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by oldschool312

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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/25/15

Side Missions

Lamb to the Slaughter

Case Synopsis

Investigate the Lady of Gotham and bring Jack Ryder to safety

Jack Ryder has definitely got himself into a mess. There is a large group of enemies located here and a three minute timer appears on screen. The entire cage is electrified so do not touch the walls. Defeat all the enemies which isn't as daunting as it may seem. They are mostly normal thugs with a blade wielder mixed in occasionally. When the last thug is down use the Remote Electrical Charge gadget to power down the four generators under Jack Ryder. Grapple into the sacrifice site to save Ryder.

Gotham on Fire

Case Synopsis

Investigate reports of an arsonist loose in Gotham

If you fail one of the chases, after a while the fire department will reset and you can begin again.

The first fire station on fire is located in Bristol. The front of the building has a fire suppression system in place. Activating this system will prevent the blaze from spreading. Use the Batmobile's Power Winch to power up the fire suppression system. Once the winch is attached rev the engine gradually and consistently. The fire goes out but Firefly exits the building and flies away. Chase him down with the Batmobile. There is a meter that begins to deplete as Firefly burns through the city. When its gone eject from the Batmobile to engage the villain. Tap Square for the beatdown but Firefly rises up and flees.

Cauldron fire station is the second one to be lit on fire. Use the Power Winch just as before to activate the fire suppression system. Firefly will exit and the chase begins. Try to avoid his fires and when the meter runs out eject out of the Batmobile to tackle the arsonist only to have him escape again.

The next fire department attacked by Firefly is in Otisburg. The fire department is located on the western side of Founders' Island, of the Big Game Hunter AR Challenge. Once the fire suppression system is powered up, Firefly makes his appearance and takes off. When we catch him this time perform a beat down to apprehend the fire starter.

Unlocks Firefly Character Showcase


Case Synopsis

Find and destroy all of Penguin's weapon caches

The first of these missions is a story mission.

The next van is located on the docks south of Panessa Studios. Hit the van with a tracking round from the Disruptor then knock on the back door. The key is to stay close enough to the vehicle that the signal will not decay but not so close that you are seen. The van leads Batman to one of Sionis Industries' buildings near the Falcone shipping docks. Enter the building through the side door and notice that there are two sentry guns that prevent any further movement. Hack the button directly across from the entrance. This opens the garage gate. Call for the Batmobile and shoot down the sentry guns. Move to the left and find the grapple point on the ceiling. Inside this area you will find the controls for the barriers on the roof. Turn them off to remove the shield then exit the building and grapple to the roof. Come crashing down and eliminate the enemies inside. There are around 20, only two of which are armed. Additionally there is a brute but he shouldn't be too much trouble since Nightwing joins us for the fight. Once the room is clear enter the vault to spray some Explosive Gel. Exit and close the vault door. Now detonate the Explosive Gel to destroy the weapons cache.

Nightwing's next find is located on Miagani Island slightly north of the Salvation Bridge. Hit the van with the Disruptor and knock on the back. Follow it unseen to Founders' Island. You will end up in the near the location of Stagg's airships. There is a sniper outside of the building guarding the door. Enter the building and move up the stairs to the right. Slide down the vent and move to the other side of the breakable wall. Place some Explosive Gel and go back under the floor. Detonate the Explosive Gel then eliminate the other remaining thugs. Locate the vent above and use the Batclaw to remove the covering. Grapple up then enter a fight where Nightwing joins. Place the gel on the explosives inside and close the vault. Once the cache is destroyed exit the building.

Our van this time is located near Grand Avenue Station on Miagani Island. Begin the chase just like we have each time. This voyage takes us to Chinatown at Gotham's Water Filtration Plant. Try to open the main gate and Alfred will provide an alternate route underground. Call for the Batmobile and eliminate the first group of thugs without leaving the car. Exit and move to the security room up stairs. Lower the beams blocking the Batmobile's entry. Use the Power Winch to pull the gate on the wall up. Exit the vehicle and grapple to the new opening. Grapple up one more time and you are above the Penguin's henchmen. Move toward the center of the room to initiate the fight with a Fear Multi-Hit Takedown. Clear the room but for some reason there is now Nightwing for dual takedowns. Destroy the cache and we find out why there is no Nightwing.

Penguin has him captive in a building in Otisburg. Move to the roof and take out the enemies. The will have a Detective Mode scrambler so you will have to track them with your own eyes. Use the fuse box to open the gate. Drop into the elevator shaft and move through two floor grates. We now have eyes on Nightwing. Find the open vent and slide down. Below is a sentry gun. Use the Remote Hacking Device to blind it. Move to it and deactivate. Enter the vent the gun was protecting. While under the floor move behind Nightwing and exit. To begin this fight simply hit X to rescue Nightwing. Enter the vault for destruction as usual. This time as the door is being closed we turn to find the Penguin did in fact hang around and has Nightwing at gun point. Perform a dual takedown then detonate the last cache. After the cut scene drive Penguin to GCPD lock up.

Penguin Character Showcase unlocked

Riddler's Revenge

Cauldron Train Yard

Move to the train yard at the Cauldron and call for the Batmobile. A garage door will open and we are moved below. Listen to the Riddler's rules as you please. When ready press Circle to activate the blockade. If you activate the blockade before he finishes he will be greatly surprised. The gate ahead opens and Ridder has set up a race/obstacle course. A timer will countdown from 1:20. The Riddler has 3 laps for us to complete. If you fail a lap you must continue through the lap to the beginning for the timer to restart. If you complete lap 1 then fail lap 2 you do not have to restart at the first lap.

When the lights hit green move forward. A blockade will need activated to proceed. Further down the tunnel you will see a red blockade that needs opened. Around the bend we come to a split in the road with Riddler on a monitor in the middle of the split. Each path leads to the same point for the purpose of the guide I'll take right. Next we find 3 openings in the floor. Pressing circle closes the openings so the Batmobile can drive over them. Shortly after the third floor opening is closed off, hug the right wall and drive on it. Look for the green arrows to guide you onto and around the wall. The last obstacle of the first lap is ramp that must be activated then while in mid air activate a landing spot below. The first lap ends around the next curve.

We get 1:10 seconds for lap 2. At the beginning of this lap, activate a floor blockade immediately. Two doors need opened and then Batman will mention that he has turned off the failsafe for the Batmobile's afterburners. This takes us to the split and again I'll go right. Two floor panel need activated. Additionally, portions of the track are now missing. As you approach the wall run watch for a missing floor panel that needs activated. Unfortunately this closes the panel ahead, so as you cross the first panel another relatively quick tap of Circle is need so that you will have track to run on to reach the wall. Once on the wall lower the blockade to make it back to the track. The next door needs opened quickly. Once you clear it tap Circle again to activate the ramp ahead. Tap too early though and the just opened door closes. Once up the ramp activate a landing spot below to reach the third and final lap.

This time the Riddler basically gives us a minute to complete the final portion of the course. The floor is missing at the very beginning so quickly activate some driving space. Quickly activate a series of gates in the tunnel and arrive at the split again. This time though it isn't a split only one path is active. For me that path is left. The Riddler tells you the way to go and its visible by the red gate that needs opened. In the next tunnel a great deal of the floor is missing. There is a panel that can be opened at the beginning and end of the gap, otherwise the Batmobile must move onto the wall. Next we have a series of three floor panels that need activated in succession to reach our regular wall drive portion. On the wall there will be two blockades to lower leading us to the door providing access to the ramp. Open the door then once through activate the ramp. This time while in mid air we must remove a blockade then when clear tap Circle again to provide driving surface below. The time must be right or the Batmobile is hit by the blockade or will miss the ground below. If you miss you will respawn at the door before the ramp. As we leave Riddler tells us that this wasn't even a challenge it was a trick for him to acquire data on the Batmobile so he could devise some real challenges.

Pinkney Orphanage

Pinkney Orphanage is our next destination. Just outside the main gate I found a group of enemies to defeat. One was a Riddler informant that provided some location of his riddles. Enter the Orphanage and move to Catwoman on the ground. Once she is rescued, Riddler announces his presence and introduces us to some of his henchmen. The cool part about this fight is that we can switch between the characters. Tap L1 to become Catwoman and fight off the thugs. At time you will see a prompt to perform a dual action combo. Tap L1 and the team will eliminate an enemy together. There are other challenges that must be completed before Catwoman can be released.


Head to Chinatown and take the elevator to the next challenge. Riddler says that we just have to power this up. Take a left and go up the hill and over the small ramp to a platform that has a pressure plate for Batman to stand on. When on the platform exit the Batmobile and move Batman to the pressure plate. Enter Remote Control Batmobile leaving Batman on the pressure plate. Drive the Batmobile onto the ramp on the side. Activate the riddler blockade and back the car up so the ramp will rise. Once its connected with the next platform activate the blockade again so the ramp will stay in place. At the top of the ramp activate the red platform then blue tinted one. Move to the next ramp and activate the blockade so the ramp will rise. Repeat for the red blockade. Once the ramp is fully tilted, speed up the ramp and jump to the other side. As you are in air be sure to activate the blockade for a good landing spot. Once on the other side move around to the power supply and use the Power Winch to jump start it. Riddle will provide a key but only after a puzzle. Stand on the pressure plate near the screen on which Riddler is speaking form. Notice the only green light is on the bottom left. Press L1 to switch to Catwoman. Position Catwoman on the side away from the platform that can be grappled to if you look to the left you should see a door with a sign that says Numeracy 101. When in position pick the first key on the left. Switch back to Batman and head back to the orphanage.

Numeracy 101

The Riddler says he hasn't harmed Catwoman. Before we can see her he has a riddle. What kind of question can only be asked upon reflection? Use the Batarangs to hit the dots on the ? on the wall. Each hit will rotate a piece of the floor. Rotate the pieces to make a Question mark. After they are in place the floor pieces light up green. Look down and find the dot then scan the Question Mark. Enter the Numeracy 101 door. There are two pressure plates in the floor. Move Batman to the one on the right then press L1 to switch to Catwoman so she can move to the one on the left. Walls come up locking us in. Riddle says neither will get leave without the others help. The numbers flashing on the wall are the order the other character has to hit the ?. Catwoman must hit her targets in this order 1, 3, 5, 2, 4. Batman must hit his 3, 1, 4, 5, 2. The gates close and robots enter. Defeat the robots to earn the next key. Move to the key cabinet at the back of the room and collect it.

Elliot Memorial Hospital

The next challenge is at Elliot Memorial Hospital. This is another race. During this race there will be obstacles to clear. After raising a red Riddler blockade be sure that you are on the white floor before raising the white blockades. There will be areas of blocks that we need to drive around to begin with. As we proceed through the race we also have to avoid green blocks that fall trying to smash the Batmobile. This race is kind of forgiving in that you have room for some mistakes and still complete. At the end exit the Batmobile and stand on the pressure plate to help Catwoman select a key. When Batman stands on the pressure plate the lights form an upside down T. The green light is the fourth one from the left. Switch to Catwoman and walk to the side away from the red lit doors to form an upside down T with the keys. Select the fourth one from the left.


The next challenge is nearby in Kingston. Speed towards the barrier and eject Batman out of the car and glide into the green circle on the far wall. I upgraded the eject height using WayneTech points to make this much easier. A gate opens once the first one is hit. This time we repeat the eject but must glide around the corner and hit the button on the far wall. A new portal opens on the wall near the button. This portal will kill Batman if he hits the walls inside it. The goal is to eject and glide through the tunnel then down to a third button. I must be terrible at gliding because this was frustratingly difficult to accomplish. I constantly would glide right into the spikes on the turn through the tunnel. After several failed attempts Riddler offers a way out. You can give up and throw a Batarang at the dot on a ? at the launch point. This opens another gate making the glide shorter and much easier. Either way stand on the pressure plate and the lights are bright in a shape of a 3. The fourth light on the bottom row is the key. Switch to Catwoman and stand opposite the red lit doors. Select the fourth light on the bottom row to get the key.

Physics Room

The Riddler has another riddle room at the orphanage. Enter the Intro to Physics room. Climb up the ledge and we see three pressure plates from left to right we will number them 1, 2, and 3. Depending on the character the green tubes will rise a certain distance. Start with Batman on 1 and Catwoman on 2. Hit the . on the ? to begin the electric current. As it moves through the 2nd green tube move Catwoman and Batman to 3. Once it passes through the green tube move Batman to 2 and leave Catwoman on 3. As soon as the current is away from the tubes in front of Catwoman move her to 1. Then as the current pass by Batman move him to 1 as well. When the current reaches its destination we get a view of the key. Move Batman to the large block with pressure plate and switch to Catwoman. As we approach the key Riddler Bots appear. Defeat the red ones with Catwoman and the blue ones with Batman. Switch characters by press L1. When there are no more bots grab the key,

Divinity Church

Drive to Divinity Church for the next challenge. Use the Power Winch to clamp unto the hook above. Lower the Batmobile just above the ground spikes and rotate the tunnel using the Left Analog Stick so that the Reserved for Batman writing is aligned with the Batmobile. Eject out and glide into the opening to stand on a pressure plate. Rise up and move to slot two and lower the Batmobile using the Power Winch. Rotate the tunnel again. This time the opening is blocked shoot it then eject over. Step on the pressure plate and Riddler Bots appear. Defeat them but make them come to you the exit is electrified. Before rising rotate the tunnel so that you will have a clear path down on slot 3. Rise up and move to slot 3. Lower to the bottom and rotate the tunnel. Eject out to find the pressure plate. Don't leave too fast, a couple of sentry turrets have been placed. Switch to the Remote Control Batmobile and destroy the turrets. Leap to the bottom level and stand on the pressure plate to illuminate the next key. This one is in the shape of an upside down A with the green dot being on the middle line that cross the letter. Switch to Catwoman and move to the side with the red doors to orient the keys. Now select the green one just as in Batman's view.

Advanced Deathtraps

Back to the Orphanage. Move into the Advanced Deathtraps room. Batman needs to stand on the pressure plate. Switch to Catwoman and grapple to the ceiling. Crawl through the opening in the gate. Look at the board on the far wall. The dots that light up mark the blocks the other character can stand on without getting shocked. Move through the maze switching characters liberally. As you proceed the boards begin to spin. It can be disorienting but not that much more difficult. More robots attack. The idea is the same blue for Batman, red for Catwoman.

The Last Race

Follow the marker to the last challenge of this side mission. This race is a monster. The first two laps are not to bad we control the blockades. The last lap that has less time and control is tricky. You have to avoid the traps without turning them off. The last straight away driving on the side was what tripped me up regularly. The fact that you have to drive back to the star helps with the trial and error portion of learning the race. Do not get too frustrated. I am by no means great at maneuvering the Batmobile and was able to finish after a couple tries. This time the lights are in a shape of a Z. Move to the side of the room opposite the ledge and pick the right key.

Final Exam

The final challenge is in the Orphanage. Enter the Final Exam room. Bars will raise anytime you try to move to the central area. There are generators on two side of the wall. A beam begins at the roof and extends to the floor. There are also two few ?s leaving two open squares in the floor. Upon entry switch to Catwoman and pounce to the ceiling crawl into the area with the pressure plates. Move the cubes by hitting the generators so that the two blanks are at the top right corner (as looking at the puzzle from the entrance). Now move Catwoman to the block in front of the beam. Hit the column that has the beam and Catwoman and pull it. This puts an open space below the beam. Leap Catwoman to the ceiling as Riddler starts the metal spike wheels on the left. The spikes will move back and forth then stop. Now we have two beams. Move Catwoman to the left of the beam that is hitting a pressure plate. Then take one step forward to be up one and to the left of the beam. Pull that row so that their is an open space in front of the beam. Now move Catwoman to the spot behind the beam on the left. Pull that column up so that the beam is in an open space. Pounce to the ceiling to avoid death. Pull the 2nd column up. Now pull the fourth column up. Finally pull the row closest to Batman. Move Catwoman to the fourth column 1st row and push the row. Now we should just need to pull the 3rd column. Return Catwoman to Batman for collection of the final key.

Try to exit the orphanage and Riddler appears in a giant mech. Defeat all the robots. Blue are for Batman and red are for Catwoman. Riddler leaves and will only face Batman once he has solved all the riddles throughout Gotham.


With the riddles solved the fight is basically one where Catwoman destroys the red bots and Batman destroys the blue bots. Riddler can change their color during the fight. Riddler will also attack at times but can be mostly ignored. Once the first wave of bots is destroyed move to Riddler and initiate an attack. When his compartment is open begin to pummel him until he knocks you off. Defeat a 2nd wave of bots and his compartment will be red so Catwoman should be used to initiate the attack sequence. The final attack sequence on Riddler will need to be Batman. The faster you destroy the bots the less likely he can change the color of the bots. Drive Riddler to GCPD.

Occupy Gotham

Case Synopsis

Neutralize the militia watchtowers controlling the skies of gotham

There are 21 Watchtowers throughout Gotham. Miagani Island has 8. There are 4 on Bleake Island. Nine are located on Founders' Island. The goal for all the Watchtowers is the same - Arrive at the console that controls the towers defenses and destroy it with Explosive Gel. The differences come in the type of enemies that are in the Watchtower. The strategy is the same - Use Predator techniques to limit liability while eliminating the forces around the console. The Explosive Gel can not be used until the area is secure, so just being extra stealthy to get to the console doesn't help. Here you will find a description of the location of the Watchtowers and some general information about the enemy types found there. The locations are revealed on your map by activating the Occupy Gotham mission. Numerous of these sites will be found without seeking them out as you traverse the city. When actually looking for them they are easy to spot. The buildings will have a lot of red vision cones surrounding them. These vision cones are meant to detect intruders.

Miagani Island

  1. This location is in the northern part of the island between Penitence Bridge and Mercy Bridge
    • 5 armed enemies, mines on the floor, and camera's scanning the fight area
  2. Near the water close to and on the west side of Mercy Bridge
    • Detective mode jammer, a brute with a mini-gun, several armed militia
    • Eliminate the enemy with the detective mode jammer first, this will make the resulting fight much easier
  3. Near Ranelagh Ferry Terminal, north of Grand Avenue Station
    • 1 Medic, 1 Brute with a Shield, a couple bladed wielders, several unarmed militia, 3 ammo crates
    • Disruptor for medic and ammo crates, environmental takedown for the Brute then the rest is a combo fight
  4. Almost the center of the island in Grand Avenue next to the Gotham Herald
    • Two sentry turrets and a camera
  5. Next to the Penitence Bridge at Elliot Memorial Hospital
    • 2 consoles to destroy, must destroy the top one to enter the battle area without getting gunned down
    • 2 brutes, a couple with stun sticks, some blades, and regular militia
  6. Near the Salvation Bridge
    • A brute with a few regular thugs
    • There is a potential for an Environmental Takedown
  7. Next to the Botanical Gardens
    • One Drone Operator and several armed militia
  8. North of Wayne Tower near the Mainland Bridge
    • Two consoles one controls the security fixated on the main console
    • A medic, a weapons crate, a armed guard
  9. Otisburg, near Otisburg Forestation, Goth Corp and the Gotham Stock Exchange
    • A turret gun on the building is fixated on the battle area, blind it with the Remote Hacking Device
    • 3 Medics, an electrified enemy

Bleake Island

  1. Near the David and Goliath AR challenge close to Gotham Gas
    • 2 Drone Operators, 1 Medic, a few armed guards
  2. North of GCPD
    • 2 Brutes, Blades, Blind the tower light that is targeted on the enemies, use the two environmental takedowns on the brutes (if possible)
  3. The Cauldron North East of GCPD
    • Medic, Drone Operator, Brute with minion, 1 guy with Optic Deflection Armor
  4. North of the Perdition Bridge near the Chinatown Bank
    • Move to the west side of the building and grapple up through a window to take out the two militia and destroy the console

Founders' Island

  1. Part of the story mission on the way to trying to infiltrate the Stagg Airships
    • Drone operator and a Detective Mode scanner with a few armed enemies
  2. Just South of the Perdition bridge
    • A good attack site is from the smaller building nearby thats part of the watchtower
  3. Next to Arkham Knight HQ South
    • Several armed militia, 2 Medic, three Brutes with mini-guns, lots of room for predator/stealth attacks, watch for the 2 militia wearing Optic Deflection armor
    • Do not attack the brute next to the console until the area is clear
    • With that many brutes 100% stealth is very difficult
  4. North of Penitence Bridge, near the island with the Lady of Gotham statue
    • 2 Medics, 1 shield, a few armed militia
  5. Just west of the Penitence Bridge
    • 2 blades and the rest are regular militia
  6. North of the Salvation Bridge
    • 1 Drone Operator, 2 armed guards
    • Hack the drone from above then incapacitate for an easy win
  7. West side of Otisburg around Goth Corp close to the water
    • 3 Medics, a blade, 2 regular militia
    • Blind the sentry gun that is focused on the roof with the enemies
  8. South of Wayne Plaza in Ryker Heights
    • A Brute, several regular militia, 2 ammo boxes
  9. Otisburg south of the Gotham Stock Exchange
    • A medic, 1 Detective Mode Scanner, and several armed militia

Completion unlocks Arkham Knight's Gunship Showcase

Campaign for Disarmament

Case Synopsis

Find and defuse all explosive devices deployed by the Militia

These missions are practically all the same. Upload a virus to the bomb then protect it from enemy tank attack. Once the enemies are eliminated use the Power Winch to Rev up the bomb and create a controlled explosion. Revving the engine should be gradual and continuous to achieve the controlled explosion. They have varying degrees of difficulty due to the sheer force of numbers and maneuverability of the area. If you are having trouble with one its a good idea to upgrade the Batmobile's armor or weapons. The video below shows only the location of each of the missions. The differences in the fights are based on location and number of enemies.

The Perfect Crime

Case Synopsis

Find and stop the killer displaying bodies throughout Gotham.

Since you can fly around the city and listen for the opera music to locate the victims, the order they are found may change depending on your travels and how you find them. For example my first play through Victim 6 was the first one I found. The site was the same the scans were the same but the order I found the body was different. When at each site there is always a single item to detect on the scanner at each scan level.

Victim 1

A mutilated body has been left at Merchant Bridge. Tap X to analyze the body for a cause of death. We find the cause of death was an overdose of pain killers. Additionally the victim's fingerprints have been burned off and their DNA has been altered making identification more difficult. Press up on the D-pad to utilize the Deep Tissue Scanner. The level of scan can be rotated by clicks of L2 and R2. To scan something into evidence press and hold X. Begin at the skin level and focus on the victim's left ear. At the muscle level, the scanner can detect a ring on the victims right side at the same level as the naval. Scan this into evidence to identify it as a wedding ring with the inscription Ophelia. Continue to analyze the body but change the depth of analysis to Bone. The victim's left hip will have a yellow tinted bone on the scanner. Hold X to find out that the victim recently had a hip replacement surgery. The victim is Anthony Lund and apparently he was killed elsewhere and brought to Gotham. Alfred notes that we should listen for the opera music as we investigate this crime.

Victim 2

A second body can be found on Miagani Island on the GCPD side of Elliot Memorial Hospital. Activate the Deep Tissue Scanner. At the skin level we find a birth mark on the victim's chest. The muscle level examine the victims right arm between the shoulder and the elbow to find a bullet from a hunting rifle. The bone level reveals that the left foot is missing some toes consistent with amputation from frost bite. The body can be identified to be Robert Kincaid.

Victim 3

Body number three can be found near the Salvation Bridge connecting the southern portion of Miagani Island to Founders Island. The Deep Tissue Scanner reveals a bite mark on the victim's left side. The bite pattern leads Batman to believe it was inflicted by a shark. The victim also has a glass eye revealed by the a scan at the muscle depth. Finally a bone scan reveals a fractured humorous on the patient's right arm.

Victim 4

Victim four is found in the Drescher area of Founders' Island south of Perdition Bridge near a church. The right leg shows an abrasion on the skin consistent with the removal of a tattoo. The muscle level indicates a scar where the right kidney was removed. Finally scanning at the bone level shows a metal plate to repair a cranial fracture.

Victim 5

Found at ground level below Stagg Airship Beta. The left leg of victim five has a chemical burn. They have a voice box due to surgery to remove a cancerous growth. The left hand has an extra finger.

Victim 6

Intel leads us to Chinatown, west of the AR Challenge David and Goliath. There is a big parade float floating above the street. The skin scan reveals scar tissue on the upper left arm. The muscle scan reveals a pacemaker. Finally we find that the patient had juvenile arthritis by scanning the left knee.

Head to Pretty Dolls Parlor on Founders' Island near the Gotham Stock Exchange and a LexCorp building. Enter the manhole to move below the street level and enter the shop. Move to the back of the shop and pass through the door. Bust the wall and continue to the operating theater. Walk around to the back and confront the "surgeon". Fight off the guy that was on the operating table. He will get up. Knock him back down then perform a ground takedown. More enemies enter the room. They all must be finished with a ground takedown. Pyg enters the fight next and will throw knives from the operating table. Batman can counter them. Press Triangle as the knives come and Batman will block then catch the last one and toss it back at Pyg knocking him temporarily unconscious. Fight of his minions again performing Ground Takedowns to keep them out of the fight. Once the last one is out move toward the table and use an environmental takedown. Use the fuse box to lower the cages and free the other victims. Pick up Pyg and take him to GCPD.

A Friend in Need

Case Synopsis

Investigate the loss of contact with Lucius Fox

Go to Wayne Tower but enter through the parking garage. Take the elevator up and you exit as Bruce Wayne. (Sorry didn't mean to not have spoilers here...thats right Batman is Bruce Wayne). Go to the computer on the desk and use the Retinal Scanner. Access is denied and Lucius walks in. Try to use the Retinal Scanner again but get some involuntary assistance from Lucius. We now switch to Batman and find a Bruce Wayne Imposter was trying to transfer some funds out of the corporations accounts. The imposter takes Lucius hostage and requests Batman bring Bruce Wayne in or the building is going down. Batman concedes to the request. The imposter is rattled and is ready to fire. Batman lets us know that the perfect time to strike is the instant the gun is turned toward Batman. Too soon and Lucius gets one in the head. Too late and the cowl belongs to someone else. As the gun is being pointed toward Batman press Triangle to disarm the imposter.

Completion unlocks the Hush Character Showcase

Heir to the Cowl

Case Synopsis

Investigate reports of a masked vigilante in Gotham

Move to the burning Bat Symbol and talk to Azrael. He wishes to be the new Batman after tonight's events. He predicts that Batman won't survive. Defeat the enemies as Azrael in the training simulator to complete the initial portion of this side mission. The goal in all these challenges are to defeat the enemies without being hit.

The second encounter with Azrael is in Otisburg. Near the Otisburg fire department north of the Big Game Hunter AR Challenge. Take out the enemies including a Brute. You will also want to avoid being hit by the thugs that are throwing boxes.

The next stop is in Chinatown. This time we have some enemies that will be electified. To avoid being hit use the Quickfire Batclaw to disarm them. Try to get to the Medic (white suit) as quickly as possible. He is the one that electrifies the enemies. Picking up a weapon also helps to eliminate the enemies more efficiently.

This time we move to the top of the Lady of Gotham. This time we fight blade wielding enemies. The counters will need to be quick to move through this fight without being hit. The instant knockout upgrade for the yellow looking counters can be of help here. The key isn't so much to attack but to be quick on the counters. It may take a couple trials to get the feel for it but don't get discouraged.

Travel to the Clock Tower to analyze the data on Azrael. Rotate the video using the Right Analog Stick. We are looking for a design of triangles and circles. There are markers on what appears be a white background, the football player, the knight riding the horse, and the scene right after the police tape. All are fairly obvious if you don't go to fast. Once the design is found press X to scan that portion of the video. The waveform reconstruction shows the hidden message is more ominous than the one we initially heard. Azrael appears and after the scene we have a decision to make.

You can leave the Clock Tower or Take the sword. If you take the sword you have two options. Kill Batman or Break the Sword. If you leave or break the sword, Azrael swears vengeance on those that implanted the thoughts in his brain. If you Kill Batman, Azrael is knocked out and taken to GCPD.

Completion unlocks Azrael Bio and Character Showcase

Armored and Dangerous

Case Synopsis

Find and neutralize all of the militia's APCs

There are 3 APCs on each of the islands. Once one is seen it turns into a high speed chase. Follow the APC and when the tracking device allows, fire an Immobilizer. Once the APCs' health bar has depleted the mission is over. The chase will not just involve the Batmobile and the APC. Other militia vehicles will try to impede your progress. Stay focused on the target and destroy the APC. The longer the other vehicles are in the chase the easier it is to destroy the APC. Taking out the support vehicles seems to make the APC drive faster.

The Line of Duty

Case Synopsis

Locate and rescue missing members of Station 17 fire crew

Bleake Island

  1. Leary Wood - In a small security office tower at Dixon Dock West. Inside there will be 5 thugs holding the fire fighter hostage.
  2. Cannon - South of the Clock Tower near the water. Several enemies surround the fire fighter. There will be a couple of guns, shields, and stun batons to deal with. This fight is made a lot easier by parking the Batmobile at the entrance arch to the area and using the Batmobile assist combos when available. Alternatively you can draw the enemies close to the Batmobile and use it to take them down.
  3. Ashley - Temple Garden Bar North of the Clock Tower and south of Ace Chemicals near a large ACE Sign. There are a couple thugs with firearms but this fight should be no problem.
  4. Adamson - Just east of the bridge leading to ACE Chemicals. There are only normal thugs no one is armed.
  5. Wyatt - On the docks south east of Panessa Studios, its near the lighthouse on the large rock formation
  6. Norman - The north west corner of Falcone Shipping yard

Miagani Island

  1. Green - At the base of Mercy bridge you will fight a few armed thugs
  2. Hill - at the Gotham Herald
  3. Richardson - Grand Avenue station, this firefighter is guarded by a few thugs and several sentry turrets, it is possible to drop down on the side away from the thugs and begin disabling the turrets. Once the turrets on one side are clear draw the enemies over to defeat them. Now destroy the remaining turrets and rescue the firefighter. The area can also be entered from the side. Let the thugs spot you and draw them a way from the turrets to fight them. This makes it easier to move around and destroy the sentry turrets.
  4. Daniel - Southeast corner of Wayne Tower, only have to fight several armed militia

Founders' Island

  1. Scott - East of Stagg Airship Beta at the light house. Some one has a Detective Mode Scrambler and there is a sniper in the light house. The remaining enemies are armed.
  2. Wilson - West of Arkham Knight HQ North, Urbarail Station next to the Queen Industries building. There are 3 brutes and a lot of other enemies. You can use the Disruptor to keep the ammo box from being used. An upgraded Fear Multi-Takedown will even the odds a little. The Freeze blast can be helpful in keeping the attacks from coming in all directions. There is also an electrical box on one of the posts that can be helpful in eliminating a brute quickly with an environmental takedown.
  3. Lozar - Inside a building south east of the Stagg Air ships below street level, it takes the Batmobile's Power Winch to pull down a wall for access to the building. There is a ammo crate that could be deactivated with a Disruptor shot. Grapple to the area above the group to eliminate several with a Fear Multi-Takedown. There is one spot in the back to perform an environmental takedown on one of the brutes. Also the brutes will electrify so hit them with an REC quick fire to eliminate them.
  4. Bliss - South of the Stagg Airship along the coast, fight will be against two brutes and the rest are regular thugs, there is a weapons cache that could be used against you
  5. Taylor - Port Adams a small security tower, bust through the glass window on the roof, more armed enemies will enter the tower one by one which makes it easy for Bats, alternatively you could eliminate those outside of the tower first with stealth
  6. Chief Underhill - glide to the northern portion of Founders' Island at City Vision Construction, the Chief is guarded by several thugs all of which are armed, the area on the roof is more than enough room to move about eliminating enemies unseen.

Unlocks Firefighters Character showcase

Two-Faced Bandit

Case Synopsis

Stop Two-Face and his men from robbing Gotham's banks

The first robbery site is the Bank of Gotham in Chinatown. Once inside a meter appears at the top center of the screen. This depicts the amount of money Two-Face's crew is stealing. The alarms will prevent the enemies from hearing Batman feel free to engage as you see fit. With that said, all the thugs in the bank are armed so there still needs to be some caution taken. There is an electric floor that can be hacked, several grates to enter, and numerous vantage points to assist in protecting the bank's assets. Once you have eliminated 8 thugs the alarms go off and the remaining enemies are there to kill Batman. A more stealth approach will keep the enemies from detecting Batman.

Now head to Drescher on Founders' Island. This bank has two levels and like before the alarms are going off. We need to eliminate 10 thugs before they steal 200,000. Once the 10 are gone Two-Face disables the alarm again. We go full Predator mode at this point.

Kingston is the next bank on the hit list. Two trucks crash into the bank. This time Batman needs to take out 15 enemies before they get $300,000. Take out the 15 henchmen and Two-Face decides to take care of this personally. He enters the building with some militia. There is also a Detective Mode Scrambler active. Pick off the enemies one by one. At the end we drive Two-Face to GCPD

Two-Face Character Showcase unlocked

Creature of the Night

Case Synopsis

This mission appeared during my search for the Riddler's orphanage where he has Catwoman captive. The creature just appears out of nowhere.

Investigate the winged creature stalking the skies.

The goal is to get a blood sample from Man-Bat. He is flying around Miagani Island. Detective Mode will locate him if he is nearby. Also listen for screeching on communication system. Once Man-Bat is seen pursue him. Glide into his general area and Batman will take care of the rest. The first time I found him flying was around Grand Avenue Station.

The blood sample gives us an identity, Dr. Kirk Langstrom. He has a lab in Chinatown that we have the address to. Enter the lab and take the elevator down. Move down the corridor and enter the lab. The lab has been destroyed. For some background on this mission watch the video feed thats playing. You can inspect the body on the ground to find out that Dr. Langstrom's wife was not killed on purpose. Use the computer to access the doctor's files. Batman will attempt to synthesize a cure but has to analyze Man-Bat's DNA. The left and right analog sticks will each control one strand of the DNA. Moving the analog stick to the left or right rotates that strand. When there is a match a percentage meter will increase. At the base of each strand watch for a red X to appear. When you see the X move the strand so that it matches again. Sometimes one strand will need adjusted other times both will. Once at 100% we have the cure.

Man-Bat's screech came over the radio while I was glying towards GCPD near Gotham Gas on Bleake Island. Detective Mode helped be identify his location then I simply glided near him to initiate a scene where Batman injects the cure. Man-Bat gets away and we need to find him one more to to inject another dose.

The last meeting with Man-Bat came in Ryker Height near the Stagg air ships. This was after I completed 70% of the story mission. Again glide into Man-Bat and Batman will do the rest. Now that the creature is incapacitated we have to drive him to GCPD for lock up. Finally just watch the cinematic to end the mission.

Own the Roads

Case Synopsis

Locate and destroy the militia checkpoints to clear the streets of patrolling militia soldiers and support vehicles

The goal is to locate the checkpoints and eliminate the enemies inside. One of the enemies has a controller that will lower the walls.

Miagani Island

  1. Located across from the Black Canary Club at Orb theater
    • contains 2 medics that can be eliminated easily with a leveled up Disruptor
    • the remaining enemies are normal thugs that should not present a problem
  2. Located on the North side of the island at the water front just east of Penitence Bridge
    • contains one brute and the rest are normal thugs
  3. Located East of the Salvation Bridge near Bristol very close to the Revive and Shine AR Challenge
    • There are no walls to this check point
    • The two ground level entry points are protected by shock mines
    • All the militia are armed
    • Call for the Batmobile and fire the Vulcan Cannon at the enemies until they are defeated. The shock mines have no effect on the vehicle
    • or you can stand on the roof of the archway and begin with a Fear Multi Takedown then fight off the armed militia but the Batmobile is very effective here
  4. Under the botanical gardens
    • Two large drone turrets that would require the Sabotage Drone upgrade to the Disruptor
    • Several armed guards
  5. Ranelagh Ferry Terminal south east of the Mercy Bridge
    • Two large drone turrets that are easily dispatched with the Sabotage Drone upgrade to the disruptor
    • A few thugs carrying guns
  6. Near the Mercy Bridge
    • Shield enemy, Brute, a few regular thugs
    • A Multi-Fear Takedown does a great job
  7. Between Wayne Tower and the ferris wheel
    • Drone operator and several armed guards
  8. Front of Elliot Memorial Hospital
    • 2 Shields, 2 Stun sticks, 2 Brutes (one with electricity one with a shield), ammo crate
    • Move to the side and you can sneak in for some silent takedowns to thin the crowd before attacking head on
    • The multiple special enemies makes this a tougher fight that the others (tougher not impossible)

Bleake Island

  1. Beside the Clock Tower
    • There are two sentry turrets but they are pointed in the opposite direction
    • Two medics (use the Disruptor)
    • Two enemies with Stun Sticks
    • Two Enemies with shields
    • Two Brutes
    • Elimination of enemies with upgrade Disruptor makes the fight much easier. Also an upgraded Fear Multi-Takedown works well too. If you are using the Fear Takedown eliminating the shielded enemies and the stun sticks can be helpful (I find these enemies the most annoying).
  2. Slightly East of Perdition Bridge
    • Two check point drones (large turrets) best handled with upgraded Disruptor
    • 6 Armed enemies
  3. Slightly East of Perdition Bridge
    • One Brute with electricity
    • This is close (practically side by side) to the other checkpoint. There is a console on the side of the building that can be hacked to allow entry through a side door to eliminate some militia unnoticed.
  4. Chinatown
    • 3 sentry turrets and one armed guard
    • The sentry turrets can be eliminated with stealth and the Remote Hacking Device
    • The sentry turrets can be avoided by simply drawing the single guard to a corner where the sentry guns can not see and taking him out

Founders' Island

  1. Located on the Southeast portion of the island just south of Penitence Bridge
    • A couple enemies have fire arms and a couple have stun sticks
    • A Fear Multi Takedown makes clearing this one easy
  2. Located at the exit entry point of the Penitence Bridge on the Founders' Island side
    • Checkpoint contains one brute and several normal enemies
  3. Located West of the Knight Time Strike AR Challenge
    • Five armed thugs
  4. Located South of Perdition Bridge
    • 2 armed, a single brute, and the rest are regular militia
  5. Located South West of Perdition Bridge (below street level)
    • This checkpoint contains some sentry guns
    • Use the Batmobile's Power Winch to pull down one of the walls then eliminate the sentry guns and the militia
  6. Located West of Perdition Bridge
    • A few enemies will have blades and shock sticks
  7. Northern part of the island between the Stagg Airships and the Seek and Destroy AR mission
    • One drone turret that can be eliminated with a upgraded Disruptor shot
    • The rest are armed militia
  8. Close to Otisburg but Batman says its Drescher (its across from the Otisburg Fire Department)
    • There are multiple drones inside the checkpoint too many for just using the Disruptor
    • Locate the switch on the wall and hack it to open a large gate. Call for the Batmobile. Destroy the drones and militia to take the checkpoint


Once you complete all the militia based side missions: Occupy Gotham, Campaign for Disarmament, and Own the Roads, a extra mission is granted. We fight Deathstroke in a tank battle. There are 5 Cobra tanks to eliminate first. Use the normal stealth strategy to move behind the tanks and target their weakness. When all of the Cobras are destroyed locate Deathstroke's tank and unleash all your fire power. Upon facing the final tank I had a maxed out missile barrage and was able to eliminate a lot of the enemy's health very quickly. The little that remained quickly vanished with a few hits from the 60mm cannon. Once the tank is destroyed, head to GCPD to incarcerate Deathstroke.

AR Challenges


Each of the training challenges grants a WayneTech upgrade point

Weapon Energy Diagnostics

Unleash the Batmobile's awesome power. Destroy enemy targets while avoiding incoming fire to charge the Secondary Weapon energy and active Missile Barrage.

The tanks at the beginning are motionless and non combative. Fire missiles to destroy them until the meter around the cross hairs fills. This activates a special attack Missile Barrage. The destruction of enemies charges the attack. Once Missile Barrage is available tap Square to use the attack. Defeat more tanks to charge Missile Barrage to level 2. Once the meter is full tap Square four times quickly to unleash the leveled up version. During the final stage of the challenge we are in active combat against tanks that will fire back. Taking damage decrease the Missile Barrage meter. The goal is to charge the attack to level 2 then unleash it on the four nearby tanks. Just as above avoid the red laser to keep from taking damage. Since the tanks respawn, its quite easy to simply attack one of the tanks and avoid being targeted by the others.

Throw Counter

Send enemies flying and leave them begging for mercy. Use the new Batsuit's increased defensive capabilities to unleash 5 successful Throw Counters to complete the training.

Batman will be locked into a small area with several enemies. Wait for a counter opportunity. When activating the counter with Triangle move the Left Analog Stick in the direction of the enemy to complete a Throw Counter.

Fear Multi-Takedown

Master fear: Move in close without being detected and chain your takedowns to quickly subdue groups of armed enemies. There are 4 configurations to complete

  • Configuration 1
    • There are three enemies standing in the distance. The are all looking away from Batman. Glide down to the walkway above them then drop to the ground. Crouch and move forward. A queue will appear on screen when the Fear Multi-Takedown action can begin. Tap Square then move to the other two enemies by using the right stick to select a target and Square to perform the takedown.
  • Configuration 2
    • We have three enemies again. The closest one has his back turned while the other two are looking in the direction of Batman's starting point. Glide down to the right and enter the grate. Move around behind the two enemies that are side by side. When the Fear Multi Takedown on screen queue appears eliminate the enemies.
  • Configuration 3
    • The three enemies are now group in a manner that provides each of them with a different visual range. Glide down to the roof of the small building on the left side. Locate the service hatch (Detective Mode will highlight the hatch). Once over it we can use the Fear Multi Takedown ability.
  • Configuration 4
    • This configuration has the thug on the left side mobile. The other two enemies are stationary just like the other configurations. The patrolling enemy walks a path around the service hatch we used to complete Configuration 3. Grapple to the ledge where the three enemies are standing. The trick here is that the patrolling enemy will move out of range to perform the takedown. When the mobile goon is in line with the other three begin the Fear Multi-Takedown. The chain should begin on one of the outer enemies not the centered one.

Predator Fundamentals

Strike from the shadows and leave no man standing. Hunt three armed enemies whose positions are randomized each time the training program is run.

Each time you try this training modules the three enemies will be in different locations. This module is intended for you to practice eliminating a room of dangerous enemies without taking damage. When entering an area like this its is important to activate Detective Mode to get a layout of the battle field. This will allow you to identify the enemies and determine if they are armed. Additionally, Detective Mode will provide highlighted areas that Batman can use to his advantage when silently taking out enemies (grates, destructible walls, overhead vantage points etc). Sometimes eliminating an enemy without stealth can be advantageous as well. Gliding down to eliminate a single goon will alert the others to a problem. This will likely reset the enemy AI, causing them to move throughout the area and potentially set them up for easier eliminations. A combination of stealth and shown force can be more effective than either alone. Experiment with different ways to eliminate a room of enemies.

Grapnel Boost MK II

Become master of the skies with the Grapnel Boos MK II. Test your aerial supremacy to the fullest as you grapple, glide and dive across the Gotham skyline.

Grapple to the tower above. On onscreen prompt appears to tap X three times with the last one being a Hold. After you grapple boost over the tower continue to hold X to glide. Use the left stick to direct Batman down into the rings. We are also instructed to Dive then pull up on the left stick to gain altitude. Once through all of the rings to complete the challenge Batman must not land for 60 seconds. This will require a combination of grapple boosts, dives, and long range gliding to complete. If you are having trouble with the 60 seconds and can make it to the open water area then dives and lifts should be enough to bleed out the final remaining time.

Summon, Eject & Glide

Call in the car and shoot for the sky. Learn how to work in unison with WayneTech's most powerful weapon.

Summon the Batmobile by looking at a nearby portion of road and tapping L1. Batman will dive below directly into the vehicle. Accelerate through town as fast as you can to build up speed to eject and glide. You must drive through the ring ahead. As soon as you pass the ring movement will be in slow motion allowing you to tap then hold X to eject from the Batmobile. Now you must steer through the rings and at the end press L1 to summon the Batmobile again. When steering try to clip the first ring near the top so that it is easier to glide down through the other rings.


Combo Master

  • Unlock requirements: Run and transition directly into a dive off a rooftop
  • 3 Stars: Achieve a Combo of x50 or more
  • 2 Stars: Achieve a Combo of x25 or more
  • 1 Star: Achieve a Combo of x10 or more
  • Show your enemies no mercy by chaining together as many devastating moves as you can without breaking your flow for a second

The goal is to chain together as many hits in a combo as you can. The enemies will appear out of nowhere so be ready. As you progress there are more enemies on screen to deal with. Reaching 50 is not that difficult. The main issue that may trip up the path to 50 are the enemies that charge. Sometimes they come out of nowhere and its difficult to avoid or counter them with a Batarang. Once the combo reaches 50 a WayneTech Upgrade point is provided.