Why are objects, and shadows popping up in GTA V?

  1. So, I just re bought gta v for ps4. And while playing the game during story mode, objects, trees, grass, plants, shadows, NPC's, ETC, are popping up late. I'll be driving, and they'll just pop up all around me, and in front of me. Same with just walking. I know pop ins are common with open world sandbox games, especially gta, but when I owned it the first time, it wasn't THIS noticable. My ps4 isn't even a year old yet. I clean it almost daily, and keep it where it can breath. I only have two other games installed on the ps4, one of them being fallout 4, and this doesn't happen when I play that, nor any other game. I did buy gta v used from someome, but it's not scratched up at all. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game multiple times, and read somewhere, to try rebuilding the data base. But the slow loading textures, and pop ins still happen. It's ruining the game for me, cause of how noticable it is. Is it possible to have a faulty game disc? It can NOT be my PS4. As I said, it's still fairly new, and this has never happened with other games. Is there anything else that I can try? Any help would be greatly appreciated. God bless to all. Thanks.

    User Info: Chasemichael26

    Chasemichael26 - 2 years ago

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