How Do You Remove Oppressor 1 as favorite bike and put in Oppressor 2?

  1. With the favorite bike feature, you theoretically just travel more distance with a bike in order to change it to your favorite, but in the case where you have the Oppressor as your favorite bike, it then stays your favorite bike forever and cannot change. All 6 of my psn's I have made are stuck with Oppressor as favorite and I had to create a second character from scratch and buy everything over again to get Oppressor 2 as favorite. For example, one psn had Oppressor 1 as favorite bike with only 100 miles traveled by bike in the stats. I proceeded to drive over 2000 miles using only a regular drag bike and Oppressor 1 remains favorite bike so I have no protection against damage while driving Oppressor 2 or Health Regeneration.

    User Info: Scarlet__Jester

    Scarlet__Jester - 7 months ago


  1. When you're registered as an MC president you can return your bike and call in a new bike at will, so "favorite" shouldn't really be an issue.

    User Info: Natural510

    Natural510 - 1 month ago 0   0

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