How do you properly save and exit Bloodborne?

  1. I apologize if this question is redundant or annoying. I just bought a PS4 to play the game Bloodborne and I have never had any experience with the PS4 system or Bloodborne previously. I have just started the game and I always get through the intro contract and fever dream scene and wake up in the clinic, only to be killed by a beast and transported to the hunter's dream. I chose my weapons and eventually go back into the normal world. I try to exit the game by hitting the ps button or exiting the game through the settings and when I try to play the game later, it tells me the data is corrupted or was not saved properly. I would like to know what the proper way to save and exit the game in Bloodborne is and perhaps see a few second Youtube video of this (if someone could film this with their phone or link me to a video, that would be great). I also am not very familiar with the controller buttons.

    User Info: Dan1324t2

    Dan1324t2 - 5 years ago

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  1. I always choose the exit game option through settings and it works fine.

    User Info: InceptionLoop

    InceptionLoop - 5 years ago 3   2

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