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Game Script by Minty Fresh Death

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/06/2015

Mortal Kombat X Game Script Guide Version 1.00
Completed on 06/06/15.

Written by Minty Fresh Death

(1)             TABLE OF CONTENTS

(1)	Table of Contents
(2)	Introduction
(2A)	Version Updates
(2B)	Preface and Legalities
(3)	The Game Script
(3A)	Navigation
(3B)	General Information
(3C)	Intro
(3D)	Chapter 1: Johnny Cage
(3E)	Chapter 2: Kotal Kahn
(3F)	Chapter 3: Sub-Zero
(3G)	Chapter 4: Kung Jin
(3H)	Chapter 5: Sonya Blade
(3I)	Chapter 6: D'Vorah
(3J)	Chapter 7: Takeda Takahashi
(3K)	Chapter 8: Jax
(3L)	Chapter 9: Scorpion
(3M)	Chapter 10: Raiden
(3N)	Chapter 11: Jacqui Briggs
(3O)	Chapter 12: Cassie Cage
(4)     Frequently Asked Questions
(5)     The Final Word (Thanks Section)

(2)               INTRODUCTION


1.00 - The very first version. Updates to come. Maybe. :D


Yo there. After feeling bored one Sunday night (which differs
from my usual story of all the FAQs I've ever written in that
it wasn't a Tuesday this time) I decided to write up a guide to the
game script for the latest game in Netherrealm Studio's Mortal Kombat
series, titled... Mortal Kombat X. My reasoning for this is born out 
of an appreciation for the effort the game designers went to in order
to produce quite possibly the second greatest story for a fighting game
ever written. And yes, I said "second greatest". Much as I enjoyed this
story, I don't think it's QUITE as engaging the story for MK9. :) 

This version of the Mortal Kombat X Game Script (Version 1.00) 
is exclusive to GameFAQs.
You are not allowed to post any version of this guide on any 
other websites without my given permission. My e-mail is under 
"The Final Word" section if you wish to contact me. You also may 
not copy any of the things you see in any version of this guide 
and stick it into your own. You are also not allowed to plaguerise 
any versions of this guide (don't steal the information and type 
it up in your own way) and you are not allowed to use it in any 
way to gain profit.

This guide is not property of WB Games or Netherrealm Studios and 
is not written or supported by them.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2015 by Dan Gallagher, AKA Minty Fresh Death.

(3)              THE GAME SCRIPT


As you may have already seen in the contents page, all of the chapters
contained in this script are numbered. If you want to zip to a chapter,
highlight the number/letter combination of your chapter from the
contents page, right click your mouse and select the "Copy" option, click
the "Edit" tab at the top of your browser and select "Find". Once you
have the small window up, right click and select "Paste", then finally
select "Find Next" to go to your desired location.
Alternatively, you may have a "Find" option as a magnifying glass icon
in the top left of your browser. Copy your text, then select the tab next
to the icon, then "Find on this page" and paste it into the window and
click "Next". Simple enough, really.


Thanks to this game having a linear story path (flashbacks 
notwithstanding), everything written is presented in chronological 
order - chronological at least with what appears on screen.

As this guide is intended to accurately decipt the script of Mortal Kombat
X, the text will at points contain strong language and describe scenes
of a graphic nature. As such, anyone easily offended by such things should
proceed with caution. Although if you're under 18 years of age, I'm
going to presume that you're ok with such things, seeing as you've played
the game while ignoring the rating given to it. 

A few cutscenes within the game detail quick time events. These are noted
by the phrase [QUICK TIME CUTSCENE BEGINS] whenever one starts, and 
[QUICK TIME CUTSCENE ENDS] when they finish. This guide details the best
possible outcome that the player can achieve (in other words, they hit 
all the cues flawlessly). Later versions of this guide may or may not
include the variations where you fail them.

In game fights are represented by a paragraph that always begins "They
fight." followed by a brief description of who overpowers who and 
defeats them. Any specific descriptions of a brawl (ie "Scorpion 
grabs Sub-Zero") should be considered part of a cutscene rather than 
an in-game fight.

Being from the UK, I check my spelling from the Oxford Dictionary, so
any spellings you see here which may seem incorrect are most likely
consistent with English rather than American (ie "colour" instead of
"color".) Of course, if I have spelled something wrong here in English,
feel free to e-mail me to point it out. But don't bother if I've
spelt a word that normally begins with "c" with a "k", for obvious
reasons. :)

For those who've played the game with subtitles on, you may notice some
differences in this script compared with the subtitles you read in-game,
which outside of the UK / US spelling differences mostly occurs in
dealing with punctuation. This was a deliberate move on my part, in order
to more accurately convey what is being spoken and shown. This is strictly
my opinion, which you are welcome to agree or disagree with. If you really
wanna talk with me about it, shoot me an e-mail.

When speaking, characters are denoted by either their first names, or by
their alias if that is what they are better known as (so Hanzo Hasashi 
will be denoted by "Scorpion", but Johnny Cage by "Johnny").
Generally, if a character's name exceeds more than 9 letters, I will
refer to them their first name only when they speak. In description, their
name may switch. For easy reference, here is a brief (but not exclusive)
list of character's real names and / or aliases (nicknames not included
for the sake of my sanity).

Scorpion - Hanzo Hasashi
Sub-Zero  - Kuai Liang
Johnny Cage - John Carlton
Cassie Cage - Cassandra Carlton
Takeda - Takahashi Takeda
Kenshi - Takahashi Kenshi 
Kotal Kahn - Ko'atal / Buluc
Jax - Jackson Briggs
Jacqui - Jacqueline Briggs
Reptile - Syzoth


The scene opens in a cave adorned with stone statues. The camera pans 
down to show various human-like figures, who are in fact the Elder 
Gods. Johnny Cage begins a narration.

JOHNNY: Millions of years ago, Shinnok, one of the Elder Gods, turned
on his fellow deities and invaded the Earthrealm.

The camera finishes it's pan down, revealing Shinnok cowering before 
five of the Elder Gods, who's statues tower over him. The scene cuts to
a shot of a chain, and the camera pans up to show Shinnok imprisoned in
them amongst stone deciptions of hellish scenery.

JOHNNY: Raiden and the Elder Gods stopped Shinnok. Locked him up in the

The shot fades into another, a slow pan over a stone warhammer that 
reveals Outworld's most notorious emperor.

JOHNNY: Others followed in Shinnok's footsteps, like Outworld's emperor
Shao Kahn, who was obsessed with conquering Earthrealm.

Cut to a shot of a Raiden statue, poised to fight, with the Mortal 
Kombat's iconic dragon logo behind him. On opposite sides of the logo 
stand statues of Goro and Shang Tsung.

JOHNNY: So Raiden convinced the Elder Gods to inact the Mortal Kombat
tournament as a way to even the odds... give Earthrealm a chance.

The camera pans past Raiden to center on the logo itself, then it fades 
into a shot of Kano dueling Sonya, before circling around a deciption 
of Johnny facing three Tarkatans at once.

JOHNNY: For generations, Shao Kahn followed the Elder Gods' rules. The
war moved to the arena, where he sent his toughest fighters to 
challenge Raiden's greatest defenders in Mortal Kombat.

The camera pans over to Liu Kang punching a hole in Shao Kahn's
chest, with background noise of the fight sounding out over Johnny's

JOHNNY: Two years ago, we beat him.

In the background noise, Liu Kang's final blow of the bout is heard, as
is Shao Kahn's death scream.

JOHNNY: But Shao Kahn wasn't ready to lose.

Cut to another shot of statues, this one showing Tarkatans attacking
Earthrealm's military forces. The screams and sounds of slaughter are
once again heard in the background.

JOHNNY: He violated the rules of Mortal Kombat and invaded Earthrealm.

Fade in to a deciption of some of the fallen bodies of the Forces of 
Light - Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao and Jax laying broken on the ground. 

JOHNNY: Most of Earth's defenders - our friends - were killed. Turned 
into evil undead warriors.

Fade into the statue of Shao Kahn, now ensnared and being bitten by
dragon serpents - the Elder Gods in corporeal form. His mighty warhammer
falls to his side and out of frame. The statue begins to crumble into

JOHNNY: Despite the odds, we stopped Shao Kahn's invasion. As punishment,
the Elder Gods destroyed him.

As the camera pans up to his face, we hear one last cry of defeat from
Kahn as his statue completely falls apart. The camera cuts to and circles
around another statue, this one holding a familiar looking amulet with
an emerald at it's centre.

JOHNNY: We thought the long nightmare was over. But it turns out that
Shinnok had been manipulating events.

The camera finishes panning up to Shinnok's face, and also shows a statue
of Quan Chi over his shoulder.

JOHNNY: Shao Kahn's invasion, his death... all part of Shinnok's plan to
escape the Netherrealm and resume his war on the Elder Gods.

The camera slowly zooms into Shinnok's face, and the statue's eyes 
begin to glow with an unholy fire, turning from red to yellow and
finally white. As they do so, the screen fades to white as well.

It fades into an Earthrealm city in Japan devestated by war. A dead 
soldier falls on his front, an ugly gaping hole where his face should
be. Others run past his body, and suddenly a large flying beast that
resembles a gargoyle grabs one of these soldiers, lifts him into the air
and drops him. Another soldier is tackled into the concrete by a demon
moving almost too fast to see. Several other soldiers meet the same fate.

One soldier pauses long enough to open fire at the flying beasts with his 
assault rifle. He gains nothing for his efforts except the ire of one
beast who lands on a nearby overturned car. As he turns to it, the 
hellbeast lets out an unholy roar of terror and grabs the now-screaming
soldier by his head, tearing it off his body. As the beast drops his 
head from it's toes and roams the evening sky, it is shot by high-powered
bullets from a helicopter's gatling gun. The monster squeals and falls
dead to the ground below as several helicopters fly towards the screen. 

The camera switches to follow one of them.


Inside the helicopter, Sonya Blade is co-piloting. The movie star of the
title chapter walks up to her seat and leans on both it and the seat of
the pilot's, staring into the world beyond the windscreen.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Unless specified otherwise, all dialogue during this 
scene is spoken through the headsets that each character is wearing.)

PILOT: Destination dead ahead.

JOHNNY: Set 'er down nice and easy for me.

PILOT: Don't I always?

JOHNNY: If by "always" you mean "not once".

They both share a chuckle at this comment. Cage looks over to Sonya.

JOHNNY: Major?

Sonya looks to him, then rises from her seat. She strides to the back of
the helicopter where six other soldiers are taking their seats. Also 
among them is the blind swordsman known only as Kenshi, who remains 
standing. Johnny looks on in admiration as Sonya walks up to her men. 
She turns round and flashes him a smile, and he walks up to join them.

SONYA: Alright, you have the rendezvous coordinates. Far edge of the 
forest. From there, we access the portal to Raiden's sky temple.

JOHNNY: Where there's an angry former Elder God and his devils waiting
for us.

One soldier seated among them doesn't appear to quite believe what he's
hearing (or what's happening around him).

SOLDIER: Gods, portals, flying demons...

JOHNNY: (Looking at Kenshi) Blind guys with magic swords...

Kenshi turns in his direction at this.

KENSHI: The world has changed. For the worse if we do not expel Shinnok
from Raiden's temple. He means to poison Earthrealm's life force - the

SONYA: And we're not gonna let that happen.

JOHNNY: Kenshi and I appreciate the Major allowing us to join you. We're
happy to help kick Shinnok's bony ass back to the Netherrealm.

The muffled sound of explosions outside of the helicopter gets everyone's
attention. Johnny, Sonya and Kenshi race back to the front of the 
chopper in time to witness one of the helicopters in front of theirs 
catch fire. Sonya quickly takes the co-pilot seat again. As a fireball
races to the left of their chopper, the helicopter on fire crashes into
the ground, utterly destroying it. Another fireball explodes on the side
of another chopper in front of them.

JOHNNY: (To the pilot) You gotta land this thing!

As the second chopper on fire crashes and explodes, the windshield
suddenly shatters as a kunai attached to a chain bursts through and
impales itself in the face of the pilot. 


(AUTHOR'S NOTE: All dialogue from this point on is spoken normally.)

The pilot barely has time to let out a cry of agony before he is dragged
back through the windshield, breaking it apart on his side. In the 
co-pilot's seat, Sonya desperately tries to keep the helicopter from 
crashing. As Cage looks on in concern, a sound at the back of the chopper
grabs his and Kenshi's attention. As they turn around, the soldiers also
look up to find someone else standing right in front of them, as if he'd
just teleported there.

That person is the ninja spectre known as Scorpion.

Before the soldiers can react, Scorpion kicks two of them in the chest,
then knocks out the one in front of him with a straight right hand. He
elbows the one behind him for another one hit knockout, then draws his
sword in the same motion and decapitates the next two soldiers in front
of him. The hellspawn buries his sword in the face of the fifth soldier,
then draws his second sword and backhands it through the belly of the
sixth soldier. He slips the two swords back into their sheaths as the
final two soldiers fall dead, all in the space of about six seconds.

As Johnny and Kenshi start forward, Scorpion throws a fireball that
catches Kenshi dead center and hurls him back against Sonya's seat,
knocking him out of the fight for the time being.


Scorpion hurls his chained kunai straight at Johnny.


Johnny catches the kunai and brings it level to his face, eyeing it up.

JOHNNY: Damn, I'm good!

Johnny launches into a Shadow Kick, catching Scorpion in the chest and
almost sending him out of the back of the helicopter. He gives the chain
a good tug, dragging Scorpion back towards him, where Cage grabs him and
slams him against both sides of the chopper. Scorpion recovers quickly
and throws a right hand at Johnny. He blocks it, parries two more of
Scorpion's strikes, dodges a sidekick and smashes into the back of the
ninja's head with a superman punch.

Scorpion pulls out an unchained kunai and charges in at Cage, who just
barely manages to block the wraith's forearms and avoid being stabbed.
Cage desperately struggles, but he is forced to the floor by the undead
power of Scorpion. Moments from death, Johnny finds the strength to shove
Scorpion's arms away, then he kicks the ninja away from him. As Scorpion
staggers back, Kenshi lunges at him and tackles him out of the open side
door of the chopper.

Scorpion manages to latch on to the side handle, with Kenshi desperately
hanging on to his leg. As Johnny lies on the floor of the chopper, he 
notices another person has just entered. As he rolls to his knees, he 
gets a good look at who it is; it is Sub-Zero. 

Or more specifically; the undead Kuai Liang, no longer a cybernetic husk,
but a revenant under the control of Quan Chi.

The two soldiers knocked out by Scorpion earlier awaken in time to see
Sub-Zero before them. They both try to punch him, but he blocks their 
attacks, freezes their heads and then smashes them together, shattering 
them into blood, ice and bone. Sub-Zero throws the headless corpse of 
one of them at Johnny, who manages to avoid it by dropping into his 
split-legged stance. Another soldier's decapitated head (one who had it
chopped off by Scorpion earlier) rolls in front of Cage, who quickly
knocks it out of the helicopter.

JOHNNY: Eugh, nasty!

Sub-Zero creates his signature ice blade and charges at the movie star.
Johnny manages to catch the blade in his hands and shatter it. He hits
Sub-Zero with his backflip-kick, knocking the revenant against the 
ceiling. As he lands, Sub-Zero blocks a follow up kick and throws a punch
and a low sweep, both of which Cage avoids. As Sub-Zero blocks more kicks
and punches from Cage, the scene cuts to Scorpion and Kenshi, still 
hanging on the chopper's side. Scorpion finally kicks Kenshi off him, but
the swordsman manages to stab his weapon into the side of the helicopter.
It glows as it cuts through the chopper's side, but finally sticks before
Kenshi is hurled to his death.

Back in the chopper, Johnny blocks several punches from Sub-Zero before
catching him with a right cross. As he staggers away, Johnny suddenly
senses someone behind him. Sure enough, Scorpion is standing right there.
He promptly elbows the ninja in the face, ducks another strike from 
Sub-Zero by doing the splits, and this time follows through by punching 
the revenant right between his legs.

JOHNNY: Bring it!

As Sub-Zero recoils in pain, Johnny grabs his and Scorpion's heads and
bashes them together. The former Lin Kuei stumbles back, and is bathed in
a telekenetic glow. He is then violently hurled backwards through the 
chopper's back door, curtosey of Kenshi. Noticing Kenshi is also holding 
Scorpion still with his telekenesis, Johnny grabs the spectre and punches
him out of the side door. Scorpion grabs onto the ladder with his kunai 
and starts climbing back into the helicopter. Johnny, having had enough 
at this point, readies himself as the ninja climbs back in.


Cage lunges at Scorpion and tackles him out of the helicopter, falling
out himself in the process. 


They free fall for a few moments, with Cage intending to smash Scorpion
into the pavement. At the last second, the ninja spectre teleports away in
a flash of hellfire, leaving Johnny to crash hard into the pavement. 
Despite Sonya's best efforts, the helicopter crashes into the ground a 
few moments later, carving out a large portion of the road. Sonya smacks 
her head and loses consciousness, but the chopper has not suffered enough
damage to explode just yet.

Johnny picks himself up off the sidewalk. Miraculously, he hasn't broken
any bones in the fall. He struggles to his feet and starts towards the
chopper, but is stopped by Scorpion teleporting into his path. He jumps
back into a fighting stance.

SCORPION: The end is near.

JOHNNY: Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't ya?

They fight. Even after the vicious melee in the helicopter, Johnny Cage
demonstrates he isn't one of the major defenders of the Earthrealm by 
being a mere movie star. He takes the fight to the ninja spectre and 
leaves him unconscious on the ground.

JOHNNY: Gotta get back to the chopper.

As Sonya starts to wake up, Johnny rushes over to the downed vehicle.

JOHNNY: Sonya! Get outta there--

He is suddenly struck in the back by a beam of ice and frozen. The beam
doesn't completely freeze him, but he visibly struggles to move as the
undead Sub-Zero walks up to him, again preparing his ice blade. Johnny
spots a crowbar on the ground nearby and the freeze effect wears off just
in time for him to avoid a finishing swipe from the former Lin Kuei.
Johnny dodges another swipe and grabs the crowbar, using it to parry
two more strikes before sweeping Sub-Zero's legs out from under him with
the crowbar. He drops it and backs up to his feet, with Sub-Zero rising
shortly after.

JOHNNY: Whoo! THAT was unpleasently cold!

They fight. While many would struggle fighting a foe so powerful as
Sub-Zero, Johnny proves more than ready to take him down. After a fierce
battle, Cage leaves the revenant down for the count.

JOHNNY: I liked it better when we fought on the same side.

Johnny finally makes it to the helicopter, where Kenshi is helping Sonya
down from it. Johnny assists her.

JOHNNY: You okay?

Sonya nods her consent.

KENSHI: We fared better than the men.

JOHNNY: Add 'em to the list of things Shinnok'll answer for.

After a moments silence, the three of them race off together.

The scene cuts to the courtyard of the Sky Temple. As a thunderstorm pours
down, a massive army of Netherrealm demons - different to the flying 
beasts seen earlier - are completely massacring the monks who live there. 
Only two fighters remain standing - the gods known as Raiden and Fujin, 
who launch into battle stances.

The demon army charges at them. Raiden zaps several with his electricity
blast, while Fujin traps several more in a cyclone and hurls them over
the edge of a bottomless cliff. While he admires his handiwork, a demon
charges and grapples him, biting into his face. Fujin fights back by
punching and elbowing the demon in the face, before throwing him off
the edge as well. Another demon lands behind him and gets a roundhouse
kick in the face for it's troubles. Fujin then looks to the heavens as
he realises that several more Netherrealm demons - like the flying ones
seen earlier - are descending on them.

More demons land behind him, but Fujin is saved from one by Raiden 
impaling it through the head with his polearm. He and Fujin go back to 
back, fighting off the demons with their bladed staves. One demon manages
to bite into Raiden's arm and eats an electric fist soonafter. Raiden 
impales it on the edge of his weapon and is tackled across the courtyard 
by a flying demon. The creature stands upright and roars in victory... 
before being bisected from behind by Fujin and his poleaxe. Fujin helps 
Raiden back to his feet.

FUJIN: Raiden! We must re-fortify the portal's defenses below!

RAIDEN: No, Fujin. It is too late.

The Netherrealm army is far from finished. Innumerable demons slowly walk
towards the gods of thunder and wind. One in particular gets closer and 
roars to the skies - and a green flaming skull bursts through it's chest.
Fujin and Raiden avoid the projectile as the creature falls dead, showing
the one who killed it. The army has now stopped it's advance, and given a
respectable distance to the sorcerer who commands them. He proudly walks
towards the two gods, revealing his distinctive pale facial features.

QUAN CHI: The mighty gods of Earthrealm.

RAIDEN: You befoul these hallowed grounds, Quan Chi! Begone!

QUAN CHI: Surely you are pleased to see your friends...

Quan Chi looks to his left. Before him stand the undead forms of Kurtis 
Stryker, Sindel and Kabal.

QUAN CHI: You abandoned them to their deaths. I returned them to life.

RAIDEN: A life worse than death!

QUAN CHI: One you will soon share, and my lord himself shall witness your

The three revenants charge at the gods. The scene cuts to a campfire on
the edge of a forest. A few demons are stockpiling the corpses of the 
fallen monks here. Johnny, Sonya, Kenshi and two squads of Special Forces
soldiers sneak up to the site, crouching behind cover. Johnny looks out to
the scene, and his eyes widen in shock. He not only sees the undead Smoke
in his ninja garb, but another revenant, this one with his cybernetic arms
looking as corrupted as the rest of his features.

JAX: So he's done his job?

SMOKE: I expect him soon.

JOHNNY: (whispering) Jax...

Sonya also looks crestfallen at seeing her former commanding officer, but
she looks over to Kenshi, who nods at her unspoken order. As they rise 
from cover, a portal opens behind them. More Netherrealm demons appear, 
and leading them is an undead native-american carrying two corrupted red

KENSHI: Nightwolf!

The former Earthrealm defender raises a tomahawk to the sky. As red
lightning shoots into it, he roars in attack and charges the Special 
Forces with his demons in tow. Kenshi leads a squad into battle as 
Johnny's squad provide covering fire. The fighting is quickly noticed by
the other two revenants.

JAX: There!

He runs into the battle. Sonya turns and charges toward him as well,
engaging in close kombat. In the melee, Nightwolf and Kenshi parry each 
other's blades as Smoke teleports directly into the middle of the Special 
Forces. He kicks a soldier in the chest, sending him sprawling. He 
wrenches the rifle out of another soldier's hands, then punches and elbows
him in the stomach, taking him down. He kicks the rifle out of another
soldier's hands and punches him down.

Johnny springs into action with a flying kick. Smoke blocks this and 
several more roundhouse kicks from Cage, before connecting with a back 
kick that knocks the movie star to the ground.

JOHNNY: Smoke...

SMOKE: Smoke is dead. I am Enenra.

Elsewhere in the melee, Sonya ducks some swings from Jax's cybernetic 
arms, but gets kicked in the leg, dropping her to her knees. Jax then kicks
her full in the face, knocking her over. Johnny gets the upper hand over 
Smoke by punching him twice in the face and laying him out with a crescent
kick. The movie star looks over to see Jax advancing on Sonya.

JAX: This is your last mission, Sonya.

Johnny intervenes just in time by tackling Jax to the ground. They both 
roll to their feet in fighting stances.

JOHNNY: The real Jax wouldn't punch his best friend!

JAX: Johnny Cage. Killing you will be a pleasure.

They fight. Despite fighting a warrior augmented by both sorcery and
cybernetics, Johnny Cage manages to dig deep and take the fight to the 
former Jackson Briggs. After a tough battle, Johnny eventually leaves 
Jax unconscious on the ground.

JOHNNY: We're gonna fix you someday...

With Jax down, Johnny picks up an assault rifle and catches up with Sonya
and the rest of the Special Forces, who are falling back into a cave.

JOHNNY: Well, nice seeing them again.

Sonya begins to say something, but only lets out an unhappy sigh. Johnny
puts a hand on her shoulder.

JOHNNY: Sonya... that's not him.

After a moment, Sonya nods and regains her composure. The two of them run
into the cave. While Sonya stops to confer with one of her men, Johnny 
races up to Kenshi, who is following his glowing sword Sento across a wall.

JOHNNY: That the elevator?

KENSHI: (In a deadpan tone) Yes. The elevator. 

He continues walking with the sword in front of him.

KENSHI: Sento contains the souls of my ancestors. They guide me.

Johnny looks back to the cave entrance as a rumbling sound is heard from

JOHNNY: Could they hurry the hell up?

He runs back to the mouth of the cave. Some soldiers near the entrance are
shooting at an unseen force of what can only be Netherrealm reinforcements.
Kenshi eventually stops at part of the wall and chants something in 
Japanese. The wall lights up with kanji lettering in response. As Johnny
turns around, he sees the hidden portal open up before him.

JOHNNY: Goin' up!

SONYA: (To her men) Fall back. Now!

As the soldiers race to the portal, Sonya stops for a moment with Johnny.

JOHNNY: Go on.

She runs into the portal. Cage addresses two soldiers who run up to him at
the cave mouth.

JOHNNY: You guys stay here. Close the door.

One soldier takes out a block of explosives from his satchel and passes it
to his comrade. As they rush back to the entrance, Johnny runs into the
portal, teleporting into the unknown.

The scene cuts to an underground cavern beneath the Sky Temple. Raiden and
Fujin are shooting electrical and wind blasts at the revenants pursing
them, but are gradually being forced backwards by them. Quan Chi strides
just behind his undead puppets, letting off an evil laugh as he does so.

Though Raiden and Fujin successfully down the revenants, two cloudly
shadows shaped like large hands begin to glide toward them. As the shadows
encircle them both, Raiden realises what they are and jumps back with 
Fujin in the nick of time, as the shadows form into skeletal hands that
clasp the air where they were standing just before. The gigantic hands
unfold to present the fallen Elder God known as Shinnok.

SHINNOK: You see it now, Raiden... Your legacy. You poison their hearts
with hope.

RAIDEN: And what do you offer? The same as you did millenia ago, when you
betrayed your fellow Elder Gods and attacked Earthrealm! We stopped you
then, imprisoned you in the Netherrealm! We will do so again!

SHINNOK: Remove the shadow from the light, the shadow grows. The legacy of
life is death, Raiden. My followers accept this and live on. They fight 
for me.

As the shadow clouds come around Shinnok, the revenants and Quan Chi 
charge into battle. Kabal buries his hookswords into Raiden's shoulders
and places a foot in his chest, trying to tear his arms clean off his 
body. Raiden grabs the weapons and charges them with lightning,
electrocuting Kabal. He follows through with a crescent kick, causing
Kabal to backflip from the force and crash hard on his front.

Quan Chi charges in, and Raiden avoids his kicks and punches, managing to
strike him in the kidney, then the face, before kicking him in the stomach
and punching him away. The sorcerer rallies and summons a snake-like
skeleton with a human skull, which he shoots toward Raiden. The skull
latches onto Raiden's face with it's teeth, then wraps it's body around
him. With the thunder god incapacitated, Quan Chi uppercuts him on the
chin, sending Raiden to the floor.

Fujin knocks the former oni aside with a jump kick, then narrowly ducks a
baton swipe from Stryker. He blocks another swipe, then lands a combination
of punches that downs the revenant. Before he can close in, Sindel grabs
him and unleashes a banshee scream point blank into his ear. The 
vibrations threaten to liquify Fujin's head, but in the nick of time
Raiden grabs Sindel and electrocutes her head, rendering her unconscious.

As Raiden nods to Fujin, they both ready themselves for Shinnok's 
onslaught. The fallen Elder God now holds his amulet, which he uses to 
nonchalently blast Raiden and Fujin, sending them crashing through the 
wall behind them.

As the stone entrance crumbles at their impact, Raiden and Fujin are both
on the floor at Shinnok's mercy. Before them all is the Jinsei - a 
mysterious glowing blue energy that is Earthrealm's life force.

FUJIN: You'll not touch the Jinsei!

SHINNOK: Oh, I will, and all of Earthrealm will learn the truth... of 

He sends out another blast from his amulet. This one drags both the 
Earthrealm gods towards Shinnok. They are rendered helpless as the amulet
seems poised to imprison them in it for eternity. But just before Raiden's
hand touches the amulet, Shinnok is kicked in the back by Johnny Cage, 
sending the amulet from his grasp and breaking the spell. The amulet 
clatters to the ground a good distance away from Shinnok, who faceplants
on the chamber floor. Johnny strides cockily into the chamber, Sonya
and Kenshi by his side.

JOHNNY: Oh, sorry ma'am! Didn't see ya there!

Shinnok brings himself up to his knees.

SHINNOK: Miserable wretch! Insignificant speck of feculant scum! How DARE

He lets loose a magical blast that knocks Kenshi to the floor unconscious.
Raiden spots the amulet as he and Fujin get to their feet, and he then
locks eyes with Shinnok.

SHINNOK: That is mine!

Raiden looses a lightning bolt, but Shinnok catches it in a magic blast and
shoots out a corrupted red form of the bolt that strikes Fujin and knocks
him out. Sonya fires off an entire clip of ammunition from her assault
rifle at Shinnok, who effortlessly creates a shield that deflects the
bullets. She throws the gun aside.

SONYA: Ready?

JOHNNY: As always.

They both charge Shinnok and engage in hand to hand kombat. Shinnok easily
blocks and dodges their attacks, kicking them both in the stomach with the
same leg in a motion impossible for a human. With them doubled over, he
jumps up in a split kick that catches them both in the face. Sonya is
knocked out of the fight, but Cage recovers quickly and charges in with
more punches, all effortlessly blocked by Shinnok with one hand while he
isn't even facing Johnny.

Shinnok goes on the attack and strikes Johnny with a roundhouse kick, but
Cage weathers it and lashes out with a kick to the side that staggers
Shinnok. As he recovers, Shinnok levitates Johnny into the air with his
magic and hurls him across the chamber. Johnny hits hard against the wall
and is knocked out of the fight too.

Sonya and Raiden both charge for the amulet, but Shinnok holds his hand 
out, charged with red energy. The amulet blasts the two of them as they 
come close, knocking them away. Shinnok then blasts Sonya with a red 
lightning bolt, leaving her writhing on the chamber floor. Johnny rises in
time to witness this.

SHINNOK: She will be the first to join me.

As he readies for a finishing blast with both hands, Johnny charges in,
glowing green with his latent superpowers as he does so.


In slow motion, Shinnok blasts out his magic as Sonya raises one hand in
desperation. Johnny dives in front of the blast, fully absorbing it. He
them, to the amazement of both Sonya and Shinnok, rolls to his knees and
rises without impediment, still glowing with green energy.

JOHNNY: I'm not sure what just happened to me...

The green glow fades as Johnny circles Shinnok, ready to fight.

JOHNNY: ...but I am sure of this: You don't even THINK of hurting her!

They fight. Johnny gives the fight of his life against the fallen Elder
God. Try as he may, Shinnok is unable to overcome him, and after a 
vicious brawl he is left on the ground by the movie star.

JOHNNY: You really are a fallen Elder God.

Shinnok slowly rises to his feet, clearly weakened by Cage's assault. 
Nonetheless, he gets into a kombat stance as Johnny glows green once more,
ready for battle. Raiden gets to one knee as this unfolds.

RAIDEN: Johnny Cage! The amulet!

The amulet is by Johnny's feet. With Shinnok briefly unable to conjure up
more magic, Johnny steps on it and flicks it backwards, right into 
Raiden's hand.


Johnny dodges aside as Raiden activates the amulet. The blast from it hits
Shinnok just as he manages to fire off some magic from his hands. Despite
his struggling, there is nothing Shinnok can do as he is slowly but surely 
dragged towards his amulet.


With one final cry of anguish, Shinnok is sucked into his amulet. As 
Raiden pants in exhaustion, Johnny lowers his stance and allows himself a
moment of triumph.

JOHNNY: Enjoy the new digs, Gramps.

Hearing Sonya stir, Johnny rushes to her side.

JOHNNY: Sonya?

SONYA: Johnny... did we...?

JOHNNY: Yeah. We got 'im.

Sonya manages one last look of relief before falling unconscious in 
Johnny's arms. Raiden walks up to them, holding the amulet.

RAIDEN: Remain here. The chamber's properties will heal Sonya Blade in
short order.

Kenshi and Fujin run up to Raiden.

KENSHI; Quan Chi and the others; they're gone. A surge of power within the
chamber overwhelmed my senses.

FUJIN: We can deal with Quan Chi later, Kenshi.

RAIDEN: We've netted a bigger prize this day.

KENSHI: Shinnok's Amulet...

He holds his hand toward it, telekinetically feeling it's properties.

KENSHI: ...and within it...

JOHNNY: Ol' Fishface himself.

FUJIN: Let us take the amulet to the Elder Gods.

RAIDEN: They cannot destroy it. No one can.

FUJIN: They might offer counsel. Shinnok can never escape.

Raiden wordlessly offers his consent and the two gods leave the chamber.
Kenshi is left with Johnny, who is still holding Sonya. He is smiling and
at peace, unlike Kenshi, who is still clearly concerned with the events
that just occurred.

KENSHI: The war is not over. Quan Chi has escaped. Why are you smiling?

JOHNNY: She called me "Johnny".

The scene fades into Johnny Cage, now with greyed hair. The caption 
"Twenty Years Later" reads on the bottom right of the screen. Johnny
is talking in what appears to be a high tech communications room with
four younger fighters; his daughter Cassie, Jax's daughter Jacqui,
a Shaolin by the name of Kung Jin and Takahashi Takeda from the Shirai

JOHNNY: Raiden told me later that I'm descended from some Mediterranean
war cult.

He pauses to snort in derision.

JOHNNY: "Bred as warriors for the gods." I've never been able to 
re-summon that green halo. Raiden thinks it was triggered when I saw a
loved one about to die.

Kung Jin seems to view the tale with some skepticism. He looks over to
Cassie, who has her back to him and is concentrating on the computer
before her.

KUNG JIN: How 'bout you, Cassie? Can you summon anything like that? Or
did it skip a generation?

TAKEDA: Take it easy, Jin.

CASSIE: We didn't need a halo in Darfur - or Iran, or Kurdistan. Did
we, Jacqui?

JACQUI: Nope, we didn't. Shaolin monks ever send you there, Jin?

KUNG JIN: I've seen plenty of action; Takeda and I both. Stuff that'd
blow your Special Forces minds--


Before Jin can continue, and before Cassie can interject with an
expletive laden reply, Johnny stands back up to defuse the situation, 
addressing everyone as he does so.

JOHNNY: At ease. You're all here because you deserve to be. You're
beautiful and unique snowflakes. 

Everyone sits in silent disbelief at what they just heard. With the 
tension gone, Johnny continues.

JOHNNY: Now, as I'm sure you're unaware - judging from the lack of gift
cards - today is our team's six week anniversary. Secretary Blake says 
he's pleased with our progress.

KUNG JIN: You could spit in his hair and he'd be "pleased with our 

JACQUI: He was smart enough to have Mister Cage put this team together.

TAKEDA: I'm glad the Shirai Ryu chose me to join. New places...

He looks over to Jacqui.

TAKEDA: ...new faces.

Jacqui closes her eyes briefly and tries not to stare at Takeda, who sits
where he is still smiling at her.

JOHNNY: As the secretary pointed out, us older folks are gonna retire
someday, so it's time for your generation to step up. Shaolin, Shirai Ryu,
S-F. Together. For your team's first mission, you're going to the Lin Kuei

Kung Jin and Takeda share a meaningful look.

JOHNNY: We haven't heard from the Grandmaster in a while, so we need to
make sure he's still on our side; that he's got our backs if things flare
up again with Outworld. You need to bring him in, but don't be surprised 
if Sub-Zero's not willing to cooperate.

CASSIE: Why be worried about Outworld? I thought Kotal Kahn respected
the Reiko Accords?

JOHNNY: He does, but he's facing a civil war. The rebels win, those 
accords will be history.


The scene fades into the desert skyline of the capital city of Z'unkahran
in Outworld. It pans down to the city buildings, and finally the streets,
where a battalion of Kotal Kahn's warriors march through, along with
the Outworld equivalent of oxen dragging a large carriage. Leading the
march are the wandering mercenary Erron Black and the living amalgamation
of souls known only as Ermac. The scene cuts to the inside of the carriage,
and our first sight of Outworlds latest emperor; the Osh-Tekk warrior
Kotal Kahn.

KOTAL: Twenty million.

The camera cuts to who he is speaking with; the Earthrealm mercenary Kano,
leader of the Black Dragon. Sitting beside him is D'Vorah, Kotal's 
lieutenant from Kytinn.

KANO: Emperor, what's the expression? "S' not worth the dirt on my 

D'VORAH: Kotal Kahn has always bargained with you fairly, Kano.

KANO: Sure, sure. I'm just sayin'; upgraded weapons, my intel - and poof!
The long Outworld civil war - done. Might be nice to kick back a bit, eh?

KOTAL: You know Mileena's location.

KANO: And 'er whole rebel army. S'gotta be worth at least fifty.

KOTAL: I must attack her. Immediately. End this conflict. As you say...

Kano looks over to the rooftops through the carriage windows. He spots
the former empress Mileena running over them, accompanied by the
Edenian demi-god Rain.

KOTAL: ...it drains us.

Kano refocuses his attention on Kotal.

KANO: Right. Do we have a deal?

The driver of Kotal's cart suddenly calls a halt, bringing the carriage
to a stop. D'Vorah immediately checks the window.

KOTAL: What is it, D'Vorah?

D'VORAH: The emperor should not be concerned. Accident ahead. This One 
will clear it.

As she exits the carriage, the scene cuts to the reason behind the halt. 
Two massive carts of stacked crates block the roadway. Kotal's soldiers
move to heave them aside as D'Vorah walks up to them.

D'VORAH: Make way for Kotal Kahn! Move!

On the rooftops, Mileena and Rain spy on the proceedings, accompanied by
the treacherous Edenian Tanya and several Tarkatans.

TANYA: The Tarkatans are in position. We await your order.

MILEENA: It is given, dearest Tanya.

Tanya sneaks off with several Tarkatans in tow.

RAIN: Stopping a carriage is nothing. Killing an emperor--


RAIN: --requires power. Power you have, Mileena. And won't use.

Mileena begrudgingly pulls out what Rain is referring to - Shinnok's

MILEENA: It pains me to use it, Rain. I need more time. The usurper's
excursion came too soon.

RAIN: The rain falls when it may.

MILEENA: No matter - if Kano does what I paid him to do.

Back at the cart pile up, Ermac is telekinectically moving the crates,
while Kotal's soldiers still struggle with the carts themselves.

D'VORAH: Now! Do it!

More soldiers walk over to help. Inside the carriage, Kotal Kahn waits
impatiently and silenty with Kano, who seems to be staring him down to
pass the time. A shout outside the carriage attracts Kotal's attention,
and he turns to see an entire army of Tarkatan warriors madly rushing
down a back alley directly at his forces. Outworld civilians scatter
at the rush, but Kotal's forces rush in to intercept them. At the same 
time, more Tarkatans rush in from an alley on the opposite side of the
carriage, forcing the soldiers to divide up to fight them off.

Seeing the army approach, D'Vorah, Ermac and Erron Black charge into the
foray. Ermac ducks a blade swipe from a Tarkatan, telekinetically lifts
him into the air and viciously bends him backwards, snapping his spine,
before blasting his corpse into another Tarkatan.

Erron Black shoots a charging Tarkatan in the face with his revolver,
killing him instantly. He turns and blocks a swipe from another, before
putting his gun directly into the mutant's mouth and pulling the trigger.
As that one falls dead, Erron is tackled by a third, knocking his hat off
in the process.

Two of Kotal's soldiers gang up to stab a Tarkatan to death, while 
another mutant slashes a soldier across the chest with his arm blades, 
killing him. That Tarkatan spots D'Vorah and charges her along with two
more of his comrades. As they approach, D'Vorah extends two of her hidden
appendages, brutally stabbing the mutants to death before they can get in
range of her. She pauses to take a breath, and as she does she spots even
more Tarkatans charging into the melee.

Inside the carriage, Kotal Kahn watches all of this with barely contained
fury. He curses in untranslated Osh-Tekk.


Kano cunningly strokes his beard.

KANO: You said a mouthful...

He reaches behind him and pulls out one of his knives. He stabs downwards
at Kotal, who blocks it with a forearm and punches Kano across the face.
Kano tries another downward stab with both arms this time. Kotal catches
his wrists and pushes them away.

Kotal pushes Kano down, grabs his cybernetic heart and lays in several
measured punches, before delivering a headbutt that fractures Kano's
skull (according to the X-Ray vision that pops up).

Kano rallies and grabs Kotal by the shoulders. They struggle for a moment
and Kano throws Kotal down. He tries to fry the Outworld emperor with his
laser eye, but Kotal blocks the beam with a forearm and grabs Kano with
his other hand, plunging his thumb directly into the mercenaries eye.
Kano screams in pain, but miraculously isn't blinded by the ordeal. 

Kotal kicks him away, grabs him and throws him into the carriage side. 
Kano destroys one of the carriage window frames with his face. He tries
to fight back with a double axe-handle smash, but Kotal blocks it,
punches him in the stomach twice, then grabs him and throws him to the
other side of the carriage. This time, both Kano and Kotal crash through
the carriage door to the outside.


While on the ground, Kotal punches Kano repeatedly, but Kano catches his
hand and throws Kotal aside. They both roll to their feet in fighting

KOTAL: You wound me, Kano. Your offer of aid was but wind and air?!

KANO: Keep yer fifty million. Mileena's giving me twice that to take you 

They fight. While Kano's fighting strength and cybernetic enhancements
have only grown in the years he's lived, Kotal Kahn's life experiences
far outshine his. The Outworld emperor lives up to his title by beating
Kano into the ground.

KOTAL: You're not worth the dirt on my shoe.

As Kano tries to struggle back to his feet, Kotal pulls out his ceremonial
dagger. Pinning Kano to the ground with his boot, the Kahn plunges the
spiked weapon square into Kano's back. He withdraws it and prepares to 
slit Kano's throat. Despite Kano trying to block the dagger, Kotal 
gradually overpowers him, but he is suddenly struck by a fireball that 
knocks him to the ground. The one who threw it - Tanya - leaps gracefully 
from the carriage she perched on and lands on the ground. The two circle 
each other in fighting stances.

KOTAL: You are the Edenian, Tanya.

TANYA: I'm pleased you remember me, Ko'atal.

She curtseys mockingly and throws a burst of fire. Kotal catches it in
his palm and his arm begins to charge with energy.

KOTAL: I will never forget those who freed Mileena.

He throws the burst back at Tanya, forcing her to cancel her spell. She
pulls out a pair of kama (miniature scythes).

TANYA: She vowed to create a free Edenia - something you refuse to do.

Kotal swings the dagger at her. She blocks it with both her kama.

KOTAL: A united Outworld stands strong against it's enemies.

TANYA: It will never be united under your rule.

They break off their clinch.

KOTAL: Your rebellion is all that prevents it.

They fight. Tanya's speed and magical prowess prove to be little match
for the strength and power of the Osh-Tekk warrior. After a swift and
fierce battle, Kotal leaves Tanya on the floor unconscious and beaten.

KOTAL: You are a fool to trust Mileena.

A Tarkatan warrior charges straight at Kotal following the battle. Kotal
blocks a blade swipe, elbows the mutant in the stomach, sweeps his leg
and knees him in the face, knocking him out. He grabs the arm of another
Tarkatan charging him, punches him in the side and face, then sweeps his
legs with his arm, taking him down. As the Kahn searches the battle, he
spots Mileena on the rooftops.

KOTAL: She tasks me... for the last time.

His body glows with fire and he teleports to the roof where Mileena is.
He approaches her, Rain and the three Tarkatans with them with his 
shoulder ornaments (a pair of hooks) drawn for kombat.

KOTAL: Mileena.

MILEENA: Kano was to kill you, miserable snake!

She barks out an untranslated order in the Tarkatan language. One of them
charges and gets an arm sliced off for his efforts, followed by a slash
through the heart. The second Tarkatan leaps into the fray with a kick,
but Kotal grabs his foot and and slices his leg off at the knee. As he
drops, the final Tarkatan rushes toward him, only to take several slashes
from the hooks, dying when one is embedded into his torso, and the other
into the side of his head. Kotal snaps his neck with the last strike and
leaves the hooks in his corpse, kicking it away.

Mileena charges at him, screaming. She throws a spinkick that Kotal blocks,
follows with several more kicks that are blocked or dodged, before
landing a punch across his face. The Kahn replies with two face-punches of
his own and then lifts his hand to the sky, absorbing a ray of sunlight.
With an untranslated chant, he blasts Mileena with this ray, sending her
crashing through the rooftop wall and down to the street below. Kotal
looks over to Rain.

KOTAL: Another Edenian. The supposed half-god.

Rain replies by trapping Kotal in a water bubble, suspending him in the 

RAIN: I am a son of Argus. I was not merely declared a god by befuddled
commoners, Buluc.

Kotal glows with sunlight once more and bursts the water bubble he is in.

KOTAL: Surely Mileena suspects your true intentions, son of Argus.
He charges at Rain, who disappears in a flash of water. The Kahn stops
short of the rooftop edge, but is unaware that Rain teleported behind him.
Rain leaps in the air and dropkicks Kotal in the back, sending him off
the rooftop to the street below. He lands hard on his front. As he
struggles to his feet, Rain teleports to the street to meet him in kombat.

RAIN: My "intentions" are to teach you the difference between pretension
and godhood.

They fight. In spite of being a half-god, Rain's arrogance gets the better
of him in the fight with the determined Kotal Kahn, who's sun-based
strength manages to see him through the melee. Eventually Rain is left
beaten on the ground by Kotal's hand.

KOTAL: That should silence you.

As Rain struggles to his knees, Erron Black runs up to the Outworld 
emperor. Kotal gives a silent nod to Erron, which is returned. Black walks
up to Rain.

ERRON: You won't touch him again.

He kicks Rain square in the face, knocking him onto his back. As Rain
tries to recover, Erron puts his boot on Rain's throat and levels his 
revolver square at Rain's nose. Before he can pull the trigger, a sai 
flies out of nowhere and impales Black's hand, forcing him to drop the 

MILEENA: But I will.

Mileena turns to face off against Kotal. Rain teleports away while Erron
backs off as well.

MILEENA: As the heir to my father Shao Kahn, I, Mileena, Kahnum of 
Outworld, order your execution!

They fight. As vicious and desperate of a fighter as Mileena is, not
even her magic and skill is a match for the Osh-Tekk warrior known as
Kotal Kahn. After a brutal fight, Mileena is knocked to the ground by
the Kahn.

KOTAL: There will be an execution this day.

The Tarkatan forces have now been routed, and several of Kotal's warriors
surround Mileena, who manages to get to her feet. She tries to flee but
cannot see a way out.

KOTAL: You will atone for your dissent, Mileena. Your blood will make 

He begins to absorb more sunlight into his palm.

KOTAL: Up the stair path... to the fire's edge!

As he shoots off a ray of sunlight, Mileena pulls out Shinnok's Amulet and
fires it off. The two rays of magic collide in midair and struggle against
one another until Kotal is forced to break his attack. The trapping magic
is shot off in all directions, engulfing three of his soldiers who are
instantly teleported into the amulet. The effect visibly scars Mileena's
arm, and she cries out in pain as the magic halts, falling to the ground

Rain suddenly teleports into the fray, grabs Mileena and disappears again
with her in tow. Kotal remains on one knee, visibly struggling to get
to his feet. D'Vorah helps him up, but he puts a hand to his head, still

D'VORAH: What did my emperor see?

KOTAL: A mere cub... grown to be a jaguar.

He says nothing more, but looks to where Mileena was for a moment, before
walking off.

The scene cuts to a shot of the Lin Kuei temple, viewed through a high
tech computer monitor. Various statistics outline the screen.

CASSIE: Once we hit the drop-point, we split up.

The scene moves back into the S-F control room, with everyone seen
earlier (Johnny, Cassie, Jacqui, Takeda and Kung Jin) still present.

CASSIE: Jacqui and I will come in from the south. You two from the west.

JACQUI: Rendezvous here. The north entrance.

JIN: Then what? A simple pick up and go?

CASSIE: We bag 'im if he resists.

TAKEDA: Resistance might be more possible than you think.

CASSIE: Don't sweat it. It comes to that, Sub-Zero won't know what hit 


The scene cuts to the Lin Kuei temple. Two members of the clan, outfitted
in blue light armour complete with a sword on the back, rush up the 
gigantic staircase. Sitting on the throne of the Grandmaster is Kuai
Liang - better known as Sub-Zero - now fully restored to life. His
whitened eyes take in the two Lin Kuei, who put their hands together and
bow their heads before him in respect.

LIN KUEI #1: The forward defenses stand down as you command, Grandmaster.

LIN KUEI #2: It is confirmed. Four intruders.

The Grandmaster smiles in response.

SUB-ZERO: It is time to entertain our guests.

The scene cuts to just outside of the Lin Kuei temple, panning down from
the giant statue of the first Lin Kuei Grandmaster to the temple's 
entrance. In the midst of the light snow falling down, Team S-F have all
reached the rendezvous point and wait to the side of the entrance 

CASSIE: All right, I've got point. (To Takeda) You and Jin, that side.

Both of them exchange a glance. Takeda's face is unreadable, but Kung Jin
clearly doesn't agree with the command.


Both of them obey and slip over to the other side of the staircase.

CASSIE: (To Jackie) Ready?

Jacqui nods her consent, but just as Cassie turns to the entrance, the
temple doors open up. She hastily backs up as Sub-Zero and four Lin Kuei
students exit the temple, walking down to the grounds just before them.
They stop before the statue of the First Grandmaster and kneel in

Jin motions with his head to move in. Cassie mouths "Not yet" to him
in response. After a moment, Jin chooses to ignore the command and stomps
out of his hiding place.

CASSIE: Dammit, Jin!

All three of them quickly follow as Jin points to Sub-Zero.

KUNG JIN: You. I need to s--

Cassie lightly hits him on the back, grabbing his attention. Sub-Zero
speaks to them without ever lifting his head from his meditation.

SUB-ZERO: You are not welcome here. State your intentions.

Jin decides to let Cassie do the talking, and she steps forward.

CASSIE: Grandmaster. We need you to come with us. My name is Sergeant--

The Lin Kuei with Sub-Zero bark out a command in Chinese. Reinforcements
flood in from seemingly nowhere, surrounding Team S-F and outnumbering
them about 5 to 1. Sub-Zero stands up from his meditation.

SUB-ZERO: You demand my cooperation. Yet you are cut off. Surrounded.
What will you do?

CASSIE: My father always spoke highly of you, Sub-Zero. He wants to talk.

SUB-ZERO: Talking. Always his first choice.

KUNG JIN: Okay, let's try pummeling. (To Team S-F) Now!


It's far too late for waiting. Jin charges into a line of Lin Kuei as
Sub-Zero rushes in and takes a swing at Cassie. As Takeda and Jacqui 
begin fighting as well, Cassie barely ducks out of the way in time and
only just gets an arm up to block a left swing. Sub-Zero knees her in the
side and blocks two kicks from her in response. He steps back from a wild
right swing and headbutts Cassie, before throwing her to the ground. She
comes up in a roll and pulls out her sidearm, but Sub-Zero freezes it 
with a quick ice ball, rendering it useless. Cassie goes into a 
fighting stance.

SUB-ZERO: Cassandra Cage. You lead this group, but they do not follow.
What would your mother do?

CASSIE: Stop wasting time and take you down.

They fight. As youthful and determined a fighter as Cassie is, Sub-Zero
is leagues ahead of her with his strength, experience and powers. After
a fierce battle, he leaves her defeated on the ground.

SUB-ZERO: You are more like your mother than you think.

Takeda charges at Sub-Zero from behind and launches into a spinkick
(with multiple spins). Sub-Zero blocks the attack and throws several 
punches that Takeda blocks, but he eventually lands one. Takeda fights
back with several more kicks, all blocked. On the final kick, Sub-Zero
covers himself with ice as Takeda lands on him with a spinning downwards
kick, seemingly shattering him into ice shards.

After Takeda spends a moment looking around, Sub-Zero resurfaces behind
him and dropkicks him in the back. The Lin Kuei Grandmaster kips up to
his feet as Takeda struggles to his.

SUB-ZERO: Your powers should have revealed my intention, Takahashi Takeda.
No doubt Kenshi taught you how to use them.

TAKEDA: My father taught me a lot, Grandmaster.

SUB-ZERO: Let us see.

They fight. Even with his agility and lasher whips, the Shirai Ryu
ninja proves to be little match for the Lin Kuei Grandmaster. It's not
long before Takeda is facedown on the ground, defeated.

SUB-ZERO: You are not your father. Not yet.

From behind, Jacqui attempts to punch Sub-Zero in the back of his head,
but he anticipates her attack and sweeps her legs with his arm. Jacqui
turns her fall into a cartwheel and lands on her feet.

JACQUI: Dammit.

SUB-ZERO: You announced your arrival, Jacqueline Briggs.

JACQUI: Specialist Briggs.

SUB-ZERO: Yes. Military decorum is important to your family.

Jacqui takes several swings at Sub-Zero, one of them managing to hit
him in his side. She lands another in his stomach and a superman punch
to his face, staggering him a few steps backwards.

JACQUI: If you know my father, you know me. Thought you and he were 

SUB-ZERO: Our histories share a dark chapter.

They fight. Despite her only augmentation being her powered gauntlets,
Jacqui proves to be a tough fighter. However, Sub-Zero's experience,
strength and ice powers see him through the fight and he knocks Jacqui to
the ground.

SUB-ZERO: Do not judge yourself harshly, Specialist Briggs.

Jacqui suddenly whirls to her feet and lands a spinkick across Sub-Zero's
face. She lands a right hand and then a roundhouse kick, taking the
Grandmaster to one knee, stunned. A Lin Kuei ninja charges her with a
sword, forcing her to block his attacks and disengage from the fight.
Elsewhere on the temple grounds, Kung Jin throws a Lin Kuei to the
ground, blocks a sword strike from another, grabs his arms and judo
throws him down too. 

Seeing Sub-Zero on one knee, Jin charges in with a straight kick, but
Sub-Zero suddenly stands up and blocks it and a follow up kick. The
Grandmaster ducks under one of Jin's jump spinning kicks and charges in
with several punches. Jin blocks most, but one in the chest and another
in the face tag him. He staggers back from the onslaught and magically
readies his bow-staff.

KUNG JIN: A feint. Bravo.

SUB-ZERO: Kung Jin. You should rally your companions rather than mock
your superiors.

KUNG JIN: I'll remember that - in case I ever meet one.

They fight. Jin's arrogance prove to be his undoing, for in spite of his
skill in battle, Sub-Zero's endurance is far too strong and his powers
are far greater. In short order, Jin is lying on his back in the snow.

SUB-ZERO: False bravado does not suit you.

By now, the Lin Kuei have successfully subdued Cassie, Jacqui and Takeda,
and have them on their knees with their hands tied behind them. Kung
Jin is soon bound and put with them in the same manner. Sub-Zero walks
over to Team S-F.

TAKEDA: Any ideas?

CASSIE: Sub Zero, let's talk.

SUB-ZERO: That opportunity has passed.

KUNG JIN: Got a new plan, Cage?

JACQUI: You could'a followed the old one, Jin.

CASSIE: (To Sub-Zero) You're gonna catch hell if you kill us.

Sub-Zero considers this for a moment.

SUB-ZERO: ...Yes. I suppose so.

He calls out to one of the Lin Kuei in Chinese. The assassin cuts the
ropes that bind Team S-F, and the Lin Kuei walk back into the temple.

CASSIE: That worked?

A whistle catches Team S-F's attention as they rise to their feet. 
Standing on the staircase to the temple is Johnny Cage, who salutes them
with a pointed finger.

JACQUI: This was all a... a--

SUB-ZERO: A training exercise.

CASSIE: Damn. I shoulda seen it.

SUB-ZERO: You and your friends show much promise, Cassandra Cage. But
until you function as one, you will fall short.

Back on their plane and in their command centre, Team S-F begin
dressing their outfits and pride. Cassie walks in, making sure to 
shoulder bump Jin as she passes. Johnny follows behind her.

JOHNNY: So other than that you enjoyed your visit.

CASSIE: The Lin Kuei shredded us.

KUNG JIN: You, maybe.

JACQUI: I see plenty of frozen bootprints on your ass, too.

JOHNNY: C'mon now, you're all winners in my book.

This does nothing to encourage Team S-F, who continue to look downcast.
Johnny's phone begins to vibrate in his back pocket and he takes it out.
He takes one look at the screen and becomes deadly serious.

JOHNNY: New orders. From General Blade.

He walks over to the computer and types something in. He reads the screen
for more info.

JOHNNY: Priority One: Outworlders. Here in Earthrealm...

TAKEDA: An invasion?

JACQUI: Couldn't be.

She notices Johnny is silent. So does Jin.

KUNG JIN: You're not afraid are you, Mister Cage?

JOHNNY: Outworlders, I can handle...

The scene cuts to Team S-F's plane touching down at a refugee camp
policed by the Special Forces. The blind swordsman Kenshi - aged and
graying as well - walks over to the plane. The scene cuts to a few
minutes later, after Johnny and Team S-F have disembarked from the plane.

JOHNNY: So when did they show up?

KENSHI: The portal opened by the docks a few hours ago. Nearly five
thousand in all. Refugees from the Outworld civil war.

JOHNNY: Must be bad if they risked coming to Earthrealm.

KENSHI: (To Kung Jin) After you.

As Jin, Cassie, Jacqui and Johnny all walk into one of the command tents,
Kenshi stops Takeda and puts a hand on his shoulder.

KENSHI: (Telepathically) Do not dwell on your encounter with the Lin 
Kuei, son.

Takeda sighs out loud.

TAKEDA: (Telepathically) Kinda hard not to.

They both walk into the command tent. Admist all of the Special Forces
soldiers at various monitors, Raiden stands over a beautiful young
woman, who despite looking vaguely Asian is no doubt from Outworld. She
is seating and nursing a hot drink as Kenshi and Takeda walk over. General
Sonya Blade - looking startingly young for almost fifty - turns when she
sees them approaching.

SONYA: Thanks, Kenshi. Could you and Mister Cage join us?

She perches on the side of a nearby table near the woman. Cassie begins
to walk over as well, and Sonya addresses her while barely looking in
her direction.

SONYA: Sergeant Cage, you and your team as you were.

She turns away. Cassie is clearly annoyed by this, and shares a glance
with her father. At his silent request, she does as she's told.

RAIDEN: This is Li Mei. She seeks asylum for her people in Earthrealm.

LI MEI: Our village, Sun Do, was the epicentre of a fierce battle. We
barely escaped with our lives.

JOHNNY: Such is war.

A moment of silence passes.

JOHNNY: I mean, no offense, but... you Outworlders kinda live for that, 

LI MEI: This was different. The rebels, Mileena, had a weapon unlike
anything... Entire battalions, erased. It was not honourable. Not kombat.

RAIDEN: Tell me more about the weapon.

LI MEI: A talisman. Gold, with a centre jewel. Mileena wields it's
crimson energy without precision.

CASSIE: Well, that's good then--

SONYA: Not now, Sergeant Cage.

Cassie looks downcast as Li Mei continues.

LI MEI: It is enough that she possesses it. It turns the tide in her 
favor. The emperor grows desperate. And those caught in the middle... pay
the price.

RAIDEN: If this talisman is what I suspect it to be, we may all pay a 

KUNG JIN: We talking about Shinnok's Amulet?

SONYA: (To Raiden) Can't be. The base, the vault, your wardings? S-F,
Shaolin, no way anyone can get past all that.

RAIDEN: I must be certain.

He leaves the tent. Johnny breaks the silence.

JOHNNY: Well, this is cozy.

Sonya says nothing, but glares at him with an annoyed expression. Li
Mei notices the tension between them and tries to cool it off.

LI MEI: (To Johnny) You remind me of an Earthrealmer who crossed over
with us. He also found humour in everything.

JOHNNY: Handsome guy, right?

The joke is seemingly lost on Li Mei.

LI MEI: He was an Earthrealmer. One of his eyes... glowed red.

At this, Johnny and Sonya realise exactly who she means.

KUNG JIN: (To Jacqui) Who does she mean?

Jacqui shrugs in response.

SONYA: Kenshi, continue with Li Mei. I'm going to the refugee camp. Gotta
get to him before he finds a way out.

She starts walking outside. Johnny falls in with her.

JOHNNY: I'll come with.

Sonya stops at once and addresses Johnny directly.

SONYA: Go get an update on camp security from Colonel Flagg.


SONYA: Because then you won't be here.

Cassie looks more outraged than her father does and starts forward.
Johnny motions for her to stand down and then leaves the tent without
another word. Sonya watches him as he leaves, and doesn't look away
until Cassie addresses her.

CASSIE: Are we with you?

SONYA: No. I need to confirm with Kotal Kahn that Li Mei's story is true.
You and your team are going to Outworld.

She turns around and leaves the tent without another word.


The scene cuts to Outworld's capital, Z'unkahran. Team S-F are walking
through the crowded streets of Outworlders going about their normal

JACQUI: I dunno, I expected the sky to be purple or something.

KUNG JIN: Don't believe everything you see online.

CASSIE: And what makes you an expert?

KUNG JIN: The Shaolin archives. I studied a lot about Outworld.

CASSIE: No substitute for experience.

KUNG JIN: So what makes you our leader?

The two of them stop walking and stare one another down. Takeda 
intercedes before anything else happens.

TAKEDA: Guys, let's stick to the mission?

Cassie breaks off the staredown and walks off. Jin smiles to himself
and follows along with Takeda and Jacqui.

CASSIE: Li Mei has to be telling the truth. 

JACQUI: An invasion would violate the Reiko Accords.

KUNG JIN: 'Cause you can always trust an Outworlder...

TAKEDA: But if Outworld's our ally, why didn't they help us during the
Netherrealm war? Against Quan Chi and his team of...

KUNG JIN: Revenants? Like Jacqui's dad?

Jacqui stops dead at this remark.

JACQUI: Asshole!

Jin turns round, addressing everyone as he does so.

KUNG JIN: It's not an alliance. Non-agression pact. Outworld is not our

A new voice cuts through the air, and Team S-F find themselves
surrounded by several of Kotal Kahn's soldiers. The one speaking stands
out the most in his gunslinger attire.

ERRON: A point you might make with more subtlety, given your surroundings.
Now state your business. Including a reason why we shouldn't kill you.

Takeda puts his hand to his head, telepathically reading Erron Black's

TAKEDA: I can read you. You're not from Outworld.

ERRON: I'm from Earthrealm - like you - but my employer, Kotal Kahn is
from Outworld. So now I'm from Outworld. State your business.

CASSIE: We're emissaries. We need to talk to Kotal Kahn. 

She pulls something out of her back pocket.

CASSIE: Here, we have Raiden's official seal.

Black looks at it for a moment.

ERRON: I can buy one of those at that stall right over there.

KUNG JIN: Look, you can arrest us, even kill us, but if we're telling the
truth, you probably get a pay cut - or worse. You take us to the Kahn,
I'll tell 'im you took us down. Maybe get you a bonus. You can't lose.

Erron considers this new offer for a moment longer than he did Cassie's.

ERRON: Follow me.

He walks off. Team S-F follow with the soldiers close by. Jin flashes
another smile at Cassie. They walk into the main plaza of the marketplace,
where a crowd has gathered to watch a public event. A soldier on a
raised platform addresses all present, reading from a scroll.

SOLDIER: "In these times of war, we are required to view every resource as
a weapon for our Emperor to use at his discretion." 

The scene cuts to a closer view. A man has been bound in the stocks, and
two soldiers pull him out and restrain him.

SOLDIER: "To take without his leave is to steal from the hand of Kotal 
Kahn himself."

Kung Jin stops to take in the scene, with mounting horror clear on his

SOLDIER: "Therefore, having been found guilty of theft, you shall be
put to death."

THIEF: I was hungry!

He is slammed onto a headsman's block.

SOLDIER: Your sentence will be carried out... immediately!

Jin turns to Erron.

KUNG JIN: Death? For petty theft?

ERRON: Remember where you are.

Defiantly, Jin pushes his way through the crowd.


Erron pulls out a revolver, intending to shoot Kung Jin in the back.
Cassie grabs his arm and throws him down, causing the shot to go wide. 
Takeda and Jacqui begin fighting the soldiers as well. On the platform,
a soldier holds a macuahuitl - an Aztec (or in this universe, Osh-Tekk)
spiked war club - over the thief's head. As he prepares to swing it
downward, an arrow pierces his shoulder, sending him down in pain. Jin
puts down his bow-staff and charges in.

Three soldiers pull their swords and meet him in kombat. Kung Jin easily
blocks the first's attacks with his staff and hits him in the side of his 
helmet. Jin hits another strike to his stomach and knocks him down with
a bash to the back of his head. He blocks two strikes from the second
soldier and sends him sprawling with a staff hit to the face, then
repeats the motion to the third soldier before he can even finish his
attack. Behind him, other Outworld citizens begin attacking the soldiers
as well.

Elsewhere, Erron blocks a high kick and a punches from Cassie, and she
blocks two of his attempts to shoot her and ducks a pistol whip. He
counters another strike from her by bashing her in the forehead with
his revolver and dashes off from the fight while she's stunned.

The soldiers now have a full scale riot on their hands. One is tackled 
off the platform by an Outworld citizen, while a second is pushed off
by another citizen, allowing Jin to run up and free the thief from his

KUNG JIN: Get outta here! Go!

The citizen helps the grateful thief to his feet. Jin turns round and
walks off the platform, coming face to face with Erron Black.

ERRON: I knew I shouldn't have listened to you.

KUNG JIN: A lesson in trust... from a mercenary.

ERRON: Here's another learning opportunity.

They fight. As deadly and pragmatic a fighter as Erron Black is, Kung
Jin exhibits equal skill and speed with his own weapons. After a hard
fought battle, the Shaolin student leaves the mercenary flat on his back.

KUNG JIN: I'm a quick learner.

The soldiers surrounding the rest of Team S-F are quickly defeated. A
loud deep roar attracts Jacqui's attention, and several thumping 
footsteps catch the attention of everyone else as well. They look up
in horror at what is approaching, but Jin steels himself as he hears
a young girl calling out threats in the Outworld tongue.

The gigantic hooded brute Torr walks into the plaza, and on his back is
his rider, the diminutive Ferra. She gives off an evil cackle as they
take in the scene.

FERRA: Let's play, Torr!

Torr roars in response and starts forward. Team S-F get into fighting

CASSIE: You couldn't just ask for a pony like every other girl?

Kung Jin nocks an arrow into his bow-staff.

KUNG JIN: The archives never mentioned symbiotes.


At Ferra's battle cry, Torr charges forward. Cassie, Jacqui and Takeda
run to meet them, while Jin aims his bow-staff. Jacqui ducks a right
swing from Torr and tries to punch him, but Torr easily blocks her 
attempts. As Torr grabs Jackie and hoists her over his head, Jin fires
off an arrow that hits him in the shoulder, causing him to drop Jacqui
before he can slam her into the ground.

Torr pulls the arrow out and charges forward, but Takeda runs into his 
path. He blocks a fist from Torr, who blocks his attacks and grabs his
leg, throwing him to the ground while Jin prepares another shot. The brute
bashes Takeda with both his fists while he's down, but Jin hits him with
another arrow in the shoulder before he can repeat the motion.

Once more Torr pulls the arrow out and charges forward. Cassie tries
to hit him with a Shadow kick, but Torr catches her leg.

FERRA: Break her face!

Torr complies by punching Cassie square in her face with his free fist.
He picks her up by the shoulders and hoists her over his head, eye level
with Ferra, who brandishes the claws on her hands. 

FERRA: Ferra cut you!

This time, Jin shoots his arrow at Ferra, catching her in the shoulder
and knocking her off Torr's back. Torr throws down Cassie and runs in
to meet Kung Jin in kombat. Ferra quickly rights herself and jumps right
back on Torr's back.


FERRA: You here make trouble, Skinny? 

She barks off a growl.

FERRA: Trouble make you!

Torr roars in compliance.

They fight. Ferra/Torr prove to be unlike any opponent Kung Jin has ever
faced, with the hulking giant and depraved dwarf fighting in tandem with
amazing effect. Nonetheless, Jin's speed, training and endurance all
pay off in the end and after a long hard brawl he leaves Torr
defeated on the ground, on top of Ferra.

KUNG JIN: Love to learn more about ya. Too bad you're insane.

As Ferra struggles to pull herself out from under Torr's unconscious 
body, Jin rushes over to the rest of Team S-F, who are picking themselves
back up.

KUNG JIN: You guys all right?

They say nothing in response, but a cry across the plaza grabs their
attention. More soldiers - far more than they can take on - dash towards
them. Once they are surrounded, the Kytinn D'Vorah strolls up to Team 

D'VORAH: The Earthrealmers, yes? This One must learn more of your 
diplomatic techniques.

CASSIE: We're here to see Kotal Kahn. General Blade's--

D'VORAH: You interfere with Outworld matters. The penalty is death.

CASSIE: I'm sensing a theme.

D'VORAH: But as we honour the Reiko accords, we will consult the emperor.
You will await him here.

She walks off, leaving Team S-F surrounded by the soldiers. Cassie turns
to Jin.

CASSIE: You wanna take this opportunity to tell us what the fuckshit you
were thinking?!

TAKEDA: I gotta wonder why you'd risk interrealm war for a bread thief.

KUNG JIN: Because not all thieves are irredeemable.

The scene fades into an enclosed shrine. The words "Five Years Ago"
appear at the bottom of the screen. The doors to the shrine are opened
by Kung Jin, wearing the shrouded clothes of a thief. He looks around the
shrine, which has paintings of many of Earthrealms greatest heroes framed
on the walls. Jin stops at two of the paintings - of the Shaolin's finest,
Kung Lao and Liu Kang.

Jin looks regretful at what he is going to do, but nonetheless steels
himself and picks up a jade statue on a table below the paintings, small
enough to hold in one hand. After pausing another moment to contemplate
his actions, he grips the statue tightly and flees the shrine.

An exterior shot reveals that Jin is fleeing from the Sky Temple. He
makes it to the outside courtyard and pauses to admire the statue. As
he walks away, he fails to spot Raiden standing behind him.

RAIDEN: It has more sentimental than monetary value.

Jin stops dead at his words.

RAIDEN: Nevertheless, I would prefer you did not steal it.

KUNG JIN: It's a family heirloom. One that shouldn't have been given to

The statue disappears from Jin's hand in a flash of lightning, and
reappears in Raiden's.

RAIDEN: Your family honoured me with this memento of your cousin Lao.
After his death.

KUNG JIN: A death you caused! You made him fight Shao Kahn, then stood
there while that bastard snapped his neck!

RAIDEN: You go too far, Kung Jin.

KUNG JIN: No... Not far enough.

They fight. Kung Jin soon realises he is outmatched, as the Thunder God
takes little damage from his onslaught. Even when he manages to knock
Raiden to the ground, he knows fighting him is in vain.

KUNG JIN: Just let me go.

Jin walks away, despondent, only to find Raiden teleporting directly
into his path, completely uninjured from the brief fight.

RAIDEN: Blood of Kung Lao, descendant of the Great Kung Lao... a common
thief. Did you think you could walk unimpeded into my temple and walk out
again... without my complicity?

KUNG JIN: You wanted me to attack you. Why?

RAIDEN: To release your anger. Make you amenable to reason.

Jin hangs his head, unable to meet Raiden's eyes.

KUNG JIN: And make me feel like shit.

RAIDEN: Self-loathing has always been an unfortunate part of your makeup.
There lies ahead a brighter path. One that will truly honor your 

He puts a hand on Jin's shoulder.

RAIDEN: One that is worthy of you. Go to the Wu Shi Academy. Join the
Shaolin, like Kung Lao before you.

Raiden takes his hand from Jin's shoulder. Jin turns away from him, still

KUNG JIN: I can't. They won't... accept--

RAIDEN: They care only about what is in your heart. Not whom your heart

KUNG JIN: It's too late for me.

Raiden holds out the statue for Jin. He takes it.

RAIDEN: It is never too late, Kung Jin.

Jin finally looks into his eyes, and lights up with determinaton.

Back in Outworld, Kotal Kahn has his back to Cassie Cage in contemplation.
D'Vorah, Erron Black, Ferra/Torr and Kotal's soldiers still have Team 
S-F surrounded. He turns back round and walks toward Cassie.

KOTAL: Your news of refugees is troubling. Their exodus to Earthrealm was
not known to me.

He turns away and walks onto the platform.

KOTAL: I do know this: I invited no guests from Earthrealm. Certainly
none who would disrupt the execution of justice.

He places a hand on the stocks that the thief was formerly in.

KOTAL: How do I know you are not allied with Mileena? Perhaps her newfound
power has earned her new friends?

CASSIE: Friends? No. No! We're not even sure that's Shinnok's Amulet that
she has--

KOTAL: She employs Shinnok's Amulet against me?! The very item Earthrealm
swore would be safe in it's care?! When Outworld was offered no

Realising that negotations are taking a turn for the worse, Kung Jin
starts foward.

CASSIE: We were under attack, not Outworld--

Jin steps in front of Cassie and interjects.

KUNG JIN: Kotal Kahn... The Fire that Burns the Sun. We are here because
we share your concerns about the missing item. We intend no ill against
your rule.

KOTAL: At least one Earthrealmer can forge words like silver. But I recall
an Earthrealm expression: "There is more honour among thieves than 

KUNG JIN: I've had the questionable fortune to be both, Emperor. But I'm
telling you the truth.

KOTAL: You are allied with Mileena. (To D'Vorah) You may carry out your

KUNG JIN: Kotal Kahn, under Outworld law, I claim the right of defense...
by kombat.


JACQUI: You're gonna fight... a duel?

KUNG JIN: To absolve us of all accusations. (To Kotal) Denying the request
brings dishonour upon the accuser.

KOTAL: You know much of Outworld.

He steps down from the platform.

D'VORAH: Know also: The duel ends in death.

Jin steps into a fighting stance as Kotal does the same.

KOTAL: You have won nothing. Merely a few more seconds of breath.

They fight. The battle proves to be one of the toughest of Kung Jin's 
life. Facing down an Osh-Tekk warrior at full strength is no easy
feat, and it takes all of Jin's speed and skill in battle to hang in
there. After what seems like a lifetime, Jin finally powers through
Kotal's strength and leaves him down on the ground, defeated.

KUNG JIN: And now, Emperor?

Breathing heavily, Kotal cannot find the strength to rise again.

KOTAL: The charges against you are void. I say to all that Earthrealm
means Outworld no harm.

D'Vorah looks shocked at these words. Team S-F can barely believe it
either. Kotal gets to his knees, but rises no further.

KOTAL: Now kill me. Be done with it.

CASSIE: You're not actually gonna...?

Jin steps closer to Kotal.

KUNG JIN: Instead of your life, I claim your service. 

Kotal looks up in surprise.

KUNG JIN: If Mileena does have the amulet, we can get it from her more
easily if we work togther.

The Kahn rises to his feet. D'Vorah walks up to him.

D'VORAH: Emperor, they cannot be trusted--

KOTAL: D'Vorah, can you not perceive? I am indebted to them.

He holds out his arm, and Jin clasps it at the elbow. Kotal returns
the hand (or arm) shake.

KUNG JIN: You honour us, Kotal Kahn. Our gratitude is wide like the ocean.

Kotal says nothing, but frowns at the words.

CASSIE: I'll talk to General Blade. Tell her about our new... arrangement.


Back at the refugee camp, Sonya walks through with her phone to her ear.
A squad of S-F soldiers walks just behind her.

SONYA: Thanks for the heads up, Sergeant. Stay with Kotal Kahn. We'll
figure out next steps once I've got Kano locked down.

CASSIE: (Over the phone) Yes ma'am. Cage out.
Sonya stops and looks out to the Outworld refugees.

SONYA: He's still here. I can feel it.

As she continues through the camp, she comes across two of her medics
carrying a bodybag on a stretcher.

SONYA: Report.

MEDIC: One of the refugees. Found her near the north perimeter.

Sonya unzips the bag. It contains a young Outworld woman who looks far
plainer than Li Mei. Further detracting from her looks is her slashed
throat, and adding insult to injury, her tongue is sticking out through
the open slit in her neck.

SONYA: That's one of Kano's "neckties".

Her composure briefly drops, but she steels herself in short order and
zips the bodybag back up.

SONYA: (To the medics) Inform Li Mei. Tell her we're investigating.

The medics walk off with the bodybag. Sonya pulls out a talisman that
acts as a communicator. An image of Raiden is projected on it.

SONYA: Raiden, what'd you find?

RAIDEN: Shinnok's Amulet has been stolen. Replaced by an exquisite

SONYA: Damn it.

On the projection, Raiden looks to his left.

RAIDEN: Something is wrong. I will speak to you once I--

The projection fizzles out.

SONYA: Raiden? Raiden!

After a moment of contemplation, she puts the talisman in her back pocket
while whirling around to address her soldiers.

SONYA: Lieutenant, I need you to take a team to Fort Charles. Check in
with Raiden and report back.

The soldiers march off. Johnny Cage chooses this moment to stroll up to

JOHNNY: What's goin' on?

SONYA: What's your update from Colonel Flagg?

JOHNNY: He said, "Why're you bothering me?" and I said, "Because my 
ex-wife is a pain in the--"

She holds a hand up to stop Johnny and turns, walking away from him.
Johnny is quick to follow and intercept her.

JOHNNY: Where you goin'? You can't just walk away. I'm in this too.

SONYA: Not my decision. Thank your buddy, Secretary Blake.

JOHNNY: THIS is what split us up in the first place. You disappear in
your work. Never time for me and Cassie.

SONYA: I had responsibilities. Sorry you couldn't be the centre of

Johnny bites back his retort, and delivers a carefully measured response.

JOHNNY: There was a time when you cared more about your family than your
job... General.

He walks off. Sonya continues in the direction she was going.

The scene cuts from there to a castle in the Netherrealm. The words
"Twenty Years Ago - Quan Chi's Fortress" appear at the bottom of the 
screen. Sonya and Johnny have reached the bottom of a large staircase,
with a few S-F soldiers in tow. While the soldiers have automatic rifles
as firearms, Johnny and Sonya are only using pistols.

JOHNNY: Nope, no evil sorcerers in here.

SONYA: Would you get serious?

JOHNNY: Quan Chi needs to clean up his man-cave.

SONYA: S'cleaner than yours.

JOHNNY: You're comparing me to Quan Chi?

SONYA: Only in terms of cleanliness.

They continue further onto the bottom floor. A gigantic pool of dark
fluid is the centrepiece of this area, complete with large jars containing
embryos of failed experiments. Books and bottles filled with unknown
substances dot the area, which is lit only by dark candles. Johnny and
Sonya walk over to the pool.

JOHNNY: What's this?

He kneels down as if to touch it.

SONYA: I wouldn't do that.

JOHNNY: Ah, come on, where's your sense of--

As he touches it, the pool turns blood red and begins to swirl around, 
like a whirlpool.

JOHNNY: ...adventure.

The fluid begins to rise at the centre, where the red is fullest. 
A portal opens before them, prompting Sonya and Johnny to raise their
pistols. Quan Chi exits from it, with Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jax in

QUAN CHI: You wish for adventure? You shall have it.

The soldiers run up and aim their weapons.

SONYA: Fire!

They, Sonya and Johnny cut loose. Quan Chi chants in the Netherrealm 
tongue and conjures up a wall of green skulls that block all the bullets
from hitting him and his revenants. As they stop firing, Sub-Zero shoots
off an ice blast that freezes the soldiers solid.

QUAN CHI: I have no need of your soldiers. But you and Mister Cage will
serve me well - once you are dead.

All four of them charge into battle. Sub-Zero and Jax go for Johnny,
leaving Sonya with Scorpion and Quan Chi. She blocks their attacks and
kicks Scorpion away, then kicks Quan Chi in the midsection and knocks him
down with an axe-kick.

Johnny kicks Jax away, lands a solid punch across Sub-Zero's face before
downing him with a roundhouse kick. He backflips away from Jax's attacks
as Sonya rushes towards Scorpion with some punches. He blocks them all
and lands one of his on Sonya, but she punches him right back, kicks him
in the stomach and smashes him across the face with a forearm. He staggers
back, but doesn't fall.

SONYA: Dunno when to quit, do ya?

They fight. As formidable a foe as the hellspawn ninja is, Sonya's 
training and advanced weaponary keep her in the fight long enough for her
to take the battle to Scorpion. After a fierce brawl, she leaves him
unconscious on the floor.

SONYA: Not as tough as you look.

Sonya begins fighting with Sub-Zero next. She blocks several of his 
strikes, but eventually she gets elbowed in the face. She ducks under
a roundhouse kick and fights back with a superman punch as Sub-Zero
turns round, but he blocks it. Johnny meanwhile continues to fight
with Jax. He takes a kick to the side, but strikes the revenant in the
face with a superman punch. He follows through with a clothesline,
slamming Jax to the ground by his neck. From a seated position, Johnny
pounds Jax in the face once more, knocking him out. Cage lets of a 
brief laugh of triumph before rushing over to Sonya.

She manages to punch Sub-Zero twice in the face and knocks him down
with a spinkick to the stomach just as Johnny makes it to her. They nod
together and walk toward Quan Chi, who's picking himself off the floor. 
Unbeknownst to them, Jax wakes up and rises to his feet. Sonya and Johnny
both get into fighting stances

SONYA: Quan Chi, you've lost.

QUAN CHI: A delay, Miss Blade. The inevitable still beckons.

Jax manages to sneak up on Johnny and he plunges a dagger into Johnny's 
back so fiercely that it ends up bursting through his chest with a massive
spout of blood.

SONYA: Johnny!

As she turns to try and help, Quan Chi punches Sonya across the face,
staggering her backwards. Jax pulls out the dagger and Johnny crumples to
the floor, still breathing. The dark fluids of the pool begin to rise
in a crimson red whirlpool. A creature of Netherrealm flesh begins to
emerge from the pool - and this creature is the undead image of Johnny
Cage, slowly being given form.

Sonya blocks several strikes from Quan Chi before punching him in the 
stomach and kneeing him in the face. She follows through with a right
hand strike that sends the sorcerer down to the floor out cold.
Desperately, she rushes over to the dying Johnny, who is writhing on the
floor as he continues to lose blood.

JAX: You won't be dead for long.

Sonya grapples Jax around the waist and throws him to the ground. He
rises and gets into a fighting stance.

SONYA: This will not happen!

They fight. Fueled by desperation and heroic willpower, Sonya battles
with a determination like never before. It proves just enough to defeat
the undead Jax and leave him out on the ground.

SONYA: I'm sorry, Jax.

She rushes over to Johnny's side. He's still alive, but barely.

SONYA: I'll get you out of here. You'll be fine.

JOHNNY: Dunno. Blood's... s'posed to be... on the inside...

The revenant of Johnny is gradually rising from the pool of sorcery,
constantly being enriched by it's magicks. A flash of lightning strikes
in the fortress, and the God of Thunder teleports into the fray.

SONYA: Raiden!

RAIDEN: I must reverse his spell.

Raiden begins chanting in an ancient tongue, lightning coarsing through
his hands as he does so. He shoots it at the forming revenant. The
lightning begins blasting the magicks away, and the creature begins to
descend back into the liquid it was spawned from.

SONYA: It's working!

Quan Chi, however, has risen to his feet in the midst of all this.

QUAN CHI: You cannot save him.

He fires off a flaming skull at Raiden. It catches him in the chest and
disrupts his attack. Immediately, the revenant Johnny begins to rise
from the pool again.

QUAN CHI: You're weak, Thunder God. Johnny Cage is mine.

SONYA: No. He's MINE. (To Raiden) Save him!

Sonya walks toward Quan Chi.

SONYA: I've got this son of a bitch!

They fight. Her desperation now replaced with anger, Sonya beats the
living tar out of Quan Chi. Completely taken aback, the Netherrealm
sorcerer can do little against her furious assault, and in short order
he's soon down on the ground on all fours, defeated at her hands.

SONYA: That wasn't even CLOSE to what you deserve.

As Quan Chi gasps for breath, Sonya looks over to Raiden. The revenant
of Johnny is still being blasted down by the Thunder God, but it
refuses to finally sink down into the dark fluid.

RAIDEN: Sonya Blade! The link with Quan Chi is not completely severed!

SONYA: Not a problem.


As Quan Chi looks up into her eyes, Sonya methodically and repeatedly
punches him in the face. After several blows, she cuts loose with a knee
to the chin that garners an X-Ray shot of his lower jaw being pulverised,
complete with several teeth flying out of his mouth. 

He falls flat on his back and weakly raises a hand upwards. Sonya has
none of it and slaps the hand away, before repeatedly stomping on his 
head. Finally, she walks over to his lower body and carefully parts his


His plea is ignored. Sonya delivers one final stomp to his Netherrealm
jewels, making sure to give them a good twist with her boot. The pain is
finally enough to render Quan Chi unconscious.


With Quan Chi down, Raiden is finally able to blast the half-formed
revenant back down into the flesh pool. It explodes with a demonic fury,
it's energies passing through the entire area of the fortress. Sub-Zero,
Scorpion and Jax are all caught by the blast, and the effect it has on
them is startling - their flesh is restored to a normal hue, and their
eyes no longer glow with a yellow-white light. Sonya is amazed at what
she sees; they are all restored to their human forms.

Raiden kneels over Johnny and begins another chant. He directs his
energy (a blue light, not his regular lightning blasts) at Johnny's 
torso wound. Sonya walks over to them.

RAIDEN: The others are restored to the living. By coupling Quan Chi's 
dark magicks to my own, I was able to restore their souls.

He finishes his healing spell on Johnny. Sonya bends over his body, her
hands on his chest.

SONYA: Is he gonna make it?

JOHNNY: Haven't I told you? He's a god.

Johnny sits up, much to Sonya's delight.

SONYA: You scared the shit outta me.

JOHNNY: And they said I couldn't do horror films.

The flash of a portal illuminates both of their faces briefly. They turn
around to find Quan Chi has escaped through one.

SONYA: He's gone?! How did he--?

JOHNNY: We gotta go after him.

He tries to rise fully, even though he's still groggy, but Sonya stops 

SONYA: He can wait. Right now we need to get you and the others back to

She puts a hand on his shoulder. Johnny stops arguing, and they both
share smiles at one another.

The scene cuts back to the present day refugee camp. Several of the
Outworld refugees are waiting in line.

REFUGEE: Why is it taking so long?

An S-F soldier sat at a table is taking everyone's names.


REFUGEE #2: Re'em Adu Kaire.

SOLDIER: Thanks. All right, second line on your left.

Li Mei, Sonya and Kenshi are overseeing all of the refugees being

LI MEI: (To Sonya) You seem to know this "Kano" intimately.

SONYA: Not the word I'd use, but yes. I chased him for years until he
escaped to Outworld after Shinnok's invasion.

KENSHI: Why would he return now?

SONYA: All that matters is he's...

She trails off as she spots the same Outworld woman who was in the 
bodybag earlier, now not sporting Kano's "necktie". A brief flickure on
the holographic face confirms her suspicions; it's Kano in a high-tech 

SONYA: ...caught. Gotcha.

She discreetly thumbs over to Kenshi, who moves off to the side. Sonya
walks directly toward the disguised Kano. Seeing her coming, he cuts away
from the line he's in, but is intercepted by Kenshi.

KENSHI: Are you lost?

He turns around, but Sonya bars his way. Seeing that there's nowhere to
run, Kano disengages his disguise and reveals himself, causing several
refugees to backpedal in shock.

KANO: 'Ello, love! Been a while!

SONYA: Not long enough.

She opens up a call on her communicator.

SONYA: This is General Blade. I need MPs to my location immediately.

KANO: Aww, let's keep this between friends. A trade! Info for freedom.

She gets into a fighting stance.

SONYA: I don't negotiate with scumbags.

KANO: Well then, if mother won't play nice, maybe daughter will.

SONYA: If you ever--

KANO: Back off, and all's well. Piss me off, and Cassie's gonna meet
Uncle Kano.

SONYA: I swear to God I'll kill you!

They fight. Kano proves to be every bit as tough as he was in all of
his previous fights with Sonya, and that's not even counting all of
the cybernetics he's upgraded his body with. But Sonya has tricks of
her own she brings to the forefront, and after an epic battle, she once
again manages to leave Kano down and defeated.

SONYA: No. I'm not done with you.

She strides over to Kano and knocks him flat on his back with a kick to
the face. She then mounts him and punches him twice in the face, before
wrapping her hands around his throat. Kano is unable to pry her arms

KANO: Alright! Alright! Get off me!

Sonya is in no mood to stop, even with Kano gasping for breath. Johnny
pushes his way through the crowd

JOHNNY: Sonya, ease up!

He tries to grab her, but she pushes him away and keeps on strangling 

KANO: You kill me... never find... amulet!

The MPs arrive as well, and point their guns directly at Sonya. Johnny
immediately motions for them to stop. They do, but keep their guns
trained on her. Johnny desperately looks over to his ex-wife.

JOHNNY: Sonya, we need that info.

She ignores him. Kano's gasps become more and more desperate.

JOHNNY: Sonya... don't make this another thing you'll regret.

She growls angrily, but it looks like Johnny finally got through to her.
She let's go and Kano drops back to the ground, taking in deep breaths of

SONYA: Talk!


The scene cuts to Outworld. Takeda and Jin climb up the stairs of Kotal
Kahn's palace to meet with Jacqui and Cassie. Cassie is speaking with
Sonya over her communication piece, next to a large table which seems to
where Kotal Kahn and his advisors would meet to discuss affairs.

CASSIE: The Kuatan Jungle?

SONYA: With at least two divisions of Tarkatans. They're on the move
constantly to avoid detection.

Jacqui checks something on her communications device, which appears to be
a map of sorts.

JACQUI: That's not far. Maybe two hundred kilometres.

SONYA: You know what to do.

CASSIE: Yes ma'am.

SONYA: Good luck. Blade out.

Kotal Kahn and D'Vorah walk up to Team S-F from the other side of the

KOTAL: You have new information? From Earthrealm?

CASSIE: Kano talked. Gave us the details on Mileena's location. She has 
the amulet, but she's got a lot of protection.

KOTAL: We will strike immediately.

D'VORAH: Perhaps a two-pronged approach. The army will engage Mileena -
distract her - while This One retrieves the amulet.

CASSIE: Not alone. "This One's" coming with.

D'VORAH: Stealth is of the essence.

CASSIE: Did you not hear me?

D'VORAH: You may assist in the main strike--

KOTAL: D'Vorah. We will grant their request and I will finally be rid of

D'Vorah doesn't look too happy at Kotal for this decision, but she says
nothing to him.

The scene cuts to D'Vorah letting a large maggot run across her hand. The
caption "Five Years Ago" reads in the bottom left of the screen. As the 
maggot continues it's course, the camera pans out to show that the scene
is set in D'Vorah's apartment, and seated on two stools are Kotal Kahn 
(without his blue warpaint) and Reptile. D'Vorah remains standing and
facing away from them, though she has a stool of her own.

D'VORAH: This One understands your logic, but does not reach the same

She lets the maggot back down into the eggsack it lives in before turning
to face them.

D'VORAH: Like others, This One is not pleased with Mileena as Kahnum. But
it is not clear your coup will succeed.

KOTAL: That is why I invited our Zaterran friend.

REPTILE: Listen, and join us. I know things about Mileena. Her troubled
rule will fall in the telling - and pave the way for Ko'atal.

D'VORAH: What would you know that would cause--
The doors to the apartment are forced open. The three turn to face eight
Tarkatans who quickly surround them. Mileena walks in a moment later,
flanked by both Ermac and the general of the Tarkatans, Baraka.

MILEENA: (To Ermac and Baraka) Ah, there they are. Three of your fellow
councillors, whispering like handmaidens. About what, I wonder?

KOTAL: If only you would hear our counsel. As war with Netherrealm looms,
I have urged detente with Earthrealm.

MILEENA: And I'VE told you I would sooner die than treat with my father's

KOTAL: You refuse practical solutions to credible threats. You endanger
the realm.

MILEENA: And sedition does not? Speak your last, before I have your 

Reptile growls and steps forward, pointing an accusing finger at her.

REPTILE: You are not Shao Kahn's true heir! She is a construct; formed in
Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits. I saw this. Your best claim to the throne is

MILEENA: How dare you! I succeed Shao Kahn by his decree!

KOTAL: Succeed him you have. But Outworld demands new leadership.

MILEENA: From you? Osh-Tekk fool! (To Baraka) Kill him!

Baraka obediently lunges forward, but his attempted stab is blocked by 

D'VORAH: This One serves Mileena no longer!

She punches Baraka across the face. The Tarkatans spring to attack, but
Ko'atal and Reptile have little trouble fending them off.

MILEENA: (To Ermac and the Tarkatans) You will defend your Empress!

ERMAC: Our creator, Shao Kahn, is dead. We will serve whom we choose.

Mileena screams in fury as Ermac attacks, blocking his strikes as best
as she can. A Tarkatan lunges at Kotal with a flying kick, but the
Osh-Tekk grabs his leg and slams him into the floor. Reptile kicks another
mutant in the stomach and knees him in the face, before ducking a blade
swipe from a third who's leapt up on one of the stools. He throws a kick
that misses, but forces the Tarkatan to leap off.

D'Vorah has now extended her spider-like limbs to kombat Baraka. She
parries his blade swipes, pushes him back with the limbs and charges
forward, tackling him off the balcony of the apartment. As they fall,
D'Vorah opens up her wings and flies into the air, while Baraka crashes
hard onto the market place below. Bystanders immediately scatter from
the area. Baraka picks himself painfully off the ground while D'Vorah
gracefully lands.

D'VORAH: Still you follow Mileena?

BARAKA: Shao Kahn conquered my realm. I owe him my loyalty. I honour his

They fight. As vicious and deadly as Baraka is, he proves to be outmatched
when facing for D'Vorah, who's attack range and powers far outshine his.
After a short but fierce battle, Baraka is left staggering on his feet, 
dazed and helpless.


D'Vorah looks back to her department and spots Ko'atal walking up to the
balcony. He looks over to Baraka and gives her the thumbs down - the cue
to finish him. In response, D'Vorah extends two of her spider limbs and
stabs Baraka through the face and chest, impaling his brain and heart
on them both. She pulls her limbs back to her, takes the organs in both
her regular hands and slams them together, destroying them in a shower
of blood and gore. Baraka's corpse falls backward and remains as food for
the flies, and  D'Vorah extends her wings and flies back to her apartment.


As D'Vorah returns, Ermac and Reptile have Mileena restrained, though 
still growling in anger. The other Tarkatans are either dead or 

D'VORAH: Baraka is dead. Your last ally has left you.

Mileena falls silent at these words. Ko'atal takes one of his bloodied
shoulder sickles and lifts Mileena's chin with it.

KOTAL: (To Reptile) Take her away.

The Zaterran does as he is commanded. Ermac watches him and Mileena leave
the apartment, and then turns to face Kotal and D'Vorah.

ERMAC: We would serve the new ruler of Outworld.

D'VORAH: Then you serve... Kotal Kahn.

Kotal nods at her. Both she and Ermac kneel at Kotal's feet, and he looks
satisfied at their fealty.

The scene cuts back to the present day, in the Kuatan jungle. Various
tents are set up, with Tarkatans running between them. Cassie and D'Vorah
sneak into the makeshift campsite. They crouch behind some crates and
barrels, while the sounds of battle between two armies is heard close
by. D'Vorah leans in close to Cassie, eyeing something in the distance.

D'VORAH: There.

She is looking at a large tent a few yards away from their hiding spot.
Rain walks out of it, accompanied by a Tarkatan. He says something and
the Tarkatan rushes off. D'Vorah sneaks out of cover and Cassie follows.
Rain turns to see them both approaching, Cassie drawing her pistols and
flanking him from one side, while D'Vorah apporaches from the other side.

RAIN: (To D'Vorah) Here to surrender, traitor?

D'VORAH: You would speak of treason? This One knows you desire the throne.
Why serve Mileena?

RAIN: I advise her. Stealing the amulet was my genius. It kills her a bit
each time she uses it.

D'VORAH: As both sides diminish, you fill the void.

RAIN: Exactly my plan.

While Rain is speaking, Tanya sneaks up from behind on Cassie and grabs
her. As they struggle, Rain charges at D'Vorah with a running knee,
catching her on the chin. He grabs her arm, pulls her in and punches her
in the face. She staggers back into a fighting stance.

RAIN: A shame you will not see it's fruition.

They fight. With his power over water and lightning alike, the Edenian
half-god proves to be a difficult fight for D'Vorah. Nonetheless, her
own powers and fighting prowess prove to be too much for him, and he is
soon left unconscious at her feet.

D'VORAH: Your schemes end here.

The scene pans over to Tanya, who has now straddled Cassie and is
pummelling her in the face. As D'Vorah approaches, Tanya stops her
attack. D'Vorah pauses for a moment, but turns toward the tent. Tanya
stops her by launching a fireball, just missing her by a few inches.

TANYA: Leaving without your friend, D'Vorah?

She stands up and walks toward her.

TANYA: Your people believe we avoided your island out of respect for your
solitary nature. We just didn't like you.

D'VORAH: The Kytinn do prefer solitude - which I will achieve momentarily.

They fight. Despite being well versed in both magic and kombat, the
Edenian soon finds herself being overpowered by D'Vorah, who's control
over insects proves to be the decisive factor in the fight. It's not long
after that Tanya falls unconscious next to Rain.

D'VORAH: Now two Edenians will die.

She approaches the two of them and extends her spider limbs from her back,
but Cassie - now back on her feet - has other ideas.

CASSIE: I know you said you weren't friends, but you're not killing them.
Head's fine, by the way.

D'Vorah is clearly annoyed, but retracts her limbs.

D'VORAH: Very well. Let us go.

They enter the tent. Inside is a locked chest. Cassie attemps to open the

D'VORAH: Step aside.

She does so. D'Vorah puts her hand to the lock. A horde of tiny insects no
bigger than ants seemingly spawn from her hand and pour into the lock to
devour it from the inside.

CASSIE: That... is really disturbing.

A shout from outside the tent catches their attention.


She stalks into the tent. Cassie draws her pistol, but D'Vorah barks out
an attack in the Kytinn language. Her stomach splits open at the same 
time, pouring out a swarm of flying insects that cloud over Mileena. 
Growling, she backs out of the tent, trying to fend the swarm off with 
her hands. D'Vorah silently motions to Cassie to stay and guard the chest,
before walking out of the tent to confront Mileena.

D'VORAH: This One knew you would not stray far from the amulet.

MILEENA: You took my throne. Now you wish to steal my means of reclaiming

D'VORAH: Neither was meant for you!

MILEENA: WHO ARE YOU TO SAY?! I will take something of yours - your LIFE!

They fight. As vicious and skilled a fighter as Mileena is, even she is
not a match for D'Vorah's mastery over all things insect. The battle 
proves to be long and brutal, but in the end the Kytinn is victorious.

D'VORAH: This One will enjoy your death.

The scene cuts to some time later, in another tent complete with
Osh-Tekk inspired decorations and a large throne styled in the same
manner. Kotal Kahn steps up to the throne and sits in it. D'Vorah
stands to the left of the throne, while Mileena is on her knees before
them both. The battle was evidently won by Kotal's forces, as Team
S-F are also present in the tent behind Mileena.

MILEENA: Enough of your prattle. Finish me, that I may join my father.

KOTAL: You do not deserve death by an emperor's hand. Instead I give the
honour to my worthy First Minister.

He looks over to D'Vorah, who smiles in anticipation. She strolls up
to Mileena, grabs her by both cheeks and - much to Mileena's surprise -
kisses her full on the lips. However, the outside of Mileena's mouth -
still framed by her Tarkatan features - shows the full story, as insects
begin falling out through her enlarged teeth. D'Vorah's minions begin
eating Mileena's face from inside her mouth, much to the disgust of
Team S-F.

The process only takes a few seconds. By the time D'Vorah lets Mileena
go, her face is already a bloody mess. She manages to scream out a last
cry of pain and agony, but by then her eyes, hair and the skin on her
head is completely gone, consumed by the insects. She falls to the
floor, writhing and gurgling as the insects continue to devour the flesh
on her skull, even bursting through her stomach as well. A few seconds 
later, her body is completely still, with pools of blood rising from
her head and abdomen. D'Vorah looks over to Team S-F with an eerie smile
on her face before turning back to her position at Kotal's side.

KOTAL: The rebellion is over.

CASSIE: Well, thanks for that. (To Jacqui) I know I'll never eat again.

Jacqui says nothing. Cassie looks back to Kotal, Shinnok's Amulet in her

CASSIE: With your leave, we're gonna head back to Earthrealm. Put the
amulet back where it belongs.

Kotal motions with his right hand, which glows with a dark blue light.
Team S-F suddenly find themselves restrained at the waist, with their
arms pinned to their sides, by the same blue light that has surrounded
them each.

CASSIE: The hell are you doing?!

Kotal stands up and walks toward her.

KOTAL: Earthrealm cannot be trusted to protect the amulet. It will remain
with me.

He takes the amulet from her.

KUNG JIN: The Reiko Accords require that you--

KOTAL: The Accords no longer concern me. But you may prove useful - when
Raiden comes for this.

Two of Kotal's soldiers take Team S-F by the shoulders, escorting them
out of the tent. Kotal looks at the amulet in his hand, and behind him
D'Vorah also looks to it.

The scene cuts to D'Vorah, now outside the tent and somewhere in the

D'VORAH: This One deceived them.

A nearby tree obstructs the view of the person she is speaking with.

D'VORAH: The amulet is in Kotal Kahn's possession.

UNKNOWN: You can retrieve it?

D'VORAH: He trusts no one else to transport it.

UNKNOWN: Keeping you close to the Outworld throne these many years has
proven most fortunate, D'Vorah.

The speaker finally shows himself. He is protecting himself through the
magical equivalent of a hologram, but it's clear to all who it is - the
Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi.

QUAN CHI: They never suspected one of their own to be a disciple of our

D'VORAH: This One lives to serve Shinnok.

QUAN CHI: You have done well. Now bring it to me.

D'VORAH: Without delay, Quan Chi.

The scene cuts to the Netherrealm. Quan Chi has his eyes closed, and 
ghostly green mists project around his head. As he opens his eyes, the
mist disapates. He walks over to where a group of hell-horses (creatures
with the body of a horse, the head of a ram and feet and horns that
glow white hot at the base) are standing. Mounted on the hell-horses are
three of Quan Chi's remaining revenants; Sindel, Kitana and Liu Kang. Kung
Lao stands nearby another horse, holding it by it's reins.

KUNG LAO: Master.

Quan Chi mounts his hell-horse, as does Kung Lao.

LIU KANG: What news from Outworld?

QUAN CHI: Shinnok will soon be freed. We make for my fortress.

They gallop off. The scene cuts back to the Outworld Kove. Two of Kotal
Kahn's soldiers hold a treasure chest between them, carrying it down
the docks. D'Vorah walks in front of them. With a sly smile on her face,
she slowly stops and turns to face them.

SOLDIER #1: Is there a problem?

D'VORAH: Two problems.

She sprays them both in the face with yellow resin generated from
her hands. The venom in the spray overwhelms the soldiers and kills them
within seconds. D'Vorah then breaks into the chest and retrieves Shinnok's
Amulet, grinning wickedly as she does so. She stands back up and exits
the Kove.

The scene fades from there into a large barn in Earthrealm, focusing on
an old red tractor. Jackson Briggs - now in a farmer's outfit, but with
his cybernetic arms clearly visible - walks over to the tractor with a
screwdriver in hand. He begins to work away on the tractor's motor when
Sonya walks in to the barn.

SONYA: Your wife told me I'd find you in here.

Jax doesn't take his eyes off the tractor.

JAX: You and Vera have a nice chat?

SONYA: Always.

Jax says nothing and walks over to the barn's toolbench. Sonya walks
toward the tractor to get a better look

SONYA: Is that a National? I haven't seen one this--

JAX: You didn't come to here to discuss farm implements.

He walks back to the tractor, still not looking at Sonya.

SONYA: All right. I'll cut to the chase. I need your help.

JAX: My help?

SONYA: I know. I don't have any right to--

JAX: You knew what I wanted.

SONYA: Jacqui volunteered. She came to me.

Jax says nothing for a moment, and then lets out a long sigh.

JAX: I know.

SONYA: Listen, I get why you didn't want Jacqui joining S-F. Why you
retired. I mean, if I had to live with memories of being one of Quan Chi's
thugs? I would've eaten a gun a long time ago.

JAX: Well, you know Vera. 

He finally turns to look at her.

JAX: She never would've allowed that.

Sonya actually gives a chuckle at this comment.

JAX: So what is it you need help with? The Outworld refugees?

SONYA: Worse. Shinnok's Amulet. Mileena has it.

JAX: Damn.

SONYA: And we've gotten word from Sareena that Quan Chi has resurfaced in
the Netherrealm.

JAX: He shows his face after twenty-five years... just as Shinnok's Amulet
is in play. That's not a coincidence.

SONYA: That's why I need you. You're Quan Chi expertise. We wouldn't
reactive your commission. You'd be an observer.

Jax looks to be considering the offer, but his face suddenly turns into
a frown as he spots Johnny Cage walking up to them both.

JAX: Cage.


SONYA: What is it?

JOHNNY: Just wanted to see if maybe--

JAX: You could help close the deal? Yeah, because that worked out so well
last time.

JOHNNY: Can't blame a guy for trying.

Sonya does her level best to ignore Johnny and get Jax back on track.

SONYA: We need you, Jax. Help me capture Quan Chi. None of us is safe if
he gets near that amulet.

Jax says nothing for a few moments, but finally relents.

JAX: So where's Jacqui in all this?

SONYA: Outworld. With Cassie's team recovering the amulet.

Jax lets out a loud sigh.

JOHNNY: She'll be fine. We expect to hear "mission accomplished" from them

Jax looks unconvinced. The scene cuts to what appears to be a brig on the
lower decks of a docked ship. Inside each of the cells are Team S-F.
Jacqui examines her cell, looking for a way out. Cassie tries forcing
the door of her cell open to no success. Kung Jin meditates. Takeda
sits on the bench in his cell, one hand on his temple.

JACQUI: So what'chu guys think? They gonna kill us?

TAKEDA: They would've done it by now.

KUNG JIN: Unless Kotal Kahn's planning on having us as "guests" at the

Cassie rattles the bars on the cell door, to no avail. She sighs in

CASSIE: Well, if they don't kill us, my mother will. Me, at least.

TAKEDA: Tough being the general's daughter?

CASSIE: You have no idea.

KUNG JIN: I do. My great-whatever grandfather took down Shang Tsung. 
Saved Earthrealm. How often do you think that comes up at family 

CASSIE: That was six hundred years ago.

KUNG JIN: And yet you'd think it happened yesterday.

JACQUI: No pressure there.

CASSIE: I've trained all my life... can fight my way out of (nearly)
anything... but I still feel like a second-rate Cage.

TAKEDA: At least you grew up with people expecting things from you.

JACQUI: I thought you and your dad were best friends?

He gets up and walks toward the cell door, leaning on the bars.

TAKEDA: Now. He was a no-show for a long time.

JACQUI: I can relate.

KUNG JIN: What was that like growing up? Having an ex-revenant father?


KUNG JIN: No, I'm asking! Couldn't have been easy.

JACQUI: ...He was just a BIT over-protective. When I joined S-F, Mister
Cage insisted on being the one to tell my dad. He thought it'd go over

Cassie chuckles at this.

CASSIE: I'll never forget that day. My dad came home with a broken jaw.

They all share brief chuckles at that comment. After a moment's silence, 
they hear footsteps from above deck. A silhouette appears at the hatch 
of the deck, and the sound of keys jingling is unmistakable.

TAKEDA: All right, I got this.

CASSIE: You've got what, exactly?

TAKEDA: Trust me.

The hatch is opened. One of Kotal Kahn's soldiers enters the deck with
a bucket full of bread loafs. He stops once he reaches the end of the

SOLDIER: Away from the bars!

Team S-F comply with the order. The soldier tosses the bread loaves to
each of them in turn. When he gets to Takeda, he notices the Shirai Ryu
in his telepathic stance and steps in for a closer look. Takeda has his
eyes closed in concentration, until they suddenly snap open. The soldier
groans and tries to clutch his head, but falls unconscious before he can.
Takeda leans through the bars and grabs the keys on his waistbelt. He
unlocks the door to his cell, then follows by unlocking the doors on his
friends cells.

JACQUI: How'd you do that?

TAKEDA: I overloaded his senses. Only works at short range.

JACQUI: Being the son of a telepath has it's perks.

TAKEDA: I didn't use to think so.

Jacqui looks over to Jin, who shrugs his shoulders. Team S-F all exit the


The scene cuts to the abandoned city previously seen in Chapter 1.
The words "Five Years Ago" are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Takeda walks through the devestated remains of the once vibrant 
metropolis, outfitted in the yellow garb of the Shirai Ryu. He warily
scans his surroundings, but there are no signs of life throughout the
entire urban wasteland.

He approaches the edge of a building, taking cover next to it. As he
peeks around the corner, a chained kunai impales itself into the concrete
inches from his head. Scorpion - now fully human, and better known as
Hanzo Hasashi - pulls his weapon back into his grasp. Hanzo is noticeably
wearing ninja garb that is much looser looking than his previous outfit
when he was a spectre.

Takeda charges at him with a scissors kick, but the two strikes are 
blocked easily by Scorpion. He throws several more kicks, but Scorpion
evades them all. The former wraith goes on the offensive with several
punches, two of which Takeda isn't quick enough to block. He takes them
full in the face.

Takeda rallies and jumps into a spinkick. Hanzo avoids the kick, but 
Takeda grabs one of his holstered swords from his back. It takes the
Shirai Ryu master a few moments - and a double take - before he realises
what Takeda did. When he does, he pulls out the other sword and readies

The two ninjas engage in a swordfight, each parrying the other's swipes
at lightning quick speed. After Hanzo dodges a swipe at his waist,
Takeda throws his sword directly at his master's sword-hand. Scorpion
blocks the attack and sends the stolen sword soaring skywards, but that
gives Takeda the opening to charge forward and jump-kick his master
square in the face.

Hasashi falls down hard, and Takahashi catches the falling sword. He
swings it downward, but stops it an inch from his master's neck. For a
moment he does nothing but give his mentor a knowing look.

TAKEDA: Yield.

Hanzo flashes a brief smile.

SCORPION: Well done.

He lightly pushes the sword away and offers his hand. Takeda accepts it
and pulls him to his feet.

SCORPION: You are now Chujin.

He places a hand on his chest and bows. Takeda bows in response and 
offers him back his sword.

TAKEDA: You honour me, Master Hasashi.

Scorpion takes the blade back and holsters it.

TAKEDA: Now that I'm Chujin, how will I serve the clan?

SCORPION: Your future does not lie with the Shirai Ryu.

TAKEDA: But... the clan's my family.

Scorpion turns away, but continues speaking.

SCORPION: When I took you in, I promised your father--

TAKEDA: I don't have a father.

A new voice catches Takeda's attention.

KENSHI: Yes you do. One who's proud of you. A Chujin in record time.

The blind swordsman bows to Takeda, but the younger man looks furious
rather than happy.

TAKEDA: (To Scorpion) You knew he was coming? You said nothing?!

SCORPION: Knowing this would be your reaction, yes.

Takeda moves forward, ready to attack his father.

SCORPION: Takeda! Your father is not your enemy.

The younger Takahashi remains unconvinced, and he addresses the elder
Takahashi directly.

TAKEDA: Ten years. No visits, nothing. You abandoned me.

KENSHI: I did not abandon you--

TAKEDA: I was eight! My mother had just died! NOW you come back? Think you
can jump right in as the proud dad?

KENSHI: Son, I--

He tries to touch Takeda's shoulder, but finds his hand angrily slapped

TAKEDA: To hell with you! I am not your son!

They fight. Reluctant to fight his own flesh and blood, Kenshi is soon
at the disadvantage against the newly minted Chujin. After a brief melee,
he is soon down on the ground thanks to his son.

TAKEDA: Now get up! I wanna knock you down again!

As Kenshi is rising, Takeda moves in to strike him again.


At his master's voice, Takeda stops in mid-strike.

SCORPION: Kenshi did not abandon you. He brought you here for your

TAKEDA: Protection from what?!

SCORPION: From those who murdered your mother.

TAKEDA: She... she died in an accident!

KENSHI: That is the story I asked Master Hasashi to tell you.

He stands to his feet.

KENSHI: But in truth, your mother was killed by Red Dragon assassins. I
was the target. Suchin was the victim.

Takeda growls in fury and lunges forward, grabbing Kenshi by his outfit.

TAKEDA: Son of a bitch! It was your fault!

He makes no move to strike him, though. Scorpion slowly steps forward.

SCORPION: Your father has devoted his life to fighting animals like the
Red Dragon. It is they who are without honour.

Takeda lets his father go and walks away, taking a moment to collect
his emotions. Beneath his anger, pain is clearly visible on his face.

TAKEDA: You shouldn't have hidden the truth.

KENSHI: You would have gone after your mother's killers unprepared. I
could not risk that. 

Takeda says nothing, but slowly processes the information he's being told.

KENSHI: Master Hasashi has perfected your fighting skills.

His next words echo in Takeda's head, rather than being spoken aloud.

KENSHI: (Telepathically) Now it is time to complete your training.

Takeda instinctively puts his hand to his head, in the stance he will
later adopt when putting his own telepathic skills to use.

TAKEDA: How-- how did you do that?

KENSHI: (Telepathically) We are telepaths. A family gift.

TAKEDA: I can read minds?

KENSHI: (Telepathically) Through training, we will determine your full

He reverts to speaking his next words.

KENSHI: And then we will hunt down the Red Dragon. Together.

He puts a hand on Takeda's shoulder. This time it is not slapped away.

The scene cuts back to the present day. Team S-F take cover behind the
side of the docked ship they were kept prisoner in. They spot Reptile,
Ermac and Erron Black looking over the bodies of the soldiers killed
by D'Vorah earlier.

REPTILE: This is D'Vorah's work.

ERRON: No argument there. Only she could create wounds like these.

TAKEDA: (To Cassie) That D'Vorah's full of surprises.

ERRON: Question is, is she working with anyone else?

Reptile sniffs the air and straightens up, seemingly catching a scent. He
turns to face the docked ship. Erron notices and stands up as well.

ERRON: What is it?

Team S-F duck back down behind cover.

TAKEDA: Damn. He's made us.

CASSIE: Okay guys, standard diamond formation. Takeda, you're on point.
Jacqui, bring up the rear. Kung Jin, air cover.

Jin pulls an arrow from his quiver.

KUNG JIN: You got it.

On the dock, Reptile confirms his suspicions.

REPTILE: The Earthrealmers! D'Vorah freed them!

Takeda, Cassie and Jacqui charge out of cover. As the Outworlders get into
a fighting stance, Kung Jin lets loose an arrow that hits at their feet,
unleashing a cloud of blue gas into the air. Team S-F move in as they
struggle to catch their breath.


Jacqui charges down Erron Black and Cassie engages Ermac. Takeda runs up
to Reptile and issues a challenge in Japanese. Reptile growls in 
response and turns invisible. Takeda looks around in anticipation, and
finds Reptile directly in front of him, readying a punch. Takeda lands
one of his own before it connects, staggering the Zaterran and turning
him invisible again.

As Takeda looks around for Reptile, the lizardman is briefly outlined
as he sneaks round Takeda's back. He comes at him from his right side
with another punch, but Takeda blocks it and lands two hits of his own.
Reptile is forced to back away and turn invisible once more.

As Takeda looks over the docks for his unseen foe, he notices a nearby
barrel move and fall into the water. He puts two fingers to his temple
and - remembering Sub-Zero's training from earlier - realises that it
was a distraction. He turns around to spot Reptile attacking him from
behind. Takeda once again blocks his strike and throws a punch that
catches Reptile in the kidney. He follows with a face strike and kicks
him in the chest, sending him sprawling and turning invisible yet again.

Takeda holds his telepath stance yet again this time, and closes his eyes
in concentration. As Reptile charges him from behind, Takeda turns and
throws a fist that catches the Zaterran square on the forehead. He falls
down and turns invisible for a fifth time.

As Takeda once again puts two fingers to his temple and closes his eyes, 
Reptile uncloaks a good few steps away from him and throws out his 
extendable tongue. Takeda catches it without even looking, then pulls
Reptile in and punches him thrice in the face, staggering him back.


They fight. Already weakened by Takeda's defense, Reptile finds himself
at the disadvantage against the Shirai Ryu's fighting techniques and
advanced weaponary. It isn't long until the Zaterrean lies defeated on
the docks.

TAKEDA: One down. Two to go.

Kung Jin has moved up and is now taking on Erron Black. He isn't faring
too well, as Erron kicks him in the side and then kicks his legs out
from under him. As Jin falls, Erron slams a fist into his abdomen, leaving
him reeling on the ground in pain. Black aims his revolver at Kung Jin's
head, but Takeda uses his whips to grab Erron by the ankles, dragging 
him off his feet.

Takeda turns in the opposite direction and gives the whips a hard tug,
sending Black flying over his head and through the staircase to the 
docked ship, demolishing it completely. With Erron down for the moment,
Takeda runs over to Jin and helps him back to his feet.

KUNG JIN: When we get back, you're teaching me that.

TAKEDA: Deal. Go help with Ermac. I've got this.

Behind them, Erron kips up to his feet and charges Takeda. The ninja
turns around and tries to slide tackle Black, but the outlaw vaults over
him, coming down into a roll to his feet. Takeda also spins back to his

ERRON: Think you can handle me alone? You're either brave or foolish.

They fight. Takeda proves his bravery twice over through his speed and
skill, and takes the battle right to the mercenary. After a hard fought
battle, Takeda leaves Black as unconscious as he did Reptile.

TAKEDA: Brave or foolish, I'm alive.

Over at the end of the docks, Ermac has been keeping the rest of Team S-F
at bay easily enough. He faceplants Kung Jin with a telekenetic slam,
blasts Jacqui right down the docks with a burst of soul energy and caps
it off by deflecting Cassie's gun from her hand, before levitating her
into the air. Before Ermac can finish her, Takeda grapples him in a
sleeper hold, breaking the energies keeping Cassie in the air. She falls
unconscious, and Ermac is unable to bring his powers to Takeda while

TAKEDA: Let's see what's worth learning in there.

He slams a palm onto Ermac's forehead. Takeda only holds it there a couple
of moments before he cries out in pain and reels backward, clutching his
head and letting go of Ermac.

TAKEDA: So many minds... trapped inside...

ERMAC: We exist to serve. Bound by Shao Kahn's magic.

TAKEDA: The chaos... the voices...

ERMAC: We are many. You are one. Your abilities pale before us.

They fight. The battle proves to be one of the toughest challenges Takeda
has ever faced, for Ermac was hardly weakened by the onslaught of Team
S-F and Takeda himself is still disorientated after trying to read his 
mind. Nonetheless, the Shirai Ryu Chujin steps up to the task and fights
with all he has. At the end it proves to be just enough to defeat the
many souled warrior.

TAKEDA: I think I've had enough of Outworld.

Takeda walks over to his teammates, who have just finished picking
themselves off the docks.

JACQUI: I'm starting to get why my dad retired.

CASSIE: We have to find D'Vorah. Get the amulet.

KUNG JIN: Let's go. They won't be out long.

They depart. The scene cuts to Kotal Kahn's palace. Reptile, Erron and
Ermac are all either seated or standing around the table, with the Kahn
pacing nearby.

KOTAL: D'Vorah? And the Earthrealmers?

ERRON: She stole the amulet, then helped them escape.

REPTILE: She betrayed us to the Thunder God.

Kotal shakes his head in disappointment.

KOTAL: You wound me, D'Vorah.

He turns to his lieutenants.

KOTAL: Prepare the legions. We go to Earthrealm. We will wrest back the
amulet from that devil Raiden.

The scene cuts to the Kuatan jungle, where Team S-F have now reached.
Takeda is speaking to Kenshi through his communicator.

TAKEDA: We're all in one piece. No one seems to be tailing us.

KENSHI: Have you been able to determine where D'Vorah was headed?

TAKEDA: We think she's headed for the Sea of Blood.

Another voice is heard over the communicator.

JAX: Damn!


JAX: She's coming here. To Quan Chi. There's a secret portal near the Sea
of Blood. Quan Chi had it built when we were gettin' ready to invade

CASSIE: Great.

JACQUI: Dad, what are you doing? Why are you in the Netherrealm?

The scene cuts to the Netherrealm. Jax is walking along the
Krossroads with Kenshi and a squad of Special Forces soldiers, speaking
into the communicator.

JAX: Well, now who's being overprotective?


JACQUI: I know you think you have things to make up for, but--

JAX: I'm doing this for Sonya. She's family.

JACQUI: That's why I'm worried.

JAX: I'll be fine. You stay safe, y'hear?

JACQUI: You stay safe too. I love you. Briggs out.

JAX: Briggs out.

He switches off the communicator.

KENSHI: Feeling better? Or worse?

JAX: Not sure. Maybe both.

Kenshi chuckles and places a hand on Jax's shoulder.

KENSHI: They'll be fine.

JAX: Question is, will I be?

They walk over the Krossroad's bridge to the landscape before it. Several
soldiers have set up a perimeter behind cover, facing outward into
the hellish landscape beyond.

KENSHI: We have good crossfire position. But why is it Quan Chi travels
by conventional means?

They walk over to another person - one of the Netherrealms' more known
denziens - for their answer.

SAREENA: He seems unable to fully use his magic. He's weaker than when I
was... in his service.

JAX: Sareena's dead on. He doesn't have Shinnok as a power source. He's
still Quan Chi, though.

Kenshi nods at this. The three of them take up a position behind some
rocks as cover.

KENSHI: I realise you agreed to guide and observe. But you are welcome to
assume any role you wish.

JAX: I'm too rusty. I don't wanna jeopardise the mission.

Kenshi silenty accepts this. Sareena looks into the distance beyond
their cover.

SAREENA: He approaches.

The soldiers around them ready their assault rifles. Jax and Kenshi
crouch with Sareena behind cover, Jax with a growing dread visible on
his face.

The scene cuts over to the hell-horses galloping toward the ambush at full
speed. Quan Chi leads the group. All of the available soldiers take cover
and aim their weapons directly at the approaching horde. Accompanying
Quan Chi are Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kitana, Sindel, Kabal, Stryker and
Nightwolf. Kenshi waits a few moments before giving his command.


The soldiers open fire. They don't score any immediate hits, but the
barrage is enough to spooks the hell-mounts. They rear up on their hind
legs and refuse to go forward. One soldier aims his gun and shoots a
hell-horse on it's shoulder, causing it to rear up and throw Kung Lao
from his saddle. Seeing this, Sindel and Kitana both jump off their
mounts and take cover. Jax notices this, looking very concerned.

Sindel shoots off a blast of purple magic from her palm that hits
a soldier near Jax. He falls to the ground, either unconscious or dead.
Stryker aims a pistol from his mount and fires, blowing a hole through
the skull of another soldier.

A bullet fired from another soldier clips Quan Chi's mount in the neck.
It drops dead, falling on it's master's leg in the process. Liu Kang
immediately dismounts from his hell-horse to assist Quan Chi. Two
more soldiers shoot at Kabal's horse, and he responds to their poor aim
by charging them. As the horse approaches, Kabal pulls his hookswords
from their sheaths, readies one in his hand and decapitates a soldier as
he gallops past. 

Kenshi comes out of cover to assist, and Jax realises that the skirmish
is going to end badly.

JAX: Shit...

As Kabal takes the head off another soldier, Kenshi pulls out Sento and
yells out in Japanese, loosing off a telekenetic push that shoves Kabal
off his mount. As he rushes in to engage Kabal, Liu Kang finishes pulling
Quan Chi's leg out from under the hell-horse carcass. Several soldiers
run up to engage them, and Kang lets loose one of his fireballs - which
now looks more like a black hole encased with dark red energy. The
fireball lands dead centre of the soldiers, exploding into flames and
roasting them instantly.

With the way now clear, Liu Kang takes his master by the arm and escorts
him through the ambush, with Kung Lao following close by them. They rush
past Jax's hiding spot, not noticing him as they move towards the
Krossroads. Realising that no one else can stop them, Jax takes a second
to ready himself and stands up from behind cover, charging after them.
Kung Lao turns around and spots Jax approaching, and moves to intercept

KUNG LAO: Do not interfere, Jackson Briggs. Go back into hiding.

JAX: Hiding. I guess I have been.

They fight. Kung Lao proves to have lost none of his speed and skill in
undeath and the battle is a difficult one for Jax to go through. But
his strength and power have not left him, and his cybernetic arms are
as reliable as they always were. After a fierce melee, Jax manages to
overpower the former Shaolin monk and leave him unconscious.

JAX: That knocked some of my rust off.

On the other side of the Krossroads, Liu Kang and Quan Chi have taken
cover behind a large rock. More S-F soldiers shoot their assault rifles
at them, not hitting but forcing them to stay in cover. Liu Kang 
shoots off a dark fireball that kills one, but the others keep
steady... until Liu Kang shoots another fireball that immolates them

With the soldiers dead, Kang motions to his master and they make a break
for it. Hot on their heels, Jax scoops up an assault rifle. He takes
aim, but a banshee scream and the purple soundwaves it produces - curtosey
of Sindel - knock him not just off his feet, but into a roll that takes
him right off the Krossroads bridge. Jax only stops himself from 
plummeting into the lava below by grabbing the edge of the bridge with
one hand.

Sindel walks over to where he hangs on, laughing with glee. She stomps
on the hand, trying to force Jax to let go. He hangs on but his metal 
fingers are strained by the action, especially when Sindel grinds her heel

She rears her foot back for another stomp, but at the last moment Jax
lunges up, grabbing her by the ankle. Taken off balance, Sindel is dragged
off the edge of the bridge along with Jax. Instinctively, she whips her
hair out and manages to latch it on to the giant rock seen earlier. The
effort stops them both from falling into the lava.

Jax keeps a death-grip on Sindel's legs, preventing her from kicking him
off. With no choice - and an increasing pressure on her neck - Sindel 
draws herself back onto the bridge by her hair, taking Jax up with her. As
Sindel's hair loosens itself from the rock, they both quickly get to
their feet, Jax in a fighting stance, Sindel with her arms open and ready
to hug him, bizarrely enough.

SINDEL: Welcome home, Jackson Briggs.

JAX: This hell is not my home.

SINDEL: Then why be fool enough to return? 

JAX: I got a family to protect.

SINDEL: Quan Chi reunited me with my family. He will do the same for you.

They fight. Facing off against the woman who killed him is yet another
giant challenge for Jackson Briggs, but whatever power Sindel possessed
in life has been considerably weakened by her years in the Netherrealm.
As such, Jax is able to fend off Sindel's attacks and take the fight
directly to her, which ends with her down and defeated at his hands.

JAX: Quan Chi's not helping you.

Behind Jax on the ambush spot before the bridge, Kenshi is engaged with
Sento against Kabal's hookswords, and Sareena is fighting Kitana. She
throws two roundhouse kicks that Kitana evades and blocks a fan strike,
but takes a punch across the face. She staggers back and tries to reason
with Kitana.

SAREENA: It is possible to escape Quan Chi, Kitana. I can aid you as
Bi-Han aided me.

KITANA: You became too familiar with Bi-Han. Allowed emotion to corrupt

SAREENA: Emotion freed me!

She punches Kitana in the face. Kitana swipes low with her bladed fans, 
but Sareena backflips to avoid them. She throws a crescent kick that
Kitana catches, but lashes out with an enziguri kick with her other
leg, sending the former Edenian sprawling. Sareena kips up as Kitana
gets back to her feet, but she takes a moment too long and eats a flying
kick to the chest from the revenant that knocks her out.

Kitana stands over her unconscious frame and prepares to finish her, but
Jax calls out to her as she readies her fans.

JAX: I don't understand, Kitana. I mean, I hate the things I did here. But
you enjoy being a revenant!

Kitana steps away from Sareena and into Jax's path.

KITANA: It suits me. I am a victim no longer.

She charges at Jax and somersaults over him. Jax turns around quickly
and staggers her with a right hook. She falls back into a fighting stance.

JAX: Yeah, I know what you mean, but this ain't the way to assert

They fight. Once more, Jax finds himself taking on an enemy with speed
and skill superior to his own, but with his confidence restored in his
previous bouts, Jax allows his strength to truly shine through here.
It isn't long before Kitana also finds herself in the same condition
as Sindel and Kung Lao; unconscious.

JAX: I gotta believe there's hope for you.

Jax turns around to the ambush site and assesses the situation. The S-F
troops have repelled the rest of the revenants, but many are dead and
those who've survived look in need of hospital beds. Jax walks over to
Kenshi and Sareena. Kenshi is resting near a rock, and Sareena is
crouched near a badly injured soldier who's helmet looks like charcoal.

JAX: Mother o' God...

KENSHI: We've lost many. The rest are wounded.

JAX: And our "friends"?

SAREENA: The tide turned against them. They fled.

JAX: How you two doin'?

KENSHI: I'm fine.

As he says this, he staggers. There's a large wound on his right leg that
has gone straight through his armor to the flesh below.

JAX: That's what I thought.

He turns around toward the Krossroads.

SAREENA: Where are you going?

JAX: Gonna bag me a sorcerer.

KENSHI: Alone?

SAREENA: You'll be killed!

JAX: Wouldn't be the first time.

He walks down the bridge. The scene cuts to Quan Chi's fortress. Liu Kang
stands over Quan Chi, who is seated on a throne.

LIU KANG: In your weakened state, is it possible for you to release

QUAN CHI: I am more than capable.

LIU KANG: And D'Vorah? Are you certain she is capable?

QUAN CHI: She WILL bring the amulet to me.

JAX: And I'll be waiting for her.

Liu Kang turns around at the new arrival.

QUAN CHI: Jackson Briggs. A pleasant surprise.

JAX: Nothin' pleasent about it.


As Jax approaches, Liu Kang gets into his fighting stance.

LIU KANG: So you return to Raiden? The fools follow fools.

He throws a dark fireball. Jax sidesteps it and walks forward.

JAX: Raiden did his best. He saved Earthrealm!

Liu Kang charges up another fireball.


Liu Kang throws it, but Jax ducks the projectile and continues forward.

JAX: That isn't true!

Liu Kang throws another fireball. Jax dodges this one as well.

LIU KANG: You were not there! He stole EVERYTHING from me!

Once more, Kang throws a fireball. Jax doesn't bother dodging this one;
he bats it away with his mechanical arms. He's now reached Liu Kang,
much to Quan Chi's surprise.

LIU KANG: You do not deserve to rejoin us.

Jax only chuckles at this. Liu Kang throws two last fireballs, but each
one is knocked away by Jax, who pounds his fist into his palm, ready
for battle.


LIU KANG: Instead you will learn... there are worse things than death.

They fight. The battle proves to be one of the toughest of Jax's life.
The former Champion of Mortal Kombat has all of the speed, strength, 
stamina and skill he had when he was alive, and he's every bit the
fighter he was when he defeated Shao Kahn. But Jax's own skill and
courage give him the strength he needs to keep fighting, and even though
the fight is close, Jax manages to take Liu Kang down.

JAX: I wish I could help you, Liu Kang.

With no more bodies to help him, Quan Chi rises as Jax approaches,
seemingly to reason with him.

QUAN CHI: Jax, there is no need for hostil--

JAX: Just stop talking!

He punctuates his point by uppercutting Quan Chi square in the mouth.
The sorcerer is thrown high into the air and crashes into a wall of 
skulls. He slumps down, KO'ed in one hit.

JAX: S'good to be back.

He switches on his communicator.

JAX: Kenshi. I got 'im.

KENSHI: Excellent work.

JAX: I'm staying here. D'Vorah's on her way. You need to get Quan Chi to
Sonya. She'll make 'im spill his guts.


The scene cuts to the refugee camp. Quan Chi is now in handcuffs and
chaines, being escorted by Kenshi and Johnny Cage. They drag him into an
open shipping container.


Quan Chi is forced down on a chair. Two soldiers cuff his legs together
in chains as well.

JOHNNY: I'm guessing it's not your first time in cuffs. What's your

Quan Chi gives Johnny a death glare in response. Smiling to himself,
Johnny exits the container, followed by Kenshi and the soldiers. The
doors are slammed shut. The moment they are, a slight smirk comes to
his face. Over this scene, we hear Sonya speaking.

SONYA: Advise Secretary Blake that Quan Chi is in custody. We'll be moving
him to the super-max facility at Fort Charles within the hour.

The scene cuts to Johnny and Kenshi walking up to Sonya, who is
relaying the orders to one of her soldiers.

SOLDIER: Yes ma'am.

As they approach, Sonya turns to face them.

SONYA: You two stand guard. Prisoner transfer will be here in twenty.

JOHNNY: Oh, NOW she trusts me to babysit.

Outside of narrowing her eyes at Johnny, Sonya doesn't respond to the 
bait. She instead puts her communicator to her ear.

SONYA: Cage, report.

Cassie's voice is heard on the other line.

CASSIE: We haven't caught up to D'Vorah. We had her tracked to the Makeba
Cliffs, but then her trail went cold.

SONYA: Damn.

The scene switches to begind some shipping containers. Unseen to the 
soldiers or refugees, several ninjas creep in and hide behind some crates.

CASSIE: Jacqui thinks D'Vorah's unique physiology may allow us to pinpoint
her location. She's retooling her smart-comm to track D'Vorah's 

The lead ninja holds one hand in the air as he crouches down. His
subordinates stop and take cover by him.

SONYA: How long?

SCORPION: On my command only. Wound. Do not kill.

CASSIE: She has to write the code. We're looking at... two hours?

SONYA: Sergeant, your team doesn't have two hours. We need her found

JOHNNY: Sonya!

She turns to look at him. He tilts his head and nods angrily. Sonya sighs
and takes a moment to calm down before she resumes talking.

SONYA: Cassie, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but there isn't
time. Bring your team back here, we need to re-group and re-deploy.

CASSIE: Yes ma'am.

Sonya hangs up.

JOHNNY: They're doing their best.

SONYA: I know.

Kenshi looks into the middle distance and - despite his blindness -
notices someone approaching.

KENSHI: General. We have a visitor.

Sonya and Johnny turn to see Hanzo Hasashi approaching them in full
ninja garb.

SONYA: You two are friends, right? He tell you he was coming?

KENSHI: Nothing.

Sonya walks up to Hanzo, who bows before her.

SCORPION: General.

SONYA: Master Hasashi. I hadn't received word you were coming.

Behind Sonya, several of her soldiers walk closer to the two of them,
guns idle in their hands.

SCORPION: I will have Quan Chi.

SONYA: We have things under control. You can--

SCORPION: He must die.

SONYA: Raiden needs him. Without Quan Chi we can't restore Liu Kand and
the other revenants. You'd leave them trapped? Like you were?

SCORPION: Only Quan Chi concerns me.

He motions to walk past her. Sonya puts a hand on his shoulder. Kenshi
pulls out Sento from it's sheath and Johnny walks forward, ready to fight.
Several soldiers surround Hasashi and point their weapons directly at

SONYA: Don't do this, Hanzo. I'll put you down.

SCORPION: Then we are at an impasse.

He holds up two fingers and calls out a command to attack in Japanese. 
The Shirai Ryu ninjas charge out from behind cover and engage the
soldiers. Hanzo bats away Sonya's hand and punches her in the face.
He blocks her attacks, but takes a roundhouse kick to the face. He
retalitates with a right cross that strikes her across the cheek.

SCORPION: Quan Chi is mine.

They fight. Despite no longer being a wraith, Hanzo is still capable of
tapping into his hellish powers, and he brings these to full bear against
the General of the Special Forces. Combined with his own fighting skill
and prowess, it isn't long before Sonya is overwhelmed and knocked

SCORPION: I wish you no harm, General Blade.

Two of the Shirai Ryu drag Sonya away. Hanzo walks over to the shipping
container holding Quan Chi. His ninjas have successfully restrained
the guards on post there. However, Kenshi sneaks up behind Scorpion and
unleashes a telekenetic shockwave from Sento, slamming Hasashi into the
container doors. Kenshi then levitates him into the air.

KENSHI: Call off your men, Hanzo!

Hanzo remains calm in spite of his incapacitation.

SCORPION: If you value our friendship, you will give me Quan Chi.

In response, Kenshi throws Scorpion across the campsite. He smashes hard
into the side of a humvee. He looks up to see Kenshi charging at him and
throws his chained kunai, which Kenshi slides to evade. As Kenshi rises, 
Hanzo tackles him, knocking the sword from his grasp. Kenshi pushes him 
off and they both roll to their feet.

SCORPION: Withdraw. Without Sento you are vulnerable.

Johnny Cage takes this moment to tackle the ninja from the side.


Hanzo pushes Johnny away from him, but the movie star comes back with a
backhand. Hanzo evades it, blocks several more blows from Johnny and
catches him on the chin with a palm strike. 

Johnny comes in again with a right hook. Hanzo once again blocks the blow
and several more that follow, landing a jump kick that catches Cage in 
the chest and staggers him backwards. Johnny takes a moment to get back
into a fighting stance, and Hanzo follows suit.

Johnny tries landing a strike to the kidney this time, but Hanzo 
intercepts it. Again, Hasashi fends off multiple punches from Cage before
grabbing his leg off a failed kick, sweeping the other out from under him.
Johnny pounds the ground with a fist in frustration and stands up once


JOHNNY: Just like old times!

They fight. Johnny Cage has lost none of his fighting skill over the 
years, but the youthful agility he possessed in his earlier bout
against the ninja has not fared so well. The fight is intense and close,
but in the end it is Hanzo Hasashi who proves the victor this time around.

SCORPION: Only Quan Chi's death will abate my anger.

With Cage down, Scorpion turns back to the shipping container. Kenshi
is still down on one knee, but he tries to reason with him.

KENSHI: Hanzo, no! You've earned great trust for the Shirai Ryu. Do not
squander it by murdering a withered sorcerer!

SCORPION: That withered sorcerer is the architect of my suffering.

A ninja grabs Kenshi and restrains him as Hanzo continues toward the

The scene cuts to an outside table on a snowy mountaintop, complete
with two bowls and a kettle. The caption "Five Years Ago - Lin Kuei 
Temple" reads at the bottom of the screen. Hanzo Hasashi walks toward 
the table, eyeing it suspiciously. He turns around at the sound of someone
approaching - who turns out to be Kuai Liang. Hanzo says nothing, but does
not look pleased to see him approach.

SUB-ZERO: Master Hasashi. I am grateful that you've come.

He bows before Hanzo.

SCORPION: Speak your mind. I do not wish to linger here.

Kuai motions toward the table. When Hanzo does not move, he walks
around him and kneels by it.

SUB-ZERO: You re-establish the Shirai-Ryu as I reform the Lin Kuei. We
both seek to shed our clans' dark pasts. Dedicate them to Earthrealm's

He puts some flavouring inside the two bowls.

SUB-ZERO: Our common purpose gives us a chance to end old rivalries. To
start anew.

SCORPION: You'll confess what you've long denied? That your clan's hands
are soaked in Shirai-Ryu blood? In the blood of my family?

SUB-ZERO: ...Our honour is indeed stained. Please. Sit.

Hanzo finally complies with the request. 

SUB-ZERO: After you and I were freed from Quan Chi's control, I sought out
my clan. I had hoped rebellion from within would have quashed the
Grandmaster's plans. 

Kuai pours the water from the kettle into the bowls.

SUB-ZERO: But Sektor had realised his father's vision. The Lin Kuei had
benn fully cyberized. I pledged to kill Sektor and his followers. Re-form
the Lin Kuei and restore our honour.

SCORPION: I am not interested in Lin Kuei politics, Sub-Zero.

SUB-ZERO: When I finally killed Sektor, I discovered the Lin Kuei had not
sacrificed it's honour with the Cyber Initiative. We had abandoned it
long before.

Liang passes Hasashi the prepared bowl of soup. Before he can take it,
Hanzo hears the sound of an ice attack being prepared. He dodges in the
nick of time, and an ice blast destroys the table. Hanzo rolls to his
feet to see a female Lin Kuei - who uses ice powers just like Sub-Zero -
walking toward him with the intent to fight.

FROST: There will be no peace, Scorpion!

SCORPION: Frost! (To Sub-Zero) The Lin Kuei are still without honour!

He charges Frost, blocks two strikes from her, punches her in the face
and downs her with a roundhouse kick.

SUB-ZERO: Master Hasashi, wait!

SCORPION: For what? More treachery? I will have your head!

They fight. As has been the case with their many fights before,
Scorpion and Sub-Zero are equally matched in skill, strength, speed
and powers. However, Hanzo Hasashi takes the advantage with his opponent's
reluctance to fight. After a back and forth exchange, the Shirai-Ryu
knocks the Lin Kuei to the floor.

SCORPION: Our story ends here, Sub-Zero.

He pulls one of his ninjato from his back and prepares to decapitate
Kuai Liang. However, Frost charges him once again, this time brandishing
an ice dagger. As Hanzo turns to kill her instead, an ice blast from
Sub-Zero freezes her solid. Scorpion turns around in confusion to
find Sub-Zero standing once more.

SCORPION: What is this?!

SUB-ZERO: I did not bring you here for treachery. Frost is strong, but
lacks judgment. She cannot see the wisdom of peace. I will deal with her.

Hanzo is still suspicious at this words, but he does consider them. The
scene cuts to inside the temple. Hanzo and Kuai walk up into the main
chamber together, Hanzo having put his sword back in its sheath.

SCORPION: You spoke of the Lin Kuei's lost honour.

SUB-ZERO: For years, I had thought you had unfairly blamed the Lin Kuei
for the deaths of your family and clan.

They stop by a table. The cybernetic arm and head of Sektor lie on it,
both hooked up to some sort of battery.

SUB-ZERO: But Sektor's cyber-preserved memories revealed the truth.

He presses a button on Sektor's arm. From a projected light it reveals
a hologram of Quan Chi.

QUAN CHI: The Lin Kuei need to abide their agreements, Sektor. The
Grandmaster gave Shinnok his word.

Sektor's recorded voice replies in response.

SEKTOR: Shinnok's currency is lies. As is yours.

QUAN CHI: Payment is due. I exterminated the Shirai-Ryu as promised.

SEKTOR: Hanzo Hasashi lives. He's your spectre, Scorpion.

QUAN CHI: I created Scorpion from Hasashi's soul AFTER he died. We
observed the agreement.

SEKTOR: The letter, not the spirit. You are owed nothing.

The hologram fades. Hanzo's face now shows pure horror at the words he
just heard.

SCORPION: Harumi... Satoshi...

He bows his head forward in shame.

SUB-ZERO: Had I known of my clan's complicity in the Shirai-Ryu's
extinction, our history would be different.

SCORPION: I killed your brother because I thought... he--

SUB-ZERO: Quan Chi is responsible for Bi-Han's death.

A newfound determination enters Scorpion's eyes and he raises his head.

SCORPION: Sektor was wrong. There is a debt to be paid - and Quan Chi
will pay it.

He puts a hand to his chest in a salute. Kuai Liang returns the salute
with his hands clasped together. The two former rivals bow to one another.

The scene cuts back to the refugee camp. Quan Chi has been dragged out
of the container by two Shirai-Ryu. They throw him to the ground before
Hanzo Hasashi. Johnny, Sonya and Kenshi watch all of this from on their
knees, restrained by the ninjas who have successfully defeated their

SCORPION: (To his men) Unbind him.

One of them undoes the chains on Quan Chi. The sorcerer remains on his

QUAN CHI: Scorpion, we can--

Hanzo backfists him in the face, knocking him to the ground.


He grabs Quan Chi by the scruff of his neck.

SCORPION: You killed my wife! My son! And then you burrowed your way into

QUAN CHI: Your family... I--

Scorpion hauls him to his feet, roaring in rage.

SCORPION: Quiet, sorcerer! Nothing can help you now!

They fight. At his weakest and without any help forthcoming, Quan Chi
suffers the beating of his life. Nothing he can do subsides the rage
of Hanzo Hasashi, who relentlessly pounds him again and again and again.
The one sided battle ends with Quan Chi facedown in the dirt.

SCORPION: At last, you feel my pain.

As Quan Chi struggles to rise, Hanzo kicks him in the face, knocking him
on his back. Hanzo slams Quan Chi's head into the ground and then
punches him some more.

SONYA: Scorpion, stop!

A portal opens before them. Hanzo looks up and spots D'Vorah approaching.

D'VORAH: Quan Chi!

Hanzo rushes her with his sword at the ready. D'Vorah parries his blows
with her stingers. He manages to cut off one of them with his sword, but
as he tries an overhead chop, she stabs him in the chest with the other
stinger, bringing him down to one knee. D'Vorah rushes to Quan Chi's

QUAN CHI: Amulet...

D'Vorah pulls it out, but a chained kunai impales Quan Chi through the
chest before he can take it.


The sorcerer is dragged back to Hanzo's side.


Hanzo yanks Quan Chi by the chain imbedded in him to a seated position.
He's still barely alive though, and holds his hands towards the amulet, 
chanting a dark spell in a Netherrealm tongue. In slow motion, D'Vorah
throws the amulet to his outstretched arms, while Hanzo brings his
ninjato down towards his neck. Just before the blade cuts into him,
Quan Chi finishes the chant and grabs the amulet. 

An instant later, his head is sliced clean off his shoulders.

SCORPION: Blood for blood. Your debt is paid.

He throws down the headless corpse. Shinnok's Amulet rolls to a stop on
the ground... and erupts with dark purple energy and hellish fire. 
Shinnok's form is faintly visible within the energies.

JOHNNY: Oh shit.

SONYA: (To the ninjas) Free us! Now!

They realise the situation has gone to hell and comply. The amulet
finally stops dispelling energy, and it's owner picks it off the ground
in triumph.

D'VORAH: Shinnok.

Behind Shinnok, Scorpion roars in anger and swings his ninjato at him. The
fallen Elder God turns around and blasts him with the amulet's magic,
knocking him unconscious. Johnny, Sonya, Kenshi and the Shirai-Ryu ninjas
charge at him next, and all receive the same treatment.

SHINNOK: How small they are.

D'Vorah walks up to him and bows.

D'VORAH: This One greets Lord Shinnok.

SHINNOK: Quan Chi chose his servants well. He was wise to restore me in
Earthrealm, behind their defenses.

D'VORAH: Quan Chi deceived them. Allowed himself to be captured. He knew
they would bring him here.

They look toward the sorcerer's dead body.

SHINNOK: A pity he did not live to see his work completed.

Johnny Cage starts to wake up, groaning as he does so. Shinnok turns to

SHINNOK: There will be no surprises from you, Mister Cage. (To D'Vorah)
Bring him.

Another portal opens, bringing forth the revenants Liu Kang, Kung Lao,
Kitana, Sindel and Smoke. They stop before Shinnok and bow to him.

LIU KANG: Praise be to Lord Shinnok.

SHINNOK: Let us be on our way.

LIU KANG: There is an Earthrealm force in Netherrealm.

SHINNOK: I am aware. They will be neutralised.

He and his followers leave through a portal. Once it closes, Sonya begins
to awaken. Team S-F arrive through a portal of their own as she tries to
sit up.

CASSIE: Oh, shit!

She rushes over to Sonya, while Kung Jin rushes to Scorpion and Takeda
and Jacqui run to Kenshi.


She takes Sonya by the shoulders.

CASSIE: Where's Dad?

SONYA: Shinnok...

CASSIE: Mom, mom, where'd they go?

Sonya passes out again.


It is Hanzo Hasashi who answers her.

SCORPION: Your father... Shinnok's prisoner... at the Sky Temple.


The scene cuts to the Sky Temple. An old warrior - recognisable as the
native Outworlder Bo'Rai Cho - sits on a bench outside of the main
temple doors. While he's waiting, he opens a hip flask and drinks from it.
A few moments later, Raiden teleports next to the doors.

BO'RAI CHO: Raiden! Raiden, my old friend!

He walks up to Raiden and shakes his hand.

RAIDEN: Master Bo'Rai Cho. I am pleased to see you. It has been many 

BO'RAI CHO: Too long, yes, too long. We old warriors need to stick
together, eh?

RAIDEN: Most certainly. I presume recent circumstances precipitate your

BO'RAI CHO: Yes, yes. I'm concerned that Shinnok may return. I've been
trying to contact you. I feared the worst.

They walk into the temple.

RAIDEN: When Kano misappropriated Shinnok's Amulet, he left behind a 
snare. Disabling it required that I travel to many strange realms. I must
retire to the Jinsei Chamber. Regain my strength.

The scene cuts to the two of them walking in the underground tunnels
leading to the Jinsei Chamber.

BO'RAI CHO: You are close to recovering it, then? Shinnok's Amulet?

RAIDEN: I do not know. Disabling Kano's snare demanded my full attention.
Once I am rejuvenated, I will confer with General Blade.

BO'RAI CHO: If only we could have destroyed Shinnok during the last war.
If only he were mortal.

They reach the chamber. Raiden charges his hand with lightning, but
does not release. Instead, the chamber doors respond with the Japanese
incantation on them lighting up and they open. The two of them take a
moment to bask in the cool light of the Jinsei before walking in to
the chamber.

BO'RAI CHO: Such beauty. Like gazing upon the Elder Gods themselves.

RAIDEN: I hold out hope that we can turn this crisis to our advantage.

BO'RAI CHO: How so?

RAIDEN: Quan Chi's magic binds the souls of many we hold dear. Capture 
him, and we can force him to release them.

BO'RAI CHO: Liu Kang and Kung Lao restored? I suppose it is possible.

RAIDEN: As long as Quan Chi lives.

He hangs his head down for a moment, before looking up into Bo'Rai Cho's

RAIDEN: I've long regretted losing our comrades' souls to Netherrealm's
evil. Kung Lao and Liu Kang... they were like sons. I would move the
Heavens to bring them back into the light.

The scene cuts to the Outworld Kove. The caption "Outworld - Twenty Five
Years Ago" reads at the bottom left of the screen. On the docks, Shaolin
monks are being loaded onto a waiting ship by Tarkatans. Raiden crouches
behind cover with Kung Lao and Liu Kang, looking obviously more
youthful and not undead.

KUNG LAO: It is as Master Bo'Rai Cho said. The Shaolin masters are aboard
that ship.

LIU KANG: Bo'Rai Cho said two ships.

RAIDEN: The other has disembarked. We need to determine it's location.

KUNG LAO: They will talk. I will see to it.

LIU KANG: No extraordinary means, Kung Lao.

KUNG LAO: They raided the Wu Shi Academy! Killed Master Wen!

RAIDEN: Even with Tarkatans, there are boundaries we do not cross.

KUNG LAO: Yes, Lord Raiden.

LIU KANG: I still cannot believe Shao Kahn would order such a brazen

RAIDEN: It demonstrated Earthrealm's vulnerability. Shao Kahn knew we
would have no choice but to agree to a new tournament.

KUNG LAO: Liu Kang defeated Shang Tsung. He will beat Shao Kahn.

RAIDEN: In good time, Kung Lao. First we free the Shaolin.

They get out of cover and make for the docks. Over on those same docks,
a Tarkatan punches a bound monk down to his knees. Behind them, another
Tarkatan smashes a monk in the face and drags him forward. D'Vorah
walks behind them, stopping to talk to Baraka, who leads this force.

D'VORAH: All are aboard? This One leaves with the tide.

BARAKA: We are ready.

D'VORAH: Shao Kahn demands the hostages be unharmed.

BARAKA: Their wounds are not fatal.

D'VORAH: I would hope, Baraka. For your sake.

RAIDEN: For yours as well.

D'Vorah and Baraka turn to face Raiden, walking toward them with Liu Kang
and Kung Lao behind him.

RAIDEN: If you harm them, you answer to me.

Baraka orders his soldiers to attack in the Tarkatan tongue. They charge
toward the Earthrealmers. Raiden ducks under a blade swipe from a
Tarkatan and punches him twice in the face, knocking him from the docks.
Kung Lao punches another in the stomach and throws him off, before
hitting another in the face with a roundhouse kick that sends him
splashing into the river.

As Kung Lao runs his fingers across his razor sharp hat, Liu Kang charges
in with a flying kick on another Tarkatan that knocks him across the
docks, unconscious from the hit. Raiden punches and kicks two more
Tarkatans into the water and approaches D'Vorah and Baraka in a fighting

D'VORAH: (To Baraka) Tarkatans are beaten so easily?

Baraka growls in anger. He charges Raiden, just as several more of his
species charge in from behind. Liu Kang and Kung Lao decide to engage
them, leaving Baraka to Raiden. He ducks a punch from the Tarkatan leader,
blocks a kick and catches his arm off a failed elbow. When Baraka extends
his blade, Raiden pushes it away, then blocks an elbow smash from his
other arm. Baraka manages to knee Raiden in the stomach and punch him
in the face, but the Thunder God dodges a stab attempt, slaps Baraka's
arm away and dissipates into thin air with a crackle of electricity.

Raiden reappears to Baraka's side and punches him in the face. Baraka
tries a backward slice that is dodged, and then tries to impale Raiden
with both his arm blades. Raiden blocks the attack, grabs Baraka's arms
and electrocutes him, sending him staggering back.

Raiden barks out a threat in Baraka's own Tarkatan language.

BARAKA: Empty threats, Raiden. You will not see the tournament!

They fight. Despite being a vicious brawler equipped with arm blades
and a battle rage that knows no fear, Baraka is not able to stand against
the God of Thunder. The battle is fierce, but it ends with the Tarkatan
facedown on the docks amongst his kinsmen.

RAIDEN: You will return to the Wastes with no prize.

He walks toward the docked ship. Liu Kang and Kung Lao are still
fighting the Tarkatan horde behind him.

RAIDEN: (To D'Vorah) Step aside.

D'Vorah replies with two swift punches. Raiden blocks them both, ducks a
third and hits D'Vorah in the face with a punch of his own. He throws
another, but D'Vorah ducks this one and punches him in the stomach. She
follows through with two more punches to the face and tries a kick.
Raiden blocks it, dodges one of her stingers and teleports away when
she fires off all four at him.

He reappears behind her. D'Vorah is quick to react, and yells out a
chant in the Kytinn tongue, unleashing a swarm of insects from her belly.
Raiden summons lightning from the heavens that strikes the ground
between him and D'Vorah, disintegrating all the insects that pour out
of her. They both break off their attacks and regard one another.

D'VORAH: Such power. What are you, Raiden?

RAIDEN: I am of truth and light. I protect Earthrealm.

D'VORAH: This One cares not for Earthrealm and worships no gods.

They fight. In spite of her unique powers and fighting skill, not even
D'Vorah is a match for Earthrealm's protector. While she puts up a
determined effort, she is unable to overcome Raiden's godhood and is
eventually knocked unconscious.

RAIDEN: When a god speaks, heed him.

By now, Liu Kang and Kung Lao have now defeated the Tarkatans. The
Shaolin monks approach the Thunder God.

KUNG LAO: They were not so vexing. All sneers and growls.

RAIDEN: Let us free those aboard this vessel. Then you will find the
second ship.

KUNG LAO: Where will you go, Lord Raiden?

RAIDEN: The tournament beings soon. Join me as soon as you are able.

They walk toward the ship.

LIU KANG: We will succeed, Lord Raiden.

RAIDEN: Of that I am certain.

The scene fades in to Raiden in the present day, embathed inside the
Jinsei itself. He remains hovering in the depths of the blue light
for several moments, until the chamber itself begins shaking and rocks
fall from the ceiling. Realising something is wrong, Raiden looks up to
the roof and spots Bo'Rai Cho desperately reaching toward him from a
hole created in the ceiling. Behind him, laughter is heard and Cho is
dragged away as quickly as he appeared.

RAIDEN: Bo'Rai Cho!

In the Sky Temple courtyard, Bo'Rai Cho is thrown to the ground and
blasted by the magic from Shinnok's Amulet, causing him to cry out in
agony. Raiden runs out into the courtyard, and soon finds himself
surrounded by the revenants Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kitana, Sindel and Smoke.
D'Vorah stands next to Shinnok, holding Johnny Cage captive.

SHINNOK: Yet another of your allies falls to me. When he dies, I will
claim his soul.

RAIDEN: You know not his power. His soul cannot be subjugated.

Shinnok and D'Vorah walk into the temple, D'Vorah dragging Cage along for
the ride.

LIU KANG: Shall we kill him, Lord Shinnok?

Shinnok turns around to his minions, smiling at this question.

SHINNOK: Not yet. He will bear witness as I conquer his realm. Then I will
imprison him as he did me.

He turns back toward the temple and walks in.

RAIDEN: I would not boast of victory prematurely.

SHINNOK: I have already won, Raiden.

The temple doors are closed behind Shinnok, leaving Raiden with the
revenants. They circle him and lightly push him, goading him to attack.
He eventually fires out with a kick that forces them back. Smoke
attacks, but Raiden blocks a punch and kick from him and knocks him back
with a knee to his chin. He blocks a punch from Kitana and electrocutes
her face. This leaves him open to Liu Kang, who punches him in the face
from the side.

Kang follows through with his bicycle kick, knocking Raiden to the ground.
As he gets to his knees, Kung Lao pummels his face with his fists. As
Raiden falls, Lao kicks him in the face, and Liu Kang jumps on his back
as he rolls over onto his stomach. Kang, Lao, Kitana and Sindel all
mercilessly kick Raiden while he is down, while Smoke recovers and stands
back to his feet.

Beaten to the ground, Raiden can do nothing as Kung Lao picks him up and
wraps him in a sleeper hold. The other revenants watch with glee as
Raiden chokes and struggles for breath. Even in a nearly helpless state
though, the Thunder God manages to charge up with electricity once more
and fights free. 

Kung Lao realises something is wrong and breaks the sleeper. He leaps up
and grabs a roof section of the temple in the nick of time, as Raiden
cuts loose with a lightning attack directed through the ground. The
other revenants are caught by the attack and rendered unconscious. Kung
Lao jumps back down as Raiden stands back up and puts on his hat.

RAIDEN: Kung Lao, desist!

The former monk runs his fingers across his hat in response.

KUNG LAO: I serve Shinnok and the Netherrealm.

RAIDEN: Because Shao Kahn murdered you!

Lao points his finger at Raiden.

KUNG LAO: Something YOU allowed to happen! I will not be so passive in
your demise!

They fight. Raiden discovers to his dismay that Kung Lao has lost none
of the speed and skill that carried him to victory many times in life.
But even with that and the beating he suffered against him earlier,
Raiden is still the God of Thunder and he proves it by taking the fight
to Kung Lao. After an exhausting battle, Raiden leaves the revenant

RAIDEN: You deserved a better fate.

Almost immediately following the fight, Liu Kang runs up behind Raiden
and rabbit-punches him in the back of his head. Raiden still has the
awareness to block an elbow strike, and he manages to kick Kang in the
stomach. He blocks two more strikes from Liu Kang and kicks him in the
side, ducks another punch, but takes a barrage of blows to the sternum.

Raiden rallies with an overhead strike, but Kang catches both his arms.
For a moment, the two kombatants struggle to break the other's grip. Liu
breaks first - to pummel Raiden in the side repeatedly. He then lands
a right hook that staggers the Thunder God, then a roundhouse kick that
takes him to his knees. Raiden struggles back to his feet, clearly not
at his best.

RAIDEN: This is not your destiny, Liu Kang.

LIU KANG: More visions, Raiden? Do you still see the future?

RAIDEN: The visions are gone, but I know what should be.

LIU KANG: I was put here by your hand.

RAIDEN: An accident, which haunts me to this day!

Liu Kang considers this for a second, but launches into a charging punch.
Raiden teleports behind him and hits a rabbit-punch of his own. He
pummels Kang in the side, blocks several counter-attacks, lands two
punches in his stomach and a final spin kick to his abdomen that knocks
him away. The former Mortal Kombat Champion struggles to his feet.

LIU KANG: I should thank you. You freed me. The Elder Gods you blindly
serve? I will help Shinnok end their rule!

They fight. The battle proves to be one of the toughest the Thunder God
has ever endured. Weakened from his recent ordeals, Raiden struggles
greatly against the one man who has fought him to the same limits as
Shao Kahn once did. Even though he takes several serious blows in the 
melee, Raiden hurls every last bit of his strength against the revenant
Liu Kang... and just barely manages to defeat him.

RAIDEN: I regret our paths have led here.

As he turns toward the temple, Raiden grimaces in pain. His various
wounds have caught up with him, including a serious one in his right
side. Nonetheless, he bravely walks into the temple.

The scene cuts to inside the Jinsei chamber. D'Vorah is spraying another
noxious liquid from her mouth onto Johnny Cage. This particular liquid
acts as a cocoon that Johnny has become completely trapped in. Behind
them, Shinnok has walked onto the floating rocks surrounding the Jinsei
itself. He slowly reaches a hand into it and gives an estatic smile
as the magic from his hand begins to corrupt the Jinsei, turning it
from a light blue hue to a viscous red. Raiden manages to reach
the chamber, even though walking is clearly paining him.

RAIDEN: You will not defile the Jinsei, Shinnok!

As Raiden approaches, Shinnok nonchalently raises his hand. A skeletal
palm is summoned and it grasps Raiden firmly, knocking his hat from his
head and crushing his bones. Raiden screams in agony, and those screams
are only amplified as Shinnok clenches his fist, causing the skeletal
hand to crush Raiden further, flowing with the dark energies of Shinnok
as it does so. Each time the grip hardens, the magicks scorch Raiden's
body, blackening his clothing and skin.

SHINNOK: We have battled for eons, Raiden. Now finally, it ends.

Shinnok fully floats into the Jinsei. He spends a few moments absorbing
it's essence before roaring out loud, changing it's colour from blue to
fully red. The red cloud of corrupted Jinsei bursts through the roof of
the Sky Temple, reaching out to the clouds above and corrupting them
with their blood red hue.

Over at the Lin Kuei Temple, Sub-Zero rushes out to find the corruption
spreading just over the mountaintops beyond. It takes less than a few
seconds before the clouds above the temple are enveloped as well. He
watches it all with dismay.

In the refugee camp, the Outworlders and Special Forces soldiers all
rush for cover as the corrupted clouds spread towards them like

Inside the corrupted Jinsei, Shinnok breaths it in, slowly turning into
another being before the awed eyes of D'Vorah. His voice deepens and
his laughter turns more demonic. His face swells into that of a
hellish skull with horns where his ears should be, no visible nose save
a point of light, and that same white light enimates from his eyes and
throat. His hands sport three enlarged claws instead of five fingers,
his skin tone changes from porcelain white to charcoaled grey, and
yellow scars of light adorn his now muscled form, the biggest going
vertically down the center of his chest to where his amulet resides -
in his abdomen. He has now become as corrupted as the Jinsei.

SHINNOK: Yes... Tremble before me, Elder Gods, as I absorb Earthrealm's

Even though he is barely alive at this point, Raiden still finds words
to speak that go unheard by the corrupted ruler of the Netherrealm.

RAIDEN: No, Shinnok. Even now... others come to defeat you.


The scene cuts to Team S-F at the cockpit of their plane, currently in
the air and heading towards the Sky Temple. Jacqui and Takeda are in the
pilot's seats, with Cassie and Jin at the computer screens just behind

CASSIE: We land in fifteen minutes. We'll enter the Sky Temple from the
terrestrial entrance.

TAKEDA: Why not go straight there?

KUNG JIN: It exists in a different quantum state, slightly out of phase
from our reality. It can't be reached by conventional means.

Takeda breaths out a heavy sigh, which Jacqui notices.


TAKEDA: It's just us. No one's coming to help. We either pull this off

CASSIE: We WILL get it done.

Warning buzzers sound off through the plane. Before it looms the clouds
that have been corrupted by the Jinsei. Cassie and Jin get out of their
seats for a closer look.

KUNG JIN: By the... what is that?!

TAKEDA: Dunno. But it's headed right for us.

KUNG JIN: Elder Gods have mercy.

As the cloud looms closer, it produces turbulence that rocks the plane.

JACQUI: Buckle up, people! I gotta put her down.

Cassie and Jin race back to their seats. The scene cuts to the forest
near the temple. Jacqui has landed the plane without crashing, and
Team S-F have exited without issue. The corrupted light from the clouds 
above them has given the forest a distinctly red hue.

JACQUI: Looks like the temple entrance is fifteen clicks that way.

She points off to the distance.

TAKEDA: A moonlight walk in the woods. Another time, it'd be relaxing.

JACQUI: I wouldn't have pegged you for outdoorsy.

TAKEDA: My mother and I lived near a forest a lot like this. Really
takes me back.

Jacqui smiles at this - it's quite clear she's warming up to Takeda's

JACQUI: After we wrap this up, we should go.

He looks at her and smiles back. They spend a brief moment staring 
warmly at one another, before looking over to Cassie and Jin standing
on one of the plane wings, reparing the motor. Cassie slams down her 
tools in frustration.

CASSIE: Fuck me! We're grounded. That shockwave fried the leads.

JACQUI: Then let's get going. We're almost outta time.

A portal opens up behind them. Kotal Kahn emerges, flanked by Erron Black,
Ermac, Ferra/Torr, Reptile and several of his soldiers.

KUNG JIN: What are they doing here?

JACQUI: Looking for the amulet, I bet.

TAKEDA: We have to tell them about Shinnok. Call a truce.

Kotal spots Team S-F and does not look happy to see them. He points
in their direction with his macuahuitl and addresses his soldiers.

KOTAL: Bring them to me!

His soldiers roar out battle cries and charge forward.

CASSIE: Or not.

JACQUI: The woods! C'mon!

They flee. The scene cuts to Kotal's forces walking through the woods,
searching for their prey. Cassie and Jacqui hide behind two large trees
as the search party walks past.

FERRA: They quiet. Sneaky.

KOTAL: Ermac?

ERMAC: We sense them. But the forest teems with souls.

REPTILE: Yes... So close.

Explosions suddenly rock the forest around Kotal's forces, throwing
them into disarray. Two trees fall down, crushing several soldiers
beneath them. Cassie chucks some grenades at the trees, Kung Jin shoots 
their bases with arrows and Jacqui uses her gauntlets to shoot plasma 
blasts at the tree bases. The end result is the trees continuing to fall
on Kotal's forces.

One of Cassie's grenades lands at Reptile's feet. He notices and leaps
up into the air, just narrowly avoiding the explosion. The fallen trees 
catch fire, giving Kotal's forces more issues to contend with. Ferra 
shrieks in fear at the flames.

KOTAL: Divine fire and earth!

He looks over the battlefield and spots Kung Jin shooting off arrows.
Meanwhile, Reptile scurries high up a tree and spots Jacqui. She has her
back to him and continues to shoot plasma bolts at Kotal's forces.

REPTILE: I see you...

Takeda runs up to Jacqui and spots Reptile.

TAKEDA: Jacqui, look out!

His warning comes too late. Reptile leaps from the tree and lands on
Jacqui, pinning her to the ground. Takeda charges towards him, but
Reptile notices and spits a glob of acid into his face. Takeda screams
in agony and clasps his face in his hands as the acid burns into it.

Reptile turns back to Jacqui, who is still struggling in his grip.
He raises one claw to smash her face in, but Jacqui rallies and punches
him in the chest. She follows up with a headbutt and throws Reptile off
her. They both rise to their feet.

JACQUI: You hurt him, you answer to me!

They fight. While the Zaterrean's speed and fighting abilities are not
trivial threats, Jacqui fights with a rage that he is unable to overcome.
Utilising her specialised gauntlets to their full potential, she
unleashes a beatdown on Reptile that does not stop until he is unconscious
at her feet.

JACQUI: Go crawl back under your rock, Reptile.

With Reptile down, Jacqui rushes back to Takeda, who's still trying to
wipe his face with his hands.

JACQUI: Stop! You need water.

She produces an emergency hip flask.

JACQUI: Lean your head back.

He does so and she pours the water onto his face. It does the job of
clearing his eyes.

JACQUI: Can you see?

TAKEDA: Yeah, yeah. It's fuzzy, but--

She pours more water on his face.

JACQUI: Better?

The scene switches to show from Takeda's perspective. The blurry visage
clears up quickly into a close up of Jacqui's face.

TAKEDA: Beautiful.

As the scene shifts from his perspective, their tender moment is
interrupted by Ermac - levitating a considerable distance above ground
level - uprooting the tree that Takeda was resting by.

JACQUI: Hold that thought.

They flee just as Ermac brings the tree down where they were standing.
He flies after them, shooting blasts of soul energy as Takeda and Jacqui
dodge as best they can. After a while, it seems like they manage to
outrun him - but then they come face to face with Kotal Kahn and his
soldiers. Ermac soon floats into view behind them.

TAKEDA: Lady's choice.

JACQUI: I've got Ermac.

As Takeda rushes Kotal, Jacqui charges at Ermac. She shoots off a plasma
bolt that hits Ermac to no effect. In response, he telekenetically lifts
her into the air and slams her into a tree. She struggles to rise as
Ermac floats down to ground level.

ERMAC: You are spawn of Jackson Briggs.

JACQUI: And damn proud of it! I know what you did to him.

ERMAC: We took your father's arms. We will take all of you.

They fight. The battle proves to be one of the toughest of Jacqui's life,
as Ermac brings the power of a thousand souls to bear against her. But
hardened by resolve and the will to avenge her father's maiming, Jacqui
takes the fight to the Outworld construct. After a fierce battle, she
manages to emerge victorious against Ermac.

JACQUI: That was for you, Dad.

As Jacqui rushes back to where Takeda is fighting Kotal, Ferra/Torr jumps
into her path. Ferra laughs and Torr roars, taking a massive swing at
her with his meaty fists. Jacqui dodges two swipes and barely escapes
as Torr almost pounds her into the ground. He manages to grab Jacqui and
lift her into the air with both his hands round her waist.

FERRA: Squeeze, squeeze, Torr!

Torr complies, and Jacqui's bulletproof vest begins to crunch under the
strength in his hands.

FERRA: Your eyes, so bright.

She readies the metal claws on her wrist.

FERRA: Gonna carve 'em out!

She slowly brings the claws towards Jacqui's face. In the nick of time,
Jacqui's gauntlets finish charging up. She unleashes a plasma blast
that rocks Torr backwards, letting her loose of his grip. He doesn't fall
though, and neither does Ferra.

FERRA: Trickery! Deceit!

Jacqui shoots off a plasma bolt, but it isn't charged and doesn't faze
Torr. He throws two more meaty punches that Jacqui barely avoids. She
gets into a fighting stance.

JACQUI: No more tricks. Just a straight up beatdown.

They fight. The sheer power and brutality of Ferra/Torr force Jacqui
to use all of her kickboxing skill to avoid their mighty attacks. She
proves to be up to the challenge, and with the help of her charged
gauntlets she lands multiple blows on the two Outworlders. After a long
brawl, they eventually fall unconscious at her feet.

JACQUI: Two for one. I'll take it.

Back with the rest of Team S-F, Kung Jin blocks the sword of a charging
soldier with his staff, and Cassie kicks him in the side, staggering him
long enough for Jin to put an arrow through his brain. He swings his
staff around just in time to parry a sword blow from another soldier
trying to cut down Cassie, allowing her to kick him in the stomach and
smash her knee into his face, knocking him out. 

A third soldier charges Jin, who again blocks the sword strike with his
staff-bow. Cassie punches the soldier in the kidney twice and knocks him 
down with a right cross, and Jin swings his staff-bow around and fires 
an arrow straight through the head of a fourth soldier, causing him to
backflip from the force.

Meanwhile, Takeda is still fighting Kotal Kahn one on one. He smashes
Kotal in the face with a right hand, but the Osh-Tekk kicks him in
the stomach, forcing him back. Takeda holds back for a moment, allowing
Kotal a chance to speak.

KOTAL: We know D'Vorah is here. Where is the amulet?

TAKEDA: Kotal Kahn, the situation has changed--

KOTAL: Do not fling your spittle at me.

He charges at Takeda and attacks. Takeda blocks his punches, but takes
a kick to the chest that knocks him down. He rolls to his feet and
fires off one of his whips, ensnaring Kotal by the wrist. Kotal merely
takes a firm grip on the whip and pulls, whirling Takeda around him.
Takeda manages to stay on his feet, but is forced to retract the whip.
Jacqui runs up to them both.

JACQUI: You tell 'im?

TAKEDA: Not yet!

JACQUI: He needs to kno--


KOTAL: I will kill you both.

JACQUI: Shinnok's been freed. He's at Raiden's Sky Temple. He's already
infected Earthrealm's life force.

She gestures to the sky. Kotal looks up at the red clouds and realises
the truth of her words.

KOTAL: The heavens boil... Earthrealm is lost!

JACQUI: Not if we hang together!

Kotal draws his macuahuitl from the scabbard on his back and readies it
for kombat.

KOTAL: I will appease Shinnok. Bring him your heads. Gain time to bolster
Outworld's defenses.

He swings the weapon at Takeda, who barely ducks in time. Kotal backhands
it towards Jacqui, who blocks with her gauntlets. Kotal holsters the
macahuitl as Takeda throws a punch that he blocks, before he punches him
in the kidney and kicks him in the ankle, knocking him to the ground. As
Takeda rises, Ferra/Torr charges straight towards him. Takeda ducks
under Torr's attempted grab, but the behemoth slaps away his follow up

While Takeda fights Ferra/Torr, Jacqui now goes up against Kotal Kahn 
alone. She deflects one of the Kahn's punches and one of his roundhouse
kicks with her gauntlet, and shoots off a blast of plasma that stuns him
for a moment.

JACQUI: You need to help us, Kotal Kahn!

KOTAL: It is too late for Earthrealm. Shinnok is now it's master.

They fight. With both kombatants fueled with desperation for their realms,
the battle proves to be a long and hard one for Jacqui. The Emperor of
Outworld brings everything he has to the fight, and Jacqui only barely
manages to defend against it. Calling up on her last reserves, she
throws everything she has right back at Kotal Kahn and amazingly manages
to defeat him.

JACQUI: You should'a been with us.

Kotal rises to his feet, growling impatiently. Erron Black steps in,
flanked by soldiers, and aims one of his revolvers right at her.

ERRON: That's enough.

Kotal's forces slowly back Jacqui, Cassie and Jin towards each other in
a clear part of the forest. Cassie tries to shoot her pistol, but she's
out of bullets. She holsters the gun and readies her fists.

CASSIE: Fuck me!

Ferra/Torr stomps back into the fray, with Takeda's bound body in
Torr's arms. Torr lifts him up and throws him toward the clearing. He
lands hard as Ferra laughs, and Jacqui helps him to his feet. Team
S-F are now completely surrounded on all sides, and have all backed into
one another.

JACQUI: Don't know about you guys, but I'm living the dream.

TAKEDA: You have odd dreams.

KOTAL: Chattel. You die tonight.

He calls to his soldiers in the Outworld tongue and they begin to close
in. Ferra/Torr charge forward... and are frozen solid by an ice blast.
More blasts follow, freezing the soldiers who come too close to Team S-F.

Sub-Zero walks into the clearing, flanked by his Lin Kuei disciples.
The warriors charge into battle without hesistation, forcing Kotal's
forces to engage them. Team S-F break free and make a run for it, stopping
as Sub-Zero walks towards them.

SUB-ZERO: You stood together against formidable odds. Lesser warriors
would not have fared so well.

CASSIE: Thanks, Grandmaster.

SUB-ZERO: I will remain here to push Kotal Kahn back to Outworld. Proceed
to the Sky Temple. Earthrealm's fate lies with you.

They head off as Sub-Zero walks toward the battle.


The scene cuts to the Sky Temple. Team S-F creep up behind a wall 
overlooking a crevice as D'Vorah speaks with Liu Kang, Kitana and Sindel.

D'VORAH: Lord Shinnok is nearly finished. Soon the Jinsei's corruption
will be irreversable.

KITANA: The invasion can then proceed. Raiden and his allies will be
unable to offer resistance.

Kung Jin missteps, and some stones crumble under his feet and fall into
the crevice below them. Takeda and Cassie stop Jin from falling.

LIU KANG: Once the realm falls, our path to victory will be clear. Advise
Lord Shinnok that the Oni and Orochi are ready. At his command, we'll
unleash them on Earthrealm.

D'Vorah nods and walks into the Sky Temple. Kung Lao and Smoke walk up
to the rest of the revenants.

LIU KANG: Have you found Raiden's portal to the Heavens?

KUNG LAO: Yes, but his wards protect it. We can't break through.

Team S-F peer over the wall at the revenants.

KITANA: That is unacceptable. After Earthrealm is destroyed, we must
complete Lord Shinnok's vengeance; invade the Heavens and destroy the
Elder Gods.

LIU KANG: (To Kung Lao and Smoke) Come.

The three male revenants walk off.

TAKEDA: Make war on the Heavens?! If Shinnok can take down the Elder Gods--

JACQUI: End of the universe. Got it.

KUNG JIN: Kung Lao... to see him like this...

CASSIE: We'll all be hangin' 'round the Netherrealm water cooler if we
don't pull this off. C'mon.

As they creep along the wall, a rock comes loose from where Takeda puts
his foot. Unlike Kung Jin before him, the rest of Team S-F are unable
to catch him and he falls, just barely grabbing into the crevice edge in

JACQUI: Takeda!

She reaches her hand for Takeda to grab. Sindel and Kitana notice the
noise. Realising they've been spotted, Cassie motions to Jin and they
spring out of cover, running forward and engaging in kombat.

Kung Jin swings his staff at Kitana as Cassie fends off Sindel's strikes.
Kitana gets through Jin's staff swings, punches him in the stomach and
kicks him in the face as he bends over, staggering him. Cassie punches
Sindel, who blocks two more strikes from her and sends her reeling with
a punch of her own. Cassie begins to retreat as Sindel advances on her.

SINDEL: Has your mother ever told you what I did to her friends? Killed
them all in the blink of an eye.

CASSIE: And your own daughter. You proud of that?

SINDEL: We are bonded in death. You will join us and I will give you a
proper upbringing!

They fight. Without the magic of Shang Tsung and his consumed souls in
Sindel's body, she is unable to bring up the same power and strength that
killed so many of Earthrealm's warriors. That is why she finds herself
unable to take down Cassie so easily and that allows the leader of Team
S-F to rally and beat her down, eventually leaving her unconscious on
the ground.

CASSIE: Nice offer, Mommy Dearest, but I'll pass.

Jacqui is still trying to reach down and pull Takeda up from a sticky end
at the bottom of the crevice the Sky Temple rests on. They both strain
to reach each other's outstretched hand. Takeda suddenly loses his grip
and falls... but Jacqui leans down and grabs his hand in the nick of time.
Both of them struggle for a few moments, but eventually Jacqui pulls
Takeda back up.

TAKEDA: I owe you one.

She pats him on the shoulder.

JACQUI: I'll remember that.

Kung Jin yells out as he is flung backwards, crashing into the large
gong in the temple courtyard. He passes out from the collision. As Kitana
moves in to finish him, Cassie calls out to her.

CASSIE: Back off, princess!

KITANA: You think mere words can stop me?

Kitana turns as she spots Takeda and Jacqui running toward her. The three
of them surround the revenant.

CASSIE: Thanks for the assist.

JACQUI: Any time.

TAKEDA: Tick tock, ladies.

Kitana blocks strikes from Cassie and Jacqui with her fans, kicking Cassie
away at the same time she punches Jacqui backward. Takeda lands two
punches across her face, but she blocks a third and counters with a
roundhouse kick that staggers him. She then levitates him and Jacqui into
the air with her fan-nado attack and chucks of her fans into his
abdomen. She follows up on Jacqui by throwing her remaining fan into
her shoulder. With them both down, Kitana recalls both fans to her and
twirls them around, turning to face Cassie.


KITANA: You wish to die first? So be it.

They fight. Kitana proves to be a huge test for Cassie, as her speed
and skill in battle matches and surpasses the young Earthrealmer. However,
Cassie shows that she has tricks of her own up her sleeve, and these
allow her to remain in the fight and take it to the revenant. After a
fierce battle, Cassie manages to emerge victorious.

CASSIE: You're not killing anyone.

As Kung Jin pulls himself to a seated position, Cassie rushes over to

CASSIE: (To Jin) Help Jacqui!

Realising the situation is dire, Jin does as he's told for once. Cassie
helps Takeda to his feet. He's favouring his abdomen, which is bloodied
up from Kitana's fan.

CASSIE: Messed you up pretty bad.

TAKEDA: Ugh, great bedside manner. I can fight.

Cassie puts his arm around her shoulder to support him. They walk over
to Jin and Jacqui, who's sitting down and favouring her shoulder.

CASSIE: Jacqui?

JACQUI: It's nothing. Just like Kurdistan.

Team S-F hear someone call out in Chinese. They turn to spot Liu Kang,
Kung Lao and Smoke rushing toward them.

TAKEDA: (To Cassie and Jin) You two go. Jacqui and I'll handle them.


JACQUI: We'll just slow you down.

KUNG JIN: Forget it!

Cassie realises the truth in their words. She looks to them and pulls out
her pistols.

CASSIE: Damn it. Keep your heads down. I'll see you on the other side.

She nods to Jin and they take off into the Temple. The scene cuts to
Shinnok in the Jinsei Chamber. He has now completely corrupted it with
his presence. Raiden is still trapped in the skeleton hand, barely
conscious. D'Vorah is with the cocooned Johnny Cage, watching as her
insects slowly eat into his face.

D'VORAH: They taste your flesh. Burrow deep. Inside you they will grow.
Gnaw your innards.

Johnny is still fully conscious during this horrific ordeal, but he
refuses to cry out in pain. Cassie and Jin rush into the Jinsei Chamber.

KUNG JIN: By the gods!


D'Vorah turns around at their voices and engages them in kombat. She
blocks a kick from Jin and a punch from Cassie, kicking her in the stomach
and forcing her backward. She blocks a punch from Jin and extends one of
her stingers, stabbing him in the chest. She coldcocks him with her fist
and ducks a right hand from Cassie. Once more, D'Vorah launches her
stinger, but Cassie catches the appendage. She blocks D'Vorah's strikes as
best she can, but is forced backward by a punch to the face.

D'VORAH: First father, then daughter. Will they taste the same?

They fight. Under normal circumstances, the fighting prowess and powers of
D'Vorah would have been too much for Cassie to handle alone. But now the
daughter of Johnny Cage fights with an aggression and strength unknown
to her before. She relentlessly pummells the Kytinn, not stopping until
she is well and truly unconscious at her feet.

CASSIE: You're the bug? I'm the windshield.

Outside in the Sky Temple courtyard, Takeda is fending off attacks from
Sindel and Kitana as best he can, while Jacqui is busy fighting off Liu
Kang, Kung Lao and Smoke. Takeda catches a break by punching Sindel
backwards, but Jacqui gets pummelled by Liu Kang and Smoke. Kitana lays
into Takeda with some punches and Sindel hits him with a roundhouse kick
as Jacqui manages to uppercut Liu Kang.

Back in the Jinsei Chamber, the insects burrowing into Johnny's face have
all died once D'Vorah fell unconscious. He looks up to find his daughter
trying to free him from the cocoon.

JOHNNY: Hey... Punkin...

CASSIE: I'm a little old for "Punkin".

The cocoon proves to be tough for Cassie to open, but she still goes at it.

JOHNNY: No... Get... Shinnok.


JOHNNY: I love you.

He falls silent and his eyes close.


Before she can check if Johnny has died, the corrupted form of Shinnok 
descends from the Jinsei onto the chamber floor itself, looking toward

SHINNOK: So you are the issue of Johnny Cage. Fitting that I exterminate
his entire line.

Cassie's fear at the sight of the fallen Elder God is quickly replaced
by determination and resolve.

CASSIE: You want him, you're gonna go through me.

As Shinnok strides towards her, Cassie lets rip with several punches that
he effortlessly blocks. One slips through, but it doesn't faze him. She
throws a supergirl punch, but only hurts her hand when she punches his
skull. Shinnok throws a light jab that almost floors Cassie before
grabbing her by the throat and lifting her into the air. He throws a
measured punch to her face that sends her flying across the chamber, just
barely conscious.

SHINNOK: Yes, that's better. Watch, Miss Cage, as I rend your father's

He summons magic into his palm and blasts Johnny square in the face with
a red beam of power. This time, Johnny is unable to keep from screaming
in pain. Cassie looks up and struggles to her knees as Shinnok breaks off
the spell.

SHINNOK: This is what awaits those who defy me: excruciating, exquisite

He blasts Johnny again in the face with his magic, prompting more screams
from him. Cassie gets back to her feet and charges forward.

CASSIE: You son of a BITCH!

As she runs at Shinnok, the same green energy that surrounded her
father twenty-five years ago envelops her as well. As Shinnok blasts her
with his magic instead, she puts up her hands to block it. Like Johnny
before her, the magic has no effect and she throws off the blast. She
takes a moment to look at the glow on her body.

CASSIE: Holy shit, it does run in the family!

SHINNOK: Your father's power will not save you. You cannot hope to

They fight. The battle is truly epic, with neither the enpowered 
Cassie or Shinnok getting any clear advantage for the majority of 
it. For what seems like an age, the daughter of Johnny Cage and the
fallen Elder God fight with everything they have, but eventually 
Cassie Cage gains an advantage and with one final assault, she knocks
Shinnok to the ground.

CASSIE: You got Caged.

As Shinnok rises, Cassie throws a knee that he blocks, but hits a kick
that connects to his stomach. She follows through with a punch to his
abdomen, an overhead punch to his head, a low roundhouse kick to his
crotch and a knee to his face, staggering him. With a battle cry, Cassie
lands one more punch to Shinnok's face and finishes him off with a
somersaulting kick that leaves the fallen Elder God knocked out for the

With Shinnok defeated, the green glow of power surrounding Cassie fades
out. Kung Jin picks himself off the floor and walks over to her, noting
that Shinnok is out like a lightbulb.

KUNG JIN: That you? Nice.

RAIDEN: Cassandra Cage...

Raiden is still imprisoned by the skeleton hand, which has since
blackened slightly with Shinnok's defeat. Cassie and Jin run up to him.

RAIDEN: Put me... in the Jinsei.


KUNG JIN: But you're-- it-- it'll kill you!

RAIDEN: Must... be... cleansed. Hurry.

Together, Cassie and Jin support Raiden and walk him onto the floating
rocks leading up to the Jinsei. He floats into the corrupted Jinsei and
starts chanting in Japanese. His arms charge up with lightning that
envelops his body. As Cassie and Jin look on with concern, he blasts
Shinnok in the chest with a lightning bolt, lifting his unconscious form
into the air.

The lightning acts as a conduit, and Raiden begins to absorb the
corrupted essence of Shinnok into his own body. He begins to grimace in 
pain, but does not stop the spell. Shinnok's demonic form is eventually
restored to his original self, still unconscious and now no longer holding
his amulet.

With the power gone from Shinnok, Raiden cries out once more and blue
essence expells itself from his body, back into the Jinsei. The chamber
is completely filled with white light, so bright the entire screen whites

Outside of the Sky Temple, the revenants have been unable to beat Jacqui
and Takeda. Everyone stops fighting as the corrupted cloud pouring out of
the Jinsei Chamber dissipates, and the clouds above it begin to lose
their blood red hue.

LIU KANG: (To the revenants) We must withdraw.

Jacqui and Takeda look to the sky, smiles on their faces as sunlight
breaks through once again. They only notice too late that a portal opens 
up that takes the revenants back to the Netherrealm. Nonetheless, this
does nothing to their current joyous mood. Takeda puts a hand on Jacqui,
and they both walk over to the temple, sitting down near the giant statue
of Raiden, completely exhausted.

TAKEDA: That moonlight walk... can it wait?

JACQUI: No walks. Poolside. Umbrella drinks.

He puts his hand on Jacqui's.


They look at each other and smile, and Jacqui rests her head on Takeda's
shoulder. Back in the Jinsei Chamber, the lifeforce of Earthrealm is
back to it's regular blue hue. Cassie Cage and Kung Jin both hold Raiden
up and walk him back to the chamber floor. Raiden has fallen motionless
from the ordeal and they set him down as gently as they can.

CASSIE: Is he alive?

KUNG JIN: Barely. I'll help him. Help your father.

Cassie runs back to Johnny, still cocooned but alive. He smiles as he
spots her.

JOHNNY: And to think... I was worried when you started dating.

CASSIE: Afraid I'd come home with someone like you?

JOHNNY: Funny, beautiful, saves the world. My work here is done.

SONYA: This way! In here!

Sonya arrives in the chamber, flanked by Special Forces soldiers.

SONYA: (To her men) Isolate Shinnok and D'Vorah. And get the medic!

She runs up to Cassie and Johnny, finally looking at her ex-husband with

SONYA: We'll fix you up. Help is on the way.

JOHNNY: You shoulda seen Cass. Wiped the floor with Shinnok.

SONYA: I believe it. And you... you did a great job with your team, 

JOHNNY: You hear that, Cass? She called me "Johnny".

CASSIE: I thought she might.

As the Cage family smile at one another, the camera pans up to the Jinsei,
restored to all it's former glory.

Cut to black.

The final scene - partway through the credits - opens in the Netherrealm.
Raiden stands in the throne room of a gigantic fortress, but it's not the
Raiden we've seen earlier. He wears darker attire, his skin tone is
darker, his eyes glow yellow instead of blue and most tellingly of all, 
Shinnok's Amulet is now worn on his chest. Who he is speaking to is not 

RAIDEN: Too long have I allowed Earthrealm to endure the horrors of war.
Time and again we've defeated our enemies. But we've exacted no 
retribution. Demanded no remuneration. What have we gained for our mercy?
More intrigue. More senseless violence. As the new rulers of the
Netherrealm, heed me. No longer will I simply defend Earthrealm. I will
seek out and destroy all who threaten it. No mercy will be shown. No
quarter given.

He opens up a satchel that he has been carrying and throws out the
contents. It is the severed head of Shinnok - still alive and in terrible

RAIDEN: Shinnok was an Elder God. Impossible to kill. There are fates
worse than death.

He teleports out of the fortress. The camera pans around the decapitated
head of Shinnok to the people Raiden was speaking to - Liu Kang and Kitana,
the Emperor and Empress of the Netherrealm. They both regard the head in

Cut to black.


Coming whenever anyone decides to ask me some questions. :D

(5)               THE FINAL WORD

Well, writing this Game Script Guide took a lot longer than I thought it 
would, but that always seems to be the case with my FAQs as well. :)

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Thanks go out to the following people:

Me (no one reads this bit, so why not) for taking what spare time I have in
my life to constantly update this Game Script Guide. :)

Netherrealm Studios and WB Games for creating this great game.

Youtube user MKIceAndFire for uploading all of the game cutscenes to
Youtube in high quality (and with subtitles) for my viewing.

GameFAQs for allowing me to put this Game Script Guide on their site.

And finally I give thanks to YOU, the adoring fan / Mortal
Kombat fanatic who decided to read all the way through this guide of mine.
You guys are the reason I do and will continue to update this guide until 
no more can possibly be said about one of the greatest fighting games to
ever hit the PS4 / PC / XBox One.

So then, all that's left to say is "Ciao for now, peeps".

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