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by Intothisworld

Table of Contents

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Lore Translation Guide by Intothisworld

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 04/29/2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Legal Info
    2. Version Info
  2. The Lore
  3. Item Lore
    1. Consumables (消耗品)
    2. Materials (素材)
    3. Key Items (貴重品)
    4. Right Hand Weapons (右手武器)
    5. Left Hand Weapons (左手武器)
    6. Attire (狩装束)
    7. Blood Gems (血晶)
    8. Caryll Runes (カレル文字)
    9. Chalices (聖杯)
  4. Major Character Lore
    1. Adeline, Research Hall Patient
    2. Annalise, Vileblood Queen (血の女王、アンナリーゼ)
    3. Arianna, Woman of Pleasure (娼婦アリアンナ)
    4. Baneful Chanters
    5. Befuddled Villager
    6. Blood Minister
    7. Brador, Church Assassin (ブラドー)
    8. Critically Ill Man (重病人[ギルバート])
    9. Doctor Iosefka / Impostor Doctor (女医ヨセフカ / ニセ女医)
    10. Doll (人形)
    11. Father Gascoigne (ガスコイン神父)
    12. Gatekeeper (門番)
    13. Girl / Older Sister (少女 / 少女の姉)
    14. Hunter of Hunters (狩人狩りアイリーン)
    15. Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower (時計塔のマリア)
    16. Laurence
    17. Lonely Old Dear (孤独な老婆)
    18. Ludwig, the Holy Blade (聖剣のルドウイーク)
    19. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare (悪夢の主、ミコラーシュ)
    20. Narrow Minded Man (偏屈な男)
    21. Oedon Chapel Dweller (オドン教会の住人)
    22. Old Hunter Gehrman (助言者ゲールマン)
    23. Patches the Spider (蜘蛛のパッチ)
    24. Provost Willem (学長ウィレーム)
    25. Research Hall Patients (実験棟の患者)
    26. Retired Hunter Djura (古狩人デュラ)
    27. Simon, the Harrowed
    28. Sister Adella (尼僧アデーラ)
    29. Transformed Man (身を窶した男)
    30. Valtr, Master of the League / Valtr, Beast Eater (連盟の長、ヴァルトール / 獣喰らいのヴァルトール)
    31. Vicar Amelia (教区長エミーリア)
    32. Vileblood Hunter Alfred (血族狩りアルフレート)
    33. Yamamura the Wanderer (流浪の狩人、ヤマムラ)
    34. Yharnamites
  5. Minor Character Lore
    1. Beastclaw Jozef (獣爪のユゼフ)
    2. Defector Antal (離反者アンタル)
    3. Henriett (ヘンリエット)
    4. Madman Wallar (異常者ワラー)
    5. Mensis Scholar Damian (メンシスのダミアーン)
    6. Mob A / Huntsman (獣狩りの群集 / 獣狩りの群衆)
    7. Mob B / Huntsman's Minions (獣狩りの下男)
    8. Mob in Wheelchair / Wheelchair Huntsman (車椅子の群集 / 車椅子の群衆)
    9. Mob Woman / Hemwick Grave Woman (ヘムウィックの墓女)
    10. Nightmare Hunters / Old Hunter (古狩人)
    11. Old Hunter Henryk (古狩人ヘンリック)
    12. Queen Killer (女王殺し)
    13. Tomb Prospector Gremia (墓暴きサー・グレミア)
    14. Tomb Prospector Olek (墓暴きオレック)
    15. Vitus (ヴィート)
    16. Younger Madaras Twin (マダラスの弟)
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. Scattered Notes
    2. Locations
    3. Enemies
    4. Bosses
    5. Trophies
  7. ✄ Unused/Cut & Additional Content
    1. UK/AU Version Differences
    2. Pre-Patch Differences
    3. Base Game Leftover Content
    4. DLC Leftover Content
    5. Alpha Build / Pre-Alpha Build
  8. Special Thanks


Bloodborne Lore Translation Guide

©Copyright 2015-2021 David Christy
Version 1.11

Welcome to my guide! As you may know, a lot of nuance and connotation is often lost in translating one language to another (even with good, careful translators), and especially between two languages as different in heritage and style as Japanese and English. For this reason, I decided to transcribe all of Bloodborne's lore (in both the officially translated English and the native Japanese), compile it into an intuitive and easily accessible document, and make it available to the community at large. I wish I could offer a full literal translation and analysis as well, but unfortunately my own Japanese proficiency wouldn't be quite enough to do this justice. You are more than welcome to use the information in this guide however you see fit (that's why it's here), but please reference the guide and give me some credit for my time and hard work.

This guide is now part of a series! Other entries in my Lore Translation Guide series can be found here on GameFAQs, and include...

  • Bloodborne
  • Dark Souls III

This guide is here primarily as an easy reference for fellow lore-seekers, so if you are looking for a certain bit of Japanese text or dialogue that I haven't compiled yet, please let me know! I will add it to the top of my workflow list and update as soon as possible. Also, let me know if you notice anything I've overlooked (kanji errors, missing dialogue, etc.), or simply have a good idea for how to improve the guide and make it more accessible to the Soulsborne community. I will definitely give you credit. The best way to reach me is via e-mail at drummerdavebackup [at] gmail [dot] com. Please no attachments, and don't forget to mention the FAQ in your subject line.

I have tried to make this guide as accurate and reader-friendly as possible, and it took a lot of work to bring it all together. That being said, I hope it invigorates and enhances your own personal exploration and appreciation of the grim and mysterious world of Bloodborne. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Please note: This guide is at its best when viewed on a PC. Other devices will work, but you may experience issues with images loading correctly, or with the spacing & alignment in the tables.

Legal Info

This document is copyright 2015-2021 by David Christy. Feel free to use it however you see fit, but only after notifying me at drummerdavebackup [at] gmail [dot] com. Please do not alter anything within the document and be sure to give me credit where it's due.

The definitive home of this FAQ is on gamefaqs.com, and the most complete and up-to-date version of it will always be found there. If anyone should find this FAQ anywhere else, please e-mail me at the above e-mail address and let me know. Thanks!

Version Info

■ Version 0.6 (5/17/15): Initial draft mostly complete. Bulk of general information transcribed. Submitted FAQ to GameFAQs.

■ Version 0.7 (6/6/15): Converted original text document to a Formatted FAQ (including tables & hyperlinks) for more accessibility and smoother viewing.

■ Version 1.1 (11/23/15): Added a TON of new lore! Including most of the original Japanese text, as well as the remainder of the English text. Even more to come after The Old Hunters drops tomorrow...

■ Version 1.2 (12/4/15): Added most of the lore from the DLC. Also, I'm in the process of going through and cleaning up the formatting to avoid all the strange out-of-place line breaks that were happening before. Sorry for the rampant & merciless disarray that permeated the guide before...

■ Version 1.3 (12/18/15): Another giant update... I finally finished compiling the bulk of the Japanese item lore. Also, I spent a lot of time cleaning up the formatting throughout the guide, so it should be much easier on the eyes now. Only a few more touch-ups to go, including the Japanese DLC text, a plot exposition flowchart, and (finally) the Lore Topic Index that will allow you to pick a topic and easily navigate to any related lore throughout the guide.

■ Version 1.4 (12/27/15): Item pictures... Lots of item pictures.

■ Version 1.5 (1/20/16): Hello everyone, this will most likely be the last large update I make to this FAQ. I finally finished the Japanese DLC text, and I would say that now the FAQ is 99% complete. There are a few very minor loose ends strewn throughout, but as it stands I'm pretty wiped out on Bloodborne for the time being. I'll come back and fill in these gaps gradually as time goes on, but I'd like to take a break for a couple months so I can reap maximum enjoyment from Dark Souls 3 once it hits store shelves... As you can likely guess, I've also decided to scrap the exposition flowchart and topic index as there are already other similar features available out there (on the wiki's & such) that have done a much better job than I would have been able to. I've gained a ton of satisfaction from compiling this guide for you all and the positive feedback has meant a lot! I hope the community continues to get plenty of use out of my work here. Warm regards, everyone, and praise the sun!

■ Version 1.6 (3/30/16): Filled in a few more gaps in the Japanese transcriptions, and added a couple names to the Special Thanks section that are worth mentioning...

Richard Pilbeam: Anyone who enjoys thought-provoking lore videos, please do yourself a favor and subscribe to this guy's channel (youtube.com/JerksSansFrontieres). Some real quality work over there and he considers both the English & Japanese sides of the lore.

480: A great guy and moderator of a few SoulsBorne themed Twitter accounts (@DarkSouls3Bot @DarkSouls2Bot @DarkSoulsBot @DemonsSoulsBot @BloodborneBot) that have helped me tremendously in my transcription efforts. The update today is mostly thanks to a series of helpful e-mails he's sent me over the past month and a half or so. Thanks again, 480!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to plug a new project of mine, and the sister guide to this one... The Dark Souls III Lore Translation Guide is currently in progress and should already be uploaded here on GameFAQs. Feel free to check it out, everyone. Until next time... =)

■ Version 1.7 (1/18/2017): Okay, fine. Was back in a Bloodborne mood and put together another giant chunk of an update. Added a ton of out-of-the-way Japanese dialogue that was missing before, incorporated summonable NPCs into the overall Character Lore section (there are actually some really cool stories implied in there), added a list of official enemy names in both English & Japanese (when I could find it), and finally added all of the in-game trophies with their pictures and descriptions. May do another special update in the coming months as well...

■ Version 1.8 (12/24/2018): I started playing Bloodborne again recently and finally decided to put in some more work on this guide. This is a huge update, guys, and I hope you like it. Here's a list of everything I've been tinkering with.

• Updated enemy list and NPC character names. Added names from the official Japanese guide.
• Thanks to all the Bloodborne data mining that's been happening in the past year, I've been able to fill in a lot of old gaps in the text that I wasn't able to fill in before (Djura's missing death line in Japanese, the official text of Vicar Amelia's prayer in both English & Japanese, Baneful Chanters, etc.)
• And the meat of this update, also thanks to data mining, I've added sections for all the unused/cut content that's been coming out of the works lately: Items, locations, characters, dialogue, you name it... and from multiple hacked builds of the game! This includes the retail build (obviously), the Alpha build, and even a strange, overlooked pre-release build that was hidden within the game's files.

I've also taken the time to go through and (finally) fill in basically every single gap that was still left in the guide. From Adella's jealousy to Transformed Man's killing spree, every single bit of English & Japanese is now finally accounted for. If I've missed anything please shoot me an e-mail and let me know! Enjoy the update, everyone.

■ Version 1.9 (3/27/2021): I've been going through all the item & dialogue text and and copy-paste spell-checking against the text from the game files. Everything was mostly correct, but I did find a handful of discrepancies (all in the Japanese), some due to typos on my part from before I had access to the game files, and some due to the fact that From has updated the text in a few places since the game first released. I'm not sure how these differences may have changed the meaning of the text, but just in case, I've included a list of them down below for those of you who have been relying on this guide for your personal projects. This list shows the corrected line, not the errored one.

  1. Blood Ministration cutscene: よろしい。これで誓約は完
  2. Annalise, Vileblood Queen: だが、ならばお互い無用だろう
  3. Critically Ill Man [Gilbert]: ここ、ヤーナムの市から谷を挟んだ東側に、聖堂街と呼ばれる医療教会の街があります
  4. Lonely Old Dear: だったら、知らないのかい?どか安全なところをさ
    • あたしを助ける義務があるっても
    • しかして、何か辛いことがあるのかい?
    • 『また少しだけ待っていておくれ、私の愛い子』
  5. Old Hunter Gehrman: もっとも、今は幾つかの具は失われているがね
  6. Patches the Spider: ありがとう。君たちのおで、私たちは助かってるんだ
    • …だから、君だけに教えよう
    • 大聖堂の右、隠された古教会を訪れたまえ
    • だから、大聖堂の右、隠された古教会を訪れたまえ
    • [ ]お望みの神秘がやってくるだろうさ!
  7. Retired Hunter Djura: 旧市街は獣の街、焼き棄てられ後、ただ籠って生きているだけ
    • 心の弱い者は、狩人なるべきではない
  8. Sister Adella: ああ、大丈夫です

Also... Blood Gems! The Blood Gem section has been lame and half-assed ever since I first posted this guide (it didn't even have the Japanese descriptions). So I FINALLY went through and did it justice. I'm pretty proud of this one. I really went above and beyond the call of duty, and I think it looks great. Not a detail overlooked. I hope you like it.

I also updated every single item picture from the original lossy, cropped screenshots to much clearer, lossless images straight from the game files. You can right-click any image and (in Chrome) select "Open image in new tab," or (in Firefox) CTRL-click "View Image" to open the full-resolution image in a separate tab. And finally, other than some minor additions and general upkeep here and there, I added some more unused/cut dialogue that I didn't know about before. It's over in the Unused/Cut Characters: Retail build section, if you want to check it out.

I've got a few little final touches that I'll just add in small edits here in the next few days, but otherwise, I would say this guide is (finally) 100% complete. Everything I've wanted to cover is now covered. I hope this guide can now be an accurate and definitive resource for any and all English & Japanese story text that exists within the game files of Bloodborne. The only possible thing that I would still come back and add is all the text & data from the Alpha Test... But it looks like it may be a few years before those files surface for the public at large. Thanks so much for all the support, everyone, and happy lore-hunting!

■ Version 1.10 (4/29/2021): Could not be happier to be eating my own words. The Alpha Test has leaked! And it's all right here. Well... most of it. I still need to go through the TalkParam file and a couple other things, but the item text, character dialogue, and a bunch of other miscellaneous text has all been accounted for and organized in the 'Unused/Cut Content' section. A big question several people have had is, "Did the Alpha build come before or after the 'unknown pre-release build?'" Well I can now definitely tell you that the Alpha came after. And I've actually renamed the other build, the "pre-Alpha build," accordingly. Much less cumbersome and awkward of a name. And due to their close relation to each other, I've gone ahead and merged the Alpha & pre-Alpha build sub-sections (within each lore-category), to easily be able to compare the two builds.

I also can't not thank the individuals responsible for bringing this legendary demo to the masses...

zav1977 (on DarkSoftware): For dumping your copy of the Bloodborne Alpha Test for the public to enjoy. Cannot overstate how grateful so many people are for this! It's a piece of history that, thanks to you, can now be preserved indefinitely.
sethmako (aka "TheLumpyBumpyPotato" on reddit): For posting the bounty, and for being the motivating, organizing force that lead to the leak.
• ...and everyone else who contributed to and spread the word about the bounty to help make it happen! =)

If you're interested in getting in on the Alpha action, the link to the dump is right here for your enjoyment. Cheers!

■ Version 1.11 (6/22/2021): Realized the old arrangement of having all of the unused/cut content mixed into the same sections as the regular in-game content, was extremely messy and detracted from the user-friendliness of the core part of the guide. So I moved it all into its own separate section at the end of the guide, now called "Unused/Cut & Additional Content," and re-organized the crap out of it, so that all of the extra content is now organized by the specific version of the game that the content is from: The UK/AU version, the unpatched version(s), the regular version, the DLC-updated version, and finally the Alpha & pre-Alpha versions. Hopefully this makes searching for, and understanding the original context of, the scrapped content much more straightforward.