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Enemy/Boss Help Answers Last Answer
How do i beat hundun ?! 1 4 years ago

Plot/Storyline Help Answers Last Answer
How to unlock battle of nanjin? 1 1 year ago
Ch.3 missing mission? 0 1 year ago
Can not progress past chapter 5? 5 2 years ago
Possible to get horses? 1 4 years ago
Can the gaiden stages be unlocked as well? 1 4 years ago

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers Last Answer
Triple rush attack? 1 10 months ago
Strongest r1 in the game? 1 2 years ago

Technical Help Answers Last Answer
Special Triple Rush Attack? 1 9 months ago
Gauntlet Mode Quests progression bug ? 1 11 months ago
Unlocked weapons disappearing? 1 2 years ago
I dont see my DLC stages? 1 3 years ago
New game will not load on new ps4, Why? 2 4 years ago
I can't Upload my Saved Data? 1 4 years ago

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