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by Jisushika

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Book of Fables Guide by Jisushika

Updated: 03/18/2016

1. Intro

Hello! This guide is to help find all the Book of Fables entries in the game Wolf Among Us. This will let you get all librarian trophies in the game.

2. How to Read

This guide is sorted by chapter. At the beginning of each chapter section there will be a note on how many missable entries there are in that chapter.

The entries look like this:

Name of Character/Place/Object (if there is a * by a name it is missable)
Subtitle (not all entries have this)
(If missable, how to get entry will be in brackets)
“Description from the game associated with the entry”

3. Book Entries

3a. Chapter 1

There is two entries for chapter one that are missable and it is at the very end of the chapter where you have to make a choice between being vengeful or merciful; whatever you choose the opposite will be missed.

Bigby Wolf
Fabletown Sheriff
“The renowned Big Bad Wolf. He's known for tormenting pigs and girls in red hoods, but is trying to put those dark days behind him. Bigby now acts as Fabletown's sheriff and remains in his human form, mostly. However, due to his rough past, the citizens of Fabletown are slow to trust him. Bigby is determined to show that he's truly changed, but some instincts are just too hard to control.”

Snow White
Assistant to the Deputy Mayor
“Snow White may seem cold, but this stems from her life of mistreatment and abuse back in the homelands. After escaping assault and imprisonment, not to mention and attempt on her life, she married Prince Charming. It wasn't long before Snow discovered that Charming cheated on her with her estranged sister, Rose Red, and she divorced him. After the Exodus, Snow focused her attention on setting up a safe haven for Fables in the New World. She now serves as assistant to the Deputy Mayor of Fabletown,”

Fallen Hero
"The Woodsman is one of the few men who went toe to toe with Bigby in his Black Forest days and lived to tell the tale. In an attempt to save Little Red Riding Hood, he split the great wolf's belly open with his axe, filled him full of rocks, and threw the beast into a river. To his dismay his popularity faded. Even his name is forgotten, and he is only known as The Woodsman."

Donkeyskin Girl
"Faith, otherwise known as Donkeyskin girl, made it through the Exodus from the Homelands with the clothes on her back, her husband, and nothing else. She was once a beautiful princess, happily married to Prince Lawrence of a neighboring kingdom. Her life should have had a happy ending, but the mundane city of New York wasn't kind to her, or her marriage. With no money, Faith found herself turning tricks to make the rent for a cheap apartment on the outskirts of Fabletown. She had a difficult life, but she did what she could to survive in an unfamiliar world."

Caring Wife
“Beauty and her husband, Beast, once lived in an enchanted castle, but they were forced to flee the Homelands during the Exodus, leaving all of their wealth behind. Now they live in a modest studio in Fabletown, New York. Though times are hard, with Beast working multiple jobs to pay the bills, the couple have the longest lasting relationship of all the Fables.”

Concerned Husband
"Beast and his wife, Beauty, left everything behind when they escaped the Homelands in the Exodus. Without his former wealth, Beast must pick up extra work to make ends meet. He is able to get around Fabletown without a glamour most of the time, but if Beauty gets too angry with him he becomes more beastly by the minute, growing horns and large teeth. Despite the occasional bickering, the two are truly in love and have the longest lasting relationship of anyone in Fabletown."

Slum Lord
"Mr. Toad is the superintendent for a defunct tenement on the edge of Fabletown proper. Because he's a three and a half foot talking amphibian, Toad is required by Fabletown law to keep his family and himself magically glamoured to appear human. The problem is Toad isn't too concerned with what the law is, and has to be reminded often."

Couch Surfer
"Colin is better known as one of the Three Little Pigs. Back in the Homelands they were harassed by The Big Bad Wolf, who blew down Colin's house of straw. After the Exodus, Colin and the other Fables who couldn't pass for human were sent to live at The Farm in upstate New York. Unable to stand such a boring life, Colin constantly makes trips down to Fabletown to bother Bigby. He is always caught and sent back to The Farm, but he doesn't let that stop him."

Ichabod Crane
Deputy Mayor of Fabletown
"Hailing from the haunted town of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane has been Deputy Mayor of Fabletown for nearly 115 years. Crane is a bundle of nerves and takes his job very seriously. Though that doesn't mean he always does it well. As one of Fabletown's elite, Crane is often blind to the troubles of the less well-off citizens. Overall, Crane is authoritarian, cowardly, and always hiding something."

Fabletown Librarian
"Bufkin is the talking, winged monkey from the land of Oz. Now, as Fabletown's librarian, he spends his time reading and stealing the deputy mayor's booze. He's prone to mischief, so when something goes wrong he assumes he'll receive the lion's share of the blame. He's helpful when he wants to be, but most of the time he'd rather be drinking. Someone would have fired him a long time ago, but he's the only one who can make sense of the filing system."

Home of the Fables
”Fabletown is a community located on Bullfinch Street in Manhattan's Upper West Side. To regular people (or mundies), it appears to be an ordinary New York neighborhood. But it is really the home of Fables from many worlds, and within the business office at the Woodlands lies a massive cavern, a vast library, and hundreds of magical items of immense power. All non-human fables live upstate on The Farm, an extension of Fabletown.”

The Farm
Fabletown Annex
“The Farm is home to Fables who cannot pass as human - giants, goblins, animals, etc. It is located in upstate New York, far enough away from the mundies to avoid detection. Some of its residents resent their confinement to The Farm, despite its size and comforts. To them, The Farm is a prison. They would be allowed to leave The Farm if they could purchase a glamour, but many don't have the money for something so expensive. Though some, like Colin, sneak out into the city anyway.”

“Short for "mundane", mundy is a catch-all term that Fables use to refer to the non-magical inhabitants of their adopted home. Warding spells placed around the blocks of Fabletown and The Farm keep their minds distracted and dull within certain boundaries. However, if anything should pique the curiosity or scrutiny of a large group of mundies, these magical protection charms would overload and fail. As sheriff of Fabletown, one of Bigbys primary functions is ensuring the Fabletown community maintains a low profile.”

Disguise Spells
“Glamours are spells that allow the user to change their appearance. They are expensive, but can be purchased by non-human Fables in order to pass for human among the mundies. Cheap glamours can be found in the seedier parts of Fabletown, but they are often unreliable and prone to sudden failure.”

Prince Lawrence
Faith's Husband
“After escaping the Homelands, Prince Lawrence and his wife, Faith, immediately fell victim to the harsh realities of the mundane world. They moved to New York hoping to find aid in a community of fellow Fables, but without enough money to live in Fabletown they had to settle on an apartment on the outskirts of the neighborhood. Unfortunately that meant they were out of sight and out of mind when it came to government assistance. Their prospects dwindling, Faith left Lawrence to try to make it on her own. Now, without his wife for support, Lawrence struggles to motivate himself and quickly sinks into depression.”

The Tweedles
Hired Goons
“The Tweedle brothers, Dum and Dee, are thugs for hire. They appear human, allowing them to carry out their contracts in the mundy world without drawing suspicion. They are as inseparable as they are ruthless.”

Trip Trap Owner
"Holly is a no-nonsense kind of troll, and the owner of the Trip Trap Bar. She's glamoured to appear human, but her patrons know better. Holly takes good care of her regulars, often the downtrodden Fables with little to spare, but she has no patience for the Fabletown government that has done nothing to locate her missing sister."

"Grendel just wants to be left alone. In the old days he terrorized Norse mead halls, but lately he can be found occupying a stool in various quiet, dumpy bars around New York. He hates the noise of the city, but must work there to afford his glamour. Despite his gruff bearing, he's fiercely loyal to those who've learned to offer him the space and silence he deserves. Talking to him is like watching a time bomb tick down, it's only a matter of time."

Wealthy Scoundrel
"Bluebeard managed to escape the Homelands with his riches intact, and continues to be one of the wealthiest Fables in New York. The Fabletown government depends on his generous contributions, and he often uses this influence for his own benefit. As a former serial killer, he claims his days of decapitating his brides are over. But even if he was able to leave his violent ways in the Homelands, that hasn't stopped him from making the occasional trip down Crooked Lane."

*Bigby's Mercy
(It is unlocked by choosing not to rip Grendel's arm off after fighting him in the Trip Trap)
“In the days leading up to the Exodus, the Big Bad Wolf hunted armies of men and goblins in the Black Forest. These invading forces had driven off the great beast's preferred quarry, and their own flesh was rotten with corruption -- hardly a suitable replacement. He made it his game to destroy their camps, devour their night watchmen, and disrupt their supply trains while sparing their prisoners. One day he broke their ranks an discovered a particular woman they held captive. Her skin was white as snow, but her hair was dark as the night sky. He approached her, and she, knowing no sword could match the giant wolf's power, bravely placed her shackles in the beast's mouth. He freed her, but years would pass before the two met again in the mundy world.”

*Bigby's Vengeance
(It is unlocked by choosing to rip Grendel's arm off after fighting him in the Trip Trap.)
“Long ago in the Homelands, the North Wind fell in love with a blazing white she-wolf. Taking canine form, he courted her and stayed by her side for two seasons. However, the wind by nature must change direction and North's temperament carried him back to his wintery castle. The she-wolf was heart-broken, and soon after her lover fled, she gave birth to a litter of cubs, including the one that would become the Big bad Wolf of legend. Watching his mother die of sadness and unrequited love, young Bigby swore vengeance against the capricious North Wind. Seven times the beast journeyed to the great castle, but was no match for the elemental might of his father. Having failed to taste vengeance, he swore to think no more of his dead mother or loathsome father. Buried hatred, however, is seldom forgotten.”

3b. Chapter 2

There are four possible missable entries in this chapter. The first two are at the beginning of the chapter and depending on your choices you will either get Ichabod's Denial or Bluebeard's Mercy. The third and fourth is The Magic Mirror and The Witching Well.

*Ichabod's Denial
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
(During the interrogation you have to be the “Bad Cop” and beat/degrade the suspect so that he will talk)
“During his days in Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane fell in love with a wealthy young woman named Katrina van Tressel. She was beautiful and very rich, but that meant she also caught the attention of another suitor, Abraham "Brom" van Brunt. As Ichabod's rival, Brom would plan nasty pranks in order to humiliate the often superstitious schoolteacher. Despite Brom's plots to win Katrina over, Ichabod believed he would be chosen as her favourite. After a party at her father's home, Ichabod proposed to Katrina and was very quickly rejected. He immediately rode off in shame and was never seen in Sleepy Hollow again. According to Crane, he was chased out of town by the Headless Horseman, but in reality it was probably just another one of Brom's pranks.”

*Bluebeard's Mercy

Bluebeard's Last Wife
(During the interrogation you have to be the “Good Cop” and be nice and offer a drink and a smoke to the suspect so that he will talk)
“After a long line of marriages resulting in "mysterious disappearances",Bluebeard's last wife in the Homelands was naturally suspicious of him. One day he departed on business, leaving her alone in his estate. He gave her free reign of all the rooms, but made her promise to not open the closet on the ground floor. She defied him, of course, and discovered the location of his missing wives. When Bluebeard returned he knew he must kill her before she revealed his murderous secret. She persuaded him to allow her a moment to pray, which he reluctantly granted. This small mercy gave her brothers time to arrive and rescue her, and Bluebeard's crimes were exposed.”

Thirteenth Floor

The Witches and Wizards of Fabletown
“The Thirteenth Floor of the Woodland building is home to a group of witches and wizards tasked with the protection of Fabletown. They use their powers to keep the community hidden from prying mundie eyes, but all magic has its limits... and every spell has its cost.”

*The Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror
(Speak to the mirror after questioning T.J. before you go talk to Snow)
"The Magic Mirror speaks mostly in rhyme and demands that others do the same. He also requires the name of whatever object or person you wish to find. If you follow these rules, the mirror will show you a glimpse of whatever you want to see, but nothing more."

*The Witching Well
(Go examine the Witching Well before examining the body)
“The Witching Well is located in a chamber inside the Woodland building, where it is used to dispose of things meant to be never seen again. Dead Fables are committed to its depths, as are the most unredeemable criminals. No one is entirely sure what lies at the bottom of the well, nor indeed if it has a bottom at all, but it is widely assumed to be the passage to the final resting place.”

Jack Horner
Harmless Trickster
"Jack is always up to something, but he's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. His plans to get rich quick often backfire, but his confidence never wavers. He thinks he's the most important person in Fabletown, but everyone knows him as a mostly harmless smart ass."

Estranged Sister
“Lily and her sister Holly grew up in the Homelands together, but had a falling out shortly after moving to the mundane world. Aimless and increasingly destitute, Lily turned to prostitution, and now she's the second victim in an ongoing murder investigation.”

Troll Cross
Lily's Brooch
“A troll cross is an amulet made out of iron that was foolishly thought to protect the wearer from trolls. Lily acquired hers while wandering through the wilderness searching for something to eat. She came across a human, but before she could devour him he held the cross out and shouted, "Back! Back you troll!" After enjoying her tasty snack, Lily plucked the cross from the dead man's hands. After the Exodus, she wore the troll cross constantly as a reminder of better days.”

Georgie Porgie
The Pimp
"Georgie runs the Pudding and Pie, a strip club that also caters to the unmentionable desires of Fabletown's citizens. He has tried just about everything there is to try in pursuit of worldly pleasures, but none of it satisfies him for long. He does seem to enjoy pushing people's buttons. He takes pride in his nightclub, and doesn't react well to anyone meddling in his affairs."

Clever Hans
"Clever Hans always does exactly as he's told. However, he often misunderstands his instructions and ends up hurting himself or behaving oddly, as in the case of his noted fable, where he threw sheep's eyes at his wife. Unsurprisingly, she left him, and now Hans works as a bouncer at Georgie's club. He hopes to dance on stage one day, but for now he's content sweeping up and making sure the crowd doesn't get out of hand."

The Little Mermaid
“Nerissa's story never had a happy ending. She's known as the Little Mermaid, the young girl who gave up her tail for a pair of legs in the hopes of winning the heart of a handsome prince. When he married a princess instead, Nerissa was left heartbroken. She made the journey to the mundane world hoping for a better life. Now she dances at the Pudding and Pie, but each step she takes feels like walking on shards of glass. She has very little left, but finds some comfort in the company of her fellow dancers.”

3c. Chapter 3

There is five missable entries in this chapter. The first one is at the funeral; the second and the third is Flycather and Headless Horseman which depending on where you go you can get one or the other. The final two are Glamour Tree and Glamour Tube, which you will get one or the other based on your decisions.

*Troll Funeral Rites
The Long Absence
(During the Funeral, don't interrupt Snow and go examine the items on the offering table first)
"The gaze of the Great Mother Death is always upon us. Beneath her affectionate eye we fight our battles. We nurse our wounds. We shout our victories. We endure our sorrows. And when we fall, she is there. Her embrace is the silence of the mountain, the heavy peace of Stone." - Approximately translated. A troll funeral is a sacred ritual, passed down by oral traditions from troll-mother to son. It begins at sunset with the creation of the Cairn, a small pile of stones to represent the many generations of trolls that have traveled and died before them, the foundation upon which the living stand. Weapons are divided amongst the troll's closest comrades, the body and the rest of their possessions are burned, and though each viewer must speak to the life the lost, the eulogy's candor would make a mundy blush.”

Georgie's Girl
“Much of Vivian's past is unknown since she prefers not to talk about her life back in the Homelands. She wanted to start fresh in Fabletown, but she finds herself working for Georgie at the Pudding and Pie. It's not a terrible life. Georgie took a liking to Vivian, so he doesn't make her take jobs at the Open Arms. Instead she plays hostess and helps Georgie ensure complete customer satisfaction.”

Dr. Swineheart
The Army Surgeon
"Dr. Swineheart is the resident Fabletown physician. So skilled in the art of instrumental surgery that he can safely operate on himself, he served as an army medic for years, sometimes using his talents to impress the locals. He currently runs the "Special Research Section" of the Knights of Malta Hospital, so named to discourage people for investigating what is actually a reserved, Fables-focused health facility."

The Frog Prince
(When given the option to go to one of three places, go to the Tweedles' office first. You will miss Headless Horseman when you get this one.)
"A former prince turned to a frog by a witch, the friendly, genial Flycatcher now carries the nickname as an unsubtle reference to his propensity for catching and eating flies. His wife and their children were brutally murdered back in the Homelands, a fact that he attempts to deny himself by committing to a series of endless tasks and janitorial duties."

*Headless Horseman
The Hessian Spirit
(When given the option to go to one of three places, go to Ichabod's apartment first. You will miss Flycatcher when you get this one.)
"Thought to be the spirit of a particularly fearsome, especially macabre German military contractor, the Headless Horseman lost his head from cannon fire during the Revolutionary War. Most famous for hounding Ichabod Crane one night in the woods of Sleepy Hollow, it is rumored that this phantom is only the most recent incarnation of a primordial demon, whose previous forms include a Middle-Aged chieftain who brandished a whip made from human bone, and a Scottish lord who was decapitated in a fight over shares of land."

The Trip Trap Bar
The Watering Hole
“The oldest bar in New York City, the Trip Trap was established in 1725 in secret by Starkad - the legendary Viking and reprobate - as a place for Fables to meet and drink and commiserate. Known then as the Grammarian's Tavern, he eventually lost it in a bet to a tribe of mountain trolls, who quickly renamed it and made it their own. Holly is the current proprietor, having inherited it from her mother when she died in a boating accident in the early 20th century.”

Aunty Greenleaf
The White Deer
"Horticulturist, alchemist, and lover of animals, Aunty Greenleaf is one of the few rogue witches still living outside of the Thirteenth Floor, unsupervised and unrestricted. Rumored to have lost a daughter in the Homelands, she suffers paranoia and depressive mood swings, and will only venture outside at irregular hours under the guise of an ethereal, white deer, an oft-whispered specter of Brookhaven natives."

*Glamour Tree
The Last Seed
(Burn the tree when Snow tells you to.)
“Grown from a seed spirited away from her family's enchanted orchard, this tree is the sole remaining source of Aunty Greenleaf's magical enchantments. Its bark is used for glamour tubes, its leaves are crushed for ointments and spells, and its twigs and sticks can be used as rods for a variety of entrancing purposes.”

*Glamour Tube
The Handy Disguise
(Don't burn the tree when Snow tells you to.)
“Glamours can be produced in a variety of ways, but one of the most common due to its ease of use is to take a small, hollowed out tube or container, and place within it several items unique to whomever the caster wants to copy. A witch is required for the reactionary charm. Two downsides of this type of glamour is that totally unique appearances are completely impossible, and the nature of the vessel makes it quite unstable.”

Ring of Dispel
The Arthurian Band
“Reputed to be fashioned by a Byzantine clan in an attempt to ward off a coven of witches, the Ring of Dispel (or Dispelling Ring, or Magic-Canceling Ring) eventually was given to Lancelot by the Lady in the Lake. Recovered by the Business Office after the emigration to New Amsterdam, it was assigned to Greenleaf for caretaking.”

Bloody Mary
The Urban Legend
"The true history of the person known as "Bloody Mary" is almost completely unknown, even to Fables most acquainted with its members. Her name Mary, at least, is not up for contention, nor is her penchant for shocking violence, an inlaid resistance to magic and spells, and a strange ability to use any reflective surface as a portal, effectively short-cutting space and time. Thought by Mundies to be the wailing apparition of a childless ghost, though any evidence of that is as yet unseen."

3d. Chapter 4

There are only one missable entry in this chapter, Briar Rose.

Silver Bullets
Wolf's Weakness
“The legends of great and magical wolves often make mention of their weakness against weapons made of silver. And those tales bear out to be true. The silver bullet Mary shot Bigby with was not the first. But any of them could be his last. Any silver left in Bigby's body weakens his system, slows his healing, and can cause long-term damage.”

Acting Deputy
Snow White
“With Ichabod Crane firmly out of the picture, and King Cole still absent, the task of leading Fabletown fall's squarely on Snow's shoulders. She has performed many of the job's duties for a long time, picking up the slack for Crane. But now that she is fully in charge of the Business Office, she has had to deal with a new level of politicking she had not previously been exposed to.”

Donkeyskin Coat
Hide in Plain Sight
“Only the truly beautiful will fully understand the power of a coat that makes its wearer appear ugly. It is the power to be invisible while still being seen. Unfortunately, its value can also be hard to see. But it is stll a magic coat and, to some collectors, that is enough.”

*Briar Rose
The Sleeping Beauty
(Got to the Lucky Pawn first and make sure to demand to look around and go to the back display care closest to Jack; Examine the pin cushion to unlock this entry.)
“One of the few Fables to find fortune in this world, Briar Rose has even turned her weakness into a strength. When her finger is pricked, it not only puts her to sleep, but also those within a certain radius of her slumber. This can be a powerful tool, and is just one of the ways this Sleeping Beauty is more than just a pretty face. If only she didn't need a kiss from a prince to wake her up.”

The Jersey Devil
Garden State Goon
"Not all of the Fables who came to this world landed in Fabletown. There are those who scattered across the farthest corners of the Earth. And there are those who simply prefer the Garden State to the Empire State. Such is the Jersey Devil. Reports of its appearance have varied... although most accounts make mention of leathery wings. But an encounter with a certain axe of legend some years ago has temporarily rendered that feature absent."

Woodsman's Axe
Enscrolled by Druids
“Once just a simple tool for felling trees, the axe became much more when it was ensorcelled by Druids and marked with their runes. But it truly became an object of legend when the Woodsman used it to slice the Big Bad Wolf from nave to neck, in protection of Little Red Riding Hood. It may carry Old World charm, but its simplicity of design and quality workmanship make it an effective tool - or weapon - even today.”

The Butcher
"His name is often said in the same breath as that of the Baker and Candlestick Maker of Fabletown. And like those other tradesmen, Johann the Butcher's storefront has served Fabletown for ages: fresh cuts, exotic meats, and even full sides of beef for the vigorous appetites of ogres and trolls. But Johann's business has fallen in with the wrong crowd. As the quality of his products declined, and his business turned into a front operation for the Crooked Man, some have started to wonder if they ever really knew Johann."

Bluebeard's Money
“One might think that Bluebeard donates funds to the Fabletown government for nefarious purposes -seeking special favors, or to have a louder voice in government proceedings. But what he really wants is stability and strength. Because, as far as Bluebeard is concerned, Fabletown exists to insulate him from the Mundy world. As much as his money can be a sword, it also serves as a shield.”

The Crooked Lair
"Occupying a desanctified church, this is just one of the many locations the Crooked Man's operation uses to run the Fabletown underworld. Its lounge atmosphere makes for a comfortable meeting place, unless you are an unwelcome guest. It is completely boarded up to the outside world, and the only way in is through one of the many portals, marked by a door with the Crooked Man's Catherine Wheel Icon, scattered throughout the city... and elsewhere"

The Crooked Man
Crime Lord
"The Crooked Man has slowly built himself into one of the most powerful figures in Fabletown. His operation started with a crooked sixpence and a crooked house - two things he cared about more than his wife or children, whom he killed rather than let them stand in his way. In his rise, The Crooked Man has ensnared many Fables in his criminal web, providing them with what they need, but always at a high cost. He is cunning, persuasive, and ruthless."

Tiny Tim
“While most Fables theorize that their longevity and overall wellbeing is improved by the Mundy world's knowledge of them, for a select few, that does not seem to apply. When a malady or injury is an integral part of a Fable's story, that noteriety can make recovery nearly impossible. That's what Tiny Tim thinks, at least. And no medical care or magic - rather, none that he can afford - can heal his leg.”

Life on the Farm
“With its idyllic location, and managed community, the Farm would seem to be a welcome alternative to eking out an existence in Fabletown. But those who have lived there see it very differently. They see it for what it is: a prison. A place where you are free to be who you are and do whatever you please... except leave. It doesn't help that while Fables who appear human do not have to worry about being sent to the Farm, they always seem to fill the leadership roles there.”

3e. Chapter 5

There is one missable entry in chapter 5; Winter Wolf.

Vivian's Story
The Girl with the Ribbon
“Vivian was the very first to bear the curse of the purple ribbon. Removing the ribbon would result in death, and any attempt to talk about it was thwarted by the spell upon it. As time went on, she tried to live a normal life. Eventually she married a nice man, but he was constantly wondering about the ribbon around her neck. Despite her pleas for him to leave it alone, one night while she was sleeping he attempted to remove it. As he pulled on the edge of the string, Vivian woke and saw what her husband was doing. In a panic, she pulled away, preventing the ribbon's knot from being undone. Furious, she tried to express the severity of his actions, but her husband was unable to understand. She realized then that she couldn't trust him, and decided to leave. She lived alone for the rest of her days in the Homelands, preferring the safety of isolation to the risk of another betrayal.”

The Pudding N' Pie
Vivian and Georgie's Place
“Vivian and Georgie met during the Exodus from the Homelands, and they helped each other survive the long journey to the mundane world. Upon their arrival, however, they found it hard to make a decent living. With what little money they had, they opened the Pudding N' Pie. Operating a strip club may not have been the most desirable occupation, but they figured it was better to be in charge of a place like this than be forced through desperation to work at one.”

*Winter Wolf
Bigby's Mother
(When in the Metalworks, after you examine the work bench, Mary will attack you and the Crooked Man will stop it. When Mary is talking to the Crooked Man, choose any option that is not hitting her and she will make a joke about Bigby's Mother)
"Bigby's mother, Winter, fell in love with the North Wind and bore him seven wolf cubs. But he quickly grew tired of her and left Winter. Heartbroken and alone, she tried to care for her cubs despite her grief. She was especially fond of Bigby, but as the runt of the litter he was often teased by his older brothers. After Winter's death, Bigby's siblings went in search of their father, but Bigby stayed behind to protect his mother's corpse from scavengers. Unfortunately, he was too small to defend her. From then on he vowed to eat something bigger each day until he was large enough to confront his father and finally make him pay for the pain he caused his family."

The Big Bad Wolf
Bigby's True Form
“Bigby's true form is that of a giant, eight-foot-tall wolf. In addition to his iconic "huff and puff" power, he has also inherited other abilities from his father, the North Wind. For example, Bigby is able to hold his breath for an abnormally long amount of time, making it impossible for him to drown.”

Mary's Loyalty
Part of the Job
Bloody Mary began working for the Crooked Man many centuries ago. He promised her freedom to do as she pleased, as long as she agreed to act as his personal body guard and hit man. Because of the Crooked Man's power and influence, Mary never had to worry about getting caught by the authorities. She enjoys her job immensely, and would defend the Crooked Man to the death... mostly because she finds it fun.

Fabletown Justice
“When a criminal is captured in Fabletown, the traditional procedure is to hold a formal hearing in front of the community or concerned parties. However, exceptions are often made to expedite the process. In reality there aren't any hard-and-fast rules for these types of situations, and the extent to which policies are upheld can depend on who is being charged.”

A New Order
Snow White in Charge
“With Crane out of the picture, Mayor Cole has officially appointed Snow White as the Director of Operations and Deputy Mayor in his absence. Many would say this promotion is a long time coming, since she was instrumental in the establishment of Fabletown and personally ensured that many Fables made it to the new world safely. She's also been doing the work of Deputy Mayor unofficially for years.”

Sheriff Bigby
“After fleeing the Homelands, Bigby Wolf spent many years wandering through Europe. With a Fable colony quickly developing in the New World, Snow White and Feathertop tracked down the wolf and offered him passage to Fabletown. He agreed, and Snow cut him with a lycanthropy stained knife to give him the power to change into human form at will. Bigby became sheriff of Fabletown under King Cole's administration, but because of his violent past many Fables didn't trust him and he was banned from ever setting foot on The Farm. To this day he struggles to redeem himself in the eyes of the community.”

4. FAQs

None currently; If any questions private message me on Game FAQ or email me at jessicamacdonald @ hotmail . ca with the title "Book of Fables Guide”

5. Legal Stuff

I Do Not own Wolf Among Us or anything related to it. It is own by Telltale Games, Vertigo Comics and Bill Willingham. All I own is a copy of the game and this guide.
Please do not post this guide anywhere else without my permission. Thank you.

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