him in front of the second arch.
 Jump across the water to the other side and bring Bomber along to activate
 the final two beds.
 Jump the gap and return to Muddy to deliver the good news. Return with him to
 the farmhouse for your reward: 250 crystals and a backpack. Now that you have
 the funds, head back to the racetrack and declare your entry into the race.

| Outer District: The Race |

 - 1 Floaty Brush (9/80 Total) -

 To the surprise of no one, the race begins with a cheap head start from your
 rival Bolzo. Ignore that and run forward until several boulders collapse on 
 the track. Take a detour to the left and ride the cargo rail, using R1 to
 jump over the signs on the rail. Once you land, hop along the rocks and swing
 across the poles to reach a checkpoint.
 Unfortunately you are still trailing, and ultimately you finish in second
 place. Cross the finish line and approach the racemaster, but walk down the
 slope behind him and on the right to find a FLOATY BRUSH [1/1]. Climb back up
 and speak with the crew. 

 Now that the after party has been cancelled, return to your hideout. Remember
 that you can always press Down to create a navigation trail if you ever get
 lost. Before you get home, the pair is ambushed by Bolzo and his group of
 thugs and Tap gets sucker punched. Take out the Red Gang using your combat
 skills and check on Tap afterwards.

| Outer District: Stranger |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -
 As nighttime falls, Koru hears a strange noise in the distance. Walk down the
 hill, then turn back around and return to Tap. After the scene, press X next
 to Tap to heal him. Next, step into the purple portal that appears.

| Dream World: Shortcut |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -

 Dream World is a strange abstract place filled with floating islands. The
 layout doesn't give you any chances of exploration, so follow the platforms
 while Purple Spirit talks to you. Hop over the floating rocks and talk to
 Muddy. Pass by Tap's dream vision and swing over to three district
 inhabitants. Further up is a portal leading to the Color Tower.

| The Tower: Pictures |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (11/80 Total) -

 The Tower is heavily guarded and it'll take some stealthy moves in order to
 successfully reach the tower's main chamber. On the first floor you must stay
 on the stone walkways otherwise you will make noise and get caught. Don't
 stray off or else you'll start from the beginning! And needless to say, avoid
 the guards and the light protruding from their lanterns. From the starting
 point, go:
 - straight
 - straight
 - right
 - left
 - right
 You should now be on the far right side of the room, along the perimeter.
 From here, go behind the pillar around the guard, then head:
 - left
 - straight
 - left
 Make sure to stay behind the guard as he travels in a circle and pick up the
 FLOATY BRUSH [1/2] here. Return to the fork in the road and proceed:
 - left
 - left
 - right
 Stick behind the guard here as he makes his rounds and use the pillar to get
 around him and climb the rope to the second floor. Stay on the wooden beam
 and wait for the guard to walk past you, then jump onto the balcony and dash
 to the front of the room. Before entering the main chamber, follow the path
 to the right side of the room.
 There are more guards patrolling the right balcony, as well as wooden beams
 protruding from the side that allow you to jump on and avoid getting caught.
 Follow their movement patterns and use the platforms to get away from the
 guards, and proceed all the way to the end of the balcony to find the second
 FLOATY BRUSH [2/2]. Return to the front of the room and enter the gallery.
 In order to progress further in the tower, you must find and touch the three
 spirit paintings (Red, Green, and Blue Spirits) in a certain order. The
 painting of mushrooms on the lefthand side of the gallery should give you an
 obvious clue: green, blue, and then red. Touch the spirit paintings in that
 order to open the curtains. Examine the painting of Colortown for a scene.

| Dream World: Nightmare |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -
 After using Koru, the Bleak Spirit has stolen the color from Colortown and
 sent the hero into a nightmare realm.
 Run forward towards the blank portrait, then use the red symbols as guidance
 through the white void. Cross the bridge and drop down to the island below.
 Punch all of the white cubes that fall from the sky, then use the jump pad.
 Jump across the red symbols provided by the Red Spirit and sprint away from
 the impending Bleakness. Eventually, you exit the nightmare.

| Outer District: The Bleakness |

 - 1 Floaty Brush (12/80 Total) -
 After waking up, you discover the Bleakness is corrupting all of Colortown.
 Run down the hill from your hideout and make sure to avoid the white goo:
 Bleakness is detrimental to your health and cause you to take damage if you
 step in it. Hop across the posts and push through the gate.
 At the checkpoint, go right and avoid the Bleakness geysers - pay attention
 to the bubbles on the ground to see when the geysers activate. When they are
 dormant, run over them. Head to the next checkpoint and proceed right, as you
 watch out for more geysers. Climb the rope.
 Walk across the tightropes until you reach a pile of crates imprisoning a
 citizen. Break all the boxes and then continue down the path. Jump down to
 the platform below and swing across the poles to reach a ruined house. There
 are numerous platforms you can use to make it to the other side. Go over
 s'more tightropes and talk to the weird wizard guy: he points out that there
 are baddies ahead that are invulnerable to your measly punches.
 Run away from the Bleakies ahead and continue past the waves of monsters.
 When you reach a rope, look to your right to spot a FLOATY BRUSH [1/1]
 amongst a large geyser. Wait for the Bleakness geysers to die down before
 claiming it. Climb the rope and hop onto the cargo rail.
 Cross the two fan propellers in the lake and proceed to the gate leading into
 the Red District.

 RED DISTRICT                                                           [0302]

| Red District: Tension |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (14/80 Total) -

 Run forward, past Tap as he makes a mention of the red symbols mapping the
 region. As soon as you pass Tap, hang a left and drop off the edge onto the
 pipes below. Traverse the pipework to find a FLOATY BRUSH [1/2], then climb
 back up to the road.
 Open the gate into the Red District and bear to the left. On the left side,
 further up, is a row of three red folks guarding a FLOATY BRUSH [2/2]. They
 won't let you pass, so instead walk to the left and go around the barrier.
 Smash the crates to get behind them and claim the brush for yourself.
 Head towards the entrance to the Market District to cause a massive
 Bleakness pileup. With the main pathway blocked, turn around and follow the
 red symbols out of the east exit. This trail takes you to the Red Dome.
 Before you can go inside, you are greeted once again by Bolzo's crew of
 dummies. Defeat them and hit the switch to gain access into the Red Dome.

| Red District: Spirits |

 - 5 Floaty Brushes (19/80 Total) -

 The symbols lead to the Red Dome, which is also where Bolzo and several
 henchmen are stranded. Begin by smashing the pile of crates on your left to
 find a FLOATY BRUSH [1/5], then by going forward and jumping across the rock
 platforms. Watch out for the Shooter Bleakies: strange bug-like creatures
 that shoot white globs at you. 

 Ride the cargo rail until you land, then follow the pathway past some more
 Shooters to reach a checkpoint and an octopus. Remember: the octopus drags
 his tentacles underwater periodically, so time your steps so you don't get
 pulled down into the depths. When you reach the dock, pick up the FLOATY
 BRUSH [2/5] in the gazebo and continue across the next few octopi.
 Ignore Bolzo's frozen mates to find your rival down the path. After speaking
 with him, continue forward to reach a pool with half-sunken cargo boxes
 strewn everywhere. You can use these as platforms, but they will slowly sink
 under your weight. Pick up the FLOATY BRUSH [3/5] on the far right side of
 the crate pool and hop over to the checkpoint.
 Up ahead you'll have to watch out for spinning gears in your way. Wait for
 them to stop spinning, then run or jump through the gap. Use the jump pad up
 the slope to launch yourself over to the Red Spirit.
 The Red Spirit gives you the power of the red color, allowing you to combat
 against the Bleakness forces. Drop down from the cliff and follow the Red
 Spirit over to a jump pad. Ignore it and instead go left and around to reach
 a balcony containing another FLOATY BRUSH [4/5]. Now use the jump pad to get
 to another checkpoint.
 Now by pressing Square you can damage the Bleakies. Further in the game you
 unlock other color powers, which give you more opportunities for combat. Kill
 the Bleakies with your red color punches and defeat the next batch up ahead.
 Keep killing Bleakies and riding cargo rails until you reach the Bleak
 Bleak Spawners kinda look like Jabba the Hut, and as their name implies, is
 the source of the Bleakness here in the Red Dome. You must first take down
 the Bleakies that emerge from the creature in order to reveal its weak point.
 Once there are no enemies left, run up to the Bleak Spawner and attack the
 ball in its mouth. More enemies show up, so repeat this overall process until
 the Bleak Spawner dies.
 With the Bleak Spawner's demise, all color returns to the Red Dome. Hop on
 the jump pad to begin making your way to the dome entrance. On the way, punch
 Bolzo's frozen friends to return them to normal. One final order of business
 before leaving is to exterminate the 6 Shooter Bleakies still roaming around.
 Follow Red Spirit to an alternate pathway leading to the first three
 Shooters. They can attack from long range (use dodge!), but can be killed in
 a few hits. Pummel the first group, then hop across the wooden beams to reach
 the final three. After killing them, break the stack of crates nearby for the
 final FLOATY BRUSH [5/5]. With all tasks complete, leave the Red Dome.

| Red District: Cooperation |

 - 4 Floaty Brushes (23/80 Total) -
 You are greeted by a group of Bleakies and Shooters immediately. Backtrack to
 the main plaza to find more enemies. Once they're done with, approach the
 color ball resembling the one seen on the Bleak Spawner. By holding L2 and
 pressing Square, you can throw color to damage out-of-reach targets like this
 one. Once color is freed, move on (make sure to free the frozen townspeople
 for some extra crystals).
 Immediately after entering the next part of the Red District, turn to the
 left and hug the perimeter wall to find a large stack of barrels and crates.
 Destroying them all reveals a FLOATY BRUSH [1/4]. 

 Talk to Muddy in the center square, then head up the path to the right to
 find a mushroom bed. Spawn Bomber, then whistle to bring him over to the
 rock wall directly to the left. By punching Bomber, he will become agitated
 and explode, taking down the rock work. Hit him, then get outta dodge before
 you take damage. Collect the FLOATY BRUSH [2/4] behind the rock wall and
 bring Bomber back to Muddy.
 Destroy the rock wall next to Muddy to begin clearing a path to the Market
 District. More Bleakies appear ahead, although you can now use Bomber to
 defeat them all simultaneously (remember you can also detonate Bomber by
 throwing color).
 Break down the next wall to find another wave of baddies. Defeat them, then
 blow up the rocks on the right to reveal a small alcove containing a FLOATY
 BRUSH [3/4]. Now blast the wall straight ahead and move on.
 More Bleakies arrive, including a Large Bleaky. These foes are bigger than
 your standard evil crony and has more powerful attacks. Defeat them with
 well-timed punches or Bomber explosions. Wipe out the rest of the enemies,
 then take the ramp on the left to find a FLOATY BRUSH [4/4] behind some
 Your progress is halted once more by another group of Bleakies. Follow the
 trail to reach a bridge populated by several Shooters. Defeat them to trigger
 more regular Bleakies, then lastly a Big Bleaky and others. You can use the
 red pots to spill red paint on the Bleakies and damage them, but otherwise
 stick to long-range shots and punches.
 Red Spirit gives you the power of rage; hit Left on the D-Pad to increase
 strength and movement. A meter also appears under your health bar that fills
 up by defeating enemies. When it is completely full, you can use the Red
 Power again. You should be able to dispatch the remaining Bleakies with
 relative ease.

| Market District: The Portal |

 - 3 Floaty Brushes (26/80 Total) -

 The Market District acts like a centralized hub while the majority of
 Colortown is infested with the Bleakness. You are suggested to explore
 first before jumping right back into things, so check the place out.
 Cross the bridge into the green zone near you, then run to the back of the
 area towards the rows of crates - bust them all apart to find the first
 FLOATY BRUSH [1/3]. Next, cross over into the red zone. Stay on the ground
 floor and immediately go right around the bend. Jump onto the cargo boat for
 another FLOATY BRUSH [2/3]. The last one is very close by. Turn around and
 climb the ramp, then jump on top of the fountain to reach the FLOATY BRUSH
 [3/3]. That's all the brushes for now, but you can still roam around.
 The upper level of the red zone contains a Dojo: a shop where you can buy new
 combat moves with your crystals. Dojos are scattered throughout the game
 world, but this is the first opportunity to spend some money and purchase
 character perks.
 Rob Boss
 You can find Rob Boss stationed in the far back end of the blue zone. You can
 trade any obtained Floaty Brushes in exchange for concept art and game
 modifiers. You can activate and deactivate game modifiers here.


 Once you're done exploring, meet up with Muddy at the intersection between
 the red and blue zones. Strike up a conversation with Mr. Mi; your best bet
 in reaching the Color Tower and putting an end to this is by using the portal
 behind Mr. Mi. Activate Red Power to piece together bits of the portal,
 though still incomplete. Return to Mr. Mi, who recommends you go to the
 Green District.
 Head to the green zone and approach the shiny crystals blocking your way. You
 can break these crystals by holding down Square and performing a hard punch.
 Not only that, but they also yield crystal currency. Try it out with the
 crystal structures lining the green zone, then exit the area.

 GREEN DISTRICT                                                         [0303]

| Green District: Infiltration |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (28/80 Total) -

 Ignore the warning sign and proceed forward into the field. Pick up the two
 blue orbs which help refill your color power meter. In addition, look behind
 the bush near the two orbs for a FLOATY BRUSH [1/2].

 The front door is locked, so instead climb the roots on the left and traverse
 across the upper level to get around the door. Fall down, then proceed
 forward for a scene. The green bunny turtle things flee in fear and lock the 
 door behind them, leaving you stranded again.
 On the left, hit the lever to lower the row of propeller bombs. With them
 out of the way, call Biggs over to you and bring him up the ramp and near the
 big red switch. By punching Biggs, he'll slam the switch and cause a gate
 nearby to lower... though it raises after one or two seconds. Here's what to
 Leave Biggs on the orange button and hit the lever to lower the propeller 
 bombs near the roots close by. Climb the root to reach the gate, then target 
 Biggs with L2 and throw color at him to make him stomp on the button. Quickly 
 run through the gate and flip the lever to open the door. Voila!
 Bring Biggs through the door and past the frightened green guys. Bring him to
 the left side of the room to encounter some shielded Bleakies (noticeable by
 their purple color). Use the hard punch to break their shields, then destroy
 them. Call Biggs underneath the flower to turn him into Bomber.
 Now bring Bomber to the middle of the room and blow up the cracked wall to
 reveal a FLOATY BRUSH [2/2]. Whistle Bomber over to the far right corner to
 find another cracked wall; bring it down, then climb to the ledge and
 tightrope past the closed gate.

| Green District: Errand Boy |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (30/80 Total) -

 The Bleakness-infested security system of the Green District is seen blaring
 its horns as it flies away. Up ahead, watch out for the popup helibombs that 
 emerge and sink into the ground in fixed patterns. Get past the first row,
 then turn right and go to the dead end to find a FLOATY BRUSH [1/2]. Back in
 the hallway, go forward into the Bleakness area and a checkpoint.
 A Bleak Spawner stands in your way, and summons a group of enemies joined by
 a Globe Bleaky. Globe Bleakies usually accompany other Bleakies and raise
 impenetrable shields arounds its friends. The Globe Bleaky should be your
 main priority since you cannot damage any other enemy so long as it's still
 alive. This creature teleports around the arena, so pursue and stun it with
 an attack. Keep attacking to fill its ball up with color. Once the ball on
 its back is completely filled, it'll die and lower all shields.
 Defeat the Globe Bleaky and the remaining grunts, then attack the Bleak
 Spawner. You must face off against two more enemy waves (including another
 Globe Bleaky) in order to destroy the Bleak Spawner.
 With the color restored, go around and free all the frozen inhabitants for
 some easy crystals. Next, look for Doc Brown near the, well, dock. Talk to
 him, then turn back 'round and go through the newly-opened trail near the
 Call Biggs over to the orange button and have him slam it to lower the first
 bridge (and lower the second). Leave him there and go across, defeating the
 enemies that appear. Leap across the platforms near the rock spire to reach a
 vantage point near Biggs. Shoot him with red color to lower the second bridge
 and raise the first.
 Cross the bridge to face off against a large group of enemies. Take out the
 Shooters first, then the Big Bleaky and leave the regular ones for last.
 Climb the ramp to the right and go behind the spiky plant to find a small 
 trail leading to the FLOATY BRUSH [2/2]. 
 Next to the third bridge is a wooden beam leading you to another Biggs
 vantage point. Shoot him to lower the third bridge and continue onward. Just
 beyond is a lever that opens up a road to the security system. Jump down to
 the ground and speak with Doc Brown, then make your way to the security

| Green District: Malfunction |

 - 3 Floaty Brushes (33/80 Total) -

 You start off in a large river filled with rocks and debris. Hop across the
 stones, then on the cargo crates to the left to reach a dock. Follow the path
 to reach a circular area containing a FLOATY BRUSH [1/3].
 Return to the island near the checkpoint and hop across towards the octopus. 
 Bear to the right to climb up the rock pillar and reach the upper level. 
 Tightrope across and use the poles to eventually swing over to a balcony 
 overlooking where you started the level. Break the lone crate up here to find
 a stealthy green denizen inside and unlock the "A Surveillance Camera?!"
 Trophy. Also make sure to grab the FLOATY BRUSH [2/3] up here as well.
 Backtrack to the checkpoint and proceed back to the octopus. Go across the
 tentacles (requiring some quick movement) onto dry land.
 Disregard the warning signs and creepy surveillance cameras as you move
 throughout the trail towards the security system. The security system has
 mounted cannons that will demolish you if you are spotted. In order to sneak
 past, you must enlist in the help of Biggs. Call him onto the orange switch
 directly under the security system and leave him there.
 Any time you shoot Biggs, he'll stomp the switch and disorient the security
 system. Pay attention to the lights around the path that indicate the
 security's wellbeing (green means you can go, red means you're dead meat).
 There are gaps in the road that allow you to target and shoot Biggs in order
 to have him continually stomp the switch. Stun the machine, then take a few
 steps and shoot Biggs, then take a few more steps and do it again. If there
 is even one second of hesitation the security system will shoot you and you
 will have to start from the beginning.
 Shoot Biggs, then don't go too far before hitting him again; just keep
 pelting him over and over until he turns red again and hits the switch. Then
 keep moving. Once you have made it past, kill the two enemies and head to
 the next area. Grab Biggs and bring him back up the hill to the flower,
 turning him into Bomber. Return to the bottom of the hill and blast the rocks
 to lower the bridge (which also alerts the security system).
 In order to get across, turn Bomber back into Biggs and put him on the orange
 switch at the base of the hill. Shoot him with color, then spring across the
 bridge and hit Biggs again. Shoot Biggs at each gap in the railing in order
 to keep the security system perpetually dazed. Keep it up while climbing up
 the roots until you reach the end of the line.
 Destroy the color ball in order to remove the Bleakness and restore the
 security system to its normal self. Use the jump pad and talk to Doc Brown,
 then use a second jump pad to reach a cargo rail course.
 There are multiple rails during this segment, and you can jump from rail to
 rail in order to avoid obstacles and escape danger (use the Left Analog and
 hit R1 to switch rails). Along the way, during the three-rail segment, make
 sure to leap onto the leftmost rail for a FLOATY BRUSH [3/3] before jumping
 back to safety.
 Now you can enter the Green Dome to meet up with the Green Spirit.

| Green District: The Chase |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (35/80 Total) -

 Luckily, the Green Dome only has minor damage, but the Green Spirit is a very
 timid individual and does not like your presence in his home. The spooked
 spirit runs away, forcing Koru to chase him. Give chase to the spirit until
 he slams a door shut in your face.
 Take a detour through the water and hit the lever at the end to lower a
 nearby bridge. Continue forward onto the cargo rail and continue the pursuit
 until he hides in a group of bushes.
 Defeat the Bleakies in the area and then knock over all the bushes in order
 to scare the Green Spirit out of hiding. Hop on the cargo rail, making sure
 to switch off when needed, until you corner Green Spirit. Walk towards the
 panic room until you reach the ramp leading up to it. From here, look to the
 left and walk towards the cluster of trees in the back corner - there is a
 FLOATY BRUSH [1/2] back here in the brush.
 You'll need to blow up the panic room in order to get the Green Spirit out of
 hiding. Follow the side road and take down the various Bleakies that run down
 to greet you. At the top, inspect the hole in the rock wall to spot Bomber.
 Shoot some color through the hole at Bomber in order to blow up the wall.
 Pick up the FLOATY BRUSH [2/2] and bring Bomber back to the panic room.
 Before much else can happen following the panic room's destruction, the group
 is sucked down into the Dream World.

| Dream World: Scattered |

 - 3 Floaty Brushes (38/80 Total) -
 In the Dream World, Koru is separated from his friends. Spin around and break
 the blocks to reveal a tightrope you can use. Follow the rope, avoiding the
 large Bleakness tendrils, then drop down and fetch Green Spirit. He gives you
 his color power so long as you don't leave him behind, which means you can
 now use green attacks with Triangle. Use the series of jump pads to reach the
 next sector.
 Walk forward and topple the wall of white cubes, then destroy the three just
 beyond for a FLOATY BRUSH [1/3]. Up ahead is another Bleak Spawner, and since
 Red Spirit isn't with you, you can only use Green's power. Hitting enemies
 with Triangle scare them and cause them to run away, so use this to get them
 to run into the spiky plants and die. Even Big Bleakies are no match for the
 power of fear!
 Once the Bleak Spawner is down for the count, you'll be reunited with Tap.
 Turn around and climb the roots, then go forward and hop across the trees to
 reach Biggs. Use Green's power on Biggs to make him afraid - Koru jumps on
 Biggs' back and he'll begin running around in a panicked state. You can
 essentially ride Biggs in this state, demolishing walls and bulldozing
 baddies along the way.
 Break through the Bleakness webbing and run onto the racetrack. Plow through
 the Bleakies and avoid the spiky plants until you reach the end. Another
 Bleak Spawner appears, so use Biggs to crush all the enemies and the
 spawner itself. After killing the Bleak Spawner, hop off of Biggs and climb
 the roots near the checkpoint for a FLOATY BRUSH [2/3].
 Return to Biggs and use him to crash through the webbing near the red symbol.
 After exiting the tunnel, quickly jump off Biggs by pressing Triangle again
 so you don't take a tumble. Go the rest of the way on foot and jump down into
 the massive chasm below. Geronimo!
 You are surrounded by a group of Spiked Bleakies: similar to Big Bleakies,
 but these fellas are covered in spikes and are a bit more powerful. Green 
 Spirit loses it and inadvertently uses his special power: slow time. With
 time slowed to a near halt, you can hit all the Spiked Bleakies to send them 
 into the spiky plants. But before you do that, explore the perimeter to 
 discover a FLOATY BRUSH [3/3] behind one of the spiky plants.
 With all the Bleakies dead, use the floating rocks to escape and run over to
 Red Spirit. Exit the dreamscape.

| Green District: New Friends |

 - 5 Floaty Brushes (43/80 Total) -

 You're back in the Green District, and now it's time to figure out where to
 go next. Start by walking forward towards the bridge. Hang a right and go up
 the narrow path to spot a FLOATY BRUSH [1/5]. Now proceed over the bridge and
 down the straightforward trail. Hop over the stepping stones and climb up the
 roots at the end. Cross the tightropes as the two spirit brothers bicker, and
 continue forward until you eventually reach a scared green inhabitant.
 This bloke has lost his son and is too scared to go look himself. If you want
 to find Doc Brown and continue on your quest, you'll have to search for the
 kid. A cracked wall impedes your progress momentarily, but luckily Bomber is
 nearby. Hit him with Triangle to pick him up, then trudge over to the cracked
 wall. Press Triangle again to send him running past the helibombs and towards
 the wall. You can use Green's power to send Bomber sprinting in a straight
 line, which proves useful at this point in the game.
 In the next area, bring Bomber towards another helibomb-guarded wall and
 send him packing. With the wall destroyed, run through and hit the lever to
 open a gate close by. Bring Bomber through the gate and use Triangle to send
 him down into the pipe tunnel. These tunnels allow Bomber to traverse through
 more inhospitable environments. He ends up popping out on the opposite side
 of the lake.
 Go past the rock wall as you rejoin Bomber, then go around the bend to the
 left of the checkpoint for a FLOATY BRUSH [2/5] next to two crystal chunks.
 Dump Bomber off into the tunnel to have him reappear five feet away, then
 jump over to him and destroy the rock wall. Push him into the next tunnel,
 then head over to his location and destroy one more wall to find the lost
 The spooked child is too afraid to enter the tunnels, so let Bomber go first.
 Retrace your steps until the kid finds his house and heads inside. Return to
 the father to find the family reunited. The dad opens up a gateway leading to
 the Market District.
 If Bomber has been lost, use the mushroom bed to summon him and bring him
 through the gate. Proceed up the hill on the right and destroy the rock wall,
 then collect the FLOATY BRUSH [3/5] behind the crate. Now head down to the
 At the harbor, walk beyond the dojo machine on the right and break the stack
 of crates to reveal a platform leading to another FLOATY BRUSH [4/5]. Next,
 use Bomber to blow up the wall next to the checkpoint and cross the platforms
 and tightrope to find the last FLOATY BRUSH [5/5]. Use the jump pad to return
 to the harbor and talk to Bolzo at the end of the dock. When you're ready,
 use the jump pad to get to Central Isl-- whoops detour ahead!

| Green District: Detour |

 - 7 Floaty Brushes (50/80 Total) -

 The Bleak Spirit sends Koru & group far off in a land populated by
 Bleakness; time to navigate this harsh land in order to get to Central
 Island. For starters, walk up to the Bleak Spawner and begin the fight.
 Horned Bleakies start the fight with their smaller brethren: they look just
 like regular Bleakies, but are larger and have a deadly slam attack.
 Use your green punches to send them into the water. As for the wave of
 Shooters on the high ledge, you can throw green color at them to send them
 into the spiky plants. Obviously you can also use the red powers, but green
 powers seem to be more useful in this situation. After eliminating the Bleak
 Spawner, run down the trail on the left for a FLOATY BRUSH [1/7]. Next,
 climb the roots on the right side of the room for another FLOATY BRUSH [2/7]
 in the back of the ledge.
 Enter the cavern and avoid the Bleakness geysers along the way. Up ahead lies
 a Globe Bleaky followed by several shielded Bleaky types. Remember to focus
 on the Globe Bleaky since the other guys are invincible. Test out Green
 Spirit's slow time power once you have the Globe Bleaky targeted, because
 otherwise this can be a difficult fight.
 Once all the enemies are dead, lure Bomber over to the tunnel and push him
 through in order to activate the mushroom bed across the stream. Return to
 the original mushroom bed and spawn Bomber, then bring him up the hill and
 into the cave. Activate the mushroom bed up here and use the flower to turn
 him into Biggs.
 Return to the second mushroom bed by crossing the stream and summon Biggs.
 Now you can use the green power on Biggs in order to smash through the
 Bleakness webbing. After smashing through the first four webs, jump off of
 Biggs and snag the FLOATY BRUSH [3/7] before continuing through the rest of
 the sticky caves. Plow through the bad guys and use the jump pads.
 Now that you are at Central Island, you can look for Doc Brown. Talk to the
 father and son, then Doc Brown. As he urges you to follow him, refuse and
 instead have a look around the island.
 Climb the ramp on the right for a dojo if you have some extra cash to spend. 
 Scale the roots beyond the dojo and continue along to reach an octopus in the 
 water. Navigate across his tentacles to reach a FLOATY BRUSH [4/7] stranded
 on a rock. Return to dry land and follow the walkway to the corner to find a
 wooden beam. Jump across and watch out for the spinning gears, then follow
 the route back to the main square, collecting a FLOATY BRUSH [5/7] in the
 Back at the main square, go left towards a rock wall. Head around it and
 across the octopus to reach Bomber. Have him destroy the first two walls,
 then position yourself near the archway. Hit him with Triangle to send him
 through the arch and blow up a third rock wall. Cross back over the
 octopus and reunite with Bomber for another FLOATY BRUSH [6/7].
 Call Tap and begin following him towards Doc Brown, but split from the main
 path and go across the two green bridges to the upper level. Walk to the
 back of the balcony and look for the green fella that says "What's happening
 on the other side of this island?"... next to him is a hole in the balcony
 that leads to the final FLOATY BRUSH [7/7].
 Meet up with Doc Brown at his boat and jump on to set sail for the windmill.

| The Windmill: Hazards |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (52/80 Total) -

 Doc Brown's kooky theory of climbing the windmill just might be crazy enough
 to work! Carefully walk through the narrow spiky plant trail and look behind
 the world map sign for an easy FLOATY BRUSH [1/2]. Turn the lever to open the
 gate and rush through. Webbing is blocking the road ahead, so instead jump
 along the rocks and go the long way.
 Hop on the cargo rail and get ready for a long rail segment that involves
 multiple rails and constant movement. Remember that you can switch between
 rails with R1 and the Left Analog. Despite Green Spirit's panicked pleas,
 continue onward.
 Continue across the platforms to reach a checkpoint and an octopus. There are
 two long rows of tentacles, so alternate between the two of them in order to
 stay afloat. At the end of the tentacles, stay to the left and jump on the
 rock platform to continue to the left. Wait for the next octopus's tentacles
 to rise, then quickly jump and continue counter-clockwise, using the rocks as
 pit stops. Go all the way around to reach a FLOATY BRUSH [2/2] and a jump pad
 that brings you back to the first octopus.

 Now take the right path, break the crystal chunk, and go across the octopus
 towards the checkpoint. On the ledge above, take out the various enemies
 using Bomber's help. Once they're through, send Bomber through the tunnel
 etched into the rock work and climb the roots to his location. Blow up the
 rock wall and defeat another group of Bleakies, then move onward.
 Up ahead, there is a closed gate that you'll eventually need to open. First,
 clear the area of Bleakies and destroy the rock wall on the left. Ride the
 crazy cargo rails to another checkpoint, then leap across the pegs and past
 all the gears. Eventually you reach an insanely fast spinning gear; one that
 you possibly cannot cross. Time to put a fix to that.
 Enter the tunnel nearby and hop across the gears, then open the gate from
 before. Through the gate, turn Bomber into Biggs and use Biggs to clear the
 bridge. Have Biggs slam the button here to stop all the spinning gears. Next,
 turn Biggs into Bomber and send Bomber through the tunnel next to the button.
 Now return outside and cross past the busted gears.
 At the end of the pathway you'll find Bomber and a flower. Use it to
 transform Bomber into Biggs, then ride Biggs through the webbing. At the end
 of the road, use the flower here yet again to get Bomber and throw him into
 the tunnel. Ascend the roots and look for Bomber behind the crates, then
 demolish the rubble en route to the windmill.

| The Windmill: High Point |

 - 3 Floaty Brushes (55/80 Total) -

 You've made it inside the windmill, so your ascent is almost complete. Walk
 left and look for a root you can use to climb up to the next floor. Continue
 upward, then go across the tightrope. The next tightrope leads you right into
 the Bleakness, so move around to the right to find a rope. But before you
 climb the rope, look behind the gears on the left to spot a FLOATY BRUSH
 [1/3] - jump down and get it, then return to this location.
 Use the tightropes and platforms to eventually reach the central support
 column. Instead of going up, use the rope to shimmy down into the open
 drawer, collecting the FLOATY BRUSH [2/3] inside. Make sure to get it now
 before proceeding upward or else you'll miss out!
 Continue up the column and walk across the arm to have the Bleakness follow 
 you. Use the lever up ahead to rotate the column and move the arms. Walk
 across the arm to gain access to a root and head on up. Move to the right
 and jump to the platform below to find another lever. Hit this lever three
 times so that the long arm is facing away from you. Climb back up the root,
 leap onto the central column, and cross the arm to the checkpoint.
 After that, move along the tightrope outside the windmill's exterior. Once
 you are at a safe angle, jump down to the rooftop below and smash the crates
 for the last FLOATY BRUSH [3/3]; the jump pad will take you back to the
 tightrope. Take it to the next checkpoint, then embark on the cargo rail.
 As the Bleakness rises up after you, get back on the column and have the jump
 pad take you to new heights. Leap outta the window and ascend the rope to the
 outer perimeter. Continue along the mini platforms and carefully walk along
 the thin ledge to the very top of the windmill.
 Green's sense of adventure seems to have returned, as he wants to climb even
 higher and high five the sun. Seems realistic. Using the jump pad in front of
 you will bring you closer to achieving that insane task, but the Bleak
 Spirit appears and puts an end to things. Press Up to slow down time and
 quickly jump across the broken pieces of the windmill towards a cargo rail.
 This will take you all the way back to Doc Brown and his boat.

| Market District: The Slo-mo Thing |

 - 1 Floaty Brush (56/80 Total) -

 Now that you have the power of the Green Spirit, you are one step closer to
 fixing the portal. Before you set off for the portal, take some time to look
 around and make some final pit stops. For starters, go to the blue zone and
 look for a green dude jumping on top of a fountain. Shoot him to cause the
 fountain to go off and unlock the "To Infinity!" Trophy.
 Next, head to the red zone and approach the locked gate near the dojo. You
 can input a color combination on the flower here; try:
 green, red, green, red, green
 Input this to unlock the gate and receive a FLOATY BRUSH [1/1].
 At the portal, Green Spirit's slow motion technique is still not enough to
 fix the portal. Time to recruit the Blue Spirit... who woulda thunk?! Follow
 Doc Brown to his ship. Next stop: the Blue District!

 BLUE DISTRICT                                                          [0304]

| Blue District: Therapy |

 - 5 Floaty Brushes (61/80 Total) -
 Stop at the dojo if you so feel inclined, but otherwise follow Tap through
 the streets of the Blue District. Your progress will soon be stopped by a
 Bleak Spawner. Laser Bleakies appear, and have a powerful charged laser beam
 attack. They should be your top priority here. You can use Triangle to send
 the enemies running into the water or spiky plants.
 With color restored, it's time to have a look around. Follow the railing to
 the left of the Bleak Spawner south and look around the bend to find a FLOATY
 BRUSH [1/5]. Walk forward to find a shrine, which automatically fills up your
 power meter. Fill up and use slo-mo to stop the crates from moving around in
 the water. Jump across. Immediately after crossing, look for another line of
 crates on the right. Cross these and hop on the sunken boat for another
 You are not granted access into the Blue Dome, for there is a monster laying
 siege to the harbor. Koru must first find and receive permission from the
 Admiral. Proceed to the left and down to reach a dock. Bomber is standing on
 the cargo boat in the water - shoot him to sink the boat and create a path
 with the crates. Now proceed to the other side.
 Some regular Bleakies appear in front of you, as well as Shooters on the
 upper catwalks. You cannot reach the Shooters with your long-range attacks,
 so deal with the regular Bleakies and move on. Stop at the shrine, then wait
 for the Bleakness geysers nearby to subside before using slo-mo. Now you can
 run across the large strip of geysers to reach the catwalks.
 From here, you can easily kill all the Shooters. Defeat the first one, then 
 swing across the poles to the second. Go around the top of the roof for a 
 FLOATY BRUSH [3/5], then cross the street and destroy the other two. Instead
 of scaling the rope straight ahead, look to the left and squeeze between the
 Bleakness to find yet another FLOATY BRUSH [4/5]. Now head up to reach a
 You find the Admiral sulking in the middle of the plaza. Set out to look for
 the Admiral's soldiers in hopes of boosting his morale. Walk over the bridge
 on the left and take on the Bleak Spawner. This challenge is easy due to the
 shrine nearby, allowing you to spam color powers.
 With that problem out of the way, rescue the two soldiers and ascend the
 ramp to find Bomber. Bring him back with you across the bridge, then go right
 to find a sleeping soldier on another bridge. Use Bomber to wake him up.
 With him out of the way, move forward to find a color ball. Destroy it to
 remove the Bleakness and free the fourth soldier. However, he cannot return
 to post without his cannon; you must unlock the armory and get it back for
 him. Input the code:
 red, green, green, red, red
 This will open the armory. Lastly, follow the dark alley to the left of the
 armory for one last FLOATY BRUSH [5/5], then make your way back to the
 Admiral. Now that the Admiral has his mojo back, follow him towards the Blue

| Blue District: Pipes and Leaks |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (63/80 Total) -

 The party's hits another roadblock, since the sluice up ahead is broken. It's
 up to you to fix all four pipes and repair the sluice. Go near the shrine,
 then use slo-mo when the crates are above water to get across with ease. Fix
 the first pipe to power up the lever. Use slo-mo, then flip the lever and
 run onto the bridge. Once time returns to normal, the bridge will rotate and
 bring you to the next section.
 Walk along the dock and fix the pipe behind the checkpoint. Hop across over
 to Bomber. Fix the pipe near him, then push him into the tunnel. Rejoin him
 back near the checkpoint. Push him into the tunnel near the lever to have
 him pop out near the rock wall, then plummet into the water. That's no good.
 Spawn him once more. This time, push him into the tunnel and immediately use
 slo-mo. As he slowly emerges from the other side, shoot him with color to
 destroy the rock wall. Now you can make your way to the fourth broken pipe
 and fix it.
 With all four pipes fixes, it's time to head towards the generator. Hit the
 lever here, then enter slo-mo and hop on the bridge as it rotates to the
 third sector. The generator can only be activated by inputting a color code;
 you can either use slo-mo on the propeller blades at the far end to figure
 out the code, or you can just read below:
 red, green, green, red, green
 Now that the sluice is fixed, the route to the harbor is open. Onward ho!
 Before you load the cannon, enter the storage area on the left and make your
 way to the back end to find a FLOATY BRUSH [1/2] behind some barrels. The
 second FLOATY BRUSH [2/2] is across the bridge to the right of where you
 entered. It is also behind a stack of crates, near the weird "blue light"
 When you are ready, proceed to the cannon and load it using one of the
 Bombers. While using the cannon, you can aim with the Left or Right Analog
 and fire with either Square or R2. You also have unlimited Bomber ammo.
 Target the four tentacles and damage them with the cannon.
 You did it! Now go talk to the Admiral and... ehh nevermind. 

| Blue District: The Beast |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -

 Return to the cannon to take on the large kraken monster terrorizing Blue
 Harbor. The monster is very strong, and you need to employ specific battle
 techniques in order to harm it. For starters, the following are the various
 attacks the kraken boss uses:

 Bleak Spit
 The beast spits globs of Bleakness across the harbor at you. If they are
 heading straight for you, press X to get off the cannon and dodge.
 The tentacles that emerge from the water don't do anything, but can get in
 the way if you are trying to hit the boss's eyes or mouth.
 Bleak Ships
 After taking out a third of the boss's health, it will begin spawning Bleak
 ships. These vessels will slowly begin moving towards the harbor. If they
 dock, Bleakies will swarm the harbor and attack. It's an unnecessary
 distraction, so shoot the purple stalks on the top of the ships to sink them.

 There are three levers in front of the cannon that send out smoke signals to
 the Admiral's soldiers out at sea. Use these levers to send large mines
 hurdling towards the monster. The three levers correspond to the three mine
 posts out in the ocean. So depending on where the beast is, use the
 appropriate lever to hit it with a mine.
 Once the kraken monster is hit with a mine, get on the cannon and shoot at
 its eyes. One direct hit will damage an entire row. Hit both rows of eyes to
 expose the boss's weak point: fire away at its mouth to cause major damage.
 The mines take some time to respawn, so you may not be able to use them right
 away again. You can use this time to break crates and refill health if you're
 looking a little pale. Once the boss begins creating tentacles and spawning
 Bleak ships, you'll have more things to do while you wait.
 The pace picks up when the beast only has about a third of its health left,
 but otherwise nothing major changes. Remember to stock up on health, and try
 to limit the presence of Bleakies by taking down their ships.
 Also, at some point, make sure to aim towards the moon and shoot it for the
 "Hey, Wake Up!" Trophy!
 The Admiral congratulates you on a job well done and grants you permission
 into the Blue Dome. You are escorted there by the Admiral's soldiers.

| Blue District: Eva |

 - 3 Floaty Brushes (66/80 Total) -

 Walk forward and across the bridge to find a band of baddies. Defeat them,
 then hug the right side of the area for a FLOATY BRUSH [1/3] in the corner.
 Follow the path to a checkpoint to meet the Blue Spirit. He is depressed due
 to the fact that his favorite tulip, Eva, has been affected by the Bleakness.
 He doesn't waste any time giving you his powers.
 Grab Biggs and bring him over to where Blue was. You can attack with Circle
 now, and hitting Biggs with your blue attack causes him to cry and release a
 seed; this seed temporarily removes all Bleakness in the area. Hitting him
 again causes the first seed to disappear - only one at a time.
 Bring Biggs near the gate and hit him with Circle; the Bleakness to the right
 of the gate disappears and reveals a button. Now hit him with Square to
 depress the button and open the gate. 
 Leave Biggs behind and go forward across the wooden poles. Climb the root and
 pull the lever to lower the bridge, then proceed across into the garden. Some
 of Blue Spirit's sadness has leaked onto the enemies here, paralyzing them
 with melancholy. You can stun enemies with Circle which leaves them open to
 an insta-kill Square attack if targeted from behind. Stunning and hitting
 a foe from behind is a super easy way to kill them, especially the big ones.
 Make sure to grab the FLOATY BRUSH [2/3] behind a line of barrels here in the
 garden. Defeat all the enemies (especially the blue ones), then head over to
 the gate. The code is:
 red, blue, green, blue, red
 Follow the series of walkways to reach another garden with Bomber going
 crazy. By using Blue's power on Bomber, he will cry and unleash a barrage of
 explosions surrounding him. It's great at crowd control, and the projectiles
 don't hurt you either! Defeat the group of Bleakies using this new move and
 bring Bomber over to the rock wall close by; grab the FLOATY BRUSH [3/3] left
 in the rubble.
 The tulip isn't much further from here - hop across the platform and go down
 the road. Use Circle to easily destroy the enemies, then approach Eva. You'll
 need to find Biggs so he can color the tulip with his seed.
 Enter the Chinese garden and jump up to Biggs. Hit him with Circle to clear
 away the Bleakness in front of you and plant him in front of the raised
 bridge. Head back the way you came and use the series of platforms on the
 other end to reach a lever (don't worry about the Bleakness covering the
 lever, it won't harm you). Lower the bridge, then bring Biggs across. Hit
 the lever once more, then escort Biggs to Eva.
 Eva may be colored again, but her singing voice is still gone. Time to look
 for another flower... follow Tap to the exit.
| Blue District: Color Matters |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes  -
 The Admiral needs your help in evacuating the Blue District, so get ready for
 more annoying errands. Begin backtracking through the Blue District in search
 of the Admiral. Cross the water using the crates and return to the area where
 you previously fought the Shooter Bleakies. Instead of Shooters, you run into
 a deadly Crystal Bleaky!
 This huge titan's head and shoulders (lol shampoo joke) are covered in
 crystals, and the color of the crystals are key to destroying it. The
 crystals will either be red, green, or blue. Attack the monster using the
 color NOT present on the crystals to damage it and cause the crystals to
 change color. Easy example: if the crystals are red and green, attack using
 Circle (blue). Use this method to stun it, then attack using any color you'd
 like. Repeat the process until the Crystal Bleaky dies.
 Destroy the other random Bleakies before continuing over the bridge and
 through the gate. Speak with the Admiral, then hop on his boat to go to
 Blue Creek.

| Blue Creek: Noir |

 - 4 Floaty Brushes (70/80 Total) -

 Talk to the bloke near the entrance to learn about reports of someone 
 terrorizing the town of Blue Creek. Before going inside, walk behind the big
 entrance sign to stumble upon a FLOATY BRUSH [1/4]. Enter the village to meet 
 the mayor, who has shut down access to the caves due to the mysterious
 vandal. He personally suspects the gatekeeper, but there are three suspects
 in total that you should question.
 If you go straight ahead up the ramp, you'll find one of the suspects: the
 hat maker. He is quick to point the finger at the town gardener, so look for
 him next. The gardener can be found by walking forward and taking the right
 trail at the fork. The gardener is quick to clear his name while also
 gossiping about the gatekeeper's manipulative wife. Before leaving, search
 the back of the garden for a FLOATY BRUSH [2/4].
 Return to the intersection and head down the other path. The bridge ahead
 leads to the caves, and is closed off due to the mayhem. Proceed past to the
 red-tinted village square to find Phyllis, the gatekeeper's wife. Turns out
 she blames the mayor and thinks he is responsible for all this. Turn around
 and report back to the Admiral.
 Check out the latest crime scene by going up the ramp behind you. Talk to the
 guard, then press X next to the painting. Follow the green footsteps leading
 from the painting to finally get some answers. Follow them until they turn
 white and get all jumbled up near the cave entrance. Luckily, Biggs nearby
 can sort everything out. Bring him with you and use your blue power on him
 to create a seed and single out the green footsteps.
 Make Biggs cry in order to find the green footprints every time they get 
 scattered. They should lead you to an area filled with Bleakies. Defeat them
 and continue your investigation. Eventually, the footprints disappear into
 the Bleakness; have Biggs make the Bleakness disappear and enter the cavern.
 At the end of the cavern, rescue the frozen gatekeeper to have him spill the
 beans. The gatekeeper didn't see the culprit, but mentions that the person
 smelled of roses. Hmm... Well, for starters, make sure to pick up the FLOATY
 BRUSH [3/4] to the left of the mushroom bed here, underneath some Bleakness.
 Now exit the cave and talk to all four suspects.
 After confronting everyone, return to the Admiral to learn that a new crime
 has been committed. Backtrack to the welcome sign (take Biggs with you) and
 inspect the area. Like before, follow the green footsteps and have Biggs
 temporarily remove any Bleakness in your way. At the end of the path you find
 the other half of the mayor's broken glasses. The smoking gun!
 Storm back and demand some answers from the mayor. In the end, all is
 forgiven and you are granted access into the caves. Make your way there now,
 taking Biggs with you. After crossing the bridge, use Biggs to clear away the
 Bleakness on the right side to reveal a FLOATY BRUSH [4/4]. With that, walk
 inside the cave.

| The Caves: Line-up |

 - 5 Floaty Brushes (75/80 Total) -
 Don't go anywhere just yet! From your starting location, turn around to find
 a FLOATY BRUSH [1/5] behind you. Very sneaky...
 Proceed into the damp, dark caves and take on the Crystal Bleaky up ahead.
 Watch out for the Shooter up top and the other Bleakies around, and try to
 eliminate them first. Once they're through, go past the destroyed ticket
 booth and talk to the Blue District bear. He points you in the right
 direction of the flower's sister. Walk towards the ramp behind the bear and
 destroy the crystal chunk to reveal a FLOATY BRUSH [2/5]. Now continue
 forward and open the door.
 Head over to the pool and hop across to the right. Trudge up the hill and
 look for the orchestra conductor. She needs your help in disposing of the
 Bleakness in the caves, so shoot at the color ball behind her to complete
 that step.
 Unfortunately, the orchestra has lost all their sheet music, so they're a
 bit... out of tune. There are three sheets of music that you must collect.
 For starters, turn around and walk towards the checkpoint, then go behind it
 to discover a FLOATY BRUSH [3/5]. Now drop down into the area with the
 orchestra for another FLOATY BRUSH [4/5] down here along the perimeter.
 Facing the orchestra from the conductor's side, go right. As you head towards
 the checkpoint, cut behind the wall on the right to find two crystal chunks.
 Continue past them along the upper walkway to reach a FLOATY BRUSH [5/5]. Now
 make your way to the opposite side of the caves, using Tap as a guide. One of
 the sheets can be found in this location.
 Cross the pool from before and step on the dock. Use the rock ledges jutting
 out of the pillars to reach the top of the spires. Look for the one with a
 tightrope leading from it; climb to the top and cross the tightrope to get
 the first sheet. Now return to the ground and continue up the dock. Defeat
 the group of Bleakies, then move on to the rhythm section of the caves.

| The Caves: Rhythm |

 - 3 Floaty Brushes (78/80 Total) -
 This portion of the caves features rhythmic puzzles, such as rising/lowering
 tides and moving turtle platforms. You must keep up with the beat and follow
 the rhythm in order to survive. At the checkpoint, you'll see the water as it
 rises and sinks to a specific rhythm. When the water rises, jump across the
 crates to the island, then continue. Wait for the water to lower, then leap
 onto the boat and to safety.
 Just beyond, stand and look to the left for a ramp leading into the water.
 When the water lowers, it reveals a platform with a FLOATY BRUSH [1/3]. Grab
 it and then move onwards via the floating crates. Stop when you reach the
 section with two turtles.
 Your Highness Trophy
 There is a well hidden Trophy to get in this vicinity. Hop on the turtle
 when the water lowers and use him to cross to the other side. Turn back
 around and look to the roots next to your current location. It is hard to
 spot, but there is a boat underwater that moves back and forth.
 Now jump on the OTHER turtle (accessible when the water is lowered). Ride him
 around so you are within range of the underwater boat and jump on. Once the 
 boat reaches land, manually jump off with R1 and climb the roots to find the
 turtle cave hermit, granting you the "Your Highness" Trophy.

 Get back onto the turtle and return to the main path. You'll come to an area
 polluted with Bleakness. Walk forward, then hang a right to find a FLOATY
 BRUSH [2/3] behind the drab plants. Follow the pathway to the next area.
 The game's camera gives you a nice wide angle shot of the lake, which is
 helpful for surveying the area and determining where to go. There are several
 rings of turtles that rotate in a fixed path and move at different rhythms.
 Stay on land and watch the movement of the turtles to determine which one to
 ride to the end. Make sure to select the turtles that will take you to the
 island in the far back left corner of the screen for a FLOATY BRUSH [3/3],
 then return to the start and select the pathway that takes you to the right.
 Scale the hilltops to find a whale at the end; interacting with it gives you
 the music sheet and transports you to the entrance. Return to the orchestra,
 then follow Tap to the other end of the cave and to the melody branch.

| The Caves: Melody |

 - 2 Floaty Brushes (80/80 Total) -
 In this section of the cave, it's all about melody as you discover music
 mushrooms that you can play by hitting them with your color powers. You'll
 have to use these fungi in order to create a melody and unlock the gate.
 You can have a listen to the group of mushrooms to the left of the gate for
 a musical hint, but to keep things easy, paint the mushrooms (left to right):
 blue, red, green
 Now that the gate is open, move onward. In the next room, look behind the
 spiky plants on the right side for a FLOATY BRUSH [1/2], then head down the
 passage. Have a listen to the musical mushrooms, then approach the next gate.
 Open the gate by hitting the mushroom line with the following colors:
 red, green, blue
 Enter the vault for one last musical puzzle. Before you get involved, walk to
 the back of the room behind the mushrooms and look on the left side behind a
 wall for the last FLOATY BRUSH [2/2]. For the final puzzle, hit the music
 mushrooms (from left to right) with the following colors:
 blue, green, red
 With the owl freed, he gives you the sheet of music as repayment. Backtrack
 through the cave to the orchestra.

| The Caves: The Orchestra |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -

 Talk to the conductor now that you have all three sheets of music. They are
 ready to play, but need your participation as well. You must aid in the
 musical piece by collaborating with the three conductors down in the pit.
 Use the Left Analog to select a conductor, then press Square, Triangle, or 
 Circle whenever they wave a colored flag. Go back and forth between the 
 conductors and respond with the appropriate color when they are in need. It
 is not all that challenging, but as the orchestra picks up you'll have to
 go back and forth between conductors at a somewhat fast pace. There are no
 penalties for hitting the wrong button and messing up, but you do get the
 "Tinker Music" Trophy for not making any mistakes.
 The Blue Spirit regains his mojo, just as the caves begin to crumble and
 collapse. Despite the orchestra's desire to stay behind, you'll have to
 hightail it out of there. Sprint back to the entrance and through the foyer
 until you come to a dead end. Luckily, Blue gives you a shield power that
 lets you pass through Bleakness unharmed.
 Press Right to test it out and run through the Bleakness. Restock your power
 meter at the shrine and use the shield one more time to make it to the
 Admiral and his ship. Back to the Market District!

 FINALE                                                                 [0305]

| Market District: Last Hope |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -
 With all three color spirits on your side, you are finally able to enter the
 portal leading to the Color Tower. Make sure that you have collected all
 Floaty Brushes in the Market District before using Blue's shield to proceed
 into the portal.

| The Tower: Lion's Den |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -
 The tower's foyer has been corrupted by the Bleakness, with webbing and
 sludge piles strewn throughout. Take down the two Laser Bleakies nearby, then
 use Blue's shield to reach the roots to your right. Climb the roots and
 defeat several more Laser Bleakies, then proceed down to the checkpoint.
 Up ahead are several regular Bleakies, some Horned Bleakies, and a Crystal
 Bleaky. Destroy them all and ascend the ramp and into the gallery. Go to the
 back of the room for a cutscene.

| Dream World: Memories |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -
 You wake up in the Purple Spirit's dream memories. Make sure to check out the
 dojo for any last minute purchases, then proceed forward. Hop over to the
 shrine to refill your power meter and use shield to get through the geysers.
 Take out the foes in front of you, then head down the hallway to encounter a
 large group of baddies. Take out the Laser Bleaky first, then stun the
 Crystal Bleaky so you can eliminate the others. Next, talk to Purple.
 After talking to Purple, look to the right and destroy the crates to find a
 bleak portrait of Purple. Press X next to it to colorize it. There are a few
 more pictures just like this one scattered throughout Purple's memories, and
 finding them all grants you a Trophy.
 Use the jump pad ahead to reach a checkpoint. You'll be witnessing repressed
 memories from the Purple Spirit showcasing how Colortown became divided and
 segregated. Cross the third bridge to see all the townsfolk figuring out
 which color is the best. Look to the right and hop across the platform to
 spot the second portrait. Further ahead on the main path, the inhabitants
 become completely divided (with the help of the color spirits).
 Ride the jump pad to the next checkpoint and look to your left for the third
 portrait behind a rock. Go forward to the lake and hop across all the islands
 and stepping stones. Take the jump pad at the end of the trail.
 The next region is a repetitive climb as you pass by more memories and
 witness now the district denizens lived their lives after the split.
 Climb the ropes until you meet up with the green father and son that you 
 helped earlier in the game surrounded by a picket fence. From this location,
 carefully walk to the right behind the perimeter along the edge of the 
 cliff. Drop down onto the top of the tree below, then onto the ground. Here
 you can access an alcove with the fourth picture.
 Return to the path and continue to the top. You revisit the memory of first
 meeting the Purple Spirit at the start of the game, and are transported to a
 new area.
 Use the jump pad to reach another checkpoint and talk to the Purple Spirit.
 Purple hitches a ride with you as you now visit Koru's memories of the
 present day. Run past the cheering members of the Red District, then up the
 hill as the Green District opens the gates for you. Once you get to the
 Admiral and his soldiers, walk behind the statue on the right side to find
 the fifth and final Purple portrait.
 Ride the jump pad past the Admiral and speak with the Purple Spirit once
 more. Use Purple's power on the tower painting to reach the eye of the storm
 and face off against the Bleak Spirit.

| The Tower: Eye of the Storm |

 - 0 Floaty Brushes -

 Upon arriving in the arena, wait for the Bleak Spirit to make his grand
 entrance. After some dialogue, the final fight begins. There are a number of
 attacks the final boss has at his disposal:
 Bleak Throw
 The Bleak Spirit hurls balls of Bleakness at you in rapid succession. Not all
 that unlike the Blue Harbor Beast's Bleak Spit attack. Per usual, watch for
 the reticule and avoid.
 Geyser Wave
 The Bleak Spirit uses his hands to unleash a surge of Bleakness geysers at
 you, usually in a three-branched formation or similar variants. Stay away
 from your target to ensure the best chance at dodging.
 Homing Missiles
 Once the boss is down to about 2/3 health, he begins using homing missiles
 on you. Despite the target on your back, you can avoid the rockets by
 strafing back to forth in long strides.
 Belly Flop
 The boss rises up in the air and will float above you before executing a
 vicious belly flop. Run away as you look for the spirit's shadow and dodge
 so you don't get caught underneath.
 The Bleak Spirit inhales, then lunges himself forward in a straight line.
 Look for the gust of air that surrounds him before he charges at you.
 The boss sinks halfway down into the ground and relentlessly chases after
 you with his mouth wide open. He won't stop until he bites you or runs into
 a hazardous obstacle.

 The Bleak Spirit isn't much of a threat at first, but you have to know what
 to do in order to beat him. After using a couple moves and teleporting around
 the room, he spits out several projectiles that transform into purple plant-
 like objects. During this phase he rises offscreen and uses his patented
 belly flop.
 Run around the arena and press X to use Purple's power on these strange
 objects. Most of them reveal health, but one will reveal a spiky plant. When
 you find it, stand next to it and bait the Bleak Spirit into slamming down
 onto the plant. With him stunned, attack repeatedly.
 You'll have to endure another attack before the Bleak Spirit summons more
 purple objects. This time, he likely resorts to his charge attack; just like
 before, interact with the foreign objects until you find a spiky plant.
 Position the plant between you and the boss in order to goad him into running
 into it, then take some chunks off his health bar.
 After an angry monologue, the Bleak Spirit gets pumped up and starts using
 more attacks in succession; now he'll use any combination of Bleak Throw,
 Geyser Wave, and Homing Missiles together (the duration of Bleak Throw is
 significantly longer). After using (usually) two attacks in a row, more
 purple objects appear. Keep investigating them until you find Biggs. Press
 Triangle to ride Biggs and stun the boss this way, then jump off and begin 
 wailing on him.
 Repeat the process once more, and this time you'll find Bomber hiding in one
 of the purple objects. Wait for the Bleak Spirit to use get close with one of
 his attacks, then hit Bomber to catch the boss in the explosion.
 Those are the major parts of the boss fight. The formula is very simple:
 Phase 1 - Bleak Throw, Geyser Wave, Homing Missiles, or any combination
 Phase 2 - Belly Flop, Charge, or Devour (purple objects present)

 As the battle rages on, the boss begins using more and more attacks during
 Phase 1. You can only damage the Bleak Spirit during Phase 2. Use Purple's
 power on the objects until you find either a spiky plant, Biggs, or Bomber,
 then use whichever one you get to stun the boss. Attack him until he
 teleports and begins Phase 1 again. Rinse and repeat until the Bleak Spirit
 is no more.

 Interact with the giant painting following the fight to watch the ending


[4] ENEMIES                                                             [0400]


The enemies in this game are commonly referred to as "Bleakies". They are
minions of the Bleakness: all white individuals that try to sap the color out
of anyone they can get their hands on. There are many different Bleaky
variants throughout your journey.

| Bleaky |

 The most common enemy type are simply known as Bleakies. They are your
 standard fodder enemy that aren't particularly dangerous and are usually
 found in large groups or with other foes. They are small humanoid creatures
 with horns and have a basic punch attack.

| Shooter Bleaky |

 Shooter Bleakies are small, bug-like creatures that shoot projectiles at you
 from their appendages. Shooters are often found perched on ledges or other
 areas out of reach, although you can use your own long-range attacks to
 defeat them.

| Big Bleaky |

 These hulking brutes are much larger than your standard Bleaky, and have no
 horns. Due to their size, Big Bleakies are slower when moving but pack a more
 powerful punch.

| Spiked Bleaky |

 Like Big Bleakies, Spike Bleakies are oversized creatures that are covered in
 spikes. They use this defense mechanism to their advantage with a wild
 spinning attack. When you see them wind up, make sure to back away.

| Horned Bleaky |

 Horned Bleakies look exactly like larger versions of regular Bleakies, horns
 and all (hence their name). They also have a punch attack like Big Bleakies,
 but can also use a powerful slam attack that covers a wide area.

| Globe Bleaky |

 Globe Bleakies are sneaky suckers and are often used as a support member when
 in large groups. Globe Bleakies have the power to make their allies
 invulnerable, and can also teleport. Due to this predicament, you should
 always target Globe Bleakies first in combat. When you get a chance, wail on
 them after teleportation to fill their globe up with color. Once it is
 completely filled, they will explode and the shields surrounding the other
 Bleakies will lower. They have no means of attacking.

| Laser Bleaky |

 These cyclops monsters use their lone eye to charge up an incredibly deadly
 laser beam. The beam is hard to dodge and can kill you in almost one hit
 (even with max health). Luckily they are uncommon enemies, but you should
 definitely seek them out and kill them as soon as you get the chance.

| Crystal Bleaky |

 Arguably the toughest enemies in the game, Crystal Bleakies are twice the
 size of Big Bleakies and are even harder to take down. Crystal Bleakies have
 crystal clusters on their head and shoulders. Depending on the color of the
 crystals, you must attack with the color not shown (if the crystals are blue
 and green, then use red attacks). The colors change until it is stunned,
 during which you can attack any way you'd like. Repeat this process until the
 Crystal Bleaky is destroyed.

| Bleak Spawner |

 Last but not least, Bleak Spawners summon other Bleakies and are found quite
 often in areas infested with the Bleakness. Take down the wave of enemies it
 summons for it to reveal a weak point in its mouth. Attack it until another
 group of Bleakies appears, and rinse and repeat. Exterminating Bleak
 Spawners restores color to the region.


[5] FLOATY BRUSHES                                                      [0500]


These golden paint brushes are found in almost all of the game's levels.
Collecting these items grant you access to concept art and unlockable game
features, such as Mirror Mode. There are 80 Floaty Brushes in the game.

The game presents Floaty Brushes in a strange way, since some locations are
revisited and the brush tallies overlap (ex: the levels "Tension" and
"Cooperation" in the Red District are said to each have 6 Floaty Brushes, but
it is in fact 6 total, getting 2 in the former and 4 in the latter). The
layout presented in this guide is more accurate and less confusing.

| Outer District: Morning Routine |

 #1 - Found early on in the level, after passing the broken gate and reaching
      the rocks in the water. While holding R2 to jump across the rocks,
      follow the ones on the right to climb the stone pillar and reach the

 #2 - When you reach the two octopi, go counter-clockwise around the first
      one's tentacles until you reach a rock between the two creatures. Before
      you move on to the second one, continue across the remaining tentacles
      to reach a wooden platform containing the Floaty Brush.

 #3 - Shortly after finding the second one, climb onto dry land and proceed
      forward until you reach a red bridge. Cross the bridge to find it at a
      dead end. Tap points it out to you so it's pretty difficult to miss.

 #4 - After using the first jump pad, turn around and follow the path towards
      the brush behind some crates.

 #5 - In the market, approach the archway leading to the race entrance and
      hang a right. Proceed to the balcony overlooking the market and cross
      the wooden beams on the right to get to the Floaty Brush.

| Outer District: Working Hard |

 #1 - Before entering Brik's training grounds, walk past him to the right and
      up the slope. The brush is behind a boulder.

 #2 - Near the start of the area. Run forward to reach a fork in the road and
      go left. Destroy the pile of crates to reveal the Floaty Brush.

 #3 - In Muddy's farm. After talking to Biggs, follow him up ahead until you
      reach a red bridge. Stop and cross the bridge, then hop across the
      platforms to the brush.

| Outer District: The Race |

 #1 - After finishing the race, approach Bolzo and take the ramp on the right.
      You'll descend below the platform and find a Floaty Brush down near the
      water's edge.

| The Tower: Pictures |

 #1 - On the first floor. After reaching the right side of the room, go around
      the pillar and head left, straight, then left. Stay behind the guard
      here and follow his route to find the brush behind the pillar.

 #2 - On the second floor. Traverse the busy right balcony all the way to the
      end to get to the brush. Use the numerous beams on the adjacent pillars
      to jump off the balcony and dodge the guards as they patrol the catwalk.

| Outer District: The Bleakness |

 #1 - After encountering Bleakies for the first time, run past the initial
      group to eventually reach a rope. Before climbing the rope, turn to the
      right to spot a Floaty Brush in the middle of a large Bleakness geyser.

| Red District: Tension |

 #1 - From the start of the area, go forward and pass Tap as he mentions the
      red symbols. As soon as you go past him, head to the left and drop off
      the edge of the road onto the pipes below you. From here you can walk
      along to reach the Floaty Brush.

 #2 - After entering the Red District, walk straight ahead and stay to the
      left to find three denizens guarding a Floaty Brush. In order to get
      past them, walk around to the left and break the crates to find a hidden

 #3 - #6 found in "Cooperation"

| Red District: Spirits |

 #1 - At the entrance of the Red Dome, take a few steps and destroy the pile
      of crates on your left to reveal it.

 #2 - Underneath a gazebo during the first octopus segment.

 #3 - After meeting up with Bolzo, follow the path to reach a pile of crates
      floating in the water. Hop across to the far right end to spot a brush
      on one of the crates.

 #4 - After receiving the red power of strength from the Red Spirit, drop down
      to the ground and follow him to a jump pad. Don't use it just yet and
      instead go left to reach a balcony containing the brush.

 #5 - Upon reaching the Shooter Bleakies, defeat the first three and then jump
      over to the others. Kill them as well, then break the pile of crates to
      reveal the brush.

| Red District: Cooperation |

 #1 - #2 found in "Tension"
 #3 - After breaking the color ball and restoring color to the district, go
      forward to the checkpoint, then hang a left and continue along the
      perimeter. Destroy the large stack of crates and barrels to reveal the

 #4 - Summon Bomber at the mushroom bed, then lure him to the rock wall on the
      left. Punch him with Square to make him blow apart the wall. Grab the
      Floaty Brush left in the rubble.
 #5 - At the junction during the journey to the docks, defeat the enemies and
      use Bomber to blow up the rock wall on the right. This reveals a tiny
      alcove containing the brush.

 #6 - After claiming the previous brush, destroy the rock wall straight ahead
      and defeat the Big Bleaky & company. Take the ramp on the left to find
      the brush behind some crates.

| Market District: The Portal |

 #1 - Cross the bridge into the green zone and stay on the ground level. In
      the back to the left is a row of crates and barrels hiding a Floaty

 #2 - Head over into the red zone and immediately bend around to the right.
      Jump across the canoes onto the cargo boat and pick up the brush here.

 #3 - Also in the red zone; ascend the ramp and jump from the ledge onto the
      top of the fountain to get the brush.

 #4 - found in "The Slo-mo Thing"

| Green District: Infiltration |

 #1 - At the start of the area, go forward near the two blue orbs. Pick them
      up, then walk behind the bush for the first brush.

 #2 - After taking down the shielded enemies, turn Biggs into Bomber and bring
      him over to the cracked wall in the center of the room. Blow it up to
      reveal the Floaty Brush.

| Green District: Errand Boy |

 #1 - From the beginning, navigate past the helibomb row and make a right,
      following it to a dead end where the brush lies.
 #2 - During the bridge raising/lowering challenge. Cross the second bridge
      and kill all the Bleakies here, then climb the ramp on the right and
      look behind the spiky plant to find a path leading to the Floaty Brush.

| Green District: Malfunction |

 #1 - In the river section, go forward and cross the crates to reach the dock
      on the left side. Follow the path to an open area with the brush lying
      in the back corner.

 #2 - Also in the river section at the beginning of the level. Jump onto the
      first octopus and bear right to reach the upper levels. Follow the
      platforms and poles to reach a balcony with the brush. Also where you
      find the Metal Gear Solid-inspired green guy to unlock the "A
      Surveillance Camera?!" Trophy.

 #3 - During the cargo rail ride, on the section where there are three rails,
      make sure to switch over to the leftmost rail and grab the brush before
      hopping back to safety.

| Green District: The Chase |

 #1 - Found near the panic room, after cornering the Green Spirit. Go near
      ramp leading up to the panic room, then turn left and walk towards the 
      group of trees. The brush is found back here in the corner.

 #2 - From the previous Floaty Brush, follow the side path leading to Bomber.
      Aim through the hole in the wall and shoot him with color in order to
      demolish the wall. You can find the brush next to Bomber.

| Dream World: Scattered |

 #1 - After riding the series of jump pads, destroy the wall of white cubes
      to find a Floaty Brush hiding behind another small pile of blocks.

 #2 - Once you have killed the second Bleak Spawner, climb up the roots near
      the checkpoint for the brush.

 #3 - Located in the area with the Horned Bleakies, when Green Spirit uses his
      freeze time power. With time frozen, ignore the enemies and look for the
      brush behind one of the spiky plants.

| Green District: New Friends |

 #1 - At the beginning of the level, walk forward towards the bridge and stop.
      Turn right and follow the narrow trail leading to the brush.

 #2 - When you are first introduced to Bomber tunnels. Throw him in the first
      tunnel, then regroup with him. To the left of the checkpoint is a Floaty
      Brush next to some crystal chunks.

 #3 - After reuniting the father and son, bring Bomber through the opened
      gate and up the hill on the right. Blow up the rock wall and look behind
      the crates for the brush.

 #4 - Down at the harbor. Walk past the dojo and smash the crates to reveal a
      platform leading to an island containing the Floaty Brush.
 #5 - Also found at the harbor. Use Bomber to blow up the wall next to the
      checkpoint and follow the long route to the brush. 

| Green District: Detour |

 #1 - After defeating the first Bleak Spawner, go down the road to your left
      for a floaty brush.

 #2 - After defeating the first Bleak Spawner, climb the roots on the right
      and the brush will be in the back of the balcony.

 #3 - Following the defeat of the Globe Bleaky and solving the Biggs/Bomber
      puzzle, use Biggs to crash through the Bleakness webbing and stop after
      exiting the first cave. Jump off and look for a Floaty Brush in an
      alcove to the left.

 #4 - At Central Island. Go past the dojo and follow the trail to reach an
      octopus near the water's edge. Jump across the crates and follow his
      tentacles to get to a brush lying on a rock.

 #5 - Near where the octopus is, follow the upper ledge to reach some wooden
      beams and spinning gears. Hop across the beam and get past the gears,
      then swing across the poles to automatically get the Floaty Brush.

 #6 - On the left side of Central Island is a rock wall. Go around it using
      the octopus tentacles to meet up with Bomber. Destroy the first two
      rock walls, then use Triangle to send him running under the arch to blow
      up the third. Go back across the octopus and reunite with him to find
      the Floaty Brush.
 #7 - From the main square of Central Island, go straight to reach the
      upper levels. Follow the green bridges to the homes and head left,
      going to the back end of the balconies. Look for the green dude that
      says "What's happening on the other side of this island?" - next to him
      is a gap in the balcony leading to the Floaty Brush.

| The Windmill: Hazards |

 #1 - Near the start of the level. Go through the spiky plant-infested trail
      and once you get to the world map sign, look behind it to find the

 #2 - At the octopus segment, continue forward along the straight line of
      tentacles. At the fork, stay to the left and hop on the rock ledges to
      reach another octopus. Continue counter-clockwise around the octopus
      until you get to a jump pad and the Floaty Brush.

| The Windmill: High Point |

 #1 - Upon entering the windmill, go left and climb up the root. Go up the
      next one, then across the tightrope. Look for a rope on the right side
      near the perimeter wall; before using the rope, look behind the gears on
      your left to spot the brush nestled behind them. Jump down and get it.

 #2 - Once you make it onto the central column, use the rope to slide down
      into the open drawer below to find the brush inside.

 #3 - After moving around the arms and reaching the checkpoint, begin crossing
      the tightrope, but jump down onto the roof when you reach the turn.
      Punch the crates to reveal a Floaty Brush.

| Market District: The Slo-mo Thing |

 #1 - #3 found in "The Portal"

 #4 - Go to the red zone and approach the locked gate next to the dojo. Using
      your color punches, you can input a code to open it. The combination is
      green, red, green, red, green. With the gate opened, you can get the
      Floaty Brush.

| Blue District: Therapy |

 #1 - After taking down the first Bleak Spawner, turn around and follow the
      guard rail towards the back corner. Tucked back here is a brush.

 #2 - After passing the shrine and using slo-mo on the rippling crates, jump
      across. Look for another set of crates on the right and use them to
      reach a sunken ship containing the brush.

 #3 - Found on the upper catwalks with the four Shooter Bleakies. Defeat the
      first two, then walk around the spherical portion of the roof to find
      it on the far edge.

 #4 - Close to the previous brush. Cross the tightrope and exterminate the
      other two Shooters, then proceed forward. Instead of going up the rope,
      look to the left to locate the brush near a pile of Bleakness.

 #5 - Go down the alley to the left of the armory to find the brush.

| Blue District: Pipes and Leaks |

 #1 - After reaching the harbor, go to the left and rummage through the
      storage area. There is a brush at the back end of the room behind some

 #2 - After reaching the harbor, cross the bridge to the right and look for a
      blue bear talking about a strange blue light. Next to him is a large
      stack of barrels containing the brush.

| Blue District: The Beast |

 #1 - #2 found in "Pipes and Leaks"

| Blue District: Eva |

 #1 - After encountering the first enemies in the Blue Dome, kill them and go
      to the right corner of the region to discover the brush tucked away.

 #2 - Located in the garden with all the blue enemies; the Floaty Brush is
      behind a stack of barrels.

 #3 - In the second garden after finding a crying Bomber. Eliminate all the
      Bleakies, then use Bomber to destroy the rock wall close by for the

| Blue District: Color Matters |

 #1 - #5 found in "Therapy"

| Blue Creek: Noir |

 #1 - Found at the entrance of Blue Creek. Specifically, on the trail behind
      the large entrance sign where you first start out.

 #2 - Search the gardener's not-so-lush garden to spot the brush in the far
      back corner.

 #3 - Inside the cave with the gatekeeper. After rescuing the gatekeeper, use
      Biggs to clear away the pile of Bleakness on the left to find a brush

 #4 - After being given access to the caves, cross the bridge towards the
      entrance and make Biggs cry to remove the Bleakness on the right side
      of the area. Doing this reveals a Floaty Brush.

| The Caves: Line-up |

 #1 - As soon as you begin the level, turn around to find the Floaty Brush
      behind you.

 #2 - In the entrance of the caves. After defeating the Crystal Bleaky, go
      through the ticket booth and look behind the bear for a ramp. Destroy
      the crystal chunk next to the ramp to reveal a brush.

 #3 - Once at the conductor, turn around and walk way from her towards the
      checkpoint; look behind the checkpoint for the Floaty Brush.

 #4 - Down in the orchestra pit. Drop down and look for it along the perimeter

 #5 - Facing the orchestra from the conductor's point of view, go right up the
      ramp leading to the melody section of the cave. Before you reach the
      checkpoint, cut into the wall on the right and pass the two crystal
      chunks to spot the brush on the upper walkway.

| The Caves: Rhythm |

 #1 - After passing the first pool, stop as you reach the next line of crates.
      Look on the left for a ramp leading into the water; when the water
      lowers, it reveals a platform containing a Floaty Brush.

 #2 - In the Bleakness-infested woods (just past the secret hermit). Once you
      get to the checkpoint, hang a right to find it behind some bushes.

 #3 - Found in the large lake filled with multiple turtles. Watch the pattern
      of movement for a lil' bit and pick the turtles that will bring you to
      the island in the back left corner of the area. Here you'll find the

| The Caves: Melody |

 #1 - After opening the gate at the entrance, stay on the right side of the
      room and look behind the spiky plants on the right for a brush.

 #2 - Found in the vault room containing the music sheet. Walk behind the
      music mushrooms and investigate the left corner to find the Floaty Brush
      behind a low wall.

| The Caves: The Orchestra |

 #1 - #5 found in "Line-up"

| Market District: Last Hope |

 #1 - #3 found in "The Portal"
 #4 found in "The Slo-mo Thing"

| The Tower: Lion's Den |

 #1 - #2 found in "Pictures"


[6] DOJO UPGRADES                                                       [0600]


About a third of the way through the game, you are given access to the dojo:
a small vending machine where you can purchase new moves and upgrades for
Koru. You can use color crystals to buy things, although some upgrades are
locked until you complete certain parts of the story. You can also access dojo
upgrades at the main menu.

| Hard Punch |

 Cost: Free
 Breaks shields and crystal formations.

| Jump Attack Red |

 Cost: 150
 Deal damage to all foes nearby.

| Jump Attack Green |

 Cost: 200
 Scare away all foes nearby.

| Jump Attack Blue |

 Cost: 200
 Stun all foes nearby.

| Normal Punch Upgrade 1 |

 Cost: 250
 Normal punches deal more damage.

| Normal Punch Upgrade 2 |

 Cost: 300
 Normal punches deal maximum damage.

| Hard Punch Upgrade |

 Cost: 225
 Hard punches deal more damage.

| Combo Finisher Upgrade |

 Cost: 150
 Combo finishers deal more damage and have a larger area of effect.

| Jump Attack Upgrade |

 Cost: 250
 Jump attacks have a larger area of effect.

| Green Duration Upgrade |

 Cost: 100
 Enemies stay scared for longer.

| Blue Duration Upgrade |

 Cost: 100
 Enemies stay stunned for longer.

| Red Power Duration Upgrade |

 Cost: 100
 Red Power lasts longer.

| Green Power Duration Upgrade |

 Cost: 100
 Green Power lasts longer.

| Blue Power Duration Upgrade |

 Cost: 100
 Blue Power lasts longer.

| Health +1 |

 Cost: 300
 Koru gains an additional health point.

| Health +1 |

 Cost: 450
 Koru gains an additional health point.


[7] UNLOCKABLES                                                         [0700]


The in-game unlockables coincide with Floaty Brush collecting; in the blue
zone of the Market District lies Rob Boss, a painter and avid paintbrush
enthusiast who will trade you goodies for Floaty Brushes. The majority of the
unlockables are concept art, but there are also some cheat codes you can
turn on and off when talking to Rob Boss. You can also access unlockables at
the main menu.
                                                    *FB = Floaty Brushes

| Name                              | Description                      | FB |
| Biggs & Bomber Outfits (Removed)  | Concept Art                      | 2  |
| Color Spirits                     | Concept Art                      | 4  |
| Muddy's Farm                      | Concept Art                      | 6  |
| Mood Art: Red District            | Concept Art                      | 8  |
| District Houses                   | Concept Art                      | 10 |
| Koru's Hideout                    | Concept Art                      | 12 |
| Shooting Enemy                    | Concept Art                      | 14 |
| Red District - Harbor Bridge      | Concept Art                      | 16 |
| Big & Small Citizens              | Concept Art                      | 18 |
| Big Head Mode                     | All characters have big heads    | 20 |
| Biggs & Bomber (Early Concept)    | Concept Art                      | 22 |
| Cargo Rail                        | Concept Art                      | 24 |
| Whale                             | Concept Art                      | 26 |
| Tentacle Monster                  | Concept Art                      | 28 |
| Black & White Mode                | Makes the game black and white   | 30 |
| Blue District Architecture        | Concept Art                      | 32 |
| Color Spirits & Bleak Spirit      | Concept Art                      | 34 |
| Security System                   | Concept Art                      | 36 |
| Koru                              | Concept Art                      | 38 |
| Small Head Mode                   | All characters have small heads  | 40 |
| Fishermen                         | Concept Art                      | 42 |
| Green District - Bridge (Removed) | Concept Art                      | 44 |
| Tentacle Monster Spawn            | Concept Art                      | 46 |
| Boats                             | Concept Art                      | 48 |
| Switched Color Mode               | All colors are inverted/negative | 50 |
| Colorcage                         | Concept Art                      | 52 |
| Loud Floor                        | Concept Art                      | 54 |
| Bolzo                             | Concept Art                      | 56 |
| Tank Enemy (Removed)              | Concept Art                      | 58 |
| Mirrored World Mode               | In-game world is mirrored        | 60 |
| Security System Boss              | Concept Art                      | 62 |
| Climb Wall                        | Concept Art                      | 64 |
| Orchestra                         | Concept Art                      | 66 |
| Rob Boss                          | Concept Art                      | 68 |
| Scarlet (Removed)                 | Concept Art                      | 70 |
| God Mode                          | You are invincible               | 75 |
| Combat Arena                      | Fight waves and waves of enemies | 80 |


[8] TROPHIES                                                            [0800]



| Sneaky Like a Ninja |

 Reach the Tower Gallery.
 Storyline progression. Received once you enter the gallery in the level
 "The Tower: Pictures".

| High Five the Sun |

 Reach the highest point of the Great Windmill.
 Storyline progression. Received once you get to the top of the windmill in
 the level "The Windmill: High Point".

| Moby Bleak |

 Defeat the Boss at Blue Harbor.
 Storyline progression. Received after defeating the kraken boss in the level
 "Blue District: The Beast".

| Sherlock Blues |

 Solve the crime at Blue Creek.
 Storyline progression. Received once you make the mayor confess to his crimes
 in the level "Blue Creek: Noir".

| Hey, Wake Up! |

 Shoot the moon at Blue Harbor.
 Upon arriving at Blue Harbor, you'll have to begin battle preparations in
 order to defeat the aquatic monster, which involves loading a cannon. At
 some point before or during the boss fight, man the cannon and shoot at the
 sleeping moon high up in the skies.

| Your Highness |

 Find the hermit living in the turtle cave.
 This tricky Trophy is unlocked in the level "The Caves: Rhythm", found at the
 first turtle puzzle near the beginning. You must use the moving turtles to
 reach a secret island, but all movements (including turtles and the rising
 tide) all follow a rhythm. Hop on the turtle when the water lowers and use
 him to cross to the other side. Turn back around and look to the roots next
 to your current location. It is hard to spot, but there is a boat underwater
 that moves back and forth.
 Now jump on the OTHER turtle (accessible when the water is lowered). Ride him
 around so you are within range of the underwater boat and jump on. Once the 
 boat reaches land, manually jump off with R1 and climb the roots to find the
 turtle cave hermit, granting you the Trophy.

| Not Forgotten |

 Colorize all the Purple paintings in Purple's dream world.
 Found during the level "Dream World: Memories" at the end of the game. There
 are five portraits of the Purple Spirit that are drab and devoid of color.
 When you find one, press X to colorize it. They are carefully placed and well
 hidden throughout the dreamscape.

 1. After speaking with Purple, smash the crates on the right to reveal the
    first portrait.

 2. Use the jump pad near the first portrait, then cross the bridges. After
    the third bridge (near the debating citizens), walk to the right and hop
    across the platform to the second portrait.

 3. Take the second jump pad to another checkpoint in a canyon. Immediately
    after landing, take a couple steps and turn to the left to see the picture
    leaning against a rock.
 4. During the climbing section. Climb up the ropes until you meet up with the
    father and son you helped in the Green District. Carefully walk to the
    edge of the cliff and go around the perimeter wall to the right. Drop
    down onto the top of the tree, then down to the ground. You'll discover a
    secret alcove containing the fourth portrait.

 5. During Koru's memories after the Purple Spirit joins you. When you pass
    the gates of the Green District and reach the Admiral, search behind the
    statue on the right to discover the final portrait.

| To Infinity! |

 Send one of the Greens flying in the Market District.
 This is accessible during or after the level "Market District: The Slo-mo
 Thing". In the blue zone, look for a green guy jumping up and down on top of
 a fountain. Target him with L2 and shoot him to cause the fountain to go off.

| A Surveillance Camera?! |

 Punch a very special crate.
 At the start of the level "Green District: Malfunction", go across the river
 to the first island, then bear to right to climb to the top of the rock
 spire. Follow the tightropes and continue to a balcony. In addition to the
 Floaty Brush here, there's also a Metal Gear Solid-inspired character hiding
 inside a crate. Break it open.

| Shopaholic |

 Buy every combat move in the Dojo.
 For more detailed information about the dojo and upgrades, head over to
 Section 6. Basically all you have to do is purchase every available upgrade,
 and you can replay levels after completing the game to stock up on color
 If you are in need of currency, try replaying "The Caves: Line-up". Not only
 is there a dojo at the entrance to the main cavern, but there are several
 crystal chunks present. Collect the crystals, and even head to the melody
 cave for a couple more crystal chunks. Exit to the main menu and repeat; you
 can get around 50-70 color crystals in one run, depending on if you go to the
 melody cavern.

| Psychedelic |

 Give your eyes a hard time.
 The vague description doesn't do you any favors, but in order to get this
 Trophy you must have access to several game modifiers - you'll need to have
 found at least 60 Floaty Brushes. At either the main menu or at Rob Boss's
 shop at the Market District, activate the following modifiers:
 - Big Head Mode OR Small Head Mode
 - Switched Color Mode
 - Mirrored World Mode

 Once you have all these turned on, exit out of the shop menu (or select a
 level from the main menu) and the Trophy should pop.


| Unity |

 Defeat the Final Boss.
 Storyline progression. Received after defeating the Bleak Spirit in the level
 "The Tower: Eye of the Storm".

| Tinker Music |

 Conduct the orchestra without making a mistake.
 After collecting all three music sheets in the caves, talk to the conductor
 to take part in the orchestral arrangement. There are three additional
 conductors down in the orchestra pit that will flag you down by waving
 colored cue cards. Use the Left Analog to select a conductor and press the
 appropriate button depending on the color they are requesting.
 As the music picks up you'll need to flip back and forth between conductors
 and process orders fairly quickly. It isn't overly challenging, but if you
 mess up you can restart the level "The Caves: The Orchestra" to start right
 back at the conductor again.


| Leonardo daWindci |

 Collect every Floaty Brush in the game.
 There are 80 Floaty Brushes found in the game. Check out Section 5 for
 locations of all Floaty Brushes, or the walkthrough for more detailed


[9] THANKS/CREDITS                                                      [0900]


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