Is it good enough for offline playing?

  1. Hello. Is this game quite fun if i play it offline? Or it's only for online? Thanks yoga8888 - 5 years ago - report


  1. No ypu can play "Lone Wolf" missions, which ypu can choose from 3 difficulties, and yu can get 3 stars from different obejectives. The more stars you get the more "money" you get, which you can use to buy new operators, guns, classes, etc. for online use. The game is better than Call of Duty when ypu play it with ypur squad, with the friendly fire, etc. Im not gonna spoil you. The offline missions are long are really hard. julio220jr - 5 years ago - report 2   1
  2. This game is completely designed around online play.
    The missions act as tutorials for the new game mechanics like breaching in various ways, and using traps and counter-trap gadgets.
    The Terrorist hunt mode can be played online and offline but it's really just a way to explore the maps and get a bit of easy renown early on. The tactics of the terrorist and their AI is pretty basic, arguably more so than it is from R6 Vegas 1, and 2. So the mode is okay but not substantial enough for long term play. This is ultimately a PvP game and I think terrorist hunt was left in as a legacy feature of the series more than anything else.
    ExtraMana - 3 years ago - report 1   0
  3. The Terrorist Hunt (players vs AI) is completely broken now. I guarantee 2-3 out of 5 matches you eill get by teamkill right at the start aegean_de - 5 years ago - report 0   0
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