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    There are 48 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    *There are 3 secret trophies. show

    A Surgeon's Merit Is Based On SpeedPerform a double kidney transplant in an ambulance in under 2 minutes.Bronze
    About As Politically Correct As FurGive the patient a... scarf.Bronze
    And They Said It Was Impossible!Complete a procedure after being drugged and electrocuted. (Must be afflicted within 20 secs)Silver
    Best Surgeon In The UniverseComplete all 6 secret transplants.Gold
    Best Surgeon In The WorldGet an A++ rating on all procedures.Gold
    Blink And You'll Miss ItPerform an eye transplant in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.Bronze
    BrainstormPerform a brain transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minute 30 seconds.Bronze
    Call TrishaNow where did you leave her number...Bronze
    Doctor Doctor, Give Me The NewsAnswer the phone.Bronze
    Don't Even Need A BucketPerform a corridor heart transplant losing less than 900ml of bloodBronze
    Don't In-Test My PatiencePerform a double kidney transplant in under 3 minutes.Bronze
    Enter The CodeI'm not sure that was worth it...Bronze
    Expert Space StalkerPerform an eye transplant in space losing less than 1000ml of blood.Bronze
    First SuccessComplete an alien organ transplant.Bronze
    Hammer TimeLose 50,000ml of blood using the hammer.Bronze
    HeterochromiaGive the patient heterochromia.Bronze
    How Long Can You Live Without A Brain?Perform a brain transplant in under 1 minute.Bronze
    I Can See For Miles... Per HourPerform an eye transplant in an ambulance in under 2 minutes and 10 seconds.Bronze
    I Have No Idea What I'm DoingSmash all canisters within 10 seconds.Bronze
    I Immediately Regret This DecisionElectrocute and drug yourself at the same time.Bronze
    I Should Never Have Doubted MyselfGet an A++ rating on a procedure.Silver
    I Think I Got ThisPerform a heart transplant.Bronze
    I'm Sure He'll LiveComplete a procedure with less than 10ml of blood remaining.Bronze
    In Space, No One Can Hear You BleedPerform a heart transplant in space.Bronze
    It's In! It's In I Tell You!...and it was going so well.Bronze
    It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know ItPerform a heart transplant in space losing less than 800ml of blood.Bronze
    Kali Mah!Perform a heart transplant in under 1 minute 50 seconds.Bronze
    Keyhole SurgeryCompletely remove the rib cage.Bronze
    Let's See That Sick Filth Again (secret)Perform a 180° spoon flip.Silver
    Life's Too ShortPerform a heart transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minutes 40 seconds.Bronze
    Like a hotdog down a hallway.Perform a corridor heart transplant.Bronze
    Like A Wet Paper TowelThrow the new heart away in the surgery.Bronze
    LumberjackCut out the eyes using the surgical axe.Bronze
    Maintained Healthy Gums At LeastPerform a teeth transplant in space losing less than 600ml of blood.Bronze
    Nigel The SecretaryGo about your secretarial duties.Bronze
    Nine Nine Nine!Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance.Bronze
    Not The Time Or Place For PrecisionPerform a teeth transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minute and 50 seconds.Bronze
    Nothing But SkullComplete a brain transplant by throwing it in.Silver
    Open Really WidePerform a corridor teeth transplant losing less than 550ml of bloodBronze
    Practically LicensedComplete all procedures.Bronze
    Precision Instrument TimePerform a brain transplant in space losing less than 600ml of blood.Bronze
    Screw The Prime Directive (secret)Reveal your next patient.Bronze
    SpaaaaaaaaaceGo where no surgeon has gone before.Bronze
    The Beat Of Your HeartReplace the heart with something else.Bronze
    The Brains Of The OperationPerform a corridor brain transplant losing less than 750ml of blood.Bronze
    The Goggles Do NothingCompletely smash up the goggles.Bronze
    The Surgery Of The FuturePerform a double kidney transplant in space losing less than 700ml of blood.Bronze
    There Is Nothing More To Teach...Completed every achievement. Now go save lives!Platinum
    Tunnel VisionPerform a corridor double kidney transplant losing less than 800ml of bloodBronze
    Vworrrp VworrrpCreate a Time Lord.Bronze
    We're Going On An Adventure!Take your radio with you.Bronze
    What A Load Of Bull (secret)Listen to the surgeon rap.Bronze
    What Have I Done??Lose the patient within 15 seconds.Bronze
    Won't Even Need Glasses!Perform a corridor eye transplant losing less than 1250ml of bloodBronze
    You Can't Handle The Tooth!Complete the tooth transplant only removing the rotten teeth.Silver
    You May Feel A Light TappingPerform a teeth transplant in under 3 minutes.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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