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Guide and Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/24/2020

Kyrat Game Basics


The Kingdom of Kyrat is in turmoil. Pagan Min, the reigning monarch, is a tyrant who rules through terror, torture and murder. His regime has an economy based on the production of opium, and he is using his subjects as slave labor. He is also intent on the destruction of the mystical traditions and artifacts of his subjects. This has spawned a rebel movement called the Golden Path, and his Royal Army forces are embroiled in a brutal civil war with the rebels.

Ajay Ghale, the son of Mohan Ghale who founded the Golden Path, has returned from exile to bring his mother's ashes to the country of his birth; but Ajay, raised in the United States, soon finds himself allied with the Golden Path.

The Golden Path, however, is also in turmoil. It has two leaders that don't agree on how to pursue the war or on the country's future path. Amita, a co-leader, abhors the old ways, which are steeped in the old religious traditions of Kyrat. In that world, women have few rights and her vision of the future is a much more progressive one. Sabal, on the other hand, leads a faction that strives to preserve the old ways of their ancestors.

Navigating Kyrat:

Numerous travel options are available. Land vehicles are widely available as are various watercraft. The roadways and rivers are frequently patrolled and travelling near mission sites and outposts will likely spoil any attempt at a stealthy approach. Approaching within earshot of an enemy stronghold, therefore, is best done on foot; and when afoot, a prudent player will travel with a shotgun or another potent weapon in hand to deal with the dangerous predators that abound in the wilds of Kyrat. Fast travel from outposts or other sites will instantly transport you over long distances. Liberating outposts and fortresses will make these stations available.

In addition to the gliders found around the countryside, a small helicopter known as a buzzer will make travelling the torturous terrain infinitely easier. These little choppers can be found at random locations but the one located at the outpost at Khilana Bazaar is extremely useful and it will re-spawn after being used. All four fortresses have a re-spawning buzzer on site and most hijacked Bell Towers that have a Golden Path Supply mission will also have a buzzer. The buzzer will transport you easily to remote sites and it can be used to land on Bell Towers, foregoing the need to climb them. It can also be used to soften-up enemy strongholds. This is especially so after you obtain an M-79 grenade launcher which can be wielded while piloting the buzzer.


There are thirty-four outposts scattered about Kyrat. Liberating them from government control provides XP, a fast travel station and lessens the enemy's grip on the area. Safe house's have a trading post for buying and selling and the bunk will enable the player to froward time. Outposts also offer optional missions that yield cash, XP, hides and weapons. These optional missions will be detailed in their respective appendix sections. An Outpost Master option will enable the player to reset an outpost or fortress after its liberation. This 'redo" will yield XP and cash. All south sector outposts will be detailed in A 1: South Sector Outposts; all north sector outposts will be detailed in A 2: North Sector Outposts.

Bell Towers:

There are seventeen Bell Towers scattered about Kyrat. They are propaganda machines for Pagan Min and if you climb and hijack the transmitter atop the tower, it will end the broadcasts and will reveal the surrounding sector's terrain. You'll earn XP and an optional mission, either Armed Escort or Golden Path Supplies, will be offered near the tower. Each time you hijack a signal, Longinus, the arms dealer, will also make a weapon free of charge in the stores. All south sector outposts will be detailed in A 4: South Sector Outposts; all north sector outposts will be detailed in A 5: North Sector Outposts.


The Far Cry 4 arsenal is extensive. You will start the campaign with a single primary weapon slot and will earn a sidearm slot during C 2: The Wolves Den after obtaining 3 Tibetan Wolf skins. Harvesting 3 Malayan Tapirs and then 3 honey badger skins will enable you to craft two additional primary holsters. This should be a priority goal and this can easily be accomplished during the mission, C 3: Propaganda Machine. Weapons can be obtained from deceased enemies, by climbing towers, by the completion of missions or by purchasing them from vendors. The following are the weapons I recommend.

AK-47 assault rifle: This weapon can be obtained from a victim during S 1: Prologue. Like any confiscated weapon, you own it after picking it up and you can obtain one from any vendor. This will be a staple until you find an upgrade.

M133 shotgun: Like the AK-47, you'll find one on one of your victims early in the game. Take one when available, even if you immediately exchange it. You then own it and can obtain one from any vendor. This will be your early game shotgun until you obtain a better one.

Mark IV revolver/Skorpion handgun: These are obtained early in the game. Both are back-ups and will occupy your sidearm slot until you obtain the upgrade that will likely occupy that slot for the remainder of the game-the M-79 grenade launcher.

Recurve Bow: This should be your initial weapon purchase during the mission, C 1: The Wolves' Den. Early in the game, it is the only available viable stealth weapon. It is silent, deadly, has good range and arrows can usually be recovered. Purchase a sight and it will pay dividends for much of the game. Many optional missions require its use. As a bonus, harvesting skins with the bow yields double skins, making collecting the needed skins for crafting less challenging. The skill Trade Agreement will enable the player to purchase both fire and explosive arrows. This makes the bow much more potent against vehicles and heavy enemies. A single fire arrow, for example, can kill a heavy gunner. Until you obtain a Z93 sniper rifle in C 17: Free Willis, the recurve bow is normally more useful that the available but weak sniper rifles. Make this weapon your first purchase.

M-79 grenade launcher: You can obtain one very early in the campaign and it is by far the most useful of the game's sidearms. Successfully completing a single Armed Escort mission will yield one or doing a single Kyrat Fashion Week mission will as well. Details are located in A 14: Armed Escort Missions and in A 9: Kyrat Fashion Week missions. Not only does it deal death without pinpoint accuracy, but it can be wielded while driving or piloting the buzzer. I recommend making acquiring an M-79 grenade launcher a priority as soon as you liberate the outpost at Khilana Bazaar.

RPG-7 rocket launcher: When you kill an RPG sniper wielding one, grab it. It won't be a staple weapon but when you need one, you need one.

The Warrior: This is a highly upgraded version of the AK-47 assault rifle. It has increased firepower, better accuracy, upgraded optics and, most importantly, a sound suppressor. It requires the player to hijack two Royal Army cargo trucks and to then deliver the vehicle to a rebel outpost. It will cost 320,000 rupees and it will provide excellent service for much of the game.

The Bull: This is a highly upgraded version of the M133 shotgun. In addition to better range, handling and damage, it has a sound suppressor, making it a must have weapon for a stealthy player. It can be purchased after completing only two bomb defusing missions-the first two are at the Chal Jama Monastery and at the Kyra Tea Factory after the main missions at those sites are completed. I highly recommend its acquisition as soon as possible. It costs 305,000 rupees. Bomb Defusal missions are detailed in A 10: Bomb Defusal Missions.

Sniper Rifles: You can obtain the SVD sniper rifle from any of your early game sniper victims. It is under powered and it can't be suppressed, making it a poor choice for stealth. The M-700 sniper rifle can be suppressed and is an adequate weapon, but a head shot is all too frequently required to ensure a clean one-shot kill, making it less than optimal. You can obtain a Z93 sniper rifle during the mission C 17: Free Willis. This is a huge upgrade for a stealthy player, since it can be suppressed and ensures clean kills on normal enemies and one-shot kills if a headshot is scored on a heavy. The SA-50 sniper rifle is an upgrade once available. It matches the Z93 sniper rifle in power and it replaces the bolt action mechanism of the Z93 with a semi-automatic mechanism.

Buzzsaw: This signature LMG is a beefed-up version of the M42 and it is an absolute beast of a weapon. It isn't suppressed but it deals a huge amount of damage and is well worth the effort needed to obtain one. To unlock the buzzsaw, the player must hijack all seventeen of the game's Bell Towers. This isn't a tall order and I recommend making a tour of all the north sector towers shortly after entering the north. Find a buzzer and fly to and hijack them all and then buy it as soon as you do. If you missed a south sector tower, head south and hijack it. It costs 550,000 rupees and it is well worth the price.

BZ19 SMG: This SMG can be confiscated from a Royal Guardsman late in the south sector campaign. It can be suppressed and is comparable to the signature Warrior.

Rebel handgun: This signature sidearm is the only weapon that is a viable option to the M-79 grenade launcher. If you're toting a GL-94 grenade launcher, it is more than adequate as a silenced fast-firing weapon. It is comparable to the warrior assault rifle. You'll need to liberate 10 outposts to unlock it. It costs 315,000. It only weakness is the low amount of handgun ammo you can carry versus other ammo types and its lack of an optical sight.

P416 asault rifle: This weapon can be confiscated from a Royal Guardsman corpse late in the south sector campaign. It can't be suppressed but it is a stable potent weapon that is well worth having.

Auto-Cross: This is a crossbow that qualifies as a sidearm. It can be equipped with an optical sight and it has the same qualities as the recurve bow-its is silent, deadly and animal kills yield double skins. It can also be equipped with an optical sight, making it the equivalent of a suppressed sniper rifle. It can also deliver bolts in quick succession. It is unlocked upon completion of C 14: City of Pain.


Gathering leafs and harvesting skins while travelling Kyrat is critical to a successful campaign. Following are the most useful of the craftable syringes and the details of the skins needed to craft equipment.

Healing Syringe: A healing syringe will automatically be crafted and will restore health. How much depends on what skills you earn. A basic injection heals two bars of health. This can be extended to four bars ( Healing Syringe Level 2) and then to six bars (Healing Syringe Level 3) when you max out your health bar. Only two green leafs are required to craft a syringe and they will be automatically be crafted when you harvest the leafs. Healing without a syringe will be through an animation that restores a single health bar. This can be extended to three bars by earning the skill, Improvised Surgery.

Hunting Syringe: This syringe requires one blue and one red leaf. When injected, both nearby animals and humans are highlighted, making them easy to locate and track. A skill upgrade, Duration Boosts, can extend the duration of the effect while another skill, Hunting Syringe Level 2, makes you virtually silent and makes predators shy away. This is an extremely useful perk and should be one of the first skills you select.

Overdose Syringe: This syringe requires one purple and one white leaf. The effect lasts for thirty seconds, during which time weapon damage is doubled. You will also take double damage while the injection is active. This can provide extra punch, especially to the rather weak early sniper rifles, making clean one-shot kills surer for stealth operations. This syringe is available after doing a single Kyrat Fashion Week hunt. These missions are detailed in A 9: Kyrat Fashion Week.

Crafting with harvested skins, hides and scales:

Weapon Holsters: you start with one primary holster.

Upgrade 1: 2 Tibetan Wolf skins (sidearm holster)

Upgrade 2: 3 Malayan Tapir skins (second primary holster)

Upgrade 3: 3 honey badger skins (third primary holster)

Wallet: basic wallet 250,000 rupees

Upgrade 1: 2 bharal skins (500,000)

Upgrade 2: 2 macaque skins (1,000,000)

Upgrade 3: 4 Asian Rhino hides (2,000,000)

Upgrade 4: Mad Devil (5,000,000)

Loot Sack: you start with 30 slots.

Upgrade 1: 2 samber skins (60 slots)

Upgrade 2: 2 pig skins (90 slots)

Upgrade 3: 4 demon fish (120 slots)

Upgrade 4: Ghost Bear (150 slots)

Syringe Kit: 3 syringes of each type

Upgrade 1: 2 wild boar skins (4 syringes of each type)

Upgrade 2: 3 Tibetan Wolf skins (5 syringes of each type)

Upgrade 3: 4 Malayan Tapir skins (6 syringes of each type)

Upgrade 4: Sky Tiger skin (8 syringes of each type)

Quiver: carry 10 arrows or bolts, 3 fire and 3 explosive arrows)

Upgrade 1: 1 pig skin (15 and 4)

Upgrade 2: 3 Clouded Leopard skins (20 and 5)

Upgrade 3: 4 honey badger skins (30 and 8)

Upgrade 4: Tanzin's skin (50 and 10)

Ammo Bag

Upgrade 1: 2 wild boar skins

Upgrade 2: 3 bharal skins

Upgrade 3: 4 Clouded Leopard skins

Upgrade 4: Shadow Leopard skin

Heavy Ammo Bag:

Upgrade 1: 2 Bengal Tiger skins

Upgrade 2: 3 bear skins

Upgrade 3: 4 Snow Leopard skins

Upgrade 4: Karkadann's hide

Throwables: carry 3 grenades, 3 Molotovs, 3 throwing knives)

Upgrade 1: 2 yak skins (5)

Upgrade 2: 3 dhole skins (7)

Upgrade 3: 5 Bengal Tiger skins (9)

Upgrade 4: Black Water Dragon (15)

Explosives: carry 3 C4 charges, 3 mines.

Upgrade 1: 2 Asian Rhino hides (4)

Upgrade 2: 3 Snow Leopards (5)

Upgrade 3: 5 samber skins (6)

Upgrade 4: Thick Skin's hide (8)

Bait Bag: carry 2 pieces of bait.

Upgrade 1: 2 dhole skins (3)

Upgrade 2: 3 yak skins (4)

Upgrade 3: 5 bear skins (5)

Upgrade 4: Gulo's skin (6)


Experience points (XP) are awarded during gameplay for completing mission, both main and optional; for finding collectibles, for liberating outposts and fortresses, for hijacking Bell Towers, for removing propaganda posters and for killing enemies. Killing a south sector enemy, for example, yields 10 XP for a kill, 25 if done with a headshot and 30 if done with a Takedown. This will double after you arrive in the north sector. Accrued XP can be used to select skills in either of the game's two skill trees. The Elephant Tree is geared toward health and syringes; the Tiger Tree is geared more toward enhancing combat skills. Following are the skills I recommend spending the first 30 skill points to acquire for a stealth campaign. The first 17 are in the Elephant Tree. The final 13 in the Tiger Tree.

Capable Strength (1 point) add an extra health bar, increasing your health by 50%.

Forceful Strength (2 points) add a fourth health bar.

Harvester (1 Point) harvest two leafs rather than one from plants.

Hunting Syringe (1 point) For 30 seconds, both human and animals are highlighted. This is one of the game's most beneficial skills.

Healing Syringe 2 (2 points) a healing syringe will restore four health bars.

Inner Strength (1 point) partially drained health bar regenerate faster.

Improvised Surgery (3 points) heal 3 rather than 1 health bar when you have no healing syringes. Must complete 1 Armed Escort mission.

Gadget Training (1 point) repair tool operates faster, collectible highlighted with camera. This unlocks Trade Agreement.

Trade Agreement (2 points) can purchase fire and explosive arrows and sticky explosives.

Rhino Skin (1 point) take reduced fire and explosive damage.

Overdose Syringe (2 points) administer and receive double damage. Must complete 1 Kyrat Fashion Week hunt.

Death From Above (2 points) make a Takedown from above.

Loot Takedown (2) automatically loot an enemy while performing Takedown.

Running Reload (2) reload while sprinting.

Drag Takedown (1) can drag a body after a Takedown.

Bullet Sponge (3) body armor is more effective.

Knife Throw Takedown (2) throw knife for second kill after a Takedown.

Death From Below (1) Kill an enemy from below when in range with a Takedown.

Gameplay Hints:

(1) The recurve bow is one of the game's premier weapons. It is available early on when it is the only viable stealth option other than a Takedown. It is deadly, has good range and arrows can usually be retrieved for re-use. Once Trade Agreement is earned, you can purchase both fire and explosive arrows. No silenced sniper rifles are available early on and when one is, it is rather weak, extending the utility of the bow until the Z93 sniper rifle is available. In addition, animals harvested with the bow yield double skins and many of the game's optional missions require its use. When the auto-cross crossbow becomes available after C 14, it is a viable alternative to the bow.

(2) Hunt ! The crafting of gear like additional holsters, larger wallets, ammo and loot bags, etc. is critical to survival as the game progresses. Not enlarging your wallet will prevent you from buying coveted weapons, selling loot and confiscating available cash. Not crafting additional holsters means you have less choices of weapons during combat. Not enlarging your loot bag means you can't pick up loot once it is filled. Hunting with the bow will yield double skins and the early-game missions: S 1, C 1, C 2 and Exploring and Gearing-Up give details on the acquisition of skins and scales.

(3) Harvest Leafs. Two green leafs are required to automatically craft a healing syringe. Green leafs are rather common, so harvest enough to keep your syringe kit full with extras to craft more as they are used. The skill Harvester allows the player to harvest double leafs and this should be one of your first acquisitions. A hunting syringe requires one red and one blue leaf and using one provides an enormous advantage when stalking humans and animals, highlighting anyone or any thing nearby. This should be one of your earliest acquisitions. It will also be one of the most beneficial. Both red and blue leafs are common, so stock-up.

(4) Climb Bell Towers to hijack the radio signal. Doing so will lift the fog in the surrounding sector, revealing details of the terrain. This will nearly always generate an optional Armed Escort or Golden Path Supplies mission. These are rewarded with XP, cash and doing only one will yield the M-79 grenade launcher. Hijacking all seventeen tower signals in the south and north sector will unlock the signature buzzsaw LMG. This is an awesome weapon, mowing down heavies, vehicles and the toughest predators with ease.

(5) The Buzzer-you'll find your first buzzer after the liberation of Khilana Bazaar and it will re-spawn after use. It will painlessly traverse rough terrain to mission sites; it can provide a platform for bombarding enemy positions; it can also be used reach, even to land atop Bell Towers. Buzzers are also available at random sites, at most Golden Path Supply mission sites and you can purchase one at the Ghale Homestead.

(6) Outposts-The liberation of all outposts other than Khilana Bazaar is optional. Not doing so, however, means that travel throughout Kyrat is painful. Numerous optional missions are only triggered by taking outposts and you earn XP when an outpost is liberated. Something as simple as selling loot, buying ammo or changing weapons will mean travelling to a distant site as best you can. This can mean an arduous journey or another trip to Khilana Bazaar and then a long trip by buzzer.

(7) Weapons-numerous weapons will become available during the campaign. I recommend purchasing the recurve bow but most early game weapons can be confiscated rather than purchased. Save your cash for firearms like a warrior assault rifle, a bull shotgun and, later on, a buzzsaw and SA-50 sniper rifle. Don't just buy every weapon that is available.