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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by adam3k3

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/22/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     B  A  T  M  A  N           
            ##                     /          /                                  
         /####                   #/         #/                                   
        /  ###                   ##         ##                                   
           /##                   ##         ##                                   
          /  ##                  ##         ##                                   
          /  ##     ###  /###    ##  /##    ##  /##      /###   ### /### /###    
         /    ##     ###/ #### / ## / ###   ## / ###    / ###  / ##/ ###/ /##  / 
         /    ##      ##   ###/  ##/   /    ##/   ###  /   ###/   ##  ###/ ###/  
        /      ##     ##         ##   /     ##     ## ##    ##    ##   ##   ##   
        /########     ##         ##  /      ##     ## ##    ##    ##   ##   ##   
       /        ##    ##         ## ##      ##     ## ##    ##    ##   ##   ##   
       #        ##    ##         ######     ##     ## ##    ##    ##   ##   ##   
      /####      ##   ##         ##  ###    ##     ## ##    /#    ##   ##   ##   
     /   ####    ## / ###        ##   ### / ##     ##  ####/ ##   ###  ###  ###  
    /     ##      #/   ###        ##   ##/   ##    ##   ###   ##   ###  ###  ### 
    #                                              /                             
     ##                                           /                              
                                                 /   K  N  I  G  H  T   
                  Title:    Batman Arkham Knight
                  System:   PlayStation 4
                  Type:     Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                  Version:  1.5
                  Author:   Adam3k3
                  Revision: Decmber 22, 2015 
                     FAQ Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper
             For contact details, please see Contacts section.
    Table of Contents
    1. About this Guide...................[100]
     1-1. Copyright and License
     2-1. Version History
     3-1. FAQ Explained
    2. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough...........[200]
     Before you start
     The City
     Even the Odds
     Ace Chemicals
     The Clock Tower
     The Streets
     Grand Avenue Station
     The Orphanage
     Miagani Island
     Grand Avenue
     Stagg’s Airships
     Research Laboratory
     China Town
     Botanical Gardens
     Wayne Tower
     Miagani Island
     Movie Studio
     Founder’s Island
     Clock Tower
     Movie Studios
     i. Christina Bell
     ii. Albert King
     iii. Charisma
     Quarantine Cells
     Miagani Island
     Interrogate Simon Stagg
     The Church Yard
     Bleake Island
     Excavator Tunnels
     The Arkham Knight
     The Clock Tower
     The Cauldron
    3. Closing............................[300]
     1-3. Contacts
     2-3. Special Thanks
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    -+-+-+ 100: About this Guide -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available 
    on GameFaqs.
    -+-+-+ Copyright and License
    This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
    the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.
    This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
    its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
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    availability section.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    [3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0
    -+-+-+ Version History
    Version 1.5 Decmber 22, 2015
    . Fixed a few spoilers
    . Added more info
    . Added Controls
    . Added Upgrades
    . Added Gadgets
    . Corrected Gramer and spelling mistakes
    Version 1.00 July 22, 2015
    . FAQ complete.
    -+-+-+ FAQ Explained  
    This is a spoiler free walkthrough; I will try to provide you with 
    as much information on the main walkthrough without spoiling any 
    story related surprises.
    This FAQ assumes you are already familiar with the controls and the
    fighting mechanics so I won’t focus on that. I will be skipping the
    side missions and only cover the main story. Good luck.
    -+-+-+ 200: Spoiler-Free Walkthrough -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Before you start
    Always select the main story (Middle up) when presented with a story/side
    mission selection. Upgrade the Batmobile’s armor to the max as most of the
    hard fights will be done using the Batmobile.
    / \      Counter
    [ ]      Strike
     O       Cap stun
     X       Run / Glide
    Up       Detective mode
    Right    Mission select
    Left     AR challenges
    Down     Gadget select
    L1       Enter / Call Batmobile
    L2       Hold: Aim gadget / Tap: Quickfire Batarang
    R1       Grapple
    R2       Crouch
    Trackpad WayneTech
    The combat is simple yet hard to master. Upon successful hitting three
    enemies in a row without taking damage, you will advance into a free
    flow mode with a single punch temporary knocking enemies down. The combo
    meter will appear indicating the number of useful hits. Should you fail
    to deliver the next attack, the combo meter will reset to zero and you
    will have to start all over again.
    You can also stall the matter timer by performing dodging moves or special
    attacks in order to give yourself time planning your next attack. Larger
    enemies and bosses will require different methods of attack and may be
    immune from the normal attacks. Upgrading your attacks is a good idea to
    increase power and even new moves.
    Predator Rooms
    Predator Rooms are areas that can be found both in story mode and in
    challenge mode where you need to perform certain tasks while taking
    out armed and unarmed thugs. These challenges are mostly done using
    stealth and speed as well as certain gadgets. Getting spotted in predator
    challenges is not recommended as it will most likely alert enemies and
    make it harder. Story predator challenges don't require any objectives
    except that you take out all enemies so no pressure.
    Fighting enemies and completing missions gives you points that can be used to
    unlock moves and upgrade the Batmobile. Some of the moves can only be unlocked
    or upgraded after unlocking the previous one. Doing AR challenges will
    increase your points speeding up the process for an upgrade availability.
    Once you have enough points for an upgrade, a text will flash prompting you to
    do so. Click the trackpad to access the upgrade screen. There are six
    categorize to upgrade within.
    . Gadget Tech      20 upgrades
    Unlocking cool new gadgets to use on enemies or make your movements faster.
    . Gadget Skills    13 upgrades
    For better using the Gadgets adding new/quicker ways to use them.
    . Combat           16 upgrades
    Upgrade your combos and extra moves allowing more damage in combat.
    . Batsuit          15 upgrades
    Upgrading your bat suit allows you to take more damage from both punches
    and guns. An important category to upgrade.
    . Batmobile        10 upgrades
    Upgrading the tools and power of your car. Highly recommended as many of
    the game's battles will be on the road.
    . Batmobile Weapons 9 upgrades
    Upgrade the Batmobile's weapons power for more damage as well as new tricks.
    Concentrate on leveling up your Batmobile's armor as well as weapon power as
    a priority followed by the Batsuit armor upgrade against weapons.
    A quick explanation on Gadgets found in this game.
    . Grapple Gun
    The most used gadget in the game. Using the grappling gun, you can launch
    yourself from point to points like buildings and rooftops. You will also
    be using it in predator rooms to hide from view or initiate takedowns. Use
    it when gliding to keep yourself from hitting the ground.
    . Batarangs
    Use Batarangs to temporary knock out enemies or draw attention. You can also
    hit some switches depending on the story. Quick throwing Batarangs during
    battles will give you time to breathe and plan your next attack as affected
    enemies will be temporarily knocked out.
    . Smoke Pellets
    Use it when under fire to blind the attackers giving yourself a chance to
    hide. Throwing it at enemies will blind them for a small time allowing you
    to perform a silent takedown.
    . Freeze Grenades
    Temporary freeze the enemies. Some will still be able to use their guns
    so be careful. Useful to slow down the action in intense battles giving
    yourself a chance to plan your attacks.
    . Line Launcher
    Used to zip yourself in a straight line from point to point. You can divert
    your destination in the middle of the zip to another direction. Useful to
    travel between gaps. Can also be used as an attack or takedown.
    . REC Gun
    Zip your enemies in battle and open electric doors or generators.
    . Cryptographic Sequencer
    Used to hack terminals opening doors or disabling mounted weapons.
    . Batclaw
    Useful for pulling enemies slamming them afterwards. Also used to pull
    objects in story mode.
    . Disruptor
    Used to disable enemies weapons for some time. You have 3 shots before the
    weapon needs to recharge.
    . Voice Synthesizer
    Mimics the targeted enemy voice to fool the thugs into following orders.
    . Explosive Gel
    Spray and detonate for a small explosion knocking out enemies and clearing
    paths in story mode.
    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough  \----------------------------------------------------
    . Move to the back of the coffee shop and talk to the smoking person.
    . Struggle around until a cut sense.
    The City
    . Glide to the marked point.
    . After finishing the talk, make your way to the crime scene.
    . Take care of the thugs and rescue the officer.
    Even the Odds
    . Follow and attack the military vehicle.
    . Integrate the injured driver.
    . Drive to the marked location and get on top of the building.
    . Smash through and take out the thugs.
    . Take Ivy to the GCPD.
    . Take out the drones on the way.
    . Drive to the marked location and take out the other drones.
    . Get to GCPD.
    . Talk to Gordon near the big monitor.
    . Drive to the marked location.
    . Enter the Clock Tower from the top.
    . Use detective mode and activate the head statu.
    . Use the computer.
    . Zip Yourself out and get to the marked location.
    . Attach the remote access.
    . Get to the marked area and call in the Batmobile.
    . Fire the Power Winch to make a ramp. Get up and navigate to the marked
      point to power the generator. Use the Battle Mode to drive carefully.
    . Rev the engine and balance it with the green meter on the bottom right
      display all the way up.
    . Get to the marked area.
    . Get on the vantage point. Throw a Batarang on the door to get the attention
      of the thugs and draw them outside.
    . Stealthy take care of the two thugs.
    . Get the suit upgrade.
    Complete the training if you want or,
    . Enter through the shaft on the left and exit taking the thugs out
      using fear takedowns.
    . Use the electric panel.
    . Pinpoint the next location.
    . Get to the marked location.
    Ace Chemicals
    . Zip yourself to the marked location.
    . Stealthly take out the militiamen.
    . Get to the security booth and use the computer.
    . Get to the top marked position and scan for the five hostages locations.
    . Get to the lover moving platform and take care of all the thugs.
    . You can use the controls to lower and position this platform to
      make a ramp.
    . Glide into the marked both bellow.
    . smash in and take out everyone. Take a look at the dead body and use the
      panel to open the gate for the Batmobile.
    . Get the Batmobile inside and take care of the drones. 
    . Fire the Oower Winch on the gate to open the way.
    . Carefully drive on the narrow path to the marked location.
    . Take out the guards on the way.
    . Fire the Power Winch and take down the wall.
    . Take out the guards.
    . Rescue the hostage inside.
    . Use the Batmobile to take out some of the militia.
    . Finish off the rest and rescue the hostage.
    . Get the hostage to safety by dropping him to the other side of the
      bridge. Get back.
    . Get to the upper level and use the controls on the moving platform
      to make a ramp that will enable the Batmobile to get to the other side.
    . Get through the loading dock and take out the drones.
    . Get below the loading dock upper cabin and glide kick inside taking
      out everyone.
    . Use the explosive gel to blast off the weak wall and continue toward
      another hostage.
    . Blow Up the weak ground using explosive gel and drop down.
    . Use the electric panel.
    . Blow Up the weak wall.
    . Fire the Power Winch and destroy the pipe.
    . Repeat the same with the pipe below the Loading Dock room.
    . Get down and to the next area with yet another hostage.
    . Use the electric panel near the end.
    . Use the Batmobile to blow up the wall then use the Power Winch to bring
      up the elevator.
    . Get in and use the Batmobile to lower you all the way down.
    . Move forward and ip yourself into the upper shaft.
    . Make your way across another shaft and drop down taking everyone out.
    . Rescue the hostage and get back to the elevator. The doors should be
      open now.
    . Use the Batmobile to bring you to the upper level.
    . Take out all of the ground drones first while watching out for missiles
      and targeted bombs. Once the ground drones are out, keep moving while
      firing on the flying helicopter type drone until its out. Use the time
      when its reloading and staying still to concentrate fire and deal as much
      damage as possible.
    . Drop the hostage to across the bridge and return.
    . Blow up the marked wall then use the upper controls to position the
      ramp so the Batmobile can get inside.
    . Take out the drones inside.
    . Zip up and into the shaft.
    . Exit when the sentry gun is pointing away and fear takedown the two guards.
    . Get behind the gun and destroy it.
    . Use the power panel to open the gate.
    . Drive to the next gate, exit gliding across the wall into a bunch
      of militiamen.
    . Take everyone out starting with the medics. Use Environment attacks.
    . Use the electric panel near the gate to open it.
    . Exit the Batmobile gliding across the wall into the mixing chamber.
    . Stealthly, take out everyone.
    . Enter the chamber.
    . Use the computer inside.
    . You need to carefully take out four canisters, one at a time and insert
      them into the proper place across the room. Do this four times. Walk
      slowly and take/push them slowly.
    . Get inside the elevator, get down and walk toward the cells.
    . Check out all of the cells.
    . Use the Power Winch to rip the glass wall open.
    . Get in the Batmobile and drive away to safety.
    . Get to the GCPD taking out drones in your way.
    . Talk to Gordon.
    . Follow Gordon and deal with the three militia cars.
    . Let Gordon get into the Batmobile.
    . Get to the Clock Tower taking out drones in your way.
    . Try to get in. Get to the roof.
    The Clock Tower
    . After dealing with the thugs, zip yourself up on top of the clock tower
      and enter.
    . After the scene is over, look at Barbara while your back is facing the door.
    . After a few seconds, turn around and face the wall. Get close to the wall.
    . Wait till the conversation is over and take a walk around the entire room.
    . Walk to the wheelchair and pick it up.
    . Use the centered computer to locate the car used to kidnap her. The car
      footage should be on the Clock Tower’s main entrance view.
    . Zip yourself out by aiming at the roof.
    The Streets
    . Dropdown and enter the Batmobile.
    . Drive to the marked area near the Clock Tower entrance.
    . Use the forensics scanner to track the route.
    . Keep following the route until you come to a strange object.
    . Get out and investigate the object.
    . Drone fight. Make sure not to drive off the restricted areas as you
      will blow up everything. If you managed to cross the area by accident,
      a timer will count down so get back in fast.
    . When the battle is done, fire the power winch into bomb.
    . Rev the engine while balancing the green thing on the bottom right
      meter until the bomb explodes.
    . Continue following the trail.
    Grand Avenue Station
    . Make your way to the Grand Avenue Station by gliding.
    . Stealthily take out all of the militia thugs.
    . Use the terminal to lower the bridges.
    . Make your way to the Orphanage.
    The Orphanage
    . Take out the thugs, except for the glowing one as you need to
      interrogate him when everyone else is down.
    . Enter the orphanage.
    . Make your way to Catwomen.
    . Destroy all of the robots.
    . Get back all the way to your parked car.
    Miagani Island
    . Take care of all the drones.
    . Continue following the trail.
    . Take out the drones in your way if they spotted you.
    . Examine the scene and investigate the evidence.
    . Make your way to the Wayne Tower.
    . Activate the statue head by the books.
    . Use the computer behind the desk.
    . Select an upgrade.
    . Make your way to the marked location.
    . Once near the Miagani Tunnel, call in the Batmobile and engage the drones.
    Grand Avenue
    . Once the battle is over, park in the designated area and the door will open.
    . Upon reaching another blast door, fire the power winch into the fan above
      and drive back to break it.
    . Go through the fan hole and keep moving breaking the plywood in the next
      two rooms until you reach a ventilation shaft.
    . Use the line launcher to get across the big fan.
    . Use the remote controlled batarang to activate the switch.
    . Zip line to the new opened room.
    . In the next room, use the remote controlled batarang again to activate
      another switch.
    . Double zip yourself to the now opened area,
     (Zip to the middle of the room then zip again in the other direction).
    . Make your way forward until you reach an opening beneath with militia
      all over the place.
    . Zip yourself onto the rail, turn around and continue zipping till the end
      of the tunnel.
    . Zip into the shaft in the wall.
    . Make your way into the room with no enemies and exit.
    . After the scene, counter the thug and beat him down.
    . Take care of all militiamen.
    . A tank will block the exit, stay away from its range of fire.
    . Use the electric panel to open the big gate outside.
    . Use the Batmobile remotely. Blast the wooden gate and take care of all the
      drones including the tank that is blocking the exit.
    . Get in the Batmobile and ride to the next closed gate.
    . Exit the Batmobile and use the electric panel to open the gate.
    . Chase the main armored wagon taking out other militia vehicles on your way.
    . Exit the Batmobile and interrogate the solder.
    Grande Avenue
    . Make your way to the Grande Avenue for a Batmobile upgrade.
    .  Clear the area of any drones.
    . Make your way to the marked rooftop to meet Nightwing.
    . Use the disruptor on the weapons crate and two thugs.
    . Drop down and take care of the thugs.
    . Tag the truck using the disrupture. Knock on the truck to spoke them.
    . Stay on the rooftops and glide following the truck to the secret hideout.
    . Secure the area around the gate. The door is locked.
    . Take care of the thugs guarding the rooftop. Use sneak takedowns.
    . Drop down and take a look at the thugs below.
    . Slidedown using the ventilation shaft across the place.
    . Make your way beneath the Penguin and interrogate him while countering the
      attacking thugs.
    . Throw Penguin on the two gunmen and take care of the rest with the help
      of Nightwing.
    . Destroy Penguin’s weapons cache by spraying it with the explosive gel,
      closing the vault and detonating the cache.
    . Zip up and exit the way you came using the ladder.
    . Zip yourself up and let malita fire.
    . Remotely control the Batmobile and drive it up to the last floor of the
      car park.
    . Destroy the two guns and all the remaining malita.
    Stagg’s Airships
    . Make your way to the marked watch tower.
    . Take out all of the guards. Make sure not to use detective mode for
      too long, as you will give away your location.
    . Take out the central command point by using explosive gel.
    . Collect the remote hacking device from Wayne Plaza.
    . Get on top of the marked airship and enter through the service hatch
      after hacking it open (Use detective mode to locate the hacking panel).
    . Enter through the ventilation shaft.
    . Go down through another shaft below.
    . Hack the drone and use it against the guards.
    . Hack the panel on the left (next room) to open the door.
    . Override airship stability controls using the remote hacking device
      on the control panel.
    . Tilt the Airship to move the crate on top of the hatch. Enter.
    . Again, move the obstacle ahead to gain accuse to the area ahead.
    . Unlock the carte bellow to make it movable, move it aside by tilting
      the airship, lock it again and move the other crate aside to make way.
      Enter ahead and zip yourself up.
    . Take care of the blade thug and hack the panel near the gate.
    . Dropdown and take out all of the militia thugs in the room.
    . Talk to Simon Stagg.
    . Beat everyone in the room.
    . Hack the panel and open the gate that leads outside. Try to jump out.
    . Override ships stability controls again using the panel.
    . Hack and move the crates bellow you to open the path. Lock the ones that
      you don’t want to move as you solve this little puzzle. Get down through
      the hatch.
    . Exit through the hatch on the other side and make your way to the panel
      on the second floor.
    . Hack it and go through.
    . Zip yourself up.
    Research Laboratory
    . Zip to the upper level and again through the ventilation shaft above.
    . Take out everyone in the room.
    . Use the computer on the upper level.
    . Use the monitor to locate Stagg’s fingerprints. You need four in total.
      Roll the footage in each screen to locate the moment he touches something.
      Zoom in and scan it for location.
    . Scan the room using the detective mode for the four fingerprints.
     (You will know if you leave the designated are as the detective mode
      will change from evidence scanner into a normal mode).
    . Go back to the upper level computer you just used and use it again.
    . Zip up and exit through the bionic gate. You now have the needed access.
    . Make your way to the marked area. Hack the panel and drop down.
    . Take out all of the militiamen and watch out from the electric thug.
     (You will need to discharge him before any attack).
    . Select an upgrade for the Batmobile.
    . Hack and open the gate. Glide attack into the other airship.
    . Take care of every militia thug.
    . Use the explosive gel on the broken wall to revile a path.
    . Override airship stability using the panel.
    . Tilt the airship so that the crate breaks the glass enabling you to enter.
    . Scan the riddle trophy location and continue walking beside the locked
      experiment chambers.
    . Use the computer at the end of the corridor.
    . Go through the bionic gate into the next room.
    . Take out everyone except the minigunner, leave him until last.
     (To take him out, stun him, punch, dodge and repeat punching and
      dodging. You can also take him out by exploding a generator/unstable
      material as he walks by).
    . Talk to caged Simon Stagg.
    . Exit through the bionic door to the right side of the cage.
    . Takedown any of the scarecrows.
    . Take out everyone in the room.
    . Make your way to the safe house, marked for you.
    China Town
    . Dropdown inside and watch the cut scene.
    . Go back to the GCPD to meet Ivy. 
     (Call in the Batmobile to enter the bulding).
    . Drive outside of GCPD.
    Botanical Gardens
    . Scan the cobra tank from all sides (Stay on top and out of sight).
    . Get back into the Batmobile and destroy the cobra drone by getting
      behind it and firing when you get a full lock on.
    . Drive to the clock tower for a Batmobile upgrade.
    . Take Ivy to Botanical Gardens.
    . Take out the Cobra drones.
    . Get to the Wayne Tower.
    Wayne Tower
    . Park in the marked area and prepare for battle.
    . Take out the drones. Watch out for the incoming missiles.
    Miagani Island
    . Use the Batmobile Sonar to locate Ivy’s plant. When you reach on
      top of it, hold the scan button to and release to trigger a powerful
      shock. (The roots are not underground).
    . Fight off the militiamen on the roof. Take out the medics first as
      they can resurrect fallen enemies.
    . Head to the Movie Studio.
    Movie Studio
    . Use the computer in the center of the room.
    . Make your way to the marked drone and drop down on it to scan it.
    Founder’s Island
    . Hack the drone next to the radar.
    . Destroy the radar.
    . Make your way to the other radar. Disable the drone, fight the militia
      guarding it and destroy it. (Use the electric panel to open the shutter
      bellow. Hack the gun and get to the radar).
    . Make your way to the marked area.
    . Take out all of the militiamen.
    . Lower the barriers protecting the missile launcher by accessing
      the computer on the top floor.
    . Get the Batmbile on top of the marked construction building.
    . Take out the cobra drones on your way.
    . When you reach the ramp, fire the winch and rise the ramp so you
      can boost yourself to the other side.
    . Use the Fear Multi-Takedown and fight off remaining militiamen.
    . Use the computer again.
    . Get the Batmboile on top of the building and destroy the
      missile launcher. Watch out for incoming missiles.
    . Make your way to the marked area.
    Clock Tower.
    . Enter the Clock Tower.
    . Use the statue head to activate the room.
    . Use the computer.
    . Make your way to the Movie Studios.
    Movie Studios
    . Beat up the thugs near the entrance and try to enter.
    . Use the Voice Synthesizer to duplicate Harley’s voice and open the gate.
    . Take out all of the thugs’ around. Use Fear Takedowns when possible and
      deal with the big guy later. (Use the Voice Synthesizer to command the
      thugs around, one at a time).
    . Use the Aerial Attack to take care of the thug.
    . Use the Voice Synthesizer to unlock the gate.
    . Take out all of the thugs.
    You need to bring back all the escaped Infected back to their cells,
    this FAQ will do it in the following order:
    i. Christina Bell in the Hunted House set.
    . Continue going forward and into stage B.
    . Take care of thugs inside.
    . Use the Vantage Points to get behind the gunman and take him down once
      you get close from behind.
    . Get inside the next room.
    . Take out all of the thugs by calling in Robin for takedowns.
    . Counter the attacks.
    ii. Albert King in the Wild West.
    . Head back to Stage A.
    . Get under the floor and use the Voice Synthesizer to order a thug
      to open the gate.
    . Exit and take out the thugs.
    . Hit the switch to open the gate and rescue the man in the wheelchair.
    . Head into the next room and take out all of the thugs and Albert King.
     (Beat up thugs to fill the dual meter located top right. Once it’s full,
     Dual Team Takedown Albert and beat him countering his attacks. It will
     take a couple of takedowns to finish him off).
    iii. Charisma on the Sound Stage.
    . Head back and select a car upgrade.
    . Head to Stage C.
    . Zip into the upper ventilation shaft and make your way to the room
      at the end.
    . Spray the explosive gel on the weak wall.
    . Use the Voice Synthesizer to lure the gunman forward.
    . Blow the wall.
    . Go through the next door and remove the Sheet on the hanging man.
    . Go through the door into the next room.
    . Watch the CCTV footage to unlock the door using the keypad. Look at
      the mirror to get keys pressed after 0. Remember, they are reversed
      in the mirror.
    . Use Robin to disarm the booms. Move while Charisma is not facing you.
      He’s vision is not so sharp but still be careful There are 5 bombs to
      be disabled. Hide behind objects if you’re about to be exposed.
    . Take down Charisma from behind once you’re done with the bombs.
    . Head back to the Exit.
    . Hide under the floor again and use the Voice Synthesizer on a
      thug to open the gate.
    . Wait till Harley gets near you and use the Dual Team Takedown.
    . Take out the rest of the thugs.
    . Pickup Harley and head back to the cells.
    Quarantine Cells
    . Enter the Cell.
    . Watch the cut scene.
    . Counter Robin.
    . Exit the Movie Studios.
    . Get to the marked location and call the Batmobile.
    . Get inside for an upgrade.
    Miagani Island
    . Head to the marked location.
    Work with Poison Ivy to defeat the militia forces
    . Take out the drones.
    . Use stealth to take out the cobra tanks.
    . Park I the marked area and head for Ivy on the upper ground.
    Interrogate Simon Stagg
    . Make your way to the airship. Be careful of the gas, stay on top.
    . Take down the thugs onboard.
     ( Aerial Attack Into Beat Down is necessary for the special thug).
    . Use the Voice Synthesizer to unlock the door.
    . Take out all of the thugs in this room. Deal with the drone controller
      thugs first if you can to make it little easier.
    . Get to the marked platform and start scanning and following the
      hand prints.
    . Exit the airship.
    . As soon as you do, disable the flying drone by using the remote hacking tool.
    . Head back to the Batmobile.
    . Slowly remove the Power Cell. If you move it too fast it will hang, let
      go for a short time and try again.
    . Slowly push the Nimbus Power Cell into the Batmobile. Same applies as
      you did before.
    . Drive away.
    Use the sonar to locate another Ivy plant.
    . Drive to the marked are and use the sonar to locate the plant Ivy will
      guide if you get near.
    . Once you reach the grave yard, you then will have to go underground.
    . Drive to the marked area.
    . Take out all of the drones including the flying ones.
    . Drive to the marked point, open the container and use the engine
      to move down.
    . Drive over the obstacles until you reach a blocked wall.
    . Exit the Batmobile, enter through the grate and exit on the other side.
      Before exiting, disable the drone, move forward and disable the next one
      as soon as the old one timer runs out. Never disable another drone while
      the time is still active on the ones before.
    . Right before the four tanks at the end, zip yourself to the upper rail
      and glide into the control room to open the gate.
    . Use the Batmobile to take care of the drone tanks up to your location.
    . Use the power panel to open the next gate and get back into the Batmobile.
    . Zip into the upper room and release the Cargo Ramp.
    . Use it to get to the next area.
    . Drive around the obstacles until you reach another ramp.
    . Lower the ramp by accessing the controls in the upper room. Balance
      the ramp to gain access to the next area.
    . Exit the Batmovile and get to the higher ground. Call in the Batmbile
      again and continue.
    . Dropdown to the marked area and use the sonar to release the plant.
    The Church Yard
    . The hardest part of the entire game. Stay close to the church yard and
      start taking out drones. Use the special multi attack once your fill your
      meter. Ivy will help you taking out some of the drones. The important thing
      is to watch out for the rockets coming toward you. Take care of the rockets
      firing drones. The flying drones can go down easily and are no big threat;
      however they are annoying and should be dealt with when you can. Upgrade the
      Batmobile’s armor if you can.
    Bleake Island
    . Drive to the marked location.
    . Take care of the cobra tanks. Remember, you need to use stealth and take
      your time as one mistake and you will have to start over. Watch out for
      the Knight’s tank. Hide when it’s not safe to fight.
    . Once you take care of the cobra tanks, carefully scan the Cloudburst Tank
      and fire away. Immediately drive away as fast as possible and keep driving
      until the Tank cools down and loose its speed.  Hiding is pointless at this
      point. Be careful not to trap yourself.
    . Once the Tank’s main weapon  is disabled, concentrate fire and watch out
      for the coming rockets by firing at them and constantly moving to not get
    . Punch the Knight.
    . Head back to Ivy’s location.
    . Head to the GCPD. Use the Batmobile to open the main gate.
    . Talk to the police officer working on the computer.
    . Drive to the marked location.
    . Enter underground through the hatch.
    . Disable the generator using the electric charge, cross to the other
      side and repower it.
    . Go through the shaft.
    . Use the Voice Synthesizer and command one of them militia to open the gate.
    . Control the Batmobile remotely to take out all the militiamen.
    . Use the power panel to open the gate.
    . Blow up the weak wall using the Batmobile.
    . Use the panel inside to open the way for the Batmobile.
    . Use the Power Winch to hang from the ceiling and get down.
    . Bow up the upper wall to open the entrance to a new room.
    . Use the Remote Electrical Charge to overload the generator.
    . Lower the Batmobile and blow up the weak wall.
    . Enter the new room, zip yourself to the next one with the elevator.
    . Use the Remote Electrical Charge to lower the evaluator.
    . Spray and detonate the explosive gel on the weak wall.
    . Use the quick Electrical Charge to disarm the thugs. Take them out.
    . Use the electric panel to pen the door.
    . Get into the room with XX and zip yourself into the next area with
      thugs bellow.
    . Electrocute the generator to shock the thugs.
    . Use the panel to open the door to the elevator.
    . Use the Remote Electrical Charge on top of the elevator to get down.
    . Get up onto the platform and use the Remote Electrical Charge again to
      bring the elevator up opening the way for you to get down.
    . Drop down, zip up and open the shaft.
    . Walk up behind the projector wall, drop down and take the leader out from
    . Use the electric panel.
    . Head forward, drop down and enter the room with a machinegun. Disable
      it and zip yourself up.
    . Overload the generator.
    . Lower the Batmobile onto the platform.
    . Fire the Power Winch into the hock and lower the platform. Once the
      hock breaks, fire it into the other one and continue all the way to
      the bottom.
    . Once the Batmobile is down, drive into the room with the machinegun
      and destroy it allowing Batman to get down.
    . Fire the Power Winch to bring the platform little up, fire on the weak
      wall and drive forward.
    . Use the electric panel to open the gate. Drive forward.
    Excavator Tunnels
    . Drive over the obstacles and into the next area.
    . Drive away fast over the obstacles again and into another area.
    . In this maze shaped tunnel, there are three ways that lead into
      explosives. Each way is filled with obstacles that you need to
      drive over reaching the explosives and into the maze again.
      Before entering any of the three driveways, draw the Arkham Knight’s
      attention by firing at him in order for him to follow you.
    . Once done, drive to the marked location; the final open tunnel.
    . Exit the Batmobile.
    . Zip yourself up and exit the shaft taking out the thugs.
    . Rescue Gordon.
    The Arkham Knight
    . You have to fight him by simply sneaking up and zipping yourself to his
      vantage point. You need to do it three times in three different areas.
      The first one is easy, the next two are little trickier since he has thugs
      watching you but nothing serious.
      Take your time and sneak behind the thugs and take them out. Once all of
      them are out, sneak under the Arkham Knight and zip yourself into him.
    . Rescue Gordon and move forward.
    . Take care of the thugs and enter the elevator.
    . Once the cut sense is over, take out all of the drones.
    . Put Barbara in the Batmobie.
    . Drive her to the GCPD.
    The Clock Tower
    . Get to the Clock Tower.
    . Stealthily take out the thugs around the building.
    . Reach the top floor and use the control console. Enter the Clock Tower
      through the roof and lock everything.
    . Head back to GCPD and talk to Barbara.
    . Take out the thugs in the GCPD parking.
    . Use the Batmabile’s Power Wich to tear the fan open.
    . Go through and into and out of the shafts.
    . Zip yourself up and continue.
    . Hack the flying drone guarding the jammed garage and enter through it.
    . Take out the thugs.
    . Power up the backup generators (Electric shocking them).
    . Get into the Batmobile and drive outside.
    . Battle time; Use the multi attack once you get the chance and watch out
      for Oracle’s hacked drone to shoot. There is also an easier way: Once you
      have taken out a few of the drones, head to the driveway next to the GCPD
      Prisoner Detention Gate. Take down a drone and hide their forcing them to
      come one after another giving you more time and less attacks. You will need
      to get out from time to time as they will continue to fire and take down the
    The Cauldron
    . Get out and zip yourself into the marked area.
    . Take care of thugs taking out the medics first.
    . Another set of thugs will arrive. Again take out the medics as they will
      begin to resurrect the fallen thugs. An easier way is to die because the
      thugs you took care of before the new batch will not respawn giving less
      use for the new medics.
    . Head back to the Movie Studios and into the cells.
    . Head to the marked place under the bridge.
    . Surrender your belt and enter the van.
    . Pay your respects and fight the thugs (Use takedowns).
    . Kill everyone using the Batmbile.
    . Keep navigating in First Person until you reach the courtyard.
    . Keep destroying the Batman statues.
    . Keep beating and pushing the enemy  near the cell until the Takedown prompt
      appears. Now beat him into the cell.
    Congratulations, you have completed the main story. You have unlocked the
    first ending. In order to unlock the other ending, you need to finish at
    least seven most wanted side missions. To unlock the final ending, you will
    need to clear all side missions including finding and solving all the riddles.
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