Killed Adeline before getting milkweed. thinking on taking ludwig on in ng+ early. Any tips?

  1. So I'm in ng, about to end it tbh. The thing is while i was in research hall i got to saint Adeline gave her 2 brain fluid and then saw somewhere i had to actually kill her to receive the third and then she would revive and give me the milkweed rune. The thing I didn't know was that this was to be done after using the balcony key and refreshing the area. So now I can't be broccoli in ng+ which really sucks. I guess i could still make a pure arc build using holy moonlight sword and get it later but even so getting milkweed will take a lot of time. As crazy as it sounds as soon as i beat amelia in ng+ i think i should take ludwig on...and get to research hall to get the rune early. Mad idea ik. I'd prolly die a gazillion times but hey! Broccoli is worth it lmao. So any suggestions on whether i should wait till I'm stronger or take ludwig on early?

    User Info: karan24

    karan24 - 2 weeks ago


  1. Literally just summon Valtr

    User Info: Gripphion

    Gripphion - 1 week ago 0   0

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