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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/02/2017
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Table of Contents

  1. Bloodborne - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Basics
    3. Weapons & Equipment
    4. Character Creation
    5. Basic Combat
    6. Advanced Combat
  4. Video Playthrough
  5. Walkthrough
    1. Iosefka's Clinic
    2. Hunter's Dream
    3. 1st Floor Sickroom
    4. Central Yharnam
    5. Giant Bridge
    6. Central Yharnam Cont.
    7. Tomb of Oedon
    8. NPC Quests, Part 1
    9. Cathedral Ward
    10. NPC Quests, Part 2
    11. Cathedral Ward Cont.
    12. Grand Cathedral
    13. NPC Quests, Part 3
    14. Old Yharnam
    15. Church of the Good Chalice
    16. Hemwick Charnel Lane
    17. Witch's Abode
    18. Hypogean Gaol
    19. Graveyard of the Darkbeast
    20. NPC Quests, Part 4
    21. Healing Church Workshop
    22. Forbidden Woods
    23. Forbidden Grave
    24. Byrgenwerth
    25. Moonside Lake
    26. NPC Quests, Part 5
    27. Yahar'gul, Unseen Village
    28. Yahar'gul Chapel
    29. Advent Plaza
    30. Forsaken Cainhurst Castle
    31. Logarius' Seat
    32. NPC Quests, Part 6
    33. Lecture Building 1F
    34. Nightmare Frontier
    35. Amygdala's Chamber
    36. Lecture Building 2F
    37. Upper Cathedral Ward
    38. Lumenflower Gardens
    39. Altar of Despair
    40. NPC Quests, Part 7
    41. Nightmare of Mensis, Part 1
    42. Mergo's Loft: Middle
    43. NPC Quests, Part 8
    44. Nightmare of Mensis, Part 2
    45. Wet Nurse's Lunarium
    46. Ending 1
    47. Ending 2
    48. Ending 3
  6. Video Playthrough: The Old Hunters
  7. Walkthrough: The Old Hunters
    1. Hunter's Nightmare
    2. Underground Corpse Pile
    3. Research Hall
  8. NPC Quests
    1. Iosefka
    2. Gilbert
    3. Lonely Old Dear
    4. Eileen the Crow
    5. Viola's Daughter
    6. Oedon Chapel Dweller
    7. Vileblood Hunter Alfred
    8. Arianna, Woman of Pleasure
    9. Narrow Minded Man
    10. Retired Hunter Djura
    11. Sister Adella
    12. Transformed Man
    13. Provost Willem
    14. Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
    15. Patches the Spider
    16. Valtr, Master of the League
    17. Simon, Seeker of Secrets
    18. Ludwig, the Holy Blade
    19. Brador, Church Assassin
    20. Adeline
    21. Yamamura the Wanderer
    22. Fishing Hamlet Priest
  9. Chalice Dungeons
    1. Pthumerian Labyrinth
    2. Central Pthumerian Labyrinth
    3. Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth
    4. Cursed Pthumerian Defilement
    5. Pthumeru Ihyll
    6. Hintertomb
    7. Lower Hintertomb
    8. Ailing Loran
    9. Lower Ailing Loran
    10. Isz Gravestone
  10. Items & Equipment
    1. Consumables
    2. Materials
    3. Key Items
    4. Weapons
    5. Attire
    6. Caryll Runes
    7. Chalices
  11. Appendix
    1. Covenants
    2. Messengers Shops
    3. Bestiary
    4. Bestiary (Chalice Dungeons)
    5. Bosses
  12. Trophies
  13. Contact Information
  14. Version History
    1. Current Version
    2. Older Versions
  15. Copyright & Disclaimer

Bloodborne - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.5 - Jan. 2, 2017


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The controls for Bloodborne are a bit different from the Souls games, the previous games created by From Software that Bloodborne is most often compared to. That being said, if you have played the Souls games, you will only need minor adjusting to get a handle on the new control scheme.

Character Movement
Camera Movement
Up: Convert Health to Quicksilver Bullets
Down: Switch Consumable
Left/Right: Switch Weapon
When locked-on: Side-step or Backstep
When enemy is not nearby: Roll or Sprint (Hold)
Use equipped Consumable
Use Blood Vial
Transform right-handed trick weapon
During an attack, hitting L1 will perform a special Transformational Attack
Attack with equipped right-handed weapon
Attack with equipped left-handed weapon
When two-handing the right-hand weapon, it performs a special attack
Strong attack using right-handed weapon
Hold to perform a charged attack
When enemy is nearby: Lock-on
When enemy is not nearby: Resets Camera


Because Bloodborne tosses you in with little in the way of a tutorial the basics of gameplay can only be learned through the Messengers in Hunter's Dream. To resolve this I will be covering the general info you'll need to know to make it through the beginning of the game.

Health & Death

Your character's health is determined by your Vitality, with the red gauge at the top left of the screen indicating your overall health. When your health reaches 0 your Hunter will die and return to the last lamp you activated, dropping your Blood Echoes on the ground.

There are two ways to regain your health: Blood Vials and Regain.

  • Blood Vials are used by pressing Triangle to restore 40% of your health and can be purchased in Hunter's Dream and/or dropped from enemies that you've killed. You can only carry 20 Blood Vials at a time before you must find more or return to Hunter's Dream to replenish your stock via the Storage.
  • Regain is a system in which for a short period after being hit you can restore your health by attacking an enemy. When hit a white vertical bar will appear on your HP gauge, indicating your current health, and the remaining red behind it is the health that you can regain by attacking enemies.

Blood Echoes & Leveling Up

Blood Echoes are the form of currency in Bloodborne, used for purchasing everything from items in the Messengers Shops to leveling up your character. They are obtained by killing enemies and will continue to be stored on you until you use them or you die. If you die, your Blood Echoes will either drop on the ground or be contained within an enemy near where they dropped, so make sure to pick them up before you die a second time or you will lose them forever.

In order to level up you'll need at least 1 Insight when you enter Hunter's Dream to gain access to the Doll NPC, who will allow you to exchange a certain amount of Blood Echoes for 1 point in any stat. Each time you exchange Blood Echoes for a stat you'll be required to exchange more the next time, no matter which stat you are leveling because they are based on your level and not the individual stat.


Gained through finding and killing bosses, as well as using items, Insight is another form of currency that is used to summon Hunters to your world or to purchase things in the Insight Messengers Shops. Note that high levels of Insight reduces your Beasthood and your Frenzy resistance, with some enemies becoming stronger, so holding on to too much can be a blessing or a curse.

Saving & Loading

Bloodborne uses the auto-save feature of the PlayStation 4, saving periodically at random points in the game. This means that if you die you can not simply reload the game and try again, as you will automatically be saved after the death and will need to fight through the area again. The only exception to this is backing up a save file to an external device, such as a USB Flash Drive. This will allow you to beat the final boss, obtaining the ending trophy, and then overwrite the save file with your old file and complete another ending, without having to play through the whole game again.

Weapons & Equipment

There are two types of weapons that you can equip to your Hunter, right and left-handed.

  • Right-handed weapons are your primary weapon and although you can equip two, you can only access one at a time by hitting right on the . These weapons are called trick weapons and have two forms of attack that can be changed by hitting .
  • You can also equip two left-handed weapons, which can be switched by hitting left on the , and can be either a firearm, torch, or shield. While torches are great for exploring dark area, the firearm will be your primary weapon and is great for ranged attacks and staggering enemies.

Weapons have basic stats that can be increased by fortifying your weapons with upgrade materials or by adding gemstones. In order to upgrade your weapon you'll need to head to Hunter's Dream and approach the workbench next to Gehrman to select "Fortify Weapon". Each upgrade requires a certain type and number of upgrade materials and a certain amount of Blood Echoes.

LvlRequired Material
+13 Blood Stone Shards
+25 Blood Stone Shards
+38 Blood Stone Shards
+43 Twin Blood Stone Shards
+55 Twin Blood Stone Shards
+68 Twin Blood Stone Shards
+73 Blood Stone Chunks
+85 Blood Stone Chunks
+98 Blood Stone Chunks
+101 Blood Rock

In addition to upgrading your weapons you can also equip Gemstones, once you obtain the Blood Gem Workshop Tool, by approach the workbench next to Gehrman to selecting "Blood Gem Fortification". Each weapon takes different types of Blood Gems, with the number of gemstones depending on the weapon, and can attached anything from Physical ATK to adding Poison to your attacks.

Attire Sets

Attire is the armor you wear in your clothing slot: Head, Chest, Gloves, and Legs. Each piece of gear will effect your overall defense either positively or negatively, but some will also effect your resistances to things like Poison and Frenzy. While armor was a pretty big deal in the Souls series, attire in Bloodborne barely effects your stats and is more for aesthetic reasons outside of the resistances.


There are three types of items: Consumables, Arcane, and Key Items. Key Items are items that you can no accessed for use and are primarily quest related items, such as keys or Messenger Skins. Consumables and Arcane items are those that you can be used, either from the main menu or by equipping them to your hotkey bar. These are often used as offensive purposes, such as throwing a Molotov Cocktail at an enemy, or as support items to cure Status Ailments, such as an Antidote to heal Slow Poison and Rapid Poison.

Character Creation

This section refers to the different elements that make up a character, including their original creation at the beginning of the game and the Stats that make up how they ultimately play.


The origin of your character determines their starting Stats, but you will quickly customize these stats to your liking as you level up throughout the game. In the end the origin you begin with is fairly meaningless, but you might want to read the back story of each for some a thematic selection.

Lone Survivor4201411111077
Troubled Childhood36091491369
Violent Past180121115967
Military Veteran3201010141376
Noble Scion54078913149
Cruel Fate5001012109514
Waste of Skin1010910979


The stats of a character make up everything from how much Health and Stamina they have to how much damage their attacks do. These stats can be increased 1 point by collecting Blood Echoes from enemies, using items, or selling things to the Messengers and then speaking with the Doll in Hunter's Dream.

Vitality (VIT)Vitality governs the maximum Health (HP) of your character.
After 30 pts in VIT the amount of HP increased is decreased and at 50 pts the increase is severely limited.
Endurance (END)Endurance governs the maximum Stamina of your character, as well as resistances to Status Ailments.
After 40 pts in END the amount of Stamina increased is severely limited, although your resistances will continue to increase.
Strength (STR)Strength governs the amount of damage output by your R-handed Weapons.
After 25 pts the amount of damage increased is decreased and at 50 the increase is severely limited.
Skill (SKL)Skill also governs the amount of damage output by your R-handed Weapons, although it also increases your visceral attack damage.
After 25 pts the amount of damage increased is decreased and at 50 the increase is severely limited.
Bloodtinge (BTG)Bloodtinge governs the amount of damage output by your L-handed Weapons, particularly those that use Quicksilver Bullets.
After 25 pts the amount of damage increased is decreased and at 50 the increase is severely limited.
Arcane (ACN)Arcane governs the amount of damage out by Arcane magic, as well as your Discovery rating.
After 25 pts the amount of damage increased is decreased and at 50 the increase is severely limited.

Basic Combat

Combat is the most important part of Bloodborne, with intricate features that can be the difference of an area being easy or difficult. Mastering combat is going to be the deal breaker of whether or not you like this game.


Stamina is used for everything from attacking and rolling to dashing and backstepping, so you need to make sure that you use it appropriately in order to prevent death due to the inability to avoid an attack. Luckily, Stamina regenerated naturally if you are not doing anything that uses Stamina, so make sure that you give yourself time to recover in between enemies.


When near a target you can press to lock-on, allowing you to backstep and side-step easily around them. If there are multiple targets you can switch target with the or press again to unlock. While this can be great for aiming your attacks, there are a few cases in which you may wish to not lock on. When?! Well, the lock on for most enemies is their head, meaning that when fighting large enemies with weaknesses in their arms or legs you may want to not lock on to focus on their weaknesses.

Attacks & Visceral Attacks

Pressing will preform a basic attack, which are weaker attacks that use less stamina than most attacks. These attacks can be chained together, allowing you to interrupt the attack of enemies rather easily, but they still have their drawbacks. Pressing and holding , on the other hand, is a much slower charge attack that does significantly more damage. These attacks do not chain well with basic attacks, but they do have the ability to stagger enemies. In addition to the normal controls for all weapons two-handed weapons, triggered with , have special properties.

When enemies are staggered they become open to visceral attacks, triggered by pressing when directly in front or behind an enemy. These attacks are extremely powerful and their damage calculation is completely independent of your weapon, allowing you to do significant damage no matter which weapon you are using. Additionally, visceral attacks make you invincible to attacks from other enemies and will knock any surrounding enemies backwards.

Advanced Combat

In addition to the basic combat features there are some additional advanced combat features.

Weapon Transformation

All right-handed weapons in Bloodborne are trick weapons and can have two modes of attacks, triggered by pressing . Most weapons have very different forms of attacks, so equipping and testing each weapon is crucial to find the weapon that best suits you.


When you use Beast Blood Pellets you'll enter Beast Mode, which actually results in adding a Beast Gauge that when raised will increase your attack power, not actually turning you into a beast. Beasthood can not be instead like other stats, through leveling up, and must be increased through Attire.

Status Ailments

When you encounter an ailment a status bar will appear at the top of the screen, slowly filling up over time until it is completely full and the ailment takes effect. These ailments can be deadly unless cured, as many do significant damage, so keeping curative items on your hotkey bar is a very good idea.

Slow PoisonGradual HP lossAntidote
Rapid PoisonInstant HP lossAntidote
FrenzyInstantly lose 70% of your HPSedative

Note that while you can cure Slow Poison once it takes effect, Rapid Poison and Frenzy are instant ailments that must be cured during build-up.

Video Playthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJfxJrsjnvVCKLFf9rBZrwwu


At the start of the game you'll need to create your character, choosing their Gender and Appearance. The most important part is the Origin of your character, this dictates the starting stats of your characters. You should view the Stats section of this guide before choosing which Origin you want. Make sure you are completely happy with whatever you select, because there is no turning back once you create your character.

Iosefka's Clinic

After the disturbing cutscenes, exit through the nearby door and head down the stairs to spot a Scourge Beast feeding on a corpse. Although you can kill this enemy by punching it to death, or avoid it all together, the game intends for you to die to him so you can access the central hub of the game. That being said, this is a good time to test your combat skills and evasion tactics before giving in to the monster.

Make sure to review the Basic Combat section of this guide for more information.

Hunter's Dream

Head straight toward the steps and check the Messengers, who offer your the basic weapons of the game.

There are three different trick weapons and two guns you can choose from:

Saw CleaverA short saw that flips out to create longer range while remaining one-handed
Hunter AxeA short axe that extends its handle for range, but requires two hands
Threaded CaneA cane that converts into a whip, allowing for wide attacks while remaining one-handed
Hunter PistolA fast and accurate shot pistol that is great for countering enemies
Hunter BlunderbussA slow spread shot that doesn't do much damage at range, but allows you to deal with crowds

Make sure to press Options to equip these items before you continue up the steps a bit more to receive the Notebook. You can now check all the remaining Messengers in the Hunter's Dream to learn the basics on combat and then use the tombstone at the bottom of the main stairs to return to the 1st Floor Clinic.

1st Floor Sickroom

How to use maps:
I will be adding maps above sections of text that will help guide you through each section in case the text alone is not enough. Treasures will be numbered on the map with the item name appearing in the text section below with the number afterwards, such as Blood Vial x4 .

Instead of entering the next room turn around and head back up the stairs, toward the room you began in, to find the door closed. The woman, Iosefka, will be unwilling to let you inside, but she will offer a Iosefka's Blood Vial instead. She will continue to give you one of these as long as you do not currently have one already. You can now return down the stairs to the clinic to encounter the Scourge Beast again, defeating him to continue.

Scourge Beast - Generally difficult to fight when at full health, but are weak to fire. Molotov Cocktails works wonders on them, but if you wish to save your consumables then you should wait for them to use a lunging attack and attack them from the side or from behind.

Drops: Blood Vial x3, Upgrade Materials based on location, Beast Blood Pellet

The next room contains Blood Vial x2 on the body in the left corner and make sure to grab the Quicksilver Bullets x10 in the yard before exiting through the gate.

Central Yharnam

Take the stairway directly ahead for a body with Blood Vial x4 and then backtrack and turn left to encounter your first Huntsman hiding behind the second carriage. The trick is to bait the enemy to strike and then go all out with your attacks to take him down in one go.

Huntsman - There are multiple variations of the Huntsmen throughout Central Yharnam, most of which just need to be baited into an attack before you strike. There are a few distinct variations of note: The torch and axe carrying version usually swipes its torch at you when they gets low heath, the shield version that require you to hit them to bait them into an attack, and the rifleman that can shoot you from a distance.

Drops: See the Bestiary

Near the first enemy there is a lever you can pull to lower a nearby ladder, but don't take it, and instead grab the Blood Vial x2 on the body next to it. Kill the two Huntsmen playing dead at the end of the road before breaking the boxes in the corner to grab the Molotov Cocktail x6 and then climb the ladder to reach the Central Yharnam lamp. If you talk to the window of the building next to the lamp a man named Gilbert will introduce himself, though he won't say much at the moment.

There are many NPC's throughout Yharnam that you can talk to, usually indicated by a burning lantern. Some will blow you off, while others will may offer you items or have mini-quest lines associated with them. I will usually mention when you can talk to them to advance their quest line, so there is no reason to worry or check back often.

Take the only stairs to a body with Pebble x8 and then continue, watching out for the Huntsman on the right behind some boxes. There are two paths to choose: the stairs that lead down to the main street and the drop that leads to a bonfire with another Huntsman. Go ahead and take the drop, dealing with the enemy, and then grab the Molotov Cocktail x4 behind the well.

As you head down the stairs you'll likely want to convert your weapon with L1, allowing you to have more range and chances of hitting multiple enemies, and then kill the two Huntsmen below. If you head left you'll encounter another group of Huntsmen, which will sneak up behind you if you don't deal with them now, and a staircase that simply leads back up to where you dropped down.

Head to the end of the street to pull a lever, opening the shortcut back to the entrance of Central Yharnam, and then check the small alley nearby. The Executioner that resides in this alley can kill you in one hit at your current level, so I suggest avoiding it.

Executioner - Difficult because he is cautious with his attacks and is also quick. The easiest attacks to counter with your gun are the one in which he charges you and the other is the one in which he jumps toward you. He also has a chance of dropping the Blood Gems that you can use to fortify your weapons, adding addition attributes like Physical Attack +%, but at the moment this is unnecessary, since you don't have the capability to add these gems until after beating the 2nd boss of this area.

Drops: Blood Vial x2, Blood Gemstone, Pungent Blood Cocktail

Head back up the street to find a new staircase hidden behind a carriage, making sure to kill the slumped over Rifleman so he doesn't come up behind you later, and then take the next set of stairs to kill the Huntsman that jumps out to ambush you before picking up the Blood Stone Shard . Back down the steps, turn right to deal with another surprise attack behind the railing of the building's steps and then continue.

As you approach the next area you'll notice a Huntsman on the same level as you and many more around a pyre in the center of the street. While it may seem like you can easily take out the enemy on your level, walking past the steps will aggro a few of the Huntsmen in the courtyard. This is fine, provided you know what is coming, so run forward just enough to draw their attention and then deal with them at the stairs, where they are forced to huddle up. The remainder of the enemies will begin to walk back up the street and you can cut them off by running back and taking the stairs.

Return to the upper level and continue toward the end of the road to grab the Quicksilver Bullets x5 off the corpse and kill the nearby Huntsman hanging by a gate. There are two Riflemen in this area: one on the top of the carriage on the opposite side of the street and one standing by the pyre. If you drop off the ledge you can turn left to quickly kill the first Rifleman and then either back up or run to the stairs on the left to avoid the other Rifleman shooting at you. With most of the enemies cleared out you can now rush across the street, run up the stairs on the opposite side of the street, and take out the other Rifleman. There are likely still a few stragglers you'll need to deal with and a Rabid Dog before you can continue.

Rabid Dog - Fast and have a tendency to jump in for the attack and then jump back to avoid any sort of reprisal. The easiest way to deal with this is to quickly side-step its attack and then strike.

Drops: None

With the area finally clear you can now get the Blood Vial x2 in front of the large double doors and then head upstairs to check the back corner for a Coldblood Dew (1) . Continue through the opened gate to grab the Blood Stone Shard in the corner, behind some barrels, and then grab the Blood Vial x2 in plain sight by the steps. Instead of heading down the steps into the fountain plaza, strike the stacks of coffins directly across from the stairs to reveal a shortcut.

There are some caged Rabid Dogs here that are freebie kills and down the steps on the right is another Rabid Dog, as well as some more caged ones. Head toward the bridge and turn left to a walkway with another Rabid Dog and then grab the Coldblood Dew (3) . You can now cross the bridge and kill the Rabid Dog barking at the door of a Lonely Old Dear, who is looking for a safe place to go. The stairs here lead down into the sewers, but before taking on this dangerous area you'll want to unlock a shortcut.

Backtrack across the bridge, take the stairs, and turn right to head up another set of stairs and then take the left staircase to a dead end with a Coldblood Dew (1) . Return down the stairs and u-turn, ignoring the staircase on the right that we'll be using later, and enter a dark house. Make sure to kill the Huntsman hiding in the dark and then carefully move forward and attack the small lamp, revealed to be a Wheelchair Huntsman.

Wheelchair Huntsman - There are a few variations of this enemy, mostly in terms of their weapon of choice. The first one you encounter has a pistil, but later you will run into ones with gatling guns and flamethrowers. The best thing to do is to get behind them for a fully charged attack that usually kills them in one hit.

Drops: Quicksilver Bullets x4

With the room clear you can now grab the Pungent Blood Cocktail x2 , read the note in the corner, and exit out the other side of the building. Head up the stairs straight ahead for another Huntsman and then grab the Blood Stone Shard before continuing up the steps to open the gate that leads back to the Central Yharnam lamp.

Return through the gate and down the stairs, but this time take the stairwell to the left of house to reach a large courtyard. There are two Huntsman's Minions in this area, so draw one over at a time to make your life a whole lot easier.

Huntsman's Minion - Either bait them to use a smash attack, allowing you to get a fully charged attack off by holding R2, or to fire on them when they begin to charge you for a stagger, followed by a visceral attack.

Drops: Blood Vial x2-4, Shining Coin x2-3

Once the courtyard is clear you can head straight to an elevator, though you won't be able to access it at this moment and should remember where it is for later. You can now take the stairs nearby to return to the area with the caged Rabid Dogs, cross the bridge, and enter the building.

Break the barrels on the right wall to uncover a hidden path into the rafters, where you should carefully cut down the hanging corpses, and then grab the Coldblood Dew (1) . If you check the wall directly across from one of the walkways you should be able to spot an open archway behind some barrels, where you'll find Eileen the Crow and can obtain the Bold Hunter's Mark x4 and the Shake off Cape gesture by talking to her multiple times.

You'll need to drop off the rafters in the corner by the stairs, making sure you attack the Large Huntsman that walks up and down the staircase leading back upstairs, and then stick to this side of the room as you continue about halfway up to check behind the pillars for another Large Huntsman. You can now kill the Rifleman nearby and cross to the other side, where you'll have to fight another Large Huntsman with a spear.

Large Huntsman - There are two types of Large Huntsman: the cloaked versions that are rather slow and the spear versions, which are fast and aggressive.

The cloaked version can be dealt with by standing out of range as they walk toward you and using a fully charged attack to hit them, likely interrupting their attack. You can then finish this up with a chain of attacks to quickly kill them. The spear version is extremely fast and can perform long combos that will kill you rather easily. It's best defeated by using your gun to stagger it during an attack for a visceral attack.

Drops: Blood Vial x2, Blood Stone Shard, Twin Blood Stone Shard, Oil Urn

Grab the nearby Coldblood Dew (1) behind the pillars and exit through the archway near the Rifleman's location. Hang a left and carefully cross the bridge to take out the two Riflemen, who will attack you from behind if you don't take them out, and then deal with the Large Huntsman that rushes over. You can now grab the Coldblood Dew (1) at the far end of the area before you continue past the bridge to defeat the Carrion Crows, cross another bridge, and head along the other side to some more Carrion Crows guarding Oil Urn x2 .

Carrion Crow - Easy to defeat by going in for a quick attack or two and then backing, since once they get you in their attacks you will lose a lot of health with no possibility of regaining it through attacks.

Drops: Pebble x1-2, Beast Blood Pellet, Antidote

Look down at the beams below, spotting one with a Blood Stone Shard , and then drop down and head back along the sewer to an opening to the room where you dropped the corpses. Pass all the boats to the end of the room, defeating the two Labyrinth Rats, and grab the Madman's Knowledge off the corpse. You can now return to the previous area and climb up the ladder to your right to reach the floor above.

Labyrinth Rat - Like the rats in Dark Souls, these enemies pose little threat unless they appear in groups. Watch out for when they back up, as this generally indicated they are going to pounce you, and when they rear up on their hind legs for a smash.

Drops: Throwing Knife x1-2

Since you are now above the area where you dropped the corpses you can now drop down on either side to get the items from the bodies (Blood Stone Shard + Saw Spear ). You can finally return to the sewer and continue to a large room with some Rotted Corpses huddling around an item, but for the moment you want to take the long ladder to leave the sewer.

Turn right to kill with four Carrion Crows guarding a Madman's Knowledge on the nearby corpse and then cross the bridge and deal with another Huntsman's Minion. The ladder here leads to a locked gate, that you can open with the nearby lever to create a shortcut to the fountain plaza, and then talk to the window to meet a young girl. This girl, only known as Viola's Daughter, asks you to find her mother and hands over the Tiny Music Box.

Take the stairs on the right to find the Huntsman's Minion that was knocking on the large double doors by the pyre and then grab the Torch , which you should equip, and Molotov Cocktail x4 . On the opposite side of the plaza, kill three Carrion Crows guarding Oil Urn x2 and then return back up the stairs and hang a right to find a Coldblood Dew (1) by the closed gate.

The next courtyard has three Rabid Dogs and some more Huntsmen, including a Rifleman, that can be difficult to deal with if you rush in. I suggest walking to the top of the steps and pull over a Rabid Dog with a gunshot before pulling back to defeat it from a safe spot and then repeat with the other enemies. With the area clear you can then grab the Blood Vial x6 and then take the staircase to a bridge, turning left to check behind some statues for a Blood Stone Shard .

Head toward the Scourge Beasts on the bridge, but instead of engaging them take the staircase on your left to access and area overlooking the pyre. Grab the Pebble x10 on the corpse hanging over the edge, a Blood Stone Shard behind the nearby sandbags, and a Blood Stone Shard from the alley behind some boxes and then continue to break the boxes to drop into the sewers.

Drop down the ledges to reach the sewers and then make sure you drop down on the left side, where you'll meet a Large Huntsman walking your way. After dealing with him, cross the bridge to deal with another and then cross the final bridge for a final one. With all three enemies on the upper level dead you can now look down at the beams below to spot a Thick Coldblood (5) and then carefully drop on the Labyrinth Rat below.

You're going to want to take out the Labyrinth Rats behind you first, since you don't want them sneak attacking you, and then head to the exit of the sewer and look left to spot a Large Huntsman guarding the Hunter Set .

Equip the new armor set and backtrack out of the sewer to the main bridge and quickly run past the Scourge Beasts, taking the left stairs to enter the second floor of the dark house. Make sure to kill the two Hunstmen in the house before you grab the Coldblood Dew (1) and then turn around to find the Scourge Beasts stuck in the door, allowing you to easily kill them with charged attacks. You can now return to the area that overlooks the pyre to drop, take the path to the fountain plaza and then head down the ladders near Viola's Daughter to reach the sewers again.

Drop down and carefully kill the Carrion Crows behind you before you take out all the Rotted Corpses guarding the Quicksilver Bullets x10 , like it's some sort of treasure, and then continue along the sewer to three more Rotted Corpses. Make sure to check the small alcove with another Rotted Corpse, as well as a Blood Stone Shard , and then take the ladder to the right of the tunnel to reach another bridge.

Rotted Corpse - While these enemies often appear dead, but are actually just lying in wait for you to come near. While slow moving they can still lunge or vomit on you, so be careful. You'll also need a weapon that slashes downward, as attacks like the Threaded Cane's charge attack will go right over their head.

Drops: Blood Vial, Bold Hunter's Mark, Sedative

Ignore the bridge and enter the nearby building to activate the elevator, which leads to the Huntsman's Minions near the dark house and other shortcut to the lamp, and then return down the ladder. The tunnel next to you has a Maneater Boar at the end of it, but if you rush past it as it roars you can get behind it for a charge attack to stagger it and follow that up with a visceral attack. You can now pick up the Saw Hunter Badge and Coldblood Dew (2) before exiting the tunnel out the other end and climb another ladder.

Maneater Boar - While they might appear frightening, but they have a really big weak spot on their behinds. The best approach is from the back with a fully charged attack to stagger it and then fisting it's rear, which is a pretty nasty sight. You MUST stay behind them, as their charge attack will likely kill you.

Drops: Blood Vial x2-4

This leads to the other side of the large bridge you were just at, when you activated the elevator, and you can easily take out the shielded Huntsman and Huntsman's Minion. You can now take the nearby stairs and carefully pull over one of the Large Huntsman with a gunshot to make your life easier and then grab the Bold Hunter's Mark x2 nearby.

If you continue up the stairs you'll reach the second boss arena, but DO NOT ENTER. Instead, use a Madman's Knowledge and then head across the bridge to the elevator and use the lamp.

Hunter's Dream

The Madman's Knowledge offers Insight, indicated by the eye under your current Blood Echoes, and awakens the Doll that will allow you to exchange your Blood Echoes for levels.

While you're here you should also talk to the Messengers on the steps for the Beckoning Bell and Silencing Blank, both of which are used in the multiplayer aspect of the game, and then head inside the building to store any items you don't want to use. Don't forget to check the desk to repair your weapons and fortify them with Blood Stone Shards to increase their damage.

Central Yharnam Cont.

Return to the Central Yharnam lamp and head upstairs through the dark house to the main bridge, dealing with the Scourge Beasts, and this time you're going to head left on the bridge, taking out some Carrion Crows and a Huntsman's Minion to enter the boss area just beyond.

Giant Bridge

Boss: Cleric Beast

Phase 1
The Cleric Beast isn't too difficult, but his size and height makes getting around him cumbersome if you lock on to him. Attack the boss' left arm while trying to stay behind this boss, which is hard due to the fact that he likes to back up against the side of the bridge. Move in and out as needed you can eventually do enough damage that the boss will fall over and allow you to perform a visceral attack. If you manage to damage a limb by focusing on it you can hit it again for bonus damage, but beware of the res aura that indicates him fixing his limbs.

Phase 2
When the Cleric Beast's health is below 70% he will roar to enter Phase 2, becoming more aggressive and much faster. His attacks will become stronger and he performs longer combos, but otherwise you can use the same strategy as before.

List of the Cleric Beast's attacks:

Phase 1
Arm SwipesShortHorizontal swipes that does minimal damage
One-Two SlamMediumPunches into the ground with one fist and then the other for moderate damage
One-Armed GrabShortRarely used with a slow wind up that does heavy damage
Overhead Slam ComboMediumThree-hit combo that does moderate damage per hit
Lunging SwipeLongLunges forward followed by a strong horizontal swipe attack
Recovery-Envelopes himself in a red aura, recovering damaged limbs
Phase 2
Two-Armed GrabShortStronger version of the One-Armed Grab
Double Slam ComboMediumStronger version of the Overhead Slam Combo
Slow Overhead SmashMediumHeavy damage ground slam that is delayed to throw you off in terms of timing
Jump AttackLongJumps into the air to perform a heavy damage slam attack

Drop: 4,000 Blood Echoes and the Sword Hunter Badge

Make sure that you grab the Quicksilver Bullets x10 and light the Giant Bridge lamp before returning to Hunter's Dream to level up, repair your weapons, and upgrade them if you haven't yet.

Central Yharnam Cont.

Return to the Central Yharnam lamp, take the left stairs to deal with the Huntsman's Minions, and ride the elevator to reach the other bridge. As you walk forward a group of enemies will attack, but what you really need to watch out for is the flaming boulder that is pushed from the end of the bridge. Avoid the boulder by hiding in one of the balcony areas of the bridge and then deal with the remaining enemies.

Head up the stairs to defeat the Huntsman's Minion and shielded Huntsman, again, and continue up the stairs and ignore the enemies on the right that will not aggro you to enter the Tomb of Oedon.

Tomb of Oedon

Boss: Father Gascoigne

Phase 1 & 2
Remember that Tiny Music Box you got from the young daughter seeking her mother? Well, this is a great time to equip it to your quick item slot because every other time you use it Father Gascoigne will hold his head, opening him up to a fully charged attack. In between the Music Box's negative effect you'll need to keep your distance to avoid his Hunter Axe and Blunderbuss. After stunning him three times with the Tiny Music Box, no matter how much damage you achieved, Father Gascoigne will transform into a hideous beast. While the Tiny Music Box will work the first time you use it on him in beast form, it will become useless after this, so get that last fully charged attack in.

Phase 3
There are a few strategies to deal with the beast form of Father Gascoigne: The first strategy is to use the tombstones to avoid his attacks, throwing Oil Urns and then Molotov Cocktails to deal massive damage. The other is to use his aggressive attack style against him by using your gun to stagger him and then get a visceral attack. Since throwing items can easily miss his fast movements and you may find yourself without any left, I am going to cover the stagger strategy.

The first thing you'll want to do is run up the stairs and back up a bit so that you have a clean shot of Father Gascoigne when he attacks. Wait for him to attack, the easiest one to counter is his pounce attack, and then shoot for a stagger and follow that up with a visceral attack. If you find yourself in danger or running out of room, run to the back of the area and drop onto the house to heal and then run back up the stairs (just make sure he drops down before you face away from the drop). Repeat this pattern until you defeat Father Gascoigne in no time.

List of Father Gascoigne's Beast Form attacks:

Phase 3
Claw ComboShortQuick succession of attacks that is hard to counter, because his head turns away
Downward SlamShortSmashes down with both hands, this attack can countered easily
Jump AttackMediumPounces forward with a slash, this attack is the easiest attack to counter
Aerial DiveLongJumps into the air - roll INTO him to avoid this

Drop: 1,800 Blood Echoes and the Oedon Tomb Key