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by oldschool312

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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 11/24/14


Disney Infinity is a game that can be almost anything you want it to be. There are 3 playsets with this version: Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy. The playsets are mission based game play much like a traditional experience (complete missions, fight enemies, defeat bosses). The game also has a mode called Toy Box. This is the portion of the game that can be anything you want to be. With a little creativity you can make your own gaming experiences and even share them on line if you like. The goal of this guide is to provide a blueprint for completing the playsets. Additionally, you will find descriptions of the playable characters, information on the tools used in Toy Box, and more. The Playstation 4 version was used to describe all the content detailed below.

Version History

  • Version 0.80
    • Spider-Man playset walkthrough complete
    • Guardians of the Galaxy walkthrough complete
    • Avengers Walkthrough complete
    • 2.0 vs 1.0 FAQS
    • Other sections outlined but not complete
  • Version 0.95
    • Basics section added
    • Changed some headers
    • Added some challenges
    • Completed the character section for those currently available except for Nick Fury
    • Added more items to the lists for the Toy Store


Game Modes

Disney Infinity allows for several types of gameplay. The placement of a character on the game pad is required for each example. The traditional mission based game is achieved by using one of the playset pieces. Playing in the Avengers, Spider-Man, or Guardians of the Galaxy playset is accomplished by placing the playset piece on the game pad. The characters available for use in each playset is restricted. Captain America can be used in the Avengers playset but not the Spider-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy playset. A save can be active for each of the three playsets. This means that it is possible to play partially through the Spider-Man playset, save progress, then switch to a different playset. The progress in each playset is saved allowing you to pick up where you left off.

The Toy Box mode can be anything you want. This mode allows for the creation of almost anything that can be imagined. Utilizing the provided tools will allow you to create your own world. This can be a simple map to explore. Add enemies, objectives, or competition to spice up your creations. If creating a new experience doesn't sound interesting, the Toy Box can still be worth a look. With internet access user created content can be downloaded and played. All characters (version 1.0 and 2.0) can be used in Toy Box mode.

The starter kits come with special Power Discs. When these discs are placed on the Disney Infinity base, they open up Toy Box games. There are four Toy Box Game Power Discs: Assault on Asgard, Escape from the Kyln, Brave Forest Siege, Stitch's Tropical Rescue. Each disc contains multiple levels of a pre-made game that can be played individually or on-line with up to four others.


There are multiple methods to move around the playsets and Toy Box of Disney Infinity. Walking is the simplest. While all characters have the ability to walk (well I guess thats true with the exception of the Cars characters), they also have specialized travel abilities. Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, and Aladdin are examples of characters with a Super Jump. This movement allows a character to jump higher and farther than the ordinary character with a simple hold of the jump button. Spider-Man and Venom are able to web swing. These characters have the capability of firing rope like extentions that allow them to lift off the ground and swing through a world. Flight is also possible. Thor, Maleficent, and Nova are all characters that are capable of flight. Characters can also achieve movement that they are not innately able to perform by using special Power Discs or entering a vehicle (car, motorcyle, helicopter etc.)


The mechanics of combat are the same no matter what character you select or how you choose to upgrade that character's abilities. The appearance and effectiveness of a characters attacks are altered by how you utilize the skill points earned. Attacks are divided between melee (close to enemy) and ranged (at distance from the enemy). Melee combos are achieved with taps of the Triangle button. The skills unlocked will determine the length and strength of the combo. At a distance attacks are performed using the R2 button. Depending on the character, this will cause the firing/throwing of a weapon. It is possible to free fire by tapping the ranged attack button. Alternatively you can make a crosshair appear on screen for manual aiming by holding the L2 button. Each character in Disney Infinity 2.0 also has a Special Move. Once unlocked a purple bar appears below the character's onscreen experience meter. Once one section of the Special Move meter is full, a Special Move can be unleashed by tapping the R1 button. Part of combat is avoiding damage. Damage from enemies can be decreased by pressing Circle. This will place the character in a block animation greatly reducing incoming damage. We also have the ability to avoid damage with a dodge roll. While pressing Circle move the Left Stick in the direction you want to go and the character will perform an evasive maneuver to avoid damage in the desired direction.


There are numerous items to collection in the play sets. Some items help along the mission while others are used to unlock feats or other in game perks.

  • Blue Sparks: These are the currency of the game. They are released by defeated enemies or found in capsules in the play sets. The amount obtained is tracked by the number next to your character's picture at the top left of the screen. They are universal to your account and are not tied to a particular character. Blue sparks will be used to purchase Toy Box toys in the Toy Box store

  • Purple Sparks: This spark will fill the character's Special Move meter. To be useful the character's Special Move needs to be unlocked in their skill tree. Purple sparks are dropped by defeated enemies or found in capsules throughout the play set. Once a section of the meter is filled the character can unleash a powerful Special Move.

  • Green Sparks: Even if you are the best Disney Infinity player, at times you will receive damage from enemies. This damage depletes the health bar. Once the health bar is fully depleted the character is defeated. To prevent this we can replenish the health bar by collecting green sparks. These sparks will be found by defeating enemies or finding capsules in the play set.

  • Crossover Coins: Each play set will have coins with a character's picture on it. Collect 10 coins of the same character and they will be unlocked for use in that play set. There will be 2 characters unlockable for each play set. Once they are unlocked you can use that character for any missions that remain. Completing the collection also unlocks three new Crossover Missions.
    • The Crossover Characters are:
      • Iron Man - Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy play set
      • Hulk - Spider-Man play set
      • Rocket Raccoon - Avengers play set
      • Nova - Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy play set

  • Bonus Boxes: There are 6 types of Bonus Boxes. They are Flight, Tech, Maximum Strength, Web Swing, Super Jump, and Wall Crawl. Each type of Bonus Box requires a particular skill to obtain. For example only characters enabled with flight can acquire a Flight Bonus Box. In fact, only a character with flight can distinctly see a flight box. A single character may be able to pick up multiple types of Bonus Boxes. Iron Man has the ability to fly but he is also a tech character. So Iron Man will be able to see and acquire both Flight and Tech boxes. There are 20 boxes of a type that are to be collected in a playset. Not all categories of Bonus Boxes are located in each play set. Collecting all of a set will unlock a feat.


  • Q: Can I use my Disney Infinity Base from version 1.0 with Disney Infinity 2.0?
    • Yes and No. You do not need a new base if you purchase 2.0 for the same console you purchased 1.0. The PS3 base will work with the PS4. The Xbox 360 base will not work with the Xbox One version of 2.0.
  • Q: Will my 1.0 characters be playable in version 2.0?
    • Yes. All 1.0 characters can be used in the Toy Box mode of Version 2.0.
  • Q: Will my 2.0 characters be playable in version 1.0?
    • No. Characters made for version 2.0 (Marvel or Disney Originals) are only able to be used in version 2.0. They are not backwards compatible.
  • Q: What about all the Toy Box toys I worked so hard to unlock in version 1.0, are they gone?
    • No. All the Toy Box unlockables from version 1.0 can be carried over to version 2.0. Simply place the character or play set the unlockable was in on the Disney Infinity base while running version 2.0. A on screen message appears notifying you that all the items are not unlocked for the Toy Box. This will include any items that you did not unlock in the previous version. For instance, lets say in version 1.0 you never unlocked Rapunzel's tower. Place Rapunzel on the base in version 2.0 and you now have it to use in the new Toy Box.
  • Q: Can I play my Play Sets from version 1.0 in version 2.0?
    • No. All play sets are version specific. Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy play sets only work with version 2.0. Monster's University, Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lone Ranger, and Toy Story play sets only work in version 1.0.
  • Q: I have a lot of Power Discs collected from version 1.0. Will I be able to use them in version 2.0?
    • Yes. All Power Discs from version 1.0 are compatible with version 2.0. Any power discs you purchase that are specific to version 2.0 will not be usable in version 1.0.
  • Q: When I upgrade my character will I be able to get all the abilities possible?
    • No. Abilities will range from 1 to 6 points. Gaining experience to get you character to level 20 will unlock 75 Skill Points. This is not enough to unlock every ability available for a character. Instead plan ahead for the skills you like or think will be useful. There is a section in the guide dedicated to the character's skills (Characters)
  • Q: I just used both of my Respender skills, but I want to change my character's skill tree. Can I, or am I stuck?
    • A characters skills can be reset after both respender skills are used. Have the character on the Disney Infinity Base. Go to the main menu and select Options. Now select Game Options. Under this menu you will find a Reset Figure option. Select it and you get warned that completing the action will not only reset the skills but remove all experience earned to that point. Specifically the message states: "Resetting this Figure will clear all of the experience and level advancement this Character has acquired and remove your ownership. If there are other owners, they will retain their saved progress. Are you sure you want to continue?"


Avengers Walkthrough

Cold Opening

Everyone's frozen and when they thaw Hulk trys to smash. The responsible party is Loki of course. Move to the elevator and destroy the ice blocking the door. Jump to the elevator's roof and perform and air attack by jumping then tapping Triangle. The elevator gets stuck again. Repeat an air attack to continue the fall. Jump out into the room once the elevator stops. JARVIS will minimize the threat by sealing doors until neaby frost giants are dealt with. Defeat the three enemies to activate a cinematic. The scene shows lasers in the next hall that will cause damage to those that contact them. These are easy to avoid. Simply jump the first, walk under the second and jump the third laser. Defeat the 5 frost giants in the next room then exit via the hole in the wall at the top of the ramp. More frost giants are approaching by tunneling through the walls. Defeat all five and a door opens. Its blocked by a force field. Jump up to the platform beside the door and crush the controls to deactive the barrier. The next room must be cleared of 12 frost giants before a door opens on the upper level. Climb the blue pipe and bust through some ice to reach the next area. This hall will have more frost giants to defeat. Four to be exact and JARVIS opens the door to a hall with more lasers. Avoid them but the second set is now mobile (vertically). Wait for it to rise and walk under. Continue pressing forward and you eventually reach the lab. Use the pipes on the wall to reach the platform over looking the central console. Arrive there and JARVIS initates a force field to prevent damage in case we can't stablize the reactor. Defeat the frost giants that attack. After the area is clear move to the console and press square to use it. This stabilizes the power core. Exit via the tunnel to complete the mission.

Sheer Wheel Power

Hop on the motorcyle and drive to the marker where Nick Fury waits to give the next mission.

Reward: 100 Blue Sparks, SHIELD Motorcycle

Energy Crisis

Avengers Tower took a hit during this blast of cold air. Activate power stations to restore security to the tower. Drive to the marker and move to the generator. Before you can hit the IN button several frost giants spawn. Defeat them then hit the button. Move to the next power station and defeat seven more frost giants before activating the device. We catch a break at the final power station, only 4 frost giants spawn. Defeat them and hit the button to see the A light up on Avengers tower

Reward: 150 Blue Sparks, Quck Pace Race Challenge

Street Sweeper

The frost giants are blocking SHIELD transports. Move to the marker and eliminate the impediements. Large blocks of ice are sticking out of the road. Destroy all 15 of the ice blocks that are creating the barricade. About half way through a group of frost giants will attack. Take them out then continue until all the ice is gone.

Reward: 150 Blue Sparks, High Flier Challenge

Bridge May Be Icy

A bus of civilians is being attacked by frost giants on a nearby bridge. Move over to the bridge indicated by the marker. There will be frost giants that we can drive/fly by until we reach the bus. Destroy the ice surrounding/blocking the bus. A piece of the bridge is broken. Push it back into place by performing an Air Attack (X then Triangle). Defeat any nearby enemies and the bus begins to move down the bridge. As we travel the bridge the bus will be stopped by ice and/or enemies a couple times. Destroy all obstacles for the bus before it can proceed. If the bus isn't moving then there is some ice or enemies somewhere that need removed. Once the bus safely reaches the end of the bridge the mission is a success.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Shaking the Wasp's Nest

This mission is active automatically after completion of Bridge May Be Icy. Wasp is stuck in a frozen building. Destroy the ice outside the building to help out a founding Avenger. After taking out some of the ice, frost giants spawn and attack. One of them in each group will be a large armored frost giant. The armored enemy will take a couple extra hits to defeat. Other wise its more of the same. Take out the marked ice around the building and eliminate two waves of enemies.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

On the Grid

To begin this mission we have to reach the top of Avengers Tower. Thats easy for a flier like Iron Man or Thor but what about our grounded heroes? Captain America and company can reach the top by utilizing the elevator near where Nick Fury stands when he is providing missions. At the top interact with the JARVIS console to start the mission. The city's power grid is off line. Move to the marked locations to reset the power generators and give some juice back to the city. There is a total of 6 power stations to travel to. A few of them will be guarded by frost giants. These enemies are no more difficult to defeat than those we've encountered thus far. Once the IN button on each of the power stations is pressed the mission is complete.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Make Mine Marvel

SHIELD is transporting a valuable informant. They would like a little super powered protection. Locate the SHIELD vehicle and follow it closely throughout the mission. The goal is to keep it from being destroyed on its voyage. Destroy the first set of ice obstacles and a little farther down the road we will encounter a group of attacking frost giants. If the car is not moving then there is ice or enemies to eliminate. When the vehicle stops be ready for a large fight. All the enemies that spawn will have to be defeated to end the mission. Utilize a Special Move when surrounded to thin the crowd. At the end of the mission we find that Captain Marvel was in the back of the vehicle interrogating a frost giant.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks, Captain Marvel

Bad Press

Loki has captured the mayor and cast a spell on him. The mayor is not broadcasting Loki's propaganda. Move to the radio towers and stop the broadcast. There are three sites where the information is being transmitted. Each site will be guarded by frost giants. Destroy the radio antennae and defeat any enemies that spawn. The antennae are on the tops of buildings so a flier may be more efficient for travel purposes.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks, Medium Frost Giant A

Civil Warfare

The frost giants are attacking civilians. In fact six innocents are frozen nearby. Move to the SHIELD outpost and help out the civilians. The goal is to transport the citizens to the safe zone for SHIELD extraction. When you locate one of the marked frozen bodies, hit it to break the ice. Pick up that person and carry them to the safe zone. During this mission frost giants will spawn. They do not have to be defeated. Fight them if you like, but the goal is to help the 6 frozen bodies. The mission is complete once all 6 are safe even if you do not attack a single enemy.

Reward: 250 Sparks, Small Shielded Frost Giant

A Heavy Dilemma

Nick Fury requests our help moving a power source to a SHIELD safe zone. Locate the crate at the designated marker. Pick it up and transport it to the first checkpoint where the path will be blocked by ice walls and frost giants. Destroy the obstacles and defeat the enemies. Carrying the box on down the street we will be bombarded from above by ice walls from above. Just try to walk straight down the yellow line. At the delivery site, we are attacked by a small group of frost giants. Defeat them. As long as the crate is not destroyed it will be loaded into the SHIELD truck for transport. Mission accomplished.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks, Small Frost Giant

Chasing a Lead

Captain Marvel recommends we follow the herd of frost giants moving through the city. That can't be a bad idea can it? Move to the first location and the herd is gone. In their place is a group of frost giants to defeat. The last of the group will be a shielded giant. Continue to move to each marked location to fight off a group of enemies. After three fights the herd leads us to an abandoned warehouse.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Loki's Swelled Head

Move down the hall toward the area where we see the frost giant in the short cinematic. In the large room we will be attacked. The enemies will include 4 flying security drones and 2 frost giants. The security drones are very annoying, take them out first with ranged attacks. Once the ground forces are gone move to the console and bust it to deactive the securtiy laser wall blocking the path out. The next room is full as enemies as well. To even the odds a little destroy the control panel right in front of you. This will deactive the turret on the ceiling. In a large room like this with multiple enemies, I usually jump right to the center and unleash a special move. This helps eliminate a few targets while damaging almost everything nearby. Once the room is clear attack the console next to the door to proceed.

The end of this hall is contains another fight. As you approach the enemies look to the left for a console. Destroy it and the ceiling turret is no longer an issue. Take out the security drone and frost giant and the path to the right will open up. This route will have a moving laser at ground level. Fly/jump over it to avoid damage. Next we find two vertically moving lasers that move closer then farther apart. As the two lasers begin to move away from each other jump through the opening they create. The next hall is guarded by a set of horizontally moving lasers. Jump through the gap between the lasers as it moves toward you then race to the end of the hallway. But watch for the third laser that fills the middile moving at a different speed. The only way it will hit you is if you are jumping. At the end destroy the console to open the path forward.

Here we find another fight. At the end of the room a ceiling turret will fire. Run by the frost giants to eliminate the turret first. The console controlling it is on the left side near the turrets location. Once its gone, hit a Special Move if you have one. Eliminate any remaining enemies and a dooway on the right side of the room opens. Move through two groups of lasers and climb a blue pipe. At the top of the pipe destroy a console to deactivate the lasers blocking forward progress. Priority one, according to Fury, is to find the security room. To do so we must eliminate another room full of enemies. This room has a total of 10 bad guys. Two will be giant frost giants, one is a security drone, and the rest are the normal sized combatants. Eliminate them and a door on the upper level opens. We've found Loki and it appears he is working with MODOK.

In a game that isn't designed to be overly difficult, this is one of the tougher battles. At the start notice the surroundings. On either side of the room there are green and purple canisters for health and Special Move meter. Use these as needed but don't waste them. Also if you have multiple Avengers Play Set characters don't be afraid of losing all your health. You will be given an option to continue from the current progress by placing a new character on the base or continue from checkpoint. This is your call the easier route is to continue with a new character so nothing has to be repeated. Loki's first move is to create a clone. Move to a Loki and attack. It doesn't seem like there is a way to differentiate the clone from the real Loki. I've attacked both and ended up at the same point. Once you connect attack with one of the two, Loki goes into stasis (but can still blast a ranged attack) and a frost giant replaces him. Take out the sole frost giant. Loki reappears and is ready to fight. He will attack at range with a blast from his staff. He also will move in close quickly and melee with his weapon. This fight is one of the few times in the game where the block button (Circle) is useful. Holding circle will negate the majority of damage from Loki's attacks. Also if you happen to have the repel ability it can if timed right cause damage to the boss. After he completes a combo counter with your own. If it connects continue to attack and his health goes down fast. Using ranged attacks does not seem too useful. For the most part Loki just blocks/deflects these attempts. The fight doesn't seem to get easier with increased level. I've ran through this fight with lower level and fully leveled characters. The fully leveled characters have more health and can take more damage but it doesn't make the fight easier. Having multiple Loki's attack at range while they can not receive damage creates a problem no matter how much health you have.

Next Loki will split into three. This is a time where dodge roll (left stick and Circle) becomes very important. All three versions (the two clones and the real Loki) will attack at range. Dodge roll around the room until you can get close to one and attack. This Loki will transform into a giant frost giant. Defeat it but watch for the other non moving Loki's ranged attacks. Once the frost giant is gone the other two clones are out of stasis. Dodge roll to one and attack. This Loki will transform to a frost giant. Defeat the enemy and we get to face Loki again. Block again is important. Allow Loki to come close then counter with your own combo. Eliminating his health bar causes him to split into four. Its the same strategy as before hit a Loki and defeat a frost giant. Eliminate the three clones and we fight against the real deal. Hold block and counter when possible.

A Change in the Air

Move to the marker and either use the elevator or fly to the top of the building. The next marker indicates the site where we can spot the weather machine. Move to it and destroy it. There will be frost giants that attack but focus on the weather machine. Its destruction ends the mission even if a single frost giant is not attacked.

Reward: 200 Blue Sparks

Chilling Chase

Frost Giants and secuity bots are attacking the city. Move to the two locations that are under siege and clear the enemies. The second site will have a few giant frost giants but other than that there isn't anything to really worry about.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Keeping it Loki

The mayor is a prisoner to some frost giants. Eliminate the four enemies holding the mayor. Pick up the elected official and carry him to a SHIELD safe zone for deprogramming. Upon arrival the safe zone isn't so safe. Defeat the five frost giants that spawn to end the mission.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Air Mail

SHIELD has developed a flying motorcyle and is providing it to the Avengers. Move to the drop point on the docks and get on the Sky-cycle. Press Triangle to tranform it into a flying vehicle. Fly it back to the top of Avengers Tower and its yours to keep. This is great for moving around town with characters that can not fly.

Reward: 150 Blue sparks, Sky-Cycle

A Worldwide Web

Loki is now attacking the leaders of the UN. There are four members of the UN that are frozen solid. Break the ice and transport the thawed diplomats to the SHIELD safe zone for deprogramming. There will be frost giants that attack. Defeat them if you like but it isn't required. As long as all four UN members make it to the safe zone the mission is complete.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks, AIM Drone

Snow End in Sight

Five weather machines are creating havoc in the city. Move to each of their locations and destroy them along with any frost giants that get in your way.

Reward: 200 Blue Sparks, Super Jump Race

Ice Breaker

SHIELD has developed portable heat generators to combat the frost giants. They have one in the park but it will take some time to power up. Move to its location and protect it from the attacking enemies. The regular assortment of enemies will appear. They will not stop spawning until the 2:00 timer reaches zero or the generator is destroyed. Lets up the timer runs out first. The main concern for this mission is an unruly camera that doesn't allow a full view of the enemies surrounding the generator. Utilize any Special Moves when swarmed and pick off the others as the approach the generator.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Hasty Retreat

Move to the next SHIELD safe zone. More citizens are being frozen by the frost giants. This time we have 3 minutes to break the ice on 8 people and transport them to the safe zone where a heat generator will protect them. The frost giants won't like the idea of you disturbing their important work. They will attack and not stop spawning until your character is eliminated or all eight citizens are saved. For the most part you can ignore the enemies. Attack them when you need to clear a path or are swarmed. Otherwise free a citizen, pick them up, and toss them to the safe zone. Throwing them is more efficient/quicker than carrying them all the way as long as your aim is good.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Training Ground

Even the subways are not safe from frost giant attacks. Clear the street of the five frost giants. Find the frozen portion of the ground and perform and air attack to bust into the subway track below. The path for the on coming train is blocked by ice. Destroy the beams on either side of the track to bring the road above crashing down. This provides a ramp for the train to ride up preventing a more dangerous crash. There will be frost giants that attack. Eliminate them as needed but the primary focus is on destroying the steel beams. After the cinematic a enemies spawn. Eliminate them to complete the mission.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Pier Pressure

Captain Marvel saw frost giants taking Sif to the docks. Head there to investigate. Defeat the swarm of enemies that spawn. They will include some drones, normal sized enemies, and giant frost giants. Once the last enemy is eliminated the mission ends.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Sif's Ship-Shape

The next mission is extremely close. Its activated as soon as Pier Pressure ends. Move to nearby warehouse and enter. The first room contains more frost giants to bash. A total of 12 will greet you at the door. Deeper into the warehouse another group of frost giants is waiting to attack. Defeat all nine in this group and a cinematic shows a disturbance outside. One of the crates releases a snow mobile. Use it to drive to the next objective, the ice caves. When at the marker exit the vehicle and enter the cave. Upon entry the path out behind you is blocked. In the next large room there will be several frost giants to defeat. Special Moves can help clear the area much faster. Upon the defeat of both waves of enemies a monster frost giant explodes out of the wall. This guy isn't too much to worry about. He can take more hits than his brothers. He also has more variety in his attacks. Dodge roll out of his way and use ranged attacks to decrease his health. Continue the dodge and attack strategy until the big guy shatters. Sif is in the next room. When you reach the marker a cinematic take over.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks, Snowmobile, Sif

Taking Some Heat

Loki and MODOK's weather machines are not working together to coat the city in a super blizzard. There are three large weather machines on roof tops in the city. These machines are floating above the buildings and will be tethered by generators directly below it. The goal is to destroy the tethers so that the machine explodes. Of course frost giants will be there to attempt to divert you from your goal. Defeat or ignore them and take out the machines.

Rewards: 250 Blue Sparks

Just Say Nano

Fury immediately gives you the next mission. We have to defend Avengers Tower while JARVIS creates a nano-virus. Just outside the tower we will find the gates down on the entrance. We have to protect these against the frost giant attack. They will spawn continuosly until JARVIS has completed the nano-virus. Both doors will be attacked. Be sure to divide your attention between both sides. If one gate is dramatically at lower health than the other then it takes priority. JARVIS will provide updates on the shield strength and his work on the nano virus. This will give you an idea of how much longer you need to hold off the enemies. Remember protecting the tower is more important than defeating enemies. If a frost giant is a way from the gates then he isn't presenting an immediate threat. Be sure to eliminate those that are attacking the tower first then it is possible to spread out and attack the others as they approach the tower.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Chill Out

Captain Marvel has located another frost giant horde. This is simply a fight. You will have to destroy two sets of enemies. Each set will have about 8 frost giants. The two sets are nearby but in separate locations. Once the street is clear the mission is complete.

Reward: 250 Sparks, Ranged Attack Frost Giant, Vs. Mode Docks

I'll Let You Off with a Warming

SHIELD is using the heat generators to take parts of the city out of frost giant control. Move to the drop site and protect the generator while it warms up. A timer will appear. We have to defeat the enemies that appear and last 2:30 to complete the objective. The camera presents the biggest obstacle in this mission. Its difficult to target some of the drones due to the poor view. While defending its more important to eliminate enemies that are close to the generator. Anytime you are over run or there are multiple targets clumped together unleash a Special Move to damage all that nearby. Its likely that the generator will receive some series damage and you may just barely make it to the expiration of the timer.

Reward: 350 Blue Sparks

Hot Spot

We have to protect another heat generator. This one was placed by Captain Marvel at the docks. This is just like the other defend mission but the timer is extended to 3 minutes. Defeat any enemy that approaches the generator. Use the Special Moves wisely when enemies are grouped.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks, Medium Frost Giant B

Joining the Frozen Legion

The mission sounds like its going to be one where we have to follow someone without being detected. Its not. Instead once we arrive at the marker where the frost giant general is meant to be we end up in a brawl. Clear the street of frost giants to complete the mission.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks, Tread Dead Challenge

Cold Rush

Sif asks that we continue to chase the frost giant general. This will not be a chase. Arriving at the marker initiates a fight. Defeat two waves of enemies in two locations to end the mission. At the end Sif believes she's located the enemy base.

Reward: 350 Blue Sparks

Take Snow Prisoners

We now know where the general is located. We must infiltrate his fortress. The infilitration process is just smashing some frost giants in the face. Defeat two waves of enemies and the general makes an appearance. The general is not a new enemy. He is one of the large frost giants with extra attacks and health. Avoid his boulder throw, ground quake, and sonic attack that may freeze. With the general and his two minions out of commission we completed the objectives.

Reward: 350 Blue Sparks, Large Frost Giant

Safety First

Loki and MODOK are setting up a device in the center of the park. In order to safely deploy the nano-virus we have to evacuate the civilians. We only have 3:30 to save all the citizens. The goal is to break the people out of their icy prison with an attack. Pick them up and carry them into the SHIELD safe zone where the heat generator is located. Move to the civilians farthest away from the safe zone and beginning freeing them first. Then work your way back to the closer captives. The entire time frost giants will attempt to stop your good deeds. Fighting them just slows you down. Only attack if swarmed. Even then its probably better to run. As you carry a civilian close to the safe zone it is perfectly acceptable to throw them into safety.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

Viral Infection

We have to attach the nano-virus to the Casket. When the mission begins pick up the device next to you and begin carrying it to the Casket. Along the way ice walls will appear blocking your path. There will also be attacking frost giants. When progress is being stopped, set the device down and eliminate all obstacles. This is not timed so there is no need to rush. The most important thing is to keep moving forward while keeping the device safe from damage. As soon as the nano-virus is in place a cinematic leads us directly into the final mission.

Reward: 250 Blue Sparks

A Chilling Conclusion

Loki is not very fond of the Avengers meddling in his plans. To prove this point he summons a giant frost beast from below ground. This guys is no joke. His primary attack is his ice cold breath. This frost breath is telegraphed when the beast leans his head back. As he moves forward he will cast his breath from the right side of the screen all the way across. If hit this burst of cold air will freeze our hero in place. After the breath reaches the left side of the screen several boulders emerge from the ground. These will momentarily explode again from the right side of the screen to the left. The exploding ice rocks deal serious damage. Avoid being frozen by dodge rolling right through the ice gust as it moves toward you. Blocking will help limit the damage from the exploding boulders. After the boulders explode the beast will attempt a melee attack with his giant paw. It will come crashing down toward you. This should not connect. A simple dodge roll out of the way will prevent any damage. Fortunately for us though the beast's arm is not stuck to the ground. Move to it and attack. It may not appear to decrease his health meter but thats okay. Damage the arm enough and he will collapse. With the beast's head in range pound on his face. Now you will see the health bar deplete. The beast will retract and curl up in a little (well not really little) ball. At this point, a swarm of frost giants emerge. Use a Special Move to thin them out quick. Then pick off any survivors. The beast may awaken before you eliminate the frost giants. That is not a terrible thing. His attacks will remain the same. The breath followed by explosive ice boulders. These ice boulders will likely eliminate any stray frost giants. The rest of the fight is the same as the first phase. The beast does get an extra attack when down to one-third of his health. After smashing the ground with his hand for you to attack, he will beat the ground with both arms. Stay clear of either arm by staying on outside or in between them. Just don't stand directly under them and get hit. You will need to attack the head a total of three times to obtain victory.

Reward: 750 Blue Sparks, Vs Mode Park

Avengers Crossover Missions


  1. At where we first meet Nick Fury
  2. During street sweeper on the left as you near a bridge when destroying the ice road blocks
  3. Site of destruction of ice for the Shaking the Wasp's Nest mission
  4. Look on the right side during Make Mine Marvel mission when the second ice barricade appears
  5. Street corner at the second fight during Chasing a Lead
  6. Street corner at the third fight during Chasing a Lead
  7. Outside abandoned warehouse at the end of Chasing a Lead, its the starting point for Loki's Swelled Head mission
  8. Site of UN hostages during A Worldwide Web mission
  9. On a over pass down the street from the bridge closest to A shot of Glory challenge


  1. At where we first meet Nick Fury
  2. At first power station that requires activation in the Energy Crisis mission
  3. At second power station in the Energy Crisis mission
  4. At ice road blocks during street sweeper mission
  5. Stopping point for vehicle in Make Mine Marvel missoin (its where Captain Marvel will give her missions)
  6. Street in front of Avengers tower, side opposite Nick Fury
  7. Street in front of Avengers tower, side opposite Nick Fury
  8. Near the crashed subway car during the Training Ground mission
  9. At an intersection a street over from Wasp's mission giving location

Avengers Challenges

  • Vs. Mode Docks
    • DESC: Challenge a friend at the Docks! The player with the most knockouts wins
    • TIPS: This is a two-player challenge. Five minutes are placed on the clock. When the timer reaches zeroes the person with the most knockouts wins.
  • Vs. Mode Park
    • DESC: Challenge a friend at the Park! The Player with the most knockouts wins
    • TIPS: This is a two-player challenge. Five minutes are placed on the clock. When the timer reaches zeroes the person with the most knockouts wins.
  • Vs Mode Avengers Tower
    • DESC: Challenge a friend on top of Avengers Tower! The player with the most knockouts wins.
    • TIPS: This is a two-player challenge. Five minutes are placed on the clock. When the timer reaches zeroes the person with the most knockouts wins.
  • High Flier
    • DESC: Fly to the finish line as fast as you can! Pass through all the gates in order
    • GOLD: 2:00
    • SLVR: 2:20
    • BRNZ: 2:40
    • TIPS: Only a flier can attempt this challenge. Even a non-flier on a flying vehicle is excluded. So you will have three options Iron Man, Thor, or Nova. Follow the green mist line to fly through green gates. I had the Full Thrusters skill (increases flight speed) on Iron Man and was able to get gold on the first try. The better you can avoid environmental slow downs the easier the challenge is. The first time through I'd missed a gate and ran into a building. Even with these 2 drastic, time consuming errors I was able to get gold with a second to spare.
  • Trills and Chills
    • DESC: Earn a high score doing stunts on the snowmobile
    • GOLD: 7000 (14000)
    • SLVR: 5000 (10000)
    • BRNZ: 2000 (4000)
    • TIPS: This challenge is not in the city. It is at the Ice Park located at one of the docks. You must enter a nearby warehouse to access the park. The challenge is to score points performing tricks on the snowmobile. A trick is achieved by leaving the ground and moving the right stick in a direction. The snowmobile will then flip or spin based on the direction chosen. Points are only scored by landing after a trick is performed. If you crash then the points the trick was worth are not added to your total.
  • Flight Targets
    • DESC: Fly through the rings to earn points
    • GOLD: 1200 (2000)
    • SLVR: 1000 (1750)
    • BRNZ: 800 (1500)
    • TIPS: A flight character is required for this challenge (Iron Man, Thor or Nova). You are transported to the top of Avenger's tower. From here pick a side and begin to fly through as many rings and orbs as possible. Connecting with rings or orbs grants points toward your overall score. The key is to keep moving and be accurate with your flight pattern. The more time you spend between rings and the more rings missed the less likely a high score is obtained. If given the choice between hitting a ring or a set of orbs, I'd target the red orbs. They seemed to give more points than missing a ring or two.
  • Quick Pace Race
    • DESC: Race the motorcycle to the finish line. Pass through all the gates in order.
    • GOLD: 1:00
    • SLVR: 1:20
    • BRNZ: 1:40
    • TIPS: While on the motorcycle there is no reason to avoid traffic. You will plow right through any vehicles in the way. You do have to avoid environmental obstacles, buildings, subway entrances, etc. Achieving gold on this challenge simply requires becoming familiar with the course. A quick and easy piece of advice is to avoid riding onto the overpass early in the race. The turn coming off of the over pass requires a quick jump that usually leads to a crash or stop in forward movement. Instead as you approach the overpass stay to the open area on the left and you will still be able to follow the green mist. Gold is achievable without worrying about the turbo meter.
  • A Shot at Glory
    • DESC: Earn points by breaking targets. Utilize your Character's special moves!
    • GOLD: 1000 (1400)
    • SLVR: 875 (1150)
    • BRNZ: 725 (900)
    • TIPS: You have 2 minutes to destroy as many orbs as possible. A flier that has a good quick ranged attack is great for this mission. Iron Man has both. Target the red orbs because they will lead to the destruction of the surrounding orbs. Take out the group right below the starting point and to the left quickly. Next fly to the distant higher orbs near the portion of road that rises above the ground and shoot out/fly through the red orb for some quick points. On the back side of the building on the left there will be several spots with red orbs too. After these higher orbs are destroyed move around the ground level firing repulsor shots as much as possible to destroy everything in sight. After a couple times and becoming familiar with orb location a good medal should be in the future.
  • Skyward Score
    • DESC: Fly through the rings to earn points
    • GOLD: 1200 (2000)
    • SLVR: 1000 (1800)
    • BRNZ: 800 (1600)
    • TIPS: Iron Man, Nova, or Thor are the possible heroes for this challenge. It requires flight and they are the only ones in the Avenger's play set with that ability. Rings will be in the air. The goal is to fly through as many of them in 2 minutes as you can. For each ring that you fly through or connect with points are added to your score. Pick a route and follow the rings as best you can. This really tests your ability to control a flying character. The more space you cover without hitting the rings the more difficult it will be to get a medal winning score.
  • Hulk Smash
    • DESC:
    • GOLD:
    • SLVR:
    • BRNZ:
    • TIPS:
  • Route to Victory
    • DESC: Complete a race on the motorcycle by passing through each of the gates
    • GOLD: 1:30
    • SLVR: 1:40
    • BRNZ: 2:00
    • TIPS:
  • Tread Dead
    • DESC: Defeat enemies while riding the snowmobile to earn points
    • GOLD: 150 (200)
    • SLVR: 135 (150)
    • BRNZ: 75 (100)
    • TIPS:
  • So Much Ice, So Little Time
    • DESC:
    • GOLD:
    • SLVR:
    • BRNZ:
    • TIPS:
  • Splash Landing
    • DESC:
    • GOLD:
    • SLVR:
    • BRNZ:
    • TIPS:
  • Fight or Flight
    • DESC:
    • GOLD:
    • SLVR:
    • BRNZ:
    • TIPS:
  • Super Jump Race
    • DESC:
    • GOLD:
    • SLVR:
    • BRNZ:
    • TIPS:

Avengers Feats

  • Beginning Bonus
    • Collect your first Bonus Box in the Avengers Play Set
  • Steady AIM
    • Defeat the opponent in the abandoned warehouse
  • Damage Master
    • Deal 5,000 points of damage in Avengers destruction challenges
  • Supreme Strength
    • Find and collect all Maximum Strength Bonus Boxes in the Avengers Play Set
  • Tower Power
    • Stabilize Avengers Tower
  • Damage Control
    • Deliver 16 civilians to the Heat Generators
  • Team Player
    • Compete in 2 multiplayer challenges
  • Eyes to the Sky
    • Unlock the Sky-Cycle
  • Bird's Eye View
    • Arrive at the top of Avengers Tower
  • Bonus Box Champion
    • Find and collect all Bonus Boxes in the Avengers Play Set
  • Heavy Metal
    • Defeat 10 medium Frost Giants as Iron Man
  • Technological Warfare
    • Find and collect all Tech Bonus Boxes in the Avengers Play Set
  • Running Rampage
    • Use Hulk's Rampaging Rush against 20 enemies
  • Swept off Your Feat
    • Complete 200 feats
  • Green Thunder
    • Attack Hulk as Thor
  • Flight Master
    • Find and Collect all Flight Bonus Boxes in the Avengers Play Set
  • Cross Country Flight
    • Fly as Iron Man for a distance of 15 Kilometers
  • Avengers Away Team
    • Find all the hidden Crossover Coins in the Avengers Playset
  • Romanoff's Revenge
    • Defeat 25 small Frost Giants as Black Widow
  • Bronze Hero
    • Collect 5 bronze medals from Avengers Challenges
  • Un-De-Feat-Able
    • Complete all Feats
  • Dancing Feat
    • Complete 150 Feats
  • Enemy Eliminator
    • Defeat 200 enemies in Avengers Combat Challenges
  • Landing on Both Feat
    • Complete 50 Feats
  • Springing to your Feat
    • Complete 25 feats
  • Road Trip
    • Ride the motorcycle as Captain America for 5 kilometers
  • Break the Ice
    • Break 25 chunks of ice around the city
  • Air Raid
    • Defeat 30 enemies while flying
  • Diving in with Both Feat
    • Complete 10 feats
  • Silver Medalist
    • Collect 5 silver medals from Avengers challenges
  • On Target
    • Defeat 15 MODOK drones as Hawkeye
  • Getting your Feat Wet
    • Complete 1 feat
  • Beastly Barrage
    • Destroy Loki's secret weapon
  • Super Soldier Sweep
    • Defeat 10 shielded medium Frost Giants as Captain America
  • Grand Gold Medalist
    • Collect all gold medals from Avengers challenges
  • God of Thunder
    • Defeat 25 small Frost Giants as Thor
  • Gold Medalist
    • Collect 5 gold medals from Avengers Challenges
  • Fast on Your Feat
    • Complete 100 feats
  • Orb Smasher
    • Destroy 1000 orbs in the Avengers Play Set
  • Points Champ
    • Score 10,000 total points in Avengers challenges
  • Super Jumper
    • Find and collect all Super Jump Bonus Boxes in the Avengers Play Set
  • Point Collector
    • Score 5,000 total points in Avengers challenges
  • Job Well Done
    • Complete every mission in the Avengers Play Set
  • Master of Verticality
    • Find and collect all Wall Crawl Bonus Boxes in the Avengers Play Set
  • Life Line
    • Revive another player 3 times
  • Five by Five
    • Defeat 5 enemies as Hawkeye in 5 seconds
  • Special Move Master
    • Defeat 50 enemies using Special Move
  • Tank Buster
    • Defeat 5 large Frost Giants
  • Call for a Ride
    • Summon a vehicle from the SHIELD Transportation Request station
  • Power Up
    • Restore power to every power generator
  • Puny Tank
    • Defeat 3 large Frost Giants as Hulk


Characters available for use in the Spider-Man play set: Spider-Man, Nova, Iron Fist, Venom, Iron Man (Cross Over Coins), Hulk (Cross Over Coins)

The content of this walkthrough was created primarily using Spider-Man. The information should be reliable with any of the characters linked to this play set.

Spider-Man Walkthrough

Dark Days Ahead

The opening sequence of the mission is simply following Mysterio and jumping when he raises or removes portions of the ground. Eventually Mysterio goes a way and we practice are ability to climb on ledges. After the initial simple platforming we arrive at a room with a large glass wall. We can see Mysterio and our character's reflection. Observe the position of the character in relation to Mysterio in the reflection and attack him (tap Triangle). The wall shatters and a cinematic begins.

Rewards: 75 Blue Sparks

Trapped Like Sardines

White Tiger is going after Mysterio and Goblin. We are to stay in the lab and rescue any trapped scientists. Move into the next room and destroy the power source indicated by the yellow arrow to disable the force field on the exit. Climb up the elevator shaft and exit to the broken walk way. A symbiote exits a containment tank. Defeat it by attacking with Triangle. The next room has several more symbiotes. Eliminate them then attack the battery. Once its out of place pick it up and carry it in to the next room. Place it in the socket in this room to open the next door. The next room contains a turret. Avoid the missiles by walking at angles toward it or dodging (Circle and left stick). Remove the battery on the right from its socket and place it on the socket to the left. The next room will have two shield turrets and several symbiotes. Defeat the symiotes and dodge the turret's missiles. Move up the ramp to the right side of the room. Follow the path, leaping over gaps until it ends with a glass floor. Jump and smash through it (X then Triangle). Knock the battery out of its socket then exit. The turrets and force field are now gone. Move into the next room. Use the ledges on the wall to the left to move across the gap in the floor. If you fall don't worry there is a pipe below that will allow access to the starting point for another try.

The next room has a simple puzzle. A turret knocks a battery out of its socket. Place this battery on the elevator. Now move to the wall near the elevator and find a battery in a containment unit. Attack the battery to knock it loose. Place this battery in the nearby socket to activate the elevator. Use the elevator to reach the higher platform. The battery on the elevator can be used to open the door to the next room. Here we find more symbiotes and another battery. Defeat the enemies. This battery is surrounded by an electric field that damages if touched. Move into the room to the left to find another battery in a wall containment unit. Place this battery in the other socket in the room. A turret begins to fire. Move to the other side of the protected battery and the turret will help knock the batery out of place. This removes a force field on the exit. We can now deactivate the turret by removing the battery in the other socket. Use one of the two batteries to open the door to the next room by placing it on the socket near the exit. We have found the scientist and they are now safe.

Rewards: 100 Blue Sparks, Swarming Symbiote for the Toy Box

From Tiger to Cage

This mission is quite simple. Just move to the marked location to find Luke Cage. After the quick cinematic the mission is complete.

Reward: 75 Blue Sparks