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by Arkia

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Guide and Walkthrough by Arkia

Version: 0.011 | Updated: 04/14/2015

Using the Guide

Directions will generally refer to the direction you are facing when you first reach an area. Boss attacks will be in the boss's point of view.

This revision of the guide is not meant to be used as a step by step guide but to be used to give the player the general direction to go. A later revision will give more exact directions. For those in immediate need of a more step by step guide, I'd recommend checking out Krystal109's guide on gamefaqs.

The guide will assume that the player levels as needed.

Note that due to the relatively non-linear aspect of the game (there are many points in the game where you can go to a location early), not everything in this guide was done in the order it was written, but the guide is written in a certain order due to the popular order of activities. Note that aside from the first three areas, the other areas tend to drastically change as time progresses.

This revision of the guide will ignore the more common items and will only focus on items that are unique or valuable for players at that point.

Note that this guide is unlike my other guides in that this is primarily based on a first v1.01 playthrough so this guide will be revised later with a second clean playthrough.

Certain Errata elements are based on a v1.00 playthrough. Some names have changed such as Bolt Hunter's Badge being changed to Spark Hunter's Badge.

As it seems that spoiler text for every potential spoiler is undesired, there may be spoilers in the guide from reading too far forward.

Ctrl+F or Command+F can be used to allow the player to search for specific words. This can be useful in many places on the web, including guides. For those using search on a formatted (HTML) guide, they may wish to switch to single page format in order to make full use of the search function. However, this may load a large amount of information onto a player's memory so this is not recommended for large guides and slower computers.

This guide will attempt to use in-game names first, then names that fans and players are using second if the in-game name has not been found. As such, names may change as more information is obtained.

This guide will not 'rate' consumables or weapons and will try to minimize cheesing strategies for bosses. The reason for not rating is because the guide writer firmly believes that people should try to discover things for themselves and having pre-conceived notions would hinder this. The reason for minimizing cheesing strategies is due to the Chalice dungeons as many cheesing strategies involve the terrain or AI which may become patched.

There may be some places where words such as ladders and stairs were mixed up. I apologize and these will be corrected in a later revision.


Left stick: Moves character

Right stick: Moves camera

R1: Right hand weapon attack.

R2: Strong Right hand weapon attack.

Hold R2: Charged attack. Staggers some enemies if attacking the back.

Move forward+R2: Jumping attack.

L1: Transform weapon.

L1 + Attack/Roll/Quickstep: Transform weapon while attacking.

L2: Left hand weapon attack or two handed attack.

Firearm L2: Stagger attack (if used at the start of an enemy attack).

R1 (Staggered enemy): Visceral attack.

X: Interact button

Triangle: Use Blood Vial

Square: Use selected item

O: Backstep

Move + Hold O : Run

Move + O: Roll

Run + O : Running roll (Forward jump and then a roll).

Move + O + lockon: Quickstep

R3: Lock-on, Lock-off, reset camera (if no enemies in range)

Up D-Pad: Sacrifice HP for 5 Blood Bullets (Blood Bullets last until used, death, or entering a loading screen and caps at 5).

Options: Open Menu

left touch pad: Open Gestures Menu.

right touch pad: Open Personal Items (Acts as a shortcut bar for items).

Directly Upgradable Stats

Vitality (VIT): Increases HP

Endurance (END): Increases Stamina and Resistance

Strength (STR): Increases heavy weapon damage.

Skill (SKL): Increases light weapon damage

Bloodtinge (BLT): Increases bullet damage.

Arcane (ARC): Increases arcane damage and discovery rate

Note: Skill appears to be used by many if not most weapon based damage and arcane seems to affect most item based damage. However, there are a few weapons that scale better with Strength. Vitality can be useful for some players as it allows the player to handle more hits. Endurance can be useful for some players as it will allow the player to do more attacks without stopping, run longer, and dodge more often. Arcane has some uses, but is generally less useful for players that do not have a specific build in mind.

Resultant/Indirectly modifiable Stats

Level: A representation of points invested in stats. Raising level increases Physical Defence and appears to increase visceral damage. Level can be calculated as [ Total Attributes ] - 50.

Blood Echoes: The currency and experience of the game.

Insight: Another form of currency and unlocks certain things as well as having an effect on certain areas of the game. In addition, raising insight decreases Frenzy RES and Beasthood. Can be gained by meeting bosses for the first time, killing bosses, using items that give insight, or encountering certain things.

HP: How much damage can be taken before death.

Stamina: How much you can attack and do combat manoeuvres before becoming fatigued.

Discovery: Item Drop rate.


Some effects may also be effected by the passage of time (game progression) where they will happen due to time regardless of insight amount.

Some insight effects do not take place until reloading the area.

Minimum InsightEffect
1Doll awakens, Beckoning Bell and Silencing Blank on ground (permanent)
10Insight Messenger Shop active
15Cathedral Ward lantern holders use magic
15Sickle enemies spawn in non-boss Hemwick area
15?Hypogean Gaol Bag Enemies have spells (permanent?)
45*Lecture teleport amagydala appears solid
60*Crying baby and various sound changes

Values with * are rounded to the higher 15. (ie. 31 would round to 45).


These are effects that were noted to be true after several tests, but where later there were people stating that they did not encounter these to be true whether it was a glitch on their end or on the testing end is uncertain.

Certain bosses gain or lose certain attacks with higher/lower insight.

Certain bosses gain or lose certain effects of their attacks with higher/lower insight.


Frenzy: Does about 60~80% of hp in damage once filled.

Slow poison: Slowly drains hp over time.

Fast poison: Rapidly drains hp/damages the player once filled.

Oil: Increases the next fire damage taken.

(Cursed Mark): causes enemies that normally move slowly to run at the player. Noted as a glowing red glyph on the back of the player's head.


Expect that the character will die a lot, be used to it. Eventually as the player gets more used to the game, they will die less and less, but do not get frustrated about death.

Make a backup of the save on a USB and on PS+ (if you have it) regularly is recommended. People have mentioned bugs that make the game unplayable. At a minimum, have a SAFE backup after every boss.

Time progresses after killing bosses. As such, exploring areas earlier or later may make some areas easier or harder to explore while other areas are inaccessible at certain times (generally progressing the story will not prevent an area from being accessed). This may also drastically change areas, making certain enemies, NPCs, or various other things available or inaccessible.

A glowing red light in front of a window, door, or building means that there are living people inside. The player can often interact with these people for lore or even for items and actions.

Pebbles are a hunter's best friend. They are 10 Echoes each to buy even at end game and can be used to pull single or small groups of enemies (Some enemies will aggro if an ally is attacked).

You have a storage box in the Dream Refuge house that can hold items. Items picked up will first attempt to go into your inventory, then your storage, then the ground.

When doing Co-op, only the host's world will make progress. However, most enemy drops can be picked up by all members of the party (each member gets their own copy) and souls are given to all party members.

When the player gets health recovery gems, these gems can go on a weapon the player rarely uses in order to use as an emergency healing. This may waste time, but may allow the player to save some health vials when they need to conserve their remaining vials.

Some gems can go on any gem slot, this may include pistol gem slots.

Of all the firearms, generally only pistols have a single gem slot.

The player can press the right side of the touchpad to open up the Personal Effects menu with 6 slots. By pressing triangle while highlighting a slot, the player may select and place a "Consumables" category item into the slot. This will allow the player to have six commonly used items for quick usage.

Pressing the left side of the touch pad opens up Gestures with seven slots. Pressing triangle with a slot highlighted will open the gestures list. Pressing x with the list open will set the highlighted gesture in the selected slot. Pressing square will activate the gesture highlighted without closing the list or the menu (so the player can use a gesture without setting it).

Dodging and Camera function change depending on if the player is locked on or not locked on. Many players find it easier to dodge attacks when not locked on. The player may wish to practice staying not locked on and only lock on when the player needs to target a specific part of a boss.

The player can form blood bullets before doing a backstab on a stationary enemy, or any other form of guaranteed attack in order to recover the hp from making blood bullets. In addition, the player can form blood bullets before using blood vials - blood vials heal more than what is used by blood bullets.

Blood bullets use about 30% of a player's hp.

Blood Vials recover about 40% of a player's hp. This can be enhanced.

Enemies' detection ranges are decreased when walking slowly and increased when walking quickly or attacking. (Using items, even attack items, generally does not increase the detection range, although enemies will detect the player if damaged).

Most primary weapons have an arcane value that is not used normally. These weapons only use the arcane value if a "elemental" (arcane, fire, or bolt) gem is attached.

Only one elemental damage type can be active on a weapon at a time.

The Chikage and weapons with elemental damage generally cannot be buffed with bonus elemental damage.

For events that need the player to re-enter the area, the player can exit the game then continue in order to reset the area without respawning enemies or having to walk back.


Pressing the options button will open up the Menu. There are four rows to this menu.

This is the options button menu.

The first row is your inventory, your stats, and your System pages. (To exit the game, go to your system page and click exit game, otherwise you will get a warning about corrupting your saves).

The inventory page will allow players to view and use their inventory items. Stats will display the player's stats. System will allow the players to open up their "settings" as well as exit their character properly.

The second "Arms" row will allow the player to equip their weapons. There are two slots for right hand weapons on the left and two slots for left hand gear on the right.

The third "Attire" row will allow the player to equip their armor. There are four slots and from left to right, these are the head, chest, arm, and leg.

The fourth "Quick Items" row will allow the player to set items for the player to cycle through with the down button. The down button will cycle items from left to right in a loop. This will skip blank spots. As a recommendation, organize your items ahead of time so that your cycle will allow you to use the next item you need without a lot of presses. For example, oil then immediately a fire bomb would allow the player to quickly throw oil and then fire.


Note: Tricks are things that may not be completely intended for the player to do and is a way to exploit the game mechanics.

For the first time through an area, running past the enemies to reach a shortcut may be useful provided the player knows what to avoid.

Enemies will deaggro if they are a certain distance away from their aggro range (differs by enemy and location) and will stop attacking even if the player attacks them a certain distance beyond that.

Exiting the game during a boss fight will eject generally the player from the boss fight. This allows a fast player to pick up their Echoes and escape.

Many enemies will do certain actions if the player shoot them. This includes some bosses. Some actions are ranged dependant while others will be done regardless of range. This can be taken advantage of to force parries.

Instead of using Invasions offensively, the player can use Invasions to explore the map and maybe even help the host. Just be warned that most hosts and cooperators will expect you to be hostile and will attack.


Exiting the game (including a crash) will remove blood echoes from the world or place them in a different location.

You cannot change your origin or lower your level without starting a new charcter.

Many values shown in v1.01 on are rounded values.

A player with level 10 has 60 attribute points total.

Some Bugs

Restarting the game may cause blood echoes to be teleported to a different location (possibly a completely different world) or may remove them altogether.

A fast moving player may move faster than the world can load in some areas.

Some floors are not solid.

Enemies and player can move through walls and objects, but not always for long enough to exit.

Enemies may take no damage from long falls and survive.

Enemies and players may fall through the floor.

Enemies may be invisible when they aren't supposed to be.

Enemies may spawn without their AI if their AI activates with a scripted event. (such as summoned enemies).

Enemies may bounce out of falls.

Players may find themselves stuck in midair.

Players may find invisible obstacles.

Players and enemies can sometimes attack through walls and various objects (most 2H weapons cannot do this).

Attacking a solid object, sometimes even if the weapon bounces off, an enemy on the other side can be damaged.

The player (and enemies) may teleport if they try to move in specific directions while at certain locations.

Some walls are not solid - players and enemies can fall through these walls.

Passing through fog gates may cause frame rate issues for several seconds - sometimes long enough for a boss to kill the player.

Sometimes players may be able to see placeholders for ambushes early.

Note: Players have mentioned that enemies, particularly bosses, may have weakened AIs if the player has had the game running for over 12 hours without closing it. Some players state that even rest mode can trigger this. The guide maker has not confirmed this at this time.

Common Terms

Parry/Counter/Riposte: This generally refers to using the firearm as an enemy is attacking in order to stun the enemy. The player can then do a visceral attack on the enemy, generally doing much more damage than a normal attack.

Backstab/Back Attack: This generally refers to using a charged attack on an enemy's back in order to stun the enemy. The player can then do a visceral attack on the enemy.

Drop Attack: This is when the player attacks while falling. While this can provide some risk to the player from fall damage, it also does bonus damage based on the fall damage to an enemy that the player hits.

Souls/Echoes/Blood Echoes: These are refering to Blood Echoes, the main currency of the game.

Humanity/Insight: These are refering to Insight, a sort of secondary currency.

Aggro: It means that an enemy has found a target to attack and is now "aggressive" towards that target.

Character Creation and Origins

The player will first make their character and choose their origin. Note that the origin is unchangeable and levels cannot be removed at this time. The player may wish to see what the requirements for various weapons are before choosing their origin in order to specialize on certain weapons.

NameStarting LevelBlood EchoesVitalityEnduranceStrengthSkillBloodtingeArcane
Lone Survivor104201411111077
Troubled Childhood1036091491369
Violent Past10180121115967
Military Veteran103201010141376
Noble Scion1054078913149
Cruel Fate105001012109514
Waste of Skin41010910979

Iosefka's Clinic to Central Yharnam

We'll start in Yharnam's Iosefka's Clinic where the player proceed unarmed. The player will then fight a werewolf (Note: beating it now does not give anything special). This guide will assume the player lost.

You will spawn in the Dream Refuge. From where you spawn, there should be a grave with little messengers (the skull glowing hand things). On those stairs, there are several messengers. First one gives a choice of three weapons: Saw Cleaver, Hunter Axe, and Threaded Cane. Of these, the Threaded Cane may be harder to use while the Saw Cleaver and Hunter Axe are easier to use. (The Hunter Axe is very good for new players as it can kill enemies in the first area rather easily. However, it is two handed in the transformed state). The next set of messengers will give a choice of the Hunter Pistol and the Hunter Blunderbuss. Recommendation at this point is to get the pistol unless the player plans to skip the 'first' boss for now. The reason being that the pistol is better for taking advantage of the first boss's weak point. Further on is another messenger with a Notebook item. This item allows the player to place messages as well as view the most recent messages seen and placed by the player (the player may protect a message they placed in order to prevent it from being overwritten by a newer message and can rate messages at a later time to vote more accurately).

There is a shop to the left of where you started and a doll at the bottom of the stairs. This guide will refer to the stairs with the storyline teleportation graves as the right stairs and the stairs with the chalice teleportation graves as the left stairs. There are stump messengers off to the left of the top of the left stairs. The rest of the area has very little use at this point. So take the 1st Floor Sickroom teleport for now.

Return to the werewolf (note that there is an NPC that can be talked to if you attempt to go backwards) and beat it. Head outside. The door to the right is locked and can only be accessed through the area you currently do not have acces to. Open the left door and continue on the right path where you will see a locked gate (opened later) and an enemy. Past this is a lever that drops some stairs. Past this lever are two enemies and a body with 6 Molotov cocktails. Continue up the stairs and activate the lamp at the top. Note the locked gate to the left of the lamp.

Note that at this point, the player could return to the Dream Refuge to repair their weapons (and Fortify (upgrade) them once they find the stones to do so). The player could also buy some items if the player has spare Echoes. Pebbles, Blood Vials, and Moltovs are especially useful.

From the lamp, take a right for now. Past the bridge is an ambush. There is a minor shortcut drop to the left of the ambush and the main path is to the right. Take the right path for now. Fight the two enemies up top one by one if possible and then get close enough to the next stairs to cause the enemies to move (note that enemies have a script activation area where once a player enters the area, they begin to move or do other actions). Wait for the enemies for now or pull one or two enemies. Down the stairs once they are far enough (Once the first group meets the later group and are past where the later group started, it should be safe). Head the opposite direction to pull a lever to open the first locked gate. This is a minor shortcut, but it provides easy access to the enemy in the alcove by the gate. This enemy has a good drop, but is too difficult for most new players to fight.

Head back up the stairs if possible and take the shortcut drop mentioned earlier. There may be an enemy here. There is a body behind the burning flames with 4 Molotov cocktails. Go down the stairs and to the fight of the carriage in past the stairs is a sniper and a stairs. Up the next stairs is an enemy hiding to the right and a body with blood stone shard. Down the stairs and to the right is another ambush just past the lamppost.

At this point you have three choices: rush through and grab all the items (you may die and lose some echoes, but you'll keep the items you managed to pick up-note, the item on the far right is on the other side of the fence. You may need to do several runs to get all the items), rush through (you need to go up the stairs on the left side of the bonfire (left being where the sniper on the carriage is) and then run all the way past the archway and the lamppost past the archway (to be safe, run to the stairs), or pick off the enemy in groups of one or two until only 2 snipers (one on the other side) and 5 unmoving enemies remain (one is a hidden dog). This guide will assume the player is picking off the enemies-for this method, the player may wish to get enough souls to bring their pebble count to 20 in order to pull the last few stationary and wandering enemies). Note that if in line of sight and in range of the snipers, they will fire.

Further past this is a stairs leading down to the bonfire. The enemies can aggro if you are too close to the fence or if you are in sight where the fence is more damaged. Just past these stairs, there is an enemy. After killing most of the enemies, there should be two pairs of patrolling enemies, 2 snipers, and 3 standing melee enemies. You can use pebbles or go down the right stairs to provoke the left side melee, then use pebbles to provoke the last two melee. Then kill the patrols one at a time. note that if you are far enough towards the beginning and hug left wall, you can see a dog hiding behind a carriage on the left. We will deal with this later. For now, head over to the right stairs and go down to take care of the ground level sniper (try to stay away from the dog and be prepared to constantly move to avoid being shot by the snipers).

If the dog aggros, run to the start of the level if needed or past the upper sniper and the archway and the lamp to the stairs after that. Otherwise, attempt to lure it somewhere where the snipers cannot reach. Enemies will deaggro after a while if the player moves far enough away and is not in their sight range and line of sight or if the player moves far enough beyond their aggro range that they can no longer attack the player (this is much past their normal deaggro range). Once you have the enemies cleared out, we can move on.

On the top of the left side stairs is a Coldblood Dew (1). This should be safe from the snipers, but be aware of melee enemies. Go down the stairs past the arch. To the left are some crows. To the right is a troll. Across the fountain is another set of stairs.

The three crows to the left protect an oil urn. Now, you have two choices. Leave the troll alone or kill it now. If you want the items without a fight, you can leave it alone, and in the next part, if you aggro the shooter, it will come up the stairs (hide by the fence with the item on the middle level between the stairs). For fighting the troll properly, it is easiest to use your firearm to stun it whenever it starts to attack and then do a visceral attack (R1/light right handed attack button) (note: if it does a charge, the charge is not an attack. The attacks are when the enemy moves from their prepare animation to their attack animation (some enemies do not have a prepare animation and some attacks/enemies cannot be parried). Approaching the troll, even quietly, may aggro it, but if the player manages to get just behind it, the player may hold do a back attack and then a visceral attack (to back attack, hold the R2/heavy right handed attack button. Not all enemies can be back attacked in this manner.).

Either way, the troll is guarding 4 Molotov Cocktails and 1 Torch. This torch is very useful for the next area, but is by no means required.

Up the stairs and to the right is another set of Coldblood Dew (1). Up the next set of stairs is two dogs and a wandering patrol of 2 melee, 1 sniper, and 1 dog will come down the stairs. Note that firearms will alert the troll if it is alive. Recommendation is to kill the close dog before the patrol arrives. Then you can pick off the patrols one by one as needed (it may be difficult to not aggro the shooter without aggroing the others and vice versa) and then kill the final dog. Alternatively, the player can kill the first dog and wait for the patrol to be on the opposite side and move carefully until they reach the stairs.

Central Yharnam to Cleric Beast

Past these stairs, then down the stairs in the forward area is a Blood Stone Shard straight forward as well as to the left. Both are somewhat hidden by breakable objects. Back up the stairs, in the opposite direction as the werewolves, is another Blood Stone Shard hidden on the right side behind a statue. The player may take a very long route down the ladders in where there were the breakable objects hidding the Blood Stone Shards (the left one) where a small path is hidden by more breakable objects (note that the player can fall off if not careful). However, this is a long detour (See Central Yharnam to Tomb of Oedon) if the player wishes to fight the first optional boss.

The player could also potentially fight the later bosses first in this manner. The player could also run past the werewolves, but this is risky unless the player plans to head straight for the boss as the player will need to know exactly what path to take and make use of invincibility frames (the player will almost certainly die this way and it is simply a matter of how many targets they can open before doing so). Another possibility is to run past the werewolves, take a right across the stairs for a drop, then continue on down a flight of stairs, turning to the left, then turning to the left again almost immediately for a long path leading up to a door. Past this door is another door and up the stairs past that is the lever.

For dealing with the werewolves, it is recommended to be ready to burn up to 6 Molotov cocktails. One werewolf will take 2~3 to kill if the player times them right and hits with all of them (the player may need to spam the button). Two should bring the werewolves to a sliver of health allowing the player to finish one werewolf with melee and then fighting the other werewolf (either with or withotu molotvs). Note: This is only necessary if the werewolves chain aggro upon not seeing the other werewolf or the player is not prepared for fighting two werewolves at the same time.

Shortly past the werewolves, there is an enemy hiding on some stairs to the left. Down these stairs is a dark area that can be lit with a light source such as a torch. There are two enemies on the top floor and two enemies on the bottom floor. Oddly, light does not seem to increase aggro range. The player will find another Coldblood Dew (1) on the top floor. Down the stairs is another enemy and two doors and another enemy in a wheelchair in the back by Pungent Cocktail x2. Wheelchair enemies almost always drop Quicksilver Bullets like most shooter enemies. The door by the stairs cannot be opened from inside. The door on the opposite side, however, can. Outside the door is a stairs going up with a melee enemy who will aggro the player. Past this melee enemy is a lever to unlock a shortcut to the lamp. There are stairs downwards by the house that lead to the other door and an elevator, but this guide will not be going there at this time.

At this point, the player may go back to the Dream Refuge to spend their Blood Echoes (also refered to as souls or echoes). The player can then go back through the shortcut to a little past the werewolves. Going the opposite direction of the werewolves, the player will face three crows and a troll. Recommendation is to move very slowly or use pebbles to pull the crows and then sneak up on the troll for a back attack.

Once these enemies are dealt with, the player can move past the archway for an optional boss, Cleric Beast. If the player has a hard time, they may wish to return to the dream refuge after gathering some Echoes in order to level up or even upgrade their weapons in the house if they are able. Or the player may skip to the next section. See the Optional Bosses section for help.

Once the player is finished, they may activate the lamp nearby.

Central Yharnam to Tomb of Oedon

Return to the Central Yarnam lamp and then head down the shortcut. Instead of entering the house, take the stairs and kill the two enemies. Then continue on up the next stairs and make a right to reach the door that can be now opened. Then head back and take the upper stairs for a Coldblood Dew (1). This is shortly past where the two werewolves were. Return and take the small stairs down to find many dogs. Several may be in cages while others may be roaming free. To play it safe, kill the ones in cages. To the left before the bridge is Coldblood Dew (3). Past the bridge and the dog is a room full of breakable objects. Towards the end of the right side is a window the player may exit at. Down the stairs are some enemies scatter around, including shooters. On the right side of the room is Coldblood Dew (1)

On the upper level where the window is, there are several items as well as a room on the right side. On the left side is a Coldblood Dew (1). In the room is Eileen the Crow who will give the player a bold hunter's mark x4. Talk to them again for Shake off Cape. Near this is a body attached to a chain that can be cut down with an attack. You can now drop down-by the stairs to properly enter if you wish to take less damage. The body is now on the lower level, but we will ignore it for now.

Past the room are several enemies and a ladder in front. On the left side, there is a Coldblood Dew (1). On the right side are several crows, a bridge, then a path leading to items with crows hiding and Oil Urn x2.

Note the ladder here as we'll be returning to this ladder shortly. For now, either drop down onto a beam with a Blood Stone Shard or return to the ladder by the earlier room. Reenter the room from earlier and from this entrance, drop down to theleft side for now. Beware of the rats that wait in the alcoves towards the body and look at the other side to note enemy locations. The body should have Blood Stone Shard x2. Drop down and kill the rats and pick up the Madman's Knowledge.

From here, the player may use the ladders or return to where the werewolves are and take the somewhat hidden path. We will use the ladders for now. First go down to kill some bodies and get an item. Continuing on, are crows perched on a bar and more dead bodies. Past the stairs, there is a body in the back of the alcove guarding a bloodstone past this is a ladder and two crows. Inexperienced players should not enter the archway due to the awaiting boar. Take the ladder up and do not go down the pathway, but instead take the elevator to the left. Taking the elevator (pulling the switch will not work for elevator shortcuts) will activate the elevator leading from this area to the shortcut room from earlier. We will be ignoring the stairs for now (do not go up the stairs).

We will now return to the ladder noted earlier. Up the ladder and to the right, some crows are guarding a madman's knowledge. past the bridge is a troll that can be back attacked if careful and up the ladder is a levered gate leading back to where the first troll was. There should be an NPC in one of the windows that will give you an item. Go past the patrol and instead of going towards the werewolves, go across. Down the stairs, there are breakable objects to the left (be careful not to fall) leading to a pair of ladders. Continue down the right side and note that there is a ladder here. Near the end of the path is an item on a beam below. Drop down for the item, then drop down and prepare to fight rats. Recommendation is to fight rats to reach the earlier ladder then move on. Past where you fell, to the left is a hiding enemy guarding an item.

The player can now return to the elevator from earlier. Now, when going up the stairs and crossing the bridge, note the enemies, but more importantly, note the giant boulder. Once you've aggroed the enemies, run back or prepare to hide in one of the alcoves when the boulder lights on fire and rolls down. past the bridge, there is a troll and a shielded enemy. Near here is a ladder down to the where the strong enemy mentioned earlier is, you can sneak up and back attack it. Past where the troll was are stairs leading to two enemies to the right guarding an item and stairs to the left.

Past the top of the stairs, there is the boss, Father Gascoigne. See the Mandatory Bosses section for help.

Once the player is finished, they may activate the lamp nearby.

Go up the stairs and to the left, then drop down for a Red Jewelled Brooch. Return and continue past the gate and up the stairs. Continuing on, up the long ladder is a chest and past that is Cathedral Ward lamp. Talk to the NPC here. At this point, ignore the forward path. From here, there are multiple paths that the player can take.

Tomb of Oedon to Old Yharnam

This leads to an optional boss, but this boss also unlocks a large number of areas.

For now, take the left path and follow the path to the left down the stairs. Once you reach the group of enemies before the chapel, check the right side for an item, then head to the left side. Once you are a certain part up the stairs, two dogs will come to attack. Recommendation is to back up and fight them where the shooter can't see you. Go forward and to the right there is a lever to open the hidden path. There should be an item to the left of the lever.

Return and continue past the lever entrance to the door across from where you entered (with the shooter). This should lead the player to an NPC who can give the player items. Now return to the entrance of the chapel and enter the new pathway, being aware of the enemy in the chapel as well as the werewolf down below. Continue on. Down the ladder, there is stairs leading up to Antidote x4. Then go down the stairs for a lamp. There is a gate to the left and Pungent Blood Cocktail x3 to the right hidden in some breakable objects.

From the Old Yharnam lamp, open the gate across from the Pungent Blood Cocktail to reach Old Yharnam. there is a scuttling beast ahead (These appear to respawn, but only drop their items once). Drop down for a Bloodstone Shard. Drop down again and again (don't drop on the broken part of the roof). Go down from the broken part. Beware of the two enemies, one being somewhat hidden and watching the visible enemy. There is a Hunter's Torch here. Return to where the broken part of the roof was and look down the edge for a ledge to land on. Drop down and drop again to the right (do not jump off the ledge where the rubble is). Continue on up the stairs and up the ladder for Coldblood Dew (2).

You are now back to where you started. From the lamp entrance, there is a bridge to the left. (Beware of sleeping and hidden enemies past the bridge). Left past the bridge is Coldblood Dew (2). To the right is stairs, but to the left of the stairs is Blood Stone Shard x2. Note that past this area, there is an NPC Gyula who fires a minigun at the player in intervals if the player is even partially visible. The player can lure the enemies to an area that the gunner cannot reach or attempt to fight using the obstacles. To the right is a drop leading to a relatively safe place and stairs leading to the same location. (Be aware of where the gunner is at all times). Down the drop is a Blood Stone Shard and in the room is an enemy wandering around (going down the stairs will lead to the same room). There is Antidote x3 in the room. From the drop entrance to the room, there is a room in front with two enemies (this room has many oil jars that will explode if hit by a stray bullet) and to the right is a path with a ladder and stairs past that. The player can choose to jump down this path and rush past the hunter (this is useful if the player wants to kill the gunner and gain access to some gear and weapons earlier, although the gunner also gives items later if the player joins the gunner's covenant), or the player can take the path through the room with two enemies and many oil jars. This guide will take the oil jar path. near the exit of the wall is Antidote x3 and a small drop path that we will ignore for now.

Instead, we will take the broken wall part with a bridge where we will first fight some crows for Blood Stone Shard x2. To the right of the doorway is a path leading to Fire Paper x2, but be aware of the gunfire (right on the fire paper body should be safe), ironic as a dead body being safe might sound. Note the wandering enemy before entering the door and wait for it to exit before entering. Once entering, do not go forward. instead, make a left turn twice and kill the two enemies that should be waking up-you can fight these one by one if you are careful and don't care about attacking them while they are still down. Now look at the exit to the room and you should notice a square area with a wooden door. Head to the entrance and move to the damaged patch. If the enemy does not burst out, you can attack and that will usually make the enemy burst out, potentially allowing the player to move away until the enemy faces away from the door and get a back attack if the player is careful. In the room the enemy was in, there is Bloodtinge Gemstone (1). Near the exit of the area is an Antidote. Beware that past the door is an open area for the gunner and there are several sleeping enemies in the area. The player can either pull the enemies one by one with pebbles and careful waking up of enemies or use the obstacles such as the trees as relative safety. Once the left side is cleared, the player can then go and wake up the enemies by the statue and pull it, then grab the Coldblood Dew (3). Note that the hunter in the large area may aggro if the player gets too close while the hunter is facing the player. Now the player can run down the wooden stairs/path and make a left past the locked gate. The player can either go up the lader on the left as they are running or continue on the path.

Should the player choose to go up the ladder, they can fight the gunner NPC. However, this may prevent them from entering a covenant later on. However, this allows the player easier access to several other items such as the saw spear. We will go to obtain those items later and we will not kill the gunner at this time. Further on the path is a doorway.

As the player enters, note that there is an enemy perched up top waiting to drop down shortly after entering. After all the enemies in this building are defeated, we will take the right doorway here, but for now, continue forward. There is Antidote x3 to the right of the staircase. Down the stairs, there is a doorway to the right with an enemy inside. The enemy starts to the right after going through the doorway. In the other direction is Blood Stone Shard x2. Go downstairs and kill all the enemies, picking them off one by one if needed. To the right of the stairway down into the bottom floor of this building is a path leading to a Madman's Knowledge. Return to the top floor and go up the ramp to the doorway mentioned and skipped earlier. Go left and carefully drop down one level. turn around and drop down another level for Coldblood Dew (2). Drop down again and on the altar near the exit is Ritual Blood (1) x2.

Outside, there is a path to the left with crows and Blood Stone Shard x2. Go to the right path after and go past the right turn and into the room with the ladder to go up the ladder and reach the earlier location. From here, we can go and grab some items more easily. Go to where the wandering hunter is and run to the left side where there are crows. Past these crows, there is a ledge in the corner of the building with the ladder and the broken wall. when you are near the edge, roll forward along the wall to land on a ledge, then go forward and drop down.

You should be on the bottom floor of a building with many beastmen. The chest by the stairs contains Tempering Blood Gemstone (1). Go up the stairs to find Rifle Spear near the next stairs. At the top floor, there is the Charred hunter set (no headgear here). Out the door is a group of beastmen and the hunter as well as a relatively open area. The player may wish to run past all the enemies and go down the stairs if the gunner is still alive.

Either go down the stairs or if being chased, the player may wish to run through the building if it has been cleared. In this next section, there are plenty of sleeping enemies that can be attacked, but many will awaken if they are. There is a scuttling beast past these enemies. There are two wandering werewolvees and to the left is Pungent Blood Cocktail x2. The door down the path in front cannot be opened from this side, but there are Blood Stone Shard x2 by the door. Take the left path and go forward for now, ignoring the left path after the bridge. By the stairs with the lamplight is a door with a werewolf inside that will burst out. Where the werewolf was, there is an Antidote. past here is an enemy to the left just up the stairs.Go all the way up for now past the first doorway. Open the door along the way and continue up for Fire Paper x2. The door opens a shortcut back to the start of the area with the falls. Now go back to the doorway we passed and there is an enemy on the right side of the room. On the left side of the room is Blood Stone Shard x2.

Go back down and return to the left path we skipped earlier. Near the end past a hanging corpse is a werewolf clinging to the side of the building. Past the werewolf is Beast Blood Pellet x6.

Go to the forward path from the bridge. Hidden in the smoke is an enemy that will howl if the player gets too close, alerting nearby enemies. You can backstab it if you go through the smoke, but do so carefully as it is very hard to see without targetting it and very hard to tell if it has turned around. Past these enemies is Bold Hunter's Mark x2 and Scuttling Beast on a pathway leading down.

Past this is a building with the Blood-Starved Beast optional boss. See the Optional Bosses section for help.

Once finished with the boss, teleport back to the Dream Refuge then teleport back to the boss room. We can now join the gunner NPC's minor covenant (Does not give you a rune, but does give a gesture). Run through the area and take the shortcut to just below the gunner's ladder (just past the sleeping ambush), preferably without killing any enemies. From there, you can go up the ladder. There you can talk to him and join his covenant by choosing to not attack the enemies here. It is unconfirmed at this time if his covenant is incomplete, unfinished, or simply glitched. While unconfirmed, it may be possible that in order for this covenant to work, the player may need to leave the area without attacking or harming any enemies or go down the ladder, then close and restart the save to reset the enemies' AIs).

Cathedral Ward to Grand Cathedral

Return to the Church Ward Lamp and go out the left door, then go up the stairs on the right side. Near the top of the stairs is Blood Stone Shard x2 and a large enemy. This enemy may be difficult for new players as it does heavy damage and has wide attacks. Many attacks from the axe variant can be dodged by dodging towards where it raises the axe unless it raises the axe overhead, in which case, the player needs to dodge to the side.

Note the diverging paths here. We will take the downward stairs first. There are two troll type enemies here as well as several crow enemies. It is recommended to deal with one troll or crow at a time. Towards the edge, there is a monocular item which allows the player to switch to first person view. To the right are more enemies and Blood Stone Shard x3. The giant with the ball is similar to the enemy with the axe except much longer range and does chains of attacks at times. By the edge is Blood Stone Shard x5. Down the stairs nearby is a chest contain Tempering Blood Gemstone (1) (HP recovery +1) with a closed door next to it. Now return to the earlier path and this time go up the stairs.

Up the stairs is a gate that requires the Hunter Chief Emblem costing 10,000 souls to open. Past this gate and to the right is Thick Coldblood (5). To the left is a flamethrower enemy and a crow protecting Thick Coldblood (4). Further down is poison knife x12. To the left should be an NPC that you can send to the Church Ward, though she may not be accessible right away. To the right is a hidden enemy and a wandering half transformed enemy and a shooter.

Past the wandering enemies is the Black Church set to the right behind a chained up coffin.

Shortly after the Black Church set are Poison Knife x18 near the bottom of some stairs with a shooter aiming down. We will return for now and ignore the circular area opened with the Hunter Chief Emblem that has the two large enemies and many items until later.

The player can return to the Church Ward Lamp. The right path should be open if the player has killed the Blood Starved Beast optional boss). As you go up the elevator here, there is a path in the same direction you entered that players can jump down onto (while the elevator is moving). Go left and drop down to a short platform and then enter the room for a chest with Formless Oedon. Past this is Messenger Urn Festival, a costume item for Messengers. The player can then drop down (this does about the potion icon's length of damage to the player).

The player can now go all the way up the elevator where a wheelchair enemy with a gattling gun is to the right. The chest contains Communion rune. From this room, the player can cross the bridge (there are snipers above so do not stay on the bridge). The player from here should fight the enemy while protected by the roof. Inside the room by the bridge is several enemies, including enemies to the left of the door and one shooter hidden a bit far on the left side. There is a chest a little left and forward of the entrance with Bloodtinge Gemstone (2). Up the stairs is a melee unit and a wheelchair enemy that will aggro when you are near the top. Take care of these enemies first then prepare for the enemies outside. To the left is a troll enemy with two shooters. Try to lure the troll inside the room for more maneuverability. Take care of the shooters (the player can run around clockwise if needed or shoot them if the player has a long ranged firearm). There is a Thick Coldblood (6) by the enemies. The player can then move to the other side of the walkway and climb up the ladder clockwise past the door is a Thick Coldblood (6). In the room area is two wheelchair enemies. Lure one out then the other should slowly come out after. They have flamethrowers. To the left of the entrance is a melee enemy hidden. The chest contains the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge, which unlocks the greatsword in the shop. The door here is locked.

There is a scuttling beast on the bridge floor going left from the bridge, but it will likely drop to the floor below. Going to this lower floor, the player should bring health regeneration weapons or health recovery items. Most players should ignore the door halfway up the pit as it is very difficult to reach and the player may take heavy damage dropping that far, likely killing them.

Detour to the Old Hunter Workshop

Now, for this jump, the player will need a high amount of health due to the damage taken. The first fall will do about 998 damage and the second fall will do about 527 damage for around 1525 damage total (Do not try to fall the entire way down as fall damage increases somewhat exponentially with distance). From the entrance, the player should go forward to about the end of the where the first cross wooden slabs are with the crossway. There should be a tied rope nearby under another cross wooden slabs. Turn around and look at the ropes to see a platform below. This is our goal. From the edge of the pathway, roll towards the platform (the ropes can act somewhat as a guide, but do not rely on them. From here, the player can fall down towards the door and platform below.

As a possible alternative to having a high amount of health, the player at this point could first drop down towards the barrel. Looking at the wall, the player can see a ledge below. The player can just barely make it if they jump at the last moment and at the right angle. Due to camera issues, however, this jump is more luck than anything. The player could also attempt to jump here from the platform above and then slowly progress downwards, but the guide writer has not managed to do this.

Here the player can open a chest for the Doll's clothing set where the messenger shop would be. On the left stairs just outside the door on a grave is an Old Hunter Bone, On the altar is an umbilical cord, A small hair ornament is in the shelves by the fireplace. Once you are done, you can either return to the hunter's dream or you can walk out to jump down. This guide recommends going back to the top to get the other items. Note that while it may be possible to do this all in one trip, the guide writer has not found any locations for doing this.

Head to the end of the walkway and look for some barrels below. Drop down towards the barrels as the area here is larger and harder to miss. Move about halfway out the walkway away from the barrels and look down in the direction of the barrels and the player should see an item and a torch (at least one should be visible). above the beam with the item, there is another beam. Land on this longer beam, then walk to the end and drop down onto the Messenger Top Hat. Drop down once more and the player can see an item below. Carefully drop down to the platform where there is a semi-circle indent in the platform. Look down for a further down platform. and drop down to it. Aim for the area with small wooden boards across the top of the platform near the wall.

The player can now either attempt to drop down to the next platform or can drop down onto the pile of rubbish below. The player should prepare to fight a fairly powerful enemy. The enemy will lift up one or two hands with the palm up and fire fireballs at the player with the hand and slash at the player. The player should parry the slashes. This enemy will drop the Beast rune.

The player can now proceed forward. In the path to the left are crows guarding Rumpled Yharnam Hat and Sweaty Clothes. Further down the path is a dog before reaching the stairs. There is an enemy here that the player can attempt to backstab, but the player can first defeat the patrol (Lure the dog to make things easier). Backstab the enemy with the bag and kill it (this enemy is tough and may require the player to do hit and run tactics, running away if the backstab doesn't kill the enemy until it resets). Past this enemy is Madman's Knowledge. Go back and go up the stairs we passed earlier, then wait for the patrol to pass and take the elevator to the left. On the ledge here is Thick Coldblood (6). There is also a gate lever here, but the player would need to go back through the area to reach this location again.

Go back down the elevator and kill the patrol and continue forward. There is a brainsucker here guarding a Fire Blood Gemstone (3). Go back to the ledge and open up the gates with the lever for a shortcut to the Cathedral Ward lamp, then climb the stairs nearby for Numbing Mist x6. The player may drop down onto the green roof from here. Dropping down once more to the blue roof the player can find the Black Messenger Hat before dropping down to the stairs near the Cathedral Ward Lamp.

The player can then go back up the stairs. There is a scythe enemy that will move forward if the player moves up slowly. there will be two wandering enemies coming along so don't go up, but instead wait for them and kill them away from the other enemies. Then, continue back up and backstab both the smaller enemies before taking care of the larger enemy. The player can then go down the large stairs for a lever to open up another large gate leading to the two wandering large enemies. Note that there is a dog nearby to the right of the bottom of the stairs. This area loops around with the ledge and ladder area.

Up the large stairs are two enemies with frenzy, a very dangerous status effect that slowly grows after being hit (different enemies seem to have different frenzy speeds and amounts). Near these enemies is a door and two pathways that will be ignored for now. Go through the large door and up the stairs. The left path has an item Bloodshot Eyeball at the end and Bold Hunter's Mark x3 past that. This path leads to the Hemwick area.

You will fight Vicar Amelia. See the Mandatory Bosses section for help.

After the fight, activate the item on the altar.