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Trophy Guide by barticle

Version: 1.06 | Updated: 03/03/16

Hardline Trophies Guide - Ver. 1.06 - 3 March 2016 - by Barticle at hotmail.com
   ____     ___   _____  _____  _     ____  ____  _  ____  _     ____
  |  _ `. .' _ '.|_   _||_   _|| |   |  __||  __|| ||  __|| |   |  _ `.
  | | | | | | | |  | |    | |  | |   | |   | |   | || |   | |   | | | |
  | | | | | | | |  | |    | |  | |   | |   | |   | || |   | |   | | | |
  | |_| | | |_| |  | |    | |  | |   | |__ | |__ | || |__ | |   | | | |
  |  _  : |  _  |  | |    | |  | |   |  __||  __|| ||  __|| |   | | | |
  | | | | | | | |  | |    | |  | |   | |   | |   | || |   | |   | | | |
  | | | | | | | |  | |    | |  | |   | |   | |   | || |   | |   | | | |
  | |_| | | | | |  | |    | |  | |__ | |__ | |   | || |__ | |__ | |_| |
  |____.' |_| |_|  |_|    |_|  |____||____||_|   |_||____||____||____.'
                    _    _            _____   ____    _      _  __   _  _____
                   | |  | |    /\    |  __ \ |  _ \  | |    | ||  \ | ||  ___|
                   | |__| |   /  \   | | _) )| | \ \ | |    | ||   \| || |
                   |  __  |  / /\ \  | ||  / | |  ) ):=:    :=::======::=:>>  
                   | |  | | /  ¯¯  \ | | \ \ | |_/ / | |___ | || |\   || |___
                   |_|  |_|/_/¯¯¯¯\_\|_|  \_\|____/  |_____||_||_| \__||_____|

            .---.---.---.---.---.---.---.---.  .---.---.---.---.---.
            | T | R | O | P | H | I | E | S |  | G | U | I | D | E |
            '---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'  '---'---'---'---'---'

 .------------------------------------.  .------------------------------------.
 |     01 INTRODUCTION                |  |     04 MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES        |
 |     02 TROPHIES LIST               |  |     05 DLC TROPHIES                |
 |     03 SINGLE-PLAYER TROPHIES      |  |        05a Criminal Activity       |
 |        03a Trophy Trail            |  |        05b Robbery                 |
 |        03b Episode Challenges      |  |        05c Getaway                 |
 |        03c General Challenges      |  |        05d Betrayal                |
 |        03d Case Files              |  |     06 LINKS                       |
 |        03e Levelling               |  |     07 CONTACT                     |
 |        03f Completion              |  |     08 THANKS                      |
 '------------------------------------'  '------------------------------------'

| To jump to any section of this document use your web browser's Find function |
| (with Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac probably) and search for the letter S |
| followed by the exact section number - for example s03a to find Section 03a. |

| Section 01 | INTRODUCTION                                                s01 |

This is a guide to the PSN trophies in the 2015 video-game Battlefield Hardline
and its various DLC expansions (see Section 05). Apart from differences in the
controls pretty much everything here should apply equally to the PS3, PS4, Xbox
360 and Xbox One versions of the game.

My aim with this guide is to give detailed coverage of the Hardline trophies -
clarifying the specific requirements to achieve them and sharing any strategies
and tips that might help. Not only will this benefit anyone seeking to platinum
the game but hopefully it will also serve to reduce the repetition of questions
on the forums (so it should function as an actual "FAQ" in the original sense).

So what is Hardline? Depending on who you ask it's an exciting new departure for
the Battlefield series or a silly unrealistic dilution of the brand. Previous
games have been strictly military shooters set on literal battlefields during
World War II, the Vietnam War, the modern era and the far future - now Hardline
introduces a contemporary cops 'n' robbers theme. If you have any issues with
police officers using machineguns, frag and incendiary grenades, RPG's, anti-air
missiles and knives then Hardline is probably not for you.* However if you want
familiar Battlefield mechanics with several innovations, faster-paced action,
new maps with American settings, new game modes and new guns (and no jets!) and
you like the idea of speeding down the iconic LA River in a police cruiser with
the siren on, three friends hanging out of the windows with Uzis and AK's and
old skool Public Enemy on the radio then you should consider giving it a look.

There are no significant >SPOILERS< in this guide but by necessity I do discuss
the specific events and locations of several campaign chapters (episodes).

| Following complaints about the game's fast TTK (time to kill) a new lower    |
| damage model for the PC platform only was introduced in the Betrayal update  |
| on 1 March 2016. Damage figures in this guide relate to console stats only.  |

If you found this guide useful you can show your support by using the recommend
function. If you have any feedback (especially suggestions for additions or
improvements) then please feel free to contact me via email or GameFAQs message.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you're using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

*Publishers EA have already confirmed (November 2014) that the next title in the
Battlefield series will return to a military setting - and let us not forget
that DICE are currently working on the next Star Wars Battlefront game! :)

| Section 02 | TROPHIES LIST                                               s02 |

The trophies are listed here in the order they appear in your console menu.

As with BF4 the sequence of single-player trophies is somewhat random so in
Section 03 of this guide I've rearranged them into more logical categories.

(To jump directly to the entry for any specific trophy in the guide just copy
the full trophy name from here and use your browser search function.)

01 Platinum Trophy

   Single-Player Trophies (see Section 03)
02 On the Job [Bronze]
03 Pressure Applied [Bronze]
04 Bumpy Ride [Bronze]
05 Deal? What Deal? [Bronze]
06 Good Guys [Bronze]
07 You Probably Have Questions [Bronze]
08 Snow Blind [Bronze]
09 Hollyweird [Bronze]
10 From Their Cold, Dead Hands [Bronze]
11 Some Damn Fine Fireworks [Bronze]
12 Served Cold [Bronze]
13 Keep Digging, Detective [Bronze]
14 By the Book [Bronze]
15 You Tazed Him, Bro! [Bronze]
16 Watched, Dawg [Bronze]
17 You're Getting Good at This [Bronze]
18 Damn Thing Doesn't Work [Bronze]
19 Cape and Ears Not Included [Bronze]
20 Fast Rope Expert [Bronze]
21 Almost an Expert [Silver]
22 True Detective [Silver]
23 Motley Crew [Bronze]
24 Real Action Hero [Silver]
25 Their Own Medicine [Bronze]
26 Graceful Exit [Bronze]
27 Knock Knock [Bronze]
28 A Craftsman's Tools [Silver]
29 Hollywood Hideaway [Silver]
30 BYOB [Silver]
31 Social Climber [Silver]
32 Case Closed [Silver]
33 Super Cop [Silver]
34 Blue Eagle [Gold]
35 Bring 'em to Justice [Silver]
36 Dare Devil [Silver]
37 One Good Cop [Silver]
38 World's Greatest Detective [Gold]

   Multiplayer Trophies (see Section 04)
39 The Big Score [Silver]
40 Electric Company [Silver]
41 Menz in the Hood [Gold]

   Criminal Activity Trophies (see Section 05a)
42 Dead or Alive [Silver]
43 Got Your Back [Silver]
44 Enforcing the Law [Bronze]
45 Operation Successful [Bronze]
46 Mechanical Trigger Finger [Bronze]
47 Have Some Professionalism [Bronze]
48 Tommy's Favorite [Silver]
49 Nailed It! [Silver]

   Robbery Trophies (see Section 05b)
50 That's Not a Knife! [Silver]
51 Small Crew, Big Job [Bronze] 
52 Become Legend [Gold]
53 Grandpa's Automatic [Bronze]

   Getaway Trophies (see Section 05c)
54 Bag of Tricks [Bronze]
55 I'll be Back! [Bronze]
56 Here's Johnny! [Silver]
57 Test your Mettle [Gold]

   Betrayal Trophies (see Section 05d)
58 The Ultimate Betrayal [Silver]
59 Bio-Beware! [Silver]
60 Locked & Loaded, Good to Go [Silver]
61 Dressed to the Sixteens [Bronze]
62 Bolt From the Blue [Silver]
63 Ghost Ride the Whip [Bronze]

| Section 03 | SINGLE-PLAYER TROPHIES                                      s03 |

This section is divided into the following six parts.

                                   Trophy Trail               (see Section 03a)
The "trophy trail" (TM) is a timeline for single-player trophies including the
locations of all the collectibles (evidence and warrants).

NB This only gives brief descriptions for trophies. For more information refer
to the main trophy listings in the following five subsections described below.

                                 Episode Challenges           (see Section 03b)
There are a total of ten trophies awarded for achieving set goals in specific
episodes (chapters) of the story. You should keep these in mind as you play
through the campaign or otherwise you could use the chapter select afterwards
or pick up any you missed during your second playthrough.

In BF4 there was one challenge per mission but in Hardline they're less evenly
distributed - there's one in Episode 1, three in Episode 5, two in Episode 7,
one in Episode 8, one in Episode 9 and finally two in Episode 10.

                                 General Challenges           (see Section 03c)
There are a further seven trophies for achievements which you can work on over
the course of several chapters, for example getting ten non-lethal takedowns.

You'll need to keep all of these in mind as you play through the campaign, but
the most important one to remember is "Bring 'em to Justice" (trophy #35) which
requires you to take all twenty-two suspects with warrants alive. Check the
trophy trail for locations or keep using your scanner (warrants will be marked
with "head & shoulders" or handcuffs icons). Take care not to kill these boys!

                                    Case Files                (see Section 03d)
Find, scan and analyse all 71 pieces of evidence to complete the seven cases;
again you can check the trophy trail below for descriptions of their locations.

                                    Levelling                 (see Section 03e)
You earn XP during play and you need to get enough to achieve the maximum level.
Collecting evidence, completing case files and arresting suspects with warrants
(and anyone else available) are the keys to boosting your XP gains.

                                    Completion                (see Section 03f)
There are eleven unmissable trophies for completing the prologue and the ten
episodes (chapters) that make up the story.

A minimum of two campaign playthroughs are required if you are going for all
trophies. You need to beat the game (on Officer or Veteran difficulty I think)
to unlock Hardline difficulty and then beat the game again on Hardline diff.

| Section 03a | Trophy Trail                                              s03a |

This subsection provides a chronological timeline to guide you through all the
single-player trophies as you play through the campaign. It includes locations
for all evidence collectibles (71) and all criminals with arrest warrants (22).

You should be able to pick up most of the single-player trophies on a single
playthrough but you will need to complete the story twice (once on Officer or
Veteran difficulty and once on Hardline diff) if you're going for the platinum.

You should aim to do the following during your playthrough:

o Scan and analyse all pieces of evidence (see Section 03d)

  (hold Cross when scanning to analyse an evidence item)

o Scan and ID ten perps with warrants to earn trophy #16 (see Section 03c)

  (hold Cross when scanning to identify a warrant suspect)

o Arrest or takedown all perps with outstanding warrants (see Section 03c)

o Perform ten non-lethal takedowns to earn trophy #14 (see Section 03c)

o Stun five criminals with the taser to earn trophy #15 (see Section 03c)

o Disable at least two alarms to earn trophy #18 (see Section 03c)

  (interact with the alarm boxes to disable them - don't shoot them)

o Grapple and climb 10+ metres (cumulative) to earn trophy #19 (see Section 03c)

  (you'll easily get this when gathering evidence if not before)

o Zipline for 90+ metres (cumulative) to earn trophy #20 (see Section 03c)

o Earn sufficient experience points to reach Expert Level 15 (see Section 03e)

You can use the little "ep" labels below to skip to a certain episode, e.g. you
would search for "ep6" to jump to Episode 6.

 (                                  Prologue                                  )

There are no evidence items to scan in the prologue.

o Shea DORSETT (warrant)

  Arresting Dorsett after the car chase is an unmissable objective, but he's
  technically your first suspect with a warrant.

o Complete the prologue to earn trophy #02

 (                         Episode 1: Back to School                   [ep1]  )

o Scan all targets from the roof to earn trophy #23 (see Section 03b)

  After scanning "Tap" there will be a further eighteen people to tag.

o Lawrence KENT (warrant)

  The game will lead you straight to him as you proceed through the school.

o Ledger and Money (evidence)

  In the upstairs staffroom in the school building you'll find this document on
  the desk near the front of the room.

o Surveillance Photo of Stoddard (evidence)

  In the same office the photo is sitting in front of a printer on the counter
  to the right side of the room.

o Box of Hot Shot (evidence)

  The box is on a round table in the side-room off the main office.

  (You'll get a trophy for completing your first case file.)

o Complete Episode 1 to earn trophy #03

 (                          Episode 2: Checking Out                    [ep2]  )

o Box of Hot Shot (evidence)

  After the parking garage sequence you'll enter a large laundry facility. Head
  into the main room with giant industrial washing-machines and take care of the
  five bad guys who are patrolling and their two friends that join them later.

  (Take care not to spend too long in this room or you'll fail the objective.)

  The cardboard box is near the centre of the room next to a single trolley.

o Care Instructions Memo (evidence)

  This note is pinned to a colourful Hawaiian shirt hanging off a shelving unit
  roughly adjacent to the stairs up to the laundry's side-room.

o Drug Purchase List (evidence)

  In that side-room (with a weapons crate) you'll find the list in a ring-binder
  laying open on a table in the centre of the room.

o Javier ROSADO (warrant)

  Upon entering the hotel lobby you'll see two guys directly in front of you
  and two more by the front door. The one to the right of that door is Rosado.

o Vial of Hot Shot (evidence)

  After arresting Javier Rosado stand close to him and hold the Square button
  when prompted to search him - you'll find the drugs.

  (If you get a prompt to press Square to pick up his gun instead then just
  reposition yourself until you get the option to search him.)

o Tablet with I.M. Client (evidence)

  Hop over the hotel reception desk and you'll see a photocopier with the tablet
  sitting on top. There's another weapons crate there too.

o Answering Machine (evidence)

  Open the door to the office directly behind the hotel reception and you'll see
  the answering machine on the desk to your left.

o Gary VOLKER (warrant)

  After being reunited with Khai five criminals will enter the hotel lobby and
  start sweeping the area. Volker should be the first man inside. I think it's
  best to take care of him immediately before things get messy - as soon as you
  spot him start pinging shell cases to lure him away from the pack.

o Complete Episode 2 to earn trophy #04

 (                           Episode 3: Gator Bait                     [ep3]  )

o Exploded Drug Bale (evidence)

  Immediately after using the zipline for the first time you'll see a group of
  three perps standing near a boathouse. Directly beneath their feet are the
  remains of a drug bale. You can scan it from a distance if you want.

o Luis MINGUEZ (warrant)

  One of those three shady dudes by the boathouse is Minguez. You could flash
  your badge to try arresting two or three of them together or throw empty cases
  to separate them but if you wait a few moments your target will wander off by
  himself towards the back of the area to inspect some fascinating ropes.

o Toxic Barrel (evidence)

  Before leaving the boathouse area watch out for the blue-green barrel next to
  the boardwalk leading to the jetty.

(No trip to Florida is complete without a ride on an airboat and you'll spend
most of this episode cruising around the Everglades on one. After leaving the
boathouse you'll have a large freeroam map but all the points of interest will
be marked on your minimap with magnifying glass icons. There are several icons
to investigate but basically there are two major bases at either end of the map
and a few minor locations scattered between them. It's easy to get lost and it's
hard to give clear directions but I'll do my best!)

o Stained Fanboat (evidence)

  Starting from the boathouse set sail in the direction your boat is originally
  facing and keep going until you reach the end of the map and a large sawmill
  complex with an old watertower and numerous piles of logs. Taking the stairs
  up to the watertower platform gives you a great vantage point for scanning.

  The stained fanboat is moored at a covered jetty to the left with two guards
  but you can scan it safely from the watertower platform.

o Nathan BROWN (warrant)

  There are basically three pairs of enemies at the sawmill and Brown is one of
  the two guys patrolling outdoors in the centre of the base.

o Disable the alarm inside the sawmill complex

  There's a trophy for disabling two alarms during the story and I think you'll 
  need to interact manually with the alarm switches for it to count.

  (Even once you've got the trophy it's still worth doing these properly as you
  get a 200 pts Alarm Box Disabled bonus each time.)

o Water-Sampling Equipment (evidence)

  Directly opposite the big doorway into the main sawmill building are three
  small shacks. The scientific apparatus can be found inside the one farthest
  from the watertower.

o Note Pinned with Switchblade (evidence)

  Head towards the back of the sawmill site and you'll see a couple of piles of
  logs between the main building and some containers. The note is attached to
  the far end of a log.

o Manila Envelope (evidence)

  There's an office inside one of the containers - you'll need to access this
  to complete the sawmill objective but before you leave be sure to scan the
  envelope on the computer desk at the back of the container.

o Kilo of Cocaine (evidence)

  Get back to your boat, turn left and head towards the buoy. Continue in that
  direction and veer right. You'll soon spot a short wooden tower on the right.
  Grapple onto the platform - if you switched your loadout previously you'll
  need to re-equip the grapple gun from the "tactical gear" crate on the boat.

  The brick of coke is on a table next to the stereo.

o Chemical Barrel (evidence)

  Return to your boat and sail towards the sun's reflection, under a broken
  bridge and past a sunken platform on the right. The next point of interest
  marked on the minimap is a small dilapidated shack on the left. Look for the
  pale green chemical barrel next to an orange sack by the water's edge.

o Regional Zoning Map (evidence)

  Sail left from there towards the magnifying glass marker on the map but stop
  when you see three dilapidated shacks connected by boardwalks. Dock here for
  a brief but gruesome story event. (There is no evidence to collect here.)

  Get back on the boat, back it up and turn around. Align your boat towards the
  magnifying glass icon again but then turn left so that you're cutting across
  the width of the map. Continue in that direction until you hit a wide row of
  trees and then go right. Hopefully you'll see a small island with a tall
  wooden tower on it and as you approach it the map icon will appear.

  You'll need to use both the grapple and the zipline here so equip the zipline
  again if necessary. Grapple to the top of the tower, face towards the sun and
  then zipline across the water to the smaller tower. Scan the large map that's
  mounted behind the table there then brave the gator-filled waters to get back
  to Khai and the airboat.

  (If you want to make sure you have enough zipline metres for the trophy this
  is a good place to farm it - just repeat the process until it dings.)

o Thomas BELL (warrant)

  You can now finally set sail for the other major base at the other edge of the
  map - head roughly towards the sun until you see a windmill. This is the gator
  farm. Once again a convenient lookout spot is provided - hop onto the blue
  roof and then up the rickety stairs to the windmill platform.

  There are eight criminals in the farm complex - Bell and seven guards. They're
  given orders to patrol in pairs but they spread themselves quite far apart
  which makes it easier to pick them off.

  I caught Bell in the large building with the forklift.

  (With that bandolier he clearly fancies himself as a bandito - but it's full
  of shotgun shells and he's not even carrying a shotgun!)

o Newspaper Story (evidence)

  After arresting Thomas Bell stand close to him and hold the Square button when
  prompted to search him - you'll find the press clipping.

o Torture Traces (evidence)

  Between that big forklift shed and the water's edge is a large shack with a
  sign that says "SUPPLIES". Take a look inside and continue into the next room
  where you'll find a pair of blood-stained snakeskin boots. 

o Dead Gator (evidence)

  There's a big alligator pit in the centre of the farm with a T-shaped gantry
  in the middle. To one side of this is a platform with the dead gator on it.

  (Enjoy the nice little Star Wars reference when you resume the story at the
  fuel depot behind the gator farm area.)

o Disable the alarm in the stadium

  The alarm box is towards the far end of the abandoned stadium, about halfway
  up the terraces, near a lone guard.

  (If you've disabled both alarms so far you'll get a trophy here but don't
  worry if not as there are plenty more opportunities later.)

o Complete Episode 3 to earn trophy #05

 (                           Episode 4: Case Closed                    [ep4]  )

o Barrels of Dye (evidence)

  From your starting point in Neltz's warehouse walk towards the green exit sign
  and you'll find four blue barrels against the wall to the left of the doorway
  between some boxes and a stack of cement bags.

o Gym Bag of Money (evidence)

  From the barrels turn right and head into the metal-panelled office room. The
  blue sportsbag will be on the table directly in front of you.

o Burner Cellphones (evidence)

  Still in Neltz' warehouse, take the exit you saw before and go up two floors.
  Cross the first room into the main corridor and check the second room on the
  left. The burners are in a bin next to an office desk.

o Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy (evidence)

  Take a left out of that office and then turn right into the first office on
  the other side of the corridor. You can't miss the large doll with a waffle
  face that's propped in the corner on the left.

o Elmore Plaza Business Card (evidence)

  Cross the kitchen at the end of the hall and take the other stairs up one more
  floor. There's a single large room and you'll find the card on the big wooden
  desk next to a folder.

o Philip EVANS (warrant)

  Outside the front of the Domo Roboto* warehouse you'll encounter Evans and his
  buddy chatting next to the big garage doors. You'll need to watch out for the
  many guards that are patrolling, both at ground level and on the rooftops.

o Disable the alarm outside the warehouse

  The alarm switch is directly behind where Evans was standing.

o Poster for Tamu-Tamu** (evidence)

  After gaining access to the Domo Roboto warehouse (and a brief scene) you'll
  be in a small office with a weapons crate. Grab some ammo if you need it but
  don't forget to scan the poster on the shelf directly under the crate.

o Flyer for Tamu-Tamu (evidence)

  After dealing with the various roaming guards in the main warehouse downstairs
  check the office in the corner (underneath the weapons crate room). The flyer
  is on top of a shelving unit next to the water cooler.

o Letter to Neltz's Business Manager (evidence)

  In the same warehouse office you'll find this letter on the big desk next to
  the computer keyboard.

o Tamu-Tamu DVD's (evidence)

  Back in the main warehouse there are some metal shelves near the stairs down
  to the basement. There are several Domo Roboto boxes but the DVD's are in a
  smaller Tamu-Tamu box on the same shelves near the centre of the room.

  (If you've caught all the evidence so far you should receive a trophy at this
  point for completing your third case file.)

*"Domo Roboto" basically means "thanks robot" in Japanese, although the second
word would usually be transcribed as "robotto".

**The katakana text on the Tamu-Tamu poster says "waffuru pawaa" which is the
Japanese rendering of the English phrase "waffle power"!

o Crate of Hot Shot (evidence)

  From the main warehouse floor take the stairs down - watch out for the guard
  there if you haven't got him already. Force the door and follow the corridor
  to the storeroom at the end which is the start of the "grow operation".

  The crate can be found behind some stacked bags of fertilizer to your right.

o Leonard MILLER (warrant)

  After clearing the growhouse you'll go to the Palm Court mall. Miller starts
  out at the front of the plaza and if you're quick you can lure him forwards
  and pick him off. Otherwise we'll wander to the back of the area where you can
  find him beneath the scaffolding right outside the mall entrance.

o Disable the alarm outside the mall

  The alarm switch is behind the white panel-van on the left side of the plaza.

o Frankie DIAZ (warrant)

  Once inside the mall you'll find two outdoors levels. Diaz is on the lower
  floor outside a shoeshop called Le Choix (French for "the choice").

o Xavier GONZALEZ (warrant)

  At the end of the level you'll enter the mall's food court with a big glass
  domed roof. Gonzalez can be found downstairs - he moves into an alcove which
  puts him in a handy position to pick him off first before tackling the others.

o Complete Episode 4 to earn trophy #06

 (                            Episode 5: Gauntlet                      [ep5]  )

There are no evidence items to scan and no warrants to arrest in this episode.

o Remain unspotted throughout to earn trophy #26 (see Section 03b)

  Keep one eye on your minimap at all times to check the vision cones of the
  search teams. Stay crouched to reduce their detection range. Watch out for the
  helicopter searchlight(s) and throw stones to create distractions.

  (See Section 03b for a mini-walkthrough of the first half of this chapter.)

o Take the taser from the police car trunk to earn trophy #25 (see Section 03b)

  As you progress through the town you'll cross a series of parallel streets.
  On the next road after the one with the big metal caravan look to the right
  for a police cruiser near the end of the road with its headlights on. This is
  the one you need to access.

o Cause an explosion in the meth lab to earn trophy #27 (see Section 03b)

  When you see a gas station at the far side of the town (just after passing a
  digger) climb over the washing machine to your right, enter the house and go
  down into the basement. Activate the gas tank and the Bunsen burner and then
  get out of the place before a big "distraction" occurs.

  (This is also an optional objective that gives you 2 x 500 pts.)

o Complete Episode 5 to earn trophy #07

 (                         Episode 6: Out of Business                  [ep6]  )

o Purchase Order for Bianchi (evidence)

  After forcing the door of the LA auto dealership you'll see two office desks
  in the middle of the showroom. This document is on the left-hand desk.

o Letter from Kang's Wife (evidence)

  Check the office with the table lamp at the back of the dealership and you'll
  find the letter from Lily Kang on the desk.

o Ji-Hun OH (warrant)

  This guy can be found patrolling the front of the salvage yard area. You can
  lure him out onto the street and deal with him first.

o Designer Luggage (evidence)

  The brown suitcase is sitting on a workbench inside the salvage yard's central
  garage building where someone is welding.

o James MUN (warrant)

  Mun will be standing around outside at the rear of the same garage building.
  He'll be standing with his back to an open door so you can approach him from
  inside the garage if you want.

  Make sure you grab the evidence from him before you use the back gate!

o Boomer Photo (evidence)

  After arresting James Mun stand close to him and hold the Square button when
  prompted to search him - you'll find the photo.

o Disable the alarm in the salvage yard

  The alarm switch is located outdoors at the back-right corner of the salvage
  yard's garage next to a big blue dumpster.

o Edgar KWOK (warrant)

  Kwok will be found on the main floor of the big warehouse which is located at
  the rear of the scrapyard site (past the security fence).

o K-Pop Album (evidence)

  You'll find the CD case and booklet next to the stereo that's playing on the
  workbench in the far corner of the salvage warehouse near the garage doors.

o Remote Detonator (evidence)

  The detonator is sitting next to a big box on a workbench near the middle of
  the salvage warehouse, close to where you found Edgar Kwok.

  (Be sure you resupply on ammo before you head out the back door.)

o Photo of Lily Kang and Roark (evidence)

  Once you get inside the chop-shop you'll find the photograph in the office on
  the desk that overlooks the big window onto the main garage area.

o Disable the alarm at the chop-shop

  The alarm switch is inside the chop-shop, next to the big garage doors at the
  back. Take care to activate the switch from the left otherwise you might hit
  the garage door control instead and the automated door will alert a guard.

o Bomb Under Kang's Bianchi (evidence)

  Inside the chop-shop look out for the bright red flashing light under the
  front of the white hatchback car. Not a very discrete booby-trap!

o Pallet of Hot Shot (evidence)

  You'll find the crate of drug packages under the indoors chop-shop staircase
  at the opposite end to the office.

o Complete Episode 6 to earn trophy #08

  (Enjoy the funny dialogue and events at the end of the chapter.)

 (                          Episode 7: Glass Houses                    [ep7]  )

o White Van (evidence)

  There are a couple of entry points into the Hollywood Hills mansion but if you
  use the small door to the right with creepers hanging over it that'll take you
  straight into the garage where you can scan the livery on the side of the van.

o Shipping Labels (evidence)

  Once you get inside the living space of the mansion you'll see there's a long
  hallway that runs along its length. We'll come back to this later.

  For now just check the first room on the left. You'll find the shipping labels
  on the desk next to the computer keyboard.

o Cameron BRILLER (warrant)

  After planting the bug work your way back down to the lowest level of the
  mansion. Briller starts out seated at the red table overlooking the pool but
  later he'll wander into the garage with his mate to ogle the red supercar.

o Safe Combination (evidence)

  After arresting Cameron Briller stand close to him and hold the Square button
  when prompted to search him - you'll find the note.

o Find the secret room in the mansion to earn trophy #29 (see Section 03b)

  Head down to the far end of the main hallway in the mansion (the opposite end
  to the garage) and take a left at the big head statue. Cut through the kitchen
  and enter the gym through the single door in front of you.

  (Don't use the double doors until you've got the next evidence item!)

  Inspect the wooden panelled wall on the right side, just to the right of the
  cabinet with the towels, and activate the concealed switch there.

o Wall of Photos (evidence)

  In that secret room the photographs are pinned on the left wall.

o Tanks of Tear Gas (evidence)

  After clearing the mansion you're free to take those double doors which lead
  you out into the terraced gardens.

  Proceed along and down the terraces and you'll come to a big black sculpture
  (which looks a bit like a contemporary Stonehenge) and to the right of this is
  a two-storey greenhouse with a guard inside. In the back-right corner of the
  glasshouse is a small utility cupboard with the orange chemical tank.

o Marvin THOMAS (warrant)

  Continue past the pond and you'll find Marv down on the tennis court.

o Kill the chef by shooting the barbecue to earn trophy #30 (see Section 03b)

  Next to the tennis court is a party room with a DJ playing music and behind
  that is the chef and his barbecue grill.

  Shooting the BBQ will cause an explosion that kills the guy but it will also
  cause an alert. If you're playing stealthily and still farming XP then you
  should take out all the other enemies first or just use the Restart Checkpoint
  option from the pause menu.

o Disable the alarm in the mansion gardens

  There's an outdoors alarm box on the far side of the party room.

o Box of SS190 Cartridges (evidence)

  Continue past the party room and stay on the same level (instead of going down
  the long staircase). You'll see a wooden-panelled building with mosaic art on
  the side and a dude practising his golf drives on the roof.

  Inside this building is a shooting range (and someone using it). Check on the
  shelf in lane 1 next to the ear defenders and you'll find the box of ammo.

o Rifle Suppressors (evidence)

  In lane 3 of the same shooting range the box of suppressors can be found on
  the floor directly below the shelf.

o SWAT Flak Jackets (evidence)

  That same shooting range has a storeroom at the back. You'll find the police
  armour plates on a shelving unit next to some car magazines.

o File Inside Safe (evidence)

  Now you can return to the party room and take the stairs down to the big pool
  house. (Check out that upstairs transparent pool ceiling thing - fancy!)

  Go to the bedroom upstairs and open the safe to the left side of the bed.

  (It's best to do this before interacting with the briefcase on the bed.)

o Complete Episode 7 to earn trophy #09

 (                         Episode 8: Sovereign Land                   [ep8]  )

o Bomb Blueprint (evidence)

  After escaping from confinement you'll have a view over the walled trailer
  park. You can grab this evidence before infiltrating the compound.

  Head down the dirt slope and to the right, keeping a safe distance from any
  guards. Enter the static caravan with the large antenna on the roof and you'll
  find the plans on the table at the far end.

o Boomer Dossier (evidence)

  The sneakiest routes into the camp are from the high rocky ground at the far
  end opposite the antenna trailer. There are a couple of ramps there down onto
  the roofs of trailers. When facing the base there, take the left ramp, drop
  down to ground level and check inside the trailer you just jumped off. The
  dossier can be found just inside the door nearest the perimeter.

o Recover your guns before entering combat to earn trophy #28 (see Section 03b)

  Just avoid getting spotted as you enter and sneak around the trailer park.

  Your equipment is stashed in the lower level of the double-decker structure
  with the big palm tree sign next to it. If there's a guard stationed there
  then you can either distract him with an empty case or stick him up and arrest
  him - that won't negate the trophy.

o Jim PRESTON (warrant)

  Preston patrols in the centre of the compound, just the other side of the
  double-decker with the weapons crate.

o ATF Agent's Badge (evidence)

  After arresting Jim Preston stand close to him and hold the Square button when
  prompted to search him - you'll find the badge.

o Disable the alarm inside the trailer park complex

  The alarm switch is on a pole near the guy skinning rabbits close to the
  trailer with the antennas.

o Hot Shot Lab (evidence)

  From the alarm look for the trailer behind the picnic table. You'll find the
  lab equipment inside it.

o Torture Room (evidence)

  Take the ladder up to the upper level of the double-decker. You'll see a long
  table, a chair, various blood stains and a few nasty tools. Scan part of the
  table to register the evidence of torture conducted here.

o Cell Phone (evidence)

  In the adjacent room you'll find the phone sitting on a cabinet in the corner.

o Licence Plate (evidence)

  Before leaving the abandoned (and now substantially wrecked) gas station to go
  to the airfield, look for a wrecked sedan/saloon car next to the building and
  scan the US Government licence plate on the rear of the vehicle.

o ATF Agent's Grave (evidence)

  From the car's location head across the main road towards the ruined shell of
  a building and you'll find a fresh grave to the left behind the fence.

  (Approach the grave for a little reference to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!)

o Ricin Bomb (evidence)

  When you reach the airfield follow Boomer into the hangar. Check the corner to
  your left to find the bomb on a workbench next to the lamp.

o Complete Episode 8 to earn trophy #10

 (                        Episode 9: Independence Day                  [ep9]  )

o Derek KELLY (warrant)

  Kelly is stationed on the left side of the lobby in the Preferred Outcomes
  building. You can either lure him out at the start or get to him after you've
  entered the building at the back.

o Box of Books (evidence)

  Skirt around outside to the rear of the building and you'll find this box sat
  on the ground next to some dumpsters.

o Staffing Chart (evidence)

  You can infiltrate the building via the loading bay opposite the dumpsters.
  After passing through a couple of doors you'll enter a corridor with a door
  directly in front of you. Behind this door is a security room and the chart is
  on the desk at the far end, in front of the wall of CCTV monitors.

o Disable the first alarm inside the Preferred Outcomes building

  Go back into the corridor and you'll see the alarm box at the other end on the
  right-hand side.

o Letter from Chicago Politician (evidence)

  After getting up to the 20th floor you can turn right to get an overview of
  the open-plan office on the floor below. You can scan six guys there and one
  of them will be a warrant; there's also the switch for another alarm system.

  It's handy to get them scanned initially although you'll probably want to get
  the evidence items first before you head downstairs.

  Turn around and you'll see a reception area with a minimal tree picture behind
  it. Immediately to the right and behind the reception is a glass-walled office
  which you can enter. The tablet displaying the letter is on the desk there.

o Revenue Sketch (evidence)

  That office is in one corner of the building. Head back behind the reception
  area to the opposite corner, enter the glass-walled boardroom there and scan
  the whiteboard by the windows.

o John STARNES (warrant)

  Starnes and his colleagues are down on the 19th floor enjoying a panoramic
  view of the 4th of July fireworks. The number of guards makes it harder to
  get to him alone but with patience you can ping empty cases to lure them away
  individually and pick them off.

o Notice of Transfer (evidence)

  After arresting John Starnes stand close to him and hold the Square button
  when prompted to search him - you'll find the document.

o Disable the second alarm inside the Preferred Outcomes building

  Hopefully you've already got the trophy for disabling two alarms by now but if
  not you'll find the switch down by the big windows with all the guards.

o Email from Dawes' Computer (evidence)

  Take the long central staircase up to the 21st floor, through the ante office,
  along a short passage and into the main office where you can scan the email on
  the computer screen on the desk.

o Photograph of Dawes' Wife (evidence)

  In the same office you'll find this photo mounted in a frame and standing on
  the drinks cabinet at the far end of the room.

  (Once you've liaised with Tyson you'll need to use the elevator in this office
  to continue up to the penthouse.)

o Bank Website (evidence)

  From the elevator head over to the opposite side of the same floor where you
  will find an office (there's a weapons crate too which will be marked on your
  minimap). Scan the screen of the laptop computer on the desk.

o Photo of Dawes' Dying Wife (evidence)

  Take the stairs up and look for the master bedroom which is directly above the
  office. Scan the photo on the right-hand bedside cabinet.

o Kill an enemy during the zipline sequence to earn trophy #24 (see Section 03b)

  After exiting the vault use the gun locker in the office before you head over
  to the balcony. Select the Bald Eagle as your sidearm and add the heavy barrel
  attachment and your optic of choice.

  During the crazy zipline ride you'll have a couple of seconds to shoot someone
  on the balcony of the building you just left. Look out for a guy standing at
  the corner of the balcony and quickly land as many shots as possible.

  If the trophy doesn't pop after a few seconds then go to the pause menu, pick
  the "Exit to Menu" option then resume play from the last checkpoint.

o Complete Episode 9 to earn trophy #11

 (                             Episode 10: Legacy                     [ep10]  )

o Howard WHITE (warrant)

  The first location after the docks is the "roadblock" which has three small
  buildings and ten guards. White will be in the middle next to the second SUV
  chatting to his buddy.

  You can creep up either side of the base, lure out enemies individually and
  pick them off as usual. If you take the right side you should be able to bait
  White to ensure that he's caught alive before things kick off. If you raise a
  full alert before you've arrested him then try to flank him and get a taser
  shot to take him down.

o Disable the alarm at the roadblock

  The alarm switch is on the outside front wall of the middle building.

  If you've got the alarm trophy already then feel free to snipe it instead.

o Fax from Neil Roark (evidence)

  Inside the same building you'll find this on a big fax machine on the desk.

o Craig FOSTER (warrant)

  From the roadblock area continue up the road and take the right fork past the
  big antenna to get to the "utility complex" (a.k.a. services plant). You can
  take the ladder up the antenna to get a good vantage point for scanning.

  I found Foster stationed at the far corner, next to the white van under the
  large open-sided metal-roofed structure.

o Disable the alarm at the utility complex

  The alarm switch is on the outside wall of the large building that's nearest
  to the hilltop mansion, on the side closest to Foster.

o Surveillance Log (evidence)

  In the same area the surveillance log is on a desk in the office building -
  that's the one with the sloping solar panels (and one guard) on the roof.

o Lyle FELDMAN (warrant)

  From the utilities site head towards the coast (move directly away from the
  hilltop mansion) until you reach the "cabanas" area. There's a rocky path to
  follow and it leads to a handy clifftop lookout spot.

  Feldman and his friend are standing on an island in the open ground in the
  centre of the area so you'll need to approach them carefully to avoid getting
  detected. Remember to check their vision cones on the minimap.

  (if you've taken all the warrants alive you'll get the trophy here)

o Disable the alarm in the cabanas area (pier)

  On the far side of the cabanas there's a pier with three further huts over the
  ocean. The alarm switch is at the right-hand end near a lone guard.

o Summons from the IRS (evidence)

  In the right-hand cabana on the same pier you'll find the summons next to the
  telephone on the shelf behind the bar.

o Disable the alarm in the cabanas area (poolside)

  From the swimming pool, facing towards the ocean, you'll see one hut to your
  left. The alarm switch is on a column on the left side.

The game gives you two entry routes into the mansion compound and there are
trophies for both of them. If you're going for platinum and therefore playing
the campaign twice then feel free to use one each time. However you can get both
in a single playthrough and I'd recommend doing them in the following order.

o Jump the bike into the mansion grounds to earn trophy #36 (see Section 03b)

  Follow the dirt road uphill out of the cabanas area and when you come to a
  fork (on your minimap) take the right path. As you continue up the steep slope
  you'll see a little cabana in the distance. Access this via the wooden ramp
  and platform, run straight through the hut and drop down onto some decking
  where you'll find the dirtbike.

  Simply ride the bike directly ahead and take the ramp into the mansion at full
  speed. This is obviously not a stealthy route into the base! It will cause an
  alert so let the guards kill you or restart from the last checkpoint so that
  you can use the quieter option (and get the other trophy).

o Grapple up the mansion's platforms to earn trophy #31 (see Section 03b)

  After restarting from the checkpoint you'll respawn on the main road into the
  mansion gates. Turn around and follow the track, taking a right turn at the
  fork immediately behind you and right again at the T-junction.

  Follow the trail almost all the way to the beach then take the path between
  the rocky outcrops on the right. Take out the two guards and grab the grapple
  gun from the weapons crate if necessary. Directly above you are two platforms
   - grapple up onto the first and from there grapple up to the second.

  (If you take a moment to look up at the mansion building you'll see a small
  staircase leading up to a rooftop sundeck. That's one of two staircases you
  can use to access the final piece of evidence.)

o Dossier on Cpt. Hector Mendoza (evidence)

  Inside the mansion go upstairs (to the level with the gym). There are exterior
  doors at both ends of the building that both lead to stairs up to the roof and
  once you get there you'll find a wooden room that cannot be accessed from
  inside the building.

  Inside that rooftop lounge you'll find the file on a coffee table.

  (If you've caught all the previous evidence you should receive a trophy at
  this point for completing every case file.)

o Complete Episode 10 to earn trophy #12

| Section 03b | Episode Challenges                                        s03b |

There are several trophies that are specific to certain episodes. Keep these in
mind if you want to pick them up as you play through the story. Otherwise you
can save them for your second playthrough or use the chapter select function at
any time (you can access this from the pause menu during play or from the
Episodes screen off the game's main menu).

23 Motley Crew [Bronze]

   "Tag all criminals visible from the rooftop in Ep. 1: Back to School"

   After convincing "Tap" to assist, you'll warp to a rooftop with a view over
   the schoolyard below. It's time for your scanner tutorial.

   Press R1 when prompted to equip your scanner device and enter the scanning
   view. You can press R2 to zoom in or L2 to zoom out and hold the Cross button
   to perform a scan on a target currently in your aiming reticle.

   For certain targets (warrants and evidence) you'll need to hold the Cross
   button briefly to "analyse" the subject. The scanner will automatically zoom
   in and the target will be identified. For the schoolyard scene you need to
   analyse Tap but no-one else.

   Once someone has been scanned they'll be highlighted in colour and marked
   with a chevron above their head. You'll also receive 20 points per person for
   the Subject Tagged bonus (or 25 pts for a warrant suspect).

   There are a total of nineteen people to scan in the schoolyard and school.

   Start by scanning Tap who'll be to your left, behind a big skip/dumpster.

   After Khai says "just keep on that scanner" you can start scanning others.

   First get the two obvious guys standing just outside the main entrance steps.

   Next scan to the right and up slightly to pick up a group of three inside the
   building. If you can't hit all three then strafe to shift your viewing angle.

   Then scan the four on the upper floor (one to the right of the entrance and
   a party of three to the left just behind the floodlight).

   Two vehicles will arrive from the street to your left. The lead car has four
   perps to scan (including one warrant - see trophy #16) and the van behind
   contains a further five dudes. The trophy will pop once you've got everyone.

26 Graceful Exit [Bronze]

   "Don't get spotted in the Ep. 5: Gauntlet"

   This mission is all about stealthy evasion. You have no guns or gadgets but
   you can get a taser (see below). You don't have your scanner but you do still
   have your minimap which automatically shows all enemies and their vison cones
   and is therefore essential in avoiding detection. Stay crouched in order to
   reduce the distance at which you can get spotted. Since you have no empty
   cases you throw stones instead - you can use these to distract the cops.

   The level is divided into two sections (with a scene in the middle) and you
   need to avoid getting spotted in both.

   During the first part you work your way through the town to the conveniently
   prominent landmark of the watertower. This plays like a basic maze - the town
   is divided into several checkpoints and you need to find the ramps that will
   allow you to progress from one to the next. It can take a little time to find
   the ramps but often the route will be (literally!) signposted.

   Here's a brief walkthrough on how to get through the first part:

   - run across the gas station lot, across the lane into the yard

   - throw stones to distract the cops and cut across the street

   - either go around the left of the cinema, around the back and over the
     pallets or through the hangar and hop the fence at the Exit sign

   - wait for the pair of cops to leave the metal caravan, follow them left to
     the next house and throw a stone left to distract the one in the street

   - go past the right side of this house and over the ramp to the next street

   - from behind the blue dumpster look right along the street and you'll see a
     police cruiser with its headlights on - this car has a taser in its trunk

     (pick up the taser for trophy #25)

   - head back towards the dumpsters and take a right into the yard of the house
     with the green pick-up truck outside

   - wait for a convict to make a run for it and get tasered by a couple of cops

     (him not you, I mean!)

   - cut straight across the road and into the garage directly ahead

   - go through the garage and over the metal ramp with the yellow road signs

   - pass through the container and towards the digger in the yard ahead

   - with the gas station in sight use the washing-machine on the right to climb
     over the wall, then climb into the house through the window

   - wait for the cop at the door to move on then head down into the basement

   - activate the gas tank and the Bunsen burner then evacuate

     (this creates the distraction which earns you trophy #27)

   - when the cops have finished running past, head across the road

   - when you reach the (obligatory) dinosaur in the kids park you can start
     running towards the fence

   - head right to find stairs into the drainage ditch, then go left to find a
     pipe tunnel up onto the hill

   - it's safe here to run all the way up to the watertower

   The key principles are:

   o crouching - this makes you slower but greatly reduces detection range

   o minimap - keep checking this to see cop positions and vision cones

   o rocks - you can create a distraction to make a cop move/look away from you

   o patience - sometimes you need to wait until the path ahead is clear

   o cover - you can use cars, walls, dumpsters, etc, to break line of sight

   The second part of the episode is a little different. It's less of a maze but
   now there are two helicopters with searchlights so you should look for rocky
   overhangs, small shacks and caravans to use as cover when you see the light
   approaching your position. Your objective in part 2 is to reunite with your
   contact at the mine tunnel at the far left corner of the level.

   If you were successful the trophy will pop on the end of level screen.

   There is much debate about whether you're allowed to use checkpoint restarts
   for this trophy - some say you can, others say you can't. Personally I had
   several unsuccessful attempts with restarts and finally got the trophy when I
   did a clean run without reloading. At least it gets easier with practice as
   you learn your way through the town.

   Someguy12121 (GameFAQs ID) says that if you clear the first half of the level
   cleanly but then get spotted in the second half you can quickly pause the
   game, exit to the main menu and then resume the episode to proceed from the
   midway checkpoint. It is possible to get the trophy using this method.

25 Their Own Medicine [Bronze]

   "Steal a T62 CEW from the back of a police cruiser in Ep. 5: Gauntlet"

   Not to be confused with the Russian tank of the same name, the T62 is a taser
   pistol which is also available as an equippable sidearm in multiplayer (see
   trophy #40 below for more on that).

   The police car can be found in the first half of the episode while you're
   sneaking through the town. Keep an eye out for the metal caravan - the police
   cruiser will be in the next street after that. Look to the right of the road
   and you should see the police car with its headlights on, parked opposite a
   grey pickup truck.

   You'll want to sneak up to the car to avoid detection. Sometimes there will
   be a policeman looking in the trunk and if that happens you can sneak up
   behind him and perform a melee takedown on him. Press Square when prompted
   (you'll need to be standing) to pop the trunk and grab the taser from among
   the random cop paraphernalia inside.

27 Knock Knock* [Bronze]

   "Blow up the meth lab in Ep. 5: Gauntlet"

   Your final obstacle on the far side of the town, just after you pass a little
   digger, is a gas station with several cops patrolling outside. The game gives
   you the option to create a distraction - sounds like fun.

   Instead of taking the ramp through the fence, climb over the washing-machine
   and wall to your right and enter the house through the window. You will
   probably see the vision cone of a cop looking through the door to your left
   so wait for him to lose interest then go down into the basement.

   Go to the horizontal orange gas tank on the table and press Square to open
   the valve, then head over to the Bunsen burner on the bench and press Square
   again to light it and finally GTFO! Exit the house and move away from it.

   (The explosion causes panic among the officers so wait for them to stop
   running around before you proceed to the watertower.)

   The optional objectives of setting up the distraction and evacuating the
   building get you 500 XP each. (Are there any other optional objectives in the
   campaign? I don't remember seeing any.)

   *Here is your obligatory Breaking Bad reference. In a famous quote Walter
   White outlines his position. "[...] let me clue you in. I am not in danger
   [...] I *am* the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think
   that of me? No. I *am* the one who knocks."

29 Hollywood Hideaway [Silver]

   "Find Roark's hidden room in Ep. 7: Glass Houses"

   You can do this inside the mansion after planting the bug. You'll need to
   head back down to the lowest level of the house and continue along to the
   other end of the main hall. You should pass a kitchen on the left and the
   next door after that - down a short passage - leads to the gym.

   (There's a double door here too but you should avoid using this until you've
   gathered all four items of evidence in the house. Once you pass through the
   double doors you'll be locked out of the house!)

   Inside the gym check out the wooden panelling on the right-hand wall, to the
   right of the cabinet and television - you should see a hidden panel. Press
   Square when prompted to open the panel and again to open the secret door.

   Be sure to have a quick look inside the hidden room if only because the "Wall
   of Photos" evidence is there, on the left side as you enter.

30 BYOB* [Silver]

   "Use the BBQ to take out the chef in Ep. 7: Glass Houses"

   Fans of the Hitman games should enjoy this quick environmental kill.

   As you work your way down the terraces of the mansion's gardens you'll cross
   a tennis court (with a warrant suspect) and then come to what I call the
   "party room". A guy there is on the decks, dropping phat beats for an empty
   dancefloor. Oh well, he seems to be enjoying himself at least. Probably those
   lines of coke next to him are helping.

   You'll find the chef tending to his barbecue behind the party room on the
   right. Simply shoot his grill to cause an explosion that kills him - but it
   also causes an alert so you might want to restart from checkpoint so you can
   play through the garden sequences in stealth mode.

   *On a party invite BYOB means you should Bring Your Own Beer/Bottle.

28 A Craftsman's Tools* [Silver]

   "Find your weapons in [Episode 8] before [...] combat in the trailer park"

   This trophy is available when you infiltrate the walled trailer park in the
   'Sovereign Land' episode (which will be familiar from the Hardline campaign
   gameplay preview video released back in August 2014).

   While this is technically a stealth objective, it's possible to achieve it
   very quickly and simply. The most direct route into the compound is to skirt
   around to the rocky high ground on the far side and take the left ramp onto
   a trailer roof. Follow the perimeter wall on the left and it'll take you
   right to the trailer containing your kit (marked on your minimap).

   Naturally you should also be checking that minimap for any bad guys. Pause in
   cover and ping an empty case to distract them if necessary.

   *They say "a poor craftsman blames his tools." (Hey! I'm insulted, I think.)

24 Real Action Hero [Silver]

   "Kill a criminal in [Episode 9] from mid-air after escaping the penthouse"

   This one is in the penultimate episode 'Independence Day' during a rather
   dramatic scene where you take a zipline off the skyscraper.

   After exiting the vault in the penthouse go to the gun locker in the office.
   Your primary gun will be unavailable while ziplining so you'll want to pick
   the sidearm that gives the best combination of damage and magazine size and
   that's obviously the Bald Eagle (Expert Level 8 required). Add your choice of
   optic (I think I used the M4S) and attach the heavy barrel (Expert Level 10
   required) for an accuracy buff. Once you have the Deagle equipped head over
   to the balcony to trigger the event.

   During the somewhat ridiculous zipline sequence you'll swing back around and
   fly past the balcony you just left (don't ask). There will be several enemies
   around but the obvious target will be the one standing near the front corner.
   His taclight/flashlight makes him easier to spot.

   You only have a second or two to acquire your target and take him down. I
   think it took three shots when I did it. If the trophy doesn't pop after a
   few seconds then you'll need to try again. The usual "Restart Checkpoint"
   option is unavailable from the pause menu during the zipline sequence so you
   will need to "Exit to Menu" instead and then reload. Once you reach the
   ground you'll get a new checkpoint so don't wait too long to exit.

36 Dare Devil [Silver]

   "Jump the dirt bike into the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy"

   There are two trophies for infiltrating the mansion at the end of Episode 10
   (this one and the one below). Since you need to complete two playthroughs if
   you're going for the platinum you could get one each time but it's easy to
   get both in a single playthrough if you want. Technically you could get both
   in a single life if you really want to but it's more of a hassle. I'd suggest
   doing this one first (as it causes an alert) then simply restarting from the
   checkpoint and then doing the other one (which is much quieter).

   If you follow the route outlined in the trophy trail (see Section 03a) then
   your last stop before the mansion will be the cabanas - this is the area by
   the shore with several huts and a pool. From there follow the dirt road up
   until you reach a fork (visible on the minimap) and take the right track. As
   you continue up the steep slope you'll see a little cabana in the distance.
   Access this via the wooden ramp and platform, run straight through the hut
   and drop down onto some decking where you'll find the dirtbike.

   Riding the bike directly ahead will lead you straight to a ramp that'll put
   you into the mansion grounds. On my first attempt I made the jump but didn't
   get the trophy so make sure you're going at full speed and that you land
   squarely in the centre of the lawn. (If you don't get the trophy then reload
   the checkpoint, head up to the "Main Residence" sign, turn right and find
   the cabana with the bike again.)

   Unsurprisingly doing this will cause an alert so be ready for a fight. I'd
   suggest that you restart checkpoint and use the other route (see below).

31 Social Climber [Silver]

   "Find the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy"

   This is the other trophy for entering the compound in the final mission.

   Starting from the cabanas again, follow the dirt track up towards your
   objective marker and take a left at the fork with the wooden pallets. Keep
   following the track back around towards the sea but then take the steep sandy
   clifftop path (with a rickety fence) just before you reach the beach.

   After just a few seconds you'll come to some flat ground with a couple of
   guards. After taking care of them (and equipping the grapple gun from the
   weapons crate if necessary) look directly overhead and you'll see a couple of
   overhanging platforms. Use your grapple to climb up to the lower of the two
   and then from there use it again to get up to the higher platform.

   There will be a single guard at the top of your climb but he'll be facing
   away from you so he's easily handled.

   If you'd just done the bike trophy and reloaded the checkpoint you'll respawn
   on the road to the mansion's main gate. Just turn around and take the right
   fork to take you to the pallets junction then go right again.

   If you want to get both trophies in a single life then do this one first. It
   is technically possible to get down the cliffs/waterfall at several locations
   if you pick a spot without a vertical drop and hold down on the left stick to
   hug the cliff but it's a risky option and if you do the bike access second
   you'll get stuck with an alert.

| Section 03c | General Challenges                                        s03c |

These are achievements you can work on over the course of two or more episodes.

14 By the Book [Bronze]

   "Do a non-lethal takedown on 10 criminals in single-player"

   You can perform a melee takedown when you are close to an enemy and you see
   the button prompt (I prefer to use the "classic" buttons configuration where
   you use Circle for melee and R3 to change stance). It's easiest to do this
   while sneaking but it is also possible during combat.

   Enemies have relatively narrow cones of vision (as shown on the minimap) and
   moving in the crouch stance makes your movement quieter so it's very easy to
   sneak up on a lone enemy. You can throw empty cartridge cases to create a
   distraction so you should make good use of this mechanic to split packs, move
   an enemy into cover or simply to change the direction they're facing.

   Although it also gives the Takedown bonus, using the T62 taser (see below)
   does not count towards this trophy - you must use melee takedowns.

15 You Tazed Him, Bro!* [Bronze]

   "Stun 5 criminals with the T62 CEW in single-player"

   During the first episode the T62 taser is equipped into your gadget 1 slot so
   you can select it by tapping d-pad left. It allows you to perform a ranged
   non-lethal takedown which can be pretty handy. However the working range is
   limited to about five metres and if you try to hit a target who's beyond this
   range it'll usually alert him.

   *During a speech by senator John Kerry at the University of Florida in 2007
   student Andrew Meyer was ejected by police and shouted "don't taze me, bro!"

16 Watched, Dawg* [Bronze]

   "Identify 10 warrants with the scanner in single-player"

   There are a total of twenty-two criminals with outstanding arrest warrants in
   the game, you need to capture all of them alive to get the silver trophy
   (below) and you should be scanning everything in sight to pick up a few extra
   points anyway so you'll get this trophy without really trying.

   The initial scan will mark the suspect with a "head and shoulders" icon above
   the usual chevron marker (you also get 25 pts instead of the basic 20 pts for
   spotting them). After holding the Cross button to "analyse" the target that
   icon will be replaced by handcuffs and the criminal will be named (also you
   receive a further 150 pts for the ID). I think you need to do both parts to
   qualify for this trophy (and even if not the extra XP makes it worthwhile).

   The title screen for each episode and the pause menu both show the mugshots
   and names of all the warrants that will be available in that episode.

   *Using your fancy tech gadget might remind you of the game Watch_Dogs.

35 Bring 'em to Justice [Silver]

   "Capture all warrants alive in single-player"

   The locations for all twenty-two warrant suspects are described in the trophy
   trail above (see Section 03a).

   If you perform a stick-up and arrest one of these guys you'll get a very nice
   1,000 XP bonus but if you perform a takedown (for example using the taser)
   then you get 500 XP instead. 

   Takedowns do count towards this trophy. Obviously it's better to farm the XP
   from the warrant arrest (and for stealthily arresting all his buddies in the
   area too) but if you raise an alert and don't want to restart from the last
   checkpoint then you can usually find an opportunity to approach the warrant
   suspect in cover and pop out for a quick twitch shot with your trusty taser.

   The basic message here is don't kill them! I prefer to arrest each one as
   soon as possible just in case you trigger an alert and a firefight.

18 Damn Thing Doesn't Work* [Bronze]

   "Disarm 2 alarm boxes in single-player"

   Several locations in the campaign have an alarm system. If you cause an alert
   and an enemy reaches the alarm switch then reinforcements will arrive. (If
   you've played Far Cry recently this will all be very familiar!)

   When you scan a location the alarm switch will be marked with an electrical
   (lighting) symbol. You can approach the box and interact with it to disable
   the alarm system. This also gives you a 200 pts Alarm Box Disabled bonus.

   You only need to do this twice for the trophy but if you're still levelling
   this is a great source of XP too so you should hit as many as possible.

   The game gives you numerous opportunities to disable alarms:

   o sawmill in Episode 3

   o stadium in Episode 3

   o outside Domo Roboto warehouse in Episode 4

   o outside Palm Court mall in Episode 4

   o salvage yard in Episode 6

   o chop-shop in Episode 6

   o mansion terraces in Episode 7

   o trailer park in Episode 8

   o Preferred Outcomes building (lobby level) in Episode 9

   o Preferred Outcomes building (office level) in Episode 9

   o roadblock area in Episode 10

   o utility complex in Episode 10

   o cabanas area (poolside) in Episode 10

   o cabanas area (pier) in Episode 10

   It's also possible to stop an alarm system from working by shooting the alarm
   box or all of the speakers but you don't get the Alarm Box Disabled bonus so
   it won't count for this trophy.

   *"[...] this damn thing doesn't work at all" is a line spoken by Doc Brown
   in the first 'Back to the Future' movie. It was also parodied nicely in the
   Family Guy episode 'The Man with Two Brians'.

19 Cape and Ears Not Included* [Bronze]

   "Climb a total of 10 meters with the grapple gun in single-player"

   You'll get the grapple gun in a scripted event quite early in Episode 3. It
   equips into a gadget slot so you can select it with the d-pad. You can aim
   and shoot it at any designated (shiny) ledge and then simply walk towards the
   hanging rope to start climbing it.

   You're required to use the grappling hook to scale a platform in order to
   progress the story. If you want to get this trophy out of the way then just
   climb up to the platform, jump down and climb back to the top again.

   *Your first Batman reference.

20 Fast Rope Expert* [Bronze]

   "Travel a total of 90 meters with the zipline crossbow in single-player"

   After climbing the second observation platform in Episode 3 you'll receive
   the zipline gun. This equips into your other gadget slot and can be fired to
   provide a zipline from high ground to lower ground. To use the zipline just
   walk near it until you get a Square prompt.

   There are several opportunities to use this in the Everglades level. Perhaps
   the easiest thing to do is clear out the sawmill then zipline down from the
   watertower platform and repeat as required.

   *Fast-roping is a military technique for descending quickly, usually for
   rapid deployment of troops from a helicopter down a heavy vertical rope.

| Section 03d | Case Files                                                s03d |

When I first saw the trophies list I thought they'd decided not to include any
collectibles in this game but I was wrong. There are many collectibles!

There are seven "case files" to complete and you achieve this by finding and
scanning evidence items in fixed locations within the game. At least this fits
the police setting and provides some sort of context for the collectibles.

Renowned sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke famously once said "any sufficiently
advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" and I think that certainly
applies to Mendoza's scanner. :9

It knows when you're close to a piece of evidence - you'll hear a vibrating
alert effect and you'll be prompted to press R1 to enter the scanning view. It
also knows how many items of evidence are present in the current area (and how
many you've scanned so far). It even tells you the direction and distance to the
nearby evidence item. This thing could revolutionize modern policing!

When the centre of the scanner reticule is over the evidence the item will be
highlighted in green and you'll get the Object Tagged bonus (20 pts). Then keep
aiming at the evidence and hold Cross to analyse it - this gives the Evidence
Found bonus (200 pts) and logs the evidence.

Case files are completed by scanning all evidence associated with that case. For
most cases the required evidence will be spread over two or more episodes. You
can check your progress on the Case Files screen which you can access from the
pause menu or by pressing d-pad down after scanning a piece of evidence. Select
an item on the evidence list for descriptive text and audio.

Completing a case gives you an Objective Complete bonus (500 pts) and usually
unlocks some new "special" guns for single-player (see below). You'll also get a
new lame patch and a Battlepack, both for multiplayer. Press Square on the Case
Files screen to see how the evidence cracked the case.

The following three trophies are earned by scanning evidence:

13 Keep Digging, Detective [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete any case file in single-player"

   During Episode 1 you'll head upstairs in the abandoned school and there will
   be an objective marker (and a weapons crate) in what appears to be a teachers
   lounge. There are two items of evidence in the main room and one more in the
   side-room and you're required to find and scan them all before you continue.

   This automatically completes the first case file in a matter of seconds.

22 True Detective* [Silver]

   "Complete 3 case files in single-player"

   The earliest you can achieve this trophy is Episode 4. If you find and scan
   every piece of evidence in the first four episodes this will complete the
   cases The Hot Shot File, The Elmore Hotel Investigation and Internal Affairs.

   *A conspicuous reference to an excellent TV show.

38 World's Greatest Detective* [Gold]

   "Complete all case files in single-player"

   You'll need to find and scan all seventy-one pieces of evidence in order to
   complete every case in the game.

   *Your second Batman reference.

Here's a complete list of all the evidence items required to complete each of
the seven case files. Evidence locations are given in the trophy trail above.

  The Hot Shot File (unlocks .38 Snub and .357 RS revolvers)
o Ledger and Money (Episode 1)
o Surveillance Photo of Stoddard (Episode 1)
o Box of Hot Shot (Episode 1)

  Hot Shot Supply Chain (unlocks SCAR-H and HCAR battle rifles)
o Box of Hot Shot (Episode 2)
o Crate of Hot Shot (Episode 4)
o Exploded Drug Bale (Episode 3)
o Pallet of Hot Shot (Episode 6)
o Hot Shot Lab (Episode 8)
o Gym Bag of Money (Episode 4)

  The Elmore Hotel Investigation (unlocks 93R and G18C machinepistols)
o Care Instructions Memo (Episode 2)
o Drug Purchase List (Episode 2)
o Vial of Hot Shot (Episode 2)
o Tablet with I.M. Client (Episode 2)
o Answering Machine (Episode 2)
o Elmore Plaza Business Card (Episode 4)

  Internal Affairs (unlocks R0933 and SG553 carbines and M416 assault rifle)
o Toxic Barrel (Episode 3)
o Kilo of Cocaine (Episode 3)
o Newspaper Story (Episode 3)
o Regional Zoning Map (Episode 3)
o Dead Gator (Episode 3)
o Torture Traces (Episode 3)
o Chemical Barrel (Episode 3)
o Stained Fanboat (Episode 3)
o Water-Sampling Equipment (Episode 3)
o Note Pinned with Switchblade (Episode 3)
o Manila Envelope (Episode 3)
o Flyer for Tamu-Tamu (Episode 4)
o Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy (Episode 4)
o Barrels of Dye (Episode 4)
o Burner Cellphones (Episode 4)
o Letter from Neltz's Business Manager (Episode 4)
o Tamu-Tamu DVD's (Episode 4)
o Poster for Tamu-Tamu (Episode 4)

  Power Play (unlocks HK51 and SA58 OSW battle rifles)
o Letter from Kang's Wife (Episode 6)
o Purchase Order from Binachi (Episode 6)
o Boomer Photo (Episode 6)
o Designer Luggage (Episode 6)
o K-Pop* Album (Episode 6)
o Remote Detonator (Episode 6)
o Bomb under Kang's Bianchi (Episode 6)
o Photo of Lily Kang and Roark (Episode 6)
o White Van (Episode 7)
o Shipping Labels (Episode 7)
o Safe Combination (Episode 7)
o Wall of Photos (Episode 7)
o Tanks of Tear Gas (Episode 7)
o SWAT Flak Jackets (Episode 7)
o Box of SS190 Cartridges** (Episode 7)
o Rifle Suppressors (Episode 7)
o File inside Safe (Episode 7)
o Email from Dawes' Computer (Episode 9)

  The Boomer Connection (unlocks K10, Uzi and FMG9 submachineguns)
o Bomb Blueprint (Episode 8)
o ATF Agent's Badge*** (Episode 8)
o Boomer Dossier (Episode 8)
o Torture Room (Episode 8)
o Cell Phone (Episode 8)
o Licence Plate (Episode 8)
o ATF Agent's Grave (Episode 8)
o Ricin Bomb (Episode 8)

  Preferred Outcomes (unlocks M240B light machinegun)
o Staffing Chart (Episode 9)
o Box of Books (Episode 9)
o Letter from Chicago Politician (Episode 9)
o Revenue Sketch (Episode 9)
o Notice of Transfer (Episode 9)
o Photo of Dawes' Dying Wife (Episode 9)
o Bank Website (Episode 9)
o Photograph of Dawes' Wife (Episode 9)
o Fax from Neil Roark (Episode 10)
o Summons from the IRS (Episode 10)
o Dossier on Cpt. Hector Mendoza (Episode 10)
o Surveillance Log (Episode 10)

In addition to completing cases you can also unlock new guns by levelling up
(see Section 03e) and by picking them up within the game world.  The UMP45 SMG,
870P Magnum shotgun, M/45 submachinegun, Scout Elite sniper rifle, M16A3 and AKM
assault rifles and G17, 45T and MAC10 sidearms are all unlockable as pickups.

(These are all pretty abundant in the campaign with the exception of the Scout
Elite and M/45 which you'll need to track down in the Everglades islands!)

*K-Pop is Korean pop music. Similar terms can be used to describe pop music from
Japan, China and Laos and rock music from Korea and Japan.

**SS190 indicates the unique 5.7x28mm ammunition that was developed by Fabrique
Nationale for use in their P90 PDW and "Five-seveN" pistol. The SS190 type load
is the standard armour-piercing FMJ (full metal jacket) cartridge for the P90 -
in other words it's specifically intended for military applications.

***The ATF is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (erm, and Explosives).

| Section 03e | Levelling                                                 s03e |

As with BF4, the Hardline campaign mirrors several aspects from multiplayer -
you have a minimap, enemies can be spotted (using your scanner), you can unlock
guns, gadgets and weapon attachments and the loadout screen is the same. You can
also earn experience points (but here it is "Expert Score" instead of cash) and
you can progress through a series of fifteen ranks ("Expert Level").

This section discusses the various actions you can perform to earn XP.

o Subject Tagged [20 pts] / Warrant Scanned [25 pts] / Object Tagged [20 pts]

  Not only does it provide useful intel, but the scanner will also earn you a
  ton of points for very little effort. Each time you enter a new area you
  should perform a scan - there will usually be a convenient vantage point.

  You get 20 pts for each enemy you scan, unless they have an arrest warrant in
  which case you get 25 pts. The Object Tagged bonus is applied when you scan an
  evidence item, alarm switch, alarm loudspeaker, explosive item, weapons crate,
  gun locker or interactive object.

o Warrant Identified [150 pts]

  When you spot a warrant you can hold the Cross button to analyse (ID) them.

  (you need to ID ten warrant suspects for trophy #16)

o Evidence Found [200 pts]

  When you find evidence you can hold the Cross button to analyse it.

  (you need to analyse all evidence items for trophy #38)

o Arrest [250 pts]

  The best way to proceed while you're levelling up is to try to arrest every
  criminal available. You can get a lot of XP this way. Policing is OP!

  In order to arrest someone you need to get to within about fifteen metres of
  them without getting fully spotted (so you should approach them in a crouch
  and in cover where possible). Always keep one eye on your minimap where you
  can see the vision cones of every enemy - trust the cones! When you see the
  white and blue "!" shield icon you can press L1 to flash your badge. The perp
  will drop his gun and put his hands up. As you approach you should hold your
  aim on the suspect (hipfire or ADS) otherwise he'll reach for a sidearm. When
  prompted press the button to floor him and handcuff him. You always have an
  unlimited supply of handcuffs so you can make as many arrests as you want.

  Keep in mind that you can only initiate an arrest in the standing or crouch
  stance. It doesn't work if you're laying prone!

  Once a criminal has been arrested they will remain prone and take a little nap
  (zzzz). They won't run away or call out, however another enemy might see them
  so keep that in mind when arresting. You cannot move the body afterwards.

  It's possible to perform a "stick-up" like this on groups of two or three
  bad guys but you will need to shift your aim between all of them in order to
  prevent them drawing a pistol on you. This is much easier with two suspects
  where you can strafe around them until they are both directly in front of you
  and you can cover both without any effort. However when you have three perps
  (like the "three-body problem" in physics) it gets more complicated!

  You should remember to take advantage of the mechanic where you can throw an
  empty shell casing by tapping the touchpad. If it lands close enough to an
  enemy they will come to investigate it - this is a great way to split groups
  or just to change the direction someone is facing. The location of the case
  will be shown on your minimap - if the circle is orange then one criminal has
  heard it and will walk over to the exact centre of the circle. If you want to
  get him farther away then throw an additional casing later.

  If any area is on alert then it's not possible to do a stick-up. Also if you
  get spotted by another enemy while doing a stick-up that'll cause an alert.

  While there is no penalty for shooting suspects, each time you kill someone
  you've lost an opportunity to farm 250 points off them!

o Warrant Arrest [1,000 pts]

  Arresting the warrant suspects is great for levelling.

o Takedown [100 pts]

  This bonus is awarded for incapacitating a suspect by any means other than
  gunfire, explosions or arrest. You can get it by zapping someone with the T62
  taser or by using a melee takedown, either in stealth or in combat.

  Once a full alert occurs you can't perform stick-ups and arrests but you can
  still get some decent points from doing takedowns. I like to wait in cover
  until a suspect gets close then pop out and zap 'em.

o Warrant Takedown [500 pts]

  You get this bonus for performing a takedown on one of the warrant suspects.

  Where possible you should remain undetected and go for the arrest - this will
  give you twice as much XP. If an alert occurs and a firefight begins then
  take care not to shoot the warrant suspect! Pick off his buddies first then
  get in close and use the taser on him.

  (you need to capture all warrants alive for trophy #35)

  Melee takedowns are probably okay but I think it's safer to use the taser plus
  it has the advantage that it can be used at range (albeit fairly short range).

o Objective Complete [500 pts]

  Each objective completed in the campaign earns you 500 points. You also get
  the same bonus each time you complete a case file (see Section 03d).

o Alarm Box Disabled [200 pts]

  Each time you disable an alarm by manually interacting with the switch box you
  get this 200-point bonus.

  (you need to disable two alarms for trophy #18)

The single-player pause menu shows your current Expert Score and Expert Level.
Select the Expert Progression option to view all fifteen levels, your numeric
progress to the next level and a summary of the rank unlocks (see below).

The following three trophies are earned by levelling in the campaign:

17 You're Getting Good at This [Bronze]

   "Reach Expert Level 5 in single-player"

21 Almost an Expert [Silver]

   "Reach Expert Level 10 in single-player"

37 One Good Cop [Silver]

   "Reach Expert Level 15 in single-player"

It's pretty easy to hit Level 15 in a single playthrough if you farm non-lethal
takedowns and arrests wherever possible, scan and analyse all evidence, arrest
all suspects with warrants, disable all alarms and scan everything you see. In
my second playthrough (when I wasn't testing things and constantly restarting
checkpoints) I hit the level-cap early in Episode 7.

Once you've achieved Expert Level 15 (single-player level-cap) you don't need to
worry about your scoring but it's easier to progress if you maintain the stealth
profile. Also you must avoid killing anyone that has a warrant if you want to
get that silver trophy (see Section 03c).

Finally here's a quick summary of the single-player gun and equipment unlocks
and the cumulative scores required to achieve each level.

  Expert | Expert Score |
  Level  |   Required   | Unlocks
     1   |    2,000 XP  | Handguns (P226, CZ75, M1911A1)
     2   |    5,000 XP  | Shotgun (37 Stakeout)
     3   |    8,000 XP  | Gadgets (inc. ammo box and armored insert)
     4   |   12,000 XP  | SMG's (MP5K, MPX, P90)
     5   |   16,000 XP  | Pistol Attachments (inc. suppressor)
     6   |   21,000 XP  | Sniper Rifles (R700LTR, SOCOM16, SR25ECC)
     7   |   26,000 XP  | Rifle Attachments (inc. suppressor, ACOG scope)
     8   |   32,000 XP  | Handguns (.40 Pro, Bald Eagle, .410 Jury, .44 Magnum)
     9   |   38,000 XP  | Gadgets (breaching charge, laser tripmine)
    10   |   44,000 XP  | Pistol Attachments (inc. laser sight, heavy barrel)
    11   |   50,000 XP  | Machinepistol (TEC9) plus four new melee weapons
    12   |   57,000 XP  | Shotguns (SPAS12, Double-Barrel Shotgun)
    13   |   64,000 XP  | Rifle Attachments (inc. heavy barrel, extended mags)
    14   |   71,000 XP  | Assault Rifles (AKS74u, G36C)
    15   |   78,000 XP  | Sniper Rifles (.300 Knockout, AWM, Saiga .308, PTR91)

For full lists of attachment unlocks (Level 13 has about twenty-five!) just
check the weapon attachment slot options in the in-game loadout menu.

| Section 03f | Completion                                                s03f |

The campaign is pretty straightforward really without any major hurdles and a
full walkthrough is beyond the scope of this guide so if you do happen to get
stuck somewhere just check out the walkthroughs on Youtube. I'll just comment on
a few potential pitfalls for some episodes below. (If you want me to cover any
specific part of the story then just drop me an email.)

02 On the Job [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete the prologue in single-player"

03 Pressure Applied [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 1: Back to School"

   Clearing Episode 1 also unlocks seven solid weapon camos.

04 Bumpy Ride [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 2: Checking Out"

   Clearing Episode 2 also unlocks six forest weapon camos.

05 Deal? What Deal? [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 3: Gator Bait"

   It can be tricky to find your way around in the Everglades so follow the
   walkthrough in the trophy trail (see Section 03a). This takes you to the
   locations for the story events and the collectibles.

   Clearing Episode 3 also unlocks six aviator weapon camos.

06 Good Guys [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 4: Case Closed"

   If you get stuck in the top office at Neltz's warehouse you need to use your
   scanner and then use it again. (Don't waste time backtracking like I did!)

   Clearing Episode 4 also unlocks six snow weapon camos.

07 You Probably Have Questions [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 5: Gauntlet"

   See also trophies #25, #26 and #27 in Section 03b for a few tips on getting
   through the mission and picking up the trophies en route.

08 Snow Blind* [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 6: Out of Business"

   The driving section in the LA River can be a little frustrating but if it
   takes you several attempts it'll become more familiar. Otherwise just keep
   moving and when the enemies use heavy weapons try to swerve to avoid them.

   Clearing Episode 6 also unlocks six hunter weapon camos.

   *This trophy title will make more sense after finishing the episode. :)

   (Also surely it should've been this chapter that got the snow camo unlocks!)

09 Hollyweird [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 7: Glass Houses"

   Clearing Episode 7 also unlocks six desert weapon camos.

10 From Their Cold, Dead Hands* [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 8: Sovereign Land"

   During the gas station shootout I found it easier to get out of the building.
   I jumped out of the back window and used the agent's car for cover. The guys
   on the weapon turrets should always be your priority so shoot them first -
   they'll be focused on shooting the building so you can catch them unawares.

   Clearing Episode 8 also unlocks six urban weapon camos.

   *Movie-star and National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston once
   famously used the phrase "from my cold, dead hands" in a speech against gun
   control at an NRA convention. This was an abbreviated form of an NRA slogan
   "I'll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands."

11 Some Damn Fine Fireworks* [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 9: Independence Day"

   You can override the security elevator from the keypad on the reception desk
   in the lobby. You'll need to use your magical scanner again.

   During the shootout in the penthouse the security teams will be entering from
   several directions so make good use of your minimap to avoid getting flanked.
   Faint map markers denote enemies that are on higher/lower levels so they are
   imminent but not immediate threats. If you use the laser tripmines remember
   to plant them on walls or doorways so the laser is horizontal - you can get
   more at any time from the gun locker.

   Clearing Episode 9 also unlocks six jungle weapon camos.

   *Spoiler warning: the fireworks aren't that good. :9

12 Served Cold [Bronze unmissable]

   "Complete Ep. 10: Legacy"

   After the final showdown read the letter on the desk then use the dragon.

   Clearing Episode 10 also unlocks six exotic weapon camos.

32 Case Closed [Silver]

   "Complete all single-player episodes on Officer difficulty"

   Clearing the campaign on Officer difficulty also unlocks silver weapon camo.

33 Super Cop [Silver]

   "Complete all single-player episodes on Veteran difficulty"

   Beating the game on Veteran also gives you the trophy for Officer completion
   and I think you might as well pick Veteran for your first playthrough since
   you'll need to do a harder diff next anyway (see next trophy).

   Aside from a few "action stages" you can and should use stealth to work your
   way through most of the levels. Since the difficulty only affects damage in
   combat it won't make much of a difference most of the time.

   Clearing the campaign on Veteran difficulty also unlocks gold weapon camo.

34 Blue Eagle [Gold]

   "Complete all single-player episodes on Hardline difficulty"

   After unlocking the option by beating the game on Officer or Veteran diff
   you then need to complete the story a second time on Hardline difficulty.

   I don't remember the Hardline setting feeling particularly more challenging
   than Veteran, in fact if anything some sections will feel easier due to your
   familiarity with maps and weapons. If you managed to get the trophies for
   reaching Expert Level 15 and taking all warrant suspects alive on your first
   playthrough then you have more freedom on your second run but most bits will
   still be easier using stealth and arrests. However you can supplement this
   with weapons use and still maintain a stealth profile if you only use guns
   equipped with suppressors (silencers).

   The game has a wide range of guns, attachments and gadgets available to you
   so you can pick what works best for you. For the majority of both my plays I
   used an (unintentionally) old skool loadout - the SOCOM16 (M14) and M1911. I
   had suppressors on both and an ACOG scope and extended mags on the rifle. Not
   only does the extended magazines option add five rounds to the magazine size
   but it also gives you two or three additional spare mags too!

   You're only rarely required to use the grapple gun and zipline, the rest of
   the time you can pick your choice of gadgets. The T62 CEW taser is very handy
   for giving ranged takedowns and the armoured insert will give you protection
   during firefights. You might also consider the ammo box if you're always
   running out of ammunition and perhaps the gas-mask if you suffer from baddies
   spamming you with tear-gas grenades when you're in cover.

   Your health regenerates quite quickly so take a couple of seconds to heal
   fully before you peek or break cover. If your cover is getting destroyed then
   try relocating. I found the poolhouse (Episode 7) and gas station (Episode 8)
   both much easier when I found new outdoor positions behind the buildings.

   You should also take advantage of the many weapons crates and gun lockers
   around the levels - you can change your weapon and gadget loadouts here and
   simply standing near one will resupply your ammo.

01 Platinum Trophy

   "Collect all other Battlefield Hardline trophies"

   You get this automatically after meeting the requirements of all forty other
   trophies in the basic set - thirty-seven come from the single-player campaign
   and the remaining three are earned in online multiplayer (see below).

   As usual, trophies from DLC expansion packs - Criminal Activity, Robbery, etc
   - are not required for the platinum trophy.

| Section 04 | MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES                                        s04 |

Hardline follows the recent trend in the series. BFBC2 had twenty multiplayer
trophies including several that were quite fun to attempt. BF3 had nine and BF4
had only five in the base game. Before the addition of DLC, Hardline has three!
I can see the logic in this decision though - the multiplayer already has plenty
of patches, bounties and assignments so biasing the campaign helps give the
(typically short) single-player a little more longevity; also if you want more
multiplayer trophies you'll need to buy the DLC!

Although there are only three MP trophies it will take a long time to get the
third one legitimately - you're required to earn almost 350,000 XP across the
Professional and Enforcer classes (which can both be harder to use if you don't
like the weapons available to them).

Patched: Previously "Menz in the Hood" (trophy #41) was much harder due to the
         requirements relating to the Reputation system and to the camera and
         shield gadgets. In the Criminal Activity DLC patch of 16 June 2015
         changes were applied to all of those and it is now much easier to get
         the trophy although you will still need to grind out the two classes.

         Also the Double-Barrel Shotgun is now available as an unmarked Battle
         Pickup on Pacific Highway (Getaway DLC) and Alcatraz (Betrayal DLC).

No "online pass" is required to play but on the PS4 you will need a Playstation
Plus (PS+) subscription to play online. This also grants the benefits of cloud
back-up for save files and free PS3/PS4/Vita games every month.

A minimum of four players is required for a match to commence - if a server has
fewer players then you can't earn points and probably can't get trophies either;
I assume you'll need to be playing on Official or Ranked servers too.

The option to rent and set up a custom server was added to all four console
platforms with the 1.02 patch at the end of April 2015. If you can find a custom
server running matches with higher ticket counts (that give longer matches) that
makes it easier to achieve coins that require you to get a certain numbers of
assists/revives/repairs/etc in a single match.

Important note: If you get any high-percentage boosts for Reputation (brown),
Objective (green) or Gearhead (yellow) from Battlepacks then hang on to them
until you get your Enforcer Gold Service Star (see trophy #41).

39 The Big Score [Silver]

   "Win 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in multiplayer"

   Alongside the obligatory Conquest and Team Deathmatch, Hardline introduces a
   total of five new game modes to the Battlefield series. To earn this trophy
   you're required to win five matches each in Heist and Blood Money modes.

   In Heist mode the cops must defend a vault containing two bags of cash while
   the aim of the criminals is to capture the loot and deliver the bags to the
   various "escape" points. Like Rush mode in previous Battlefield games, the
   attackers have limited spawn tickets but the defenders get infinite respawns.

   In Blood Money mode both sides are fighting over a large reserve of stolen
   cash in the centre of the map - the thieves want to recover it and the cops
   want it as evidence or something. Both sides must capture money and get it
   back to their team's "vault" (blue square marker). You can also steal cash
   from the other team's base (orange diamond marker) or if you prefer to play
   defence you can guard your own base.

   Patched: In the Criminal Activity update Heist mode was changed so that the
            criminals get an extra fifty tickets (up to the maximum of 100) when
            they successfully deliver one package. In the same patch the cash
            requirement to win a Blood Money match was doubled.

   To enter a match either use Quick Match and select the mode you require or
   use the Server Browser and press R3 to set your filters. If you find a server
   with Heist or Blood Money in the title then that should be a dedicated lobby
   where only that mode is played, usually with various maps on rotation.

   It shouldn't take too long to pick up five team wins in both modes. If you
   find yourself on a team that's doing badly then switch to the other side if
   possible or otherwise quit out and find another server.

40 Electric Company [Silver]

   "Take down 25 enemies with the T62 CEW in multiplayer"

   The T62 taser pistol has no unlock requirements, you just need to buy it for
   $21,000 from the loadout screen. Unlike the single-player campaign where it's
   considered a gadget, in multiplayer the taser equips into your secondary slot
   replacing your pistol, revolver, heavy pistol or machine-pistol.

   It's available to all classes and factions so you'll want to equip it into
   the sidearm slot on all of your many and various loadouts (or at least the
   ones you use mainly for close quarters).

   The T62 gives a one-hit "kill" plus a 25 pts bonus for using a non-lethal
   takedown. You can then approach the target and hold Square for five seconds
   to perform an interrogation - that's not required for the trophy but it gets
   you a further 50 points and it will temporarily spot all enemies for your
   team so you might pick up a few assist bonuses too. Also sometimes you can
   get a "taser train" when you takedown an enemy, interrogate him, everyone
   gets spotted and you use that info to find your next target, etc!

   The taser only holds a single cartridge at a time and it has a slow reload
   (around three seconds) so you need to make that first shot count. Also it has
   a limited range so you'll need to be quite close to your target. It would be
   quite frustrating to use this weapon exclusively so I'd recommend that you
   save it for situations where otherwise you might go for a melee takedown, for
   example when you catch an enemy unawares from behind or you see someone in
   cover on the minimap and flank them.

   Minimap awareness will definitely help. I would strongly recommend enlarging
   your minimap size, not just for this trophy but for general play. From the
   Options menu go to Gameplay \ Advanced Options \ Minimap \ Map Size. I've
   been running mine at 165%. "Maximap" FTW!

41 Menz in the Hood* [Gold]

   "Kill 25 with a MAC10 and 25 with a Double-Barrel Shotgun in multiplayer"

   The MAC10 (compact submachinegun) is a sidearm for the Professional class and
   the Double-Barrel Shotgun is a primary for the Enforcer class.

   Unlike the T62 CEW, the MAC10 and Double-Barrel can't just be bought. Instead
   they are unlocked by completing the assignments outlined in detail below.

   You can check your assignment requirements and progress from the Hardline
   game menu under Multiplayer \ My Agent \ Assignments

   Alternatively you can view the same information on your online Battlelog
   profile. You'll find all the assignments required for this trophy in the
   class and Syndicate assignments sections under Awards \ Assignments.

   Access Hardline Battlelog directly here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh

   It should be noted that if you reach Rank 150 and go "Legendary" (see trophy
   #52) you will lose your MAC10 and Double-Barrel Shotgun so make sure you get
   your kills first. It also resets your progress on the Syndicate assignments
   including the Enforcer Syndicate which unlocks the DBS.

   (I should mention too that you can also use these guns by picking up the kit
   off a player that just died. If a friend has either gun equipped then hang
   around with them and wait for them to get killed then take their gear!)

   | The Double-Barrel Shotgun is also available as an unmarked Battle Pickup  |
   | on the Pacific Highway map (Getaway DLC) and in Alcatraz (Betrayal DLC).  |
   | On Pacific Highway it's on the wall next to the fireplace upstairs in the |
   | big hunting lodge north-west of the central rocky peak. That's the cops   |
   | base in Capture the Bag mode or Log Cabins ("A" flag) in Conquest Large.  |
   | In the Alcatraz prison museum you can find it in one of the display cases |
   | on "Sunset Strip" in Cell Block A next to the north-east exterior wall.   |

   *The MAC10 and a sawn-off double-barrelled shotgun both feature in the early
   90's movie 'Boyz n the Hood' which was set in south central LA. I wouldn't be
   surprised if Visceral used the film as a reference during development.

   To unlock the MAC10 you need to complete Professional Assignments 1 and 2.

   (                         Professional Assignment 1                         )

   o requires Professional Bronze Service Star 2 (20,000 XP with Professional)
   o get 10 kills with sniper rifles
   o get 5 kills with laser tripmines

                        Professional Bronze Service Star 2
   Class service stars are achieved simply by earning cash (experience points)
   with that class so you'll need to keep playing as Professional. Once you get
   your second class Service Star you can start working towards the assignment.

   (Any progress prior to meeting the requirements of an assignment won't be
   counted so for example if you got a hundred kills with laser tripmines and
   *then* got your second Service Star you would still need to get five kills.)

   You'll need to earn 20,000 pts with the Professional class to achieve those
   Bronze class Service Stars. Your current Service Star progress is shown on
   the loadout menu, on the Overview and Tactical Gear tabs of the post-match
   screen and on the Overview tab of your online Battlelog profile.

   Using boosts will help you level faster. Boosts work a little differently to
   BF4 - there are several types which affect only certain points (e.g. score
   from kills, score from vehicles, etc) and each one can be equipped onto an
   individual class. Boosts come from Battlepacks (so be sure to open these in
   your Multiplayer \ Battlepacks menu) and are equipped under the fourth tab on
   the loadout screen during a match.

   (Remember to keep your biggest Reputation, Objective and Gearhead boosts for
   the Enforcer Syndicate assignment - see below.)

   Watch out for announcements of double-XP events and take full advantage of
   them - they'll half the time it takes to level-up. Use your boosts at the
   same time for even faster levelling!

   Hotwire mode is great for farming XP but keep in mind that those "Cruising
   Bonus" points only go towards your infantry class when you're in a van or
   tanker. (With the coupes, sedans and street motorcycles the XP goes towards
   levelling up the vehicle category instead.)

   You can supplement your score considerably in most modes by taking advantage
   of the game's Squad Leader mechanic. Within each squad the player marked with
   a star is the nominal Squad Leader and they can use the spot button (this is
   R1 by default) to place an order on an objective such as a money pile, vault,
   flag, etc, and mark it with green diagonal lines. Now whenever another player
   in the squad captures the objective, gets kills nearby, etc, both the Squad
   Leader and the squad member will get bonus points. If you're not the Squad
   Leader then hold R1 and pick "Request Order" from the commo-rose options. If
   your Squad Leader fails to give you an order then you'll automatically take
   their place after a short time and you can start issuing orders. Remember to
   keep marking the objectives closest to where your squad-mates are operating.

                                   Sniper Rifles
   By default you will have the Scout Elite rifle unlocked for both factions.
   Like all the bolt-action sniper rifles it gives a one-hit headshot kill at
   any range but it also has a high rate of fire, fast muzzle velocity, large
   magazine size and quick reloads. It comes equipped with a 6x optical scope,
   straight-pull bolt and flash hider.

   You can also buy semi-automatic snipers (i.e. DMR's) which you might find
   easier to use so you should consider investing in one for each faction. The
   four semi-autos available at launch give a three-hit kill with body-shots at
   any range so get in the habit of triple-tapping that trigger.

   (The cops get a choice of the SOCOM16 or SR25 - the latter is more expensive
   but it has half the spread increase per shot of the SOCOM. The criminals get
   the PTR91 and Saiga .308 - I chose the PTR for the longer damage drop-off and
   because I loved the G3 in Bad Company 2.)

   Alternatively you can use the semi-auto M82 which was added in the Robbery
   update. This has perfect aimed accuracy and fast muzzle velocity plus it
   gives a one-hit headshot or two-hit body-shot kill at any range. However it
   also has heavy recoil with slow recoil recovery (which limits its effective
   rate of fire to around 100 RPM) and a small magazine with slow reloads.

                                  Laser Tripmines
   The laser tripmine is also unlocked by default. This equips into a gadget
   slot and can be planted on horizontal or vertical surfaces although, as the
   name suggests, it's most effective when attached to a wall or doorframe so
   that the victim will pass through the laser beam "tripwire"; place them close
   to the ground and hidden behind corners to make them harder to spot. You can
   also plant two mines together flat on the ground in a narrow section of road
   to take out light vehicles as they drive over them.

   (                         Professional Assignment 2                         )

   o requires Professional Assignment 1 (see above)
   o requires Professional Bronze Service Star 7 (70,000 XP with Professional)
   o get 25 kills with sniper rifles
   o get 5 Camera Coins (get 2 camera spot assists in one match for each)

                        Professional Bronze Service Star 7
   You'll probably need to keep playing for a while before you get your seventh
   class Service Star. You need to earn 70,000 XP using the Professional class
   (i.e. 50,000 XP on top of what you got for Bronze Service Star 2).

   If you don't like sniping then try using the semi-auto sniper rifles with
   short-range sights at closer ranges and you should also take advantage of the
   Professional's potent machine-pistol sidearms at short ranges. Alternatively
   you now have a choice of ten primary weapons from other categories including
   two carbines, three SMG's, a shotgun and a battle rifle. Personally I enjoy
   using the RO933 .300 BLK carbine, although it does have heavy recoil.

                                   Camera Coins
   The Professional's camera gadget can be purchased for $6,000. This works like
   the T-UGS sensor gadget from BF3 and BF4 except it's directional - it will
   only detect enemies within a certain angle. When planted on the ground (or
   other flat surface below) it will scan to the front but when attached to a
   wall it will scan to either the left or right (turn right to make it face to
   the right and vice versa - check the green "preview" before you place it).

   You carry two cameras but you can have up to three cams deployed at any given
   time - they survive after you die so you can respawn and plant a third one or
   you can just resupply from an Enforcer's ammo bag. Cameras can be removed or
   shot by enemies so you'll want to replace any that are lost.

   You need to get two camera assists in a single match for one Camera Coin and
   you'll get one assist each time a team-mate kills an enemy that was spotted
   by one of your cameras. It doesn't count if the enemy was already spotted or
   if you killed them so it's probably best to plant them and then relocate to
   the other side of the map. Avoid placing your cameras near other ones and it
   is probably best to use a server without hackers (commanders) too.

   Cameras work best when planted close to high-traffic areas in 64-player Team
   Deathmatch or near objectives like the money pile and vaults in Blood Money
   and the flags in Conquest. They are more effective when positioned high on
   roofs, trees, utility poles, walls and the sides of trucks, overlooking wide
   open areas where you believe enemies will be passing.

   Patched: At Hardline's launch it was very difficult to get Camera Coins - you
            could easily play a whole round and not get any. If you were lucky
            you might get one per match and if you used a video guide on how to
            exploit the spawn locations in a 64-man TDM server (see below) then
            you might be able to get two or three.

            The performance of the camera gadget was improved considerably in
            the Criminal Activity DLC patch. Writing on the Battlelog forums on
            14 May, Hardline's Lead Multiplayer Designer, Thad Sasser, explained
            the changes: "The Deployable Camera has seen massive improvements to
            its functionality. Now camera spots take priority over active or
            passive spotting, making them much more reliable. In addition, each
            camera shares a larger pool of raycasts, improving the number of
            targets they can spot while not impacting performance negatively."

            Additionally the requirement to earn a Camera Coin was reduced from
            ten assists to only two. That helped a lot too!

            My first match with the Professional class after the DLC update was
            in Bounty Hunter mode on the Backwoods map - I just planted a few
            cameras in some reasonable spots and I ended up with ten coins! The
            next time on that map I made more of an effort and got twelve. (The
            open terrain and tall rocky outcrops make that a good map to use.)

   You shouldn't have too much trouble getting the Camera Coins since the patch
   but if you still need more assistance then I recommend following the guidance
   in Stodeh's video which illustrates very effective camera locations provided
   by StoneMountain64 and Tract1on for TDM on Hollywood Heights and Riptide. I
   was able to get three coins in one match (pre-patch!) using this guide.

   Check out Stodeh's video guide here: https://youtu.be/amlvfViWHZA?t=2m4s

   (and be sure to follow him on Twitch for daily elite sniper gameplay!)

   Completing Professional Assignment 2 unlocks the MAC10 sidearm.

   To unlock the Double-Barrel Shotgun you need to complete Enforcer Assignment
   1, Enforcer Assignment 2 and the Enforcer Syndicate.

   (                           Enforcer Assignment 1                           )

   o requires Enforcer Bronze Service Star 2 (20,000 XP with Enforcer)
   o get 10 kills with shotguns and/or battle rifles
   o get 10 ammo resupplies on team-mates

                          Enforcer Bronze Service Star 2
   Just as with the MAC10 above, you'll need to play with the Enforcer class for
   a while until you earn 20,000 XP for your second Bronze Service Star.

                             Shotguns & Battle Rifles
   Despite the P[olice] designation, the 870P Magnum shotgun is available to
   both police and criminals by default. You can buy battle rifles (or other
   shotguns) if you want. I went with the SCAR-H and the SA58OSW thanks to the
   higher rates of fire. You'll want to use these battle rifles with short
   bursts at medium ranges. The performance will improve once you get enough
   kills to unlock some attachments for them; if you have some vouchers for
   attachments (from Battlepacks) then you should consider using them.

   If you own the Criminal Activity DLC (see Section 05a) then you can also buy
   and use the FAL and SG510 battle rifles and the KSG12 shotgun.

   The free Blackout DLC adds the M110K5 battle rifle which can be used by any
   class and the update with the Getaway expansion included the 1887 shotgun.

                                  Ammo Resupplies
   The ammo box is also unlocked by default and equips into a gadget slot. When
   you drop this near enemies they'll take whatever ammunition they need from
   it. Usually each magazine or grenade counts as one resupply.

   (                           Enforcer Assignment 2                           )

   o requires Enforcer Assignment 1 (see above)
   o requires Enforcer Bronze Service Star 7 (70,000 XP with Enforcer)
   o get 25 kills with shotguns and/or battle rifles
   o deflect 250 points of damage with the shield

                                 Ballistic Shield
   The ballistic shield can be purchased for $18,000 and equips into a gadget
   slot. When deployed it can block incoming small-arms fire to protect you and
   any team-mates that are using you as mobile cover. When using the shield it's
   best to crouch to cover your feet and use walls/corners to cover your side/s
   however it is still possible to get shot through the small window slot.

   When the shield is deployed you can still throw grenades, put down ammo bags
   and run but these will all cause the shield to drop briefly. You carry the
   shield on your back when not in use and it will provide armour to the rear.

   (You can press your melee button (R3 or Circle depending on your config) to
   perform a "bash" attack with the shield but it takes two strikes to get a
   kill and a dead enemy can't help you with this assignment!)

   Completing Enforcer Assignment 2 unlocks the Bald Eagle (Beagle) sidearm.

   (                             Enforcer Syndicate                            )

   o requires Enforcer Assignment 2 (see above)
   o requires 10 Enforcer guns and/or gadgets purchased
   o requires Enforcer Gold Service Star 1 (275,000 XP with Enforcer)
   o get 200 kills with shotguns and/or battle rifles
   o unlock Enforcer Tier 4 Reputation in 10 matches
   o get 15 Ammo Resupply Coins (get 8 ammo resupplies in one match for each)
   o get 15 Ballistic Shield Coins (100 pts "Draw Fire" in one match for each)

   You can buy any combination of shotguns, battle rifles, heavy pistols and
   Enforcer class gadgets to meet the second prerequisite. Remember you need to
   complete all three requirements before you can work on the assignment.

   (Although there were no problems at launch, at one stage the pre-requisites
   for the Enforcer Syndicate were bugged. If you've completed all pre-reqs but
   they still show as "?" then any progress towards completing the requirements
   will not be tracked. Hopefully this issue has now been fixed but if not then
   try buying every Enforcer gun and gadget (instead of just ten as stated in
   the pre-reqs) and then log in and out of your online Battlelog account.)

                           Enforcer Gold Service Star 1
   That Gold Service Star will take some time - first you need to earn ten
   Bronze Service Stars for the Enforcer class (10,000 XP each), then ten Silver
   Service Stars (15,000 XP each) and *then* get your first Gold Service Star
   (25,000 XP). So that's a total of 275,000 XP with the Enforcer class.

   Keep looking out for those double XP events - they make a big difference.

                                  Enforcer Kills
   If you want to focus on getting kills instead of letting them happen during
   the course of normal objective play then you can try Team Deathmatch mode.

   (You might as well equip an Elimination or Quickdraw boost - it won't help
   with the assignment but you'll earn some bonus XP.)

                            Enforcer Tier 4 Reputation
   Reputation is the perks system for Hardline. You activate up to four "tiers"
   of reputation by earning XP within a single match. To check your perks for
   each tier use the reputation option at the bottom of the loadout screen.

   Your progress during a match is shown at the bottom-right portion of your
   HUD (below your health and ammo). You need to fill the horizontal bar in a
   single life to earn the next rep tier. The four square boxes to the right
   show the perks you've activated. Perks persist after you die but the points
   progress bar resets so you have to start again from zero in your next life.

   Patched: At Hardline's launch it was practically impossible to achieve tier 4
            rep during normal play and it was necessary to seek out a quiet
            Hotwire server, preferably using a big XP boost and ideally with 
            support from a friendly hacker (see my previous tips below).

            The reputation mechanic was rebalanced in the Criminal Activity DLC
            patch on 16 June 2015. Writing on the Battlelog forums on 14 May,
            Hardline's Lead Multiplayer Designer, Thad Sasser, explained the
            changes: "The Rep system has received an overhaul. The tiers are
            greatly reduced in cost (esp. T4 which went from 11k to 6k) and
            easier to obtain during a match."

            Now you'll still want to use Hotwire mode for this, especially if
            you don't have the support of a hacker, but it'll be much quicker.
            Prior to the patch it took around nine or ten minutes of continuous
            cruising in a Hotwire server with a 50% Rep boost to achieve tier 4
            but now you can do it in about six and a half minutes with the same
            boost (and with a 100% Rep boost it takes less than five minutes).

            (In the same patch an option was added that allows you to pre-select
            your preferred perks at each tier for each individual loadout. Also
            the sequence of perks has been tweaked such that no tier will ever
            have two gadget-based perks - previously you could sometimes get a
            choice of two gadget perks when you had neither gadget equipped.)

   One of the best ways to earn cash (XP) towards your reputation perks is
   simply to drive or ride in a captured vehicle in Hotwire mode. Sadly with the
   Enforcer class you can't supplement your points by getting repairs as you go
   but the battle rifles are great for taking out enemy passengers :) and you
   could get a friend to give you reps to help you survive longer. "DonPimpNutz"
   on Youtube recommends dropping an ammo box on the hood of the target car
   before stealing it - this will give you plenty of resupply bonuses off your
   passengers (and keep them able to defend you for longer).

   If your team has someone playing as hacker (like the commander role in BF4)
   they can use the Squad Upgrade function to automatically activate reputation
   tier/s for your squad. Get an old friend to help (or find a new friend on the
   forums) or just try sending your team's current hacker a friendly message.

   Use the Server Browser to find a Hotwire match with a small number of players
   (but at least three) and hopefully everyone on the other team will also be
   focused on farming points in cars instead of setting cheap C4 traps. If you
   are really lucky you might find a server with a hacker already helping out
   players with the tier boosts - in this case you should definitely switch to
   the team with the hacker and join the other players' squad.

   Try to maintain an equal number of active vehicles on both teams otherwise
   the tickets will bleed and the game will end before the match timer expires.

   If you have some boosts from Battlepacks those will make it a lot easier to
   progress through the tiers. Objective (green) and Gearhead (yellow) boosts
   will both increase your cruising bonus points in Hotwire and the Reputation
   (brown) boosts will obviously help you progress through the tiers. It would
   be wise to save any big boosts until you've met all the requirements for
   starting Enforcer Syndicate. Use any Gearhead boosts first because those ones
   will be less useful in other modes.

   The Criminal Activity expansion (see Section 05a) added a total of eight new
   unlockable masks (for criminals) and helmets (for cops) which give XP buffs
   that will stack with your boosts. The unlock assignments take some grinding
   but if you get yourself the gorilla mask / tactical helmet (+20% Reputation
   XP bonus) or the rabbit mask / motorcycle helmet (+10% Gearhead XP bonus)
   that would make you earn reputation in Hotwire even faster.

                              Ballistic Shield Coins
   To earn one Ballistic Shield Coin you need to get 100 points of "Draw Fire"
   bonuses in a single match by blocking enemy bullets with your shield.

   Patched: At Hardline's launch each individual bullet that you deflected gave
            you only one point and it was incredibly difficult to earn yourself
            a coin. If you made a concentrated effort during the whole match
            then you might be able to get one coin if you were lucky!

            The Draw Fire bonuses were rebalanced in the Criminal Activity DLC
            patch on 16 June 2015. Writing on the Battlelog forums on 14 May,
            Hardline's Lead Multiplayer Designer, Thad Sasser, explained the
            changes: "We're fixing the Ballistic Shield Coins by changing the
            scoring events. Instead of 1 point per bullet (really? bad designer,
            no cookie), you'll get multiple points per bullet, making these
            assignments and coins easier to achieve."

            It appears now that you get a different number of points depending
            on the type of weapon shooting at you. A burst from a lightweight
            weapon seems to give you two points per shot now while a heavy round
            from a sniper rifle could give you fifteen or even more. Regardless
            of the specifics, it is now *much* easier to earn those coins.

            After the patch I tested the shield points back on Everglades TDM
            using the same tactics I'd used before (see below). Where previously
            it was a major victory just to get a single coin, on my first game
            with the new points system I got 22 coins. Yes, that's twenty-two!
            I tried again on another server and got twelve coins in one round.

   You should keep your ballistic shield equipped and selected at all times -
   you need to be ready to block incoming enemy fire at any time - so you won't
   be getting many kills. You should keep facing towards any nearby enemies but
   when they start shooting you will still get clipped by occasional rounds,
   take gradual damage and die.

   Enemy players will usually see the futility of shooting you and either move
   away or more likely throw a grenade. Try to stay out of nade range and if
   they do throw one then move backwards (or forwards) to escape the full blast.

   If you set up shop near the loot in Heist mode or the cash pile in Blood
   Money then you should encounter a lot of enemies and you can make yourself
   useful in a protection/tank/distraction role.

   ALI_sarvaretun recommends playing Everglades on TDM and taking advantage of
   the numerous firefights that break out between the earth mounds around the
   perimeter of the map. This worked quite well for me and I would usually get
   one Ballistic Shield Coin per match (pre-patch).

   I would suggest sticking with friendlies who will naturally attract the
   attention of the enemy and you can drop ammo for them to make a ton of XP!
   Operators will also drop medic bags and you get an occasional revive. If you
   see one or two enemies and you're alone then fire off a quick shot with an
   unsuppressed weapon to put yourself on the minimap and get noticed.

   Staying on the earthworks you can keep close to the border of the map so you
   don't get flanked so often. Watch your minimap so you can see enemy positions
   and turn to face them. Also look out for medic bags and stay close to them -
   the healing effect will negate the damage you take from stray shots. Remember
   you can also help yourself to health from medics by pressing Square now.

   Another advantage of farming shield coins on this map is that you genuinely
   feel like you're helping your team. You really are drawing fire and keeping
   the enemy preoccupied while friendlies can move up and take them out. (That
   doesn't help your cause of course, but at least you feel less useless!)

   Completing Enforcer Syndicate unlocks the Double-Barrel Shotgun. (finally!)

   Once you have the two guns unlocked you then need to get 25 kills with each.

   The MAC10 fires much faster than the other Professional sidearms - its 1,145
   RPM fire-rate makes it quite ferocious in close-quarters! It also comes with
   authentic suppressor and stock attachments. If you enjoyed shredding people
   at short range with the suppressed high-DPS AS Val in previous Battlefield
   titles then you should feel right at home with the MAC10.

   Naturally there are several negatives to balance that fire-rate. The MAC10
   holds only 16 rounds (although that can be increased to 21 (20+1) with the
   extended mags) and the reloads are surprisingly slow given that the mag loads
   like a pistol's. Also it has high vertical recoil (so you should counter this
   when firing a long burst) and worse accuracy than any other sidearm.

   The Double-Barrel Shotgun is a breech-loading weapon - two shotgun shells are
   loaded directly into the barrels and it has no form of magazine. You can fire
   both shots in very quick succession or (by toggling the fire mode by pressing
   d-pad down) you can fire both simultaneously. However you are then stuck with
   an empty gun and a reload that takes almost four seconds!

   Each shell holds fifteen pellets of buckshot which is more than any other
   shotgun in the game. It has a short damage drop-off but high damage stats -
   the maximum damage (at less than six metres) is 60 per pellet and its minimum
   damage is 20 (past 12 metres) which is the same as the max damage of the 37
   Stakeout and SPAS12! It does sufficient damage to theoretically kill someone
   nine times over at very short distances with a single shell. :)

   It has a wide pellet cone and large hipfire spread but excellent ADS spread
   so it's best to use aimed fire beyond very short ranges. There are only two
   attachments and they are available immediately - you can buy the stock for
   $7,500 and the barrel for $3,300, effectively restoring the gun's appearance
   from a sawn-off to a conventional shotgun. That barrel attachment actually
   functions as a full choke - it tightens the cone of pellet dispersion but
   applies a heavy penalty to the hipfire so it's even more important to ADS.

   Both guns can be used with both the police and criminal factions.

| Section 05 | DLC TROPHIES                                                s05 |

Trophies from expansion packs and other downloadable content (DLC) are never
required to achieve a game's platinum trophy although they do contribute to your
overall percentage trophy completion for the title. In other words you don't
need 100% completion to get the platinum, you just need to earn all the standard
trophies in the original game (see Sections 03 and 04 above).

The DLC's can be bought individually or as part of the Hardline Premium package
which is essentially a "season pass" including all four DLC's. Getting Premium
is cheaper than buying each expansion without the subscription and you'll also
get access to each piece of DLC two weeks early. Additionally Premium gives you
one extra loadout slot per class, free Battlepacks and server queue priority in
addition to four "super-features" (released one per DLC).

All four premium expansions are also included with the "Ultimate Edition" of the
game although some owners on PS4 were unable to download the first DLC due to a
bug which took over nine weeks to resolve.

In addition to the four main expansions Visceral also released a small free DLC
called Blackout on 3 November 2015. This did not include any extra trophies - so
it doesn't merit its own section in this guide - but it did add two new maps
(both night versions of existing maps), two new guns (also versions of existing
weapons) and night-vision goggles. The Blackout update also added twenty new
radio songs and a total of nine new gun camos: Swirl, Ripple, Red Metallic and
Green Metallic (Battlepack unlocks), Abstract Flag (Premium) and Blood Splatter,
Diamond Plating, Leaf and Maze (Legendary Battlepack unlocks).

| Section 05a | Criminal Activity                                         s05a |

The Criminal Activity expansion pack was released on 16 June 2015 for Hardline
Premium subscribers on console platforms and (following technical issues) on 22
June on PC. For non-subscribers it was released two weeks after those dates (on
30 June and 6 July respectively).

Each of the four expansions for Hardline focuses on one of the player classes,
e.g. this one includes three new guns and one new gadget for the Enforcer kit.

Each expansion also includes one of the four promised "super-features" that come
with Premium membership. For Criminal Activity it's eight new assignments that
unlock masks/helmets that give you XP or reputation buffs.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wS7gfJqFoA

The Criminal Activity DLC adds the following features to the multiplayer game:

o four new "fast-paced, highly-destructible" maps (including two night maps)

o Bounty Hunter game mode (see trophy #42)

o three new Enforcer guns: KSG12 (cops shotgun)
                           FAL (criminals battle rifle)
                           SG510 (cops battle rifle)

o Nail Gun (Battle Pickup) (see trophy #49)

o Tactical Toolkit gadget for Enforcer class

o Breaching Rounds ammo option* (for shotguns)

o AP Tracer ammo option* (for assault rifles, carbines, battle rifles and DMR's)

o Lowrider and Pick-up Truck vehicles

o Polygon and Skulls gun camo patterns

o eight new trophies/achievements

The Criminal Activity update added the classic M1A1 Thompson submachinegun (see
trophy #48) which can be used by any class/faction - this is available to all
players without having to subscribe to Premium or purchase the DLC. Ten new
music tracks** were also added.

*Since the two new ammo types equip into a weapon's accessory slot you'll need
to get sufficient kills with the gun first in order to unlock that slot - that's
60 kills with a shotgun or 50 kills with an assault rifle, carbine, battle rifle
or semi-auto sniper rifle (DMR). The Double-Barrel Shotgun takes no attachments
other than its barrel and stock so it cannot use the Breaching Rounds ammo.

**The new songs included 'Jeep Stuff' by Hank & Jed (Battlefield Friends). :)

42 Dead or Alive [Silver]

   "Pick up 100 Bounties in the Bounty Hunter game mode"

   The new Bounty Hunter mode is only playable on the Criminal Activity maps. It
   works almost exactly like Call of Duty's "Kill Confirmed" mode - it plays as
   Team Deathmatch but when a player is killed they drop a bounty medallion. 

   Enemy medallions have pale orange rims and will appear as pale orange dots on
   your minimap. When you pick up a medallion after a member of the other team
   has been killed you'll score the "Bounty Pickup" bonus worth 75 pts and your
   team will regain one respawn ticket.

   You need to do that one hundred times in total for the trophy.

   While playing Bounty Hunter you can use the M1A1 to start getting the kills
   you need for Tommy's Favorite (trophy #48). You should also grab the Nail
   Gun whenever possible to start working towards Nailed It! (trophy #49). It's
   harder to make effective use of the Nail Gun on the large open Backwoods map
   so I'd suggest picking it up from the sawmill spawn and then hanging around
   the buildings there for close-quarters encounters.

43 Got Your Back [Silver]

   "Deny 100 Bounties in the Bounty Hunter game mode"

   Friendly medallions have pale blue rims and will appear as pale blue dots on
   your minimap. When you pick up a medallion after a member of your team has
   been killed you'll score the "Bounty Denied" bonus worth 50 pts and you'll
   have denied the other team one respawn ticket.

   You need to do that one hundred times in total for the trophy.

   This will take a lot longer than the previous trophy so you'll probably want
   to make a special effort to grab blue medallions when you see them. Keep a
   close eye on your minimap (you should always be doing that anyway!) and look
   out for any blue dots that have been overlooked by the other players.

44 Enforcing the Law [Bronze]

   "Get 10,000 kills with the Enforcer class"

45 Operation Successful [Bronze]

   "Get 10,000 kills with the Operator class"

46 Mechanical Trigger Finger [Bronze]

   "Get 10,000 kills with the Mechanic Class"

47 Have Some Professionalism [Bronze]

   "Get 10,000 kills with the Professional Class"

   There's not much I can add for these four trophies - the requirements for
   achieving them are pretty clear, although I believe that only kills obtained
   after the release of the DLC will count towards your totals.

   Admittedly I've spent most of my time in multiplayer running around in Heist
   mode and driving around in Hotwire mode, but so far I've only got around five
   thousand kills in total after 100 hours. Even a top player who favours and
   dominates TDM would only have around 8,000 to 12,000 kills per 100 hours.

   Regardless of your skill level and preferred modes, these trophies will take
   a looong time to complete, especially if you want to get all four of them!

   (On 19 June 2015 Hardline multiplayer engineer FredTuna posted on Reddit that
   the kill requirements for these trophies/achievements would be reduced. On 6
   August Hardline's multiplayer producer Zach Mumbach tweeted that he was still
   trying to get them changed but on 13 August he stated that this would now not
   be happening because it was blocked by Microsoft. However in a DRMB interview
   stream on 10 September he said he was still looking into it...)

48 Tommy's Favorite [Silver]

   "Earn a Gold Service Star with the M1A1"

   The M1A1 is the famous Thompson submachinegun which was added for all players
   in the Criminal Activity update. It can be purchased for $45,000 and it is
   then available to both the criminal and police factions and - as in BFBC2 -
   it can be used with any class (Operator, Mechanic, etc).

   Your first 100 kills with the gun will earn the ten Bronze Service Stars, the
   next 150 kills will earn ten Silver Service Stars and then another 25 kills
   will earn your first Gold Service Star, so you need 275 kills in total. You
   can check your progress in the usual places but it's simplest just to look on
   the Tactical Gear tab after a match - this shows your next Service Star.

   Since the gun is available to all classes the developers were careful not to
   make it overpowered. It does a maximum damage of only 25 which is almost a
   third less than the K10 and UMP45 which fire the same .45" ACP load. It also
   fires at 725 RPM which means it delivers a maximum damage per second (DPS)
   that's lower than any of the eight submachineguns in the base game. It has
   high vertical recoil too but at least the horizontal recoil and the recoil
   multiplier (applied after the first shot of a burst) are both quite low.

   At short ranges you'll need to acquire your targets quickly to make up for
   the lower DPS and at mid range you'll need to counter the vertical recoil.

   Like the Double-Barrel Shotgun, the M1A1 has only two attachments available.*
   After getting 50 kills with it you can buy the extended magazines option for
   $6,000 to upgrade your 30-round magazine to a 50-round drum, although this
   does impose a 50% penalty to your "manoeuvrability" (i.e. your hipfire and
   ADS accuracy while moving). After getting a further 40 kills you can buy the
   stubby grip for $1,200 which will reduce your spread increase per shot. You
   cannot use other attachments like a suppressor, muzzle brake or any optics.

   Completing this trophy will give you a good head-start towards completing the
   new assignment to unlock the dinosaur mask - this requires 250 kills with the
   M1A1 plus 100 kills each with the M1911 and .44 Magnum handguns. Please note
   that you need to be rank 25 before you can begin this assignment so if you're
   at a lower rank you might want to wait before attempting this trophy.

   *The default weapon model is the WWII military M1A1 version but adding both
   attachments recreates the iconic gangster's Tommy Gun of the 1920's with the
   wooden forearm and stick magazine replaced by an authentic wooden foregrip
   and drum mag - although in reality the M1A1 model can't accept drum mags. :P

49 Nailed It! [Silver]

   "Get 100 kills with the Nail Gun"

   The Nail Gun is available as a Battle Pickup on the Criminal Activity maps.
   They spawn at fixed locations for any given mode on each map and can usually
   be found in appropriate contexts, for example sitting on a workbench or on a
   big stack of chipboard panels in a construction area.

   They usually spawn at East Plaza (Conquest Large "E" flag) and near Jewelry
   Store ("B") on Black Friday, on the upper level at Construction Site ("A")
   and behind Food Court ("C") on Code Blue, in the vacant shop unit at Stores
   ("E") on The Beat and at Trailers ("A") and Sawmill ("C") on Backwoods (and
   at the same two locations on Night Woods which is the nocturnal version of
   that map from the free Blackout expansion).

   However your best option is to play Conquest Large on Black Friday which has
   a grand total of five Nail Gun spawns across the length of the mall.

   They can also be found on two maps in the Robbery DLC - on Break Pointe in
   the garage at Mansion ("C") and in the cellar at Restaurant ("A") and on
   Precinct 7 in the north-west corner of the police station.
   An available Nail Gun will be marked on your minimap with this icon: [  \|  

   If you hold the Options button during play and then press R1 you can view the
   "big map" and check if one is currently available. You can then utilise the
   compass on the minimap to navigate to it - for example you would always head
   east to find the shop spawn on The Beat.

   You should make a point of gravitating towards the weapon spawn locations. If
   you play on Conquest mode then you can spawn back at a nearby friendly flag
   after you die. Otherwise you could consider playing as Mechanic and hiding a
   Satellite Phone (spawn point) close to a Nail Gun pickup, although it doesn't
   take too long to traverse most of the maps on foot.

   Like the LMG pickups in the base game, the Nail Gun equips as your main gun
   but if you switch to your primary or a handheld gadget then it'll be dropped,
   although you can pick it up again within around 30 seconds. It holds ten
   rounds and comes with a further thirty nails (for three full reloads) - you
   cannot resupply from an ammo box but you can pick up another Nail Gun to get
   the maximum forty rounds again. It fires on semi-automatic at up to 900 RPM
   (limited by how fast you can tap the trigger) and it's quiet so it performs
   as a suppressed weapon. You can use the Nail Gun in both hipfire and ADS
   although obviously it doesn't actually have any iron sights to aim down.

   The damage is enough to give a two-hit kill with body-shots out to 15 metres
   but the Nail Gun has some extreme stats that cause its projectiles to drop
   very heavily under gravity even at short ranges. Its muzzle velocity is only
   150 m/s and it has a gravity value of 80 m/s^2 - that makes the nails drop by
   40cm at 15 metres or 71cm at 20 metres! (Compare that to the M416 assault
   rifle for example which experiences Hardline's standard 15 m/s^2 gravity and
   has a 600 m/s velocity - that would give only a 0.8cm drop at 20 metres.)

   With the crazy drop you should limit yourself to very short-range encounters.
   The hipfire spread and recoil recovery make it quite viable to spam hipfire
   shots rapidly at targets out to around 10-15 metres. At longer ranges you'd
   need to start aiming high to compensate for the drop.

   Unfortunately you cannot currently track your Nail Gun kills on Battlelog or
   bfhstats.com but at least that adds the excitement that each kill could be
   the last one you need! You might reach a stage where you start thinking the
   trophy is bugged but it's not. Persevere and you will be duly rewarded.

| Section 05b | Robbery                                                   s05b |

The Robbery expansion pack was released on 16 September 2015 for Premium
subscribers and two weeks later on 30 September for non-subscribers.

Each of the four expansions for Hardline focuses on one of the player classes,
e.g. this one includes three new guns and two new gadgets for the Operator kit.

Each expansion also includes one of the four promised "super-features" that come
with Premium membership. For Robbery it's the Legendary function which allows
you to optionally "prestige" after reaching rank 150 (see trophy #52).

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPyGPwaMKZY

The Robbery DLC adds the following features to the multiplayer game:

o four new "expansive" maps* offering "major cinematic action"

o Squad Heist game mode (see trophy #51)

o three new Operator guns: F2000 (criminals assault rifle)
                           RPK (criminals assault rifle)
                           MDC (cops assault rifle)

o Nail Gun (Battle Pickup) (see trophy #49)

o Throwing Knife gadget for any class (see trophy #50)

o M79/M320 CS Gas launcher gadget for Operator class

o Passenger First Aid** passive gadget for Operator class

o Pick-up Truck and unarmed Scout Helicopter vehicles

o Butterfly and Beehive gun camo patterns

o Street and Money gun camos

o Ice and Limited vehicle camos

o five new assignments to unlock patches

o four new trophies/achievements

The Robbery update added the classic M1 carbine (see trophy #53), the MP7 PDW
and the FN57 pistol which can all be used by any class/faction. It also added
the FAMAS assault rifle (Operator), Scorpion (CZ3A1) submachinegun (Mechanic),
Saiga 12 shotgun (Enforcer), M82 .416 semi-auto sniper rifle (Professional) and
the fire-resistant mask (Operator) which are all locked to classes but can be
used by both factions. These additions are available to all players without
having to subscribe to Premium or purchase the DLC.

Additionally the L85A2 assault rifle and the ACWR and CAR556 carbines were also
unlocked for all players. Previously these guns were only available as pre-order
bonuses or as part of the Ultimate Edition, Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Upgrade.

*Museum was the first Hardline map with no outdoor sections. The Turing Natural
History Museum is presumably named in honour of the British computing pioneer
and mathematician, Alan Turing. The main hall of the museum is modelled quite
accurately on the grand entrance of the Natural History Museum in London.

The Docks has a large container park (reminiscent of the popular Noshahr Canals
map from BF3) and a big cargo ship that shares her name - Nebuchadnezzar - with
the ship that Morpheus captained in the Matrix films.

**During a live stream the developers revealed that the working title for the
Passenger First Aid gadget was "Healsy While Drivesy". :)

50 That's Not a Knife!* [Silver]

   "Kill 25 enemies with the Throwing Knife"

   The throwing knives** were added in the Robbery DLC and can be bought for
   $10,000. They can then be equipped with any class in the grenade slot (which
   the developers decided will be used for all thrown weapons) so you retain
   your melee weapon but you need to give up your nades.

   You always spawn with two knives and you can throw one with your grenade
   button (usually L1) either by tapping it or by holding it down (to ready the
   knife) and then releasing it. Knives can be resupplied quickly from ammo
   boxes - so you might want to play as Enforcer (sorry) while working towards
   this trophy - although you can also get them eventually from ammo lockers if
   you keep spamming the Square button.

   Naturally the knives fall during flight but you can comfortably use them at
   ranges up to 20-25 metres without needing to compensate for drop. According
   to the Battlelog announcement they give a one-hit kill on any body part. It's
   easiest to get kills with the knives when your target is either stationary or
   running directly away from you.

   After doing some testing JackFrags posted an informative "Mythbusters" video
   on Youtube which demonstrates that throwing knives disappear after 75 metres.
   They can be used to detonate planted explosives (C4, tripmines and sabotage),
   can penetrate car windows but cannot give collateral kills on two people.

   rotoninja recommends using the Enforcer's shield to help with this. When you
   see an enemy you should raise your shield and aim the dot in the centre of
   your screen at their body. Then when they stop shooting and begin to either
   reload or throw a grenade you can throw your knife which is already aimed.

   *The trophy is named for a famous quote from the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee
   - his weapon of choice was somewhat larger than our humble throwing knife!

   **Throwing knives previously appeared in the Battlefield franchise in the 
   Secret Weapons of WWII expansion for BF1942, although the Commando Knife and
   German Elite Knife replaced your melee weapon instead of your grenade.

51 Small Crew, Big Job [Bronze] 

   "Win 10 Squad Heist matches"

   Inspired by the Squad Rush variant of Rush mode in BC2 and BF3, Squad Heist
   is a smaller version of Heist with only one squad on each side.

   The trophy will pop instantly after winning your tenth match in this mode. I
   happened to get five of each but I assume it doesn't matter whether you win
   as the cops or the criminals.

   The format of Squad Heist is quite different to the standard version. It's
   played over three phases with an eight-minute timer on each. In the first
   phase the criminals have to pick up a drill, deliver it to the first vault,
   start the drill and defend it until the vault is breached. In the second
   phase they take the drill to the second vault and break into that. Then in
   the third phase they need to successfully deliver the loot to the helicopter
   pick-up in order to win the round.

   In all three phases the drill or loot functions like the loot in Heist mode,
   i.e. if the carrier is killed it is dropped, it can be picked up instantly by
   a criminal or it can be recovered by the cops and returned to its spawn, but
   once the drill is attached to a vault it stays there. The pick-up location is
   always fixed in Squad Heist - it never relocates - and you now need to hold
   Square for a few seconds to attach the loot to the chopper's heist hoist. :)

   Squad Heist also differs from the other 5v5 modes (Rescue and Crosshair) as
   it has respawn tickets - the criminals have 30 tickets per phase and the cops
   always have infinite tickets. If the criminals run out of tickets anyone who
   dies cannot respawn and instead automatically enters spectator mode. If all
   criminals are killed then the cops win the match.

   As usual you should get those ten required match wins eventually but with the
   smaller teams in Squad Heist it's more important to pull your weight! You can
   make good use of several gadgets such as the Operator's defibs and medbags
   (especially if you're playing on the criminals side with limited respawns),
   the Mechanic's portable spawn point and the Professional's camera. The gas
   grenades and Molotovs can be used for area denial (and the gas-mask and fire-
   resistant mask can be used to counter these). I prefer to use a suppressed
   close-quarters weapon like my trusty FMG9 or the RO933 .300 Black carbine.

52 Become Legend* [Gold]

   "Reach Rank 150"

   This trophy is awarded for hitting the multiplayer level-cap at Rank 150.

   If you are already at this level when you install the DLC then the trophy
   will pop as soon as you enter a live match on an Official/Ranked server.

   The Robbery expansion added the Legendary function** which is similar to the
   concept of "prestiging" in Call of Duty. However, despite the name of this
   achievement, you DO NOT need to prestige to earn the trophy.

   The time it takes you to reach Rank 150 will depend on several factors:

   o your overall ability
   o which mode/s you play
   o how much you focus on objectives
   o how many kills you get and how often you die
   o how well you use your gadgets
   o whether you make good use of XP boosts and double XP events

   You can get a rough idea from the average rate at which you earn XP during
   play. You can view your "Cash per Minute" on the main Overview tab of your
   online Battlelog profile. I checked some examples of high 149 and low 150
   players from the tables on bfstats.com and interpolated. For example if you
   have a CPM of 800 it will take about 240 hours and if you have a CPM of 600
   it will take around 320 hours. However the good news is that everyone can
   reach level 150 eventually if they play for long enough...

   *Nice that EA allowed a little nod to the tagline of Activision's Destiny!

   **Although you don't need to "go Legendary" for this trophy, I've added some
   details here so you know how it works. You need to be Rank 150 and you need
   to own the Robbery expansion. You can access the function from the "Become
   Legendary" option on the Multiplayer menu. Each time you do it you progress
   onto a new Legendary level and there are fifteen levels available.

   Patched: Previously you could only prestige if you were a Premium subscriber
            but in the Blackout update on 3 November 2015 it was changed so that
            anyone who owns the Robbery DLC (and is at Rank 150) can do it too.

   This is what you get:

   o new Legendary rank emblem and killcard
   o cumulative +5% XP boost for each Legendary level
   o all masks/helmets unlocked (these can be used for extra XP boosts)
   o exclusive unlockable weapon camos

   This is what you keep:

   o stats including K/D ratio, W/L ratio, score per minute and kill counts
   o original starting weapons and gadgets
   o pre-order guns (L85A2, CAR556 and ACWR)
   o any weapons/gadgets bought with PSN store shortcut packs
   o melee weapons, patches, camos, boosts and vouchers from Battlepacks
   o progress on assignments except the Syndicates
   o coins/bounties, Service Stars and unlocked loadout slots
   o match reports on Battlelog

   This is what you lose:

   o multiplayer rank (reset to zero)
   o unspent cash
   o all other weapons and gadgets
   o vehicle unlocks
   o progress on Syndicate assignments

53 Grandpa's Automatic [Bronze]

   "Earn a Gold Service Star with the M1 Carbine"

   This trophy works exactly like Tommy's Favorite (trophy #48) with the Tommy
   Gun. The M1 Carbine was added free for all players in the Robbery update, it
   can be bought for $66,000 and used with any class or faction. In order to
   earn the trophy you must achieve 275 kills with it.

   The M1 differs from the other carbines in the game in that it cannot fire on
   full auto. Instead it fires on semi-auto although its theoretical maximum
   fire-rate is 850 RPM (the same as the RO933 and FAMAS!) so it'll fire as fast
   as you can keep pulling the trigger. In practice you can probably achieve a
   maximum rate of around 400 RPM or a controlled rate of 200 RPM.

   One of its key strengths is the 34 max damage which gives a three-hit kill
   out to forty metres (or a two-hit kill to 45 metres in Hardcore mode). It
   also has a 30-round magazine with fast reload times and almost no horizontal
   recoil. It has decent ADS accuracy but the low minimum damage and lack of
   optics will make it harder to use the M1 effectively at really long ranges.

   I think it works best with controlled tapfire at medium ranges and therefore
   the exterior of Riptide in TDM mode makes a fine hunting ground. At shorter
   ranges it's best used like a pistol - just spam it quickly, hope for the best
   and expect to get killed often by people left with 66 or 32 health!

   The M1 comes without any attachments and only three are available to unlock.
   The gun is modelled on the M1A1 paratrooper variant with a folding stock and
   you can unlock that stock after getting 50 kills. You'll then get the flash
   hider at 70 kills and the stubby grip after 90 kills (nine Bronze Service
   Stars). However you'll need all the help you can get so I'd recommend using
   any attachment vouchers you might have available to get it upgraded sooner.

| Section 05c | Getaway                                                   s05c |

Originally pencilled for launch in autumn 2015, the Getaway expansion pack was
actually released on 12 January 2016 for Premium subscribers and two weeks later
on 26 January for non-subscribers.

Each of the four expansions for Hardline focuses on one of the player classes,
e.g. this one includes three new guns and one new gadget for the Mechanic kit.

Each expansion also includes one of the four promised "super-features" that come
with Premium membership. For Getaway it's the Premium League option in the new
Competitive Match mode (see trophy #57).

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4yVqtzs_ps

The Getaway DLC adds the following features to the multiplayer game:

o four new maps offering "frantic, high-speed chases"

o Capture the Bag game mode (see trophy #54)

o three new Mechanic guns: M5 Navy (cops SMG)
                           AUG Para (criminals SMG)
                           M12S (cops SMG)

o Double-Barrel Shotgun* (Battle Pickup) 

o Fire Axe melee weapon for any class (see trophy #56)

o RF Jammer gadget for Mechanic class

o Performance Sedan, Import Tuner, Luxury Coupe and Limo vehicles

o five new assignments to unlock patches

o four new trophies/achievements

The Getaway update added the classic 1887 lever-action shotgun (see trophy #55),
the M5SD suppressed submachinegun, the AWS suppressed bolt-action sniper rifle
and the G17 Race Pistol which can all be used by any class/faction. It also
added the SAR21 assault rifle (Operator), UMP9 submachinegun (Mechanic), M39 EMR
battle rifle (Enforcer) and the RO933 M1 semi-auto sniper rifle and "388-Recon"
bolt-action sniper rifle (Professional) which are all locked to classes but can
be used by both factions. These additions are available to all players without
having to subscribe to Premium or purchase the DLC.

Additionally the Abstract Floral, Art Deco, Escher and Flower weapon camos were
added as extra unlocks for Legendary players (see trophy #52).

*The DBS can be found upstairs in the hunting lodge on the Pacific Highway map
- that's the "A" flag in Conquest Large or the cops base in Capture the Bag -
which should be a big help for anyone needing 'Menz in the Hood'! (trophy #41)

54 Bag of Tricks [Bronze]

   "Get an RPG kill while carrying the bag in a Capture the Bag match"

   Capture the Bag (ISWYDT!) is the new game mode added in the Getaway DLC.

   As you might've guessed it's essentially Capture the Flag but with bags. :)
   Both teams have a bag at their base and your objective is to capture the
   enemy team's bag and return it to a helicopter collection point at your own
   base (there is no requirement to have your bag at your base in order to score
   a capture). The first team to secure three bags wins the match.

   A blue square icon indicates your bag either at your base or on the ground
   after being dropped. An orange diamond marks the position of the enemy bag
   at their base or on the ground. A blue shield is a friendly player carrying
   the enemy bag and an orange crosshairs icon is an enemy with your bag. The
   icon with a big arrow pointing downwards indicates a collection point.

   The RPG launcher is available as a Battle Pickup on all four Getaway maps.

   Pacific Highway - in garage immediately north-west of cops base house
                   - downstairs in criminals base house

      Double Cross - in tunnel under east (US) end of central checkpoint bridge

       Train Dodge - in small warehouse 110 metres south-west of cops base
                   - in foundry building 100 metres south of criminals base
                   - in building above train tunnel in centre of map

         Diversion - on top floor in north-east corner of main central chamber
                   - on top floor in south-west corner of main central chamber

   You can also purchase the "Anti-Armor Armory" upgrades for sedans and coupes
   ($42,400 each) which puts an RPG in the trunk of the standard vehicles for
   each faction, i.e. the squad car, police interceptor, sports sedan and muscle
   car. You'll find these on all three outdoor maps but remember that the RPG
   upgrade doesn't apply to the new civilian vehicles like the luxury coupe.

   I think it's best to attempt this trophy on Pacific Highway or Diversion
   where the pickups are located close to the bases. I got it very quickly on
   Diversion by grabbing the RPG outside the enemy base, sneaking in to collect
   the bag and then blasting an enemy who appeared from their deployment area.

   Remember that when you're carrying the bag you will be permanently spotted!

55 I'll be Back!* [Bronze]

   "Earn a Gold Service Star with the 1887"

   This trophy works exactly like Tommy's Favorite (trophy #48) with the Tommy
   Gun. The 1887 shotgun was added free for all players in the Getaway update,
   it can be bought for $50,000 and used with any class or faction. In order to
   earn the trophy you must achieve 275 kills with it.

   The Winchester Model 1887 is an old skool lever-action shotgun but in terms
   of game mechanics you can think of it as a pump-action shotgun - it does high
   damage at short range, it has a slow rate of fire, you reload it one shell at
   a time and you can interrupt your reloading process to resume firing.

   It fires 16 pellets per shell (with each doing a maximum damage of 25) so it
   reliably gives a one-hit kill in close quarters but you need to make your
   first shot count - acquire your target quickly but take long enough to aim
   properly. The 1887 scatters buckshot pellets over a wider cone than the other
   shotguns so it's much less effective at longer ranges. With its very slow
   fire-rate it's best to use it near a wall or corner whenever possible so that
   you can use a "pillaring" technique - strafing into cover between shots - but
   even without a wall you should probably keep moving!

   In general it will work best indoors or between buildings and near objectives
   where you'll find more players. The Betrayal update made it easier to get
   consecutive matches with close-quarters action by grouping all the infantry-
   focused maps in the standard server rotations so now you can play Night Job,
   Growhouse, Hollywood Heights, The Block and Bank Job in a row.

   The smaller 5v5 modes would be a good choice too so you can work on your 275
   kills while playing in the Competitive Match league/s for trophy #57. I got
   myself a few kills with the fire axe for trophy #56 too. :)

   Like the Double-Barrel Shotgun (see trophy #41) the Model 1887 has only two
   attachments available, but this time instead of adding a full-size barrel and
   buttstock you remove them! The sawn-off stock unlocks at 60 kills and the
   short barrel unlocks at 90 kills but you can also use unlock vouchers (I'm
   pretty sure it used heavy barrel vouchers for both). The stock attachment
   functions like an ergo grip (reducing hipfire/moving accuracy penalties) and
   the sawn-off barrel increases the scatter cone width (from 4 to 5 degrees).

   *Arnold Schwarzenegger established his "I'll be back" catchphrase in the 1984
   movie The Terminator and went on to use it in Terminator 2 and numerous other
   films. Something else he used in T2 was a sawn-off Model 1887 shotgun.

   Arnie used a one-handed "flip-cocking" technique to operate the weapon's
   action while riding a motorcycle. If you equip both attachments on your 1887
   and fire it in hipfire (or release your ADS button quickly after shooting)
   then your character will use a similar technique. B)

   With both attachments equipped the shotgun has a similar form to the sawn-off
   "Mare's Leg" lever-action rifle which was added to BF4 as a sidearm.

56 Here's Johnny!* [Silver]

   "Kill 75 enemies with the Fire Axe"

   The fire axe can be purchased for $15,000 and used by any class/faction.

   The usual tips for melee takedowns apply - you should use the minimap to find
   enemies and then flank them from the side or rear. You might like to play as
   Professional and plant cameras to help spot enemies.

   The axe functions as a slow and heavy melee weapon like the breaching hammer
   and sledgehammer - the impact is around one second after you press the melee
   button - so it's easiest to use on stationary targets.

   That delay is quite a hindrance if you like to use your melee weapon to break
   through fences and windows. While working towards this trophy you might want
   to equip a suppressor on either your primary or secondary weapon so you can
   at least use that to take out big windows quickly and without getting spotted
   on the minimap.

   *Jack Nicholson famously cuts through a hotel bathroom door with a fire axe
   in the 1980 horror movie The Shining. He then sticks his head through the
   hole and announces "Heeeeere's Johnny!" in a deranged (and unscripted) parody
   of Ed McMahon's traditional intro for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

57 Test your Mettle [Gold]

   "Complete 25 Competitive Matches"

   A new system of competitive leagues with skill-based matchmaking in 5v5 game
   modes was added to Hardline in the Getaway update and can be accessed via the
   "Competitive Match" option on the Multiplayer menu.

   Each player is assigned one of ten skill ratings from "Cadet" to "Elite Gold
   Captain"! This rating will go up or down after each competitive match based
   on their performance (factoring kills, objective play and match wins).

   There are two leagues available - the Standard League is open to all players
   and uses only vanilla maps/modes and the Premium League is limited to Premium
   subscribers and features both vanilla and DLC maps/modes (since only Premium
   members will definitely have access to all expansions).

   Both leagues operate as a series of seasons each lasting two or three weeks
   and using a fixed game mode and map rotation, for example Season 1 of the
   Standard League featured Rescue mode on Growhouse and Night Job and Season 1
   of the Premium League had Squad Heist on Diversion and Train Dodge.

   The good news is that you don't need to get match wins for this trophy - just
   complete twenty-five matches. This took me around four hours in total. I was
   playing Squad Heist mode where matches can take as little as five minutes if
   the cops win the first phase but I was also playing in the Premium League and
   matchmaking (before every single round) sometimes took several minutes.

   You have the best chance of finding matches if you play at peak times (i.e.
   weekday evenings and weekends) and if you're a Premium subscriber you should
   try both the Standard and Premium leagues.

| Section 05d | Betrayal                                                  s05d |

The Betrayal expansion pack was released on 1 March 2016 for Premium subscribers
and two weeks later on 15 March for non-subscribers.

Each of the four expansions for Hardline focuses on one of the player classes,
e.g. this one includes three new guns for the Professional kit (but no gadget).

Each expansion also includes one of the four promised "super-features" that come
with Premium membership. For Betrayal it's the Gun Bench for customizing your
guns (see trophy #60) and outfits (see trophy #61) which is part of the Gun
Range where you can practise shooting your firearms.

Trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNBc7qj1NC0

The Betrayal DLC adds the following features to the multiplayer game:

o four new "intricate" maps - Thin Ice, Cemetery, Chinatown and Alcatraz*

o three new Professional guns: SP-AR (criminals semi-auto sniper rifle)
                               Improvised Gun (criminals machine-pistol)
                               MP9 (cops machine-pistol)

o four new guns for all classes: Dual-wield vz. 61 Skorpions (machine-pistols)
                                 A8S (arrow airgun)
                                 Mammoth Gun** (heavy hunting rifle)
                                 Syndicate Gun** (light machinegun)

o A8S Explosive, Double-Barrel Shotgun and M1A1 Thompson (Battle Pickups)

o Gun Bench to customise your guns and outfits (see trophies #60 and #61)

o Gun Range to test your guns against targets at different distances

o HUD kill-counter for all primary/secondary weapons (see trophy #60)

o Hearse (see trophy #63) and Snowmobile vehicles

o ten new assignments to unlock patches

o six new trophies/achievements

The Betrayal update added the classic M1903 bolt-action sniper rifle (see trophy
#62) and five melee weapons - the Inquisition Sword (see trophy #59), Karambit
knife, Devil's Toothpick knife, cleaver and shovel which can all be used by any
class/faction.*** It also added the AUG A3 and RPK74 assault rifles (Operator),
Mx4 submachinegun (Mechanic), M4 semi-auto shotgun (Enforcer) and the M98B bolt-
action sniper rifle (Professional) which are all locked to classes but can be
used by both factions. These additions are available to all players without
having to subscribe to Premium or purchase the DLC.

Additionally the Catz, Polize, Tzunami and Z weapon camos were added as extra
unlocks for Legendary players (see trophy #52).

There was no new game mode in this expansion but the Betrayal maps all support
the new modes introduced with the previous three DLC's. Visceral also added
three custom server presets - No Snipers, Pistols Only and Melee Only - and
they're running a few official pistols-only Team Deathmatch servers.

The update also added twelve viral patches based on the Chinese zodiac and new
vouchers for weapon licences which can be used to remove the faction-locking on
a gun (these can appear as a rare "Distinguished" item in a gold Battlepack).

*Chinatown is a remake of the popular Grand Bazaar map from BF3 but with the
setting cunningly changed from Tehran to New York's Chinese district.

The Alcatraz map is modelled authentically on the real San Fran island prison
except that Visceral added the communal shower room from the 1996 movie The Rock
(which also featured in the gulag in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3).

**The Mammoth Gun is a powerful triple-barrel hunting rifle and the Syndicate
Gun is a modified Lewis Gun from World War I. See JackFrags' video for details
of the secret unlock requirements for both of these unusual weapons.


***The Karambit is a traditional Southeast Asian curved knife design with a
finger hole. Visceral likely copied it from CS:GO - along with the MP9 machine-
pistol and the new "Z" camo (inspired by CS:GO's distinctive Asiimov design).

The shovel was previously available in BF Vietnam as an Engineer gadget for the
North Vietnamese Army (NVA) faction. It could be used to create a spawn point,
simulating the effect of digging a tunnel for reinforcements!

58 The Ultimate Betrayal [Silver]

   "Win a Heist match as a Cop and as a Criminal on each of the Betrayal maps"

   With the expansion's "Betrayal" title and the tagline "there is a rat in
   every operation" I was really expecting to get a new game mode fitting that
   theme, perhaps something copying "Trouble in Terrorist Town" (from Garry's
   Mod) but - just like the final BF4 DLC - there was no new mode in Betrayal
   and instead we get this trophy based on one of the vanilla game modes.

   Your objective as the criminals in Heist mode is to crack the vault/s and to
   successfully deliver both loot bags to helicopter extractions, while the aim
   of the cops is obviously to prevent that from happening.

   Since you need to win on both sides on all four Betrayal maps (Alcatraz, Thin
   Ice, Chinatown and Cemetery) you'll want to use the Server Browser to find a
   Heist Betrayal server running only those maps.

   I would suggest keeping a record each time you get one of the eight wins you
   need (e.g. Alcatraz/cops, Chinatown/criminals, etc) so when you get close to
   completion you can see which maps/factions you still need to win and then use
   the Server Browser to find Heist matches on those maps (and then switch to
   the other team if necessary/possible).

59 Bio-Beware!* [Silver]

   "Kill 50 enemies with Inquisition Swords"

   This trophy works exactly like "Here's Johnny!" (trophy #56) with the Fire
   Axe except this time you need 50 kills instead of 75. The Inquisition Sword*
   was added free for all players in the Betrayal update, it can be bought for
   $15,000 and used with any class or faction.

   If you want to use something a little more flamboyant than the standard
   Inquisition Sword (and you like farming ballistic shield kills!) then you can
   unlock the gold sword through the Sword & Board Syndicate assignment. There's
   a red sword too but you would already have the trophy before you unlock it.

   *The Inquisition Sword design is based on the Inquisition Longsword which is
   Cassandra's starting weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition - a game developed by
   EA's BioWare studio (hence the trophy name).

   Surprisingly the Inquisition Sword isn't the first sword to appear in the
   Battlefield series. In BF1943 the Scout class in the Imperial Japanese Navy
   faction had the Type 94 Shin Guntou officer's sword as a melee weapon.

60 Locked & Loaded, Good to Go [Silver]

   "Enter a match after crafting weapons in all five Gun Bench slots"

   The long-awaited Gun Bench feature allows you to customize up to five primary
   guns. On consoles you can access it via the "Gun Bench" option on the main
   Multiplayer menu if you have the Betrayal expansion installed. In the PC game
   you get to it via the "Loadout" tab in your online Battlelog profile.

   You can edit the scope's reticle pattern, colour, position (?!) and size,
   change the camo colours (when you equip a "stencil" camo pattern) and adjust
   sliders for basic fresh/worn and dull/bright surface effects.

   Once a gun has been edited at the Gun Bench you'll need to select it via the
   new option at the top of the weapon list in the loadout menu, for example the
   the gun in Gun Bench slot 1 will be listed as "Custom 1". Customised guns can
   only be edited at the Gun Bench - you can't change them at all during play.

   The trophy requires you to edit guns in all five slots on the Gun Bench (and
   then join a multiplayer match) which would be trivial except that only three
   slots are available by default and the other two need to be unlocked via
   assignments (which will require you to get 1,100 kills in total).

   Weaponsmith assignment - unlocks fourth Gun Bench slot

   o requires multiplayer rank 50
   o requires Betrayal expansion
   o enter any multiplayer match after editing at least one gun*
   o get 100 kills using gun/s edited at the Gun Bench

   Master Weaponsmith assignment - unlocks fifth Gun Bench slot

   o requires Weaponsmith assignment complete (see above)
   o requires Betrayal expansion
   o enter any multiplayer match after editing four or more outfits* (see below)
   o enter any multiplayer match after editing guns in four Gun Bench slots*
   o get 1,000 kills using gun/s edited at the Gun Bench

   Obviously you'll want to choose your favourite guns or whichever ones you're
   using currently. Remember to select the "Custom" guns in your loadouts - if
   you use the normal versions the kills won't be counted.

   The Gun Bench's stat-tracker (kill-counter) that was promised at the base
   game's launch wasn't ready in time for the Premium release of Betrayal but it
   was added in the second March update on 15 March 2016. It doesn't actually
   add a counter to your guns like in CS:GO though, instead you just get an
   extra row above the ammo and health indicators on your HUD. This is applied
   to all loadout guns, not just your custom Gun Bench weapons.

   *I've found all of these requirements to be a little buggy, jumping between
   zero and completion several times. If this happens to you too just focus on
   getting the required kills with your custom guns and the assignments should
   eventually register as being complete.

61 Dressed to the Sixteens [Bronze]

   "Enter a match after customizing all 16 Class and Faction outfits"

   The outfit editor can be accessed by selecting the Gun Bench on the main
   Multiplayer menu and then pressing R1 for Character Customization.

   Hardline has four classes (Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer and Professional) and
   four factions (Undercover, SWAT, Thieves and Bangers) so in total there are
   sixteen different combinations and each one has a unique outfit. Every outfit
   has a default colour-scheme plus Elite, Stealth and Team Pride options which
   you can either unlock by getting one Gold Service Star with the appropriate
   class (and then buy for $100k or $250k) or get instantly with a voucher.

   However with the Betrayal DLC's Gun Bench you have the freedom to completely
   customize every outfit with your own choice of colours - and without having
   to spend tons of in-game cash! On most outfits you can change the colours for
   "cloth" (most clothing and some backpacks), "nylon" (webbing, tactical vests
   and straps) and "leather" (some shoes, jackets, gloves and belts) and usually
   if you select one of the Elite, Stealth or Team Pride presets then you can
   also amend four camouflage colours.

   Once an outfit has been edited you'll need to select it via the new "Custom"
   option at the top of the outfits list in the loadout menu.

   To get the trophy you simply need to edit all sixteen outfits and then join
   a multiplayer match.* I'd suggest working through the loadouts in a logical
   order, changing all four faction outfits for each class in turn, but it's
   easy enough to cycle through the menu to see which ones you haven't edited.

   *This requirement was bugged for some players at launch on multiple platforms
   but it popped for me four days later and a fix was subsequently applied in
   the second March patch on 15 March 2016.

62 Bolt From the Blue [Silver]

   "Get a Gold Service Star with the M1903"

   This trophy works exactly like Tommy's Favorite (trophy #48) with the Tommy
   Gun. The M1903 rifle was added free for all players in the Betrayal update,
   it can be bought for $25,500 and used with any class or faction. In order to
   earn the trophy you must achieve 275 kills with it.

   Compared to the other bolt-action sniper rifles the Springfield M1903 has an
   excellent muzzle velocity (which reduces bullet-drop and makes it easier to
   hit moving targets), slow rate of fire and a small ammo capacity. Betrayal
   introduced separate damage profiles for PC (lower damage than consoles) so
   the console damage stats aren't readily available but it gives the standard
   one-hit headshot kill at any range and I assume from the basic in-game stats
   that it has the same 75 maximum damage (at short range) as the Scout Elite.

   The M1903 has only two attachments available, although it automatically has
   the straight-pull bolt (so you can chamber a new round without exiting your
   scope view). You'll unlock the rifle scope* after getting twenty kills (or
   using a voucher) - this has 6x magnification and a simple crosshair reticle.
   You'll want to use this for long-range sniping although it will apply the
   usual penalties for sniper optics - scope glint (enemies will see a bright
   reflection) and ADS sway (tap or hold L3 to hold your breath). The only other
   attachment for it is the suppressor which will reduce the firing noise but it
   will also reduce your velocity by almost 50% so don't use that when sniping.

   If you want to avoid the penalties of using the 6x scope then you can run it
   with the default iron sights instead. These are actually pretty nice with a
   simple blade front and open aperture rear.

   The stats make it an effective weapon for long-range sniping but you'll need
   to get those headshots for one-hit kills. An alternative is to play with the
   Hardcore setting (use the search filter in the Server Browser) where everyone
   has 60 health and you'll be able to get one-hit kills on body-shots at medium
   ranges (probably out to around sixty metres, but that's just an estimate).

   While you're free to use the M1903 with any of the four classes, if you use
   it with the Professional class you can take advantage of sniper-oriented rep
   perks like Fast Climb, Hold Breath and Advanced Spot / Fast Unspot.

   *The M1903's unusual rifle scope is modelled on the long narrow Unertl 8x
   target scope which was used on the M1903 by US marines during World War II.

63 Ghost Ride the Whip* [Bronze]

   "Get a Roadkill with the Hearse without being inside it"

   In the Battlefield community "ghost-riding" is when you drive a vehicle at a
   player but then bail out just before getting the roadkill. This technique is
   most commonly used to kill a team-mate - the unoccupied vehicle is classed as
   neutral so the usual rules for "friendly fire" in Normal mode don't apply.

   The hearse is only available on the Cemetery map in the following modes:

            Heist - north of circular catacombs containing both loot vaults

      Blood Money - west of crematorium chapel containing cops base
                  - north of circular catacombs containing criminals base

         Conquest - west of Crematorium ("C" flag)
                  - north of Catacombs ("A" flag)

   Conquest Large - west of Crematorium ("C" flag)
                  - north of Catacombs ("D" flag)

   I'd recommend using Blood Money or Conquest Large for this trophy since not
   only are there twice as many hearses available but more players from both
   teams will be moving between objectives.

   I think it's best to simply drive around the map as fast as possible - this
   gives the car more momentum for ghost-riding and it also makes you a harder
   target. Watch your minimap to help you find enemies. When you spot a target
   drive straight at them and bail out (hold Square on PS4).

   If the enemy player has a quick aim they might be able to kill you before
   you bail but the car will continue in a straight line and might still kill
   them and give you the trophy. (I know this from personal experience!)

   *In real life "ghost-riding" is when the driver temporarily exits a moving
   car and then walks/dances either beside it or on top of it. The craze was
   popularized by the 2006 song 'Tell Me When To Go' by West Coast rapper E-40
   which featured the repeated line "ghost-ride the whip" on the outro.

| Section 06 | LINKS                                                       s06 |

This section gives a random list of interesting/useful/fun online resources.

o http://www.youtube.com/user/darthveda
o http://www.youtube.com/user/MarbleDuck
o http://www.youtube.com/user/DANNYonPCin720p

o http://www.youtube.com/user/rivaLxfactor
o http://www.youtube.com/user/LevelCapGaming
o http://www.youtube.com/user/Matimi0

o http://www.youtube.com/user/bigMooney06
o http://www.youtube.com/user/jackfrags
o http://www.youtube.com/user/izzygonecrazygaming

o http://www.youtube.com/user/xFPxAUTh0r1ty (Battle(non)sense)
o http://www.youtube.com/user/StoneMountain64
o http://www.youtube.com/user/th3chineseguy

o http://www.youtube.com/user/MrTimeItself
o http://www.youtube.com/user/I2usskhofTV (Russkhof)
o http://www.youtube.com/user/dontrevivemebro

o http://www.youtube.com/user/LevelBF
o http://www.youtube.com/user/Kulprit008
o http://www.youtube.com/user/NeebsGaming

  These are my favourite Youtube channels for Battlefield news, discussion,
  tactics, weapon reviews, gameplay commentaries, competitive matches, montages,
  challenges, tips, analysis and more!

o http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5EFADE5F1A6F7492

  Superb Battlefield Friends (BFF) animated series. <3

o http://symthic.com/bf-hardline-stats

  Definitive source for Hardline weapon stats.

o http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Battlefield%20Hardline

  Live Hardline streams.

o http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/

  Official Battlelog site for Hardline player stats and battle reports.

o http://bfhstats.com/

  Comprehensive unofficial Hardline player stats site.

o http://www.battlefield.com/hardline
o http://blogs.battlefield.com
o http://www.youtube.com/user/Battlefield

o http://twitter.com/battlefield
o http://www.facebook.com/battlefield
o https://plus.google.com/+Battlefield/posts

  Official Battlefield links.

o http://mp1st.com/category/battlefield

  Great site for the latest Battlefield news and info.

o http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Battlefield_Wiki

  Wiki site for the Battlefield series.

o https://twitter.com/visceralgames

  Lead developers for Battlefield Hardline.

o https://help.ea.com

  Support site from Battlefield publishers, Electronic Arts.

| Section 07 | CONTACT                                                     s07 |

I welcome feedback, corrections and contributions on this guide. Contributions
will usually be reworded but will always be fully credited to the submitter so
be sure to tell me the name you want me to use.

You can email me at barticle at hotmail.com - obviously changing the "at" to an
@ and removing the spaces. It would be helpful if you include "Battlefield" or
"Hardline" somewhere in the subject line to get my attention.

I prefer contact by email but if you have trouble with your emails (inbox full,
webmail blocked, overzealous spam filter, etc) and/or you don't hear back from
me within a few days then feel free to message me via GameFAQs.

| Section 08 | THANKS                                                      s08 |

I would like to thank the following:-

o Stodeh, StoneMountain64 and Tract1on for the Camera Coin videos

o Someguy12121 for the Graceful Exit info

o EatMoreCupcakesNow, slaveanselmo, mememe223, Slothrop37, Connor92, bfist1st,
  ALI_sarvaretun, Megaqwerty, Varkovsky, gh0stface, rotoninja, Miffyli, Bezenko
  and gh0stface for helpful forum posts

o www.xboxachievements.com for leaking the initial achievements list

o www.imfdb.org for the 'Boyz n the Hood' guns info

o symthic.com/bf-hardline-stats for the weapon stats

o www.youtube.com/user/PowerPyx for a couple of evidence locations

o www.youtube.com/user/DANNYonPCin720p for the CoD reference on Sovereign Land

o www.youtube.com/user/MrTimeItself for the undocumented game mode changes

o mauricemoritz who happened to be my 25th DBS victim for the platinum ;)

o Axs, joergmueller, Edamame, Echo Delta and So I'm An Islander for super sounds

I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
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              /  /                       __      \_/       /  /         
             /   \___ ________ _________/  \__ ___ ______ /  /  ________
.-------o   /  __   / \___   //  ___/\_   ___//  //  ___//  /  /  __   /
| ANOTHER  /  / /  /_____/  //  /     /  /   /  //  /   /  /  /   \/  / 
'---------/  /-/  //  __   //  /-----/  /---/  //  /---/  /--/  _____/---------.
         /  / /  //  / /  //  /     /  /   /  //  /   /  /  /  /         GUIDE |
        /   \/  //   \/  //  /     /   \_ /  //   \_ /   \ /   \________ o-----'
        \______/ \______/ \_/      \____/ \_/ \____/ \___/ \___________/
Battlefield Hardline Trophies Guide
Copyright 2015-2016 James R. Barton
Initial version 1.00 completed 27 March 2015
Current version 1.06 completed 3 March 2016

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