Gauntlet Mode Quests progression bug ?

  1. After beating all Gauntlet Mode stages once, I completed some of the quests without any problems. However, the game suddendly stopped keeping track of the enemies I kill to complete the quests I've selected. To give you an example, the progression of the quest "Repel Cursed Sorcerers" gets stuck to 0% no matter how many of them I kill after successfully completing the stage. I even tried to cancel the quest and accept it once again, but it didn't work. Does anybody else has this problem ? FYI I'm playing a retail EU version on PS4.

    User Info: Crawler3333

    Crawler3333 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I found the answer myself on

    The quests asks for "Cursed Sorcerers", but you must kill "Charm Sorcerers" instead. As a matter of fact, this issue is specific to this quest only.

    The blame is mostly on me, I should have checked some more detailed info before asking. However, I'll leave the answer here too just in case.

    User Info: Crawler3333

    Crawler3333 - 1 year ago 0   0

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