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by oldschool312

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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/25/15

Version History

  • Version 0.95
    • Submitted 7-5-2015
    • Main Story Walkthrough
    • Side Mission Walkthrough
    • AR Challenges outlined
    • Riddler section outlined with Panessa Studios and Arkham Knight HQ complete
    • WayneTech Section
    • Bio section outlined
    • Red Hood Pack and Harley Quinn Pack Walkthroughs
  • Version 0.95
    • Submitted 7-13-2015
    • Altered some Side Missions
    • Added a couple videos and screenshots
    • Added some bios
  • Version 0.96
    • Submitted 7-14-2015
    • A Matter of Family Walkthrough
    • Videos for Line of Duty, Campaign for Disarmament, Own the Roads, Occupy Gotham
    • Numerous Bleake Island Riddler Challenges
  • Version 0.98
    • Submitted 7-19-2015
    • A Matter of Family Collectibles
    • Trophy section complete
    • Bleake Island Riddler Challenge complete
    • Stagg Airship Riddler Challenge complete
    • Panessa Studios and Arkham HQ Riddler Challenge videos added
    • Miagani Island Riddler Challenge began
  • Version 1.0
    • Submitted 7-28-2015
    • All Riddler Trophies described (videos to come)
    • All Side quests completed
    • After videos are completed remaining updates likely to be minor
  • Updated 8-24-2015 to finalize the Riddler Trophy videos


  • Q: Why does using the Batmobile have to be so frustrating?
    • A: One of the problems may be the button congfiguration. Most games use R2 to accelerate and L2 to brake. This is not the default set up for the Batmobile. After the first tank battle go Game Options then click Battle Mode Toggle ON. This will allow you to use R1 to turn on/off Battle Mode without having to hold down any button. The brake also moves to the more natural L2.
  • Q: Do I have to play the other Arkham games before playing Arkham Knight?
    • A: No, but I'd definitely recommend it. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are wonderful games whose gameplay still holds up today. They are prequels to Arkham Knight and there are references to the other games but there is nothing that is required to know or have done previously to enjoy Arkham Knight.
  • Q: I'm missing a gadget there is an empty space after the Line Launcher, where is it?
    • A: Its the Freeze Blast and at no point during the story are you required to get it. It can be found in the Quarantine Cells area of Panessa Studios. Its on a small table to the left of the room. Next to the empty cell.
  • Q: Can you miss any Riddler collectibles?
    • A: No, everywhere a Riddler Collectible is located is a place you can get back to end game.
  • Q: How do you get back to Arkham Knight HQ?
    • A: There are two parts to Arkham Knight HQ - North and South. North is the portion leading to the tunnels and South is the area after the tunnels. From the city view of the map look for a blue sky line icon. Set a custom waypoint and it will lead you to the entrance for each portion of the HQ. The North entrance is below street level and the South is at the top of a building (ride an elevator into the HQ).
  • Q: How do I use the Voice Synthesizer on Riddler Bots?
    • A: The Voice Synthesizer works the same on the Riddler Bots as it does to open doors or command thugs. The special requirement is a chip obtain after winning a fight against one of the bots. At the end of the fight Batman will automatically remove the chip from the left over bot parts. This chip can be obtained from any bot that is destroyed. There is not a special one or area to obtain it...just the first one you fight.
  • Q: How do I slide under barriers?
    • A: Run at the area where you would like to slide then lightly/quickly tap R2 as you approach.
  • Q: I found this Riddler Trophy in a cage but its by itself with no way to open, how do I get the trophy?
    • A: Most likely the trophy is the prize for winning a race against the Riddler. Look closely at the information around the trophy. There should be 2 sets of numbers. These are coordinates on the map that provide you with the starting point for opening the cage. Open the map and look at the bottom right corner next to the compass. There are two sets of numbers. As you move the cursor up and down or right and left the numbers change. Move the cursor to the appropriate coordinates and set a way point. Travel there and you will find the beginning point for the quest to obtain the trophy.

General Tips

  • Enemies
    • Medics
      • Medics are dressed in white. They can revive fallen enemies. They can also electrify them. In a fight medics should be targeted first. An upgrade to the Disruptor will negate their ability by causing an instant takedown if they try to revive a downed enemy.
    • Brutes
      • These are the largest enemies Batman faces. They require a special combo to attack, the beatdown. To perform a beat down, press Circle then repeatedly tap Square. It is possible to counter other moves then return to the beat down. Environmental Takedowns (Square + X) can eliminate a brute with one hit. These moves can occur near ceiling lights or electrical boxes. Brutes will come in a variety of forms: with shields, electrified, or with a mini-gun.
    • Stun Sticks
      • Possibly the most annoying enemy in a fight against numerous attackers. Any direct hit will cause Batman damage and loss of the combo. The key to defeating them its to evade over them (left stick + X X) then attack. Additionally their electric field can be negated with a quick fire REC (L2 + Circle).
    • Drone operator
      • A drone will be scanning the area for intruders. It is possible to sneak behind the operator and eliminate him. There are less dangerous ways though. The Remote Hacking Device can override the drone controls and cause the drone to self destruct or attack its handlers. The Disruptor can also cause the drone controls to malfunction and knock the operator out if and when the drone tries to attack.
    • Shield
      • Enemies carrying shields require a combo to defeat. Press Circle then X X to take the shield away from the enemy.
    • Blade (blue counter)
      • These enemies are quick. Wait for them to attack then counter their swords. During free flow combos attack as you normally would.
    • Blade (yellow counter)
      • There is a special combat upgrade that allows instant Takedown of these enemies if the counters are performed. Pull the left analog stick away and press Triangle for each attempted attack.
    • Charger
      • A charger can be any basic enemy. They basically run at Batman and tackle him to the ground. The are more annoying than anything. The charge can be countered by a quick toss of a Batarang (L2).
    • Sentry Turret
      • The key to a turret is to avoid their cone of vision. Moving to the back of the turret will allow Batman to disable the weapon. They can also be blinded by the Remote Hacking Device allowing Batman to walk right in front of them. The catch is only one turret can be blinded at a time.
    • Detective Mode Scrambler/Scanner
      • The Detective Mode Scrambler will basically deactivate Batman's special vision so that he can not see enemy positions. The Scanner will track the use of Detective Mode and alert enemies to Batman's location. Detective Mode can be used when a scanner is present but only in short bursts. The Disruptor can negate both types of enemies.
    • Electrified
      • Any enemy that is electrified can be neutralized with a quick hit from the REC
  • The aerial drones flying throughout Gotham can be destroyed by landing on them and using Explosive Gel or by upgrading the Disruptor to have Sabotage Drone ability. If using the Disruptor hit the drone with the ammo then make sure you are seen. The drone will explode.
  • Before entering a known fight its best to utilize Detective Mode to assess the situation. Detective Mode will tell you the type of enemy and their locations. Additionally, it can identify ways to help eliminate the enemies: grates, vents, vantage points, hackable devices.
  • When moving around the city watch for thugs outlined in green. You can see the green even without Detective Mode. These are Riddler informants. They will reveal the location of Riddles (trophies, destructible, puzzles) that Riddler left throughout the city.
  • When choosing upgrades the Batmobile Armor and Batsuit Armor are good places to start
  • If you are at a Riddler Trophy and do not see a way to access it, look for some numbers. Those numbers are likely coordinates for where the Riddle begins. If you look at the lower right corner of the map (beside the compass) you will find numbers. Move the cursor until you locate the Riddles origin point.
  • The mission select screen will also provide intel to provide a waypoint to guide you to the start of the mission.


City of Fear

The camera captures a close up of a notorious villain. He is lying there motionless. As the music begins to fade we see our first command in the bottom right hand corner. Press X to Incinerate. Hold down the button to get the flames really blazing. We now enter a Gotham where an expected power struggle is surprisingly absent. We follow a police officer into a diner and take control to request a smoker to cease and desist. Use the left analog stick to move toward the smoker. The target is sitting in a booth next to a collection of red balloons. Upon arrival press X to confront the smoker. The man under the hood is actually Scarecrow. He spays his fear gas at the unsuspecting officer and mayhem ensues. Let the visions take you down or fire your gun. Either way the next cinematic shows Gotham being warned that this incident in the diner is just the beginning. Gotham is evacuated, leaving only the worst of the worst in the city...and of course Batman.

Meet Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon is waiting on the GCPD roof next to the Bat Signal. Glide and/or grapple your way to the marker to discuss the next step with Gordon. Batman requests the location of the officer in distress and Oracle obliges.

Rescue the Missing Police Officer

Move to Chinatown to find the officer surrounded by numerous thugs. Drop down and eliminate the enemies. This is the first taste of the free flow combat system in Rocksteady's Batman games. Triangle counters, square attacks, and the left stick directs Batman to the next enemy. Combination moves, gadgets, and takedowns are available in the future but the basics to master are countering and moving among enemies with attacks. With the thugs out move to Officer Kevern and press X to rescue. At that precise moment a cinematic brings a speeding SUV towards Batman. His reflexes as sharp as ever, he is able to grapple Officer Kevern to the safety of a nearby roof.

Even the Odds

Press L1 to Even the Odds. Batman jumps into the Batmobile. Press R2 to accelerate and follow the target vehicle. As Gordon calls off any officers from the chase keep the car in the Batmobile's crosshairs. When the enemy vehicle is targeted press Circle to fire the Immobilizer. After a couple hits the enemy vehicle comes to a screeching stop, exit the Batmobile (L1) and interrogate the suspect (Triangle when near). The enemy is initially reluctant but Batman can be very persuasive. We get a lead on Scarecrow's hide out and a sample of his fear toxin.

Investigate Scarecrow's Safe House

Check the distance to the check point then decide how you will travel, ground or air. On the roof of the hideout crash through the skylight to face a group of thugs. One of which is armed with a gun. Be sure to target this enemy first to disarm him. Enemies with firearms are more dangerous and therefore should be attacked first. Eliminate the other enemies being sure to watch for someone else to arm themselves. One of Scarecrow's thugs has Poison Ivy trapped in a chamber. He finds out that Ivy is not as helpless as the thug thinks she is. After the cinematic we find Batman cornered (or at least thats what the enemies believe). Press down on the D-Pad to select Batmobile Remote. Batman is no longer surrounded. We now take control of one sweet ride. Oracle announces that 6 more tanks are on their way to our location. Enter battle mode (L2) and fire at the enemy tanks. Strafing with the left stick out of any red trail is very important. This red line indicates and enemy has the Batmobile in it's sites and is about to fire. Once the tanks are destroyed move back to Batman and Ivy for transport.

Battle Mode Diagnostics

Follow the path to a Challenge. Once at the location you have to press X to enter the challenge. The title for the challenge is Weapon Energy Diagnostics. The tanks at the beginning are motionless and non combative. Fire missiles to destroy them until the meter around the cross hairs fills. This activates a special attack Missile Barrage. The destruction of enemies charges the attack. Once Missile Barrage is available tap Square to use the attack. Defeat more tanks to charge Missile Barrage to level 2. Once the meter is full tap Square four times quickly to unleash the leveled up version. During the final stage of the challenge we are in active combat against tanks that will fire back. Taking damage decrease the Missile Barrage meter. The goal is to charge the attack to level 2 then unleash it on the four nearby tanks. Just as above avoid the red laser to keep from taking damage. Since the tanks respawn, its quite easy to simply attack one of the tanks and avoid being targeted by the others.

Destroy the squadron of tanks

Head towards Panessa Studios to use the training we just received in a real world battle situation. There are several tanks that are keeping the GCPD from patrolling Gotham. Use the techniques learned in the Battle Mode Challenge to eliminate the tanks. We now have access to more AR Challenges. They can be viewed by press left on the D-pad.

Take Ivy to the GCPD Lockup

Follow the guidance of the waypoint to find the GCPD and drop Ivy off. This completes a trophy. With Ivy incarcerated find Gordon and get a rundown for potential missions. Right on the D-pad enters the Mission Select menu. The exclamation point in a green box indicates the main story mission - hunting down Scarecrow. This is your choice. Begin some of the side quests or continue with the main story. My predominant choice will be to finish side missions as the become available then move onto the main story line.

Meet Oracle at the Clock Tower to help locate Scarecrow

Arrive on the roof of the Clock Tower and open the secret passage. When inside activate Detective Mode by pressing up on the d-Pad. Notice the yellow statue on the book shelf. It is a retina scanner that will confirm Batman's identity providing access to the tower's technology. Use the central console to active that next cinematic. To exit grapple up to the roof.

Use the Panessa Studios Antenna to pinpoint Scarecrow's location

Locate the electrical box on. The front panel has a piece missing (easily seen in Detective Mode). Use X to attach a remote access device to this opening in the electrical box. The generator is damaged and needs repaired. Batman contacts Lucius Fox for some technological assistance. Move to the Lighthouse and call for the Batmobile. The Batwing will appear and we now have a Power Winch to pull down obstacles and move heavy obstructions. Additionally we can deliver a high-powered AC electrical energy supply. Enter Battle mode and fire the Power Winch at the sign. Pull back on the Left Analog Stick to remove the sign. Accelerate up the incline. Press and hold Triangle to activate the Afterburners to make the jump onto the roof. There is railing to prevent the Batmobile for falling off the roof during the initial jump.

Enter Battle Mode and rotate the Batmobile away from the electrical box that is our final destination. Locate a site where we can fire the Power Winch. Pull back a portion of the roof to create a ramp to jump up to the next level. Exit Battle Mode and accelerate up the ramp. On the next level enter Battle Mode again. Battle Mode will allow you to move around the roof with ease and less fear of falling off. Additionally we need to destroy some of the large spheres that will block the path. As we move around the roof and approach Panessa Studios we need to fire the Power Winch again to create an anchor point on the distant wall. We can not pull this wall down, instead the wall will pull us over. Drive off the edge of the roof and up the wall to cross the gap. Detach the Winch with press of L2 when safely across. Move to the left to arrive at the desired electrical box. Fire the Power Winch and gradually press R2 to rev the Batmobile's engine. Watch as a gradual rev will raise the orange portion of the meter in the lower right corner. Rev to much or to little and the meter will not rise.

Use the antenna at the Falcone Shipping Yard to locate Scarecrow

Upon arriving at the shipping yard we find that Scarecrow's men are guarding the antenna. Activate Detective Mode to assess the situation. All the thugs are armed and they have a hostage they will shoot at any sign of trouble. Grapple to the platforms above to get a Bat's Eye View of the surroundings. Select the Batarang and toss it close to the enemies to lure them outside, away from the hostage. Two enemies will exit the room and the door will close behind them. Glide down to their locations and eliminate them silently. Use R2 to crouch so that Batman can move around the area undetected. When both goons are unconscious Batman talks to Lucius Fox again for some tech to help the out the three remaining enemies. Collect the new Batsuit v8.03 and Lucius will provide some information about the upgrades. New AR Challenge Trainings are now unlocked as well. The trainings are optional but do provide a hands on experience with the new suit.

When ready move to the room with the three enemies and enter the grate outside the door. Move below and enemy and begin a Fear Multi-Takedown. With the enemies dispatched rescue the guard. Move to the electrical box and press X to attach remote access device. Walk outside and Batman will throw a Batarang into the air. Using the left and right analog sticks find a source for both transmissions. The site is actually ACE Chemicals located on the far right side of the map.

Rendezvous with Gordon at the ACE Chemicals plant

This part is simple. Just fly/drive over to the plant and enjoy the cinematic introducing us to Arkham Knight.

Rescue the missing ACE Chemicals workers to get information on Scarecrow

Grapple up to the platform above the door to get a view of the size of the army Gotham is facing. Activate Detective Mode to find the terminal that contains the missing workers' personal ID frequencies. The area is guarded by 5 enemies. The terminal can not be accessed until all 5 are eliminated. The enemy on the far left is easy to sneak up on. The two patrolling enemies and the two stationary enemies at the terminal can be silently taken down by entering the grate. We now have the ID frequencies for the workers. Move to the highest point at ACE Chemicals to scan the area to locate the workers. The camera will move around ACE Chemicals. Holding X will scan an area. Three workers are located on what I'd call the main building. The other two can be located when the camera pans to the side island (one is on the island and one is near the beginning of the bridge leading to the island).

Martin Descher is near the entrance. Glide down to the roof of the building he is located in and perform a Fear Multi-Takedown on the enemies inside. None of the enemies have firearms so take out any of the three with the the takedown then eliminate the other two. Our attempt was useless. The worker was already dead. Use the console next to the victim to open the ACE Chemicals Main Gates to allow the Batmobile inside. Activate the remote Batmobile controls. Enter Battle Mode and fire the Power Winch at the broken road. Pull it back to create a ramp then speed into ACE Chemicals. Batman jumps into the vehicle. Destroy the enemy tanks inside. There is a anchor point that can be pulled down with the Power Winch to let the Batmobile reach the next level.

Mark Cheung is the worker located on the island. He appears to be alive and guarded by six armed enemies. Drive to the island and take out the first set. The other set of three is inside the building with the worker. The entrance requires great force to open. Use the Power Winch to pull the wall/door down. Shoot the enemies (don't worry its non lethal rounds). Open the side door to the chamber housing the worker to find its a trap. Listen to Arkham Knight then when ready activate the Remote Batmobile gadget and fire the Riot Suppressor with R2. Arkham Knight leaves and the glass shatters while the other enemies are distracted begin to eliminate them. Drive Mark out to Gordon on the bridge.

Back inside ACE chemicals locate the crane holding a ramp and grapple up to its controls. Here we find a few enemies to eliminate. Once the group is gone we face a new enemy. These guys are wielding swords. They are fast and are best defeated with counters and evade then attack combos. Use the crane controls to move the ramp over to the path that led to us finding Mark Cheung. Once the ramp is in place we can accelerate the Batmobile on to the next area and enter the Loading Docks. Here we find another fight against enemy tanks. This time we have an extra ability. The Batmobile can use its Thrusters to dodge enemy attacks. This can be very helpful to build up the Missile Barrage meter quickly.

Gerald Wicker is in the Loading Docks office just above the area where we just fought the tanks. Before exiting the Batmobile use the Power Winch to pull the large pipe loose under the office. Exit and grapple to the roof. Enter through the sky light and take out those inside. Gerald is dead behind a destructible wall. His body can be accessed by using the Explosive Gel. Continue forward and after the scene with Oracle and Robin, use Explosive Gel on the floor to enter the room below. Find the fuse box and tamper with it to redistribute power to open a window gate. Now destroy the wall opposite the fuse box with some Explosive Gel. Use the Batmobile Remote Gadget to fire the Power Winch at the exposed pipe to release the steam blocking Batman's path to the next worker. We now find Stephen Reiley the third dead worker that we have been unable to save. Continue forward and hack another fuse box. Exit through the opening on the left and use the Batmobile to destroy the wall in the elevator shaft. Fire the Power Winch and pull the elevator up as far as it will go. Batman can crouch and enter the elevator. Using the Remote Batmobile gadget move the car forward to slowing lower the elevator. If you want a funny line from Batman attempt to release the winch from the elevator's highest point.

The final worker, Adam Brewer, is alive. Move into the side room and grapple through the ceiling. Follow the path around to a grate we can open. Batman is now above the worker and the enemies. Find the portion of ceiling on the right that we can crash through and begin the fight with a Fear Multi Takedown. A few of the enemies will be the ones carrying swords that are quicker. There is also a medic in the group. Once the room is clear talk to Adam. Move to the elevator and Remote control the Batmobile to lift it to the exit. There is another tank fight that begins. This time the enemy tanks are aided by a helicopter. Destroy the ground forces first so that the focus can then turn to the air. The helicopter will fire splash damage missile to the ground. The target area will be circle be sure to evade dodge away from these strong attacks. The helicopter also has a missile lock attack. If the Batmoible is locked onto, shoot the incoming missiles with the Vulcan gun to avoid damage. The helicopter can take several hits, watch the health meter in the upper right corner to know how close you are to victory. With the helicopter down take the last of the workers to Gordon outside ACE Chemicals. Drive the Batmobile to the lift to toward the exit of the Loading Docks. Exit the vehicle and activate the lift. Remote drive the worker out of ACE, then return the Batmobile inside. The cinematic shows how will improvise our way to Scarecrow's location.

Stop Scarecrow from blowing up ACE Chemicals

Fire one of the Batmobile's missiles at the ACE Chemicals walls. This creates a gaping hole big enough for the Batmobile to enter. The only problem is its too high off the ground. Exit the vehicle and grapple up to the crate controls. Rotate the crane so that the ramp is aligned with the open. Accelerate the Batmobile up the ramp and through the opening. Drive down the path to find two tanks to eliminate. Oracle states she thinks she found a major weakness with the tanks and will report back when she's sure. Exit the Batmobile and grapple up over the blocked gate. Below we find two enemies protected by a sentry turret. We will have to eliminate the targets with stealth to proceed. Grapple over to the ventilation shaft on the left. This will provide access to the grate under the floor. Watch for the turret's red gaze to move away from the enemies then perform a Fear Multi-Takedown. With the turret aimed away from Batman move to it and destroy it. Locate the fuse box and hack into it.

With the doors open drive the Batmobile deeper into ACE Chemicals. When progress is blocked exit the vehicle. On the other side of the gate there are twenty enemies that need dealt with. This is the largest fight we have had thus far. Fortunately, none of the enemies are advanced/armed. Be sure to use quick strikes and counters, also there are several environmental hazards that can be used for quick eliminations (ceiling lights, fuse boxes, etc). Hack the fuse box near the entrance to allow Batman to enter the Batmobile. Eject out of it to the platform above the Mixing Chamber sign.

Inside the Mixing Chamber we find approximately 8 armed enemies and a few sentry turrets. Use stealth techniques to eliminate the enemies while staying away from for dangerous gaze of the turrets. Move into the central chamber where Scarecrow is believed to be located. Use the console to prepare the neutralizing agent. Canisters rise on the side of the room. Move to them and begin to pull one out. Do not make any sudden movements. Use the left stick to gradually and continuously remove the canister. Once its out carry it to the other side of the room. As long as the lights on the canister are yellow or green its ok. As you carry the fourth canister....

We flash back and are in control of Commissioner Gordon. Walk to the entrance of Panessa studios. The security box on the gate recognizes your voice and opens. Enter and use the elevator. There are 5 cells in the room. Investigate each and talk to the people inside (one is empty). Continue to look around until Batman appears. Listen during the cinematic for some back story. We find out the important project Robin is working on.

Escape ACE Chemicals

We move back to ACE Chemicals. Switch to the Remote Control Batmobile gadget and use the Power Winch to pull open a way out of the chamber. Enter the Batmobile and speed out of ACE Chemicals as fast as you can.

Escort Gordon to Oracle's Clock Tower

Follow Gordon's police car toward the Clock Tower. Resistance will be met. Eliminate the attacking enemies by using the Immobilizer (Circle) or Side Swipe (Left Stick and X). When the enemies are eliminated Batman requests that Gordon travel the remainder of the way in the Batmobile. At the Clock Tower there are several tanks to eliminate. Back up a bit and try to funnel them down one street. Use the evade thrusters to avoid damage and attack relentlessly. When the tanks are eliminated exit the Batmoblie and grapple to the Clocktower's roof. Its unsafe to enter with the thugs below. Eliminate the 6 armed enemies using any variety of stealth you see fit. There are breakable walls, a grate, and a few vantage points to help you out. Enter the Clocktower. Watch the scene unfold. We are witness to how Barbara ended up in her wheelchair. At the end of the scene pick up her chair. The next scene reveals to Gordon how strong Barbara can be.

Use the computer to try and find a clue to track down Barbara. Rotate the right stick to move the camera footage forward. Watch the upper right screen for the Arkham Knight to exit the Clocktower with Barbara. Scan the Knight then continue the footage to see which car he enters. Scan the car and we now have the ability to track the tire tread of the car. Its a start...

Track Arkham Knight's vehicle

Enter the Batmobile below and turn on the Forensic's scanner by entering Battle Mode then pressing up on the d-Pad. This will track the tires and hopefully lead us to Barbara. Along the way a cut scene shows one of the enemy air vehicles dropping a device. Exit the Batmobile and investigate the device. Its a bomb and we are going disarm it with a virus. The problem is tanks are on their way. Protect the device while the virus uploads. Basically this is just another tank fight. Once all the enemy drones are eliminated hit the bomb with the Power Winch and Rev the engine consistently and gradually to raise the orange meter. This will set of a controlled explosion disarming the bomb. Use the Batmobile's forensic scanner again to follow the Arkham Knight's trail. It leads to the Mercy Bridge but its up and we can not currently lower it. Proceed without the Batmobile for now.

Proceed to the militia access point at Grand Avenue Station

There are 8 armed militia members at the station. One of them has a drone that is designed to detect movement, attack, and alert others to an unwanted presence. Try to eliminate the enemy controlling the drone first. Use the computer to reenable the bridge controls. Alfred will work on lowering the bridge. Riddler breaks through and we find that he has captured Catwoman.

Head to Riddler's orphanage to rescue Catwoman

Pinkney Orphanage is our next destination. Just outside the main gate I found a group of enemies to defeat. One was a Riddler informant that provided some location of his riddles. Enter the Orphanage and move to Catwoman on the ground. Once she is rescued, Riddler announces his presence and introduces us to some of his henchmen. The cool part about this fight is that we can switch between the characters. Tap L1 to become Catwoman and fight off the thugs. At times you will see a prompt to perform a dual action combo. Tap L1 and the team will eliminate an enemy together. There are other challenges that must be completed before Catwoman can be released. This continues in the Riddler side missions.

Return to Mercy Bridge to resume tracking Arkham Knight's vehicle

Alfred lowers the bridge but warns there is a heavy militia presence on the other side. The good news is that Oracle's research on the enemy tanks has paid off. Firing the Vulcan Gun at the tanks Sensor Array will destroy them quickly. Aim for the upper portion of the tanks to use this intel. Once the road is clear activate the Forensics Scanner to get back on the Arkham Knight's trail. It appears the trail leads to a wreck. Exit the Batmobile and investigate the Arkham Knight's vehicle for evidence. Scan the vehicle and watch a recreation of the wreck. The drive was not wearing their seatbelt and flew out the front windshield. Find the body ahead and scan it for evidence. The driver has pepper spray on the right side of his face. It appears Oracle may have caused the accident on purpose. Scan the passenger side of the car for more evidence. This time the recreation shows the passenger side door flying off. Watch the projected direction of landing and scan the door for evidence. The door was disconnected from the hinges. The conclusion is that the door was open when the crash occurred and Oracle must have gotten out. Rewind and review (L2/R2) the reconstruction one more time to pinpoint Oracle projected landing spot and scan it for evidence. Oracle tries to crawl away but stops. Scan the are for more evidence to find that the Arkham Knight survived and fired a warning shot to stop her. Batman believes he missed something rewind the tape to the point where she is crawling away before the shot is fired. Watch as she throws something toward the crates with her left hand. She left a scrambler device that Lucius Fox will help decipher.

Head to Wayne Tower and analyze the Arkham Knight's encryption protocols

Grapple up to near the top of the tower and Batman will open the gates. Enter to find Lucius Fox. He was able to decrypt the militia broadcast. Use Bruce Wayne's computer to isolate the Arkham Knight's broadcast location. Lucius will then ask where he should focus the Batmobile's upgrades. The choices are CPU virus that will force the drones to target their allies or Weapon Generator MKIII Upgrade that will allow the secondary weapons to charge. Pressing X signals Lucius to give information on the upgrade. Tap X again to confirm where to focus the upgrade. Before leaving you can listen to Bruce's messages on the answering machine. You can also access the small statue on the book shelf to acquire some intel on a gadget that Lucius is working on for later

Infiltrate the tunnel network under Miagani Island

Head to the marker on Miagani Island and be prepared for a big tank fight. Utilize the skills we have learned thus far to eliminate the enemy force. Once the militia tanks are destroyed drive to the tunnel entrance and Alfred will open it. Enter the tunnel and find that its blocked shortly after the entrance. Activate Battle Mode and fire the Power Winch at the large fan near the roof of the tunnel. Pull it out of place and travel without the vehicle into the opening. Bust through a couple of wooden blockades and find the vent near the floor. Pull the grate off and walk through. This large fan is blocking the path. Use the Line Launcher to move over it. Next we need the remote control Batarang. Toss and guide it into the switch on the left side (use detective mode to find it if needed). This will open a door on the right side that we can use the Line Launcher to move through. Use the Line Launcher to move over a second large fan. Look up near the ceiling to find an opening in the wall on the right. Toss the remote control Batarang through the opening and guide it to the red button. A door opens. Move back over the large fan. Now use the Line Launcher to enter the room where the door just opened. At the end of the hall we see the militia below (there is also a Riddler Trophy to pick up nearby). Grapple to the beam over the enemies but do not engage. Turn toward the source of the transmission and continue to grapple on beams toward the end of the tunnel. We come to a point where there are no more beams to grapple on. The last beam is near a drone that is hanging by a chain from the ceiling. Look across to the opposite wall for a grate to grapple into. At the bottom of the vent we can travel under and around the enemies to the source of the transmission. Exit the grate to find it was a trap.

At the end of the cinematic there is a large fight against several enemies. At least two of the enemies will be brutes that require a special combo attack. Tap Circle to initiate then repeatedly tap Square to complete the beat down. When performing a beatdown do not be so distracted that the other enemies are able to get in free shots. You still need to counter and move around the room to successful clear the area. Also brutes can be eliminated by using an environmental takedown without performing the combo. Do not go anywhere near the exit. The drones outside will make quick work of Batman. Once the enemies are defeated a tank crashes into the door blocking the path out. Locate the fuse box. Hack into it to open the window and see the Batmobile. Use the Remote Batmobile Gadget to destroy the gate ahead. There are tanks on the other side so be ready to fight. When the fighting ends destroy the tank blocking Batman's way out and enter the Batmobile.

Rescue Oracle from the Arkham Knight

Continue down the tunnel and stop at the next gate. Exit the Batmobile and hack the fuse box on the right side to open the path. The enemies scatter and drive off quickly. Jump back into the Batmobile and give chase. Keep close to the militia caravan and utilize the Immobilizer to eliminate the targets. When the last one in the chase is no longer moving exit to interrogate the soldier. The driver wasn't the Arkham Knight like Batman expected it to be. We can still politely request information though. When Batman has the enemy in position press R2 to intimidate. Lets just say I'd talk in that situation too.

Batmobile Upgrade

Lucius has the promised Batmobile upgrade ready. Move to the marker to retrieve the new tech. I chose the CPU Virus and now have receive the ability to hack the drone tanks making them fight for me rather than against. The move is activated by holding down Triangle when targeting an enemy. If successful that drone will attack the other tanks in the area. Practice the new move on the enemies that charge to the Batmobile's location.

Rendezvous with Nightwing to get intel on Penguin's whereabouts

Nightwing provides Batman with a new gadget from Lucius Fox, a Disruptor. It has weapon and equipment sabotage capabilities as well as a vehicle pursuit tracking system. Select the Disruptor from the gadgets wheel. Batman states the gadget has three shots. Use one for the weapons cache and the other two for the guards that currently have a weapon. Now anyone trying to access the weapons cache will receive an electric shock. Drop below and clean up this part of the street. With the enemies defeated use the Disruptor to fire a tracking device on the van. Walk up to the back door and knock. The thug inside will open the door and get spooked. They drive away. Grapple high into the air and follow the van from the air. Keep the target in sight and they will eventually think they outran/outsmarted Batman and lead us straight to Penguin's safe house.

Access the weapons cache and interrogate Penguin

Drop down to the building where the van stopped and clear it of enemies including a sentry turret. They are all armed but should not pose a serious threat. Move inside the area on the roof and open the gate to enter the safe house. Penguin is below. Find the vent and tear off the grate. Slide down and move a little forward. Batman should be positioned directly behind Penguin. Press Triangle to interrogate. As you are discussing the state of affairs in Gotham with Mr. Cobblepot his henchmen will try to interrupt the conversation. Tap Triangle to counter their attacks without even stopping the interrogation. At the end Penguin is released and it appears Batman is captured. That is until we receive some help from an old friend who decided to go against instruction and stick around. The next fight begins at the end of the cinematic. Press Triangle to counter and Batman is free. This fight will also feature Nightwing. When available tap L1 to switch between characters and perform dual takedowns.

Destroy Penguin's weapons cache

Once the room is clear of enemies move toward the weapons cache. Enter the vault and Batman requests that Nightwing look for evidence to track the vans to help find the other weapons caches throughout the city. Once inside the vault place some explosive gel on the explosives. Exit and talk to Nightwing. (For some funny comments try to detonate the gel while still inside). Pull the Vault door closed and back away from the door. Detonate the Explosive Gel and we now have a new set of side missions, Gunrunner. Exit Penguin's safe house the same way you entered. The exit stops quickly though as there are turrets and militia members ready to fire. Grapple up to one of the beams and activate the Remote Control Batmobile gadget. Drive the vehicle up the parking garage to get a good shot at the enemies keeping Batman from continuing his search for Oracle. Enter Battle Mode and eliminate the blockade.

Identify a way to infiltrate the Stagg Enterprises airships

Head toward the Stagg airships without the use of the Batmobile. Upon arrival at the marker we find a militia watchtower protecting the airships. One of the guards also has a device that will detect any prolonged use of Batman's Detective Mode. There is a console in the central portion of the watchtower that we need to get to so we can disable the watchtower's defenses. Utilize Batman's stealth abilities to eliminate the surrounding thugs. Start at the top and work your way down. Use Detective Mode quickly then turn off only to get a snapshot of enemy placement. The only tricky enemies to eliminate quietly are the stationary guard with the drone and the mobile one with the Detective Mode alert. The time has to be right with the mobile guard moving away from the drone thug in concert with the drone's gaze in the opposite direction. Even if the area isn't eliminated with 100% stealth as long as its cleared we can still deactivate the watchtower by using the Explosive Gel on the console.

Collect the Remote Hacking Device

With the militia watchtower decommissioned, move to the nearby Wayne International Plaza to collect the Remote Hacking Device. This is a security code descrambler and multi-hack tool that remotely triggers environmental objects and traps.

Track down Scarecrow in the Stagg Enterprises airships

Glide down to the airship and attempt to enter through the hatch. Its locked. Use Detective Mode to locate the security panel below. Activate the Remote Hacking Device to override the locked hatch. The Hacking Device is operated using the right and left analog sticks. Rotate them until the letters make a word. In this instance it was BIOCHEMISTRY. Drop down to the bottom area behind the enemies talking about the new drone tech they have. Drop through the hatch in the floor. Batman can use the Remote Hacking Device to download override codes for the drone and use it against the enemies. Incapacitate the militia members with their own technology.

There is a large crate blocking the next hatch we need to go through but its too big to move manually. Locate the security console for the door leading to the room where the militia were standing. Hack it and move to the room that holds the just hacked security console. Activate the device to alter the stability controls of the airship. Tip the airships so that the crate moves away from the hatch. Enter the hatch then use the stability controls to move the crates blocking the path forward. Three crates sit in a depressed area at Batman's feet. Activate the magnetic lock. Tilt the ship so that all the crates move to the left. Now activate the magnetic lock again. This time tilt the ship so that the totes move to the right. If done correctly only one of the totes should move creating a gap that Batman can walk through. At the emergency exit grapple up through the roof and be ready for an immediate fight. This enemy has blades that we learn to dodge. Pull back on the left Analog Stick and press Triangle to dodge then counter the blade attacks. Tap Circle then repeatedly tap Square to end the fight with a beatdown.

Hack the security console to open the next gate. Inside this room are several enemies which are holding Stagg hostage. Jump right in and begin eliminating the large number of enemies below. Only one is of any major concern. He will be one of the blade wielders that we just practiced against. With the room clear speak to Stagg. After the scene hack the security console for the door leading out of the airship. The other ship is heavily armed with sentry turrets and Batman can not leave. Alfred has found a way to override the enemy fire we just have to make it to the far room on our current vessel.

Destroy the weapon turrets on the second airship

Locate the airship's stability controls (beside you know who) and override them. Look at the floor of the ship and notice that there are crates just like the ones we've moved in the past. The goal is to create a path from the grate to the other side of the ship so we can enter the restricted area Alfred mentioned. If the light is green the crate will move when the ship tilts, red means its magnetically locked. When through the grate on the opposite side go up the stairs and hack the security monitor. Pass through the door and grapple to the top. Hack the security console next to the Research Laboratory sign. Then move in the direction of the Research Lab. Grapple up to the platform then look up for a vent. Grapple into it. Inside the Research Lab you will find 8 armed enemies. One of them has a drone and at least one can detect Batman's Detective Mode. As you eliminate enemies they alter their strategy. They may preemptively begin placing turrets or throw incendiary grenades into the grates. I would recommend hacking the drone operator to get rid of the drone first. If you've upgraded the Disruptor then you can eliminate the Detective Mode Scanner next. The remaining enemies can be separated and picked off one by one. Move to the console to disable the guns on the other ship.

We need Staggs fingerprints to disable the guns. View the kidnap footage to find places Stagg may have touched so we can possible recreate his fingerprints. In the upper left corner move the footage forward until Stagg hits the ground. Select the cell where he used his right hand to brace his fall. The next angle shows Stagg touching the floor after being thrown down the first flight of stairs. The third camera shows Stagg touching a railing as he tries to get up at the bottom of the stairs. The last angle shows Stagg again leaving a possible print on the floor. Exit the computer then move to each of the four potential fingerprint sites and scan them using the evidence scanner. Return to the computer and Batman will destroy the turrets blocking the path to the second ship.

Exit the lab and hack the security console. Batman looks below and sees some enemies. One of the militia hits another with an electric charge. When that charge is on an enemy Batman can not hit them without taking damage. It appears a couple of the enemies below are medics. They will attempt to revive fallen enemies if possible. There is an upgrade to the Disruptor that will eliminate this chance but its not necessary to clear the room. The two guys in the white suits are the medics. If the Disruptor upgrade is not used, they should be eliminated first to avoid revives and extra electricity. With the room clear Lucius has another upgrade for the Batmobile ready. Choose between an EMP upgrade or the one not chosen previous (for me it was the Weapon Generator MKIII).

Track down Scarecrow in the Stagg Enterprises air ships

Hack the gate controls to open the path between the two ships. Glide onto the second air ship and eliminate the enemies. At most they are only armed with blades. Destroy a wall with Explosive Gel on the right side of the room to find the Airship Stability Controls. Activate them and tilt the ship so that a crate comes crashing through the glass partition to the left of the controls. Enter through the new doorway and follow the corridor to the left. Activate the console if you want some background on the research notes in this lab. Continue to Biological Engineering.

This room has 10 armed enemies. One is very large, well armed, and should be eliminated last. Its a good strategy to hit the big guy with a disruptor so that when all the other enemies are gone you can walk right up to him and initiate a fight. When fighting him you will need to counter. These counters though will not attack. Instead they will dodge swings of the large gun he's carrying. Move over to Stagg and talk to him. Next enter the Cloudburst Chamber. Walk down the ramp and you will see two Scarecrows. Move behind one and press Triangle for a Takedown. Its very likely that you chose the wrong one. Scarecrow will then gas Batman. We now have a few enemies to fight. When they are eliminated move to Scarecrow and press R2 + Circle to Pick Up.

Rescue Oracle from Scarecrow's Safe House

Leap out of the Stagg aircraft and head towards Chinatown. Enter the building from the roof. Now just watch.

Meet with Ivy at the GCPD Lockup

After talking with Ivy she requests to be taken to the Botanical Gardens so she can help work on a way to save the city from Scarecrow's Cloud Burst. As we are trying to leave the gate out doesn't open. After talking to Cash exit the Batmobile and look for the menacing tank. This Cobra tank is apparently too much for the Batmobile to handle. Stay above it but move closer. Use the Evidence Scanner to scan the left side, the rear, and the right side of the tank. Batman has found a weakness at the rear of the tank. A well placed 60mm shot should do the trick. Watch the radar in the lower right corner. When the Cobra moves by drive out in Battle Mode behind the tank. The Batmobile will then begin to target in on the weak point. When prompted press R2 to fire.

Lucius has a Batmobile upgrade ready. Drive to the desired location to get the new upgrade you selected earlier. I went with the EMP blast previously so that is what will be equipped.

Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens

On the way we find out that three more Cobra tanks have been deployed. Use the same strategy as before to eliminate them before completing the journey to the Botanical Gardens.

Head to Wayne Tower parking garage and collect Ivy plant tracking device

At the Tower we have to ask Lucius to open the gates. He apparently thought we were already here and will check on the glitch (that sounds bad). It is bad the parking lot has been breached by the militia and tanks are incoming. This is just like the other tank fights with the exception of it being in tighter quarters. Utilize the dodge to avoid incoming attacks. If you upgraded to the EMP this is great place to use it. The blast will disable tanks momentarily allowing you to attack or evade. When the parking garage is clear move to the marker to receive the tracking device. Lucius is hooking the Batmobile up with a Sonar that can scan through buildings or below ground.

Use the Batmobile Sonar to locate and release Ivy's plant on Miagani Island

Enter Battle Mode and press L3 to activate the sonar. The mini-map on the lower right corner will display the resulting root structure to follow. When you are close to the glowing red dot press and hold down L3 to activate a sonar blast. This should wake up the plant

Protect Ivy's plant from the Arkham Knight's militia while it matures

Glide down to the roof below and engage the militia. There are two primary problems a medic and a brute. If you've upgraded the Disruptor then the medic can be eliminated before you even engage. The brute requires a beatdown combo to eliminate. At the end of the fight Ivy was able to fully mature the plant so the city should be protected from Scarecrow's device.

Head to Panessa Studios to analyze the Arkham Knight's forces

Move straight to the Batcomputer and use it. We need to eliminate some of the forces on Founders Island and the key is a relay drone. Glide toward Founders Island and locate the drone indicated by the marker on the map. Glide onto the drone and Batman will disable it. He takes out a computer chip and now we have a new gadget a RHD-Drone Hacker.

Destroy the Arkham Knight's radar network

Use the new hacking device by aiming it at the helicopter drone that is patrolling the nearby rooftop. When the drone's radar is deactivated a timer appears. That is the length of time Batman has to reach the roof and use Explosive Gel on the console to disable this portion of the radar network. Move to the other roof. This one is protected by some militia members. Several of which are wielding blades and one is a brute requiring a beatdown. Move to the fuse box and hack it to open a gate below. The console connected to the radar is protected by two sentry guns. Use the Remote Hacking Device to temporarily blind one of the sentry guns. This can be accomplished from your current position by looking through the grate on the roof. Once the gun is blind move down and destroy the console with Explosive Gel. Once the sentry gun is blind you will have 15 seconds to move by it. Destroy each if you like.

Take out the long range missile launcher

The missile launcher is protected by a group of the militia. One of the protectors will be equipped with a Detective Mode Scanner, so use this ability in quick bursts until that particular enemy is eliminated. After clearing the area we find that the missile launcher's defenses are strong. Head to the console to deactivate these shields. Batman will need to stay in control at the computer to prevent the missile launcher from attacking. Simultaneously he will remote control the Batmobile to bring it into this part of the city to fire on the launcher. After Alfred lowers the bridge take control of the Batmobile. There are five Cobra tanks (the ones that need to be hit from behind) to destroy. The Cobra tanks pack a mean punch and will quickly eliminate the Batmobile with just couple hits. If targeted get away. The best approach is to avoid being targeted in the first place by staying out of the cone of vision of the tanks. Locate and be aware of the ramps and alternate between the two levels to sneak up behind the Cobras. There search patterns will alter as they are destroyed so there is no way to really predict their specific movements.

As the Batmobile is taking out the Cobras, you will hear radio chatter that the Arkham Knight and his militia are closing in on Batman. With the Cobras destroyed drive to the site of the missile launcher. As the Batmobile nears its destination the road will end. At this point we need to fire the Power Winch onto the hook above the road to pull it back and create a ramp. Once the ramp is up we switch to a cinematic then to Batman's perspective. Begin with a Multi Fear Takedown. This will eliminate a few of the enemies to begin with. Arkham Knight is engaged but flees. We still have a room full of militia to take out and not much room to maneuver. The main problems in the room are the two medics and the brute blade wielder. Taking out the medics will eliminate a lot of trouble. Use the computer once again. Now move the Batmobile into its final position and eliminate the missile launcher. It will fire on the Batmobile. Its missiles can be shot down with the Vulcan canon while we focus the 60mm on the launcher itself.

Return to the Clock Tower to review the Batwings scans for the Cloudburst device

Once inside use the statue to bring up the computer.

Stop Harley Quinn from taking the Joker Infected

Head to Panessa Studios. Take out Harley's thugs outside the door. Once they are eliminate attempt to open the gate only to find that Harley has changed the voice codes and Batman is denied. This leads us to our next gadget a Voice Synthesizer. It will mimic enemy vocal commands and bypass security systems. Move the left and right analog sticks to control the voice mechanics. When you think you have it press X to test it and you will get a percentage notification of its accuracy. Once we can mimic Harley's voice use the synthesizer on the gate to enter. Harley was about to exit at the same time and Batman grapples away. We have more henchmen to deal with.

To isolate enemies you can use the Voice Synthesizer to give commands for the henchmen to move certain places. This can be effective to initiate silent takedowns. It also may be needed to move the enemies away from the sentry guns at the front door. The disruptor can be used to disable some of the enemies weapons, the Brute with the chain gun is a prime target for this strategy. Eliminate the enemies then deactivate the sentry guns. Now we can go after Harley. Open the door and take the elevator down. Eliminate the enemy with the shield by tapping Circle then X X to knock them down. Use the Voice Synthesizer to open the gate and help Robin eliminate the enemies inside. There is one thug still conscious move to him to interrogate.

Return the escaped Joker Infected to their cells

From this point we can switch back and forth between Batman and Robin

Apprehend Christina Bell in sound Stage B

Enter the sound stage area through the door ahead. Batman tells Henry to lock down the area. Move straight forward into sound stage B. At the door you will hear henchmen chatter. Open it and eliminate those on the other side. Head through the next door and at the end of the hall we find a brute with a mini-gun. Grapple up to a vantage point then swing behind the brute. Drop down and perform a cool dual takedown. The next door puts us inside sound stage B. This area is full of Harley's thugs as well. This time we have Robin at our side. From a vantage point you can call down the other member of the Dynamic Duo for a quick take down. Also the brutes with the mini-guns are not a problem if you get behind them unseen you can perform a dual takedown with Triangle. A second wave of enemies will enter after the room is clear. This group will have two brutes with mini-guns but again the henchmen are outmatched. Move up the stairs and open the door. Robin is attacked by Christina. Counter her attacks during the cinematic and we've apprehended the first of the infected.

Apprehend Albert King in sound stage A

The gate to sound stage A is locked. Find the grate on the floor and enter. Move to the next grate and use the Voice Synthesizer to request one of the guards to open the gate. They will. Exit the grate with a Multi-Fear Takedown with a focus on eliminating the guy with the shield. The rest, including the brute, are easily dispatched. There is a guy tied to a wheelchair ahead. Rescue him and watch the scene. Robin joins Batman after the scene concludes. Enter the sound stage to find the wild west is just a big fight. The goal is to avoid Albert King totally and fight the goons. If Albert gets close and red flashes around his head evade over him to avoid his attack. Defeating Harley's henchmen will allow you to activate a dual takedown. These team combos will decrease Albert's health. Perform enough dual takedowns then we get to press buttons during a cinematic takedown of the big guy. During the cinematic be sure to counter when necessary and attack when requested.

Apprehend Johnny Charisma in Sound Stage C

A brute with a mini gun is around the corner at the beginning of the path to sound stage C. Look up for some duct work and grapple inside. This will lead to a small room with a wall that can be destroyed by Explosive Gel. The blast eliminates the enemy. Activate the red button to open the security gates. Move forward and enter sound stage C. When you see the blanket hanging from the ceiling and can remove it do so to watch another scene. Robin joins Batman again after the scene and its time to enter the last of the sound stages. The plan is for Batman to enter to act as a distraction while Robin goes through the ventilation system. We have to use the keypad to open the door and the hacking gadget will not help. Henry provides us with the security feed to isolate the key pad code. Johnny Charisma thinks he's smart and blocks the camera when entering the code. But we're Batman and smarter. Zoom in on the mirror to see the button sequence. When you are looking at the video remember that you are seeing the numbers through a mirror. The code is 0539.

Inside we see Charisma is wearing a bomb vest and has placed 5 other bombs around the room. When Batman reaches the stage the singing begins and we get a view of Robin exiting the ventilation system. You are now in control of the Boy Wonder. If Johnny sees Robin the bombs go BOOM! Move to the first bomb and hold X to disarm it. Its best to disarm from behind the barrels so you are not seen. The third barrel though can be disarmed standing in front of the bomb you just have to wait until Charisma's gaze moves away, get to it, disarm it then move away. Once all the explosives are inert move to the center and perform a Takedown on the infected.

Harley is trying to get back into the lab where Henry is locked down. As you approach the exit to the sound stage area enter the grate on the floor and move forward. Use the Voice Synthesizer to tell one of the goons to open the gate. Harley exits and stops the goon from opening the gate. Robin appears and Harley opens the gate anyway. Wait for the right moment then when Harley is near perform a dual takedown (triangle) to eliminate the Joker's gal. Now just clear the room of the rest of her goons. Pick up Harley and head toward room with the cells.

Watch the cinematic then enter the cell. Look away then back into the room a couple times to continue the scene. Move around the room to make a video play. This time as you approach the cell press Triangle to toss Robin inside instead. If you go in again there is an alternate scene that lets you try again. Once Robin is in you can talk to him or Harley. When ready exit the building.

Equip a new Secondary Weapon for the Batmobile

Head to the marker for the last upgrade. This one will be dependent on your previous two choices. Basically its the one you haven't chose yet. Glide down to the site of the upgrade then call for the Batmobile. For me I get the Weapons Generator MK III that overcharges weapons and increases offensive capability.

Investigate the seismic activity on Miagani Island

Drive to the source of the seismic activity. Ivy is very upset about how Scarecrow treated her earlier in the night.

Work with Poison Ivy to defeat the militia forces attacking the Botanical Gardens

The fight is just like all the other tank fights. Evade the incoming attacks and return fire. There is a lot of them but Ivy helps eliminate some on her own with her plants erupting from the ground. After the first wave, Arkham Knight sends in 5 Cobras to take us out. Again we have to sneak behind these tanks and let the targeting system lock on to destroy them. Now we need to pick up Ivy and take her back to GCPD so she will be safe. Drive up to the marker and eject from the Batmobile to the top of the Botanical Gardens. Move to the entrance and get Ivy to take her to GCPD. Watch the cinematic.

Interrogate Simon Stagg to find a way to defeat the Cloudburst Tank

Glide over to the Stagg air ships. One of them is open at the end. Enter and take out the enemies. One will be a medic, try to eliminate him first. The other main concern is a Brute with a shield. Once the room is clear move to the door only to find its controlled by a voice activate security system. Use the Voice Synthesizer to match Staggs voice and enter. The next room has 8 enemies. Two of these are controlling drones. The rest will be easier to defeat with the drone militia eliminated. Clear the room then return to the container where we last saw Stagg. Activate Detective Mode and follow the fingerprints. The stop at a floor panel. Open it to reveal the hiding Stagg.

Use the Nimbus Power Cell to repair the Batmobile

Exit the air ship the same way we entered, through the door near the containment field that we first enclosed Stagg in. There was a militia helicopter scanning the opening of the air ship when I exited. If its there, simply blind it with the Remote Hacking Device then glide to the Batmobile's location. At the site press L1 to repair the vehicle. When on the ground use the left stick to slowly and continuously pull the power cell out of the Batmobile. As you have it out a thug will come and attack. Counter the attack. Now place the power cell back in the same manner it was removed. The fear toxin cloud is interfering with our ability to track the Cloudburst tank. We need Ivy to clear as much of the toxin as possible. In order to accomplish this we need to find another plant.

Use the Batmobile Sonar to locate and release Ivy's plant on Founders' Island

Drive to Founders' Island. Once there press L3 to begin search for the roots using the sonar. As before you will see them on the mini-map in the bottom right corner. The center of the new plant is in Drescher near a church. Its is marked on the mini-map with a pulsing red dot. When its found Ivy will let you know. Press and hold L3 to charge the sonar pulse. This time it doesn't work to wake up the plant. Alfred has found a way underground through Port Adams to get closer to the plant so the sonar will work. At the gate we are warned of the large number of militia tanks inside. Clear the outer area of tanks then look for a ramp to drive over the wall and to the inner portion of Port Adams. Here we find another tank fight. This one is more cramped because of the shipping crates but there is nothing new. Clear the inner area and drive to the marker. Use the Power Winch to pull the crate open. Now using the Power Winch, charge the elevator's generator.

When at the bottom exit Battle Mode and drive deeper into the tunnel. After passing some equipment the road is partially blocked on the left causing you to ride up the wall a bit on the right continue this around until the Batmobile is on the ceiling so that you won't be stopped by an upcoming blockade. That was some nice driving but we're stuck now anyway. Get out and enter the grate. Use the Remote Hacking Device to blind the drone then exit and run by it. Look toward the end of the tunnel for a drone driving your way. Wait for it to turn around then proceed. Watch on the right hand side for a stationary drone. Use corner cover to blind it then move by. Blind the mobile drone and grapple up to the rafters. There are four drones at the end of the tunnel all looking away from the security room. Drop down behind the drones and enter the room. Find the security gate switch. This raises the gate that was blocking the Batmobile. Now destroy all the drones.

Unlock the next security gate. Batman needs to reach the upper level to lower a cargo ramp. Drive over the ramp and be ready to climb the wall to the ceiling again. Once over the first wall continue around to the floor to avoid the large fan. The road ahead is broken so hug the wall to get across. The path breaks again ahead. Batman needs to exit the vehicle and cross the gap. Find the security room and unlock the ramp. Move the Batmobile up the ramp then down the other side so its tilted for a jump to the security room. Once the ramp is in place switch to Batman and lock it. Drive the Batmobile up the ramp, jumping to the other side. Continue down the path and destroy a wooden wall. On the other side we find the central point for the plant. Hold L3 to release a charged sonar pulse. It worked.

The plant helps carry us out of the underground. Now we have to fight off numerous tanks and helicopters to protect the plant. Arkham Knight throws everything your way. Numerous tanks, turret, helicopters, its very hectic. Stay focused on the same dodge and attack tactics. If you can stay in the church courtyard Ivy helps some. Use the Vulcan cannon for air vehicles and 60mm for ground. This is the toughest tank fight yet but its very doable even with a not fully upgraded Batmobile. Once the plant is saved and the enemies defeated drive to Arkham Knights location.

The Cloudburst Tank is protected by several Cobras. The goal against the Cobras is to maneuver behind them. Target their weak point and fire. The tricky part is the Cloudburst tank interferes so avoid it as much as possible. Once the Cobras are destroyed, get close to the Cloudburst without being seen so you can activate the scanner. We have found the weakness of the Cloudburst. It will over heat if we destroy its cooling mechanisms. Move close and target the cooling mechanism in the same way we attack the Cobras. Once the target is locked on fire. After the hit leave and leave quickly. There are four cooling mechanisms to hit. When the last one is destroyed the tank does not have its main cannon. The only weapon that remains is its missile lock. The missiles can be shot out of the air with the Vulcan cannon. Fire the 60mm at the bright yellow circle on the tank, this is the Cloudburst device. Each hit lowers its health meter. Move backwards and fire the 60mm each chance you have while shooting incoming missiles out of the air with the Vulcan. If the Batmobile is destroyed after taking out the cooling mechanism the checkpoint is at the beginning of the 2nd phase of the fight.

During the subsequent scene even thought its not prompted, press square to attack.

Investigate what has happened to Poison Ivy

Glide back to the Botanical Gardens to check on Ivy.

Speak to GCPD communications officer to investigate possible lead

Drive back to the GCPD. Head to the communications room and speak with Sergeant McAllister. Gordon thinks he's found Scarecrow and is going after him.

Track down Gordon and work with him to take down Scarecrow

The first step is to enter the Evidence Room and borrow the Remote Electrical Charge. Drive to the marker only to find nothing really. Look for a service hatch in the ground. The first obstacle is electrified water. Use the new gadget to power down the generator. Cross the water then power the generator back up to remove the bars. Grapple up to the vent. The next room is full of armed enemies. Use the Voice Synthesizer to convince one of the thugs to raise the shutters. Remote control the Batmobile and clear the room. Exit the grate and find the fuse box. Hot wire the box then move through the opening in the wall. Remote Control the Batmobile to fire a hole in the distant wall. Glide through it. Pull the switch inside this room to lower the poles blocking the Batmobile's entry. Remote control the vehicle again. This time fire the Power Winch at the hook near the ceiling. Drive off the edge and fire a missile straight up into the breakable portion of the ceiling. Grapple up there. Locate the spinning object. This is the generator. Fire the remote electrical charge to overload it. This will stop the giant fan below.

Go back to using the Remote Control Batmobile and lower it more. Shoot out the next destructible wall and eliminate the armed guards behind it. Glide Batman into the opening. Move to the side and find the grapple point above the elevator. Once there fire the Remote Electrical Charge at the generator to lower the elevator. Once it stops use the Explosive Gel to break the wall. The two enemies have stun batons. We can now quick fire the Remote Electrical Charge to overload their stun batons by pressing R2 + Circle. Use the lever on the wall to open the gate and move across. Grapple up the small platform on the left. There will be four enemies below. Fire an electric bolt at the generator on the right to incapacitate all of them simultaneously. Use the button at the end of the corridor to open the elevator. Once in move to the roof and fire and electric charge at the generator. When the elevator lowers as low as it will go look for a ledge to stand on. Now fire at the generator to raise the elevator. Batman can not drop below and enter a vent. There are 21 enemies in the room. The one on the stage is wearing an explosive vest and should be neutralized first. Before moving forward use the Disruptor to tamper with the Ammo Crate and both medics. Follow the railing on the ceiling to drop behind the curtain. Eliminate the guy in the vest then clear the room. Use the lever to open the gate.

We've reached the very bottom of the headquarters. Drop to the ground and move into the opening on the right. Notice the red gaze of a sentry gun. Blind it with the Remote Hacking Device then move into the elevator shaft on the right. Grapple up to find a second generator. Overload (R2 with the Remote Electrical Charge gadget) it to stop the second large fan. Switch to the Remote Batmobile and lower it by the now stationary second fan. Move the Batmobile all the way to the bottom releasing the winch. Fire the Power Winch onto one of the hooks and rotate the floor so that it lowers. At the bottom shoot the wall that is blocking our path. Then destroy the sentry turret that would prevent Batman from returning to the Batmobile. Once Batmobile is reunited with his ride, raise the floor just enough so that the Batmobile can drive through the opening in the wall.

Drive forward to the a blocked gate. Exit and use the fuse box to open it. The tunnel closes off on either side then the ground. So wall and ceiling driving are required. Continue forward and drive up the ramp to clear the next ground blockade. The Arkham Knight rises from the ground in a giant drill that looks like it was used to make these tunnels. Quickly turn around and drive. After the first curve there will be a ground blockade drive up on to the wall and avoid the impediment. Shortly after the next curve we hit some devices on the wall of the tunnel that stop the Knight. Alfred lets us know there is no way out we have to fight.


We sit in a maze of tunnels. The Excavator will move through the tunnels looking for the Batmobile. We do not have radar on the enemy so if you do not see the Excavator you do not know where it is. There are three exit points marked by flashing lights that leads to areas that damage the Excavator. The goal is to get the Arkham Knight to chase you down the tunnel, avoid the obstacles within (fans, blockades, ramps), and cause damage to the monstrous vehicle. Going through the tunnels without the Excavator seeing you will not lead to damage. Its not a bad idea so you can have trial runs at the obstacles inside but to cause damage you have to be seen and followed. The slow way is to find one of the damage tunnels then sit there facing in the appropriate direction. Watch for the Excavator to approach then floor it. The faster way is to seek out the Excavator maneuver away and he will chase. I would get confused with the mini-map and end up driving around a while before finding the damage tunnel. Once a tunnel is used it caves in and can not be used to damage the Excavator a second time. The easiest tunnel has ramps all the way through. One of the tunnels has fan blades through out that need avoided. The other tunnel has blockades on the right side of the wall so you should drive on the left side. This tunnel also ends in a single stationary fan blade. After all three tunnels have been used the Excavator's health bar is depleted. Alfred can remotely raise the exit door. Speed there and its a dead end. Use the Power Winch to pull the ceiling down and create an escape route. Arkham Knight isn't done yet. He is still coming for Batman. Back up and eject out of the Batmobile. We sacrificed our vehicle but got out with our life.

Arkham Knight Headquarters

Move forward and we've found Gordon. He is being held by ten enemies, six of which are armed. There are also two medics in the group. Leap from the grate and perform a Fear Multi-Takedown. Release Gordon and watch the scene as Arkham Knight reveals himself. After the scene he takes a position at a vantage point. There is one vantage point where Batman can grapple to without detection. Watch the red gaze to see where Knight is looking. As he scans away from your initial location grapple over to the ledge of the platform where Gordon is sitting. Climb up and move under Knight's position. Grapple up to initiate a cinematic.

More of the headquarters opens up. Knight is on a different vantage point. He has called in some help and is operating a drone. From this point you have a choice: go after the Knight first or his henchmen. I found taking out the Knight first to be fairly easy and it eliminates the drone. Watch the enemy movement. Most of the time only one enemy stays near the Knight's position. Move to the ground there and enter the grate. Do not let the enemy see you and work your way to the back under the Knight. Exit the grate and grapple up through the glass to the Knight. He leaves but we still have to eliminate the militia. Pick them off one by one using the Predator maneuvers we've used the entire game. Take note that one of the enemies does have a Detective Mode Scanner that can be countered by an upgraded Disruptor. When there is one enemy left he will flee to the wing that Knight opened. If you are in that wing when the last enemy falls a 30 second timer appears. Batman must evacuate the wing before running out of time because the room will fill with poisonous gas leading to instant death. There is an opening in the shutters that we can grapple through.

Arkham Knight opens up another wing. Wait for his henchmen to move away then drop to the ground. Avoid his red gaze using cover and arrive below his position. Grapple up again to make him flee. Now just eliminate the remainder of the militia. The enemies are wearing special suits that do not let them show up in Detective Mode so we'll have to use our eyes to finish this part. Just as before when the last enemy is unconscious the shutter closes and a timer appears. This time we have 15 seconds to reach the opening in the gate.

The new wing that opens will have Arkham Knight and his drone but no other militia members. There are two sentry turrets on the ground though. Let the drone fly by, blind it with the Remote Hacking device if you like. Drop down and go up the stairs watching for the Knight's red gaze. Take cover behind a crate then when safe of the turrets and the Knight's view move up to the crate that is between the turrets. From here I go left. Waiting for the turret and the Knight's gaze to be elsewhere. If you picked the right time you can walk directly under the Arkham Knight and grapple up to his vantage point.

Now we can release Gordon. We head to the door and are attacked by militia. One is a brute with an electric charge. A quick fire of the Remote Electrical charge will make him easy to defeat. Take out the rest and its off to find Scarecrow

Confront and apprehend Scarecrow

Take the elevator up and listen to the interaction between Gordon and Batman. Then watch as Gordon and Batman confront Scarecrow.

Protect Oracle

After the events on the roof unfold. Batman must enter protect mode. Surrounded by tanks it looks grim. Fortunately Lucius had made a spared Batmobile. Press L1 to call for it and enter Battle Mode. Take out the 20 tanks. Take Oracle to the GCPD.

Stop Scarecrow's militia from destroying the servers

Drive to the Clock Tower to find it infiltrated by Scarecrow's men. There are snipers nearby. This is the first time we've encountered them. They can be located due to their red targeting beam. Take out the two snipers on the nearby rooftops. Now locate the drone operator and use the Remote Hacking gadget to incapacitate him. I also like to hit the brutes with the mini-guns with a shot from the Disruptor, it makes them so much less of a problem. After the last enemy is down move to the second level and use the computer to reactivate the servers. Head back to GCPD to see if the information on the servers is helpful for tracking Gordon.

Stop the assault on GCPD

Scarecrow is attacking the GCPD its up to us to stop him. Exit the GCPD to find the immediate outer area has been infiltrated by the militia. Batman request a full lock down to prevent any more from getting in. Immediately grapple up to the balcony and fire the Disruptor at the three medics. Having them eliminated will decrease the amount of electrified enemies and make the fight much easier. When ready drop below and fight. Don't forget that the Batmobile is right there too for assisted takedowns.

Investigate the power generator to restore power to GCPD

Use the Power Winch to pull the fan out of the wall above and to the left of the entrance. Eject up to the opening. Enter the vent and take a right on the other end. We now need to grapple high to the ceiling and traverse some more duct work. Exit to see the army that has amassed outside the GCPD. Move to the location of the generator to find that it has been destroyed. Drop below to enter the parking area through the door way that is stuck partially open. Take out the militia inside (a shielded brute and some stun sticks). Use the Remote Electrical Charge gadget to power up the three generators. With the door open we can use the Batmobile.

Stop the Assault on GCPD

We may have found a weakness in the militia network that would allow us to take control of the drones. Drive the Batmobile out into the fight. The hacker will let you know where to shoot to create EMPs or which tank is now under their control. Maneuver around just like every other tank fight avoiding damage and firing at will. The militia are now invading the roof. Grapple to the top and face three waves of enemies. Watch for special assist combos that help eliminate some enemies quicker. There are two fences that will electrify, to sets of pipes to destroy, and a vent on the ground in the center that can help.

Investigate Gordon's appearance at Panessa Studios

Use the main gate and ride the elevator down. Robin is gone and Scarecrow has him. The villain wants you to unmask. You can also talk to Harley once you have control of Batman.

Surrender to Scarecrow to save Robin and Gordon?

Glide to Scarecrow's storage depot in Kingston. Enter and move toward the screens. Surrender the utility belt and gadgets on the table. Then walk to the back of the truck to surrender to Scarecrow. There was an accident. Move forward and climb onto the dumpster and over the fence. You are at Crime Ally. Look around then pay your respects. Next comes a huge wave of Jokers to fight. Combo through them and when enough have been knocked down, Batman grabs one. Press the on screen buttons to finish the fight. Now watch the scenes that follow.

When back in control enter Battle Mode and begin firing all around the room. Once the room is clear exit and look for the villains we saw in the cinematic. Move through the door. First up is Penguin. He tries to beg but it doesn't work, tap R2 to apprehend. On down the hall Riddler attempts to take a hostage but it doesn't work to press of R2 ends his villainy. On the other side of the next door, Two Face is the next one we see. A quick tap of R2 also prevents him from doing any more harm. Watch another cut scene then investigate the halls. Shoot the statue then move toward the window. Talk to the crying mourner then shoot the chairs along the opposite wall to continue on you journey. Check out the newspaper on the desk and listen to the radio coverage. Continue destroying statues as long as you can. Shoot a hole through the wall and move to the exit.

At the end attack until the enemy is stunned then perform an environmental takedown to place them in their rightful spot.