How to do faction kills?

  1. Can you do faction kills offline or is it only online? Don't know how they work.

    User Info: cokeman87

    cokeman87 - 4 years ago

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  1. How to do a faction kill is go to move list and it will be under fatality if you don't know where it is go move list menu to open up the the move list is highlight it and press A for Xbox on ps4 press X

    User Info: ryuken1983

    ryuken1983 - 4 years ago 4   1


  1. It's both for online and offline

    User Info: ryuken1983

    ryuken1983 - 4 years ago 2   1
  2. Faction Kills can be used both online and offline, against both human and AI opponents. (Including the Fatality Trainer.) Their methods and requirements are as follows (all must be done at full screen distance):

    FK1: Hold Block, Forward, Forward - Unlocked upon joining a faction.
    FK2: Hold Block, Back, Back - Unlocked at Faction Rank 10.
    FK3: Hold Block, Forward, Back, Forward - Unlocked at Faction Rank 25.
    FK4: Hold Block, Back, Forward, Back - Unlocked at Faction Rank 50.
    FK5: Hold Block, Up, Up - Unlocked when the faction you are in becomes the Faction War Champion. (Provided you have contributed to the War Point total prior to victory.)

    User Info: ShiitakeWarrior

    ShiitakeWarrior - 4 years ago 3   2

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