How to get Z grades for missions?

  1. i keep getting B's and C's. How do you get those up to Z's?

    User Info: ace10qb

    ace10qb - 6 years ago

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  1. it depends on the ending score, that is given by the "mission completed" score + the additional score, such as "untouchable" (no damage) or "combo fied" (50+ combo); the score is calculated at the end of the regular mission, but since often the extra objectives makes you fight more enemies, complete them gives you more occasion of getting the z rank. in some mission is possible (but very hard) to get the Z rank even if you get defethed by the new or resurrected charachters

    User Info: serPomiz

    serPomiz - 6 years ago 2   0


  1. There are several factors that determine your completion rating. The main factors are the completion time and damage taken (you and your allies I believe). You also get bonus points for all the "feats" (or whatever they are called, i.e. Ultimate Finish, etc.). From what I have seen no matter what your score is, you won't go above a S completion rating. To get a Z you also need to clear the optional objectives for the PQ. Do this and get a sufficiently high score and you get a Z ranking. I also think it reflects on the rewards you receive on completion of the PQ (at least in quantity of rewards, if not the type of rewards). I'm not so sure about that though.

    User Info: pokeguru87

    pokeguru87 - 6 years ago 2   1
  2. Iv gotten quite a few Rank Z missions so I will list what has worked for me so far. Now in some battles it may not be possible to get all of these but it gives you a rough idea on what to aim for. Hope this helps :)

    01. Quest cleared with an ultimate finish
    02. Hit with super attacks 10 times
    03. Did a combo of 20 hits or more
    04. Attach accuracy of 80% or high
    05. Remaining health greater then 80%
    06. Defeat last enemy with ultimate attack (If more then 1)
    07. Cause the most damage (If in a party)
    08. Defeat the most enemies (If in a party)
    09. Never KO'd
    10. Defeat 3 enemies with super attacks (If multiple enemies)
    11. Defeat 5 enemies (If multiple enemies)
    12. Defeated a strong enemy
    13. Defeat last enemy while transfered (If have super saiyan or kaioken)

    User Info: vatoloco47

    vatoloco47 - 6 years ago 8   7
  3. >pokeguru87
    you don't need to do the optional objectives to get a Z xd I got it often when farming the firsts PQ, I think its because I'm high lvl and I do them without difficulty and so I get high rank xD however if you do the optional objectives it's a lot easier to get Z xd

    User Info: orphen2005

    orphen2005 - 6 years ago 1   1
  4. I found that playing as just one character rather than a team of three helps get a Z Rank.

    User Info: pirat3hunt3rz0r

    pirat3hunt3rz0r - 6 years ago 0   0
  5. Beat the main quest in 5 min mostly then always finish with an ultimate finisher I've got z on 85% of my pqs

    User Info: wrestledasaiyan

    wrestledasaiyan - 6 years ago 1   1
  6. So far, I've noticed that I only get Z when I finish the level with very close to max health (minimal damage) and Ultimate finisher moves of at least two characters. I have not been able to pin point the exact reason though.

    The times when I have won a Z rank however, those were the similarities

    User Info: Spottedpopo

    Spottedpopo - 6 years ago 0   1
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    User Info: ser1es

    ser1es - 6 years ago 0   1
  8. Item finder also is added to vatoloco47's list which is pretty accurate on getting a z rank

    User Info: Xizziano

    Xizziano - 4 years ago 0   1

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