Is the Kos Parasite good/the best pure arcane weapon for pvp?

  1. I want to have a pvp build with 99 arcane (my vitality will suck unless I use a higher level build), and wanted to know if it's the best arcane weapon with that stats, for pvp, if properly gemmed. I have 2 possible builds, a BL 142 (barely enough to still be considered in "meta" range), with

    44 vit, base (12)end 18 strength 14 skill, base Blt (5) and 99 arcane

    For good conversion weapons (access to church pick and whirligig saw and nearly everything else)
    Or a BL 120 build, that being

    35 VIT 99 ARC base everything else. And I want opinions. I know the bl 120 build would be "more fair", but arcane tools and weapons require higher levels to fully bloom IMO, but I still don't want to wait hours (figuratively) to have a duel. Any opinions?

    User Info: Vicar_Laurence

    Vicar_Laurence - 4 weeks ago

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