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Founded HQ
Complete the tutorial
Touch of Style
Customize your troops
Seek and Destroy
Win 25 PVP attacks
Complete a CPU Defend match of 6 minutes or longer.
Light 'em Up
Attack and get 10 Monster kills or better
Assign 2 perks to 1 Unit
Red Skull Crusher
Win an attack against a nightmare difficulty opponent
Gone Streaking
Win 10 attacks in a row
Locked n' Loaded
Use 50 attack cards
Leader of the Pack
Open an Epic Card Pack
Top Brass
Fully rank up 3 units
Climbing the Ranks
Reach level 25
Additional Trophies
Best Buds
Attack 3 friends
Collect 3 Daily Rations
Purple Splendor
Obtain a Legendary card from PVP Rewards or Card Pack
Get Backup
Earn 4 or more Veterans in a single battle
Well Rounded
Spawn 5 different Veteran unit types in one battle
Play one more than your daily Alliance Battle limit
Team Player
Earn 300 Alliance Points in a Season
Badge Of Honor
Be in an Alliance that receives a badge at the end of an Alliance Battle Season
Impact Resistant
Obtain a Level 7 Wall

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