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by sokkus

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by sokkus

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 02/15/2017

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
    1. Characters and Special Abilities
    2. Skills and Attributes
    3. Managing Bars: Health, Stamina, Lung Capacity and Special
    4. Exploration
    5. Mobile Phone
    6. Wanted Rating and How to Lose it
  3. GTA V Enhanced Edition Changes
    1. Additional Content
  4. Walkthrough
    1. Prologue
    2. Franklin and Lamar
    3. Repossession
    4. Complications
    5. Father/Son
    6. Chop
    7. Marriage Counselling
    8. Daddy's Little Girl
    9. Friend Request
    10. The Long Stretch
    11. Casing the Jewel Store
    12. Heist Setup: The Jewel Store Job
    13. Heist Setup: Carbine Rifles
    14. Heist Setup: Bugstars Equipment
    15. Heist Setup: BZ Gas Grenades
    16. The Jewel Store Job
    17. The Jewel Store Job – Quiet
    18. The Jewel Store Job – Loud
    19. Mr. Philips
    20. Trevor Philips Industries
    21. Nervous Ron
    22. Crystal Maze
    23. Friends Reunited
    24. Fame or Shame
    25. The Hotel Assassination
    26. Dead Man Walking
    27. Three's Company
    28. Did Somebody Say Yoga?
    29. Hood Safari
    30. By the Book
    31. Scouting the Port
    32. Heist Setup: The Merryweather Heist
    33. Heist Setup: Minisub
    34. Heist Setup: Cargobob
    35. The Merryweather Heist
    36. The Merryweather Heist - Offshore
    37. The Merryweather Heist – Freighter
    38. Blitz Play (Intro)
    39. Heist Setup: Tow Truck
    40. Heist Setup: Trash Truck
    41. Heist Setup: Boiler Suits
    42. Heist Setup: Masks
    43. Heist Setup: Getaway Car
    44. Blitz Play
    45. Mr. Richards
    46. I Fought the Law…
    47. Eye in the Sky
    48. Caida Libre
    49. Deep Inside
    50. Minor Turbulence
    51. Paleto Score Setup
    52. Predator
    53. Heist Setup: Military Hardware
    54. The Paleto Score
    55. Derailed
    56. Monkey Business
    57. Hang Ten
    58. Surveying the Score
    59. Bury the Hatchet
    60. Pack Man
    61. Fresh Meat
    62. Cleaning out the Bureau
    63. Reuniting the Family
    64. Architect's Plans
    65. Heist Setup: Firetruck
    66. Heist Setup: Getaway Car 2
    67. The Bureau Raid
    68. The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew
    69. The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry
    70. The Ballad of Rocco
    71. Legal Trouble
    72. The Wrap Up
    73. Lamar Down
    74. Meltdown
    75. Big Score Setup
    76. Heist Setup: Driller
    77. Heist Setup: Sidetracked
    78. Heist Setup: Getaway Car 3
    79. Heist Setup: Stingers
    80. Heist Setup: Gauntlet 1: Pillbox Hill
    81. Heist Setup: Gauntlet 2: Rockford Hills
    82. Heist Setup: Gauntlet 3: Mission Row
    83. Heist: The Big Score
    84. The Big Score - Subtle
    85. The Big Score – Obvious
    86. Franklin – The Final Mission
    87. Option A – Something Sensible
    88. Option B – The Time Has Come
    89. Option C – The Third Way
  5. Franklin: Assassination Missions
    1. The Multi-Target Assassination
    2. The Vice Assassination
    3. The Bus Assassination
    4. The Construction Assassination
  6. Michael: Optional Missions
    1. The Good Husband
    2. Doting Dad
    3. Parenting 101
  7. Strangers and Freaks Missions
    1. Strangers and Freaks - Tonya
    2. Pulling Favours
    3. Pulling Another Favour
    4. Pulling Favours Again
    5. Still Pulling Favours
    6. Pulling One Last Favour
    7. Strangers and Freaks - Hao
    8. Shift Work
    9. Strangers and Freaks - Beverley
    10. Paparazzo
    11. Paparazzo - The Sex Tape
    12. Paparazzo – The Partnership
    13. Paparazzo – The Meltdown
    14. Paparazzo – The Highness
    15. Paparazzo – Reality Check
    16. Strangers and Freaks - Barry
    17. Grass Roots – Franklin
    18. Grass Roots – The Drag
    19. Grass Roots – The Pickup
    20. Grass Roots – Trevor
    21. Grass Roots – Michael
    22. Grass Roots – The Smoke In
    23. Strangers and Freaks - Mary-Ann
    24. Exercising Demons – Franklin
    25. Exercising Demons – Trevor
    26. Exercising Demons – Michael
    27. Strangers and Freaks - Epsilon Foundation
    28. Seeking the Truth
    29. Accepting the Truth
    30. Assuming the Truth
    31. Chasing the Truth
    32. Bearing the Truth
    33. Delivering the Truth
    34. Exercising the Truth
    35. Unknowing the Truth
    36. Strangers and Freaks - Cletus
    37. Target Practice
    38. Fair Game
    39. Strangers and Freaks - Minute Man (Joe)
    40. The Civil Border Patrol
    41. An American Welcome
    42. Minute Man Blues
    43. Strangers and Freaks - Maude
    44. Special Bonds
    45. Strangers and Freaks - Nigel
    46. Nigel & Mrs. Thornhill
    47. Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie
    48. Vinewood Souvenirs – Mark
    49. Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry
    50. Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler
    51. Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli
    52. Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act
    53. Strangers and Freaks - Josh
    54. Extra Commission
    55. Closing the Deal
    56. Surreal Estate
    57. Breach of Contract
    58. Strangers and Freaks - Dom
    59. Risk Assessment
    60. Liquidity Risk
    61. Targeted Risk
    62. Uncalculated Risk
    63. Strangers and Freaks - Mrs. Phillips
    64. Mrs. Philips
    65. Damaged Goods
    66. Strangers and Freaks - Rampages
    67. Rampage 1 (Sandy Shores)
    68. Rampage 2 (Rancho)
    69. Rampage 3 (Chamberlain Hills)
    70. Rampage 4 (Great Chaparral)
    71. Rampage 5 (Mirror Park)
    72. Strangers and Freaks - Letter Scraps
    73. A Starlet in Vinewood
    74. Strangers and Freaks - Abigail
    75. Death at Sea
    76. What Lies Beneath
    77. Strangers and Freaks - Omega
    78. Far Out
    79. The Final Frontier
    80. Strangers and Freaks - The Last One
  8. Enhanced Edition Exclusive Missions
    1. Murder Mystery
    2. Wildlife Photography Challenge
  9. Random Events
    1. Abandoned Vehicles
    2. Altruist Cult Shootout
    3. Arrests
    4. ATM Robbery
    5. Bike/Sports Bike Thefts
    6. Border Patrol
    7. Burial
    8. Bus Tour
    9. Car Theft
    10. Chasing Thieves City/Country
    11. Construction Accident
    12. Countryside Gang Fight
    13. Countryside Robbery
    14. Crash Rescue
    15. Deal Gone Wrong
    16. Domestic
    17. Drug Shootout
    18. Drunk Driver
    19. Duke o' Death (Enhanced Edition Only)
    20. Escape Paparazzi
    21. Gang Intimidation
    22. Getaway Driver
    23. Hitch Lift
    24. Luring Girl into Alley
    25. Monkey Mosaic (Enhanced Edition Only)
    26. Muggings
    27. Prisoner Lift
    28. Rogue Altruists
    29. Seaplane (Dodo) (Enhanced Edition Only)
    30. Security Vans
    31. Shop Robbery
    32. Simeon Yetarian
    33. Snatched
    34. Stag Do Running Man
  10. Properties and Property Missions
    1. Purchasing Properties
    2. Property Missions
    3. Car Scrapyard
    4. Cinema Doppler
    5. Downtown Cab Co.
    6. Hookies
    7. Pitchers
    8. Smoke on the Water
    9. Ten Cent Theatre
    10. Tequil-la-la
    11. The Hen House
    12. Tivoli Theatre
  11. Hobbies and Pastimes
    1. Arms Trafficking – Air/Ground
    2. Bail Bond Missions
    3. Darts
    4. Flight School Challenges
    5. Golf
    6. Hunting Challenge
    7. Parachuting
    8. Races – Off-road
    9. Races – Sea
    10. Races – Street
    11. Races – Stock Car (Enhanced Edition Only)
    12. Shooting Range Challenges
    13. Strip Clubs
    14. Tennis
    15. Triathlons
    16. Yoga
  12. Miscellaneous Open World Activities
    1. Friend Activities
    2. Using the Internet
    3. Shop Robberies
    4. Taxi Fares
    5. Walking Chop
    6. Booty Calls
    7. Prostitutes
    8. Hidden Vehicle Stashes
  13. Collectible Locations Guide
    1. Unique Stunt Jumps
    2. Letter Scraps
    3. Spaceship Parts
    4. Submarine Parts
    5. Nuclear Waste
    6. Flight Challenges
    7. Hidden Packages
    8. Epsilon Tracts
    9. Monkey Mosaics (Enhanced Edition Only)
    10. Peyote Plants (Enhanced Edition Only)
  14. 100% Completion Checklist
  15. Achievement/Trophy Guide
    1. Game Progression Achievements/Trophies
    2. Side-Quest Achievements/Trophies
    3. Collectible Achievements/Trophies
    4. Miscellaneous Achievements/Trophies
    5. Completionist Achievements/Trophies
    6. GTA Online Achievements/Trophies
    7. GTA Online Heist Achievements/Trophies
    8. Director Mode Achievements/Trophies
  16. Cheats
    1. Button Press Cheats
    2. Cell Phone Cheats
  17. Miscellaneous
    1. Contact Me
    2. About Me
    3. Special Thanks
    4. Version History
    5. Legal

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Why hello there! Welcome to my guide to Rockstar's latest and greatest title: the awesomeness that is Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V is Rockstar's most ambitious title to date, returning players to the streets of Los Santos and its surrounds, giving them not one but three playable characters and providing some top notch visual and audio presentation.

This guide will provide you with a walkthrough from beginning to end helping with strategies to get you through all the tough moments, take down the assortment of campaign missions, help you to level your characters as quickly as possible, sort out all of the optional content and collect as many of the games collectibles as possible along the way.

If you see any errors, have a question, a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

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Characters and Special Abilities

Unlike previous entries in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto features not one, not two but three different protagonists. Each of these characters is slightly different in how they play thanks to distribution of their starting attribute stats of Driving, Flying Lung Capacity, Shooting, Special, Stamina, Stealth and Strength (more on these below!).

Each of the three playable characters controls in exactly the same way for the most part. Each character does however have their own unique special ability which can be used to greatly assist in certain situations. Special abilities can be toggled on or off by pressing both control sticks in at the same time and whilst active, these will drain the yellow ‘Special' meter.

These special abilities include the following:

  • Franklin – Franklin's special ability will slow down time and increase manoeuvrability of vehicles whilst driving. This is incredibly useful during missions requiring races, chases or timed runs to objective markers for weaving through traffic without having to slow down.
  • Michael – Michael's special is to slow down time whilst aiming guns, making him very good at killing multiple targets from cover in quick succession.
  • Trevor – Trevor's special ability is a rage mode of sorts. Trevor will take reduced damage during the special and can stand up out of cover during combat as he'll be able to soak up a large amount of enemy fire relatively unscathed.

Skills and Attributes

Grand Theft Auto V allows player characters to continuously improve over a range of skills during their time with the game. Improving these set skills will make various aspects of gameplay associated with said skill easier and more efficient. There are 8 skills in total and between them they cover all the major aspects of the game from driving, to shooting to running and swimming.

You can improve the base stats by performing related actions over and over again. Some stats have multiple ways by which they can be increased and knowing how to boost those stats quickly will give you the edge whilst taking on the lengthy campaign. Below you will find a list of the various stats in the game, what they do and how you can speed up the process of improving!


Driving refers to each character's skill behind the wheel or handlebars of ground/land based vehicles. Levelling this skill will allow you to pop wheelies more easily and retain more control while airborne.

Boosting the Stat:

  • Hitting jumps and getting vehicles off the ground. For every second spent airborne in a land vehicle, the stat will increase by 1%.
  • Pulling wheelies on motor bikes. For every 10 seconds spent in a wheelie, the stat will increase by 1%.
  • Finding and completing each of the game's 50 unique stunt jumps. Landing square/perfectly will provide a small bonus.


Flying, believe it or not, refers to the different characters skill in the cockpit of various aircraft. Improving on this skill will allow you to take off, land and manage turbulence more easily.

Boosting the Stat:

  • The longer you spend flying, the more that the skill will increase. Every 10 minutes spent flying aircraft will increase the stat by 1%.
  • Flying under each of the game's 50 bridges.
  • Perform some of the game's knife flight locations.
  • Complete the flight school challenges. There are 11 challenges in all and as you earn medals, you will increase your stats. The flying stat will increase by 1% for every bronze medal, 2% for each silver medal and 3% for each gold medal.

Lung Capacity

Lung capacity refers to the duration of which each character is able to hold their breath underwater before losing health. Increasing this will subsequently increase diving time.

Boosting the Stat:

  • The stat will increase as you spend time diving underwater.


Shooting is tied into the characters skills in handling various firearms. Improving this skill will have a number of positive effects for shooting-based combat including: dampening recoil, reduced reload times and increased ammo capacity.

Boosting the Stat:

  • Complete the Ammu-Nation Firing Range challenges. There are 3 challenges in all for each category of weapons and as you earn medals, you will increase your stats. The shooting stat will increase by 1% for every bronze medal, 2% for each silver medal and 3% for each gold medal.
  • Kill enemies with firearms with a decent degree of accuracy.
  • Kill enemies with headshots.


The Special attribute refers to each character's special ability. Improving this will increase the duration that the special abilities can remain active when fully charged. The more the stat improves, the more Special ability that can be stored, meaning greater duration.

As each character has a different special ability, boosting stats with each character is subsequently different. Find below how to boost stats for each of the three protagonists:

Boosting the Stat – Franklin:

  • Maintain high speed whilst driving.
  • Perform 'near misses' by driving close to and avoiding contact with other cars whilst driving.
  • Drive on the wrong side of the road frequently.
  • Use Franklin's 'Focus' ability.

Boosting the Stat – Michael:

  • Maintain high speed whilst driving.
  • Perform headshot kills on enemies.
  • Perform stealth takedown kills.
  • Stay alive whilst remaining on low health.
  • Use Michael's 'Focus' ability.

Boosting the Stat – Trevor:

  • Maintain high speed whilst driving.
  • Ramming other vehicles and hitting or killing pedestrians.
  • Kill enemies or pedestrians with explosives.
  • Perform head shot kills on enemies.
  • Use Trevor's 'Focus' ability.


The stamina stat refers to the duration of which the characters can run, swim or cycle at full speed before losing health due to over-exertion. The more points that are in this stat, the longer we can go without slowing down!

Boosting the Stat:

  • It can be increased by sprinting for extended periods of time. Every 18 yards (16.5 metres) spent sprinting will increase the stat by 1%.
  • The more cycling you do, the more the stat will increase. The stat will increase by 1% for each minute spent cycling.
  • Swimming will also increase your Stamina stat.The stat will increase by 1% for each minute spent swimming.
  • Compete in and complete triathlons.


Stealth refers to the character's general sneakiness. Levelling this skill will improve the chances of remaining undetected whilst moving more quickly and quietly when in stealth mode.

Boosting the stat:

  • Walking around in stealth mode. Every 49 yards (44.8 metres) walked in stealth mode will increase the stat by 1%.
  • Sneaking up and performing stealth kills. Every stealth takedown will increase the stat by 0.75%.


Strength is indicative of each character's physical power and resilience. Increasing this stat will mean a boost to melee damage, faster ladder climbing, better sporting ability and reduces damage taken from various sources.Boosting the Stat:

  • It can be increased by using unarmed melee combat.
  • Can be increased quickly by competing in sports such as: Tennis, Darts and Golf.

Managing Bars: Health, Stamina, Lung Capacity and Special

Whilst playing Grand Theft Auto V, there are a number of bars that you will need to manage in order to keep on top of a range of issues affecting our player character's performance, both in combat and out. There are three bar/meter indicators that appear below the map in the bottom left corner of the screen and each is associated with a different aspect of gameplay. They include:

Health Bar

The long, green bar in the far left of the screen below the mini-map and to the left of the stamina bar represents a character's current health. If this bar is entirely depleted, the character will die and you'll be sent back to the previous auto-save whilst on mission or to the nearest hospital/medical centre whilst in free-roam. Health can slowly regenerate over time, but can be restored by finding and collecting first aid kits.

If Body Armor is equipped, the amount of damage received, and thus the health loss associated can be reduced. Having a high Strength stat can also reduce the damage taken slightly.


The Stamina bar refers to the blue bar in the centre of the collection of three bars/meters located below the mini-map to the right of the health bar and to the left of the special bar. This bar is associated with our character's ability to run, swim or cycle at full speed before losing health due to over-exertion. The Stamina meter is depleted upon using the sprint button and once completely depleted, will slowly regenerate again over time to allow you to sprint once again. This bar it is, in essence a cooldown for your speedier abilities to prevent players from running away from all their problems.

Maxing out the Stamina stat for a player will allow them to maintain full speed pretty much forever without the bar depleting.


The special ability meter is the yellow bar at the right hand side of the collection of three bars/meters located below the mini-map. It is found to the right of the stamina bar. This is a bar which will rapidly deplete when players use a character's special ability. Disabling an ability or letting it deplete completely, will have the special bar slowly regenerate.

Increasing a character's special stat will increase the duration of the time a special abaility can be active before fully depleting the bar.


Grand Theft Auto V has a massive game world, which can roughly be divided into three regions – the city of Los Santos in the very south of the map, Los Santos County which stretches from the city of Los Santos to around halfway up the map and encompasses several mountain ranges, a dam, beaches, vineyards and other exciting things and Blaine County which covers the top half of the map including Mount Chilliad and its surrounding wilderness, Mount Gordo, the towns of Paleto Bay, Grapeseed and Sandy Shores and the inland Alamo Sea.

On the world map, areas of interest are marked with an assortment of different icons which can be identified by the key on the map page of the pause menu. Strangers and Freaks side-missions will appear as ‘?' until the correct character investigates the location to kick off the side-mission chain. These icons include:

  • Letter Markers – These mark mission start locations.
  • Shop Markers – These mark clothing (Ponsonby's, Binco, Discount, Suburban), weapons (Ammu-Nation) and vehicle (Los Santos Customs) stores on the map.
  • Activity Markers – These markers represent locations where you can do things with friends or by yourself during free roam. These include: Golf, Darts, Movies, Tennis, Yoga and Strip Clubs.
  • Race Markers – These mark start locations for Street Races, Sea Races, Off-Road Races, Stock Car Races and Triathlons.
  • Property Markers – These markers indicate the locations of purchasable or purchased properties and safe houses.
  • Service Markers - These markers show the location of services and include: Tattoo Parlors, Barbers and Car Washes.

Travelling Efficiently

There are a few cool things you can do with the world map in order to increase your efficiency at travelling around in-game. These include:


During missions you'll receive objective markers that act as waypoints showing you exactly where you need to go to progress with the mission. On the world map you can also set your own custom waypoints which will appear on the mini-map when you return to regular gameplay. You can then follow said waypoint to any destination of your choice.

Whilst waypoints are active, a solid purple GPS route will appear on the world map whilst you are driving a vehicle, giving you the quickest route to your destination. A distance indicator will also appear by the mini-map with a number indicating your current distance from the destination from your current position.

Fast Travel

As you explore the world you might eventually find that driving everywhere can be a little un-fun. Fortunately, for a small price you can use fast travel to reach most locations on the map. In order to do so, pull out your phone and in the contacts section, find and call the ‘Downtown Cab Co.' number to order a taxicab… or just find one on the street and get into the back.

Once a cab shows up, enter the cab and you'll be able to choose your destination – note that you can also add a custom waypoint to the map to travel to any location of interest – this is particularly useful for when you decide to track down the game's may collectibles!

Mobile Phone

The mobile phones in the game serve numerous functions and as such, it is a good idea to feel comfortable using it as soon as possible. You can access the phone at any time during gameplay by hitting up on the D-Pad. Its screen looks very similar to what you would find on an iPhone or other smart phone these days with big icons indicating various apps and functions.

The major functions denoted by on-screen icons include:·

  • Messages: Similar to emails, these are story related messages that you will occasionally receive from your crew members, employers and contacts.
  • Email: Emails, like messages will give you information about various things in Los Santos. You will often get emails with stock tips, updates from Ammu-Nation about additional weapons being available in stores and in the case of a mission or two co-ordinates and photos to help track down specific vehicles.
  • Contacts: A list of people that you meet in game. You can call them to hang out or socialize with or chat in general. Additionally you are able to contact the taxi company and emergency services who will dispatch vehicles to your location that you can steal or ride in.
  • Quick Save: A massively useful tool for the game. Use quicksave to save your current position in the world. Perfect for stunt jumps and other tricky mission segments. If you fail, simply load the game to start from where you had previously quick saved.
  • Job List: Provides a list of currently available and previously completed missions and jobs.
  • Camera: Takes photos. I bet you didn't see that coming!
  • Trackify: An app gifted to you around halfway through the game. This app acts like a mini-radar screen that helps you track down specific item or locations when they do not appear on the map. Once you have unlocked the submarine, you can use the Trackify app to find all 30 barrels of nuclear waste in the ocean surrounding the map.

Wanted Rating and How to Lose it

Wanted Ratings and Effects

As per the norm in a Grand theft Auto title the Wanted Rating plays an important role in how free you are to wander around the city without interruption from police. Performing various naughty deeds including (but not limited to) the following will all encourage police scrutiny:

  • Hijacking vehicles.
  • Ramming into police vehicles.
  • Holding up shops.
  • Entering restricted areas (marked by red boundaries on the mini-map).
  • Attacking or shooting people in the streets.

Depending on the quantity and frequency of the mischief you get into will affect how much attention that you will draw and the response that the Los Santos Police Department will throw at you.

There are five wanted levels and you are able to identify your current wanted level by looking in the top right hand corner of the screen. The rating is identified by a series of stars here that will increase as you perform various acts of criminality. Each star will increase the police presence on the roads and also see them utilizing new types of weapons and vehicles.

  • 1 Star: Police will attempt to apprehend you and arrest you using non-lethal methods unless threatened. You may see police helicopters at night time in addition to the standard police cruisers at all hours.
  • 2 Stars: Police will shoot on sight, will call backup and when driving will attempt to ram you or block the roads to hinder your progress. They will also call for backup, so evading them becomes more difficult. The helicopters and police cruisers will be involved.
  • 3 Stars: Police will shoot on sight, helicopters will also shoot on sight. Will attempt to ram you or block the roads to hinder your progress and occasionally set up proper road blocks. They will also call for backup, so evading them becomes more difficult. The helicopters, police transporters and police cruisers will be involved.
  • 4 Stars: This is where it gets interesting. In addition to the aforementioned effects, the FIB agents will now show up to assist the local police, they and the regular police will now be equipped with body armor. FIB vehicles will join the standard police helicopters and cruisers in trying to hunt you down.
  • 5 Stars: As with 4 stars but now the law enforcement will actively shoot at and try to blow up your vehicle. Multiple helicopters will be deployed, police/FIB agents will hunt you in packs on foot and can be dropped off by helicopter.

Losing a Wanted Rating

Obviously, having the police chasing you whilst you are trying to complete a mission is going to make said mission much more difficult. As such we need to be able to lose the cops as quickly as possible when we need to.

You will notice that for the duration of a wanted rating, players will be able to see police on the mini-map as flashing blue and red blips. Each of these blips also has a vision cone that also appears. If you enter this cone of vision, the police will set up a search area. To lose the police players need to get out of the search area and then keep out of the line of sight for a few moments until the cops lose interest and the rating vanishes.

Some additional tips to speed up losing wanted status:

  • Drive into a Los Santos Customs without being spotted and modify your vehicle.
  • Changing cars without police seeing you.
  • Use side-alleys and hide from view of the main streets.
  • Stay out of the line of sight of law enforcement - keep an eye on your mini-map and stay out of those cones of vision!

GTA V Enhanced Edition Changes

In addition to the obvious graphic overhaul, the Enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 (and soon to the PC) features a number of gameplay enhancements and additions, new vehicles, collectibles, random events and a few new extra side-missions. Whilst not an entirely new game in and of itself, the range of new content and the upgraded visuals make Grand Theft Auto V most definitely worth a return visit.

Additional Content

First Person Mode

Perhaps the biggest change to gameplay in the Enhanced Edition of the game is the addition of a first person mode which allows you to play the game in a similar manner to a first person shooter. It's a nice touch and if you are a returning player, a great way to re-visit Los Santos and its surrounds. To activate this, you'll need to hit the view button and cycle through the various views until you find it.

New Missions

  • Michael: Murder Mystery – This mission takes place across Los Santos and has Michael finding some mysterious messages and solving a murder. You'll earn some new overlay filters for the game as a reward.
  • Franklin: Wildlife Photography Challenge – This challenge has Franklin tracking down animals across the game world to photograph them. You'll earn a Kraken submersible as a reward.

Random Events

The Enhanced Edition includes three new Random Events which lead to unlocking new vehicles and rewards. These include:

  • Duke ‘O Death
  • Sea Plane
  • Monkey Mosaic

New Activities

  • Stock Car Races – A new set of races which can be used to earn yourself a few themed muscle cars. Excitement plus!
  • Stunt Plane Time Trials – initially released as a DLC pre-order bonus, the Stunt Plane Trials are available to all players of the Enhanced Edition. There are five courses in which you'll need to hit checkpoints and perform stunts within a time limit.

New Collectible Types

There are two new types of collectible included in the Enhanced Edition of Grand Theft Auto V and as with their predecessors, finding and locating these will be a time consuming effort. These collectibles can be found all over San Andreas and players will need to cover a lot of ground to collect them all. These include Monkey Mosaics and Peyote Plants.

Monkey Mosaics - Franklin is able to track down and find 50 Monkey Mosaics that have been grouted onto walls by a monkey enthusiast' artist around Los Santos and Blaine County. Finding and taking a photograph of all 50 of these Monkey Mosaics will unlock a new Random Event – Monkey Mosaic.Completing this will award Trevor with a Monkey Suit and Franklin with a Monkey-themed vehicle.

Peyote Plants - The Enhanced Edition of Grand Theft Auto V also includes Peyote Plant collectibles. They appear as small flowering cacti and there are 27 of these located around Los Santos and the surrounding countryside. Finding and interacting with a Peyote Plant will have the character eat it and subsequently have a hallucination event during which players can take control of a random animal from the range of in-game wildlife ranging from fish, to birds, to mountain lions etc.Finding the Peyote Plants for the land-based animals will unlock the ‘Cryptozoologist' Achievement/Trophy and will also unlock them as characters for use in the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode.

New Vehicles

There are several types of brand new vehicles, previously DLC-locked vehicles and triumphantly returning vehicles from previous games that have been incorporated into the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V and they include the following:

  • Atomic Blimp
  • Blista Compact
  • Carbon
  • Dodo
  • Duke
  • Hotknife
  • Khamelion
  • Kraken
  • Marshall
  • Stallion
Rockstar Editor

The Rockstar Editor allows players to record segments of gameplay before editing and re-uploading said videos to the internet to allow other players to watch and enjoy their content. The Editor also features a Director Mode in which players can play as any previously unlocked character and play the game in a number of predefined locations to create their own films.


Welcome to my walkthrough for Rockstar Games's new title in the revered Grand Theft Auto franchise - Grand Theft Auto V and the second entry in the franchise on current consoles to date.

This guide will help you make your way through the title's various campaign missions from start to finish, assist you in achieving 100% completion on each of the missions by providing walkthroughs, hints and tips for all of the game's optional mission objectives and side-content and give you a fighting chance at finding those unique stunt jumps and picking up all of those pesky collectibles.

To fast travel to a mission, side-quest or collectible guide go to the table of contents above and use the hyperlinks to jump down to where you want to go in a flash.

It should be noted that due to the open-world nature of the title, various events or missions may unfold in a slightly differently order or way to what is described in the guide below, however the general gist of the scripted events should remain relatively unchanged. With this in mind, if you find a better way to complete an objective or part of a mission, please let me know and I'll be happy to include it in the guide.



Start Location: Automatically begins on starting a new game.

Initiated By: Michael & Trevor

Optional Objective/s:
N/A - There are no optional objectives in this mission.


As you gain control, go through the open door in front of you. After a short scene, hold your aiming reticule over the hostages on the floor here until all three of them have made their way into the next room.

When prompted, pull out your phone and hit the detonate button. Go through the door on the left and follow the hallway until you find the blown open vault door - go on inside. Pick up the cash lying on the floor and head over to the stack of money on a cart in the back right hand corner for a short sequence. Exit the vault.

This will trigger another scene. A tutorial will pop up telling you how to switch characters. Do so and shoot the guard. Follow your comrades down the hall and enter cover when asked to do so. Continue after your mates when you are able to do so.

After a short time, you will find yourself outside with a large group of police waiting for you. Take some cover behind the pillars here and use them as cover to pop out and shoot the cops. After downing 6-7 of them, your friends will start moving forwards. Follow them through the gate and down the hill using the road killing any policemen that bar your path.

When you reach the end, enter the car.

After another cut-scene, you will be in control of the vehicle. Follow the yellow GPS line on the map, after the right hand turn another scene will play out.

You will now take control of Trevor, just as another group of cops show up. Stay in the cover provided and continue to shoot and kill them until another cut-scene plays.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • N/A.

Franklin and Lamar

Start Location: Automatically begins on completing the Prologue mission.

Initiated By: Franklin

Optional Objective/s:
Winner – Win the race.
We Come in Peace – Don't hit any aliens when driving through the movie studio.
Focused Driver – Use Franklin's special ability for 7 seconds total.
Not a Scratch – Complete with minimal damage to the car.


Move to the front of the house and choose one of the cars. Get in. Your friend will take off, you need to follow him. Note that for the mission's ‘Not a Scratch' optional objective, you'll want to avoid hitting or grinding up against obstacles or other cars.

Lamar will join you in a short chase/race through 4-5 minutes worth of roads, buildings and close calls. During the race, you'll be able to attempt the remaining three optional objectives – use Franklin's focus for ‘Focused Driver', avoid the aliens when you race through the film set for ‘We Come in Peace' and finally, make sure you win the race for ‘Winner'.

When Lamar has had enough of racing, a scene will play.

When you are back in control a police car will show up. Time to lose the cops! To do this we need to drive off and get out of their line of sight which will be visible as a blue tinted colour on the mini-map. We can do this by getting some distance between our car and theirs and turning corners a few times. Once we are out of their line of sight, stay away from the red cop markers and out of the blue vision indicators on the mini-map for a few moments. This will reduce our wanted level.

Once you have lost the wanted level, follow the yellow GPS route to take the car to the drop off point. After getting out of the car, walk through the open door into the showroom for a story sequence.

Note: At this point, you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Welcome to Los Santos'.

Exit the dealership and enter the indicated car. Drive it back to Franklin's house via the yellow GPS line on the mini-map. Park the car in the garage for a scene.

You'll now be introduced to your room, here you can:

  • Sleep in the bed to save your game.
  • Use the wardrobe to change clothes.

This will have ended your first mission in Los Santos.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Contact: Simeon is now a contact for Franklin's phone.
  • Safe House: Franklin's Aunt's House (Franklin).
  • Garages now available.
  • Shop: Barbers now available.
  • Shop: Ammu-nation shops now available.
  • Shop: Los Santos Customs now available.
  • Activity: Strip Clubs now available.
  • Activity: Cable Cars now available.
  • Activity: Fairground Rides now available.
  • Activity: Movie Theatres now available.


Client: Simeon

Start Location: Inside Simeon's dealership

Initiated By: Franklin

Optional Objective/s:
Trail Blazer – Shoot the gasoline trail.
Accuracy – Complete mission with Accuracy >70%.
Headshots – Kill 6 enemies with headshots.
Mission Time – Complete mission under 6:30.


Exit the dealership and hop in a car. Use the mini-map and follow the golden GPS route to reach the target location.

As you arrive, exit the car and follow Lamar. Climb over the fence when prompted to do so. Continue after Lamar until you reach a dead end. Approach the garage on the right for a scene.

Afterwards, grab the gun from the ground and enter cover. Pull out the weapon using the weapon wheel when prompted and take out the Vagos gang members here. There are 5-6 of them back down the alley we came from and another on a raised scaffolding on the left. Follow Lamar back the way you came from, shooting enemies that come into sight and staying in cover as much as possible.

Once a car appears and tries to drive off, shoot it and then shoot the gas that it leaks on the ground as it takes off to blow it up (Die Hard 2 style!) for the ‘Trail Blazer' optional objective. Keep your eye out for a gang member on a balcony to your right.

Retrace your steps back to the fence we jumped over earlier. As you approach, the gang member with the bike of interest will drive off. Quickly hop over the fence and get in a car.

The game will prompt you to zoom out your map, do so and you will be able to see where the bike has gone. Using the car and the mini-map, navigate your way over to and catch up with the target. When you find him, use the button that pops up on the screen to shoot at him. Once you have hit him, exit the car and hop on his bike.

Drive the bike to the car wash indicated by the yellow marker on the mini-map to complete the mission.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Missions: Strangers and Freaks side-missions are now available.


Client: Simeon

Start Location: Car Park outside Simeon's dealership

Initiated By: Franklin

Optional Objective/s:
Dirt Nap – Knock out the gardener using stealth.
Can't Touch This – Take no damage during the fist fight.
Mission Time - Complete within 5:00.


Hop into a car and use the mini-map and follow the yellow GPS route to reach the house at the target location. Be sure to answer your phone along the way for a bit of story and a hint about how to get at the vehicle you require.

As you arrive at the objective marker, exit the vehicle and climb over the blue fence. You'll get a brief tutorial on how to use stealth mode and do silent takedowns from behind. Try it out on the gardener ahead. Doing so will net you the ‘Dirt Nap' optional objective.

Now make your way over to the right-hand side of the house. Proceed through the archway here to find a car. Climb on top of this and from here jump up to the roof above and sneak on into the open window.

Now that we are inside, a smaller map will appear in the mini-map slot. We need to avoid the residents here. They are marked on the mini-map as red dots. We'll enter into a bathroom. Wait for the girl to walk past and look at the map, once the two residents on the top floor are in different rooms, continue forward and go down the stairs. At the bottom, do a quick 180 and you'll see another pair of people in the kitchen ahead, wait a few moments for them to start dancing and then sneak towards them. Take the first hallway on the left to find the garage.

Enter the car and the garage door will open, drive out of the house and follow the GPS back to the target marker for a scene.

Afterward drive the car as fast as you can into the dealership.

You'll end up in a fistfight. The game will give you a few controls in the top left corner of the screen, so play around with them until you get the hang of them. We'll need to knock out your opponent to continue and doing so without taking any damage during the fight will reward you with the ‘Can't Touch This' optional objective.

You are now able to switch between both Michael and Franklin as playable characters. Note that each character has different missions available to them. Michael's missions appear as blue letters on the mini-map, whilst Franklin's are green.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Character: Michael is now a playable character in Los Santos.
  • Safe House: Michael's House (Michael).


Client: Michael

Start Location: The pool outside Michael's house

Initiated By: Michael

Optional Objective/s:
Quick Catch – Rescue the target within 10 seconds.
Not a Scratch – Deliver the repaired car with no damage.


After the introductory cinematic, you'll be in control of Michael. Now make your way around to the front of the house and get in the car. Ensure that you answer the phone on the way there.

The phone call will update your mission objectives, so cruise out of the driveway and follow the yellow GPS trail over to the target marker.

As you arrive, you will see a truck with a boat mounted on its rear fly past. That's our target. Follow it along the highway and get as close as you can to it. When you are close enough, Franklin will jump across to it.

Now you need to stick as close as you can to the back of the boat. A number of bad guys will come out to attack your buddy, so use your gun to pop them as they emerge. Once they have been dealt with, Franklin will go inside and bring another person out.

The ships boom will fly off to the side with a person on it, so drive over and hold Michael's car steady under it for a few seconds so that he drops into the car. Make sure you do this within 10 seconds of it happening to earn the ‘Quick Catch' optional objective.

Once you have a new occupant in the car, drive up to the rear of the boat again for a scene.

Afterwards, continue onwards for a few moments until your objectives are updated. Return back the way you came and follow the yellow GPS route until you reach Los Santos Customs for a story sequence.

Drive on into Los Santos Customs and repair the car. You can also add a few bits and pieces and have it resprayed if you like, but all it really needs is a repair.

Once the car is fixed, follow the yellow GPS back to the target marker to complete the mission. Returning the repaired car without damaging it will also reward you with the optional objective ‘Not a Scratch'.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Contact: Michael is now a contact for Franklin's phone.
  • Contact: Jimmy is now a contact for Franklin's phone.


Client: Franklin

Start Location: The gate outside Franklin's Aunt's house

Initiated By: Franklin

Optional Objective/s:
Homedog – Spend 10 seconds in the dog's perspective.
Advanced Reflexes - Use Franklin's special ability for 7 seconds in total.
Not a Scratch – Complete with minimal damage to the van.


Follow your friend and his dog, Chop up the street a short distance and get into the van indicated by the blue objective marker. There is an optional objective – ‘Not a Scratch' that wants us to do as little damage the van as possible during the mission, so take care of it. Make your way over to the next objective marker and park there for a scene.

Afterward run back to the van and hop back in. Use the mini-map to track down and approach the motorbike rider who is our target. At this point the game will give you a prompt to use Franklin's special ability – driving slow time; give it a go to have an easier time driving through busy intersections with cross traffic (you'll need to use this for a cumulative total of 7 seconds across the mission to earn the ‘Advanced Reflexes' optional objective – so do it early and often!).

Continue to follow the motorbike rider for a little while longer and eventually, he'll fall off of his bike.

Once he does, follow the dog as it chases the target. Hop the fence on the right and continue after the target, run through the next fence and onwards into the train yard. A scene will play whilst you are here.

Following the scene, Chop will get the target's scent. Note that you can also switch characters to the dog at this point (do so for 10 seconds to earn the ‘Homedog' objective). Return to Franklin and follow Chop down the length of the first train. When he reaches the end, he will get a little distracted, so try calling him using the on-screen button and run over and interact with him to get him back on task. When he reaches the train car and starts barking, open it.

After the scene, hop through the train car and chase after the target. Approach him for a scene.

Now that that is all done, follow the yellow GPS route back to the target marker (being sure to drop off the target when told to do so) to complete the mission.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Collectibles: Monkey Mosaics are now available for collection (Enhanced Edition only).

Marriage Counselling

Client: Michael

Start Location: Front door of Michael's house.

Initiated By: Michael

Optional Objective/s:
Drive-by Killer – Kill 3 enemies with a gun whilst in a vehicle.
Mission Time - Complete within 5:30.
Not a Scratch - Complete with minimal damage to the Bison.


After the scene at the start, hop in the bison in the driveway here and follow the target vehicle as it drives off. Keep in mind that there is an optional objective – ‘Not a Scratch' that wants us to do as little damage to this car as possible. So drive carefully! Eventually, the red blip will disappear from the radar and be replaced with a yellow one. Follow the GPS over to this marker.

Following the short story sequence, get back into the bison and hold down the accelerate button until another scene plays.

Now make your way back to Michael's house. As you approach, a pair of hostile vehicles will show up and start shooting at you. Switch to Franklin when you are able and use him to shoot the bad guys. Ensure you kill three of them whilst Michael is still driving to earn the optional objective ‘Drive-by Killer'.

When all the hostiles are gone, switch back to Michael and drive home for a scene to end the mission.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Contact: Lester will now be a contact for Michael's Phone.
  • Missions: Completing this mission will also unlock a further two missions – Lester: Friend Request and Michael: Daddy's Little Girl.

Daddy's Little Girl

Client: Michael

Start Location: Front door of Michael's house.

Initiated By: Michael

Optional Objective/s:
Fastest Speed – Reach top speed on the Seashark.
Stabilizer – Don't fall off the bicycle.
Faster than Fish – Swim to the boat in under 1:00.


Exit the house, hop in the car and follow the yellow GPS trail over to the target marker.

Once you arrive, walk over to the bike rental place nearby and hop on one of the bikes. You'll be challenged to a bike race to the end of the pier in the distance. As you go, mash the sprint button to keep your pace up and follow the pathway along the beach path and up to the end of the pier.

Whilst on the bike, be sure to avoid riding through the sand at all costs as it will slow you right down. You'll also want to complete the sequence without falling off to complete the optional objective ‘Stabilizer'.

As you reach the end of the pier a scene will play.

Following the scene, dive into the water in front of you and swim out to the boat in the distance. Again mash the sprint button to keep up speed (getting to the boat in under 1:00 is required for the optional objective ‘Faster than Fish'). Climb up on board for another story sequence.

Once we are back in control, we'll be piloting a jet ski. Note that during this next segment on the Jet Ski, you should ensure that you reach full speed so that you earn the optional objective ‘Fastest Speed'.

Ride it back towards the beach and into the water outflow outlet marked with the yellow objective marker on the mini-map. You'll have two pursuers after you. Follow the tunnel to the end and continue straight ahead through the canal area and into a second tunnel. At the end of this, you'll be in a marina area. Turn left and follow the zone around until you exit out into the ocean. You should lose them at this point.

Now, follow the yellow GPS trail back over to the target marker at the pier we leaped from earlier to complete the mission.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Activity: Triathlon events are now available.
  • Contact: Martin is now a contact for Michael's phone.

Friend Request

Client: Lester

Start Location: Front door of Lester's house in El Burro Heights.

Initiated By: Michael

Optional Objective/s:
Pop-ups Clear – Complete the pop-up mini game within 32 seconds.
Mission Time - Complete within 8:30.


Exit the house, hop in the car and follow the yellow GPS trail over to the target marker at the Suburban Store in Vinewood. Enter the store and buy a piece of clothing. Return to the car and drive over to the next objective marker via the yellow GPS route.

Leave the car and approach the marked door for a scene.

Once the scene ends, follow the programmer. When you arrive at his computer you will have to undertake a small mini-game. He has a bunch of pop-ups blocking his screen. To progress, you need to close all the pop-ups so that you can see the left-hand side of his desktop. They will continue to appear, so be sure to click them away as quickly as possible and focus on the left-hand side. Once you can see the desktop, click on the Antivirus shortcut and click scan when it pops up. Click the ‘exterminate' button when the scan is complete. If you complete this mini-game in less than 32 seconds you'll complete the ‘Pop-ups Clear' optional objective.

Once you are done, your new friend will point out the location of the target for us. As such, head over to the nearby door with the green objective marker behind it and go inside. A scene will play.

Now exit the room and backtrack through the building and back outside. Hop in a vehicle and drive back to Michael's house (conveniently marked with the yellow GPS route).

Enter the house for a scene. You'll find yourself in front of a TV. Change the channel until you see the press conference on Weazel TV with Jay Norris – Life Invader Founder and CEO. Wait until he reveals the new phone during his presentation. When he does this, have Michael pull out his phone. In the contacts section, there is now an entry for Jay Norris. Call him at this point to complete the mission.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Crew: Following this mission you will also get a call from a random number not in your contact list. This is your first heist crew member - Rickie Lukens.
  • Event: The Bike Theft (City) Random Events are now available.
  • Event: The ‘Simeon Yatarian' Random Event is now available.

The Long Stretch

Client: Franklin

Start Location: Franklin's Aunt's house.

Initiated By: Franklin

Optional Objective/s:
Unmarked – Complete the mission without losing much health.
Accuracy – Complete mission with Accuracy >60%.
Headshots – Kill 10 enemies with headshots.
Mission Time – Complete mission under 10:30.


After chatting with your buddies, walk over and hop in the car. Follow the yellow GPS trail over to the target marker at Ammu-Nation in Pillbox Hill.

When you arrive, exit the car and head into the store. Walk up to the counter and look at the Pump action shotgun behind the counter. Buy the flashlight attachment. You can buy any additional add-ons that you like and trick out some of your other weapons if you feel the need, but the flashlight attachment is the only requirement to progress. When you are ready to continue, go back outside.

Get back into the car and follow the yellow GPS line to head over to the next objective area at the Recycling plant. After you get there, exit the car and follow your mates into the building and up the stairs until a scene plays.

Now we need to go through the open door in front and follow the set path through the next few rooms until we get back outside. The problem is there are quite a few gangsters between us and the exit, so you'll need to fight your way through them. Be sure to use cover when required and use your quick targeting to take them down quickly as you move.

When you reach the large warehouse floor area, use the crates on the floor as cover and move up through the room as you eliminate hostiles – note that a fire will start at this point and spread quite quickly so be sure to keep moving. Exit through the door at the far end and continue through the hallway to find yourself outside.

Upon exiting the building a helicopter will be waiting for you. Aim up and take out the gunner hanging out of the door. Wait a few seconds and kill his replacement as well when he appears. This should make it temporarily disappear.

Follow your homies up the nearby ladder and across the nearby roof. Hop over the fence and grab the nearby car. We'll now have to evade the police until the three-star wanted rating vanishes. Don't forget that during your escape you can use Franklin's special focus ability for more fine control during tight spaces and avoiding collisions.

Once you have lost the police, follow the yellow GPS trail back to Franklin's house to end the mission.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • Contact: Stretch will now be a contact for Franklin's Phone.

Casing the Jewel Store

Client: Lester

Start Location: Darnell Bros. garment factory building in La Mesa.

Initiated By: Michael

Optional Objective/s:
Picture Perfect – Capture all three security features inside the shop in one photo.
Mission Time – Complete mission under 8:00.


Exit the building and get in the car with Lester. Follow the yellow GPS trail over to the target marker in Rockford Hills. Exit the car when you arrive and work your way over to the side street nearby to find the entrance to the jewellery store. Head inside.

Inside the store, you will need to take a number of photographs with the camera to capture three different types of security devices. Note that capturing all three of these objects in a single photo will give you the ‘Picture Perfect' optional objective. They can be found in the following locations:

  • The security keypad on the wall to the left as you enter.
  • A security camera hanging from the ceiling. You should be able to make out cameras on both the left and the right as you enter.
  • A vent. There are several of these around the jewellery store and any one will do. The closest to the entrance is just at the top of the wall on the right as you enter.

Once you have all three photographs, walk over to the shop attendant marked with the blue objective marker for a scene.

Afterward, exit the store and return to the car. Drive around to the street to the east of the jewellery store and Lester will point out a construction area on a corner. Exit the car and enter the site.

Climb the stairs and take the ladders until you find yourself on the roof. Work your way over to the far north side of this rooftop area and climb up onto the air-conditioning units marked by the yellow objective marker. This is a vantage point. From here look back towards the way we came and look for a fenced off area on the rooftop with barbed wire around the top. Take a photo of the vents inside from the vantage point.

Backtrack across the rooftop and return to the car. Follow the golden objective GPS route back to the garment factory.

During the following scene, Lester will take you through a plan. You will get to choose how you want to do the next mission – using stealth or going in loud. Additionally, you will choose crew members.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • N/A.

Heist Setup: The Jewel Store Job

During the scene at the end of the ‘Casing the jewel Store' mission, players are given the opportunity to decide how they want to go about approach the next heist. Each of the options plays out slightly differently and will also require different setup mission to be completed before it can begin. Make the choice between 'Loud' or 'Quiet'.

The game will then introduce a number of new heist set up missions. There are three tasks in all for you – two if you choose the ‘Quiet' option and one for choosing the ‘Loud' option. You will find walkthroughs for each below.

Here is a quick list if you need to skip ahead for any reason:

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • N/A.

Heist Setup: Carbine Rifles

Start Location: Mobile ‘Hs' marker moving around between east and central Los Santos.

Initiated By: Michael

Optional Objective/s:
Swift Getaway - Lose the police pursuit in less than 2 minutes.


As with the previous mission, this mission is also marked with a HS on the map and is required to do some set-up work for the heist. This one appears if you selected the loud mission option earlier. This mission start marker moves around as the target is an armoured LSPD vehicle and will be constantly on the move around Los Santos.

Drive over to the objective marker to intercept the vehicle. As you arrive, a blue objective marker will appear on the mini-map to reveal the target vehicle. We need to steal the van and the best way to do this is to kill its occupants.

The easiest way to do this is to use a vehicle to block the road ahead of them before shooting the driver and his pal in the front seat through the windshield. There are four policemen in total in the LSPD vehicle and they all have body armour on – so use Michael's special Focus ability to go for headshots.

After killing the police officers, you'll earn yourself a 3-star wanted rating. Quickly hop into the target vehicle and make your way into a nearby alleyway, head off-road or hide in a parking area to quickly break line of sight and lose the pursuing police forces. If you can lose the police within 2 minutes, you'll complete the ‘Swift Getaway' optional objective.

Once you have lost the police, follow the yellow GPS trail back to a small underpass beneath the highway opposite Lester's garment factory to end the mission.

Reward/s and Unlocks:

  • N/A.