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by MasterVG782

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Guide and Walkthrough by MasterVG782

Updated: 09/25/2014
FAQ of the Month Winner: September 2014

This FAQ is copyrighted (c) by Jarrod Garripoli. You can e-mail me at mastervgamer782 (at) hotmail (dot) com if you have any questions or if you feel something is wrong in the guide.

This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free and may not used for any commercial uses, unless it has my permission. This document may not be altered without permission from the author. Only GameFAQs and Gamewise.co are allowed to host this FAQ/Walkthrough.

Last Update: 09/25/2014....Updated the guide to a Formatted FAQ, with adding some new sections and expanding others.


Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Infamous: First Light, which will guide you from the beginning of the game, all the way through to the end. It will also aim to help you in getting those more stubborn Challenges completed. There will likely be spoilers in the guide, so if you don't want the story spoiled for you, try not to read ahead of where you are in the game.


Infamous: First Light is a DLC standalone title that explores the origin story of Abigail "Fetch" Walker, a character that was first introduced in Infamous: Second Son. As such, it will adopt some of the same basic gameplay elements from that title, including its mission structure and overall powers lineup. However, it will differ in that Fetch only has access to one power, so her powers will be different and there will be some new additions.

General Gameplay

At its core, First Light is an open world game with a mission-based structure, similar to Second Son. The game is split up into current day, which takes place in Curden Cay, and flashbacks, which will take place in Seattle. The map for Seattle is only going to be the northern island, with the bottom half inaccessible.

The game will have main story missions, as well as side missions and even collectibles. These side missions and collectibles come in the form of helping people who are being held hostage, special races Fetch can compete in, and her own version of the Blast Shards from previous games, called Lumens. Outside of the main story, there will be Battle Arenas, which are pretty much similar to horde modes from a lot of other games.


In Second Son, Delsin Rowe had access to many different kinds of powers, which he "borrowed" from other Conduits, including Fetch. However, Fetch only has access to a single kind of power, Neon. While there might be some similarities between the two, Fetch's abilities will be her own and so both characters won't play the same.

Fetch can shoot Neon blasts from her hand, much like Delsin, as well as run around at a high speed. There are also neon gas clouds strewn around the world that allow Fetch to maintain the speed and momentum when traveling, much like the satellite dishes and smoke stacks from Second Son.

There is a upgrade page that can be accessed, where Fetch can acquire new abilities for each of her powers, which are unlocked as you progress in the story. In order to purchase these upgrades, you will need Skill Points (SP), which can be gotten by grabbing the collectibles, finishing side missions and fulfilling the various Challenges.

Battle Arenas

New to the game will be battle arenas, which will pit Fetch against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. These arenas will be based in Curden Cay and more will become available as you progress in the main story. There are two types of Battle Arenas, Rescue and Survival. Rescue entails Fetch having to save hostages before they are killed by enemies, while Survival will just have Fetch keep fighting until she is defeated.

You will be scored on how well you do, and these scores can be uploaded to a leaderboard on Playstation Network. In addition, players who have a save file from Second Son will be able to play as Delsin in these battle arenas.


Challenges are in-game achievements that Fetch can do that will award her with Skill Points. These can range from killing a certain kind of enemy so many times, to defeating an enemy with a specific power. There are general Challenges, as well as those that are specific to certain parts of the game, like Battle Arenas.

Main Story Missions

This section will deal with the main story missions of First Light, which takes place in both Curden Cay and Seattle, with the game switching between the two periodically.

Two Years Earlier

The story begins with Fetch already in Curden Cay and Augustine trying to talk to her. This will set in motion a flashback to two years earlier, where Fetch and her brother, Brent, are talking about doing one last job, until some cops arrive. When you gain control, walk over to the other cop and then press Circle to dash away when prompted.

Keep dashing until a short scene occurs and you'll regain control again. This time, you'll need to evade the police, which might prove difficult with a helicopter on your tail. Keep dashing and look for something that you can hide under, like an overpass or a building. Once you're out of sight, stay there until Fetch calls up her brother.

It turns out that Fetch wants to do the job, so Brent reluctantly tells her where to go. A marker (a pink "F") will appear on your map now, so head there and press the Touch Pad to attempt to go inside, only to find it locked. You can now blast it open using your Neon Bolts, which is mapped to the R2 button.

Once inside, it seems some others are there to steal the duffel bag and set their guns on you. Use your Neon Bolts and melee abilities to take out all the enemies, then go to the bed and pick up the duffel bag. After regaining control, head to the neon sign nearby and hit the Touch Pad to drain it.

You will have full control again and Brent says to get back to the boat. On the way there, he'll tell you to stay away, but keep continuing to the boat, where you'll see a cutscene and then be back in Curden Cay.

Curden Cay Arena 1

With the first flashback done, Augustine wants Fetch to test out her powers. She starts off by summoning two stone statues, and you'll need to use L2 to zoom in and reveal the weakpoints of them, then shoot them with R2. Augustine will conjure up five more statues, then will move on to something a little different.

Some different types of enemies will spawn, which are a little more interactive than the statues. To get Fetch to participate, Augustine will use a "hostage" to help. Basically, the virtual thugs will shoot at the hostage, which starts out with 200 health. You will need to shoot the thugs quickly in order to save the hostage.

After the first hostage, there will be a second one placed in the arena, so use L3 to help locate him. Find and rescue the third hostage, and you'll notice that you completed a Challenge and got a SP (Skill Point). You will be required to go into your Upgrades and purchase the Photon Jump move, after which, you will have to perform it.

The last thing Augustine will require of you, at the moment, is to complete the Guardian challenge, which is to rescue a total of 10 hostages. Since challenges are cumulative and you already got 3, then you will only need 7 more. The only thing is that enemies will spawn in between the hostage sightings, so you'll have to deal with them as well (you can ignore them).

Completing the challenge will earn you another SP, as well as finish this mission, with Fetch going back to another flashback.

Upon completion of Curdun Cay Arena 1, the Alpha Survival battle arena will be unlocked. If you have Second Son save data on your PS4, then the same arena with a different name will be unlocked, where you'll be able to use Delsin.

Free the Neon

Go to the neon sign marked on your map and drain it to release Neon Energy. This will release gas clouds that appear whenever you use your dash maneuver. These clouds, when passed through while dashing, will give Fetch a temporary speed boost. This also makes collectibles called Lumens appear, which show up on your map as little star symbols.

Collecting the Neon Lumens will earn you a SP for each one, and there are three you need to collect in the vicinity for right now. Next up is a Lumen Race, which has you dashing through the neon clouds to try and catch up with a moving Neon Lumen. It might take a few tries to get a feel for it, but you should be able to catch the moving Lumen quickly, netting you two SP.

With 6 SP now, you should have a few options in regards to Upgrades. Of course, you can go around town after finishing the mission and collect more Lumens to build up your SP even further, allowing you to get more upgrades. It might be best to start with the Neon Drain capacity upgrades first, as this will allow you to attack more often without having to retreat to find a source to drain.

Some Akurans will show up after collecting the moving Lumen, so take them all out however you see fit. Doing so will build up a meter for a more powerful attack, called the Neon Singularity. After the first wave is finished, more will show up in cars, so use the Neon Singularity attack to wipe them all out, finishing the mission.

Stealing from the Enemy

Shane has found out that the Akurans have some guns and wants you to help him steal them. Head to the mission marker and then hop on top of Shane's truck. As he's driving around, some Akurans will show up, so hurry up and take them out before they start doing damage to Shane's truck, with its health shown at the top of the screen.

Eventually, you'll reach a blockade with a lot of Akurans, so instead of using the precision aiming, go hog wild and start with blowing up the vehicles (which you will need to do anyways). With them out of the way, clean up and you'll continue on to an alley, where you can recharge your powers if needed.

As Shane pulls away, a cop will appear, so quickly take them out and move on. Things might get a little hairy from now on, as there will be cops, as well as the Akurans, all in vehicles coming after you. Don't even bother with focused shooting and just blast the vehicles to quickly destroy them. When you get to the point where a bus comes to block the enemies' path, Shane will pull up into an area and the mission will end.

Violence in Seattle

It seems that one of Shane's men has been cornered by the Akurans. Fetch insists on protecting them and grabs onto a power source nearby, which seems to make her shots a little bit explosive once they hit an Akuran. Take out all the Akurans to rescue Shane's man and Shane will call and say another has been cornered.

After rescuing the second guy, Fetch comes up with a plan, so head to the third, and final, spot. Here, the Akurans will be concentrating on you, and will be coming from a few different directions. That means you need to pay attention, and also use L3 to help pinpoint their locations. Make sure you keep an eye out for snipers, which make their debut in this mission.

The enemies will be on the street ahead of you, but also on the rooftops to the left and right. Once you finish off the last enemy, the mission will be over.

Tracking the Trafficker

It turns out that one of the men you rescued in the previous mission overheard one of the Akuran lieutenants talk about an "acquisition" they have picked up. When you start the mission, someone named Jenny will call you and tell you she works for the city, as well as Shane sometimes. Anyways, she will be able to track down the Akuran lieutenant using camera footage.

Use L3 to locate the camera, then aim towards it and press Up on the D-pad to have Jenny access it. You spot the lieutenant on the footage and must use the other cameras in the designated area to keep tracking his movements. So, keep using L3 to locate cameras and scanning them, although sometimes the camera might not be the right one.

Green ones on the map are ones you used and have been successful in tracking the lieutenant, while ones that aren't good will be highlighted in red. Eventually, you'll track him down to a point where you see him kidnap some woman. However, he ends up leaving something behind, so head to the area with the dumpster and pick the item, which is his phone, ending the mission.

Akurans Strike Back

As soon as you start this mission, you'll have to go to the marker on your map to get in a sniper's position, similar to the ones from Violence in Seattle. There will be a lot of Akurans in this battle, all coming from straight ahead on the streets. Make sure you use L3 to pinpoint the locations of the Akurans and take heed of the warnings that there is an enemy sniper, which should be easy to locate with their red sight.

Once you clear the Akurans at this location, Shane asks you to head to the next, which is on street level. This means that you won't have the luxury of the explosive Neon Bolts, and you will also need to watch your energy meter. There will also be a lot of Akurans here, with some snipers on the rooftops of nearby buildings.

There are a few spots around where you can drain Neon, should your health get low or you need some energy. Keep an eye on the number of Shane's men remaining and don't forget that you should get to use a Neon Singularity or two to help thin out the herd of Akurans. When you're finished at this location, the mission will be over.

Assault the Motherland

Shane knows where the Akurans are keeping the hostages and says to meet him at the Latte Owl, which is marked on your map. Get on the truck in the parking lot, noting that this is similar to when you helped out Shane in Stealing from the Enemy. The truck's health is at the top of the screen and remember that it might be wise to just go crazy with the shots, instead of trying to aim them.

Whenever the truck turns down an alley, it will stop in front of the harbor. Shane says that Jenny found out that the Akurans are holding the hostages in some containers. There's a total of 3 containers on the piers, all surrounded by Akurans, so clear them out and use L3 to pinpoint the hostages (they appear green).

When the coast is clear, go up to the container's door and press the Touch Pad to open it (the Touch Pad icon will be there, so you know where to open the containers). Once all three containers have been opened, you'll receive a call from Brent, who says he's in some alleyway.

However, a bunch of DUP Agents show up on the coast and you will need to evade them for now (you can fight them all if you want, but you don't get anything for doing so). Head to the marker on your map to meet up with Brent, although there's a little twist that happens, bringing an end to this mission.

Curden Cay Arena 2

You are back in Curden Cay for now, where you will need to show up your "new" power to Augustine. When ready, press L1 to fire a Stasis Blast that suspends enemies in the air for a few seconds. Do it on the first few guys to knock it off the platform, then for the second set, you will need to hit their weakpoints while they're in the air.

You'll be transported to a new arena, where you can fight against some virtual DUP soldiers. At first, you are asked to defeat them with no real goal in mind and you'll notice that some of the soldiers have two weakpoints. The second exercise requires you to overload the turrets, which is done by getting behind them and pressing the Touch Pad.

For the final exercise, you will need to survive a total of 10 enemy waves of DUP soldiers. There will be the normal soldiers (Pawns), as well as the ones with two weakpoints (Knights). You'll also be introduced to ones that have rocks swirling around them, which can form a shield (Bishops), as well as heavily armored ones with a minigun (Rooks).

Don't forget to use the environment to your advantage, such as getting high and then using the Comet Drop maneuver to take out groups, if they gather. Turrets will also spawn, so you can overload them to help defeat some enemies and even distract them. Once you clear all 10 enemy waves, the mission will be over.

Completion this mission will unlock the Beta Survival battle arena, as well as the Delsin version if you have Second Son save data on your PS4.

Conduit Consequences

Shane's men have been captured by the DUP and he wants you to free them. When you get to the area where Shane's men are being held, you'll notice a bunch of DUP soldiers there, including a few Knights and even a Bishop. Take your time and use the surrounding area to your advantage, or just use the Neon Singularity if you have one ready.

If you've played Second Son, you'll recognize the cages that Shane's men are in, but if you didn't, then simply go up to the door and use the Touch Pad to open it, free Shane's men. After opening two pens, some more DUP guys will show up, including a Rook (they have the minigun). Clear them out and open the last pen, finishing the mission.

Surveillance Blackout

Jenny drops a new app on your phone and wants you to try it out. It's a program that lets you hack into the police drone's camera and look from its viewpoint. Jenny wants you to destroy it, so check out the camera for a bit and see its path. When you find it, shoot it down and Jenny will send you after two more of these.

The only problem is that the third one is not really a drone, but a helicopter. It will track you with a laser and then shoot missiles when it turns from green to red. Besides that, there will also be three DUP soldiers around, so it might be best to take them out before dealing with the helicopter. Keep shoot at the chopper and it will eventually go down, ending the mission.

At the end of this mission, Jenny will unlock the final collectible in the game, which previously appeared as Unknown on the in-game map. These are the same Police Drones you encountered during the mission, behaving in the exact same manner as well. There's one in each district.

Price of Redemption

Shane is trying to take over control of the city, putting any troublemakers into boxes that he has all over the city. The only problem is that once you start going after them, it'll only be a couple of minutes before Shane finds out. Head to the first shipping container and quickly take out both of the thugs there.

Open the container to find it empty and now begins the annoying part of the mission. Jenny will pinpoint where the next shipping container is located, but you only have so long to get there, with the timer displayed on your screen. You can use your Light Speed ability to run through the Neon Clouds, which will extend the timer a little bit each one you go through.

Once you get to the container, the timer will stop, so quickly take out Shane's men there (there's four), then open the container and head to the next one. On your way there, you'll notice that the police, both on foot and in cars, will attempt to stop you. Although they can't really do that, they'll lay smoke traps throughout your run, which WILL stop you in your tracks.

At the third container, you'll find a total of five thugs, so defeat them and head to the fourth, and last, container (yes, the police will do the same thing while on the way). Take out Shane's thugs, open the container, and then the crap hits the fan. Follow the signal to her location, only to find something tragic.

Kingpin of Seattle

Shane now has complete control over the police cameras and asks you to take out your phone to have a look. Use the Touch Pad to view the one camera feed, which shows the chief of police being protected by a bunch of cops. Of course, Shane doesn't like this, as he wants to have a one-on-one chat with him.

So, Fetch agrees to cause a distraction to get the chief's men away from him. You just need to fill up the destruction bar at the top of the screen, which you can do by doing just about anything, like blowing up cars on the street. Once it's filled, Shane wants you to accompany him while he talks with the chief.

Head to the marker and get into his position, as it seems the police will be trying to rescue the chief from Shane. Similar to the one mission, your shots will have an explosive power to them, and all of the enemies will be coming down the alley. Should any of them reach the chief, he will be rescued and you will have to start over from the beginning of this section.

Things can get a little hectic later on, as there will be a lot of men coming. As long as you keep an eye on your radar, as well as quickly use your Laser Insight to pick off guys, you shouldn't have too much trouble. When you're finished, Shane says you can go get your brother. However, when you get there, you find out it's a trap, ending the mission.

Curdun Cay Arena 3

It looks like Fetch is ready to show off one last power to Augustine, Homing Missiles. Use R1 to fire a salvo of missiles, which home in on the targets and then explode. Note that this ability uses Heavy Ammo, which is shown right above your Neon gauge in the bottom left. Replenishing the Heavy Ammo is as easy as draining any Neon power source.

Fetch asks for something a little tougher to fight and she gets her wish, as Augustine uses the Conduit that creates the holograms to send out demon enemies. Your goal is to defeat a total of 20 demons, and there are four types you will be fighting here. The first type is a melee-only demon (Wraith), so match that with your own melee, but be aware that they are strong.

The second is a flying enemy called a Summoner. They float around and throw balls of energy onto the ground, which spawn little spider creatures called Swarmers. These Swarmers will latch onto you and some will explode. The last two enemies are angels and flying demons, which will shoot beams at you. One hit will be more than enough to defeat these two.

Once you finish off a total of 20 demon enemies (the Swarmers don't count), the mission will end and you will go back to two years earlier.

Completing this mission will unlock the Gamma Survival battle arena, as well as the Delsin counterpart, should you have save data for Second Son on your PS4.

Drug Dealer Trucks

When you wake up, take care of Shane's men and then search their bodies until you find a headset. As Fetch listens in, she learns that Shane put all of his merchandise on trucks. However, hunting down all of these trucks will be next to impossible without a little help. That help comes from a satellite dish on top of a nearby building.

Head to the roof with the dish and press L3 while standing next to it to locate the trucks. Using the relay dish will send out a city-wide search, and the trucks will be highlighted green. When you get close enough to a truck, you can use your regular sonar skill to locate the truck. If the truck is moving, simply shoot it once to make it stop.

For each truck, you will have to defeat the enemies that come out of it, then destroy the goods in the back. There is usually around six to seven packages sitting on the shelves in the back of the truck; simply shoot them to destroy the goods. When all the goods are gone, you will be asked to tag the side of the truck, with this being similar to the Neon Graffiti.

If you're using the Vita Remote Play feature to play this game, then whenever you go to tag the truck, you will not have to do the motion control portion, with the tag being completed automatically.

The first three trucks are normal and have no tricks attached to them, but when you go to tag the fourth one, some DUP agents will show up. Defeat them, then go back and tag the truck. For the fifth one, the thugs will use smoke bombs to try and seal your powers and the very last truck will be guarded by A LOT of men. The mission is over when the last truck is tagged.

Storm the Castle

This mission begins as soon as the previous one is finished. Shane is pissed off at you and says he's waiting at the Crocodile. Take out the thugs in front of the building, then use the Touch Pad to head inside. As soon as you're inside, Shane drugs you and you'll have to fight off some DUP soldiers.

Keep fighting until you end up in a dream sequence, where you can just head towards certain objects to view some short scenes. At one point, you'll be heading straight towards a skeleton and some white objects grab you. When this happens, simply hold in the R2 button to blast them off. Watch the scene that follows and get ready for the final mission.

The Hunt

At the beginning of this mission, Fetch goes berserk and ends up blasting a hole in the wall. When you regain control, you won't be able to use any of your powers, so just head straight on the only path you can for now until you reach a gap. You can climb onto the fence along the wall and use that to cross over the gap.

Keep going to the end of the walkway and pull the lever to go up, then climb the ladders and cross the walkways until you end up plummeting to the ground below. You'll see a drone here, so follow it until it crashes into the wall, allowing you to drain it to get your powers back. Walk to the edge and use your Neon Singularity to clear the mass of troops below.

Of course, there will be some leftover enemies, although it's only around four or five. Note that the only way to refill your Neon energy is by shooting down any drones flying around, so try to be scarce with your Heavy Ammo. Take down the enemies in the area, then continue on the path until you come to the next battlefield.

There will be a lot more enemies here, so make sure you take caution in not going crazy with your powers and health. Some DUP Knights will be thrown into the mix now, which have two Weakpoints to hit, should you go that route. Also, don't forget to use your Neon Singularity, if you managed to get another one ready.

Press on, fighting more enemies until you enter a cave. As you progress through here, the helicopter will start shooting missiles and attempt to block your path. Continue on and when you exit, you'll eventually catch up to the helicopter and have to fight it. Bring it down and go on for another short scene.

At the end of the scene, some more enemies will drop in and greet you. Beyond those few enemies will be a lot more, including another helicopter. The good thing is that you can destroy the chopper from where you first came out of the cave, making things a lot easier. The bad news is that the enemies are a lot stronger here, including some Rooks, Bishops and even a Super Pawn and Rook.

With all enemies gone, press on and you'll come to Shane's APC, which is empty. Follow the final path to finally catch up to Shane. Whenever you see a prompt on the screen, press the R2 button, then hold down on the Touch Pad and press R2 one final time to finish off Shane.

Congratulations on finishing the main story missions for First Light. After the credits roll, you'll unlock the final two Battle Arenas, Alpha Survival and Beta Rescue. In addition, you will be able to go back to Seattle by choosing Free Roam on the battle arena screen, allowing you to grab the rest of the collectibles and finish any side missions you might not have done.


Fetch is able to upgrade her powers, similar to Delsin in Second Son, although it is done a little differently. In order to upgrade her powers, Fetch will need to acquire Skill Points, or SP. There are a few ways that Fetch can obtain SP, such as completing Challenges and getting the Collectibles. The following is a breakdown of the various methods and how much SP you can get from them:

  • Neon Lumen - 1 SP
  • Lumen Race - 2 SP
  • Neon Graffiti - 2 SP
  • Police Drone - 2 SP
  • Challenges - 1 to 5 SP

You start out the game with a few skill trees available to you, with more unlocked as you progress through the main story. The final set of upgrades will unlock upon completion of the main story. Each upgrade will require you to purchase the one before it, so in order to get Neon Drain Capacity 2, you will need to have bought Neon Drain Capacity 1.

Drain Neon Tree

NameSP RequiredDescription
Drain Neon--Press and hold the Touch Pad Button to drain Neon Signs, Lights or any other Neon Source.
Neon Drain Capacity 13 SPIncrease Neon Energy capacity by 25%.
Neon Drain Capacity 24 SPIncrease Neon Energy capacity by 50%.
Neon Drain Capacity 35 SPIncrease Neon Energy capacity by 75%.
Neon Drain Capacity 46 SPMaximum Neon Drain capacity.

Drain Neon is important to the basics of the game, as you'll be doing a lot of different attacks with your powers, so you'll want as much energy as possible. In fact, this should be the first set of upgrades you concentrate on, maxing it out as soon as possible.

Neon Bolt Tree

NameSP RequiredDescription
Neon Bolt--Press R2 to fire a long range Neon Attack.
Rapid Fire5 SPHold R2 to fire a stream of Neon Bolts.
Extended Clip11 SPFire Bolts for 50% longer.
Ultraviolent Light11 SPFire 50% more Bolts per second. This upgrade is unlocked upon completion of the main story.

Neon Bolt, at first glance, might seem important, but it's not as necessary as other upgrades, so it should be one of the last things you spend your SP on. The reason for this is that most enemies in the main story can be quickly defeated by exploiting their Weakpoints, meaning you won't be firing as many Bolts as the descriptions above entail. In fact, for the few enemies that don't have Weakpoints, there are much better ways to dispose of them than with Neon Bolts.

Light Speed Tree

NameSP RequiredDescription
Light Speed--Hold Circle to transform into a blazing streak of Neon Light. Useful for crossing the city or escaping combat to recover. Runs over obstacles and directly up walls.
Photon Jump1 SPHold Circle for a Light Speed run and then press X to jump high into the air.
Air Dash8 SPDashing (Circle) while in the air will launch Fetch forward.
Extended Cloud Boost11 SPAfter traveling through a Neon Cloud, Fetch can sustain Boosted Dash for 50% longer.
Double Air Dash13 SPUse Air Dash twice before hitting the ground.

Light Speed is a useful ability, in that, it can be used to quickly get away from enemies if your health is low, but the upgrades are not really necessary until one of the last ones you get. Note that you will be required to purchase Photon Jump as part of the Curdun Cay Arena 1 mission, but you can hold off on the rest until last.

Melee Tree

NameSP RequiredDescription
Melee--Power-infused physical attacks for close quarters combat.
Melee Finisher4 SPWhen in range, press Triangle to dash toward an enemy and hit them with a massive attack. Defeating an enemy with a normal Melee Combo will recharge Finisher Attacks.
More Finisher Capacity8 SPIncrease Melee Finisher Ammo Capacity to 2.
Dash Strike10 SPDash (Circle) toward an Enemy, then quickly Melee (Square) to trap them in Stasis.
Maximum Finisher Capacity11 SPIncrease Melee Finisher Ammo Capacity to 3.
Dash Strike Recharge12 SPHitting an Enemy with a Dash Strike will instantly recharge Finisher Ammo.
Mega Finisher14 SPMelee Finishers (Triangle) create a massive explosion, heavily damaging your Target and nearby Enemies. This upgrade is unlocked upon completion of the main story.

Melee is something you can rely on for certain enemies, especially some in the Battle Arenas, where it can be easier to defeat them with melee than other abilities. Melee Finisher is especially useful as it allows you to quickly take out a lesser enemy, but you only start out with one Finisher Ammo. The best upgrades are the Dash Strike Recharge and the Mega Finisher, although you won't be able to use the latter during the story.

Laser Focus Tree

NameSP RequiredDescription
Laser Focus--Zoom (L2) to spot Weakpoints on Enemies. Snipe them to take them down more efficiently. Becomes available after completing Curdun Cay Arena 1.
Enhanced Focus8 SPLaser Focus slows time by an additional 50%.
Extended Focus10 SPSlows down time for longer while Zooming (L2).
Weak Point Recharge11 SPHitting an enemy in a Weakpoint will refill your Focus Meter by 50%.
Enslave12 SPWeakpoint Takedowns will cause an Enemy to fight for you for a short time. This upgrade is unlocked upon completion of the main story.
Extended Captivity12 SPEnslaved Enemies will be able to fight for longer. This upgrade is unlocked upon completion of the main story.

Laser Focus is one of the better abilities in the game, with the upgrades being one of the more important ones. Being able to slow down time is extremely helpful and this allows you to see Weakpoints on enemies, where hitting them there will defeat them. Weak Point Recharge is something you should shoot for as soon as possible, as it makes the Focus Meter (the bar you see whenever you aim with L2). Enslave is a godsend for the Battle Arenas, as it lets enemies fight for you if you hit their Weakpoints.

Stasis Blast Tree

NameSP RequiredDescription
Stasis Blast--Press L1 launches a wave of Neon Energy, trapping Enemies in Stasis. Becomes available after completing Curdun Cay Arena 2.
Charged Blast8 SPHold L1 to condense your Energy, sending a Stasis Blast three times farther.
Extended Bubble11 SPIncrease the duration of Stasis Bubbles (L1).
Hyper Charged Blast12 SPCharged Blast travels 50% faster.
Longer Blast14 SPStasis Blast (L1) travels 50% farther.
Volatile Stasis15 SPEnemies trapped in Stasis take twice as much damage. Defeating an Enemy in Stasis will cause a massive explosion. This upgrade is unlocked upon completion of the main story.

Stasis Blast is a mixed bag, as it can be great in emergencies and allowing you to isolate an enemy for a few seconds to concentrate on a more dangerous one. On the other end of the spectrum, there are more important upgrades to get before this, such as Homing Missiles, Laser Focus and Drain Neon. Also, sometimes it can be difficult to hit the Weakpoints of enemies whenever they are in the bubble.

Homing Missiles

NameSP RequiredDescription
Homing Missiles--Launch a salvo of Missiles that automatically seek Enemies. Uses Heavy Ammo. Becomes available after completing Curdun Cay Arena 3.
Larger Salvo10 SP30% more Missiles per salvo.
More Missile Ammo11 SPIncrease Homing Missile Ammo capacity to 3.
Massive Salvo12 SP60% more Missiles per salvo.
Maximum Missile Ammo14 SPIncrease Homing Missile Ammo capacity to 4.
Insane Salvo15 SP100% more Missiles per salvo.
Heavy Detonation15 SPMissile explosions do extra damage and launch enemies into the air. This upgrade is unlocked upon completion of the main story.

Homing Missiles are a great ability, just because they can take out a group of enemies or even a strong one very quickly. These use Heavy Ammo, of which you only start with two and can have a maximum of four. To replenish Heavy Ammo, all you have to do is drain any Neon source, although you have to remember that smaller sources will only replenish one or two Heavy Ammo. Spamming this in the later rounds of the Battle Arenas is a good way to survive.

Neon Singularity Tree

NameSP RequiredDescription
Neon Singularity--Condense all your Neon Energy into a single point of light, pulling in everything nearby. Defeat Enemies to refill your Singularity Meter.
Supernova--Neon Vengeance Unleashed. The Singularity pulls in anything that's not nailed down, and a few things that are.

The Neon Singularity is similar to the Karma Bombs Delsin had in Second Son. It is the ultimate attack that can be unleashed when the meter in the upper left corner of the screen is filled, which occurs as you defeat enemies. Once it's ready, just press down on the D-Pad to unleash the brutal attack that will suck in all enemies within range and instantly finish them off. The second one in the table above replaces the first, although you don't get it until the end of the game.


The map in First Light is divided into districts, similar to Second Son, with a number of collectibles strewn about and shown on the map. The locations of all the collectibles are labeled on the map, with all but one type being unlock upon completing Free the Neon. The last type of collectible will be unlocked whenever you finish Surveillance Blackout.

Neon Lumens

Neon Lumens are similar to the Blast Shards from previous games, with all of them suspended in the air. They are shown on the map as pink star-like icons and most will require the use of Light Speed in combination with the neon gas clouds on top of buildings. You should not need the Air Dash to get any of the Neon Lumens. Each Lumen collected will yield 1 SP.

Lumen Races

Shown on the map as an icon with two flags, these require Fetch to chase after a moving blue Lumen with the help of the neon gas clouds. There might be a few tricky ones here and there, but most are pretty easy to get, provided you hit consecutive gas clouds. Each Lumen gathered from these side missions will give Fetch 2 SP.

Neon Graffiti

Similar to Stencil Art from Second Son, these are marked on your map as spray can icons. Fetch will spray a template of sorts on the wall whenever you start one, and you will be required to move the Dual Shock 4 controller around to aim, then press R2 on the template lines. Finishing a Neon Graffiti will award 2 SP to fetch.

If you're playing First Light via Remote Play with the Vita, then you will not be required to actually do the Neon Graffiti as normal. I do not know why this is, but they complete themselves automatically when playing on the Vita.

Police Drones

These are unlocked upon completing Surveillance Blackout, which is a main story mission that basically has you hunting these down. They appear on your map as camera icons. When you begin this side mission, a circle will appear on your map, which is the general location of the Police Drone. You can press the Touch Pad to get a view as the camera, which flies around on a predetermined path. Find it, shoot it down, and you'll get 2 SP.

Battle Arenas

New to the Infamous series are Battle Arenas, the first of which unlocks after completing Curdun Cay Arena 1 in the main story. More will become unlocked as you progress in the story, with the final ones becoming accessible after completing it. These essentially pit Fetch against increasingly difficult waves of enemies, some of which only appear in the Battle Arenas.

There are two types of arenas you can participate in, which are Rescue and Survival. In Rescue arenas, you have to survive against enemies, as well as rescue hostages that will appear every so often. These hostages can be killed, with a total of five of them being allowed before you will fail the arena. In Survival arenas, your sole goal is to simply survive against the enemy waves.

If you happen to have save data on your PS4 from Second Son, then special arenas will be unlocked that correspond to the other arenas. These special arenas allow you to play as Delsin from Second Son, complete with his wide range of powers, even Concrete. Some people feel he isn't as powerful as Fetch and there are no trophies or Challenges associated with those arenas.

Each arena will pit you against different waves of enemies, such as normal thugs and DUP forces, although you will also face off against Demon enemies in the Survival ones. Since the arenas are fairly lengthy and are difficult to write walkthroughs for, a few tips and tricks will be written instead that will encompass all the arenas.

  1. In Rescue Arenas, it's best to focus on rescuing the hostage whenever you get the warning that one is about to appear. These hostages will appear as green blips on your map, as well as whenever you press L3. Also, going to their exact location will cause the enemies to start attacking the hostage, so sit back a little bit and kill the enemies from afar.
  2. There are certain powers that tend to be used more in the arenas than other powers, particularly the Homing Missiles and Laser Focus trees. Homing Missiles is great because you can clear large groups of enemies with them, as well as concentrate a salvo on a particularly strong enemy, like a Rook or Wraiths. Fully upgraded, the Homing Missiles can sometimes take out 4-5 lesser enemies at once.

    Laser Focus is extremely helpful, since it slows down time, but the best two upgrades come after finishing the main story. These are Enslave and the upgrade that extends the duration of Enslave. Basically, whenever you hit an enemy in a Weakpoint, they will fight for you for a period of time. There's no limit to how many enemies you can have on your side, plus whenever you get enemies like Summoners and Bishops, things can definitely pick up.
  3. Be smart with your Neon Singularity attack, as it's your strongest one in the game. It can be some time before you get another one charged, so make sure you group enemies together to maximize its potential. Remember that the range on your Neon Singularity doesn't extend across the entire arena.
  4. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies, as each one is different and sometimes you won't have a lot of time to think about them when you're in the heat of battle. For example, Summoners should be taken out quickly before they have a chance to populate the arena with Swarmers. While they may be able to soak up some damage, their two floating orbs are their Weakpoints, so two well-placed shots can kill the Summoners.
  5. In the Survival arenas, there are drones that fly around and shoot at you. These drones, when downed, will let you absorb the shard inside, which grants you a temporary power-up. There are four power-ups here, which are all color coded. Yellow doubles your current multiplier, allowing you to achieve higher scores. Purple/pink will make you temporarily invincible, so you can stand your ground against the tougher enemies, as well as with a large group.

    Green grants you unlimited Melee Finishers, which helps in clearing out groups of enemies, especially if you have the final Melee upgrade that causes an explosion when using a Melee Finisher. The last one is blue, which makes your regular shots explosive, provided you hit an enemy with them (similar to Violence in Seattle).
  6. As with any game with a Horde-style mode, make sure you keep calm and don't panic when things go awry. While you can't run away indefinitely like in the main story, there should still be spots where you can hide and recover briefly. Don't forget that retreating is always a possibility and drain power sources to recover some health.
  7. Use the environment to your advantage, as there will be explosive ammo boxes that appear, as well as bridges can floating platforms that can be destroyed. Play smart and always keep an eye out for things that you can use to turn the tide to your favor.
  8. If you're worried about getting a high score, or a score to get the Challenge/Trophy, then keep an eye on your multiplier. The max multiplier you can normally get is x50 and whenever it's about to disappear, it will begin flashing red and making noise. That's your cue to quickly kill an enemy using any means necessary, as this will keep your multiplier running.


Challenges are in-game feats that Fetch can perform, such as killing 100 enemies, that will grant her Skill Points (SP). These SP can then be used to purchase upgrades for her powers, allowing her to become more powerful. While the in-game menu says there's 60 challenges, there's actually a total of 96 challenges in the game, as the arenas and even Seattle have their own.

Combat Actions

Dog Fight!1Defeat 25 airborne enemies while in the airLaunch an enemy into the air with Stasis, then jump and hit their Weakpoint while in the air.
Make It Rain1Defeat 25 grounded enemies while in the airSimply jump in the air and hit an enemy's Weakpoint.
Duck Hunt1Defeat 25 jumping enemiesIt seems you'll have to do this on the DUP, since they will jump with Concrete periodically.


Bullseye125 Weakpoint kills--
Sharpshooter150 Weakpoint kills--
True Sniper1100 Weakpoint kills--
The Professional1250 Weakpoint killsThis should come naturally, as you should be aiming at the Weakpoints to quickly take out most enemies.
Triple Takedown3Hit 3 Weakpoints before the focus timer expires--
Sting Like a Bee3Hit 5 Weakpoints before the focus timer expiresWait until you purchase the Weak Point Recharge upgrade, which refills the focus meter by 50% whenever you hit a Weakpoint. It's also easier in the arenas, since there are a lot more enemies.
Checkmate3Defeat a Bishop by hitting its WeakpointSimplt destroy the Bishop's shield, then it will have a Weakpoint like any other normal DUP enemy.
Turncoat3Defeat 10 enemies using enslaved enemies--
Minion Maker3Defeat 20 enemies using enslaved enemiesAfter finishing the main story, you unlock a new upgrade called Enslave, which lets you kill an enemy by hitting their Weakpoint, allowing them to turn and fight for you. Do this in the arena, where there are more enemies to kill with the Enslaved enemies.


Death From Above125 Comet Drop KillsMake sure you use this whenever you are going off a high building or platform, as it does more damage and has a higher radius when you land.
Puncheroo1100 melee killsAs long as you remember to melee enemies, this should come naturally throughout the game or in the arena. Later waves in the arena make it more difficult, though.
Sucker Punch(es)110 consecutive melee kills--
KO Queen120 consecutive melee killsYou need to kill 20 consecutive enemies with melee, with no other methods in between. This is probably easier to do in Seattle, as you won't get overwhelmed by enemies.
Hulked Out1Defeat 50 enemies with a melee finisherThe Melee Finisher is assigned to the Triangle button, once you purchase the respective upgrade, and it requires the use of Finisher Ammo. This Finisher Ammo is replenished whenever you kill an enemy with melee.

Neon Singularity

Event Horizon1Defeat 100 enemies with a Neon SingularityThis is cumulative over the course of your playthroughs, and will likely come natural as long as you keep using it on large groups of enemies whenever it's available.
Godlike1Defeat 20 enemies with a single Neon SingularityBest done in the arenas, especially on later waves, as you will be facing a large number of enemies. Just make sure you realize the Neon Singularity doesn't cover the entire range of the arena.

Stasis Blast

A Strong Gust1Blast 3 enemies off a platform--
Target Practice13 Stasis + Weakpoint kills--
Accidents Happen1Blast 15 enemies off a platform--
Fetchouken1Blast 30 enemies off a platformMight be easier to do this in Seattle, as you will undoubtedly run into a lot of enemies on the rooftops. Make sure you do it during the story, if possible, as you might not run into a lot of enemies on the rooftops in Free Roam.
Fish in a Barrel325 Stasis + Weakpoint killsShould be pretty simple, as all you need to do is pop enemies into the air with Stasis, then hit their Weakpoint while they're trapped in the bubble. Sometimes, it might be difficult to hit their Weakpoints, since their bodies turn around in the air.
Ultraaa!310 Stasis + Melee Finisher killsSimilar to Stasis + Weakpoint, but different since you need to kill them with Melee Finishers while they're trapped.

Homing Missile

Making an Impact1Defeat 3 enemies with 1 missile salvo--
Boomshakalaka!1Defeat 5 enemies with 1 missile salvoYou just have to kill 5 enemies while using one Heavy Ammo, which will require you to upgrade them all the way to get more missiles in a salvo. Much easier to get this in the arena, since there are a lot more enemies.
Bada Bing...1Defeat 10 enemies in a row with Homing Missiles--
...Bada Boom!1Defeat 20 enemies in a row with Homing MissilesDepending on your preference, might be easier to do this in Seattle or in the arena. While there are more enemies in the arena, it's easier to concentrate on each enemy in Seattle.

Criminal Enemy

Do Svidaniya1Defeat 50 AkuransThis should come naturally when you're doing the main story.
Rat-A-Tat-Tat1Defeat 150 ThugsYou'll encounter a lot of thugs in the Alpha Rescue Arena, meaning you shouldn't really have to worry about going out of your way to get this.

D.U.P. Enemy

Lights Out3Defeat 500 DUP enemiesShould come naturally, considering you'll face off against a lot of DUPs in the story and arenas.
Expendable1Defeat 150 DUP PawnsPawns are the basic DUP soldier and the most common.
Night, Knight1Defeat 150 DUP KnightsKnights are stronger versions of Pawns and are able to launch themselves into the air with a concrete pillar of sorts. They have two Weakpoints.
Rookie Move1Defeat 25 DUP RooksRooks are heavily armored DUP soldiers that carry a minigun. They don't have any Weakpoints and can take a lot of punishment.
Shield Breaker1Defeat 25 DUP BishopsBishops are the DUP that have a shield moving around them and can encase Fetch's feet in concrete, making her unable to move. Keep shooting the shield to remove it (it can regenerate), then you can easily kill him.
Super Defense Farce1Defeat 50 DUP Super PawnsSuper Pawns are scarce in the story, so stick to the arenas to get them. They are armored Pawns that can erect a concrete shield in front of them, from the ground.
Brute Squad1Defeat 25 DUP Super RooksSimilar to regular Rooks, except they don't have a minigun. Instead, they attack with what look like discs of concrete.

Rescue Arenas

Friend of the People13 hostage saves--
Guardian110 hostage saves--
Good Samaritan120 hostage saves--
Protect and Serve130 hostage saves--
Great Responsibility350 hostage savesCan only be done in the Rescue arenas and is cumulative. Concentrate whenever you know a hostage is coming and zip over to its location.
Crisis Averted3Save 5 hostages without letting them lose any healthWhenever you see a hostage is about to appear, head over to its general area and see if you can quickly kill the enemies before they begin firing. Alpha Rescue might be best, since there's only Thugs and they always have one Weakpoint. This is cumulative.
Overkill3Save a hostage with a Neon SingularityShould be pretty easy to do, considering the Neon Singularity will wipe out all enemies.

Arena Only

Light 'Em Up!1Defeat 50 enemies with a Super BoltThe drones that attack you during some arenas will allow you to drain their shard when destroyed. The blue-colored one will upgrade your regular Neon Bolts with an explosive property, which is the Super Bolt.
Falling Down1Defeat 25 enemies using destructible bridges--
Look Out Below1Defeat 50 enemies using destructible bridgesThroughout the arenas, you will notice that there are makeshift bridges that you can destroy.
Who Left These Here?1Defeat 50 enemies with detonated Ammo DumpsAmmo Dumps are rectangular boxes that explode when shot, making them excellent tools to use if you can lure any enemies into their range.
I Know Your Secret110 Summoner Weakpoint killsSummoners Weakpoints are not that obvious, but you will notice the two orbs moving around them. These are their Weakpoints and it's easy to hit them when using Laser Focus.
Pull!1Defeat 5 enemies with an airborne Ammo DumpThis is more challenging than the regular Ammo Dumps, since they have to be in the air before you shoot them to explode, which is possible to do by using Stasis on them (they don't slow down in the air). It might help to hit both the enemies and Ammo Dump with the same Stasis.
You Need Therapy3Defeat 250 demon enemiesYou will come across a lot of demon enemies in the Survival arenas, so this will come naturally as you play through them. Also, it seems that Swarmers do not count towards this total.
Unholy1Defeat 50 Fallen AngelsFallen Angels fly around and have white wings, shooting lasers that are continuous and can put a real hurting on you. Luckily, one Neon Bolt is more than enough to bring it down, so dodge its laser until you get a good shot.
Exorcist1Defeat 50 Night TerrorsSimilar to the Fallen Angels, except they have bat-like wings and shoot fireballs are Fetch. They go down just as easily with a single shot.
De-Summoner1Defeat 25 Summoner enemiesSummoners are flying enemies that have two orbs moving around them, which are their Weakpoints. They can throw down balls that break and spawn Swarmers.
That's Wraithist1Defeat 50 Wraith enemiesWraiths are the demon enemies that walk slowly toward you and try to melee. Your regular Neon Bolts bounce off of them, so stick to Stasis Blast and melee attacks, as well as Homing Missiles, although they sometimes might dodge those.
Arachnophobia1Defeat 100 Swarmer enemiesSwarmers are the little spider creatures that Summoners spawn if you leave them alone enough, and they come in two varieties, red and blue. Red ones will explode once they get close enough, while blue ones will cling onto Fetch and limit her movement.
Millionaire1Earn a total of 1,000,000 points--
Top of the Class1Earn a total of 10,000,000 pointsThis is cumulative across all times you play through an arena, even those you replay, so this will come naturally.