In Mortal Kombat X how do you run?

  1. I have accidentally run a couple times but can never figure out how I did it... Just know how to dash by double tapping direction.

    User Info: Y0UNGmodern

    Y0UNGmodern - 4 years ago
  2. When will the Predator appear on Mortal Kombat.

    User Info: quebenson71

    quebenson71 - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I think it is double tap forward and hit R2

    User Info: CadeWylan

    CadeWylan - 4 years ago 2   1


  1. as you dash (forward forward) hold R2

    User Info: Heartless29

    Heartless29 - 4 years ago 1   1
  2. Use forward, forward + block. That means hit block at the same time you hit the second forward, not afterwards.

    User Info: Psychoclerk

    Psychoclerk - 4 years ago 0   1
  3. quebenson71,there hasnt been any confirmed date about the predator dlc coming out,but it is confirmed that it is coming this year,along with Klassic Pack 1 and 2.

    User Info: N_OGenres_123

    N_OGenres_123 - 4 years ago 0   2

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