Game install incomplete. Cannot load save data. ?

  1. I have tried so many potential fixes! Just want to see if there are some I'm missing.

    So I uninstalled bloodborne a while back so I could install other games(typical human being), well that being said I want to play my game again so I reinstalled(typical human being). When I say that I have been having this problem for months I literally mean months, there's no way this game hasn't fully installed so I started looking up fixes that are decently old. Seems like people were running into this issue last year sometime while I was doing nonsense.

    At any rate, are there any fixes to the cannot load save data issue or am I SOL???

    User Info: ripsconiejr

    ripsconiejr - 4 years ago


  1. If it's the saved data itself, it might mean that when you played Bloodborne on a different patch build, your PS4 is still hooked up to the internet right?(Sorry, just trying to think ofreasons)

    It could be a defective disc, kind of hard to believe though considering it just sat there are you uninstalled it after playing it fine before....

    Maybe try making a different PS4 log in and installing it that way. That's what worked for me...

    If you still absolutely to rebuy the game really cheap now, used or new. I dare say try reformatting your PS4 after all your save data is uploaded to PS plus.

    If that doesn't work, the game is out of warranty and i would just say any customer support at that point is too much of a hassle. Probably SOL.

    User Info: TalonM13

    TalonM13 - 4 years ago 0   0
  2. If you get this error exit the game, back up your save somewhere first, go back into the game, go to options change something, exit the options so it will save, you can then change the option back if you wish, and you should be able to load the save now.

    For some reason an old save from a different version has to be updated to the newest version before you can load it.

    User Info: st017

    st017 - 3 years ago 0   1
  3. What worked for me was to load a new character, make it to the central yharnam lantern and quit my game.

    User Info: Knight_Vamp

    Knight_Vamp - 3 years ago 1   3

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