Hitman patch 1.32 wont download on ps4?

  1. The patch will download just fine, but it takes over 40 hours due to my internet connection being so bad, so I put my ps4 into rest mode (I have it where it will download and install patches/games while in rest mode and still stay connected to the internet) its been a week since I've been trying to download this patch, but every time I turn on my ps4, the download progression on the patch starts right back at square 1

    I tried googling this issue and what often comes up is there isnt enough storage in the ps4, but i currently have 669GB of free space, so i dont think thats the issue.
    i checked for a system update and im currently on the newest version, so im not sure what the problem is

    i also tried removing the application from my system and re-installing it, and so far the patch is downloading again but im not holding my breath.

    can anyone give me some advice?

    User Info: trev-za-bear

    trev-za-bear - 1 year ago

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