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Can I go back to get the bow? Side Quest 1 5 days ago
How do I swap between fists, brick and stick to attack someone? Main Quest 1 3 weeks ago
Replaying chapters with an easier difficulty will affect? Side Quest 1 1 month ago
can i use addons in story mode? Side Quest 1 1 month ago
Why, when I shoot at the pendant on the tree, I can't get it? Side Quest 2 1 month ago
How to set up the auto aim mode? Build 1 4 months ago
How do i get ellie of the raft in the sewer? Main Quest 1 6 months ago
Why can't we drop items? Build 1 6 months ago
When is Stealth not Stealth? Main Quest 2 6 months ago
Scared as a child in front of zombies ! Help ? General 2 1 year ago

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